Letter to Delhi yogis

London (England)

Letter to Delhi Sahaja Yogis, London, May 1978.

Dear Sahaj Yogis of Delhi

Your loving letters put me in the same plight as after worship, every pore of the body oozes out the chaitanya. It gives me great pleasure to learn that you all are engrossed in your sadhana.
A mother only wishes dear children should stand on their own and that her acquire their own wealth. So long as this does not happen, our life will have no fulfillment in spite of (in the midst) all achievements. No Sadhana becomes possible without turning within (inward) we should speak of only that in which lies our ultimate wellbeing and piety. What else is there to achieve in the human life except God?
Sahaj Yoga is an unparalleled discovery. The entire humanity will have to be acquainted with Sahaj Yoga in the same manner as a scientific invention is made known to all, only an individual makesan invention but he extends its benefits to the entire mankind. This is the way of man. Another thing is that an inventor can work only on the basis of the knowledge accumulated in the past. Similarly the day has now come when, after several past revelation man has been brought within the horizons of his goal. But when we enter this beautiful shrine we should not forgot those steps which have led us to it. The builder of those steps which have led us to it. The builder of those steps and the maker of this shrine are one and the same.
When we say God is one it does not mean that he is an inanimate monolith like the Govardhan mountain. The one who is the source of life cannot be lifeless. When a human being assumes variousroles for different function such as mother, sister, brother and father, what innumerable manifestation the God must be living.
God has revealed to us all the things so that we take to worship and meditation. In the west the people have ample free time. Itis on account of this excessive free time that people get completely bored with their empty life and commit suicide. These days so many people are taking recourse to self-annihilation. But through Sahaj Yoga they can find the meaning of life. Man can get contentment only in the perfection of life. Because no one really dies. Only the earthing sheath of the human being is cast away as we cut out our nails. All the rest remains. The unsatisfied should go to the world of the dead and wander as spirits making the lives of themselves and others miserable. One should, therefore, obtain the satiety of Sahaj Yoga and should commend it so that it grows.
What is unconscious, you know well and you are benefited by it. But you do not yet full trust it. It feels offended by this lack of faith and its attention is diverted from you. Therefore rejoice in excellent revelation and sing into praise. There lies your good. Who waxes ignorant even after knowing and who becomes blind even after seeing will remain deprived of God’s grace from birth to birth. God is pleased with the innocence of his children not with their cleverness. He knows there all.
Therefore again and again, I say “grow in your inwardness.”
Ever remembering you