1st Day of Navaratri Celebrations, Shri Kundalini, Shri Ganesha

Mumbai (India)

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1st Day of Navaratri Celebrations, Shri Kundalini, Shri Ganesha 22-09-1979

[English Translation from Marathi]

On the very first day of Navratri at this auspicious time, in this beautiful environment and equally beautiful subject, everything coincides. Till today nobody informed me about puja, but it is very important. Particularly in this land of India, auspicious land of Maharashtra, where nature has created ashtavinayaka. I am astonished to know that many people don’t know what is the importance of Ganesha and Ashtavinayaka? May be saints who born in this saintly land and who knew everything about this was not allowed to speak or nobody listens to them. Any amount of explanation about this will be inadequate and even seven lectures instead of one would be insufficient for me to speak about Shri Ganesha.

Today is the auspicious day for ‘Ghatpujan’. Ghatsthapna is primordial. It means creation was created, (It was created many times, not ones). Ghatsthapna had to be done.

It’s very necessary to deeply understand the meaning of Ghat (Ghat means Aquarius or container) Firstly, the actualization of almighty god is in its establishment in brahmtatva. In English, we can name it entropy. In this establishment, there is no movement at all. When in this establishment desire originates or there is a wave of desire in ‘God Almighty’, the desire gets merge in this wave. The desire is to have some creation. Why he has this desire? Is his desire. It’s beyond the human mind to understand why ‘God Almighty desires. So many things are beyond the common intelligence of human beings. But as we assume so many things we have to assume that desire of ‘God Almighty’ is his fun. He does whatever he likes to do and his desire gets immerse in himself and again gets sparked. Like a human being go to sleep and get awaken. Even during his sleep, his desire sleeps with him but it is there and gets activated after his awakening, similarly with ‘God Almighty’. When he desired to create this nature he collected a desire we may say a wave or vibration and filled within a container or ‘ghat’. It is that ‘ghat’ (mother indicates toward the container). And this ‘ghat’ means the ‘God Almighty’.

If we can separate ‘God Almighty’ and his power of desire for our understanding than it will be easy to understand. You, people, are similar but with a slight difference. You and your desire powers are different. First, the power of your desire born. Until you have a desire for anything, nothing is executed. This means this beautiful universe is created because of someone’s desire. Everything is executed after a desire. To execute the desire of ‘God Almighty’ it has to be separated from him. We will call it Aadishakti.

When this first stage arrived this Ghatsthapna happened. This happened so many times in ancient times and even today when we have Ghatsthapna we memorize that aboriginal happening. So on the first day of Navratri, we do Ghatsthapna, means, remember, what an important thing it is. Whatever ‘God Almighty’ desired at that time collected and filled in a Ghat before its execution. Today we are worshipping that desire, we worshipped it today.’ God Almighty’ had that desire and brought us up to human beingness, up to this height stage he brought us, now it is your duty to bow in front of his desire.

In our Sahaja Yoga, this desire is called Shri Mahakali’s desire or Mahakali’s power. This is Mahakali’s power and these nine special days of Navratri (especially in Maharashtra) are about the incarnations of Shri Mahakali. Nothing can happen before this Mahakali power of desire power i.e. why desire power is the beginning and it ends in it. Everything is created out of first desire and gets immersed in it. So it is the power of Sadashiva or Aadishakti. It flows in you in the form of Mahakali’s power.

If we assume it as ‘God Almighty ‘here, part of the whole than the left side power flows in your Ida Nadi. This power is called Mahakali power. It is mostly manifested in human beings, not much in animals. In human beings, it starts from the right side of their head and turn towards the left side and goes and ends up to the place of Shri Ganesha below the triangular bone. It means Mahakali power first of all gave birth only to Shri Ganesha. Than Shri Ganesha was established. Shri Ganesha is the deity established first of all so is the case of Shri Ganesha like Mahakali, it is the seed and the whole universe emerge out of it and again get merged into it, similarly, everything emerges out of Ganesha principle and get merge into it. Shri Ganesha is the seed of whatever is there, you see through your eyes, in creation, in desire. That is why Shri Ganesha is considered first among deities. Not only this you cannot execute anything without worshipping Shri Ganesha, whomsoever they may be Shaiva, Vaishnav, or the people worshipping Brahma, first they have to worship Shri Ganesha because ‘God Almighty’ have first of all established Ganesha principle in this creation. Ganesha principle means innocence in English, this principle is very subtle not understood by us, it remains in children, and its fragrance is everywhere. That is why children seem lovable so is the element of innocence which exists in Shri Ganesha. It is difficult for the human being to understand how all these qualities are existing in one deity? But if we have seen the sun as he has the power to enlighten Shri Ganesha has the power of innocence. So this power of innocence has been filled by God in ourselves and we have to worship it, it means we also become innocent. Many think the meaning of innocence is ignorance but innocence means simplicity of a child or probity and it should come in us. You don’t understand how important this principle is. Today’s children are not that innocent and the reason is you, elderly people, what we explain to others? What religious duties we are following? How much religious we are, to make our children religious all depends on it. That’s why children are like that. Now the quality of innocence in a person can be identified by watching a child. If a person whatever age he maybe is innocent it remains in him. If a child play, if a little kid plays, he becomes king Shivaji during the play makes a fort, does everything, and then leaves everything and goes away. It means remaining detached after doing everything he is detached, do not run after it.

Normally, this is the behavior of a child. If you give something to a child he takes care of it and if you confuse him and take it back after some time he doesn’t mind it and not remain unhappy. But there are few things a child never misses. One of the most important is his mother he never leaves his mother. All other things you take out don’t matter, he doesn’t know the money, and he doesn’t know the education, anything, and he just knows only one thing i.e. his mother. This is my mother, she gave birth to me, and she is everything to me. He never gives importance to anything above his mother. Ravindranath wrote beautiful prose- a

kid lost his way in the market and started crying loudly. People asked him what he wanted he kept on crying. People promised him to give a horse or elephant or all that but he said I just want my mother and kept on crying, he did not eat and kept crying and became calm when he got his mother. It means all of us have got this seed in us since our childhood i.e. why we don’t leave our mother. We know she gave birth to us. Moreover, God gave you one more mother the mother kundalini. God has settled mother Kundalini in your triangular bone and you always search her. Behind your every search, maybe in administration, society, or education all your hobbies. Behind all your search you are searching your mother Kundalini. This Kundalini mother takes you to the highest position where you get all kinds of satisfaction. The search or attraction for this mother which is invisible is ignited in you due to the Ganesha principle.

A person whose Ganesha principle is destroyed is not innocent. Many characters of innocence are visible in a person means he has chastity in his relations of a mother, sister, and brother. During practices of life in the world, God has defined one wife and all other relations to be kept pure, and if this behavior of yours is visible in your practices then you are an innocent person. This is his true identity. The true identity of an innocent person is that the person considers others as pure because he is pious. He cannot see impurities in others. Now in our country chastity is not to be explained every person knows what chastity is. In England or America we have to explain because their minds are not in a proper place, but you all are sensible particularly in this land of India with the grace of God and Ashtavinayaka and your previous good deeds and your services to saints and gurus, land of Maharashtra on this earth chastity is still untouched and we are worshipping this chastity. It means at the time of worshipping we should pay attention to whether we are pious or not. Now in our Sahaja Yoga, those who don’t have Ganesha principle are of no use because the Ganesha who has been established is the son of Gauri and Gauri is your Kundalini power, Gauri power. Today is the Gauri Pujan and Ganesha Pujan. It means what a big day today keep in mind. The Ganesha principle in you informs Gauri that this person is correct or not. See what a beautiful arrangement is done.

Ida and Pingla are two channels in you. One is Mahakali and the other is Mahasaraswati. Mahasaraswati evolve out of Mahakali. Mahasaraswati is the power of execution. The first power is the desire and the second one is of execution. Whatever you did in this life or your previous lives with the help of these powers, whatever is your good or bad deed Shri Ganesha observes them sitting there in detail. He observes that how much punyas this person has. Today’s modern people are not aware and even they don’t bother about what is Punya. Do they feel what’s there in it? What is Punya and how much they have? If the feeling of sin and virtue is not there than explaining about the sin and its eradication is of no use. Only human beings have the feeling of sin and virtues and not animals. Animals don’t have many kinds of feelings. Now you see if you take an animal through dung or shit, they don’t have a feeling of bad odor. They don’t know about aesthetics. As soon as you become human thoughts of sin and virtues begin. You know what sin is and what is wrong and what should not be done. And this is righteous and this should be done. You don’t do the justice of sin and virtues but Ganesha present in you do this. Every human being has the establishment of Shri Ganesha

near our prostate gland we call it Mooladhar Chakra. The triangular bone is called Mooladhar; there the mother kundalini is sitting. Just under that triangular bone, Shri Ganesha is protecting her chastity. You might know how Shri Gauri had established Shri Ganesha. She got married but yet not met her husband. While taking her bath she removed the dirt of her body and created Shri Ganesha out of it. Now see if vibrations are in hand and the whole body is full of vibrations the dirt that Shri Gauri Mata took in her hand must be vibrated and she created Ganesha out of that dirt. She kept him out of the bathroom. Now you see she kept him out of the bathroom and she did not keep him inside because all filth comes out of the bathroom. Many people in our country are aware of this. People grow colocasia leaves and lotus flowers and there they develop very well. Same is the case with Shri Ganesha, astonishingly this lotus grows in all dirty places and spread their aroma and even fragrant that dirty place. That is his power helps a lot in your life also. Whatever sleaze is visible in us is cleared by this Ganesha principle. Now we have to worship kundalini meaning Shri Gauri with the help of Shri Ganesha principle.

It means we should have innocence. You will be astonished to know that during the awakening of our kundalini the fragrance of the Ganesha principle spread in our body. Many, especially Sahaja Yogis feel fragrance at the time of awakening kundalini. Because the Ganesha principle is made out of earth element. This Maha Ganesha has created the earth. The Ganesha in us is also made of earth element. You know the whole fragrance comes out of the earth only. The fragrance of flowers comes from the earth only i.e. why many people feel different fragrances at the time of awakening of kundalini. Not only this, many Sahaja Yogis told me we feel fragrances as soon as we think of you. Many people have delusions that Shri Mataji uses scent but is not true. If the Ganesha principle is awakened in you than fragrance spread out. Different fragrances spread out of that person. But few people in this world want themselves to be called as saint and hate fragrance. You must have read about deities especially Shri Ganesha who likes fragrance and flowers and lotus. The same is described about Shri Vishnu, is described about Shri Devi. This means that people who hate and dislike fragrance are having horrible problems, they are anti-god and don’t have god’s power. The person who at all dislikes fragrance certainly has horrible problems and having anti-god elements are sitting there. Because fragrance is a great factor of earth element. It has many names in the language of Yoga. But what I want to say is that whatever five elements are there and their essence the primordial of the essences is fragrance. Our earth is made out of that element and Ganesha is made out of that essence. So first of all we should fragrant ourselves while worshipping Ganesha. The meaning is our life should fragrant in a subtle way. An evil and wicked person externally smells very bad. According to our Sahaja Yoga, this type of person is stinking, even he has scented himself externally but the person is not fragrant. The fragrance should be such that the person looks attractive. Secondly, if greed and filth are flowing out of the person you will feel stinking while standing near that person. Few people might like this type of fellows; it depends on their shortcomings. Such people are not of the Ganesha principle. A person of the Ganesha principle is very righteous, this person has a special attraction, and this attraction is pious to such an extent that it keeps him happy. The imaginations of attraction nowadays become distraught because humans are lacking the Ganesha principle. The attraction is dependent on the Ganesha principle and is spontaneous.

If an attraction is there Ganesha principle is inherent. Then only you will feel the attraction. A very famous Mona Lisa portrait is there you must hear Leonard- de – Vinci has created it. It’s very beautiful and kept in the Paris museum. If you watch that portrait or that woman then you can never call her beauty queen as per the beauty parameters of modern women or modern idea of beauty. She has a very gentle smile on her face which is called the mobile smile of Mona Lisa. And people cannot draw such a smiling portrait even after working hard for thousands of years. The main thing is her chastity. The picture contains that chastity i.e. why it is attractive. Nowadays even in this modern era having all the weird and deformed emotions. I feel astonished thousands of people visit to watch that portrait. If someday that portrait will not be there nobody will visit, howsoever the museum is big nobody will be ready to visit. But if you talk about chastity in this modern era, the so said intellectuals among you won’t accept it. They think that all these are old imaginations and out of all these old assumptions we say don’t do this, don’t do that, we should not do this or that and you conditioning to people. That is why humans proceed towards evil ways. I mean to say human beings get chastity from companionship with their parents. Firstly, if a mother is not pious it’s very difficult for a son to be pious but sometimes a child takes birth out of a womb of a bad woman just for her salvation because he is a great soul especially ‘punyavan’ soul, like a lotus blooms in filth. I am astonished to see especially in London there are so many such children; we won’t allow their mothers to stand even at our door. Naturally, if the mother is pious her son or daughters are pious or they naturally inherit chastity. The first thing in chastity is that she should have complete devotion for her husband; if Parvati does not have devotion for Shankar than does it has any meaning? Shri Parvati does not have any identity without Shankar, she is more powerful than Shankar but the power belongs to Shankar. That power of Sadashiva first went to Shankar for auspices than only she was recognized as power but it is his power. God and deities are different than human beings in many aspects and human beings cannot understand the unity of husband and wife to the extent that they are not two parts. Humans cannot understand the unity of the moon and moonlight and sun and rays of the sun. Humans think that husband and wife must quarrel and if they do not quarrel then it is a strange thing. A type of very bias bonding between husband and wife or say between Sadashiva and Parvati is there and Parvati gave birth to her son Ganesha only with her chastity and will power. What greatness is there in this chastity, she has proved with her will power. We have applied all the collected punyas and with that, we have to give realization to as many people as we can i.e. the only meaning of our life. Even then if somebody tells ‘Shri Mataji is a deity’ they don’t like it, should not speak like that, why speak like that? People don’t like this why should speak this? People get annoyed if they learn that somebody is higher than them. But if crafty people name themselves as deity or god, humans bow them they start accepting them as a god because they are expert in making them fool mesmerizing them by necromancy, spiritism, and cemeteries lore, due to this humans mind stops working even if they are made to dance nakedly or made them bankrupt looting their money but they will call him a god. But if one is truthful is a seeker. And if you achieve that you will come to know how meaningful it is and why this has to be said? Today I am going to reveal all this means if you don’t accept Ganesha as god it won’t work but he is not visible so people are unable to understand this. Even doctors keep a photograph of Shri Ganesha in his home and apply kumkum tika but if you tell him that the Ganesha principle is established in your body

and is very beneficial for his physic he won’t accept it. And if I ask him to put down the photograph of Shri Ganesha this also he won’t accept, but if I explain to him that you cannot even move without Ganesha principle he is not prepared to accept this. If you don’t accept divinity but in Sahaja Yoga, you have to accept Shri Ganesha’s reason being if you have some disease or problem due to the Ganesha element you will have to worship Shri Ganesha. The meaning is if Ganesha is established within you if annoyed within you the Ganesha element gets damaged and you get a prostate gland problem or cancer of the uterus. If you don’t behave properly with the Ganesha element if you don’t behave properly with your son, it means you don’t have emotions of a mother you get cancer of the uterus. I tell you one thing. I have a disciple named Agnihotri. His name is Rajvade but he performed many YAgnyas of fire (Agni) i.e. why he is named Agnihotri. He is a good Sahaja Yogi. He came to me one day two-three yrs ago and told me that I have a problem with the prostate gland otherwise I am physically okay. I was astonished to know such a great worshipper of Ganesha and a Sahaja Yogi, how he could have a problem of the prostate? Because the problem of the prostate occurs due to the damaged Ganesha principle. How Ganesha could be annoyed with him? He is a good Sahaja yogi and has all faith in me and a very innocent fellow. So how Ganesha principle is moving reverse in his hands. I could not understand. I asked him to accept some Prasad and as Prasad, I gave him chana (gram pea). The person who was accompanying him told me that “Dada does not eat anything today”. I asked why you don’t eat anything today. He answered that people say on the day of Sankashti we should not eat chana. I said so this is the fault. Sankashti means the birthday of Ganesha. All of you are literate so you should use your wisdom above whatever is prevailing. Sankashti and Ganesha Chaturthi are Ganesha’s birthday and you are having fast on that day is like having a fast on someone’s death. When someone dies in a house generally we don’t eat but if a son or grandson is born you will distribute sweets among people and celebrated. Would you have fast on Ganesha’s birth? Then you will have the trouble of prostate and cancer of the uterus. If you misbehave with the Ganesha principle you will have a problem with the uterus. There are few very auspicious rules of Ganesha principle and if you disobey them you will have this kind of troubles but doctors cannot recognize the relation of Ganesha principle with these troubles but they are related to Ganesha. Mostly they may know that prostate gland is deteriorated or mostly pelvic plexus is damaged but if you are unaware of the god’s hand means the subtle knowledge which is above the gross knowledge which is not visible to you because you don’t have that eye or you have not been pondered with that sensibility how you will come to know that all these troubles are due to damaged Ganesha principle in you. If Ganesha is annoyed with us we cannot obtain Sahaja Yoga unless we please him. Upon hearing this doctor got annoyed and told that we are not ready to accept the Ganesha we just accept the science. So you see your cancer cannot be cured without accepting the Ganesha principle which is caused due to damaged Ganesha principle. The Ganesha principle is observed everywhere in every atom and molecule as the balance. We cure cancer we did and will do but it’s not our business. So this Ganesha principle is very important and whatever importance we give is very less than what it deserves.

This Ganesha principle is made up of very beautiful four petals that exist in us. Ganesha is sitting in the center of this four-petaled Ganesha principle in our body that mean in our body

all his limbs exist. He has many parts first of it is the mental part and the seed of the mental part is made of Ganesha principle. Will power, the power which exists on our left side which creates emotions in us has got its roots in Ganesha. If a person is mad implies that he has a bad Ganesha principle this doesn’t mean that the person is unchaste but this happens due to damaging his chastity by someone. If a person is persecuted by others this may also damage his Ganesha principle because he feels that if god or Shri Ganesha exist why don’t they kill that terrorist? Arising this type of questions start damaging his left side gradually. Now see the extent of the balance of Shri Ganesha principle that if you performed a lot of labor, born lot of pain, did a lot of labor with your brain and planned too much of your future (which is a disease of thinking nowadays), that means thought too much to the extent disturbing the balance, your left side gets damaged it gets frozen and occupy even towards the right side. So the left side diseases are caused due to damaged Ganesha principle among them diabetes is also caused by damaged Ganesha principle. The arrangement by Shri Ganesha is such that he created this disease to balance. Such fellow thinks and do only work. Similarly, the heart disease if you do too much with your brain you get heart disease because the swastika of Shri Ganesha which exists in our body appears like two flames of power one existing inside another. One left side power of Mahakali comes like this and other right side power of Mahasaraswati and in between, where they meet each other only Mahalaxmi power exists in a vertical line. The left side sympathetic nervous system is empowered by Mahakali means the will power. Now if too much happen against the wishes of some person or even a single desire was not fulfilled he gets mad. He doesn’t get a heart attack, it is caused to those people who desire too much or plan too much. That is doing, they go out for the cause of the nation, they work out for the country, and few people are like that. It’s only their myth. They perform nothing, if it was real it should be visible but they are only quarreling among themselves so they get shocked by heart ailments. That means all the above-said diseases are due to overthinking and Ganesha brings the balance to it that is the job of Shri Ganesha. You might have seen that people bow in front of Ganesha temple as they pass by it, whatever haste they might have. Whatever big queue is there in front of Siddhivinayak temple but what is the benefit? It will be beneficial if you have the self-realization. If you don’t have self-realization you don’t have a connection with god. Who is a fake guru or true guru won’t be in your understanding. That means the seed of Shri Ganesha enlightens you after arising kundalini and the kundalini shows what problems you have got.

If someone has a liver problem the kundalini will pulsate their you can see with your own eyes. When you have caught in your nabhi chakra, you can observe the pulsating kundalini when it comes near nabhi chakra. If someone has bhoot badha it will appear like pulsating on the whole back, you will be astonished to see we took a film on it, you will observe the pulsation clearly in it. Kundalini gets enlightened in us no doubt is there in it. Kundalini rises but if the Ganesha principle is damaged Ganesha pulls it down. It will come down even if it arouses which means first you will have to improve your Ganesha principle. The specialty is that even if the kundalini is tightened up above it comes down. I don’t know what damage they did to the Ganesha principle, what they did we are unaware. Five times the kundalini arouse it comes down, I visited gurus to find its reasons and I observed that many people do it inappropriately, first somehow they damage the Ganesha principle and then they say they

have to put their hands below the Mooladhar. You see Shri Ganesha principle is residing there to defend the chastity of his mother like a small child and the Ganesha principle operates our sexuality. So people who say that they will enlighten kundalini by sex are making bad relations of Shri Ganesha with his mother kundalini, he is sitting there and if someone goes by that route he strikes him. Many people come here to say that they had enlightened kundalini. I asked them, is it? What they are feeling? They should feel a cool breeze after the enlightenment of kundalini. Some people feel very hot this is due to the damaged Ganesha principle. A person residing near Delhi gave me a telegram ‘Mataji I got enlightened my kundalini what should I do’? I was in Mumbai at that time I told him to call him by a telegram. But he reached there when I left. My sister in law informed me that he was running here and there like thousands of ants or scorpions are biting him. One married doctor Batra of Delhi came in a similar program began to say that ‘Shri Mataji I am suffering since a month thousands of scorpions are biting me’. I asked him to sit two minutes but he could not, then I went near him and relieved him in Five minutes reason being this mother earth, he was standing on the earth, today all of you are sitting on the mother earth I am pleased to see this. Today everything is coinciding that mother earth sucked all his heat. Now how will you ask mother earth to absorb all your heat? It won’t but it will absorb the heat of a Sahaja yogi because once the Ganesha principle is enlightened in you and the same principle existing in the earth, being the same principle in mother earth it absorbs everything, that is why we should keep alive that principle and chastity in us. Not only is this, in Sahaja yoga the Sahaja yogis who are the symbol of chastity ruled by king Ganesha. He rules over that state. We should go three times to such a Ganesha and try to bring his chastity in ourselves.

Now many things in practice should not be in vogue, similarly, a lot of tantrikas have attacked our country. Their attack is not political but immoral and dangerous to such an extent that till today we are bearing its problems. These tantrikas have spread a lot of filths, the reason being the kings in those days were highly materialistic and negligent. Tantrikas enjoyed the money of these kinds of people. Excessive money first of all damages the Shri Ganesha principle. Primarily excessive money always attack the Shri Ganesha principle. Torturing young and innocent girls is the first sign of loss of the Shri Ganesha principle, tantrikas used to do this attacking innocent women and damaging their innocence. This shows that materialistic people were always away from God. Similarly very hard working people try very hard to achieve God but they could not. We are suffering not only from materialism but very hard work. In Maharashtra, people are too industrious means to wash hands 63 times, who told them nobody knows but that woman wash 63 times otherwise she is sleepless. At least should make some wicks (in Maharashtra old women used to prepare wicks for candles). At least so many lakhs of recitation of mantras should be done but they are unable to do which is benevolent for them. That means during preparing wicks they are engaged in criticizing their daughters and daughters-in-law. Such strange bad habits we have, but I want to say Sahaja Yoga is not going to grow in this kind of public. This is not a job of damn fool people. Shri Ramdas Swami has mentioned about the background of our real job. If you have read “Das Bodh” than there is no need to explain to you anything (Das Bodh is a scripture written by guru Ramdas in the Marathi language). He has explained everything and that is true. A person with full of patience and of that height will get Sahaja Yoga, not everyone. I

mean they will get realization, will feel the vibrations but will not bear the fruits. We gave realization to thousands of people. Since people’s vision is upright down so we have to enlighten them and this is such a time. Now you have to understand that if you do not take to Sahaja Yoga nothing else will operate as this is the time of last judgment, you have to take your realization since in future the scene will be like that, and you are not going to have this opportunity again. At that time “Ekadash Rudra” will arrive and only one “Rudra” will be sufficient to finish this world and “Ekadash” means eleven and when eleven “Rudras” will arrive you cannot imagine about them, they will finish everything. Before the selection of the selected people will be done and that justification will be done through Sahaja Yoga now and people must get to it. But most people are engaged in very small matters and go away. If we might charge some money and created some drama they might like it.

Means if we promote the ego of human being they are ready to come, but in Sahaja Yoga, we say that this is all God’s work and it is spontaneous. It doesn’t need money. Like a fruit comes out of a flower you are also going to transform. The way you got your nose, eyes, mouth, and this status, similarly you are going to get “Super Human Status” by the almighty God, It’s his blessing. You cannot interfere with whatever he is giving to you but a human being is not prepared for this role. He is so egoistic that he feels that if he does not take penance for taking upside down on his head for 10 days, he believes that he will not achieve anything. First of all, we should understand that out of infinite things God has created we are unable to create just one. When you cannot perform any living work how one can become superhuman? But it so happens that once you get realized in this human form you get enlightenment that now I am realized. This is the first incidence, the second one is he become capable of giving realization to others, this power begins to flow through him and he can multiply this power i.e. he obtains divinity and he gets into divinity. Now many people became disciples of great gurus, the gurus are great but I have not observed any divinity into their disciples, they are not transformed, they are there where they were because they became disciples only because of fright not because of their faith. This happening of faith did not occur in them. This transformation did not occur from their inner being. I mean if we have to correct them from their root or to make fruit out of flower they have to be transformed completely and in real terms, this is not the status of any one of them right now. So I want to say that for that we have to enlighten our Ganesha principle. Initially, you should handle this. In these days we watch and read a lot of films, opera, and advertisements. Some advertisements are full of vulgarity and impurity. This was initially in cities but now it has reached in our villages also and few people are upset to such an extent that they sometimes plan even to suicide. This is their situation so while going on their path, you should re-think this. Similarly, orthodox people should think about why we are stick to old rotten things? We have arrived at this human status so we should understand its meaning; there is no meaning in repeating all those old things throughout life. As the public is principally leaving God nowadays similarly they are sticking to the name of God in an old fashion, woke up early in the morning showed lamp and rang the bell in front of God, and finished their job. These types of people should understand that they won’t get to almighty God with these useless practices. God is inside you, you have to awaken him, keep him awake and awake in others also. Kundalini is the mother and Ganesha is her creation and her base.

The kundalini in you revolves in Ganesha’s palm; you must have seen what is in Ganesha’s hand? He has a snake tied on his stomach, it is said that Ganesha has four arms but in real terms he has infinite. The snake in his hand is this kundalini same is the case with the Sahaja Yogis. Astonishingly the kundalini rises in the hands of the realized Sahaja Yogis, as soon as they lift their hands the kundalini of others also gets raised which means a small Sahaja Yogi boy can also raise kundalini of others. Children of two years of age and even six months can tell you where your kundalini is blocked and what its position is. When my grand-daughter was just eight years old and Shri Modi came to my residence and he was caught at his Agnya Chakra so he was unable to understand while talking. He came on his knees with a small box of vermilion (kumkum) and put a mark on his Agnya Chakra and freed him on his catch, all the time this was his act. I also observed this in my and other Sahaja Yogi’s children. So many of them are realized since birth. Such a great happening of getting realization since birth, I mean they are getting birth with their realization they don’t need any renunciation for this. If somebody needs renunciation he is not yet realized. Once you get realized you are liberated from the inner being, so you don’t need to take any outside renunciation. If you are renunciate in your inner being what is the need to exhibit or advertise it? If you are a male merely by observing your face people can tell whether you are a male or female you don’t have to move advertisement that you are a male or female. Nowadays it’s like these. If you are a saint by heart even after having sufficient mundane things you achieve spiritual joy, contentment, and satisfaction spontaneously in Sahaja Yoga. To achieve this you don’t need any show off renunciation. Whatever is the status of Shri Shankar that he achieve himself has to create Shri Ganesha for this. Similarly, you will have to create your own Ganesha. Nowadays it is considered that India has a very big population, I tell you where else these populations will grow. It is in minus in England, in Germany and America, no sensible can take birth in these countries, all of them will come here only because children are killed by their parents every week in these countries these are their statistics. So who will take his birth in these countries?

What a funny thing that they don’t have proper words for “Dud, Dud, Dhawade” which means the slow and playful running of a small child. I don’t know if they watch their children playing like these. This word “Dud, Dud, Dhawade” has a manifestation of the sentiment of affection with the child. In our scriptures, we have the descriptions of the childhood of Shri Krishna and Shri Rama that gives a lot of joy while reading it but you won’t get any description of the childhood of Jesus in their language.

In western countries, they have killed the innocence of life by foolish imaginations. They say that children should be lean, thin, and not stout. Since their ideals are cinema actors and actresses. Though they have all the materialistic facilities they don’t have much affection with their children and mothers there do not care like Indian mothers. They put them in a separate room so children do not get enough affection and care in childhood from their mother. They keep their dogs and cats in their bed-room and children in a separate room. When my daughter and her children were about to arrive my husband’s secretary who does not have any child asked me “You must be upset”? I said “Why? Children are arriving I’m very happy”. “No your house will be dirty,” I said, “Let it be dirty”. In our country, we don’t think like this.

I mean if we don’t pay attention to our Ganesha principle they become egoistic. If you see big politicians and their characters are zero because of this ego. If a human being gets ego it starts progressing from the right side. By disproportionate increase of right side, ego appears, and what happens to Ganesha? And what is the Shri Ganesha principle? Purity means what? Whosoever thinks that ‘he is the most important ‘his Ganesha principle gets lost. But a very good example of this is not to marry but take renunciation. Living away from home and not maintaining any relation with others these are yet another type of people. If you have the Shri Ganesha principle awakened in you, you will connect with the god while living in this mundane world. And even if you want divinity you have to be in this world. If you stick to intense and difficult renunciation you may get the title of ‘Brahmarishi’. I feel that ‘Brahmarishi’ is a very higher position, I know these people but they are not prepared to execute anything they don’t have enough integrity and will power and they are not prepared to work hard. Sometimes I feel said about this but they think that these devotees are not yet prepared but I think that if we can prepare and work hard we can give progress to these devotees. Many times I wish that they could come running for my help. There is one near Kolkata who respects me a lot named ‘Shri Brahmachari’ and is a great soul. Once he told some American that Shri Mataji herself took advent here and nowadays we are looking after her work. We also have to do this work and we kill some rakshasas with our will power. When he came to meet me I asked him, “Why don’t you visit America”? He went to America but ran back within five days and said, “I don’t want to meet these people they are filthy”. I mean the people like ‘Shri Brahmachari’ since they live away from human beings they are unable to bear even their smell. When these types of saints arrive you will mostly go on their feet and will have faith in them, so this may improve your situation but what about your realization because for that you have to move your hands. A mother has to move her hands in filth to up bring and to correct her child. If she refrains from this who will clean the child? That is why; it’s a mother’s job that we perform in Sahaja Yoga. All you take bath in this, enjoy this, this is the only desire of a mother. Mother has only one desire that all her powers should bestow in her child. What is the benefit of such a mother if common people don’t get anything out of it, they don’t obtain their mother’s power? It’s better not to have any such mother. If you consider someone like your mother or guru senior to you and they don’t understand the meaning of their ‘inner self’ what morals will you learn from them? The meaning of inner self in Sahaja Yoga is your soul.

How is the seat of Shri Ganesha on Mooladhar Chakra, how is the sound of kundalini and how it revolves in it, what type of colors there are on each petal and decor it, etc, etc? You should get all that knowledge and will be bestowed on you and I will not hide anything. I’m prepared to inform you everything but you will have to put all the efforts after realization. If you don’t work hard you won’t get any benefit.

Now what to do during puja is a common question? Shri Mataji how to worship Shri Ganesha? Because I have absolute knowledge that you don’t see, that Shri Nanak explained as “Alakh” (means a vision above and beyond a common human being’s capacity). I see with that vision. What I want to say that you should first see that do you have purity or not. Taking bath is okay but it’s not that important even if you don’t take it it’s okay. A Muslim also

worships Shri Ganesha very well. You will be astonished to know that five hundred Muslims of Algeria is Sahaja Yogi. Young boys and girls got realized. But their head his name is Jamel worship Shri Ganesha very beautifully. He established and worships Shri Ganesha. That means Hindu, Muslim, Christians all come to Sahaja Yoga and we show their deities’ manifestation in Sahaja Yoga. Now, this Ganesha principle becomes Jesus Christ when he arrived in this world at Agnya Chakra. Do read “Devi Mahatmya or Devi Bhagwat”. Go through the description of Shri Maha Vishnu in it. It is described that Shri Radha Ji prepared her son similarly as Shri Parvati did it but the main principle in this is Shri Ganesha principle and the son prepared as Shri Ganesha came in the world as Jesus Christ. Because ‘Christ’ was prepared by Radha Ji so he got the name ‘Christ’ in the name of ‘Krishna’ and ‘Yeshu’ in the name of ‘Yashoda’. In this way, she manifested the Ganesha principle in the form of Shri Christ. Now, these people called Christians are unaware that Jesus Christ was earlier Shri Ganesha and he is the manifestation of the Shri Ganesha principle. I will tell you later how he is going to come in the form of Ekadash Rudra. I mean to say that the Ganesha at Mooladhar Chakra used to kill with a ‘Parshu’ became the principle of forgiveness at Agnya Chakra. Forgiveness is the most powerful weapon of human beings. They don’t need a sword if they have this weapon. If they just forgive others they won’t have to suffer. That’s why these days in Sahaja Yoga if someone is caught at Agnya Chakra we just ask him to forgive everybody. And everyone knows how beneficial it is? And Sahaja Yogis have observed this and have faith in this, so everything is visible in Sahaja Yoga.

If you don’t forgive your Agnya Chakra is not going to open and you are not going get rid of your headache and tumors. That is why it is necessary to forgive because until you make compulsion human beings do not obey. I think that is the main reason for all the diseases because even if you keep on convincing human beings they use their wits. This only means that you are still unaware of yourself. Your instrument is not yet connected, first connect it get your realization that is all that I have to say. Don’t use your mind in this matter. It should be manifested in your inner being, not through your thoughts or reading books. This incident has to happen, sometimes there are idiots especially in cities not in villages, they say “you see I did not get kundalini awakening, see how special we are”? Does that mean you are very great what to say? If you did not get your kundalini awakening than certainly, you have some big defect may be physical, mental, and emotional and get it corrected, this is no good you have to clean yourself. You are going to get delighted after cleaning. You should understand this and then everything will be alright.

Now submit this feeling of ego in the lotus feet of Shri Ganesha. And pray to him that removes our ego. This will be a great pleasure for me if you ask this to him today because we say that may everyone has a son like Shri Ganesha. Merely by his name our body start showering with vibrations. I complete my lecture doing namaskar to such a majestic Shri Ganesha.