Ego and Superego, from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 5 (Sep.-Oct. 1981), Page 4

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Man is still in a transitional stage. Little more he has to jump and he becomes that, for which he has been created. Human brain and heart are the most evolved things. Human heart also has to be correlated with the brain. From our stomachs fat rises into our brains passing through all the centers, evolving to be cells of the brain. The fat, to become brain, has to evolve, i.e., to achieve certain amount of charges of human awareness. Human brain has a dimension, which animals do not have, a mental or emotional dimension, with which we understand love. We understand how to receive and reciprocate. We understand beauty and poetry; and we also understand how to create these. Brain is triangular and prismatic in nature. When the rays of God’s divine power flow in, they get refracted into different angles and by the principle of of parallelogram of forces, a part of the power escapes to left side and a part to right side. Therefore Man can think of past and future but animals cannot. In the transitional period it is necessary to protect the brain carefully and make it independent of God’s will and make it used by itself so that it develops another dimension of wisdom. For this purpose the system of ego and superego has been created which is the by product or reaction, of human activities. Every activity has a reaction. If you say no to something, the reaction is ego If you accept something the reaction is super ego. Ego and superego, completely cover fontanel bone and separate you from all pervading power giving you freedom, to act as you like, to use your brain as you like to learn; because if the evolution has to go any further you have to try. So, whatever God has done is for your good. He has not given you ego and superego to get spoiled and finished. You must have ego and do not have to fight with it. Your ego should become one with that of God. Once you are awakened once your light has come, then you can do it.