Stupefied Through Ego

Finchley Ashram, London (England)

1978-09-25 Stupefied Through Ego, 33'
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Public Program. Caxton Hall, London (UK), 25 September 1978.

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The vibrations are too many heavy. There’s no need to talk, but when I was telling [unclear] that your minds have the habit of talking all the time, so I have spoken to stop.

As I was telling just now Gaby (unclear) that today most of us are here realized people, people who come down and have known a lot of Kundalini, have learnt a lot, perhaps. I do not know if you realize how much you have matured, how much you really know, such a lot about Kundalini, about human beings, the chakras, about catches, and about the divine Power that is all-pervading and so subtle. All these things have come to you so suddenly, and as if you are open to it, suddenly got it, and it’s all dawned on you.

So, the whole thing looks like a sudden awakening within, an awareness that has enlarged the (unclear) and you can feel everybody’s vibrations, you can feel their chakras, you can raise their Kundalini, you can give them realization,

(Audio begins here.)

I saw people who have been never able to speak a word about anything on a platform can now speak about it because confidence has come through experience, because they were just ready for it. In the sense that you are all built to that way, like suddenly we find on a tree lots of flowers appear and then suddenly one day we find lots of fruits appear. In the same way it has happened to you, suddenly flower becomes a fruit. And the fruit is not aware that it has become a fruit and then he starts seeing that he has become a fruit and he doesn’t realize how much he has suddenly achieved as a fruit as a matured personality.

It is a very spontaneous in-built process, which fulfils itself.

But since some of you have been with Sahaja Yoga for quite some time and naturally, they know much more and they are much more deeply aware about many things which all of you are not. And that’s why if they are having the seminar, I hope you all take advantage of it. That will help you to do better justice to yourself and to your realization. It’s a good a chance to be there. I hope I’ll be there as many days it is possible; I will be there.

Today’s subject is, which is not Kundalini so much, because I talked to you about Kundalini. But there are again new people today and it’s rather difficult to shift to another subject on which I was intending to speak to you very much and I don’t know if I should really cover it up or not? So, what should I do? Again, going through the Kundalini process, should I tell you?

How many are new people can come forward, I think let’s see how many are we? Let’s count. Come forward. Those who have come for the first time, you can sit here.

I give you in very short, what is a Kundalini, what is Kundalini awakening, how it rises, how it is placed within us.

Now you can see in this diagram. Now you don’t have to believe in whatever we are saying. Those who are new people, for them I am saying this because those who are not, they have already experienced it. They have seen the Kundalini rising, they have seen the pulsation of the Kundalini with their own eyes, and if you want, we can show you that. But you have to keep your mind open and see for yourself. Some of you will not have experience at the first round. Most of them have it. Some of them get it and lose it because of certain problems that you have within yourself and the Kundalini tries to improve you, cure you and again She establishes.

So, it is not a instant business. But it is also for people who are very innocent or who are not hurt so far by any damages or who are absolutely in a perfect health, condition, mental condition, spiritual condition.

But normally you don’t have people like that. So, the Kundalini rises no doubt, but it goes back again to those places to cure them, to put it right and make it again healthy, the portions that are not yet working or have not yet started working, because it is a nourishing energy, it is a vital energy, it is all energies put together.

Now, I will show you the three energies that are there within us mainly. Of course, we have the fourth one, which we need not bother just now. But the three energies I am talking about which are expressed in the medical terminology as sympathetic nervous system, left and right, and also the central system of parasympathetic nervous system.

But these three systems are gross systems, which we see outside. But there is a subtle channel inside, which shows, which expresses or which manifests those gross systems that work in our body.

Now the two left and right sympathetic nervous systems are manifested through the left and right channels those are shown here. Now see the left one is the one called as Ida channel. It is the subtle channel within us placed on the left-hand side of the central channel and the right side one is placed on the right hand. Now this one is called as the Pingala and the left one is called as the Ida Nadi.

The central one is the one, which expresses our parasympathetic nervous system, is placed, if you see it in the brain half way down, it’s not complete, is the parasympathetic. That is up to that point human awareness has reached. It shows that in our central nervous system only up to that point our awareness has reached.

Now this is all nothing important, you don’t worry. May look little bit too much for the brain. So, you just don’t worry. It’s as simple as putting on the light. But putting on the light has a mechanism behind it, which works it out.

So, it’s my every day duty now whenever I come here to tell you about the mechanism first and then give you the experience, because you see your mind won’t stop. That’s why I have to tell you about the mechanism and that’s why I’m trying to tell you the mechanism that is within us, which works out our sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.

So, these three systems are absolutely in a subtle way exist inside the spinal cord. And these are three channels which are there, out of which the central one breaks through and the most of it comes down into the triangular bone and is settled down there as the germinating force or you can call the residual force is settled down there waiting for its time and chance when someone who is authorized to give you your rebirth, it rises.

Now Kundalini awakening is a subject dealt with in the Vedas, even earlier than that. So you can say that thousands of years back many seers in India, because see India you know is a very ancient country and people have seen this Kundalini there and they have seen how it rises and all that and they have mentioned about it.

It has nothing to do with a particular country or with a particular religion of anything, it is within every human being, it is placed there.

But the confusion came through by; I don’t know how people confuse things. Always they confuse, see. So they confused Kundalini with something very, very funny and they confused it with sex. And this was happened, perhaps may be, that because in the last centre you see the red centre is there, which is placed below, below the Kundalini meaning it has nothing to, the Kundalini awakening does not have to pass through this centre, this is the centre that controls the sex.

And this centre is governed by a deity, which is innocent. Which is called as the embodiment of innocence; we can call it as Ganesha in the Sanskrit language, but as we know Him, who incarnated on this earth as Jesus Christ. Is the same.

So, this innocent deity is sitting there, because innocence doesn’t know anything about sex, it doesn’t understand. It doesn’t know what is sex is.

So, the confusion between the Kundalini and sex started by some people. And that was the first gravest mistake and the greatest insult to the Mother Kundalini, which is your own.

Everyone has this holy Mother, the loving Mother; the Mother who has cared for you in every life, in every ascent from the time you have come on this earth; again and again in her search. It has been with you. It has recorded all your hankerings and all your askings for and all your temperaments and all your subconscious problems and everything in state into that little Kundalini that is three and a half coils. And it is just settled down there and when you come before Me or anyone of that kind then the Kundalini just rises up suddenly and shoots off and integrates into these six centres which are above and passes through your, centre of your brain here and comes up to the fontanel bone area and pierces through. Then your attention becomes one with the subtle.

It is easy to understand if you understand a, say an ant. Now, ant when she crawls on this carpet, she doesn’t see the beauty. Animals as such they never see the beauty. You pass them through the dirtiest possible places they’ll just walk through. They won’t see that this is dirty or filthy, they’ll walk.

But human beings are subtle. They can feel it, smell it, it’s dirty, you get the filth; you are walking through the filth. You see but there are subtler filths, which they do not feel it. And they can develop that sensitivity, insensitivity I would say later on by accumulating lots of nonsensical things by which they become insensitive to themselves; to themselves as human beings and then they do not mind all kinds of filths, getting into their being, which people call it as sin.

So, this is what happens to human beings and because of this problem, because of this complication what happens when the Kundalini rises, it should rise very easily, absolutely smoothly. If your instrument is absolutely smooth and if it is absolutely in the perfect condition, the ascent or you can say the take-off is absolutely smoothest possible. It works out, it goes up and it crosses and pierces the Sahasrara. Now this has been built up in thousands of years within you. It’s not today’s job.

Now when the fruit is created, you should know it has started from the seed and now it has come to the state of a fruit. Now the fruit doesn’t know how it has become a fruit. In the same way you are a human being, which is being created with very great care and with very great understanding and you have been told all the time how you should sustain yourself, you should keep on to human level, don’t go to extremes, be in the centre, be in the centre, by all great religions.

But we are great you know; we have denied all that. We said we are on our own. What’s wrong in this? I mean nothing wrong; you can go and break your head against the wall. Nothing is wrong in it. You can go and take poison. Nothing wrong. What is wrong, after all? The wrong is, the purpose for which you are created. That is wrong.

For example, see a vase is being created, beautifully it has been laned. Supposing it’s a glass one with a very beautiful work on it, to put it before say a [NOT CLEAR, DISTURBANCE IN THE TAPE]. I can break Myself. All right, go ahead, nothing wrong. You see it is, it is the same way we become [NOT CLEAR: a sin-?]. Our ego is challenged. You say, “Oh! What’s wrong? Why shouldn’t we not do it? Why should we not do it?”

But it is whatever is wrong, is wrong whether it is today, whether it was ten thousand years back, is wrong, is wrong and that spoils your path of ascent.

So, we should understand that whatever we have accepted as good is not fundamentally good. Fundamental good is an absolute stuff and that absolute stuff you will only understand when you will reach to the area of absoluteness. The area of absoluteness can only come when you are reborn, that means there is a little stage left in between.

For example, this, say this one is a recording instrument and it is not put to the main switches and it is not recording. Now what’s wrong? Nothing, it is not recording, that’s all. All the care and all the effort we have put in to this, making of this one is useless; that’s all it is. I think nothing wrong. You see that way relatively if you see it is nothing wrong. But it has lost its power to be what it is.

So that is what you have to be yourself. That’s why this special instrument very delicately was prepared, given you and has been kept there and the sustenance of it has been told to you, has been asked that you should keep to the center, a certain amount of auspiciousness is to be kept and a certain amount of understanding of your being and its respect must be kept. If you have not kept it then what have you done is, you have destroyed yourself.

Then on top of that you are a seeker also. Here what’s wrong when you are a seeker? Now a seeker must know that there might be some mistakes in your seeking or may be that you are not yet equipped and if that is so a seeker should never feel hurt if he is told that, “This has to be done, my child, this has to be corrected.” It is necessary; it is necessary which is to be done.

All the time whenever great incarnations came on this earth, they told it very frankly, they had to tell because people would not listen. You see, they had to tell that this is it, this is it, don’t do like this.

Like Christ said, “Not I talked of adultery but of your adulterous eyes”. Now tell Me in this London how many people are without adulterous eyes. This is Christ had said! How many of us have adulterous eyes and how many do not have? How many have that innocent look on their eyes? Children who are even twelve and thirteen years of age! Thanks to our great creations of our books and BBCs and human endeavours to make us very interesting and entertaining, what we have done, is ruined our basic concepts.

Now, “What’s wrong!” is the point, is that it is all wrong.

For example, I say now grafting is going on everywhere. Everybody is breaking everybody’s neck and the big, these five six cars are going together and everybody dying once and all, why do it? What is the need? What is the need to have such a thing? I mean it is simple for a Mother, she will say what is the need to have this magnet, what is the need? To break your necks, why? People like to see some people die or what is the thing in this sinister happiness within us that you want somebody to die, something to happen. Is it so? Are we that bad? Are human beings that bad? They cannot, they are created by God in love.

Newspaper people, you go and tell them that you see there is something good happening. They say, “No, we are not interested in.” If there’s any war, was there somebody killed, in your India how many people died of drowning, let us know that. But if something going good, they don’t want to tell that. Nothing to do with us. Then they say there is no joy in life. I mean you are bent upon killing your joy, every moment it is there.

So, we have to understand today why the Kundalini doesn’t rise in some people and why it falls off and what things happen?

But it’s a very large subject. I have talked about it many a times. But today I want to tell you about the few things, which I have not yet talked so, so much in detail especially for the Sahaja Yogis who are realized people. So, I think the new people have understood the little bit I have told you in short about, about the Kundalini. If you have any questions, you first ask me. Then we try to give realization and then I have to tell them about some points, which I have not yet covered. It’s all right?

Because it is a combined talk, you see. We have here one year old children and also we have got here one day old children and there are some who are not yet born. You see if you put all types of children in one God and if the mother has to look after them, some in bottles and some in absolutely complete care and some are grown-ups, it’s very difficult.

But then what we can do is to ask the grown-up children to help a little bit, to give the others a little help to come up and once they come up then these people also grow up and that’s how the, we can say the whole group increases by which more people can come inside. So it is nice.

But I have seen many people come, more people come down but they do not understand the seriousness of the whole thing. Some of them are, some of them do get into realization and some of them get it and then they feel very happy and go home and say, “Oh! I’ve got it now, finished. Take Mataji’s photograph, I can manage on my own.”

You cannot. This is another condition of this thing. Once you get realization you cannot manage on your own, you sit down at home, work on My photograph all that. But you have to come to the collectivity. Because now the time has come to work on a collective being, like a complete body is needed, you have to have a hair, you have to have a heart, you have to have a liver, you have to have everything. You cannot just live as one finger somewhere and another finger somewhere.

The work of this emancipation is tremendous, for that we have to have collectivity. And that’s why you have to come to collective exposure. You all should expose yourself more and more and those who have followed it up only have matured. Those who have not are still dwarfs.

The other day I happened to meet somebody who has been to My programs and she was praising Me a lot, she said Mother you gave us something and this and that. But I was surprised at her. She has developed no sensitivity much, neither she has done too much about it and five years she’s done nothing.

Another example I can give you that some people go to absolutely wrong type of gurus and fake type of people and get stuck up there also.

Now when they are told that you are stuck up, instantly they feel very hurt because as if the gurus have paid them, they have not paid the gurus. So, it’s very difficult to talk about their guru because the gurus have a sort of, you see grabbed them. You cannot tell them that this is wrong with you and that’s why it’s happening. So sometime of course they realize.

We had a very good example of that I will tell you, is a man. He was a justice of a high court in India, he came to Me. And as being a justice, you see, all the people, these gurus are more interested in the justices and the ministers and all the rich people, you see they grab those people, because their main interest is this, to have more power, to have more money, to have, you see, all these material things. So, they stick on to these people.

So, this fellow when he came to My program and at the first shot, he got his realization in a very wonderful way and I felt it, his realization. Because he felt some two ice balls just came and fell upon his hands and he started melting and I felt the thing that way about it. And it went into him and he completely got drenched into it.

But when I went to his house and I could see within him also, you see even if there is light, that doesn’t mean there are no shortcomings in this room. You can see all the roots and more, with the light you can see much more. So, because he was a powerful man, he got a good light no doubt. But I went to his house and I saw all these horrible gurus’ photographs. So I told him, “Sir, will you please through them away in the sea?” He said, “Mother! What are you saying?” I said, “You just see the vibrations, how terrible they are!” He would not listen to Me. He would not listen because he was a justice. So, I didn’t know how to handle and tell him. But I told him.

Whenever I went to India, he made it a point to come and see Me and meet Me and do all kinds of things. But you see he was, I would say still he was not concerned about himself; you see. If he was, he would have disciplined, felt some heat. But he would not. And I told him that these are all fake ones and gradually one by one they started showing their colours. And somebody was found smuggling watches to India, so his photograph he threw away. We found another person having lots of girlfriends or another one having lots of money from others and all those. Because he was a justice so he was getting these cases so they started dropping one by one, one by one like that. Still, he stuck on to one or two.

But I was amazed at his detachment the way he was that, he is, in his vibrations I could not find any defect as such. He used to receive My vibrations tremendously and he loved Me very much also. But I was always worried that these people at this time when he will be little bit unaware, then they will crack and they will definitely pester him. Of this I was very sure. And it has happened. I always wrote letters to people in India when they wrote about him that how surprising that he is following this guru and that guru, “Despite Your warnings.” Still, he is all right, his vibrations are all right. I simply warn one day he is a strong fellow, but a day will come when it will crack. And now that has happened and he landed up himself into a cancer hospital. Normally after realization no one gets cancer. Cannot. It’s impossible.

Now there is another case is, there is a lady whom I know, she stayed in England. She is here. She is an Indian lady. Her husband was My professor in the medical college where I was with him and he remembers Me very clearly and I met them suddenly here. He has heard about Me because I addressed there also, medical institutions in India.

So he was telling Me, he would like to see this and all that. His wife came in. I tried to give her realization, many a times I tried, it failed. So I asked, “Who is your guru?” Then she said, “This man is my guru and he is great and he is like this and he is a great personality”. I saw this fellow had nothing, he was not realized soul, now how to convince her? I said, “He is not a realized soul, believe Me, he is not realized soul, how can you call him a guru?” She said, “No, but he was a great man, he was great man.” I said, “But, how? You must get realization.”

You see even a person on the street could be a realized soul, may be a person who is a priest may not be. If you are not the realized soul you are not. Whether you are this or that makes no difference. This is not outside, this is inside.

She would not believe. She said, “No, no, Mother, I have great faith in him, he was this and that, you give me realization, this thing that thing.” So I told her, “Now please listen to Me. You give up this guru and this thing.” She said “All right, whatever you say I will keep it out, I will not remember him.” I gave her realization. All right, she got the realization.

But you see the grip is so great of these gurus, she picked back all his books and started reading them every morning and evening and all the nonsense he had told her. So here she is and if you are in a wrong this thing then the void, that is shown there, gets caught. This void gets caught. You can see it. You can see the Kundalini just doing like this, there are people who have got the void problem here. You can ask them where they have had this. The Kundalini shows all pumping inside all around void. You can see with your own eyes, absolutely. Absolutely this you can see yourself and then believe. And then it happened like that.

So you see, I told her, “Still why your void is catching, there is something wrong with you.” She said, “No, no, Mother, it’s all right, I am getting the vibrations, all right.” I said, “But don’t deceive yourself, there’s a void catch.” Now can you believe it, what happened to her? She got cancer and cancer where the peritoneum, see now the peritoneum that covers the stomach, is all completely engulfing. Now there is no way of entering into the peritoneum, you cannot touch it because it is a closed shell. Now she is in the hospital. And now she has put My photograph and she has confessed to Me that, “This is what I have been following.” Now I said, “Now look at this”.

So headache for Me, morning till evening to cure these cancer patients? Now I come on this earth to cure these cancer patients? Morning till evening these people don’t want to do anything that I tell them and then they get cancer. Now that cancer grows from her stomach to her lungs. So, she’s come in.

What a headache! You ask these people they go. Now she is so anxious. She is willing to come to My house, she is willing to do anything, she will throw away the photographs, now she is beating the guru with her shoes and all. But why make Me so miserable?

Even after getting realization, getting these vibrations also, people are not deep enough. They do not pay attention to themselves as they should, they do not go deep into themselves, they do not work it out and then they come and ask Me the question, “Mother, why is it he is giving realization to so many people, how is it she is working out you well and why here?” Now you go and ask the person what he is doing about it.

So, it is not only that you come here to solve your problems. You, Sahaja Yoga and Me for your problems, but you allow Me to use you to solve your problems at all. If you are going to help Me that, then we keep the contract meaned. But if you are just come, “Mother, my fiancé is in trouble like he wants me to, see, marry him. I can’t marry. Can You I enjoy marriage?” I do that also, one can say! I’ll very well! (Laughs.) Haha, all kinds of things they can wave. You don’t know if you listen to them, I don’t know what to say. And all kinds of things they come in, problems. All right, I’ll do. You see, it is said in the Gita that whatever you tell Me, I will do.

Ask for the best, ask for the highest. Why are you asking Me for these nonsensical things? “You know my Moses is angry with me. He troubles me and I am not, Mother, with him pacified.” All right! Until that, I’ll have to do. But He said something important.

How many processes you have had? How many marriages you have had? How many children you have had? How many lives you have had? All problems! Why not deep the best?

And then, when I do not do, you see, people feel, “She is not allowed to answer such non sensical problems. It’s nothing important!” Then they say, “Mother, Sheela is not feeling.” “All right. What is it?” “My vibrations are (inaudible).” Why should I do? Why should I repair a prepared done which is not going to work?

It’s simple thing. Ranging. After all I must be ever to use it. Otherwise, why should I? I mean, a very selfish point of you I’m giving you, a very simple thing.

God also solves your problems. He looks after you. He wants to do it for you. But He wants that you should ask for that great Joy which He is anxious to. He wants you to develop that magic.

See, even a human father who has a child. Now a child asks for a chocolate to eat himself, but he says, “It’s not good for your tubes, my child.” Any time he develops that awareness, he tries to teach you how to appreciate better things, higher, what’s for life is higher. That’s it, that’s the father.

In the same way your Father wants you to have which is higher. So, ask for that higher things and aspire for it and being that.

But it is very funny. It is very funny; people do not ask for that. Now what you (inaudible), what you got, gets out. Just it. It’s one thing you must understand. Despite all that, He appreciates you, all Itself manifestation. You are with Him. He has created you just to follow Him and to enjoy, that enjoyment enjoys that feeling in following for His Being.

And that is within you. He doesn’t want you to waste your time in nonsensical things but come to ascend it and enjoy that beauty, that beauty, that beauty. That’s what He wants. What does a Father want for His child? I mean a sensible One. I don’t know the materialistically type. But I know the real One. What does He want? That all His children be chosen.