Public Program 2, Science, Trigunatmika

Mumbai (India)

1975-03-30 Trigunatmika Mumbai NITL HD, 27'
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Public programme- 30th March 1975

(Side A)

Yesterday, I told you….can you all hear me at the back?

I have told you that the human body, his mind, his wisdom, etc, all his personality whatever he has is made up of three kinds of powers.

One power or energy which gives us our existence in this world, it resides in the human being as Pran [life force] and its place is in our hearts. 

Bring him to the front. 

The second power which is in our stomach by which we have evolved up to the level of human being is “Dharma” and the third power which is full of awareness by which we have achieved the support of our consciousness in many ways.

But all these three powers are found by the All Pervading Divine Love of God Almighty. This all-pervading power of Divine Love of God Almighty activates all these three powers and integrates them.

For example in the inert object [Jada vastu] in which you see vibrations which you call “electro-magnetic vibrations”, even that also is the form of Pran [life force] but it is in a dormant state. But when it is awakened, then it becomes Pran (alive].

That force which is in a very tiny amoeba in the stomach, causing starvation, gets awakened in the form of “Dharma” in human beings. Dharma is in everything. As I have said that the Dharma of gold is not that because it is yellow in colour. Its dharma is not even that you can make ornaments from it. But the dharma [quality] of gold is that it doesn’t get tarnished or spoilt under any circumstance. 

Now the third thing is the Awareness or Consciousness which is much more developed in the minds of the human being.

Man has now become completely mature in all these three powers. He has developed and become prepared to know the power which is the integration of all these three powers, which is the Love of God. This one power of God has been divided into these three powers and let it become one with it.

Within us, a small part of that Absolute Power of God sleeps in our triangular bone in the form of Kundalini.

When any such person, who has achieved this power of Love of God within himself and in whom this power is completely integrated and flowing means he has become a realized soul, then he can awaken the Kundalini of a Sadhak [seeker]. So Kundalini being your mother is awakened in you.

But if a seeker thinks that I will awaken my “Kundalini” by myself, then it is same as somebody who doesn’t know how to drive tries to drive the motor car. So if someone who does not know to drive a motor car, drives it, then the car might end up getting smashed and spoilt. In the same way, those people who want to awaken their own Kundalini, they can completely destroy the instrument of their own Kundalini. If anybody who has no knowledge wants to awaken someone’s Kundalini, then also the same thing happens. If an impure person comes towards your Mother Kundalini and wants to awaken Her, then also the same thing happens. And anybody for the sake of money, and to loot you and by befooling you, tries to his hand on your Kundalini, then it also results in the same thing.

So only a person who is filled with the Love of God and in whom the collective consciousness is flowing completely, is empowered to do this work of inviting the Kundalini to be awakened. Invitation to Kundalini cannot be sent by a person who is engaged in obscure practices and he can become complicit in great sins. Those who spoil or destroy other’s Kundalini, then their own Kundalini is destroyed for ages and they take births in the form of all kinds of worms. Therefore, one should never dare to play with Kundalini. In other things, it is all right. You can do smuggling, stealing and take all things of the world, that does not matter. But you must please keep yourself away in the matters of Kundalini. Nobody can give authority to awaken Kundalini except God Almighty.

As long as the Shakti of God Herself does not give you the authority, until then you do not have any authority that you can go to any college and get a degree and say that you can awaken Kundalini. This kind of false people are seen in large numbers in the world nowadays and they do not that they are committing extremely grave sins.

The work of Kundalini has to be done with great aptitude and care, not only this, but with absolutely pure love. The purity is the power pervading completely in dharma. A person who is not pure and whose attention is full of obscene thoughts and engaged in grabbing others’ money or wives and in looting others, such person should spend his time in some other activities but never try to lay hands on Kundalini. 

Just as much Kundalini is graceful, compassionate, bestower of boons, with a heart flowing with motherly love, Her protector ‘Ganas’ (destroying powers to Shri Shiva) are equally extremely powerful and effulgent. If any kind of immoral acts are committed against Kundalini, then they are always ready to protect Her and they destroy those people who do such sins against Her.

The greatest sin in the world is to awaken Kundalini of any seeker [Sadhak] without any authority. There is no greater sin in the world than this. It is even greater than the murder of one’s own mother that you are laying hands on somebody’s Kundalini without any authority.

God has created the whole creation with His Divine Love and has filled it with purity. The whole creation is absolutely pure. Whatever is impure, low quality and bad in this world has been made only by humans, because human being is the only living being who has freedom. Rest of the creation, dances and acts according to the desire of God. Not a single leaf of a tree moves without His dictates.

In the whole creation that which is meaner than the meanest, is hell and the greatest hell and the most sinful amongst the greatest sins have been created only by man. It is created by man only and such mean people, when they reach the lowest state, then they move in the form of Satan.

God has not created Satan. Man has made Satan and he worships the Satan because he has created him. Until we call out a ‘Satan’ as ‘Satan’, ‘adharm’ (unrighteousness) as ‘adharm’, and ‘evil’ as ‘evil’, the goodness within us will not be awakened.

You might have heard that when people go to Mecca, there they see on the way a statue of a “Satan” and all the people from their houses, take their old shoes [chappal] and first they beat the “Satan” means they condemn him. Without condemning him, God will not accept you and without His acceptance, you will not get anything. Whatever you may do, you cannot have His blessings. You must have His mercy. His love must be poured on you. He is extremely merciful, compassionate, omnipotent, Lord God Almighty. But, if you are committing gravest crimes and worshipping Satan who has created this strange atmosphere of adharma in the world, where many of his followers are born, and are spreading adharma in this world, you can’t be blessed by God, unless you condemn the Satan fully. 

In this matter if you have half-heartedness, then you are deceiving yourself. You have to completely discredit, disregard and condeemn Satan. You have to discord him and throw him otherwise that which is myth will continue to be seated within you and that which is truth in you, will not get manifested. Then how can the truth spread in the world?

For example, if the Sun is covered by clouds then darkness spreads and when the clouds move away, then again the Sun shines. In the same way, man has made Satan by indulging in the meanest sins and the clouds of that Satan are badly covering the whole world even today. It may be that in case Sahaja Yoga is not fully established in the world, those days are not far that we may all be completely destroyed and fall into the abyss of darkness.

But those souls who have worked hard in Sahaja Yoga absolutely will shine like stars. They will be glorified like stars. That is a very high position for you. Today, you are not able to understand this but it will be discussed in the history of spirituality that how many Sahaja Yogis stood firmly into the truth. Leave the idea of incompleteness behind. There is no need to get entangled in small things. You have firmly occupied a very big position. Such people who have occupied big positions should not divert their attention towards small things. 

The power within you flows only depending on your own preparedness. If you are less prepared, then the power will also show less intensity. If you are fully prepared and also you have the power to reject Satan fully, then only from within you, great saints and masters will emerge. And now a great generation is taking birth. Starting from a five year old child, many newly born children and many souls have taken birth in the world as if their whole family has descended down here.

I see many children are born realized but only you are the foundation stones. You are the foundation stones of Sahaja Yoga.

I have already told you people many times that these days all those who have raised false fights in the name of religion, and look at each other with hatred, using the name of dharma, they all are the children of Satan. They are not sent by God. God had never allowed hatred and jealousy, but He has opposed them and also destroyed them.

Those who have bound themselves into small boundaries and say that they are such and such people, cannot go to the lap of the Infinite- who has no limits, is beyond limits. You have to break your boundaries which are made out of stupidity. No religion binds you into a boundary. But those people who have made stupid religions, cannot be corrected.

In fact, in the world there are only two religions; one is ‘dharma’ and the other is ‘adharma’. There is no third ‘dharma’ (religion). One is ‘dharma’ which leads to manifestation with in us and the other is ‘adharma’.
All great masters who have come here have fought for dharma and at that time those who were in adharma, with them they had fought. You can call them Muslim, Hindu or Christians. But all their followers were not truthful like them. They made their disparate small groups and started fighting among them as two adharmas or false religions. One false religion was fighting with another false religion.

In fact, there is no fighting between true religions. There are no skirmishes in religions. All dharmas (religions) are one and the same within all. Only one is present in all. There is no argument in them.

When you all will put your hands towards them and will tell, “Mother, we are feeling burning from this man here at Agnya Chakra”, you all will say the same thing. Same thing will be told and no difference will be there. Just like when you see the colour of the ceiling of this hall, you all will say it is white in colour. 

Everybody feel the same way. When you laugh, you laugh in the same way and when you will cry, then tears will fall from your eyes in the same way.

Even beyond that, religion has many forms which are pervading in all and are similar within all. In that religion, there cannot be any possibility of fighting.

If there arises any kind of mutual jealousy and enmity, then you must know that one false religion (adharma) is fighting with another. Religion never fights with another religion.

A person who calls himself religious, and calls another person religious too but fights with him, then he does not understand what is religion.

In Sahaja Yoga, how the integration happens and awakening of Kundalini takes place, etc. I have already told you all that and will again tell you sometime. But it is joyful to see that you yourself get this power.

When the first power which is in your heart by which the Pran [vital living force] becomes love and that dharma which is in your stomach becomes manifested in this whole world and the ‘chetna’ [awareness] which is in your head becomes the knowledge of the whole world, at that time you can know that how awakening of Kundalini takes place by movement of your hand.
You know how Kundalini rises by movement of your hand and with your bandhan [making auras], how this adharma suffocates and dies by boundary lines drawn by you. You can see yourself when a few arrows are shot by you on this adharma, it leaves its path and goes away and the Kundalini comes to Her straight forward path.

The hidden negativity in this way is totally destroyed and Kundalini rises up in the front and flows on like the Ganges brought by the king Bhagirath. To bring The Ganges, Bhagirath had done tremendous efforts, and for bringing this Kundalini [into your awareness] I have also done many many efforts, in My earlier incarnations and also in this life time.

Now you see its result that This Ganges is flowing at your doorsteps. Kundalini will move with your signals and you can give realization to people while going on your way. By your hands, many diseases like cancer are cured and this is true and we must accept this too.

How does this happen? The reason is that you have become the weapons of the All Pervading Power of Divine Love of God Almighty. He is using you. The same power is flowing within you and you are doing the work of the same power.

Now where is the question of fighting arise? Does this hand of Mine fights with My other hand? The day this fight begins then we will say that this hand has separated with the other one. They are not our hands at all.

In the same way when we achieve this All Pervading Power within us then we become all powerful. Many people have already got it but they were still very few people.
I must say that when I read about Zen… Zen was started in the 6th century in Japan and at that time Viditama had done the work of Kundalini awakening and about 26 people of them got realization. And now for the last 3 or 4 centuries, nobody has got their realization. So you can understand, here thousands of people are getting their realization and many have got it. It may not happen to someone but ultimately it happens. Until now, there is not one, who has persistently come and not got it. Whosoever has come and sat here and tried to get it, has got it. It is not known so far that anybody has not got it. 

But one thing is that one should come prepared, that you will have to hit the Satan with shoes. You have to recognize Satan. You have to expel Satan from your heart. And who is Satan and who is God is recognized only with these ‘divine vibrations’.

If you do not have it with you, then listen to those who have it and know it. You should listen to those who have tried and tested it. By this, you will be able to recognise who is Satan and who is God, who is real Guru and who is false.

In this world, there are natural flowers and also plastic flowers. But the distinction is made by your eyes, nose and mouth to distinguish between a plastic and a real flower.

But to know the dharma you only require vibrations. Without it, you will not be able to know whether this person is crafty or false or adharmik or a devil or a religious one. He is dharmik or an incarnation or is very powerful, you will not know unless and until you have divine vibrations on your hands.

Therefore you must first get this thing and real cool vibrations are coming from your hands. These cool vibrations come from your hand, like they are coming from a cooler.

Apart from this, your thoughts come under your control and you become thoughtless and when you see your thoughts, then immediately you become thoughtless. No any thought is coming, whenever you watch your thoughts.

Thoughtlessness, it is a reality, it is the truth that is why I do not give you false promise. I have no false recommendation to make to you. In this, I cannot give you false statement.

As long as you are not realized, you will not become, even if you are My relation in anyway. You may offer Me any amount of money but I cannot give realization. You might be a well read, intelligent person, you sit at your home, I cannot give you realisation. You may be anybody. I am helpless, I cannot give you such a false certificate. In this, no falsehood can do. Any kind of falsehood cannot do anything here. This kind of truth must be in you and you must have your own experience. It should be seen by you and the flow from your hand must awaken others, then only you are realized.

Yes, I will cleanse you by washing and shining. With love, I will cleanse you. I will advise your Kundalini and do all things but this has to happen to you. To whom it does not happen, they indulge in all sorts of rituals and tricks. They create false shows but I have nothing to bother about them. You people too do not bother about them and look after your own welfare and wellbeing and establish your truth. Keep yourself on the path of truth. If there are a few people less or thousand more, it will make no difference.

Now we will go into meditation. Everyone put your hands like this. In the beginning,  do not close your eyes.