The power of the Divine

Paris (France)

1980-04-18 The Power Of The Divine Paris NITL HD, 114'
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1980-04-18 Public Program 3 in Paris 1980

Yesterday I talked to you about Kundalini awakening, how it is awakened, and why it refuses to be awakened within us. Those who have come for the first time I would like to tell them that we have a force, a germinating force, a residual force within us in this triangular bone which is called as the Kundalini. This is the force which helps us which gives us our second birth called as Self Realization. You can see this Kundalini pulsating in this triangular bone, called a sacrum, very clearly in anyone of the programs of Sahaja Yoga. When there is obstruction in any person you can see it much more clearly. You can also see the rising of Kundalini in the spinal chord. When She arrives at the end here – the fontanelle bone area – you can also hear the throbbing. When it stops then you get your Realization, your baptism. Then your awareness gets a new dimension into all-pervading Power of divine love – then your attention or your awareness – it gets into new dimension of divine Power which is all-pervading- the Kundalini connects you with the divine Power.

Today the subject is : Divine Power and Innocence.

There is a great deal of discussion already available for us in our scriptures about the All-Pervading Power of God. But is is not easy to believe that there is such a Power which can think, which can organize, which can coordinate and which can act – coodinates, organizes and acts, because it loves.

Because of this ignorance human beings have denied even the existence of God Almighty. But the One who has created you, has also created the means to know Him.

When this Power here, which is a part of the divine Power around, awakens and connects you with that divine Power, you can start, you can start feeling from your hands the radiation of the same Power. When this Power -[Shri Mataji repeats to help the translator]- connects you. That is the time when you start radiating your own Spirit.

Now first of all at the very outset we have to know that all this knowledge is unknown to you and to see it you must have an open mind. As I have told you the very first day that if I tell you anything you should accept it as a hypothesis and if it confirms with the proof then you have to believe into it.

Now let us see what is all-pervading Power is. All Pervading Power is the Power of divine love of God. We can say it is the aura of God. When Allmighty God is reflected in our heart it is called as Spirit or Atma but its aura is not in our conscious mind. Because of – our conscious mind is not enlightened enough to see the aura.

When the Kundalini rises and touches the fontanelle bone or pierces the fontanelle bone the seat of the Spirit which is on top of your head gets enlightened. Then the Spirit gets illumined in our consciousness.

In the same manner we can feel the radiation of the Spirit passing through our central nervous system – the radiation –

Now these radiations are the radiations of the aura of the Spirit. So they are the Power of divine – divine Power which is all-pervading. The radiations are – that’s how – are of the divine Power which is all-pervading.

Sometimes divine Power, also after Realisation starts flowing on us, on our sympathetic nervous system as grace –[Shri Mataji repeats to help the translator] the divine Power, all pervading divine Power also starts flowing on our head, on our sympathetic nervous system as grace. When this happens then you feel the joy and the bliss.

Shri Mataji : [To the translator]. Why should she be disturbing?

Sahaja Yogini : She has to, she has to .. [Inaudible]

Shri Mataji : Funny people. They come here for Realization and have no sense. Please close the door.

Shri Mataji : [Towards the audience]. Anybody has to go, please go now. It’s not proper to disturb, it’s a serious thing we are doing. If you are interested in your Self Realization, please be here. If you have no self-esteem, I do not want to force you. But this, nobody does in England! It’s a serious thing, it’s a solemn thing. We must understand that we must have self-esteem. We must respect ourselves.

This all-pervading Power is anxious all the time to guide us and help us through our unconscious.

This Power when it starts flowing through your hands after Realisation, can tell you about the absolute value of everything, because your Spirit is the absolute. The rest of it is all relative.

For example if I want to know if this thing is radiating absolute or not, I just have to just place my hands towards it. If it is emitting absolute, is correct, is vibrating with spiritual values or if vibrating with divine Power, it will emit vibrations towards Me.

For example if somebody is a Realised soul or not, you cannot make it. A thug or anybody who is a thief you might think him to be alright but he may be a horrible fellow. To make him out if you just put your hands towards the person and immediately you will know whether he is a Realised soul or not : by feeling the vibrations on your hands.

If you want to know about any absolute question, whether there is God or not, you just put your hands like this and ask the question : “Is there God or not?” If you ask : “Is there God?” vibrations will start flowing towards you with a tremendous speed, answering your question just like any – any very well built – uh, what you call that ? Which gives answers to everything by itself ?– Euh? computer : a very well build computer which answers all your questions. In the same way any question which is absolute if you ask you get the answer. Sitting down here you can find out about any friend what is the matter with his centers as shown here. Yesterday I talked about it.

If any problem you have – if you put it to the divine Power, She solves it. It is not a coincidence but it is a fact. You have to know how to put the question into the machinary of this all-pervading Power. If you know exact method how to do it you can solve any question. But after Realization your priorities change and your problems change.

For example we had another person who knows French very well our Régis who was with Me was doing his PHD for years together and he was very much troubled about it. He had finished his money and he was fed up – his patience was over and he could not even make a book bound. He brought that to Me and he said : “Mother, I don’t know what to do with this now.” I just put my hand on the book and put this problem into thoughtless awareness of mine. [interfering with the translation] Into thoughless awareness. Awareness. No word no word? Awareness, you know awareness? Uh, without thought, you see, where there is no thought. In that area opens the mouth of this machinary. And third day he became a doctor. I never read the book nor did I give any advice to him but he was alright.

Like that so many problems – even material – can be worked out. But after Realization your priorities change so much that you want to ask for the highest. You don’t waste your attention on trivial things nor do you ponder over something that is unimportant. The attention then goes in searching a complete method of Sahaja Yoga which is the spontaneous evolutionary method. Because you become collectively conscious and you become compassionate. You feel for other human beings. Because you have achieved your bliss and your meaning you want others to achieve that. Your main attention is on giving others Realization.

For example till this light is not enlightened it can be used for anything else – the wax. But once it is enlightened then it just gives light. When you become the light you start emitting light to others.

Now, this all-pervading divine Power is the total Power within us. For example on the right hand side we have got this Power which works on the right sympathetic nervous system in the chanel of Pingala which helps us to look after our body and think the future which gives us creativity. This power – this Pingala power – is made of five powers. These five powers come to us by five elements that have created us. The body of all the centers here is made of these five elements. The Power that is all-pervading controls all these five elements. All these five powers plus the power which gives us emotional life on the left hand – the desiring power – which gives us memory and our past, plus the power in the center which evolves us from amoeba to this stage, all synthethize properly integrated into that divine Power.

But divine Power has a power to control all these powers. After Realization if you move in a proper way you can control all these powers you become the master of them. Say, after Realization you can also enter into the subtleties of all the elements. For example, now, this is a lamp kept here; Now this has got a fire in it. This is from the light el… – from the fire element you can say. This can be awakened by putting hands towards it if you are a Realized soul. By awakening it you can make it burn the negative forces around. We have cured many mad people with a single candle.

You can cure yourself if you have any problem with your stomach by going into the sea and putting your hands towards the outside. After Realization if you soak your feet even in ordinary water with little salt in it and put your hand outside and ask the water to suck your negativity it will. Now, in this hall there are more Realized souls than unrealized. Those who have experimented with this and they also know that we have cured cancer with this method and so many diseases which are called as incurable. But for that it is important that you must get connected with the all-pervading Power.

The first thing is you must get your Self-Realization but in Ego-oriented societies people think their Ego is their Self and they have their arrogance about it. But Ego is just like a bubble you can see there like a big – uh, what you call it again? – balloon, you can see there that yellow stuff. When you do to much activity then this balloon goes on bloating up too much, so much so that it can cover the whole head. Until a person gets a heart attack he does not realize that there is something wrong with that person. This is the work of all-pervading Power to give you balance. Now, imagine how it gives you the balance.

You work with your right side – means your brain. You think too much, you plan too much and you do all the time thinking for the future. Means you use your brain but when you use your brain too much your heart goes out. But if you are very emotional – melodramatic and hysteric – then your brain goes out.

One doctor we have in London who is a Sahaja Yogi. When I told him this he was surprised because he said that : “We have some…” He is also a psychiatrist “ We have some cardiograph machines in our hospital and it is never used because no mad man gets a heart attack. Because you have a limited energy within you. The Ego and Superego when they meet each other they give you the “I”ness then you get separated from the all-divine Power because at this stage the evolution has to be done through your own understanding and your asking. That is how you are given freedom because freedom that one has to seek. And if you have to be given absolute freedom you must know how to use freedom. That’s why your freedom is respected.

You see, for example this lady who was sitting here if I had mesmerized her she would have been stuck there. That’s what the fake gurus do : you have no freedom left but to succumb to their mesmerism. Till you end up into something catastrophic you do not find out that you were mesmerized.

This all-pervading Power is called as Brahma. Brahma is the truth. The rest is all illusion. We live with our illusions and myths because of our ignorance. If you come in this room in darkness you will not be able to see anything in fulness. You may think the chair is the room or may think this mirror is the room. But if somebody can enlighten this room you can see the whole room and you can relate yourself to that room. You can also find out what is wrong with you and also what is wrong with others. This is enlightenment – but enlightenment of the innocence.

Innocence is the bud which gives the fragrance within us. That time we emit – the fragrance we emit is the all-pervading Power. Innocence is the very – very base of our being. It is placed in this lower center here and this center is looked after or is governed by a deity who is the embodiment of innocence. This deity is called as Shri Ganesh and He incarnates at that top center there as Lord Jesus Christ. Christ is the support of this universe because He is the embodiment of innocence. But what have we done of Christ? When He live we crucified Him and everyday we are crucifying Him when we are fighting our innocence.

It is very hard to say these things in modern times when people think that indulging in all kind of sex perversions is liberation. But to any – but it is very easy for us to see if you use your intelligence that it is no liberation but it is slavery of sex. A person who comes under every car cannot be called the driver of the car. In the same way a man who falls for every woman on the street cannot be called the master of himself. He is a slave of his lust. But it does not also mean that you should not have sex. That is absolutely another extreme. Sex is to be with a very sacred idea in a married life because marriage is a collective blessing. But people do not understand how to respect their marriage relationship.

In Sahaja Yoga we do not allow any sannyasi or any ascetic to come in and we do not also have funny ideas like people have that the sannyasis can have sex life. Or such perversion that you take sannyas and you can go to God through sex. Sannyas means complete abstinence. Any such funny ideas like marrying Krishna or Christ is absurd. If you want to marry, marry human beings. What’s the use of marrying Christ who is an embodiment of childhood? He doesn’t know sex. Why do such insulting things to him. This is like bringing your lew into the drawing room. We are very particular about designing our house but we are not particular about designing our life. We make a complete mess of it and we say : “What’s wrong?”. We say : “What’s wrong?”.

If there is no wrong in doing absurd sex then why there is people feel jealous? If it is a good thing people should feel happy about it. The society must prosper with it. But the society is going down. Nobody seems to be trusting anyone. Is it this kind of life or society is in any way enriching the children? Moreover this kind of life leads you to horrible diseases : the nature is against it. I was surprised that in U.S.A. sixty-five per cent young people suffer from horrible diseases due to sex perversions and sex habits. And in England where I thouhgt wise people lived there are two children killed every week by the mothers themselves.

What’s wrong then in any such a society which is so decadent? There is some guru in India who cannot smell flowers but he does not mind, say, smelling the private parts of women and men and he is very attractive to western people – specially French. Is it our culture? Is it proper for us to do such things? Will our children have any respect for us? Why should the children respect here the parents who have no self-esteem? You see, when you talk about liberation you are just fighting you own innocence but you cannot get your liberation. It is “so-called”. As soon as you will try to do these things you will be the unhappiest person ever living. You will be diseased, you will be impotent and joy will be lost. You will become a miserable person with the cheeks torn inside and there is no freshness on your face. The – Les Misérables!

Even Christ they have made Him look like that, like a lanky-panky person. So miserable! They had no sense at all to understand that : “How could a person who is so full of joy and happiness and innocence could be that miserable?” I think there is some sort of a sadism in it – egoistical approach to Him that you make such a great personnality into a [wretched?] uh, some TB patient. Can such a lanky-panky fellow carry a big cross like that?

One should not try to avoid the reality but face it with bravery because it is so beautiful. It is so grand. It is so majestic. So, why not achieve that and rise in your complete humanhood? [to translator] Rise in your – bloom… That’s the way you are going to achieve it. [tape blank?…] You were given freedom to test your intelligence, to know through your intelligence that rationality is limited, to know through your entreprises that matter is enslaving you, that matter is there just to reproduce the beauty within yourself. But you lost all your wisdom in your extreme behaviour.

At the time of Christ people were not that intelligent. They were naive but they were not seekers as your are. You are seekers of ages, do you know that? But you are satisfied with your Ego. You were not seeking your Ego because Ego you can find it everywhere in every shop. You go and buy a cigar and smoke it and you are in Ego. You drive in a big Rolls Royce : you are in a Ego. You just cross all the laws : you are in your Ego. Defy everyone : you are in your Ego. It is very easy to achieve your full bloom of your Ego covering the whole head and then you float very nicely in some imaginary world of yours which is called as “Fool’s Paradise” till by some trick of this all-pervading Power the balloon is pricked and you come down [?] on the ground.

So, achievement of Ego has been of no use but achieving of all-pervading Power within you is the real expression of the Ego of God because His Ego is the truth while yours is a myth. Because He does everything you don’t do anything whatsoever. And a little thing like making a chair you feel very great about it is all nonsense. You are made to be the instrument of that divine Power just like this instrument is made to carry our voices.

You are specially made with great care, love and respect to carry that divine Power which is all-pervading, which is very subtle. This is the Power that pulsates in every atom. [to translator] Pulsates, throbs, pulsates in every atom. The same power pulsates in our heart. But with Ego we actually cover our heart completely and Ego makes a person an idiot. There are such idiots who think themselves to be very clever that you do not know how to stop your laughing when they talk. Like an eighty year old man believes that an eighteen year old girl loves him. And you ask this idiot what is he doing. He says : “I’ve written already thirty books on one subject : on love and romance.” He is an idiot and a stupid fool : what is he going to teach anyone? The girl makes fool of him and she has her own boyfriends and the old man is supplying the money for her fun. And the idiot think he is very generous. There is no end to idiocity.

A man who is not wise, he cannot be called intelligent. Intelligence unless and until it is wisdom has no value. Without wisdom the ungirdled- ungirdled intelligence can befool you. The all-pervading Power plays tricks and makes idiots of these people. They are respected for a short time then they die out as fools. So, our intelligence must tell us that truth can be only found through going into the unlimited area of all-pervading Power. And this rationality is a limited thing and we have to be triggered into that area which is unlimited. Some happening has to take place within us and all those great sages and prophets who have talked about your rebirth must mean something happening.

These things were said by many sages before also but they said it from the tenth storey. The rest of them were on the ground floor. They couldn’t see what they were seeing at the tenth storey so they tried to torture or kill them. But this Sahaja Yoga, this modern Sahaja Yoga you can say, the Sahaja Yoga now is at a stage where it gives you Realization, to masses. So that you start seeing beyond that you start knowing that there is something beyond and feeling that you have become different. It its the actualisation of the experience which is important and you should ask for that. But it is not meant for mediocres.

If you are a real true seeker you will get it and you will retain it. If you are a true seeker I will give every drop of My blood for it. Because I am born for that. But the seeking has to be sincere and true. You cannot purchase Me with any money or with any show. Only through your sincerity of seeking you can buy Me permanently into yourself. This has to happen today or tomorrow to thousands of people. This is the beakthrough which we were expecting all these years and this is what is before you today.

As soon as you get your Self Realization the manifestation of the powers of Self – of your Self – starts acting but you have to know how it works and do it seriously. But most of the people they come to Me as if they are going for guru shopping. This is absolutely a different stuff. Here you have to receive your Self Realization you have to become Self Realized and you have to establish yourself. [to translator] To establish and to become fully the Self Realized, to manifest it. There is no other consideration. Supposing you are rich or poor, I don’t want to know. Whether educated or uneducated is not necessary. Belonging to the labour class or to rich class it makes no difference. Whether you are from black race or a white or a brown or a blue race makes no difference.

As long as you are a human being who is seeking God you will get your Realization. That is My job. I will work hard because I am determined about it. But you also must have determination. Once you have achieved it you will be amazed how beautiful you are. You will start seeing the beauty that I see in you. The other day we had somebody who was arguing with Me. He said : “Everybody is God”. I said : “Who has told you that?” He said : “I believe in it.” I said : “Who is this “I” ?” This is all mental. It is nice to believe that everybody is God and I am the God’s Lord.

There is God in everything but God is to be discovered. There is God in a chicken but I am not going to give Realization to chickens. It is too far-fetched but that is how people escape the reality. Like the gentleman was saying that : “Hitler is also God.” You cannot insult God like that. If there is somebody satanic then he is God is dicovered by punishing him. It would be like honouring people who crucified Christ. There is no discrimination, there is no sense of understanding. There should be some sense of propriety when you talk. The sympathy should be with the people who need your compassion but not with the people who are [probable mistake : agressed]. If you do all that then you will be punished and those who are cruel will be punished too. This is what the divine Power does to us.

In India the Rakshasas or the devils who were born on this earth used to beg for one thing that they should be killed by an incarnation so that their sins will be forgiven by one punishment – sort of compensated by that punishment. They would go to the extreme of sinful behaviour just to get to that point where incarnation would kill them. But a saint, a seeker is a sensible person. He achieves all that he wants through the grace of God because God wants him to have all the powers which are divine. Because God is your father and He wants to bestow all His powers onto you but these powers cannot be given by any elected body like a church or a theological college priest cannot give you baptism.

This authority has to come through a person which is born with this love. Such a person is a king. Nothing can tempt such a person. Nothing is higher or lower for this person. Such a person can sleep on the street or in the palaces. Such a person has no fear of any kind. When Christ supported Mary Magdalena He was not afraid of the crowds because He was sinless but He had compassion for her.

We should not confuse matters. Only after Realization when you get your vibrations you will know that you cannot confuse. As soon as you try to confuse you will lose your vibrations. And with this new vibratory awareness you will know what is the absolute and what is not and then only you will know how powerful you are. Your whole life will be filled with joy and first time you will enjoy another personnality. We had taken some people to India from England. Simple indian villagers so overjoyed to see the foreigners coming in. They hugged all of them and kissed them, fed them and then they started feeling the vibrations of the foreigners and they were enjoying themselves as if they were sitting in a big lotus flower. For the first time you would find any Indian enjoying the foreigners. Otherwise they are frightened of them. They are literally afraid of seeing a foreigner, specially the women of India. But the women cooked for them, prepared their bath, arranged for them to have their food then prepared their beds, put oil in their heads and made them sleep. Such love that flows is the greatest thing a mother can enjoy. There is no rationality for this. It is sheer joy and bliss.

So we have to rise and become one with that all-pervading Power which resides in every heart of human beings. You feel it flowing from you and when you feel it you know what is happening to you. This is spontaneous. You cannot “do” it. It is within you. Built in. Built in. Built in. Innate and it works out. It works out.We have among us here some people who were in the lunatic asylum and they are completely cured. You cannot make them out. We had great alcoholics and drugists with us. They just gave up everything because they have become masters of themsleves and they enjoy themselves. You never get bored with yourself then. Whether you are alone or in their company it’s all joy. This is going to change the whole universe. It is going to transform this world into the new world that is been talked about.

This is the first time I have come to Paris. The response has been nice. There have been people coming and getting Realization. Some are repeaters. Some are repeating, coming everyday. Some came only one day and went away. But as you know after germination of seed it must be looked after. Otherwise it could be wasted. So they should have at least attended these four days. But in any case we have here Marie. She is one of the first disciples I had in London and she has dedicated her life to this work. Now I would request you all to help her to spread Sahaja Yoga. Those who get Realization will be deepening their being and will be helping other on the periphery. So many are seeking. So many are decieved. So many are misguided. It is now our great duty to salvage all of them. This is very important. Don’t be misguided by your Ego. You must think of people how they are lost. You must learn how to swimm and save others. It’s all free, full of love, so take advantage of it. A river starts like a small stream. In other countries like India and England we have many Sahaj Yogis. We have to see now what French have to offer.

May God bless you all.

We will have the experience now. We will work it out.

Ah! If you have any questions you can ask today because yesterday I has said that if you have any questions for about five-ten minutes not more. And do not be argumentative. Please come here. These new people can come down. The gentleman who is there. Any question? Let this one sit there also. This one there. Any questions, please?

[Seeker] J’ai une question, oui. Est-ce que vous n’avez pas peur (…) quelque chose à découvrir l’occidental en fasse un avoir (…) spirituel au lieu de rechercher son être…

[Shri Mataji] What did he say?

[Translator] Don’t you think that if you show the Western persons that there is something to be discovered, that he should appropriate it for himself instead of becoming it?

[Shri Mataji] Yes, you should. You should definitely. But what is your instrument? [Translator : You should?] Discover but what is your instrument?

[Seeker] Il y a plusieurs instrument, mais l’important c’est que ce ne soit pas justement l’Ego.

[Translator] He says there are several instruments but the important is that it should not be Ego.

[Shri Mataji] Shouldn’t be Ego? Alright, then, uh, first of all you should know that you have nothing to offer Me. Alright? The second thing is that you have to ascertain it. Why? Are you afraid of Me? You are? He is not. Then it is very simple : you enter into that area and see for yourself. I’m saying you have to experiment. But with these eyes you cannot feel, with these hands you cannot feel that all-pervading Power. You have to get enlightened. This is a gap that you have to cross.

[Seeker] Là je suis d’accord avec ce champ de conscience. Il faut rentrer dedans pour en avoir l’expérience. Tout ça, je suis d’accord. Mais, la seule chose, c’est que j’ai peur que l’occidental reçoive votre enseignement comme un matérialisme spirituel et non pas comme un être spirituel.

[Shri Mataji] What did he say?

[Translator] But he is afraid that in the West it should be used – the becoming that you have to give – should be used materially and not for becoming inside.

[Shri Mataji laughs] Ah! Have you got… haven’t you got sufficient material thing just to bother your heads? Already people are comitting suicide in Sweden, even in Switzerland. You want to go to that limit?

[Seeker] Non, mais il y a aussi autour de nous une énorme vague de matérialisme spirituel qui après me donne un retour de matérialisme et qui crée aussi une vague de suicides et de chute.

[Shri Mataji] What?

[Translator] He says that there is among us agreat wave of spirituel materialism which creates a come back of materialism and also suicides – which make it come back a sort of return of suicides and materialism.

[Shri Mataji] He means to say… Yeah, He means to say there is a very big grip of matter, isn’t it? He means to say that. [Seeker : Aussi : That too.] Very correct. So you have to become a master of that. That’s what I am doing.

[Seeker] Oui, oui, d’accord, ce n’est pas de votre enseignement dont je parle.

[Translator] He says he’s not speaking about your teaching.

[Seeker] C’est de la façon dont c’est vu et reçu.

[Translator] He says : but the way with which it’s read and received.

[Shri Mataji] Oh! People? People. No, there are many beautiful people also.

[Seeker] Bien sûr, mais il peut y avoir des chutes aussi.

[Translator] He says : yes of course but people can fall as well.

[Shri Mataji] They will… First few of you have to come up then the rest will see how happy you are, even materially enriched because it is : “Yoga kshema vahamyaham” [Bhagavad Geeta, 9.22] After Yoga you get your Kshema also – well being comes in to you. When people will see that they will also be transformed because satisfaction comes in. Tell him that.

[Seeker] Justement. Dès le moment où on dit : “Vous aurez la connaissance. Vous aurez par un meilleur équilibre plus de biens matériels.” c’est faire du matérialisme spirituel car au contraire on doit être la Réalisation, on doit être soi. Peu importe qu’on soit pauvre ou riche… Peu importe la situation dans laquelle on se trouve. L’important c’est d’être.

[Shri Mataji] What is he telling?

[Translator] He says : yes but again this material well being is misguiding, because the important thing is to be that and not in a material style.

[Shri Mataji] You can overpower it by flowing all-pervading Power through your being. That is the only way you can do it. When the Kundalini awakens, you see. When the Kundalini which is here awakens your attention is attracted inside – is taken from outside attracted inside and when it goes through that center – this center here [obviously Nabhi], it gives you a sense of great satisfaction within which overcomes your material greed. [to translator : when awakening takes place the attention is attracted] May God bless you.

Not only that but the blessing of this center works out also your material needs in the sense that we have tried experimenting with the vibrations, say, on the wheat that grows in India and when we tried that we found it was five times more growing and sweeter and tastier that normal. In the university, the agricultural university. There are so many ways by which your are blessed by the grace of the divine Power. Very good question this one. I was very happy with your question.

Is there any other question? He is concerned, you know. He is concerned. That’s the point is. What will happen to people? They are so much attracted by materialism. It’s very good.

Will you please put your hands like this towards Me. Be comfortable, first of all be very comfortable. Now come along. Marie can come in here. Marie! Little, little, she has to tell her. Please ask them to put their hands straight like that towards Me. And close your eyes, please. Just like this, straight like this because these are the antenae I told you of receiving the Power. Just like this. Straight like this. On your lap like this.[…. short directions during meditation]