Powers Bestowed upon Sahaja Yogis Bordi (India)

Powers Bestowed upon Sahaja Yogis, Bordi (India), January 27th, 1980

I had told you yesterday, that we have to know about the powers that we have, and the powers that we can get. First of all we should know what powers we have got, and also we should know how we are going to preserve those powers and what more powers we can very – very easily achieve.

The first power that you get after Realisation is the greatest power on Earth. […]

Transformation, Morning Advice at Bordi seminar Bordi (India)

Transformation, Morning Advice at Bordi seminar, Bordi Shibir (India), January 27th, 1980

Everybody was feeling very nice when they came here, happy, and they felt their vibrations were all right, but it was not so. You should be on the alert. Ask each other to check you. Be humble about it. You must go on checking. Unless and until you check yourself, how will you know what’s the thing you are catching?

Ask others to check you and be humble, […]