1st Day of Navaratri Celebrations, Shri Kundalini, Shri Ganesha

Mumbai (India)


1st Day of Navaratri Celebrations, Shri Kundalini, Shri Ganesha 22-09-1979

[English Translation from Marathi]

On today’s auspicious occasion, in a pleasant environment, such a beautiful subject – seems that many coincidences have come together. Till date nobody suggested me to speak on the subject of worship but it is so important. Especially in this land of Yoga (Yogabhumi), in our land of Bharat (India), especially in this holy land of Maharashtra, the Goddess of nature has come up with the creation of Ashtavinayakas, so what is the greatness of Ganesha, what is the importance of Ashtavinayakas etc is not known to many people. I am very surprised at this. Perhaps the people who understood everything, who knew everything – those great ascetics and saints of our holy land – they must not have been given the liberty to express, or may be nobody listened to them. Any amount of explanation about this will be inadequate and even seven lectures instead of one would be insufficient for me to speak about Shri Ganesha.

Today’s auspicious day is that of ‘Ghata Pujan’.  Ghatasthapna is primordial. When this universe was created, many times. The universe has not been created only once but many times. When this universe was created, first they installed the Ghata (container). What do you mean by Ghata? One needs to understand this very deeply. Firstly, the Almighty resides in the state of Bramhatatva,(universal element or principle). We will call it entropy in English.   When there is no movement in this state, when the desire originates in this state or when the Almighty fancies desire then this desire gets established in HIM that    something new must be created in this world. Why does He get this desire? It is His desire. To understand why the Almighty has this desire is beyond the understanding of the human being. Likewise there are many things beyond the general comprehension of a human being. But as we take them for granted similarly we must accept that that God’s wish is His own hobby. It’s His desire,  He does whatever He wants to do. This desire gets merged in Him and again gets awakened. Like a person sleeps off and again awakens. After sleeping even if his desires are dormant and are with him, they get activated only when he wakes up. It is same thing with God Almighty. When He has a desire to create nature then all these waves of creation of the universe, of the desire or what we can call as waves or ripples get collected. And after accumulation, the ghat in which they get filled in – this is that ghat( container) .

It is the will power of God Almighty itself.  If we separate the God Almighty and his Will Power, and if we can understand it that way. It is same with us. We and our will power are different. This power takes birth first. Till the time you desire something, till then that thing and its realization does not happen. This beautiful enormous world of ours, this too is a result of somebody’s desire. Everything gets activated only after we wish it and to activate God’s desire, we need to separate it from HIM. If it remains included in the God Almighty, then it remains dormant. When it starts its work by separating from HIM, we call it as “Adishakti” .  

When this initial state came, then Ghatasthapana happened. This has happened many times since time immemorial. And today also when we do Ghatasthapana, we remember that eternal infinite process. Means during this time (Navratra first day) we do the Ghatasthpana. So keep in mind what a great event this is. That time what the God Almighty desired, before activating it He collected it. This was placed in a Ghat (container), the same desire today is being worshipped by us. We worshipped it today. God Almighty desired it. He made us part of humanity today. He helped us reach this great state. Hence it is our prime duty to bow to His desire. In the language of Sahaja Yoga, we call this as the desire of Mahakali or the power of Mahakali. This is the power of Mahakali and these events that take place for nine days (specially in Maharashtra) these are about the various incarnations of this Mahakali. Even today, nothing can happen before the power of Mahakali or the power of pure desire. Hence the power of pure desire is the beginning and the end also transpires in it. First of all, everything emanates from the desire and at the end it merges in it. So this power of Shri Sadashiva ( Lord Shiva), is the Adi Shakti and it moves around as Mahakali Power within us.

 At this juncture if we consider it as the Supreme Power, if we consider it as the formulation of the Viraat ( infinite) , the power on the left which flows through our Ida Nadi and that power is known as power of Mahakali. This is more widespread in the humans. It is not as much in the animals. This power enters us from the right side of our head. Subsequently it moves along the left side to go below the triangular bone which is the position of Lord Ganesha and ends there. Means first and foremost, the power of Mahakali gave birth only to Shri Ganesh. Then Shri Ganesha got established. Ganesh is the first deity that got established and similarly the situation of Ganesh is same as that of Mahakali. This is the seed and the whole world emanates from this seed and again gets merged with it. Similarly everything after emanating from the Ganesh element merges with Ganesh element itself.  Whatever exists, Ganesh is the seed of that.  Whatever appears in front of us, in action, in desire, Ganesh is the seed of it.  That is why Ganesh is considered the foremost main deity. Not only that, without worshipping Shri Ganesh, we cannot do any work. Then they may be Shaiva( devotees who worship Shri Shiva), maybe Vaishnav( devotees who worship Shri Vishnu), may be devotees of Shri Bramha or anybody else – all of them first worship Shri Ganesha. The reason for this is that Shri Ganesh element was established by God Almighty as the first thing in this universe. The Ganesh principle is what we call as ‘abodhita’ or what we call as ‘innocence’ in English. This is a very subtle principle. We do not understand it. In childhood it exists in the children, everywhere we see its expression, its fragrance, wafting all over –  that is why small children are so lovable –  such  is the principle of “innocence’. It is present in Shri Ganesha. It is difficult for human beings to understand this that how can one deity encompass all these things?

If we look at the sun we see it has the power to give light similarly Shri Ganesha has power of ‘innocence’ . This power of ‘innocence ‘ that the God Almighty has imbibed in us , we worship this power of innocence.  And we should also be such innocent beings. Many people feel that being innocent means being ignorant. The meaning behind ‘innocence’ is that just like a small child is innocent , he is naive –that naivety should come in us. We do not understand how great this principle is. Suppose a small child starts playing. Today’s kids do not have much naivety. We only are responsible  for that.  What else can we tell others. How are we following our religions. How deeply involved are we in our religions?    

How religious we make our children – it is dependant on that and must know this is the outcome of that. Now the presence of innocence in humans can be   identified by watching a child.  A person may have it, however old he becomes, still he has that innocence. Like a small kid while playing can impersonate Shivaji, may build a fort, will do everything. Then he will leave everything and go away. One must leave everything after doing it. One must leave everything and be detached  about it. One must not get entangled in something. Must have no involvement. This is the typical behavior of children. If you give anything to any child, he will preserve it. Will preserve it for a long time. After some time he will have no feelings for it. If we take away  that thing  without letting him know, he will not feel anything about it. But there are some  things that a child may not leave which are very important to him. One of such things is his mother. He does not leave his mother. Rest any thing  of this   world you  take from him, it is alright with him –  He does not understand wealth, he does not understand money, he does not understand education, he does not understand anything except his mother. This is my mother. She gave birth to me. She is everything for  me. He does not accord importance to anything other than his mother. Rabindranath Tagore has written a beautiful story. A  small child lost his way in the market place and people caught  him and asked him what he wants.’ He was continuously crying. They told him that they would give him this thing, give him horse, give him elephant. He said nothing doing , I want my mother.’ And he was continuously crying for his mother.He did not eat anything offered to him. Kept on crying the whole day. He became quiet only when he met his mother.

All of us have this seed element in us from the childhood itself. We do not leave our mother. We know that this mother has given birth to us. But in addition there is another mother within us that  the God almighty has given. And this mother is “Kundalini” . God almighty has curled up  Mother Kundalini and placed her in  our sacrum bone(triangular bone).She is our mother and we are continuously searching her. In all our searches whether  political, social or educational – whatever your interests may be, behind all these interests you are searching your mother. This Mother Kundalini takes you to the ultimate position where you get complete satisfaction. The search for this mother, the longing for this mother, which lies in us in a subtle form , which embraces us stays awakened due to the Ganesha principle. The person whose Ganesha element is destroyed completely he is not innocent. We observe many qualities in a person who is innocent. means he has chastity in his relations with his  mother, sister, and brother.  During common interactions, social interactions, during worldly interactions God has defined one  spouse and all other people in this world – if we consider that  we have pure  relation with them as God Almighty has defined – if this is seen in your behavior  then it should be considered that the person has true innocence. This is his true attribute. The sign of innocence is that a person sees purity in all individuals.  Reason is as he has purity within himself, he will not regard anyone as impure. Here we don’t have to explain about chastity as people know what chastity is. . In England or America we have to explain because their minds are confused. But you all are sensible. By grace of God in this land of India say due to Ashtavinayakas or due to good deeds from your previous lives or due to the service rendered by our gurus and saints , this is one land on this earth where holiness still prevails. It is a very great thing and you have organized the puja (worship) of this holiness. So while doing puja, you must pay attention to whether you have that holiness or not.

In our Sahaja Yoga those who do not have Ganesh element they do not have the purity. He is of no use to us. We do not pay attention to such a person. But there is no way to tell upfront that you have lost this holy attribute. Even though we know all this , we cannot tell this – because this Ganapati who is installed there, he is the son of Gauri. And Gauri means the power of Kundalini  which encompasses us,  this is the power of  Gauri. Today there is Gauri Pujan(worship) and Ganesh Pujan – we must realize what a significant day it is. The Ganesh element present in us tells Gauri whether this person is alright or not. Means one must appreciate the good arrangement that is made. Means the two nadis coming from the top, Ida and Pingla… Now if you have not read about Sahaja Yoga at all then it will be a bit difficult but if you try to understand it is not that difficult. Ida and Pingala are the two nadis(channels) within us. Of these one is Mahakali and the other is Maha Saraswati. These are the two nadis. The Maha Saraswati has emanated from Maha Kali. Means she is the power of pure action. The first one is the power of pure desire and other one is the   power of pure action.

Of these two powers, whatever deeds we have done in this birth as well as past births, whatever are our good deeds , whatever are our bad deeds, this all is evaluated by Shri Ganesha who is within us. He is observing how much virtue this person has accumulated. Today’s modern people do not have any inkling about virtues and they do not even think about it. People think what sense does it make that how much virtue  one has and for what. When they don’t have any concept about virtue then sin and its atonement etc.- then knowing these things has no meaning. But the human has a feel for sin and virtue. Animals do not have this. Animals do not have feel for many things. If you walk  an animal thru dung or filth, it does not sense the smell. It does not have any appreciation for beauty. The moment you become human, you get a thought  about virtue and sin.  You understand that this is wrong. This is sin, should not do this. This is a good deed, should do it. Instead of we making a judgment about sin and virtue, Shri Ganesh keeps an accurate account sitting within us. Every human has a place for Shri Ganesha and it is near the prostate gland, we call it MOOLADHAR chakra. establishment of Shri Ganesha . The triangular bone is called Mooladhar where mother Kundalini is sitting. Just under that triangular bone, Shri Ganesha is protecting her rather protecting her chastity.    

Now we know how Shri Gauri established Shri Ganesha. She was married but had not yet met with her husband. That time she had gone for her bath and after removing the dirt from her body……Now if you have vibrations in your entire – if your entire body has the divine vibrations and if this divine vibration is flowing and if that is taken in the dirt of one’s  body then that too has divine vibrations. She created Ganapati out of this dirt and kept it outside her bathing place. Now see, she kept him outside the bathing place  and not in the front from where the all the filth is flowing. Many of you must be knowing, when the water from the bathroom flows then many a times the leaves from patra(alu) or some people plant  lotus flowers also and they grow there quite well. It is quite surprising , the lotus flowers grow only where there is a puddle. Same is the example of Shri Ganesh. Means where  the dirtiest region  of the house is, on that dirty region of the house this lotus  has bloomed and with its perfume it imparts its fragrance to this dirt. This power of his also greatly helps us in our lives.  The dirt that we see in us is   secured due to the Ganesh element. Now this Ganesh element has to first perform pujan(worship) of Kundalini means of Shri Gauri first .Means your Ganesh element first has to perform your Kundalini’s pujan. In short ,  to bring abodhita (innocence) in us . You will be surprised when Kundalini gets awakened that time the fragrance of the Ganesh element spreads in the entire body. (Mataji speaking – These are realized should, please sit here..It does not matter) Many people especially Sahaja Yogis sense the fragrance when Kundalini gets awakened.  Because Ganesh element is made out of earth element or the earth itself is made out of Ganesh element. This earth is made out of Shri Maha     Ganesh(Ganesh Almighty). So the presence  of Shri  Ganesh in us, that too is comprised of the earth element . 

 Now we know that all fragrances emanate out of   earth. The fragrances of all flowers emanate out of earth. That is why when Kundalini gets awakened many people sense different types of aromas. Not only this, many Sahaja Yogis tell me that Shri Mataji when we remember you we sense very intense fragrance and such fragrances emanate from your body also. Many people misunderstand that Shri Mataji wears some perfume but it is not so. If the Ganesh element is wakened in you then the fragrance emanates from within. Different types of fragrances emanate out of a person. But you must be knowing that there are such people in world  who call themselves as Sadhus or saints and they cannot  live with fragrance. They call themselves God and they cannot tolerate fragrance. We have explicit writings on this. You read any deity’s description. Especially that of Shri Ganesha. That He loves fragrance. Not only that, He loves flowers. And He loves lotus. Similarly it is written in the description of  Shri Vishnu, written in the description of the Goddesses. This means that those people who do not like fragrance ,  who cannot tolerate fragrance they have some serious flaw and they are against the God Almighty. They do not have the power of the Almighty for sure. The person who cannot tolerate fragrance at all, he certainly has some anti-God  elements in him. Because fragrance is a great principle of the Earth element. There are many names for it in  the language of Yoga. Its no use telling about it that as you would keep thinking about it. But the important point to note is, whatever five significant elements are and before that whatever life elements they have , the first  amongst  these is the element of fragrance. This element constitutes the earth.  Shri Ganesh is made up of this life element. Therefore before worshipping Lord Ganesha , one must exude  perfume  ourselves that means our lives should have a subtle fragrance. Not at an overt level. A person who  is very wicked , is very vile at an overt level, has an equally  fowl smell. Such a person from Sahaja Yoga’s perspective is fowl  smelling….On the outside  even if the person smells good, still that person is not considered fragrant.   Fragrance should be such that it should attract the person. If we stand near a person and if we feel pleasant about him and experience purity then that person is a real fragrant person. But if the person has lust and libertine instincts oozing out of him, if you stand near him  some people may feel good and this depends on their vile instincts  But these people don’t belong to the Ganesh element.

A person of the Ganesha principle is very righteous, but still this person has a special charm, and this charm has so much holiness that this holiness itself keeps him happy.  Now the concepts of attraction also have become very weird. They are against the Ganesh element. The reason for this is that people do not have Ganesh element in them. If a person has the Ganesh element, then the attraction also depends on our Ganesh element. It  is quite natural. If  the element is present  in us, how can we get attracted unless the other person also has that element as well. 

 There is a famous painting of Monalisa. You would have heard – It is a beautiful portrait  by Leonard-Da-Vinci and it is kept in the Louvre museum in Paris. If we see that painting, see that lady ,you feel she is very listless. She has nothing special from the perspective of modern ladies and  according to the modern  ideas of beauty ,  nobody would ever call her a beauty queen . She has a typical smile over her face  which is called the mobile smile of Mona Lisa. And even after working hard on that smile for thousands of years, people have not been able to draw such a portrait.

What is the main thing about the famous portrait , means what is the main element here and –  that  is  Chastity. This portrait has so much of chastity that it makes it attractive. Even in today’s modern age , behind the weird and perverted thoughts, I am surprised that thousands of people come to Louvre to see only that portrait. If the portrait is not available to view on some day , then nobody goes inside  that day. It is a very large museum but nobody is prepared to go in if they are unable to see that portrait. That way there is nothing special about that portrait. That lady is in a very simple attire, She has very plain hair. And in spite of having a very simple face, what is the captivating feature of the portrait? Chastity!!  Chastitity is the main feature.

 But in today’s modern world if we talk about purity , then the great  intellectuals do not agree with it. They feel that these are old ideas and these ideas mean don’t do this, don’t do that, by saying this we are conditioning people and by thinking  thus a person goes on the wrong path. Now to tell you, a person imbibes chastity due to company of his virtuous parents. First of all the mother .  Firstly, if a mother is not virtuous  it’s very difficult for a son to be virtuous but sometimes a child takes birth out of the womb of an adulterous woman just for her salvation because he is a great soul, and a holy soul takes birth in his form. I have seen that just like a lotus blooms in filth he takes birth there. Especially in London I am very surprised to note that there are some small children whose mothers we will not entertain at all at our door steps. Even if it is like that it is an exception. If by nature the mother is a pious woman then , boy or a girl they become pious quite easily. Or they acquire virtuosity quite  easily. Here we do not tolerate any utterances against our mother. People come charging even if one word is uttered against mother. But how many mothers are there today who have this chastity in them. In chastity the main thing the mother has is that she should have loyalty towards her husband, first and foremost. If Parvati would not have the loyalty for Lord Shiva then is there any meaning to her ? There is no importance for Parvati then. Even if she is perceived as more powerful than Lord Shiva, that power belongs to Lord Shiva. Even if it is the power  of Lord Sadashiva, still first of all she chose Lord Shiva as her superior , she bowed in front of Him. And only then she was considered as a powerful deity. But She is His Power.

 It is different for God Almighty and deities and absolutely different for human beings. The humans will not understand that when the husband and wife live in unison they are not separate  just like a moon and moon light Or the Sun and its rays.   The humans don’t appreciate this unison . They think that there has to be quarrels between husband and wife. If there is no quarrel then it is an abnormal thing. This way a very pure bond  between   a husband and a wife or we can say between Shri Sadashiv and Shri Parvati existed. And their son is Shri Ganesh. Parvati gave birth to Him only on the basis of her chastity, means she did not include even the father’s component. Means only on the basis of her chastity and her resolution  she gave  birth to Ganesha. This is such a significant event. With  her chastity,  with her resolution she did this. In Sahaja Yoga too, whatever virtuosity I have, I have put it to stake. With this resolution –  to  give birth to as many people as possible – is the mission that I have set for my life.

Now before me so many speakers have spoken about me. You don’t think about it. Till the time you get something from me, get any experience of me till then you do not get entangled in these things. People frown upon such things. Not only that, people get furious about it. Now this boy also got angry because the speaker said,’ Shri Mataji is a goddess’. People do not like saying such things at all. ( these are self realized people). They get upset about such things. And to be angry is congruent with human nature. If someone refers to you as Devi (Goddess) then people are bound to be upset. But if idiots refer themselves as God even then people bow to them. People  consider them as God  Almighty. Then if someone makes them dance naked or fleece them of their money, still it is OK. But will still call them Bhagwan. But one should understand the reality. And if we get it , understand it as to what it  means and why we have to say this. And why we have to admit it. Today I am going to tell you that.

If you do not consider Ganesh as God then nothing will work as per your wish. But people don’t understand because you cannot see him in person. Suppose a doctor keeps a photo of Shri Ganesha at his residence. He will apply kumkum on it and if I tell him that the Ganesh element is physically present in your body, you get physical advantage from it, he will never accept this. But if I tell him to remove the photo  of Lord Ganesha from his house, he will not agree to that. But if I tell him that you cannot make any move without the Ganesh element, then he will not agree to that too. They feel that only a doctor can help in body matters. They do not believe in the divinity of Shri Ganesh   but in Sahaj Yoga one has to believe. The reason behind this is , whatever trouble you face due to the Ganesh element then you have to pray to Lord Ganesha only. Means it is like this. Say you have some issue with your prostrate gland……Now I want to narrate my experience. I have a disciple named Agnihotri. His name is Rajwade but as he has performed many important yagnyas(fire rituals) he is referred to as Agnihotri Rajwade. He is a very committed Sahaj Yogi. Two three years ago he came to me and said that ‘I don’t have any issue except that of Prostrate gland. ‘ I was very surprised. This    , very accomplished devotee and Sahaj Yogi and why should he have an issue with his prostrate.?  Because the prostrate ailment arises due to the issue with the Ganesh element or if Ganesh gets upset with him. There was no reason for Ganesh to be upset with him. As  he was a committed devotee   and had total faith in me and was a very simple person. Then why is the Ganesh element working in the opposite direction for him, could not understand. I told him,’ take   some prasad’. The Prasad is in the form of Chana(peas). 

When I gave this to him , his fellow person said,’ Today dada will not eat anything.’ 

I asked ‘Why? Why are you not eating today?’  

He said” today is Sankashti. Everyone says you should not eat Chanas on Sankashti. ’

I said,’ This is the mistake. Sankashti is Lord Ganesha’s birthday’.

Now all of you are educated people. Even if some one tells you anything, you should use your intelligence. Should be alert always. We keep fast on Sankashti. Sankashti or Ganesh Chaturthi  are the birthdays of Shri Ganesha. If you keep fast on his birthday are you in mourning or what. It’s a simple thing, the expressions of a human being or whatever he shows as being sad or happy. Like when someone dies at our place, we do not eat food. If your grandchild is born, you will distribute sweets, have a party, have a celebration. Then will you keep a fast when Shri Ganesh is born?  Then you surely will suffer from prostrate problem. Then cancer of the uterus. That too happens due to this. If you do not treat the Ganesh element with respect means if you do not treat your son well, if you do not have the feeling of motherhood in you – all this ends in Uterus trouble. 

There are very holy rules of the Ganesh element. If you do not follow them then you suffer from a uterus problem. But a doctor cannot relate  this problem with  Shri Ganesha. This is related   only to Shri Ganesha which he  cannot connect. He only infers that the prostrate gland has deteriorated or that the pelvic plexus has gone bad at the most. But the undercurrents beneath this or what is  understood  due to intuition or what is subtly understood – that which you cannot see , for which you still do not  have vision, for which you do not have sensation or have not reached a state of complete fulfillment – to experience this. Then how will you understand that this problem is due to the Ganesh element having gone bad and that Shri Ganesh is upset with us. That is why we cannot achieve Sahaja  Yoga without pleasing that  deity. Upon hearing this, this doctor got annoyed. The moment we mention Ganesha , all doctors assert that they are not ready to believe in Shri Ganesha. We only believe in scientists. Then forget about it. Your cancer will not  cured until you   put faith in the Ganesh element. Cancer  arises when the Ganesh element is deteriorated. If the Ganesh element is deteriorated, as it is maintaining balance in the tiniest atom and molecule , if it is damaged it gives rise to cancer.  

Now I can cure cancer, have cured and will cure. But this not my business. Now I have informed everyone ,  please do not search for Cancer patients. Because I have cured many of them and they have proved useless. There may be a few of them sitting here. But most of them then don’t follow Sahaja Yoga , don’t make  progress further. Again when they suffer from cancer then, ‘ Mataji, you have cured us once. Then how  did did it recur?’’ Did you follow Sahaja Yoga? Did you pursue it diligently? Did you think about it? Did you worship Shri Ganesha? Did you understand Ganesha? Nothing like that. I cured you of cancer without charging you a single paisa(farthing). Again you want me to cure you and you took no effort to…. 

So Ganesh element is very important, whatever importance one gives it is not enough. This, very beautiful Ganesh element made of four petals, is within us. And Shri Ganesha is sitting right in the centre of the   Ganesh element which is made of four petals .   This Ganesh is  present in us in the pelvic plexus – which is the physical manifestation – and is taking care of  physical aspect of our body.  It has many aspects. The first aspect is the physical one  and mental . the seed of the Mental aspect  is the Ganesh element. As you have seen, as I have demonstrated just now, that the – power of pure desire – which is the power of leftside – it gives all emotions. As Ganesh is sitting at the root of that emotion, if an individual has lost his mental balance – his Ganesh element has been spoilt. This does not mean that he is impure. But if his chastity is damaged, if his chastity is persecuted by others, still he can be affected.  If a person is persecuted by others this may also damage his Ganesha principle because he feels that if god or Shri Ganesha exists why doesn’t He punish the persecutor? Why does this person persecute me so much? If there is God, if there is Ganesha then why does he not kill the perpetrator? He has a battle axe in His hand. Why does He not massacre him.  When such questions arise in the person’s mind his left side slowly starts deteriorating.  And then he is on the verge of becoming mad. 

Just see, how balancing the Ganesh element is. However hard you work and whatever trouble you take, or if apply your intellect and think of future, plan ahead.

Todays people are afflicted by the disease of logical thinking. Means  if you start thinking too much and if there is no balance in it, then your left side gets severely affected. Means it gets frozen. And the right side starts expanding. Hence left side diseases occurs  due to the damage to Ganesh principle. Like  diabetes.. This  disease happens when our Ganesh element  is spoilt. To set right the balancing   of  Ganesha , He attracts our  attention to the diabetes. Diabetic person starts working less. Similarly for   heart disease. If you perform intense intellectual work then you suffer from heart disease. Do you see the balancing here? If you do intellectual work then you suffer from heart attack. This is the work of Ganesha. Now we have seen that the swastik of Ganesha is placed in our body in such a way- means these powers which intermingle with each other, of these  the power that comes from the left is the power of Mahakali. The one coming from the right is of Maha Saraswati. – their meeting point however is in the line of Maha Lakshmi

  The sympathetic system on the left operates due  the power of Maha Lakshmi means due to  power of pure desire. If lot of things happen against the wishes of an individual and if he suffers a lot due to this and none of his desires get fulfilled then he will go mad, he will not get a  heart attack. Heart attack will occur to a  person , who desires a lot of things, he wants this also  and that also , and does a lot of planning. He wants to do that- wants to serve the country – wants to do nation building – Some or the other thing. These are mental balloons only. Nobody has done any work. If they would have done, it would have been visible. They have just created quarrels amongst each other. 

Now whatever work this is, we do a lot of such external work. We must  do this work and we must do that work – we must ponder over this. Because of these things our left side which is called Ida Nadi or which is the Maha Lakshmi element  that gets weakened. Due to its being weakened, whatever is supported by it , or whatever our organs supply to it – that gets endangered.  I have mentioned it earlier that uterus, kidney, pancreas , heart, thyroid  – all these diseases happen due to over  thinking. And it is balanced by Ganesha. This is the function of Ganesha. Hence we see that even if people are in a hurry, still if they see Ganesh temple , they would anyway  manage to pay their obeisance.  There is a long queue at Siddhi Vinayak temple. But does it make any sense? It would benefit only if you have got your self realization. If you do not have self realization, if you are not connected to the God almighty, then you will not realize how He is divine and how someone else is not. You will not realize whether Siddhi Vinayak is the real deity or who else is the real deity, Who is a false guru and who is the real guru – you will not be able to fathom this. Means  this seed of Ganesha that you have in you, after Kundalini arises, Shri Ganesh explains to Kundalini that this person is suffering from all these issues and the Kundalini guides… She should be called as an informer as she provides information. Now after the Kundalini rises , you will immediately  understand – if someone has a lever problem, then it would throb at that place. You would see this with your own eyes. If there is a catch on Nabhi Chakra, or if Nabhi Chakra is affected, when the Kundalini rises below the Nabhi Chakra, then your can experience the pulsation  or the palpitation  over there. If a person is affected by a demonic catch (Bhoot Baadha) then it will throb over your back. You will be surprised to know that we have created a film on this. Even if the Kundalini rises due to me – no doubt about it- Kundalini rises, but if the Ganesh element is affected then He will pull her down again. If she reaches the top , she will suddenly drop below again.  There are many such Gurus, there was one at Pune about whom there are many stories floating around. One does not know what they exactly do. But their specialty is that even if I bring up the Kunadalini and secure her, still they would pull her down. What damage they inflicted on the Ganesh element I don’t know,  what they did I am unaware.  But what I have observed is that the Kundalini definitely falls down. Even if I bring up  the Kundalini 5 times still it fell down. Quite a few times I visited these fake gurus, to see and observe what they were doing, I observed then that they indulge in very dirty and improper deeds. First they damage the Ganesh element by some or the other means . They say that to raise Kundalini they need to put their hand below. Now see. The Ganesh element is sitting there  like a small child, to protect the chastity of his mother. And the sex drive gets a boost from the Ganesh element . So the people who say that they will awaken  Kundalini by doing sex, they started saying   Ganesh had an illicit relation with his mother means with Kundalini.   He is sitting there . Anyone who pursues that path , he immediately hits back. Many people came to me who said,’ Mataji, Our Kundalini is awakened’. 

I Said,’ Is that so? What is happening? ‘

‘ Now when I am sitting in front of you, such and such thing happened.’

Said,’ why did this  happen to you. Cool breeze must flow through the hands if Kundalini is awakened.’

 But the person had big boils on his neck and water was oozing through it. 

Some people have a lot of heat in their bodies.

A person at Delhi sent me telegrams   three times,’ Mataji, my Kundalini has awakened, what should I do?’

That time I was at Mumbai. I said , send him a telegram  and call him.

But I started from  Delhi and he reached there.

My sister in law said that he was running here and there as if he is bitten by thousands of ants or scorpions. Just kept on running from here to there.

At Delhi, there is one gentleman called Dr Batra. He happened to come for a program just like you people. Those days I used to cure people, now I don’t do that. 

He said,’Shri Mataji, see me. For one month I have been suffering. I am being bitten by scorpions. My Kundalini has been awakened. People say this and that. ‘

So I said,’ Sit down for 2 minutes’   

Still he was impatient, so I went to him and calmed him down in 5 minutes.

The reason was mother earth. He was standing on the ground. 

‘ You sat down on the ground, I am very happy. Today is an absolutely proper   coincidence.’

The mother earth sucked out all his heat.

Now how will you tell mother earth, ‘O mother earth, you suck all my heat’.

She will not suck it out, but she sucks it for a Sahaja Yogi.

The reason is that once the Ganesh element is awakened in you, and as the same element is present in the earth, the earth is operational on the same element, she sucks it. That is why one should keep this element awakened in us, the human should preserve the chastity.

Not only this, but in Sahaja Yoga,  the Sahaja  Yogi ,  who is Chastity personified – for him, Ganesha is the one who propels him forward. In that world , the one who rules , – after paying obeisance three times to that Shri Ganesha – one should try to imbibe the purity like HIM  in oneself..

Now the things that should not be told but which the people are talking about, about which a lot has been said  –   in this way many tantriks( false gurus) have invaded our country  While their invasion is not political still it is so immoral and deadly that we are suffering from their deeds. These tantriks have created this filth in the 6th century. The reasons for that are , the monarchs of those times were vagabonds who lived off on people’s money-   

The  abundance of money results into this.  First spoil the Ganesh element, if money is in abundance then it persecutes the Ganesh element, go after young girls, go after small naïve girls – this spreads due to this. What do these people do? They do  the same thing – exploit naivety wherever it is seen, whenever a naïve person is seen, persecute him. Destroy ones own  naivety.

For these vagabonds and fun loving people, the monarchs and kings , means the kings and monarchs of those days lead a self indulgent life and their ministers who were mostly Jain people. Now these Jain people at one point   developed so much orthodox perspective , so much religious extremism  – I think none of the Indian religions had  this. They became very orthodox people. Other religions there is some balancing. But Jain people became very orthodox . I asked one Jain person. A very renowned Jain saint had been to my place. I said,

‘ Mahavira had asked you’ll to contemplate, and you folks built temples and  shaved off your heads , roamed around naked – what is this all about. Why do you do these things. What is the need of this? First of all, contemplate and be one with God Almighty. ‘

They said that,’ we do this as after doing meditation etc. we achieve paranormal  powers. When we got these powers , we used to shout like ghosts, used to do this and that.’    

‘Then keep doing it, these things will wear off.’

That time it may have happened, due to practicing religious extremism. But now  a stage has come that you should sit for meditation and get your self realization.  But amongst us, still there are these people. Many Jain people have come in Sahaja Yoga. At Nagar many people have got their self realization due to this. Because they realized that by doing these frivolous deeds, we have not reached the God Almighty. 

Many such  people who have tried very hard but could not  be one with God Almighty, so to explore something new,  they came to Sahaja Yoga and have achieved their self realization. What I mean to say is that we too have religious orthodoxy. We too have our share of inflexible rules. Maharshtra has lot of this stuff.  Means one should wash hands 63 times in the morning, don’t know who told this. But if the lady washes her hand 62 times and not 63 , she will not be able to sleep at night.   Must prepare so many wicks, do this thing for  so many times. But they do not do what needs to be done. Means while making wicks, bad mouth the daughterin law or daughter. We have such things here. Hence what I mean is Sahaja Yoga will not be achieved by everyone. It is not for any Tom, Dick and Harry. 

Shri Ramdas has explained the background  for our work. If you have read “Dasbodh”( religious treatise by Shri Samartha Ramdas, A Marathi Saint) then we do not have to tell you anything.  He has explained everything and that is the truth. A person who has the caliber and who is at that level, only that person can achieve Sahaja Yoga. Not everybody. It happens,  you will get vibrations, you get realization but again slide back to original state. We have given vibrations to thousands of people. In this Mumbai city itself at least ten thousand people must have been given vibrations. But how many of these really progressed. To say, very few. Because they look in the opposite direction.

There is this guru who respects me also. He was telling me that,’ donkeys should be given donkey work. Why do you keep on giving realization.? What is the need?’

I said,’ there is a dire need, This is the time for that. If realization does not happen now, then this is the last judgment. It will not work like this. Now write your own judgment. Whatever happens after this, whatever loss and profit that will happen, eleven rudras(Ekadash Rudra) will come in this. Eleven Rudras. Only one Rudra is sufficient to destroy the whole world. But when eleven Rudras come, you cannot imagine. They will obliterate everything. Before this, for people whose judgment has to be done that judgment should be done now by Sahaj Yoga and people should accept it. But for most of the people , they get berserk  over small small things and they leave Sahaja Yoga . If I would have charged money and created some commotion and a grand show, then people would have liked it more. If I  ask  them tell me first how much money will you give me, How much money do you have to give – means if you cajole the ego of a person, he is ready to come. But in Sahaja Yoga it is to be said that all this is done by God Almighty, it  happens easily.

Just like a flower transforms into a fruit, similarly it will happen for you also. And just as you have nose, eyes, mouth and this human form, similarly God Almighty   will give you  a super human form. It is a gift, it is a boon from the God Almighty.  You cannot do anything about it. Human is not ready to accept this stance. He has developed so much ego, he thinks that until he stands on his head for 10 days, he will not get anything. First you should understand that the God Almighty has done such infinite things which we cannot do, we cannot do any live work, en how will we become a super human. He only will do that. But only thing is after getting self realization only in Human form one understands that he has achieved self realisation. This the first thing. Second, with the power a person gets, he can make others achieve their self realization. This power flows through him. This way many people can get their realization. Means he will attain divinity. He himself will come into divinity. There are many such people, who were followers of great gurus, but I have not seen  divinity  in any of  their disciples. There is no transformation that’s taken place in them. They are where they were. Even if it happens, due to fear or faithfulness but it has not happened from the inside. That event has not taken place. That transformation has not happened within. If one wants to convert this equipment into a radio or to make a fruit out of a flower means the whole thing changes. Nobody has reached this state.

So in summary, first of all we should protect our Ganesh element. Nowdays there are different types of advertisements and the advertisements relate  to the so called advancement or development in western countries. They have gone to the pits, have been completely destroyed. That’s why some are in a sad dilemma and are planning day and night as to which method to use to commit  suicide. This is their state. Hence you should think before you pursue that path that why we are doing all this, there has to be a purpose behind it. We are in human state. That should also have some meaning. There is no point in doing  the same things again and again. Similarly some  people   have deserted the God Almighty and some are  stuck only to the name of god. Right in the morning , light a lamp in front of the deity, ring a bell and that’s it. This way or the way I mentioned about some people’s religious extremism of washing hands 63 times, people who are such religious extremists should understand that they will not connect to the god almighty by doing such futile things. God is within us, we should awaken Him. We should keep him awakened and we should awaken HIM in others.  This is the message of Sahaja Yoga. 

So Kundalini is the Mother and Shri Ganesh is her creation, Shri Ganesh is her child. Kundalini  within  us moves on Shri Ganesha’ hand. You must have seen what is in Shri Ganesha’s hand. Similarly there is a snake tied around his belly or sometimes in his hand….Means   Ganesha has only four hands but actually he has infinite hands.  Of these they show a snake in one hand. That is the Kundalini. Similarly our Sahaja Yogis who get their self realization, it  is surprising that Kundalini rises on their hands. When they raise their hand , the Kundalini rises up. A small Sahaja Yogi child can raise his Kundalini. Kids of 2 years, kids of 5-6 months  can  also tell the position of  your Kundalini. 

‘My Grand daughter was of 6 months when Shri Modi had come to my place. And his agnya chakra had a catch. While speaking, she did not understand  when she was crawling  she brought the kum kum container and applied kum kum to his fore head  and released his agnya chakra’s catch. She keeps on doing such thing. 

I have seen the same thing in my Sahaja Yogis’ small kids. They are born as realized souls. Right from their birth. Means what a great thing the god almighty has started now. Souls who are realized from birth itself  are coming in this world. For that no need to take sannyas( renounce world). People who feel the necessity of taking sannyas, they have not been able to get their self realization. After being self realized, you get detached from within. Once you get detached from within, you need not take the sannyas outwardly. Means take sannyas, advertise it to the world that one has taken sannyas but if nothing has happened from within then what the need to advertise? If you are a male, then seeing the face itself people can say if he is a male or female. Do you advertise it that you are a male or a female? It is something like that.

If you become a sannyasi  by heart then you are an  ascetic from within. What ever it may be at the outside but you are a sannyasi  on the inside. And you can easily reach this state in Sahaja Yoga. There is no need to take sannyas or anything. No need to relinquish the world for that. The state of Shri Shankar or the state that Shri Shankar has attained that He too needed the creation of Ganesha similarly you too will have to create Shri Ganesh. They say that India has a large population, it  is well accepted that India has a large population, where else to increase the population? England has a negative growth, Germany too has a minus growth, America has a minus growth because any wise person will not take birth there.  All of them will come at our place only. There is a statistics indicating that every    week in England , parents kill two children. If that is the statistics then  which wise person will take birth there. That is why all of them take birth here. We are tolerating the stupidity of these people and we are being blamed. These children will not take birth elsewhere as the condition of children is so deplorable at other places. Children are appreciated only in our country. 

Today a small child approached me, he knows Marathi Language and he asked what  do they call a small kid’s playful running(Dududu)  around in English? How will they have one, I said. Do they even see small kids running around? We have some playful terms (Dududu) for a small child’s running around which denotes  affection for kids. We should read the description Shri Krishna or read description of Shri Rama from  their childhood, you would simply appreciate it. You will not find the childhood description of Jesus Christ anywhere. Only our Rev. Tilak has coined some poems depicting  how He used ‘ to put his small fingers in his mouth and utter some sweet things’  describing Jesus Christ as a small child. This is because he has the Indian ethos in his heart and hence he described how Christ’s childhood would have been. But you will not have an English word describing the playful running of a small child. I was also in a dilemma as to how to explain that small kid because the body expressions or the body gestures of a small child or the term used to describe the growth in the chubbiness of a child there is no equivalent in English language. On the contrary they say that kids should not be chubby , they should be thin. because they idolize the actors and actresses. This way by creating new concepts they have taken away the innocence and that we should not do. There is nothing that we can learn from them.  You will be surprised to know that soon after the child is born- I also felt the same as what you felt – , Whenever a small child is born we take so much care but these people   put him in a different room after putting on nappies etc. And they keep dogs and cats in their bedroom.  I could not understand why this is so. They informed that   because it disturbs them at the night. I asked them why have you taken birth in this world? 

When my daughters  and their children were to visit us, my husband’s secretary who was a elderly lady who did not have any children – she said to me,you must be upset. I said why should I be upset. I am very happy that the kids are coming. 

She said that your house would get untidy. I said Goodness gracious. We will not even have such thoughts coming to us. This is a complete ego orientation . Means if  you have not paid attention to the Ganesh element then you become ego oriented. One develops a terrible ego. An egotist person will always have a conflict with the Ganesh element. We have seen that all the great leaders- if you see- their have zero character. The reason for it –  Once a person develops ego, it grows on the right side, and due to growth on the right side the ego keeps on increasing. And due to this ego whether it is Shri Ganesh or the Ganesh element, or the virtuosity , nothing counts. I am the only one that matters is the way he thinks and he loses the Ganesh element in him. But another example of this is – the people who take Sannyas, who stay unmarried, stay away from  the house and do not stay in touch with others is a similar type of people. If the Ganesh element is awakened in us ,then we can get connected to  God Almighty  even by living a family life    And even if you want divinity you have to be in this world. If you stick to intense and difficult renunciation you may get the title of ‘Brahmarshi’.  But I feel that there are some accomplished Bramharshis – I know a lot of them but they are not prepared to do anything now. They do not have the earnest desire and they are not ready to take so much effort. I sometimes feel sad, their opinion is that whosoever are their devotees – they are not yet ready. If we are ready to take effort then we can prepare them and get them ahead . Quite a few times I feel that it will be good if all these people come forward and helped me. They revere me a lot.

There is a gentleman near Calcutta who is an  accomplished person and he told an American about me ,’ Now that Mataji has arrived , we are observing her work. We also want to contribute to this work. We also want to do this work and destroying the demons etc.- that we are accomplishing by our mental prowess. ‘

But when I asked the American ,’ why don’t you take him to America?’ 

He went to America and came back in 5 days flat and said to me,’ I do not wish to meet such people. They are very dirty people. ‘ 

This is because he is not used to people yet.  One could say- He cannot tolerate too many people around him as he has been staying away from people. Now what happened due to this is that if you come across a saint or a hermit, you would fall at his feet, you would bestow your faith in him – due to this you will no doubt improve your state but how will you attain self realization?  Because to achieve that you need to put your hands in the filth. If you wish to improve your child, need to bring up your child then the mother has to deal with filth. If she   hates the filth then who will clean the child? And hence it is the work of a mother only. And I am doing the work of a Mother in Sahaja Yoga. You all can bathe in it, take pleasure out of it – this is the desire of a Mother. 

The only wish a mother has is that whatever power she has ….. One may be divine or whatever – you can be so in your own home. What is your use to us? You may be  so called Bhagwan etc. what is his use to us ? Until the common folks   benefit from it, until the common folks  can get something out of him until  their children get their powers – what is the use of such a mother? It is better not to be such a mother than to be one. So the person whom you consider to be a guru or your mother , consider elder to yourself, if he has not understood himself  then what ideal can you derive from him? In Sahaja Yoga you can derive the meaning of ‘Swa” .  Meaning of  Swa’-  means you can relate to the relevance of your atma. This I would explain to you in my next lecture. At the moment I have explained about the Ganesh element.  To tell you,  I have written about 50 pages on this. On the Mooladhar Chakra. How the position of Ganesha is  on the Mooladhar chakra , how the Kundalini makes sounds in that, and how the Kundalini moves. How there are different facets to  the petals and how they exist within the petals and how they suck in etc…lot of such things in that. And you must get all that knowledge and you WILL get it and I will not hide anything about it. I am ready to explain everything to you.  but you will have to put all the efforts after realization. If you don’t work hard you won’t get any benefit. Now today’s program is about awakening the Kundalini. I think you should work hard for this. Now people have a query as to what should be done in the pooja. ‘ Shri Mataji, what should be done on the occasion of Shri Ganesha pooja? ‘ I have the knowledge beyond the obvious that you cannot see, what Nanak has called as ‘ALAKH” ( which cannot be seen or perceived). I see with those eyes. So first of all I want to tell you to examine if you are chaste enough. To take bath etc. is all ok. Even  if you don’t do that it is alright.   One Muslim too performs the Ganesh Pooja quite well, you will be surprised to know.  In Algeria, approximately 500 Muslim young girls and boys have got their self realization. But the main person there is known as Jamel. And he performs the Ganesh Pooja so well, that it is worth seeing. He establishes the Ganesha and he himself  performs the pooja. Means in Sahaja Yoga, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, all are included. And moreover it has been shown how their deities are included in Sahaja Yoga. 

This Ganesh element, when it comes on the Agnya chakra, it took the form of Christ when it came in this world. You would have read in ‘Devi Mahatmya’ , the Bhagwat written by Shri Markandeya. …you could say Markandeya is my most beloved son. Nowadays nobody reads Markandeya, but if you can get it , read the description of Shri Maha Vishnu. He has mentioned that Radha  had created her own son by herself. Means just as Parvati created her son, she too had created. But Ganesh element is the base for it. And based on Ganesh Element the son she had created, he came in this world as Christ. Now Christ. Since Radha had created him , he is called Christ in the name of Krishna and since Yashoda is there, hence Yeshu. In this way he has positioned  the Ganesh element in the form of Christ. That is why these people who call themselves as Christians they don’t even know that first of all this is the Ganesh element. It is the proliferation of the Ganesh element and how he is going to arrive as eleven Rudras I will be explaining you all later. In summary, after reaching the Agnya Chakra, the axe which Shri Ganesha used to hit everyone has turned into a means to forgive.   Forgiveness is the most powerful means of human beings. They don’t need a sword, they do not need anything  if they forgive others then they will not have to suffer. That is why today in Sahaja Yoga, when we get a catch on Agnya Chakra we tell people to forgive others and people know how beneficial it is. People following Sahaja Yoga have accepted this and they have seen it because in Sahaja Yoga everything is visible. If you do not forgive your catch on agnya chakra will not get released. You headache will not go, you suffering will not end, your tumor will not   decrease. Hence to forgive is a must. Because till the time you compel people, force people they are not prepared to follow. I think that is the main reason for all the diseases because even if you keep on convincing human beings, they use their own reasoning that this may be due to something else, that may have a different cause. This means you have  not reached at your inference , your connection has not yet been established, so get it established. First of all ,  get your self realization. That is what I want to tell. Do not find a way out of that. It cannot happen due to thinking , due to debating  or by reading books , it should happen from within. It must happen. This event must take place. Sometimes there are such super idiots especially in the cities, not in the villages. They say ,’ It did not happen to us. See, we are not affected?’ ‘ Means  you are very cool. What else to say?’. If you did not get to experience that, it means you are having some problem with you. It could be physical, mental or intellectual. Remove it. It is not good. It must happen. Only after that you would get happiness. If you think like that , everything will become alright. 

So out of this , the  ego portion  that you need to offer at the feet of Shri Ganesha. If you do all this today then half of my  task will be accomplished. Need to request Ganesha about your ego – somehow please take away our ego – if you say this and offer your ego to HIM – then it will make me very happy. Because I profess that everyone should have a son like Shri Ganesha and by merely uttering his name my entire body gets divine vibrations. After paying my respects to such beautiful Ganesha, I conclude my speech. 

Do you have any questions? You should have questions. I am not a political leader. And I have not come to you for an election that please offer me votes etc.. Need to see if you vote yourself. To tell you in English – Nothing is on sale here so don’t come with an attitude of a purchaser, but it is something to be gifted. Ok, ask me a question. Ask questions.

Now we know that our Sahaja Yogis have vibrations flowing through their hands so it will also flow through your hands. And I am definitely going to tell about what Shri Shankaracharya has written regarding  the  divine vibrations etc. But when these vibrations flow and then how to harness them….(Mataji talking to people – please sit down I will explain a little. Are you in a hurry? Yes, yes. I am going to explain tomorrow. But don’t come only to listen. Please come to take away something. I am not giving a religious discourse. Come to take something. And bring your home folks also. Please don’t just wait. Tomorrow bring all of them and get your self realization. Please sit and be patient. It cannot happen in a hurry.)

 A couple of days back one doctor had come He said he came here as it was on the way of his visit. I told him it will be good if he proceeds on his visit. So you need to be patient. We don’t have time for God Almighty. He has given everything to us for that time only. He has created the universe and filled it with so much science. Science is given by God Almighty only for contemplation and this is not understood by the humans.