Atma and Paramatma

New Delhi (India)

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“Atma and Paramatma”, translation of Hindi Lecture. Delhi (India), 18 August 1979.

The sudden arrival is for various reasons. In Sahaja Yoga sudden arrival has a special significance.
We must have seen many incidents in our lives, which have suddenly happened. They do not mean anything to us. If we try on intellectual level, we cannot understand why a particular incident has taken place in our life.

It has been the way of human being, that he wants to understand everything through reasoning. This is correct on his part because his awareness is not yet awakened. When his awareness is limited and when he is searching the proof of everything through his intellect it is difficult for him to adopt some other means which are outside the scope of reasoning.

You have heard a lot about Paramatma, Atma, Adi-shakti etc. You have also read about them in books. Every now and then, man talks about Atma and Paramatma. There have been many incarnations, who have told that you should first realise your Atma because man cannot reach Paramatma, without knowing his Atma. As you cannot identify colours without eyes in the same way, you cannot attain Paramatma unless you meet your Atma.

You cannot intellectually understand Paramatma. It is only through Atma that you can understand Paramatma. So far, all saints have said “be alert in the observance of your Dharma, search your Atma, understand the Atma that is residing in you.”

What is Atma? What work is it doing residing within us and how is it related to Paramatma? It is said that Atma is the reflection of Paramatma in our heart. This reflection is like that of the sun in water. Although reflection of the sun is seen in water, he is away in the sky and not in water.

Similarly Atma is as much as it is seen, it is beyond all that and not limited by it. But, for any reflection to be clearly visible the mirror which is the cause of that reflection must be clean. If the mirror is not clean, or instead of mirror a stone is there, the sun’s reflection will not be seen in it.

In the same way, that man looks disturbed who has not yet become clean like mirror, so that he can see the Paramatma’s reflection within himself. Although the sun is seen taking different shapes on the ripples of flowing water, he is steady at his place and it is only his reflection that changes its shape. Similarly, the reflection of Atma appears to be absent or it just shines for a moment and disappears, in the person who is full of sin and wickedness or whose heart is loaded with false ambitions and desires. It thus entails that all these – body, mind, intellect, ego etc. that we know, should be converted into a mirror. It should be transformed into a mirror.

How will it happen? God has made that arrangement within us.

Many incarnations have worked for evolving us from amoeba to human being and have brought us into our present stage. When we are moving about as alert human beings. We are alert but not enlightened. A blind man is very alert but one who has sight sees everything without being bothered about it. A blind man can perceive small, small things. He knows small details of every place. One who is having the sight looks at only those things which are worth seeing and which he wants to know about. Kundalini Shakti that is residing in us has been placed in us by Paramatma and has been created by His desire.

Kundalini shakti creates our mirror, develops it and cleans it. Slowly She makes it capable of receiving in itself the reflection of Atma. In Sahaja Yoga you know that awakening of Kundalini is very easy and spontaneous. But Sahaja Yogis must know that they have come to Sahaja Yoga primarily to clean their mirror, to wash their sins and past deeds, to become purified of all the dirt that has been accumulated within from time immemorial. They have not come to collect sins and dirt, but to become pure. Many Sahaja Yogis are aware that Kundalini is that current which passes through their Chakras and awakens their Chakras. When the light comes on your Chakras you can know their condition even on your finger tips.

This is the knowledge. This alone is to be known. So far the knowledge that you have had was not enlightened. There was no light in it. Now because of the light, you can know which of your chakras have problems. There is a way to clear the Chakras of those problems. How to do it, is also taught in Sahaja Yoga.

You can not see the filth as long as there is no light. It is not visible in the dark. You will see it when light illumines within you. So the first object is, to accomplish the light, to what people call – achieving the truth or knowing the truth. First we should know the truth and in the truth we initially come to know what our qualities are. In Sahaja Yoga, man easily accepts his faults, because he can see them in the light. Suppose there is a spot on this sari, and it is dark. If someone points it out, we won’t agree and may even feel offended. But if we see it in light, we would be surprised that there is such a big spot and we have not noticed it! We won’t feel bad about it, and would like to get it cleaned somehow, immediately.

Suppose if there is a catch on some Chakra, say on Agnya, you will understand it yourself. You will have some pain or some such similar feeling. In the light you will understand that you have problem there; and you will clear it. But if you are not sensitive and do not feel the problem, you may go mad and may land in lunatic asylum without even knowing that your such and such Chakra was caught, and such filth entered inside you. Similarly you never know even if you contact some disease, because you are sitting in the dark. In the darkness you do not understand whether you are sitting on a snake or some bomb has fallen on you. When the light shines inside you, you realise which calamity you are facing. So the first glimpse of knowledge is regarding yourself. You know your problems.

In Sahaja Yoga, people get the Realization. Immediately thereafter man sees his own faults and as human nature is, he starts running away from Sahaja Yoga. Initially, he gets scared, the very moment he starts seeing his own faults. He cannot believe that so many faults exist in him. He is scared and then he starts doubting. You have seen; thousands of people come and get the realisation but they do not come again. What is the reason for it? If hundred people are realised only 10 per cent come back. It always happens.

Therefore Sahaja Yoga is developing rather slowly. That does not matter. It’s reason is that man is so much identified with himself that he does not want to know his faults; and when he knows them, he starts running away. But it is better to know your faults and correct them, rather than carrying their burden from life to life. People do not know what time has come. It is the last chance. You. won’t get any more chance. In Bible it has been described as the ‘Last Judgement’. Your last judgement is in Sahaja Yoga and how it will be done can be judged by yourself. When the light comes within you, you judge yourself. “See my such and such Chakra has been caught.” Then you say “Mother, I have a catch on this Chakra”. You know that I am ready to put in all efforts for you. You can also work on each other. Thereby you can completely clean all your faults, problems and sins etc. Why should you carry that burden? Instead of throwing it off people are running away from Sahaja Yoga. This is human brain. That keeps thinking and always remains worried. There is nothing to be scared of. If you become little steady, you will realise how big is this power, which not only brings into light your faults, but also removes them and removes them completely.

So, first of all you must know, that Kundalini Shakti is extremely holy and virgin. This virgin power makes us clean and pure. In Sahaja Yoga. She is very much pleased to give you the realisation.

Then there can be only two possibilities. Either you recognise the self-realisation within you, and rise up to its greatness and go deep in it; or leave it altogether. There cannot be a third alternative. As someone asked, “How many turns are there in London?” Only two? Left and right.

Either you completely accept it or leave it. If you have decided to accomplish it and to completely clean yourself, then the reflection of Atma will shine in you. In this Kundalini Yoga you become aware in collective consciousness, you remain aware in collective consciousness and you clean others also while cleaning yourself. Others’ sins are also washed. It is regarded as auspicious, here.

Some persons are very auspicious whereas some are quite inauspicious, latter ones bring calamities in the house or in the country they enter. There will be difficulties, wherever they stay. One gentleman came to me. He was a young man of 23-24 years. He said “Mother I am quite inauspicious”. “How do you know?” I asked. He said I am very inauspicious. Even children are afraid of me. When I go to a house the family has to face some difficulties or the other, or some bad event occurs, that people are now convinced that there is something wrong with me and I am inauspicious, because it has happened repeatedly’. Such people are inauspicious because all darkness of sin is associated with them and it is so deep that like a blind person they face tremendous difficulties, grief, sorrow, sickness etc. and ultimately they are finished in that. If such a person visits a family some one from them may even die.

Considerations regarding good or bad omens is in vogue in our country since time immemorial. Those who are saints, although they are care free, have no place of their own they may not be bothered about their clothes and food and may be staying in jungles – bring prosperity wherever they go. This is also told about God. If you want to recognise God, His biggest identity is that the biggest auspicious is in His hands. He does good to all and makes all happy. Touch of His feet makes everything auspicious. There are six gifts of God, which bring prosperity, well being, happiness etc.

Whenever incarnations came, great and auspicious works were done. But now the time has come in which that work will be done, which is the most auspicious work ever done, thereby, you also will be the doers of auspiciousness and will realize the Spirit residing within you. This is the ever great work of Sahaja Yoga and the incarnations. It should inspire the entire society. In this great eternal life, when shadows of Kaliyuga are enveloping the whole universe, your torches (flame) should burn high, and in their light you may attain auspiciousness, joy and prosperity. It is necessary, for this, to keep your lamps clean, you should wash your sins and past deeds. Your past deeds are washed along with your ego.

Karmas are done by your ego. You must have observed that after coming to Sahaja Yoga, you can very easily see your ego (Ahankar) and how it works. In Sahaja Yoga also, you come across many temptations and in that when your ego dominates, you forget whether you have to go to Sahaja Yoga or Sahaja Yoga is to come to you.

Many people when they surrender to their ego, turn their backs to Sahaja Yoga expecting Sahaja Yoga to follow them. As long as your ego is enveloping, you cannot have the glimpse of your Spirit. But it is useless to fight with your ego. In Sahaja Yoga you do not have to fight with your ego, but you have just to see because your attention is itself awakened.

Your ego cools down by just seeing, as your attention is enlightened and in that light you witness the play of your ego any laugh at it, any laugh at the ideas given by your ego. As you start seeing yourself, your ego starts getting deflated and as your ego is deflated you rise in your light.

Sahaja Yoga is a very subtle process. Few people know that it is a very subtle process. Sushumna Nadi is extremely small, extremely thin, exactly at the centre of Brahma Nadi, reason is man’s attachment to his karmas. That extremely subtle channel Brahma Nadi is loaded with sin and dirty things and thereby gets so much narrowed, that very thin fibre of Kundalini could pass through it. Imagine that Kundalini is like an enlightened rope made of small fibres. Its very thin fibre could pass through Brahma Nadi. This is the condition.

You have all seen that this is a very subtle, very deep process. Most of you have seen Kundalini’s movements and pulsations. She tries to make, somehow a small opening at the bottom, so that it becomes possible to pass at least one strand through the extremely narrow passage of Brahma Nadi and with that very subtle strand She pierces the Brahmarandhra.

Initially this happening takes place very easily in most of the people. But She again coils down due to the pressure of the burden and then they even forget that the peace, serenity and cool vibrations etc. which they had once received are no more with them.

They are shocked when they see in the light that these things are embodied in themselves. Then they get scared and become suspicious. Man’s intellect comes up with many doubts. The first doubt which is very common, is ‘Who is Mataji’? This is the first question. I want to tell you that you cannot understand Me as long as the eyes of your Spirit are not open, and you should not even make efforts to understand. First you open the eye of your Spirit.

When Shri Ram came, people said that they accepted Parashuram, when Shri Krishna came they said, they accepted Shri Ram and at the time of Shri Nanaka, they accepted Shri Krishna when Christ was here they accepted Abraham. All of them had taken human form. But it is all the play of Buddhi (the intellect) how interesting it is! Now, I have come and people are accepting Shri Sai Nath (of Shirdi). But when he lived here, he did not even get any thing to eat. Why was it so? He was also a human being. As long as he was alive, he too was considered useless and tortured but when he died he was regarded as Bhagwan (God). What is the reason of this all? Why has man been like this?

You will have water of the Ganges, where She flows. If She is flowing here, will you say ‘We do not accept Her as the Ganges!’ There may be nothing at the place where She was flowing earlier, or may be, only a nullah at present. If you want to take it as the Ganges you go your way. If the Ganges is flowing at this place, why not accept it?

It is not easy to understand human intellect. It is the most difficult job in the world! It is easy to understand God, because He is what He is. He does not have such double dealings. Man has a variety of qualities, not just double. All animals from snakes and scorpions to elephants, horses and lions are residing in him. You will not understand at all, why his brain is working in this way.

Now when the Ganges is flowing why don’t you take water from Her? Imagine this plug has been connected here. Will you connect in its place a plug which is out of order? It is quite pragmatic. I cannot understand what hallucination is there on human intellect, that he does not accept the truth which he is seeing but accepts something that is not seen?

Its reason was understood long back and that is Ahankar (ego). Man has too much of ego. If you had accepted Shri Rama in his days, he would have told you to get your Kundalini awakened and get the Realization and get established in Sahaja Yoga. Had you recognized Shri Krishna, he would not have played Sahaja Yoga in Gokul, but would have given you the Realization and told you to practice Sahaja Yoga. If Shri Nanak had been accepted, there was no need for him to break his head telling you to do different things. He would have simply taught Sahaja Yoga, but very few understood him in his days.

Now, when he is not here, you have built Guru-dwaras in his name. When Mohammad is not here mosques have been made, because they think now Mohammad Sahib is in their hands. Now Rama is in their hands, and they can make his temple and say – “This is our temple, this Rama is our property. We have authority over him and whatever you have brought – all money and other things, offer them to this idol”. You say all this because you think you are the authority of this idol. It is sheer ego because of which man thinks, that he can keep God in his control and for that he is making all the show. Every time the same show was repeated. Even now, I see big temples. What is happening in them? What is going on even in those temples having ‘swayambhu’ idols? [Those idols which have come spontaneously out of Mother earth are called Swayambhu idols. They are not man-made.]

Ego makes donkey out of man. Even donkey has its respect. Donkey also may have some sense of propriety but an egoist can be worse than a donkey. If a man is equated with his ego, then the result is a donkey. I always say, you will be surprised to see how the ego is inflated in a man. If one gets excess of money he goes astray. One out of one lakh rich people, talks sense. If they receive money, they will think in which pub they would go or to which dirty woman they would go etc!

Never would that man think, that the money he has got could be spent on the work, within himself and without that would be acceptable to God and would bring His blessing. They will make the show of ego even in that, they will make a temple and inscribe on it that the temple of Shri Rama has been built by such and such person in the name of his father. What will you call it, if not madness! If his father had done some work, automatically he would have become famous. By seeing such dreams of false ego man remains away from the truth. Even though man sees the truth face to face, the ego teaches him not to accept it because by accepting the truth he would be free from ego.

It has many remedies. Say a man receives plenty of money and becomes very powerful. Excessive power also makes one a donkey. One behaves like a joker and becomes a laughingstock. with too much of power because that goes to one’s head.

If a woman becomes extremely beautiful and she takes it into her head that she is a ravishing beauty, then she goes down to a nadir. Why does man become a donkey when he has excess of something? Its reason is – he cannot wield it. If he is an emperor, even millions of rupees have no value for him, but let a pauper have some money and he will be flabbergasted.

If a real king comes to power, it does not matter for him at all. He lives in the world like a king and is not bothered by small and petty affairs. But an ordinary person cannot, because he has no ability to wield an excess of anything.

He cannot go to an extreme when he attains the extremes of his Spirit, rest everything becomes valueless for him. On the contrary, due to his ego he loses his freedom and day and night he remains in such nasty hallucination that like a fool he thinks that he is being praised. Never can he think as to what he is doing and which is the right path for him.

Now the time has come to stop and see. It is now time to rise and to know. It is time for you to stop wherever you have reached on the mount of your ego and look back. So far, you have not achieved anything, you do not know anything. Accept it with humility and let it be imbibed in you. You have not yet understood your Spirit. With your every step, you are getting more and more involved in dead things that put you in the fetters of dependence and enslavement of your six enemies (Passion, anger, greed, pride, temptation and jealousy), stop for a while and see your mirror there itself which is within you and you will find the Paramatma of your eternal Atma residing within you. Know Him and go deep. Enjoy that bliss and with that light dispel darkness of the world. This is very great work and many people are not sticking to this great work. That is the difficulty. Thousands will come here if I start mesmerizing.

One such fake guru reached London. He emptied the pockets of ninety thousand people, he charged $ 6000 from each person. Sixty people from them came to me, they were suffering from epilepsy. I asked them as to what he taught them, which mantras he told. At the cost of six thousand dollars, those poor things, got the mantra – Ainga phinga thinga! This mantra was passed to them secretly in writing and they were told that by chanting this mantra they would get many siddhis.

Today, those people are on the roads, their homes have been ruined, their plight is miserable. Had they been wise and tried to understand, they would not have gone to such a person who was pampering their ego. Always he would tell them “you are a great person, you are phongan and all should come in their best etc.” Those who fill their coffers, keep inflating other people’s ego and all people in the world like such persons.

Big newspapers, will bring out their advertisement and write their praise because those persons have money which attracts money. Big celebrities would call on them. But inside, there is a big falsehood. Can we say man worships falsehood? But man himself lives in a big falsehood, which is his ego.

One who preserves such falsehood and is carried away by it, invites his disaster. Why, I am repeatedly asking you, – why are you inviting that disastrous end? What is the reason for which you do not want to know yourself? Why don’t you want to surrender before God? Why are you following wrong people? You are ready to sacrifice even your life for those who are robbing you, destroying you, who have done all harm to you because they have mesmerised you. Have you got no capacity of your own to understand what is going on?

Paramatma can be known, only in complete freedom. You are getting scared of whatever little freedom you initially experience in Sahaja Yoga and want to go back to your old state of dependence. Sahaja Yoga is very simple, but you people are not.

There are many complications in cities. You have to pass through considerable pressure and strain, because of which you have to face big problems. Hence, initially, you have to become simple.

You know, that my work has great impetus in villages. Ego is more powerful in cities. Due to small things, people become egoists and that is why they surrender to those who pamper their ego and run away with their money. You just keep looking at them and receive disease. You will be surprised, all those patients of deadly diseases, like cancer, etc. whom I have cured, all of them without any exception were the victims of fake gurus and tantrikas. I have not seen any cancer patient who was not connected with a false guru. That’s why it is said that doctors cannot cure cancer. You would now understand, how wicked, inauspicious and harmful these people are! Even environments around them are bad. Those who go into their environments come to such a tremendous grief that you will be shocked to know. Very large number of people have died in Morvi, some of them were innocent, but worst kind of sin was to be committed at that place. You have heard that those people had decided to buy for a sadhu a huge land in Kucch.

Man must see and think in whose hands he is playing and how he is inviting his own disastrous end.

I am telling you as your mother and persuading you not to go to such wicked people and invite your disaster. Do not destroy your Spirit by going to such people. You should understand your Spirit. There is no need to spoil everything in the oscillations of questions and counter questions. Get Realization first. First know your Spirit. I will do the rest.

On what basis will you ask questions before that? Have you got any means to ascertain who is genuine and who is fake. You must know your Spirit first. So long as you do not know your Spirit it is useless to discuss because it is a very subtle subject and not shallow, that you could come and see somebody’s face and say something and that’s all! Never get into such a mess that you cannot come out of it.

Sahaja Yoga is a superb feat, it is extremely great. Sometimes I myself am amazed at it! It is such a fantastic thing. It looked really very difficult how would it take place in a man and then grow further.

Jesus could be considered as the last man, to do a lot of work and after Him we can say on Guru principle Nanak Sahib came. Even in his time so many could not know their Spirit. He was breaking his head on advising the people. He had taken human form but still He was not recognized.

I was with Him, in fact with all of them. I am glad that there are about 10,000 persons in this country who have come to Sahaja Yoga and attained their Spirit.

This is the last judgement! Let us see what happens. Whatever people come is alright for me. Even if they do not come, it’s still alright. Remember, God will not bow before you. You have to accomplish Him in your own freedom. If you have not achieved Him, it is not His fault, nor is it of Sahaja Yoga, mine, or that of Atma.

You, who are having your ego, will have yourself to blame. It is your wealth or your asset and it has been given to you only because you should accept it, know it, and enjoy it.

May God bless you.