How Aspects of God are expressed within us

Caxton Hall, London (England)

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“How Aspects of God are Expressed within us,” Caxton Hall, London (UK). 11 June 1979.

…Thank you. Come along. See those who are… You come in front, all right? Better thing is that the new people sit in front. It’s better. Yes. Hello. Good. Very good.

So I would like to give you a little idea about this picture that we have in front of us (chakra chart). Now whom we call as God Almighty, the One who is eternal, who doesn’t incarnate, who is all the time there watching the play of His Power, the Primordial Mother, is manifested through Her Power into His three aspects here, clearly, within ourselves and within the Primordial Being who is the ultimate which all the created people have to reach.

Now there’s a difference between the two, the Almighty, God, as you call Him, the One who never incarnates, and the One who incarnates on this Earth and occupies a position like this, just like a human being, and He’s called as a Primordial Being or you can say the Viraata, you can call Him the Viraat. Actually, though He’s called as ‘Primordial Being’, He’s an aspect of God. So these are two things if you understand, I will be able to explain to you how the aspects of God are expressed in us.

So the first aspect of God is His desire to create, His desire to create and in His desire to create … (Oh, you were outside there Linda, I didn’t recognise. Come along, I’m sorry I didn’t recognise you, I never recognised you, I’m sorry, I never recognised. I thought, “Who is this one?” I’m sorry. So, this side would be better.)

So His desire to manifest, His desire to create, that’s the aspect within us which is represented by this blue colour line which is called as the Adi Ida Nadi, or you can call it the primordial Ida channel by which He desires. Now as a desire can be born and can be finished off, can be switched off, in the same way, His desire to create also can be over. His desire to create any more may be over. His desire not to create for the time being could be there. So if you understand your desires, you can understand His desire also to create and that’s why when He does not desire to have it anymore, the creation He can destroy.

So He is the One through which we exist and through which we are destroyed, too. So He’s the One who manifests existence and destruction of Creation. That’s why He is called as Destroyer. This aspect is represented by the principle of Shiva; which never incarnates because this principle is the one which is the germ, which is the beginning and which is the end of everything. Like a seed becomes the seed ultimately, in the same way this Shiva Tattwa, this principle of Shiva, germinates, creates and then it again becomes the same principle. That’s why the principle of Shiva never changes. It is called as Shiva, means it is permanent, it is eternal. The rest of Them go into manifestations.

So first He desired and He wanted to create. So He had to have His aspect of Creator being put in and the second aspect of Creator (aside: can you show [them]?) is the, this yellow line that shows here is the Pingala Nadi, called as Adi Pingala, the Primordial Pingala channel by which He has created this Universe. Now the centre of this figure you can find this green round circle and this one is the one, is the space in which He created. He created in this space and that’s why this space is called as Bhavasagara. Is the Ocean of Creation. ‘Bhava’ is the one that is created. Bhu, Bhava means the one… exactly it is the one that is done; bhava is done, means created. So the Creator then produces all the stars and the, all the galaxies, solar plexus, lunar plexuses, all the so-called mandalas. He does all that work.

But as you would say that first of all this blue line, if you follow it up, goes absolutely to the first centre, here. Now this line represents, though it manifests the Shiva principle, it is manifested or, you can say, it’s carried on, through the power of Shiva that is known as Mahakali. That’s the power of Mahakali which descends up to the lowest point there which is the first centre that is created by Mahakali Herself, and this centre is called as the Mooladhara Chakra. On this She has created first of all the first deity, the first we can call the Aradhya Devata. The one deity which is to be worshipped first in this whole world is the deity that is the embodiment of innocence.

So innocence was the first thing that was created by God, and not cunningness. Cunningness is our by-product, you see. He created innocence and holiness and that’s how he put the deity there and that deity is called as Shri Ganesha. It’s a, later on you will know that the same embodiment of innocence incarnated on this earth as Jesus Christ. Now this is a very, very important chakra or the centre about which I will tell you later on. But then after creating this, you see, God is a very, I should say, a very, very compassionate and affectionate being. He is the source of all our compassion and affection because He resides in the heart as Shiva there – you can see His place there. And then He wanted to produce somebody who would – after creating this. First He created the chakra for the innocence. That was the most primarily important thing, was to create innocence on this earth, to protect people. Innocence is auspiciousness, is called as mangalakari. Is the one that gives you auspiciousness. Now about auspiciousness also they have had a tape with them, you can ask them what it gives. And it is a thing that was first created, means that for us the blessings were created even before He started creating these galaxies. So He created a place in the space from where He could emit His blessings on this earth.

So secondly, then, He, before even creating the Creator, He just thought, “Let Me put Him up. Let Me have another aspect manifested,” which is the central, centre path, in the – from the centre path which is known as the Sushumna, is the centre path of sustenance, of your dharma. Before creating anything else He created this one because this is the centre of seeking, is the centre of seeking. And this seeking was created even from the smallest of animals you know. When amoeba was created he’s had a seeking. Otherwise he would never have evolved. And the, of course, the seeking changed its mode and its tone but there was a seeking first implanted at that point and for that He had to create a deity of His aspect of sustenance which was called as Shri Vishnu. His power is Mahalakshmi which is that channel, is the centre power.

Now the third one that He created out of it actually [UNCLEAR]. These are from here, what He made first of all from here is very formal and [INAUDIBLE for about 15 sec] and this power is called as the power of Mahasaraswati. So you have got three powers of Mahakali, Mahasaraswati and Mahalakshmi. This universe then was created through galaxies and through many … solar systems and if you happen to read one of the so-called article of Mine on solar plexus or on the creation itself you will know how we were created very carefully, how the earth was created, how it was taken away. Part of it was taken away from the sun, taken very far away first and then adjusted, brought to a point where life could grow. All that was done and so the earth was created.

Now the first chakra, as I told you, is the Ganesha’s chakra. Now this chakra is most important for us because this is the centre of Shri Ganesha who is the son of Mahakali’s residual power which we can call as the Gauri. It is that, you can see in the centre, it’s also called as the Kundalini. After creating the whole thing, I mean desiring the whole thing, He put part of that – that’s why we call it residual power – into that Kundalini, the Adi Kundalini which would record all that is happening within and later on when the time comes it would give you your second birth. So this is the Kundalini here. It is placed in three and a half coil because three and a half coil brings forth eternal movement like your watches which are, say, automatic are… also have got three and a half coils just to put it in automatic way. That’s how this idea must have come to somebody that we should put three and a half coils to have automatic watches, you see. So this is the three and a half coils there placed. And that’s the Mother. That’s the Mother. That’s the Virgin. That’s the One sitting down there.

Now this is the Mother who had not yet met Her husband but was married, but still a virgin. And the story is very interesting how She created Ganesha. She was worried that somebody may come inside the bathroom so She, out of Her body these things, what you call mala, the dirt on Her body, She took out some soil or clay that we use in India for washing the hands. Our clay is very good. And She put all the clay and took it out and made out of that a Ganesha. And put Him down there, at that point because She wanted somebody to protect Her. (Somebody has come? If you lock the door, how will I know? It’s all right)

So this protection was created there for Her. But actually that’s the One is also protecting Her protocol. That means this chakra nobody can enter into. Nobody can touch it. Through this centre anybody who tries to come in will be punished. Now, those people who say that Kundalini can be risen through sex are, I must say, either sadly mistaken or are sinister people, because that’s the centre is to protect Her protocol. He never would allow anybody to enter through that point because that is the point which regulates and controls the sex. So that is a very, very holy place through which you cannot enter. The reason is, say, if there is mud and if there is all kind of filth, best thing is to put there the most purest form of deity who’d never gets embellished or who does not get hurt or in any way involved into that filth. So He, being the purest, He was placed there.

Like Christ came on this earth to a place, like horrible place like Bethlehem and all this, just because there was no other way out, you see. He was the only one who could come there and sustain these people who wanted to crucify Him later on. So He came down later but this embodiment of innocence was put there. Innocence is a thing which never is cunning and intelligent as you think intelligence is supposed to be. It’s very different type of intelligence it has got that it just works out. You may be any amount of intelligence you may have and you may try to trick the innocence by any chances or by any, any sort of fraudulent ways. You cannot cheat. Innocence is above all that. And that is what was very important and that’s why He was placed there.

Now the people who have been practicing this kind of a nonsensical stuff like going to Kundalini through the sex are really doing a very abusive and horrible thing to their own Mother, who is the Kundalini. Kundalini is your Mother. She has been with you for ages and She has been waiting for this day when you could get your Realisation. So those who try such tricks on the Kundalini, on their Mother, you can imagine how much they should be punished. That’s why so many people get all these horrible experiences, of getting blisters in the body, they get heat in the body, sometimes they get a temperature and they get stuck up and all sort of things happen because of this kind of unauthorised behaviour.

The another thing could be to freeze this Ganesha, is to become a person who is absolutely running away from sex. One does not have to run away from sex because sex is one of the activities of Ganesha because He’s a child, He doesn’t understand what is sex is. He’s abodh. He’s innocent. He doesn’t know that sex is something. You see, He has no consciousness of it. Like a child when He sees sex, for Him it is just like seeing flowers so nothing… he, he doesn’t understand it. After a certain age only people start understanding it. So those people who also run away from sex are equally the same because there’s nothing to run away and there’s nothing to run to. It has to be understood at this point that sex has to be a very sacred and a secret thing between two personalities that is husband and wife who should be really married, collectively. A marriage which is done secretly somewhere and marriage secretly done somewhere is always brings problems. So marriage must be done in a open way and should be sanctioned collectively. Marriage is not an institution came to human beings from somewhere outside, but it has come to them from within. God Himself has brought this institution within them and it is to be respected in full way. And family life is the basis, absolutely the basis of human beings. Every human being must have a nest to grow when they are children.

We are playing havoc with this principle of family life everywhere and we are really out to ruin our children through abandoning the norms that are required for a human life. I mean, we have taken up everything into our hands, you see, as if we can do whatever we feel. Perhaps by that we do not realise how we are giving no fair chance to our children to grow in a proper, secure place. So family life is a very important thing and must be dealt with in a way, the way you do a Puja, you do a worship.

The home is a temple where you must have all the holy things, to give children the holiness, the innocence that is required for them to continue. Here if you find now the children are so precocious, sometimes you are shocked the way they are precocious because the parents talk all these things in their presence and they say, “What’s wrong?” Like you are teaching children about sex. What is there to teach? I really can’t understand. What is there to teach? Every dog, every, I mean all these birds, everybody, they know what sex is. Oh, no, human beings need a teaching out of it. I mean, Indians who are supposed to be most uneducated people, they are doing much better than all of you are doing here. It beats me to understand how you people start thinking about teaching everything, even sex. You see, it is of course to be guided properly through family channels but not to be talked so openly, you know. In the beginning it was very difficult for Me even to open My mouth. But when I saw the whole thing is so filled with it, let Me talk about it. Because it is not to be talked, it is not to be mentioned, it’s a very sacred thing between husband and wife and to be kept as sacred. But if you excite it too much, from the childhood if you give ideas and all that, you see unnaturally people are brought up in that way into a very unnatural atmosphere and you become nothing but a sex point.

The amount of, you see, importance is given to sex life, you see, as if, as if they are impotent. I mean, it is something like that. It amounts to that, the way people are, it’s such a natural thing. It’s such a spontaneous thing. It’s available to everyone. What is there for people to think so much about it and plan about it, talk about it and make the whole thing so vulgar?

There are certain rules and regulations that are to be followed. I mean, you have to be very, very chaste about it and there’s a certain protocol and certain beauty of making it a secret. The more I find now here people, I’m just talking about the West because we are concerned with Western problems. Indians have another type which I will tell you later. They have another horrible types of problems but this is another type we have. Like a, like we find two people going up the escalator, they must kiss, you see. They shouldn’t miss one point even. Every step they must go on kissing. All right. And where are you going? To the divorce court, that’s what it is. You know, it’s so absurd.

There is no deep understanding of the marriage institution. We cannot exist without marriage institution. Marriage institution is a gift of God to human beings and not to animals. We are not going to become again animals. They study the sexual behavior of, say, of fishes. I mean, are you going to become fishes now? Are we to learn from pigs? I mean, have we gone that low that we have to go down up to fishes’ level and find out how to behave? I mean, it’s absurd.

So this is this centre which is very important and it’s very sacred, but the other side I told you that is to running away from sex. On this point I would like to speak because perhaps I have not spoken so much as that. This is another craze that people have, is to suppress the sex, is to have nunneries, to have places like where the fathers are living in a very unnatural manner, create situations where there is no husband-wife relation existing. I would say Navy has this problem, too. And thank God now Navy has decided to have women on board and the wives on board, you see. And actually it has working wonders because they are very good husbands, people have found out, and it gives them some chance to exist normally. I mean, imagine that every port you get, you get some new girl and end to a complication, fighting with another. All sorts of problems come up. This multi, multi-women business is going to make you mad. I mean, to live with one woman itself it’s sufficient. But to have many women is much more dangerous. So the another thing starts.

See, human beings are like that. If they cannot they’ll go one side, complete indulgences. They’ll have ten women, get hit, beaten up, finished by that, absolutely broken up, becoming insolvent. Ultimately they are left like that. Then they become sadhus. To the other end they will go. They become the sadhus and the sadhus start, you see, then, “Give up sex. Have nothing to do. Don’t see a woman. Just you can’t bear her.” You see, this is madness.

Why go from one extreme to another extreme? Why not see it in a poised and a proper manner that marriage is important, husband-wife is an important thing. But that’s not the end of life there also. But still running away from it is something one cannot explain. Otherwise why God has made you women and men? One should understand about it. And secondly, those who run away like that, I mean if the women run away, God save this world, but if men run away what do they get? You see, they run away from it to another, another style. And what happens with that? You just have a look here. This is the chakra of the Devi which [UNCLEAR] to run away from. Now there is no way. You cannot go to this one because it is a… this is the one which is [UNCLEAR]. Thus your attention is just from there you go. There is no attention at all. No attention there [UNCLEAR]. [UNCLEAR] convert your fat into a proper fat which can be consumed by brain. So as soon as you do that you start thinking about sex. That is what it is. People are not spontaneous but they are thinking. They’ll plan out about it. Everything is planned out and then what happens you start thinking about it but you don’t have any sex. So the people who say, “We are nuns, we are nuns,” they are thinking about it all the time. But they do not have the actual thing which should be done. It would be something like eating food with your nose, try to push your food through your nose.

You see that there is no thinking needed for this and you start thinking about it. So they start thinking. How can they get rid of it? You just tell Me. There’s no sublimation, so-called sublimation and all that nonsense. If there is no chance of sublimation only the attention will move. How will you sublimate this part when there is a barrier here and this one is as the special one sitting there, with a big rod in his hand? We call it as the parasha. How do you cross that point? You cannot just cross it. So what you do? You remove your attention from there and predict. Now this is the one which we call as the, also called as the sun line. It’s the sun line, called as sun line. So you move towards the sun. That’s why you people are such worshippers of sun.

Now, then burn your body. You see, you will not have sex but burn your body and make yourself look what you call that brown colour and do all kind of nonsensical things to your body. Be unkind to it. Try to do your level best to ruin it. That’s what you do. And then this sun line starts acting. Now, sun line takes you away from the left side. You see that if too much activity starts here it’s because your whole attention goes on this side and it is…[UNCLEAR]. That’s why you become extremely dry. I mean, such a person, I would say Hitler, Hitler was nothing but this. Hitler had no feelings left in him at all. There was no emotional thing left in him. He was drained out. And all these yogis also of this type have this. Like we had a guru in our, you see, in Durvasa. I mean, if he’d looked at somebody he would burn off. Just imagine. Such horrible ones, what are they going to do for the emancipation of human beings? What are they going to do for the Kalyana, for the betterment of human beings who haven’t got a grain of love within them? All your idea of love is drained out.

Then you must have heard about these gurus, that the way they are. Most of them I’ve seen, even the realised ones, needs lot of love within them. I’ve seen so many realised ones also but they believe in beating the people. You know, anybody comes to them, first of all they’ll put a big chimta on them, hit them, cut. “Oh, you are not good.” They, they test your head by hitting. And you know, sometimes tears would roll down My eyes seeing all that cruelty.

I said, “How can you do this to them?”

They said, “You don’t know these human beings. They deserve it. We were like that. Now we are better.”

I said, “What are you better? You are hitting the same way.”

But they are realised people. Can you imagine? Even without knowing much about love they get Realisation and then they start saying, “Now, go into absolute vairanth.” Take the case of our Buddha. Now Buddha was one of the very great incarnations in the sense that He was the son, one of the sons of Rama who incarnated on this earth, Buddha, to occupy the highest life on this earth. So He had to take sanyasa because without that He could not show that. But there was no need for anybody else to take sanyasa. But in His case mistakes, I mean, why there were some mistakes about things, because when He tried all these tricks of sanyasa, going here and there He never realised that this is all not needed. He was so tired and fagged out, that suddenly, spontaneous, the Primordial Mother Herself gave Him the realisation because He was so tired.

Now supposing this is Caxton Hall. To come here you go to, say, Reading, then you go to in the north to Leeds, then you go this side and then you go to Brighton and come back here. And you tell everybody, “If you have to go to Caxton Hall you better do all that.” It is just like that. It is just like that, very misleading. Because when He found it out, as you have found out too, you do not realise how you have found it. You do not know how you have done it. If I do not tell you that it is God who has done it, how are you going to believe it? You will think, “I’ve done Self-realisation, all right. I am a self-realised person.” Self is most important. That’s why He believed this Anishvarvad means atheism. He said, “There is no God. Only thing, the Self is to be achieved.” Naturally, because there was nobody to tell Him that you have achieved through the grace of the Primordial Mother. So He was to be born again as one of the sons of Fatimabai who was the daughter of Mohammed Sahib. Then again He was to be born as Markandeya and again as Shankaracharya, just to neutralise what He has been preaching. So you will see that in the sixth century Shankaracharya is the one who put end to Buddhism, the nonsense of Buddhism in India. Because apart from what Buddha’s understanding of the whole thing is His disciples made it so perverse that somebody had to come down to tell that marriage system has to be re-established.

And this is how this right side was controlled through various incarnations coming down. But now we come to the centre point, is the Vishnu Tattwa, as I told you, the principle of sustenance within us. By this sustenance force only we have within us our dharma, means we are human beings. Human beings have to have some sustenance. Otherwise he would have two horns. He would have a tail hanging around. But he does not. He doesn’t have. Why human beings do not have horns? Why do not they have tails? I mean, they behave sometimes like that but still they don’t develop. You see, in churches in children it is very common to tell them that “If you behave like this you will start developing a tail.” Immediately they’ll start looking. “Have we already developed?” Then you have to tell them, “Not yet.” “But then be careful about us, you see. Better tell us. Otherwise we’ll develop it.” So this is how we are, that we are human beings. If we were not human beings our noses would have been like that or could have been like that. But we are human beings. That’s why we have a particular type of a face. We have a particular type of eyes. You have seen in the animal kingdom how the eyes are placed. Like fishes, how their eyes are placed according to their environment, according to their evolution. Now why should we try to be fishes? Have you got eyes like fishes? We are human beings. We have to be human beings. And the human beings have got as in the four varanas are described, they have to move in a evolutionary process with their understanding. This is the biggest difference between a human being and animal.

So far from animal to this stage you do not know how you came up. You never felt your evolution. You never knew that what, how you evolved into it. But only when you have become a human being you can feel it. That’s why your evolution had to be in such a manner that you can feel it. And you have also got a special faculty of deciding for yourself, of freedom by which you develop yourself in such a manner that you can feel it. The fishes never felt it. The amoeba never felt it. It’s only you who can feel your evolution because you are at the topmost position of evolution and if it has to move forward it has to be in your own awareness with all respect to your freedom. So freedom was given to human being, not only that but also that they are going to see their own evolution within themselves. They are going to feel it. You’ll feel so different as soon as you are evolved, because you are the highest. Human beings, if they had ever evaluated themselves, even if they had asked this question to themselves, “Why did I became human being from that insignificant amoeba?” then they would have realised, evaluated their value. But when they evaluate themselves, when they try to understand themselves they become egoistical. This is the problem. And that also comes from the same sun line. You see the ego – that’s the yellow, that balloon of ego – when it covers the whole being a person just, you see, he talks as if he is possessed. He can never understand what he is talking about and what he is meaning when he says, “I, I, I, I, I,” because you are not a separate entity. You are a part and parcel of the whole. And when you start saying, “I, I,” you actually secede yourself. You cut yourself short of your connections with the whole.

With this understanding if you see, here the centre chakra which is the, what we call the Nabhi chakra. Here the sustenance was established and through its establishment, the seat for your evolution was created. So we evolve through our sustenance, through our evolutionary process by which we have a complete incarnation of this principle of Vishnu, is Krishna who is placed there. So from this Vishnu Tattwa when you go around the Bhavasagara till that point you are still trying to come out of it and at this point you come out and here is [UNCLEAR] Shri Rama. Normally this place is occupied by the deity of Mahakali? or you can call..[UNCLEAR]. Which comes from here, this power, normally, and then She incarnates in this Bhavasagara where the seekers are trying to find God. Because every time the seekers tried to find God there were evil forces which tried to put it down. So She had to incarnate. They say She incarnated only one thousand times but I think She has incarnated many more times. But whatever it is, She incarnated one thousand times and She protected these, Her bhaktas or Her, what you call, Her devotees to be saved from the satanic forces. Now this one is the incarnation of Vaikadesha but before that all those incarnations that came are up to this point. Now this one, one must understand is, these devya were actually normal human beings. They could not come up. Because Rama was not regarded as an incarnation. He was seen as absolutely a human being who was still on this sun line, the rajasa, the absolutely human being. This is the rajasa. That is the tamasa, on the left hand side. This is the rajasa. And the centre one is the satwa. That’s why He was placed there.

Now this Goddess is the power which exists in your heart chakra in the centre. Now when the child is small, you must know that all the antibodies develop in the sternum, in the sternum. And these antibodies are actually the fighters who fight evil or any harm to the body. These bodies, what you call these antibodies, spread to the whole being and after, say, twelve years or so they start acting automatically or, you can say, even spontaneously. Sometimes they are on their own, because they are trained in this area, in the sternum area, how to fight the disease, how to fight the outward invasions. Even the mental trouble which comes to you comes through some sort of a satanic force which can be in a very, in the form of a small lacuna and then they attack there. And that’s how they work out. So this is the, in the sternum here is placed the power of the Durga or you can call the Mother, the Mother of this earth, Jagadamba. She’s the One who is the Mother of this earth. And She, Her power comes from the back here, where you have a centre called as the Hridaya (Heart) chakra but we can say that it looks after the cardiac plexus in the human being.

So those people who have got say asthma are suffering from the same. Those women who have got, say, breast cancer have suffering from the same, means the sense of insecurity. If you have sense of insecurity then these, these lungs start breathing fast. You have seen suddenly you, if you meet with fear you get that breathing very fast in you. And this breathing is denoting or is pointing out to some sort of a fear that is working within you. It could be due to previous conditionings or could be immediate, but this centre starts working, breathing starts moving at a very high speed and that is the sign of this centre that it starts emitting power of protection when if you start breathing heavily. But it is automatically done. And the women who suffer from sense of insecurity get breast cancer and that also this is the centre. While I will be talking to you about various diseases how we can cure through Sahaja Yoga then I’ll tell you more about it.

Now the highest point of the sustenance is here, just here. When man raised his head upward, this is the point where Shri Krishna, the, the highest goal of human evolution reached its completion poornatha. At that time we, we should say that when we raised our heads up He established Himself in our Vishuddhi chakra. And He is the one who is this Primordial Being. He is the One who grows into that Primordial Being. About Shri Krishna also I will tell you, I think, later on because you can understand He has sixteen petals. He has the largest number of petals which in physical way look after your ear, nose, throat, these mastoid muscles and teeth and all, all this portion. Apart from that if you notice it that this ego and superego, you see, actually they do not rise that high up. They rise from here it starts, from this centre only give the complete start. Complete start from this centre… [INAUDIBLE] but they cross at this centre which we call as the Agnya chakra. Now pumping of the ego and superego comes like the, we can say, the fumes from a factory. Like when you are overactive on the right hand side you develop your ego as a by-product. If somebody says, “I have no ego,” well, it’s wrong, not possible. There is all the time ego within you. Like people said, “Krishna has said that ‘Oh, you, you just surrender everything to Me,’ and that’s how I have surrendered myself to Him.” It’s wrong. You cannot do it, because you have got ego. You have to cross beyond. Unless and until you cross behind – beyond, you cannot get over your ego.

So these ego and superego, if you see, they cross. So the superego is, say, from here to here. The ego is from here to here. But as the human beings started growing the superego which is the conditioning in us, the conditioning as seen by the psychologists, they call it the psyche part and they never realised that there is also ego. If you remove the conditionings completely from human beings, do whatever you please, you become egoistical. They never realised this subtle point and they allowed you to do whatever you liked, and they allowed you to, sort of fully assert yourself. Then they did never realise that on the other side is also this ego developing within you. And that’s why we have got now countries we can say which are ego-oriented. Others are superego-oriented.

But now the stage is such that nothing much to choose, it’s such a confusion and a muddle. Because when ego-oriented society developed too much of their ego, they tried to push the superego down like that which went to such a limit that it started hurting people. They couldn’t bear it so they came up with their superego. And this is the beginning of people talking about, “I feel very guilty,” “I’m very sorry,” “We must have some sympathy for others,” “We must look after the people who are suffering,” and all that kind of a thing. Then they take to also drugs. Also you can see that all this left side is more sort of meant for people who take drugs and who go into lethargy and more sitting down and dreaming for poets, all sorts of things.

[Missing part] went to India and invaded India and now I am responsible for that. You start feeling guilty for somebody who’s died and is born somewhere in Africa or maybe born in Timbuktu. You see maybe that you are the one who was a saint in India and who has been looked after the Mother and today you are here crying for nothing at all. So this is the situation of today’s muddled-up world and the superego, or the others who were supposed to be superego, non-aggressive people, say like Indian people, now are, they are developing, they are getting sophisticated, you see. And they think that to wear a suit is a very big thing. If you wear a suit they start speaking some other language. And to them you see to be posh, to be very impressive and all that is very important. Whether they have food or not doesn’t matter but must dress up well to impress people, you see, and that’s why I tell always my disciples that when you go to India don’t go like hippies. Better go like very well-dressed government servants. And you can only impress them only…. And there, so we are developing now in India and we are becoming very materialistic, extremely materialistic.

I mean not that you people here in the West have left your materialism to that extent but I mean here every Dick, Tom and Harry is not a materialistic person. Specially the people who are of a higher style, they are not that materialistic. But like, your, you see, the labor class here you can say as they are very particular now… Today was the budget day, last day so all the shops were on and everybody was buying even the jewellery?, then everything, in the shops, you see. But the Indians would be the most, you see, because they must see what is happening here. As soon as… I wouldn’t say Indians, all the Asians I would put like that, not only Indians, because you see when they come to England they see in the shops, you see. They make the list of saris they have to take home. They make the list of things they have to take home. They are equally the same as you have been long time back. Like you’ll be amazed that once upon a time plastic was a big, big craze for you people here and nylon was also once upon a time. Now we are trying to wear nylons for you. It’s a good exchange, I think, but this is what we are in the muddle, either in the superego or ego. We cannot just fix the person. He could be one moment in the superego, one moment in the ego. He’ll be just going from one side to another.

The thing that really gives you the balance is the sustenance, is the sustenance, dharma. If you do not have that then you could go, shoot off like a pendulum from this side to that. But in dharma also there could be a problem and that is one of the worst possible, is of fanaticism. So I mean if you try to make the dharma a fanatic idea like none of these incarnations, like Mohamed Sahib who was an incarnation of the Primordial Master and all others like Him – Moses, Abraham – anyone of Them who came on this earth, ever thought of fanaticism. Never they realised that when they told, “Don’t do this. Don’t do that,” some sort of people will take up upon themselves that, “We are the chosen ones. We are the great.” I mean, this they could have never understood and whenever they found it was happening again they took birth. Again they took birth to tell people this is not dharma. To form any kind of a cult or an organisation and religion is against God. It’s blasphemous.

How can you organise God? You cannot. Those who have done it always have brought absolute fall of human beings. You see, that’s why you cannot control. Like the other day I was saying that our Pope has good intentions of going to Poland. But in a way I like Polish Catholicism more than the Irish one. If this is the freedom what Catholicism is, better not have it. You see, if this is what you are going to achieve through your Catholicism, better not have it. In Poland, say, for example, people do not do philanthropic work, you see, like helping the poor. Is that the work of Christ? I asked somebody, I said, “How did you come to this conclusion that Christ wanted you to help the poor?”

They said, “Because You know once He was to be, He was to be anointed with some very expensive oil,” and I think Judah said that ‘How can you spend such a lot of money on Him, on His body? Let us sell it and give it to the poor.'” So He said – now, see, listen to this one carefully – He said that, “Poor are forever,” means it’s a permanent headache, you see, “but I am for a short time.” That means spiritual life is the thing. Now, in the same way He said that “No rich man can enter into the kingdom of God.”

Both are just the same. Poor are just the same as the rich. Do you find any difference in them? I do not. One hankers after money; another one gets spoilt by it. I mean, both are the results of the same. Because one doesn’t have, he is no good and one has, that’s why he is no good. If the rich had little less money it would be better for them. And if the poor had little more it would be better. So our Sahaja Yoga works for the people of the middle, middle things. Now immediately you will say, “Then what about the poor of the world?” Immediately the attention will go there. “Mother, what do you think?” Now you don’t worry about that part. There is God who has created them and He is going to look after them. Are you an economist? Then you are, you have done all bad things. Because of faulty planning, because of selfish nature, because of conservatism, because of thinking that you are the person who should enjoy all your wealth, you have created these disparities. Human beings have created, not God, and when you have to achieve God you don’t have to think all these problems that human beings have created.

Like somebody came and told Me, “What about Vietnam?” I said, “Are you a governor appointed there?” You see, he had a problem of his own. He was coming from an asylum and he asked Me, gets up very seriously, said, “What about Vietnam?” Now tell Me, this fellow is really half mad. He’s gone to that asylum from where he has come, and why is he worried about this Vietnam? Now, what does that show? How is he going to help Vietnam? This is how the attention of human beings moves. I mean, what you have to do is to achieve that within yourself, your own powers. Everyone has to achieve that power. Even if you are poor you can achieve it. What is poverty? It’s just mental idea, “It is poverty.” You see, for people I’ve seen, horrible people who are supposed to be rich just like beggars, I tell you, absolutely beggars. Even if they could get out of you one torn handkerchief, oh, they will be very happy. Horrible people, I don’t know, what riches, it has not gone even skin deep. Even I would tell you that if you put so many pounds just posted on a donkey he would look better than these people are. I mean, it has not touched them at all, you see. And the way they talk you know how the people are, how licentious they are, how permissive they are, how careless they are about their children, how they are irresponsible, how they are killing others just to save their reputation. I mean, there’s nothing that they cannot do.

Same with poorer people; they are just the same. You see, if you go and talk to them, now our Maria had this, this thing, they said, “We, we want this man to be cured by Mataji but we are not going to believe in God.” Now what can you say to that? Only you can say to take two running jumps and go to hell. That’s what it is meant for such horrible people. They want to take advantage of God’s power and then, “We don’t believe in God.” See, this is poverty. And the poorer they are the worse they are in their arrogance, in their assertions, in their asking. They don’t want to do any work. They want to have this. They want to have that. All these things will be only explained once they achieve God. Otherwise they will not move. They all must rise. I mean, that the way the churches have now become nothing but union offices, labor union offices. See, poor people go there and confess to the priest. Now, it’s madness. He cannot do anything to them. What is he after all? He himself is an ordinary human being, ordained. Which by whom? God has ordained you? Or who has ordained you?

All such organisations will only create headaches and people who have got nothing but some sort of an idea that they are something great. You see, you ask anyone, “What are you?” “I’m a Catholic.” What does that mean? “I’m a,” what you call that, “Church of England.” In India specially, the Indian Christians, if somebody is from Church of England he will not look at the person from Church of Scotland. You should see Indians, you see when they are Christians you must see the way they are. “Oh, we, we don’t talk to them.” I said, “Why?” “Because they are from the Church of Scotland, you know,” or Presbyterians you see, or Lutherans. So according to them they are the highest because Church of England. Now they must come and see the condition of Church of England to understand. You see, this is the trouble. It is really, I tell you, like lunatic people. It’s absolutely like lunatic people. They are brainwashed, completely. And by that they are not going to achieve anything.

We have to achieve the reality. We have to know that we have to achieve it and for that we have to stand by reality, face it moment and moment and then the enjoyment of reality will be uncovered and will be absolutely manifested within you. But we have to stand by reality and not go by thinking, “I think, Mataji, You were wrong there.”

I said, “Where? Where was I wrong?”

“Because, You know, You told us this,” and that’s why I was wrong.

I said, “How do you know?”

“I feel that way.”

“Now, how can you feel about what I am thinking or what I am saying? You have to then understand rationally. But when I say rationally, do you understand?”

“Rationally I understand but I don’t feel that way.”

Now, what is this feel? See, a thing which is told to you rationally must be understood rationally. And whatever is to be felt is to be felt through heart. But they will feel a rational thing and they will think about the love. It is something absurd. That’s why it is crazy. The attitude itself is crazy. So open out yourself because there is an invitation. There is a great invitation for you to enter into that kingdom of God which is promised to you. You must know that God has created this earth. He has created you. He is not going to allow His creation to be destroyed, will He? What are you worried about? He is the One who is going to take you across. He is the One who is going to tell you each and everything that He has, to possess all the beauties, all the blessings that He has, to enjoy them. He is going to do everything for you. But when the boat is crossing, keep quiet. Don’t run here and there. All the time the children are running from here and there. You go on catching them. “Come along. Come along.” Sometimes even they get drowned. Just keep quiet. Everybody is going to get it, everybody is going to be taken into it and everybody is going to enjoy it.

For today I think it was quite a lecture though I have told you that Christ is on this chakra has come and that is the last chakra of Sahasrara which opened on the fifth of May in India in 1970 and since then the new awareness has started becoming, dawning into people. The vibrations have started flowing. And it’s a very great thing that you are born at this time and you are the people, the foundations. You are the people who are going to receive it completely. I don’t know about the future, what is going to happen to the future and all that but I am sure it is going to work out. And in this London, London which I have always said it’s the heart of the universe, we are going to do it with great understanding of the problems of the whole world. If heart is all right everything will be all right because through it everything is going to circulate, and going to improve, and going to nurture, and going to develop this beautiful universe that God has created for you. But first thing you must know is to give up all your misidentifications. And do not go on hankering onto them and again getting identifying yourself with them but keep a complete alert attention on your progress in Sahaja Yoga. I’m sure it is going to work out. May God bless you all! Thank you.

So, any questions? Now, ask questions which are related to this lecture. Because if you ask them out of the blue questions, you see not out of the blue questions, see what is there, now I need another lecture. You see, I cannot just say what is God is and things like that. So you please don’t ask such questions. Ask something relating to this lecture that would help you and everybody. And ask questions which are constructive.

Question: [Inaudible] 5th of May.

Shri Mataji: That happened… That is the day when the en-masse Realisation was established… Why?

Question: Where?

Shri Mataji: Where? In India.

Question: [Inaudible]

Shri Mataji: It happened in My brain. And it happened on a sea shore in India when I saw it…. And of course I will tell you some time how beautifully it worked out, and how beautiful it was.

Question: [Inaudible]

Shri Mataji: One of the names it is in the one book I have given you, is that Nirvicharita, is thoughtless, beyond thoughts. That is the power. All right, so I bring you down. Now you think of that thought. You see, now you cannot. Can you? Try. No, no. That is the fact. One must accept. You have crossed the Agnya. You see, now you cannot. Enjoy it. Enjoy it. It’s very good. Now you can see the thoughts also. Are you returned now? Are you feeling better Hester? Good. This is very beautiful.

Enjoy it. Forget it. Forget about that. We are going to meet again and again and you’ll have ample time. But the more you will be meeting the more you’ll become thoughtless, the more you’ll be enjoying the silence within you, more you will be going deep into your own silence, really enjoying it. Actually after Realisation you don’t even feel bored. You’ll be surprised. You’ll be sitting for hours together without getting bored, absolutely without getting bored. And that’s how people give up, you see, all these habits of say, smoking and all those because when you are bored you don’t know what to do so you take to these habits. That’s what you get it. You are not to be forced, you are not to be told but once you start enjoying yourself you just don’t do it. [Hindi] Are you better now? Not yet? [Hindi] He’s a born-realised, still.