Dhule (India)

1980-01-28 1 Joy, Dhule, India, 5'
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Joy, Dhule, India 1980-01-28

…and their joy. So, no rapport can be established in the real sense with the Spirit, which is just a joy-giving quality. So thus the joy giving quality of the Spirit is so minimised, so much minimised, that intellectuals find it impossible to be joyous. You have to certify that, “Now be joyous!” you see. Even if you certify, even if the whole world certifies, that this is the way to be joyous, they will not accept. And they think [that], by accepting it, [it’s] as if they are giving up the heavens, they are giving up all their properties, they are giving up everything that they have! They’ll stick on to it to such an extent! I mean, if you have to learn swimming, and if you have to enjoy swimming, you have to give up that hold that you have on the outside ring. But you’ll hold on to the ring, and you will say, “No, this is the ring, I cannot give up!”

So this kind of attitude of intellectuals kills their joy, and that’s why they cannot enjoy the joy. And because of that everything works on some sort of an excuse, or some sort of a fear, or could be some sort of a domination.  So the whole thing is so artificially managed, the whole thing is absolutely outside the realm of joy. All that is outside the realm of joy. While the realm is inside, you are just fighting outside somebody artificial. You have to come inside! And I don’t know what to do, but sometimes I have to push them in, like that. They have to be sucked in, they have to be pushed in and they have to be forced into [it]. Like a little child, who doesn’t know how to suck the bottle: you have to go on improving the condition of the bottle so the child starts understanding the joy of bottle sucking.

It is rather amazing how, for years together, people live in Sahaja Yoga, still they do not feel joy, because of this kind of a conditioning is there. Just leave alone yourself! You see, even if they go out sometimes, they go in frustration, in tempers, in haughty ways.

I have not seen any Sahaja Yogi just getting out just to enjoy things – “Let’s go out just to enjoy!” If they do it, they would! But normally, if they are angry with somebody, so they will go to a garden. I mean, that time you should not go, you should sit at home. You should go outside only when you are in a joyous condition. Then only you can see the joy everywhere. And because of the attention, all the time wobbling, you see. Also this attention style is looking at this, looking at that, looking at this one, criticising everything, analysing everything. I mean, the whole machinery becomes like a car whose all the parts are shattering, and [if] you sit in that and you would feel very uncomfortable and unhappy.