Shri Brahmadeva havan – Prajapati yagnya: Lord of Creatures

Mumbai (India)


Shri Brahmadeva havan- Prajapati yagnya: Lord of Creatures, Mumbai, India, 1976-03-02

Translated from Hindi:

In this world, the greatest illusion is that of learned fools. Learned fools are those whom Kabirdas has described as “Padhi padhi pandit murakh bhaye” [as they went on reading, the pundits turned into fools]. This is why I was afraid to write a book and now that I have thought of writing one, it should not fall into the hands of such great fools. These people are like a person who has not been to some country and tells all false things about that country to the whole world. He says, “I had been there and I saw that thing and this was here and that was there and someone said this and someone said that.” He does not have an experience of his own.
But you who are Sahaja Yogis, have got this experience. The vibrations have spurted from within you and this means that this chaitanya is flowing. You have felt the experience of what chaitanya is. You are sitting in a great position. Those people can give great speeches, can describe this chaitanya, can read great shlokas [Sanskrit verses] but they don’t have even a wee bit of experience and are quite far from God’s Kingdom while you have entered it already.
There is a special reason for it. You would have read that Shri Ganesha was born only through His Mother. Before creating this creation, itself, She had given birth to a Son. The Mother did all this by Herself so that later, He can know the Father. Also, She made Him especially powerful so that even Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh could not raise their eyes to look at Him. He was that powerful. He was a special form of a Child. This same happening has taken place now in this Kali Yuga. I have given birth to you too through My Sahasrara, in a special way. That’s why the vibrations are flowing through you.
But how many of you respect yourselves? Understand that we have got some special thing, that we should live in that special kind of way and that we should make our lives in a similar manner! Your place is above even that of Devlok [Realm of the Gods]. Your place is such that the Gods might even be jealous of you. Apart from Shri Ganesha, no other deity has raised the Kundalini under their fingers. None of the sages and saints could do it despite penances of thousands of years. Not only are you Self-Realized but you can raise the Kundalini with a gesture and you know where and how is the Kundalini of any person.
Despite getting such a great thing, you have not respected yourselves. Maybe My fortune is bad that I got only fake coins which can never work. There is so much half-heartedness that sometimes I feel that I should discontinue this Sahaja Yoga. Sometimes I scold, sometimes I explain and sometimes I talk lovingly that, “Steady yourself, steady yourself. Where is your attention wandering?” You know that by your hands, thousands are getting alright and can get better. Your diseases have run away. God’s power of Love, which is all-pervading, is moving with you all the time, is supporting you, is watching your mistakes and is also watching when you tell lies. It also knows when you criticize Mother and it also knows if you are living a frivolous and superficial life. This power also knows if your commitment towards Sahaja Yoga is extremely poor. Despite all this, it supports you and guides you at every place and every moment. Even then you are misguided. You are stooping so low for all the world’s money and power. (Shri Mataji expresses disgust at this point.)
You are in a position worthy of worship. Your position is such that puja can be done to each and every one of you. If such people, who never were and never will be in such a high position, start doing such things then what will the world say? What kind of a name will go into history? You know that many among you have even given Self-Realization and then have fallen. It is very easy to fall from such a high position as yours.
You are not to see Sahaja Yoga in worldly things. You have come here to know the expression and manifestation [swarup] of God. It does not behove a Sahaja Yogi to give importance to lowly, worldly matters like “How much money I made and how much profit I made.” You have come to Me to ask for God and not for worldly things. You have also not come here to gain some false knowledge by simply listening to some of My speeches. No. You should gain the real knowledge. The knowledge will flow from within when you ask for it, you can see for yourself. Everything will be seen clearly and you will know that this is the knowledge. Enough worrying about your children and household! You have been given a special position and only those people who are special will be instrumental in working out special things.

You have transformed from humans to super-humans. Two yagnyas [havans] were done previously for you and you know that I am trying my level best that all your body-parts are, in the very least, surrendered to God. We have to surrender ourselves to Him. In order to attain that necessary purity, just like a mother bathes and cleans the children before the father comes home to give a clean presentation, we are doing this yagnya with great love. I can nourish you with the powers that flow out of all My chakras but sometimes it seems to Me like I am talking to a wall and I am banging My head against a rock. It seems like, “These devils are not going to listen to what I say.” It should not be so. You must go deeper in Sahaja Yoga.
All the pleasures of the whole world cannot be compared to the bliss of the lotus feet of God. Once a person attains that greatest joy, he does not turn towards any of these worldly pleasures. It is like a person who drinks ambrosia [the Sanskrit word is “amrut“, literally “not dead”], doesn’t drink any “dead” liquid. His powers are infinite and are flowing through your hands. You can’t understand how they are working and in what place. I have told you repeatedly…[unclear]

Today, the yagnya of Shri Prajapati [Brahmadeva] is to be done. You know that man is made of five elements. To do the puja of these five elements is to do the puja of Shri Brahma because these are His weapons. These too have been given to Shri Prajapati by the Mother.

Light was created when She saw [ed. opened Her eyes]. That’s why the tanmatra [essence of the element] of Tej [light] was created. When the Mother inhaled Fragrance [ed. She smelled with Her nose], this Earth was created out of that Fragrance. In this way, the element of Earth was created. The element of Sound [ed. Sound is the causal of the Ether element] was created when the Mother spoke. You can call it “Naad“.

In this way, the tanmatras were created and the elements were created from these tanmatras. All this is the work of Shri Prajapati, of Shri Brahmadeva.
Now, puja is not done to Shri Brahmadeva. The reason is that He is doing all the work of this universe. He is doing the work of your bodies and of your elements. There is no need to worship Him for this as He is doing His work from His place. You should do puja to only two entities, one is Shri Shiva by whom your existence and your life are maintained and the other is Shri Vishnu by whom your evolution takes place. But it is important to do the yagnya of Shri Prajapati. This is so that the tanmatras of the five elements within you are awakened and bestow you with their glory.

Earlier, the yagnya of only Shri Prajapati was done. Later, they were done to Shri Vishnu also. People feel that yagnya of Shri Shiva should also take place but yagnya is not done to Him, Rudra is done to Him. There are reasons for this also. Whatever rituals are described in the scriptures have very deep reasons. That’s why if you follow whatever is written, there is no blindness in it. When you have the vibrations with you, you can investigate with the vibrations whether what is written in the books is correct or not. In many places some wrong additions have been made and this has been done in every book [ed. Scripture]. You can judge these too by the vibrations:
who has such means of knowing, whose Kundalini is awakened, whose is not, who is Realized, who is not, who is God-Realized, who is ordinarily Realized and who is Jivan-mukt [liberated while alive] can be known through these vibrations. Everything that is in the Unconscious which man has never known, can be known by you. You can understand the intricacies of the vibrations. They [vibrations] have different types, different methods and different rhythms.
But now, the basis itself is not made, so how can I teach you about higher things? You are just sitting in the first grade and in there you are scratching, pulling at and fighting with one another like fools. Correct your basis and then using the permutations and combinations of these vibrations you can know anything that you wish to know. Not only that but you are ascending too. As man keeps ascending, he knows more. It is like when you stand at the bottom, you are not able to see much. Then you go up and can see more. When you go way up then you see something different altogether. If you go to the moon, the earth appears different to you. You can see it rotating completely from there but on the ground, it appears to be rectangular.

There is only one way to ascend – keep getting rid of your weights. Throw away your weights and as you throw them away, you rise automatically. Worthless weights like, “My father is like this, my mother is like that, my brother is like that, he needs it, she needs it, this is my power [political]” and “this is my money” are all foolishness and misidentifications. If you want to achieve [Self-Realization], then achieve it, and if you don’t want to, then leave me alone. Both these things can’t be done together.
You have come here to dissolve in the Supreme Principle [Param Tattwa] and not to earn money. Neither have you come here to float any kind of enterprise. There is no bargaining done here. The only thing is that I will introduce the Supreme Principle to you. In order to do that, sometimes I have to scold you, get angry at you, teach you and love you. If you are eager to achieve this and have come here to ask for it, then it is alright. If not, how am I concerned? I am an Auliya [Saint] and I can close my book anytime [ed. Mother probably means that She can stop Sahaja Yoga at any time].
You have come for your concerns, not for mine. I am concerned because a Mother is always concerned for Her children. But this Mother is strange because She is also detached. She is extremely detached. She can bring things to halt immediately if She wants. At the same time, She is also extremely loving and affectionate.
Today’s yagnya has to be done with complete attention and complete surrender. As this yagnya is done especially for the five elements, you will understand it better this is on the Jad Tattwa [inanimate/material principle]. But the Jad Tattwa is also necessary because if the Jad Tattwa is not pure then the rest cannot be established and your Jad Tattwas themselves have problems. When your Jad Tattwas are purified, then My work will be done very elegantly.
Maybe, only one or two programs will be done without you. As you know that on 19th, 20th and 21st My program will be held in Cowasji Jahangir Hall. In the morning, there will be meditation and, in the evening, there will be lectures and other things. In the morning we will have meditation and curative sessions. For these three days, with full dedication, wherever you are living, however you are, don’t make any excuses. You are fooling only yourself. It is like attending a great marriage yagnya for three days. Attend with your full heart. Bring others along with you like your friends. Spread the news around and go to every house. I was thinking of printing hand-bills but if these sheets get printed instead of the hand-bills, then mail it to those people whom you think might be interested. Do it any way possible, the people will come.
But only those people who come truthfully will get it. If they have even a little falsehood, God is not going to give them anything. No one is sitting here as your servant. This is not some kind of politics. You don’t have to vote for Me but I have to vote for you. It’s the other way around. I have to give you the certificate. If I am displeased with you then God is displeased with you and Sahaja Yoga is displeased with you. That’s why you have to make Me happy and pleased. I have to give you the vote. The thing is the other way around. It is impossible for me to collect disciples with money.
So, remember this thing – if you have to come anywhere, to any program, then come with complete simplicity and innocence. You have to come there with the attitude that we have to achieve it [Self-Realization] in this. Also, nobody should come with their household problems. It is a very wrong thing to do. It’s alright that I cure the diseases but Sahaja Yoga is not meant for those people who are involved in their household day and night. Come with the dedication to achieve and understand the Supreme and tell everyone that it is very important to achieve that.

I have told many things in the past and also today but God alone knows how much has gone inside the head and how much has stayed outside. Think on this. Mother says again and again, in every possible way, sometimes by breaking her head and if it does not work then She opens Her heart completely. She tries whatever is possible to keep your Kundalini completely awakened and completely cleansed through Sahasrara and very elegantly showers petals on the Kundalini. But if your nose itself is shut, if your eyes themselves are shut, if your ears themselves are shut and if all the instruments of knowing are shut, then what can I give through Sahaja Yoga?

That is why in today’s yagnya, I am going to open these five instruments [ed. probably means the five senses and the five elements associated with them]. I will try. So you too surrender yourselves and say, “O God, open these instruments.” Pray to Shri Prajapati, “Open these instruments of ours.” I don’t need anything else and keep all your worthless things outside with your shoes. Keep all worthless things outside and sit here and then receive the Love of the Infinite.