Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Sahaja Yogi need to be prepared. They are like roses

Mumbai (India)

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Talk to Sahaja Yogis

[Marathi to English Translation]

What madness is going on? Talk of crying, I feel like laughing. You are whining, what foolishness. Why behaving like a fool? I don’t know how to explain it.

Be like small kids. In front sun is there, but still not able to see. Then what should I Say? If a blind person is there then we can understand, he can’t see, he doesn’t understand. But if everything is clear like sun, and in front of the door of joy, if one can’t enjoy then what’s wrong with you. Everything is going above your head. It’s all old beliefs. Leave them. Once you leave them then you will find your own thing.

Whatever is bothering us, let it go, leave all old one, leave all the moment behind. It only has to get into it. I am there to help you to achieve that. But don’t sit on my head. If few will stay behind, it’s ok

Everything will be alright. It’s only Divine play. It’s not that hard, what you have to do.

Don’t argue, No arguments among Sahaja yogis. If your Agnya catching, it’s catching.

If Heart is catching, it’s catching. So why there is an argument and feel bad about it? To clear the blockages then better clean them. Now if cancer is there, and doctor will tell that it is there, then would you go and hit the doctor? If the problem is there then you will say, “Clear it!” Same way if Agnya is catching, you will say, “Mother it is not possible.” If it is there, then clean that. Sahasrara has some blockages then clear them. Whatever is bad, it has to go out. This simple thing, you don’t understand? Why there is an argument or talk about it? If by just talking and listening if you clear Agnya or by doing arguments then clear it. It will not happen only with talk. It’s a matter of Love. Through Love it’s possible. You have got realization. Have you got your realization by Arguments? Or have you got your realization through your books or education? How did you get your realization? One miracle happened and quickly you got realization.

Saint Gaganghad was saying, “Mataji how it happened, you came and everyone’s Kundalini raised?”

I don’t understand. He did not give realization to anyone and thousand people are ready to give their life for him. He asked me, “How many are ready to sacrifice their lives for you?” I told him, “I am ready to sacrifice life for them, why would they sacrifice life for me?” He said, “What is the use?” I said, “What the use is for you they are ready to sacrifice their lives? And how many are ready to get their realization? I have people who are ready to take realization. ” He said, “That’s your giving.” “Yes, that’s fine, but I have realized people. Show me if you have at least one who is realized.”

So many are going to him at his feet. “Have you given realization to at least one person?” “Mother, I will do it, when you will do it.” “After 12 years, you have still not done anything for these people. I am Mother, now please have mercy on you and be quick.”

In 1977 in Mumbai I wanted to do a big program, thinking of doing Sahaja Yoga international conference.

“Sahaja Yogi need to be prepared. They are like roses”, that’s what I am thinking. You are my representative. Don’t just think about small or stay in your comfort. I have decided to reach out to America. And still, you are thinking about here. If that is not possible for you, but see what is possible for others. Just see for yourself, where you were and where have you reached. Now if you take the water of River Ganges with paper, then how would you take it? For that you need a pot. If you are not ready to take that then what I should do? That is your problem, don’t blame Sahaja Yoga. Once you have pot then you can take water from River Ganges. With a paper boat you can’t achieve anything in Sahaja Yoga. Here great people (saintly people) will come.

Now I have to tell you the good news that in London nearly 200 children are realized. One boy of 12 years of age, it’s very hard to find a boy like him. One boy of 8 years of age, a very amazing boy!

Very talented boy, he came to my feet, did not know how to stand. He was a Roman in a previous life. I asked him, “What is Mataji?” He said, “That is Holiest of Holiest name. It is all above all the names.” He was only 8 years of age. When I was coming down, He was saying everyone with anger that, “She is coming down, there is no red carpet for her.” And then he brought one red carpet from home. Then he sat down.

He has drawn some maps of all countries by his hand. Very smart boy. He said, “Mother, bless all these people.” Then he drew some strange drawing, then said this is the mind of human beings. Then he showed the place of ghosts. Drew different things. He said to bless them and, “Close this door. Many are influenced by them, are here. Close this door.” Felt like I have heard this, have different experiences. You will be surprised. If you listen to his experience then you will say, “Mother, great people, they are.” Very strong people are coming. They played Indian classical music, they were dancing. Then I asked, “How do you understand this music?” Then they were telling me, “This is the music of heaven!”

Recently one disciple came, you met him. He was very knowledgeable. You listened to his talk. He sent one letter. When did he meet me? He might have met me 8 to 10 days. Now see him, he Became a big officer in United Nations in Nepal. He became a big man, very educated and knowledgeable. But he knows that is not that important. Have so many experiences. See the children. Don’t say anything. About Kundalini, they do it by themselves. One boy of eight years of age, with his toy gun he tried to kill the negativity, tried to threaten them and started applying Sindur [red powder used for Bindi] on his face. Two to four people were there to talk nonsense and for show off, he put them right. Some others also came to become over smart, he put them also right: with his two feet he started to noise.

There is big good news that they know about Kundalini. One boy was there and the other boy was sitting in front of him, His Vishuddhi was little blocked, he wore his shoes. I told him, “Keep him there.” He slapped for some time on his back to clear his Vishuddhi. There is no need to tell them anything, what kundalini is and what not. There are no arguments, no need to talk. One old person came and asked, “What and how it happened that small boy went down, brought 2 to 4 lemons, and started hitting with that till it gets cleared?” I saw his work was going on. He was not quiet for one minute. Everyone was meditating and he was moving around in dark, and trying to touch their Kundalini, pulling some one’s ears, nose. He was trying to cleanse them. These children will not listen [that means they are realized children].

Their parents are wrong, they are committing mistakes, but these kids are doing right things. One boy of 12 years of age said, “Mother, they are Jews, they are Christians, means those who were Followers of Christ, Jews opposed them. We are as Christians, they are like Jews, and they did the opposition. They can never recognize you, they can’t recognize you.” Then I said, “Do you recognize me?” “Yes, we can.” “Then who are you?” Then close their hands and trying to find out, very thoughtless, closed eyes in meditation and did not say anything. Like this there were 200 children.

Children will be spoiled as we [parents] are not complete [not responsible], we are still halfway.

In Hindustan there are more talented kids, they are very strong to correct their parents. Foreign parents teaching kids wrong things [dirty talks] create bad feelings in their hearts. After listening every time kids also are spoiled. In India it’s very different, they go against parents if they are doing something wrong. Children are getting prepared. In ten years they will be ready. Those kinds of kids will take their birth. Even you have kids in your house when they will grow, and they will stand with their power. You don’t have to teach them Sahaja Yoga, they are old Yogis, they are ours. But still, I will say that Mumbai Yogis are like stone.

Sahaj Yoga is accepted and practised by the Mumbai people. Keep in mind. So please don’t become unstable. There is no need to have fear. And don’t get attracted by the false impression of wrong people. Keep your self-respect and self-impression. More people have come to get a cure. No need to take an impression [false praise] from them. Make your personality. These kinds of people are very strong. No need to listen to anyone wrong things. Keep in mind. We are one. Children of one mother. Don’t Think negative, it’s against Sahaja Yoga. Even though if you think that something went wrong with you don’t think bad, otherwise I feel really bad in my heart. That you understand. I have given a place in my heart and put all you on top. If you do something wrong then it’s not that you are against me that means you go against God. So I will not support those kinds of things [Shri Mataji showed her anger in those words]. Don’t have a misunderstanding among each other or have jealousy. No sin is bigger than this one. That’s a big sin. Other mistakes are forgiven. Do you remember, there were 12 people were not getting realization! Then I just told about this thing, and on one fight I gave them realization. That means if you act very smart then most of them will go back. But I will not forgive if you make people fight with each other, and with one topic you feel very great. (Mother is angry here.) I will not forgive you!

You have to think about what you have sacrificed. I have a habit of a son, Christ, has resurrected, He resurrected for you all. What sacrifice you have done or what did you lose, even financially?

You all have been blessed with health, house. You can see all these benefits. Now if you want to see the benefits in the future, then keep talking of foolishness aside and go deeper. Some are very wise and they have achieved peace. Very peaceful! If I say name then you will think, “Shri Mataji’s is giving importance to this person or that person.” I know that. I don’t keep anybody near to me. I am detached. But you have to keep me close to you. Now you have to learn to love me. This you have to think about it, God is going to be pleased with you. You will be blessed with the showering of vibrations. What I can do if you don’t understand me? God will not like it. If you don’t have a love for me, you will not receive Joy that is the thing. No matter how much I say, but Joy only flows once you develop unconditional love for me, that is simple understanding [Tasa Tyacha Hisobe ahe]. God has sent me to you all. By putting your attention anywhere you will not get anything. That’s if the fact, that’s the truth. Well if you have given love then He will give you everything. Now what can I do? I said, “It’s ok. They are small children.” He said, “No, it’s not accepted.” Now I am telling you that my position is very different in a way that I am stepping to your door, and begging for love. Because God is not listening. I am telling you the truth. He is like that [Shri Mataji is telling about God]. It says but the truth is truth, and that is only working out, nothing happens with imaginary things or thinking. If you have thought this is not like this, or not like that, whatever is there, it’s there. Whatever is going to happen, it will happen. That you all have learned in Sahaja Yoga.

Now how we can increase the Yogis’ number, that is the question. In Sahaja, Yoga people progress slowly. The reason is they are looking at you. They might be thinking, “God saves us. We don’t want to practice Sahaj.” Sahaja will expand after looking at you people. So many times people said that, “We will establish an organization [Institution].” This type of Sahaja Yogi, that kind of Sahaja Yogi, I told, “Don’t do that, they will be stuck like glue. Don’t want to do that way.” They were asking why. I said, “Today he is MA and tomorrow he will behave like a donkey, today he is in the sky and tomorrow in hell. You can’t give anyone a degree. If you give a degree then it will be problematic.” Now I have come, tell me what you have thought, or think at home, going for one month. There are 2 to 3 days of the program. And let me see what you will do. Sit in meditation for 3 days? Check in your meditation who will do in giving Sahaj program, who will be useful, put attention on them whom you know. Your attention has great power. That attention you use it, put attention on them, and apply Bandhan, give Bandhan after going home today. God will bless you. Don’t get identified by other people, “This person lives here” or “Something wrong happened to this person.”

“What I can do for Sahaja Yoga, that person has to come, that one has to come, other has to come”, put attention. Power is sitting in your attention. If you apply that attention to a wrong thing then it will be useless. If you apply in Sahaj Yoga then it will be nourished, “That person I have cured, another person I have cured sickness.” Sit and apply attention to them. Now don’t talk to me other than Sahaja yoga. I am not ready to hear anything else than Sahaja Yoga. Not it’s enough. “My wife has run away. My husband has run away. My child is not doing well”, I am not going to listen from Sahaja Yogis. If anyone wants to talk like this then better quit Sahaja Yoga. For those if you want to feel Joy they can come here, to receive the love they can come here. Those who want to get all happiness can come here. God who has kept all His grace [Sampada], if you want, then come here. Now you all are leaders. You are a leader of this power which is going to come. Your name will be gone in History. For this great work if you are not interested, then don’t come. I am telling you the first time, those who want to receive and stand up then come individually, don’t come from any kind of group. Now one drop becomes an ocean. If you don’t come that way then you will carry everyone’s dirt or problems. In that there is no discussion, talk. I will not talk other than Sahaja Yoga. That you decide. You all are very much in a big group. I did not get so many people in any lifetime. As you are in a big number, with your help Boat will be sailed. So I have a request, if I have loved you, then there should be no mistake in time to sow the fruit. Maturity has to come. To become big-hearted, don’t act like a child, keep quiet if someone talks childish, don’t listen to them. Talk like elderly people. they become fruit. You keep the peace, stay calm, and enjoy. Break all conditionings. Within you live blood will flow with joy and happiness.

(Now Shri Mataji is giving them experience of self-realization.)

Today I have to say something new. Is any new person come today, keep both hands up. New people can sit in the front. Remaining can sit in back, children can sit separately. Don’t talk while doing meditation, don’t laugh, sit quiet, and don’t laugh. Keep hands like this. Now in England, so many children have increased. You have to progress. You all are great people. Slowly progress has to take place. Otherwise, you will face demotion. New people come forward and sit in the front. Now recite a regular mantra. Mr Damle you take mantra three times. Now you say Mantra for Fire element. Many people have found out this mantra and it’s very effective. Now new people look at me. Look at my Kumkum.