We have to know what we have to become after the human stage

Aston La Scala Nice, Nice (France)

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Public Program, day 1. Nice (France), 21 September 1980.

I’m very sorry I do not know French language but Marie will be able to translate.

Today we have assembled here to know about our evolution. We have to know what we have to become after the human stage. Human life is not the end of evolution. We have not yet found out our meaning. The scientists have to ask a question: why we have made human being from amoeba stage.

In fact there is within us a great source by which the human seeking comes in. Sometimes we are not even sure as to what we are seeking. But it exists as a kind of a dissatisfaction within us. In the modern times there are so many seekers of truth. I find them in every country, in every race, in every so-called religion. They are not satisfied with themselves. If they are satisfied they are frivolous or naïve people. If they are not satisfied there is some reason which they do not know why they are not.

Sometimes they reach a confusion thinking their existence is futile. It is absurd to think that way because if you follow your evolution you have been slowly, gradually evolving into something. After all everything in our body has a function.

In the nature nothing is wasted. Then our process of evolution which is a living process must be having some purpose. Without purpose nature has not taken so much care, so many years to make us beautiful human beings.

I’m here to tell you that you have a very great purpose in life and that you are to be bestowed your power of your Spirit which resides in your heart. This has to happen to all of you. You are seeking this. You are seeking your Spirit. You are trying to bring your Spirit into your consciousness, into your awareness. This is your second birth. This is your baptism which is actualization, not just a lecture or a brain cleaning. It’s a happening that has to take place within you.

If this happening takes place within you or not is to be seen. But first I will tell you logically how this happening has to be effortless.

We have evolved to human stage absolutely spontaneously. For becoming human beings we need not read any books or stand on our heads. We have taken for granted our human stage. It has happened to us without doing any efforts, without thinking about it without planning about it. So, if this is a living process of evolution we are going to get it effortlessly.
For example you cannot pay for it. It is absolutely absurd. How much do you pay for a seed to be sprouted? And whom do you pay? Nature has prepared the seed in such a way that it sprouts by itself. So it is absolutely spontaneous which means ‘Sahaja’. ‘Saha’ means ‘with’, ‘ja’ means ‘born’. It is born with you. The living process is built in you as everything that has to be manifested by the seed is built in it. The seed becomes the root then the shoot. Then it becomes the branches and the leaves and the flowers and the fruits.

You cannot say at what time exactly the flower becomes a fruit. You cannot specify the time. At the most you can say the season or the blossom time. I feel the blossom time has come.

Yesterday in Spain eighty per cent people got their Realization; it might be between eighty or hundred. Actually I did not know anybody in Spain. From London we sent the advertisement in a hotel and the people came as bees coming to the flowers and they got their Realization without any trouble. In two days there were eighty people. It is most remarkable how the brain of this living process is acting. Even in Paris now we have – Paris and Lille – we have lots of people who have got Realization, and why not in Nice?

Now I will tell you how this process takes place. When I’m telling you about this you should not take Me for granted, but you must have an open mind about it. Though this knowledge is known to you through scriptures it is very vague. It is mystical. You don’t understand the mystery.

Even in the Bible it is written that, “I will appear before you like tongues of flames.” Also there is a mention quite a lot of Tree of Life and Water of Life. Now I will tell you here what exists within us: these are all the subtle energies that are acting within us.

With your naked eyes you can only see the gross. Our germinating force lies in this triangular bone called as sacrum. This one is called in Sanskrit language as Kundalini. You can see with your naked eyes the pulsation of this Kundalini when Sahaja Yoga takes place. The awakening of the Kundalini also you can see as the rising of the energy you can see it. Not in all people. People if they are simple, not so complicated, then the Kundalini rises just like a jet.

But if there are problems on these centers which are subtle then Kundalini takes time. When there are obstructions you see the Kundalini hitting the centers to get out. That is how you see Her pulsation. Ultimately you feel the pulsation here in the fontanel bone area and then the Kundalini breaks through this area.

Then you start feeling the cool breeze in your hands first. This is the enlightened energy of your Spirit. This has been described very elaborately in Indian scriptures, because in India there is no organized religion of any kind. People go into meditative areas like some forests or hills or mountains.

Since ancient times the knowledge about Kundalini was available in India, much more clearly than anywhere in any scripture. Maybe people understood it better there. The knowledge was kept a secret for quite some time till Shankaracharya – Adi Shankaracharya – the first Shankaracharya came on this earth. He also has not given all the details about Kundalini but he has just given the names of various centers. So the people started making research in Kundalini, but as I told you that you cannot put in effort: like if there is one light enlightened it can enlighten many lights, the Kundalini can be only awakened by an enlightened person.

[Translation problem, Shri Mataji repeats:] As an enlightened light can enlighten many lights, it cannot be enlightened by something that is not enlightened. This is the basic ignorance of people. That is why all the religions have failed because those who were teaching religions were not enlightened beings: they had no authority from God, they were not connected with God. Unless and until you are connected with the mains how are you working it out?

For example if your telephone is not connected: can you telephone? You cannot get connection in a theological college nor you can do some course about it or purchase it in the market: it is something so living like the flower becoming a fruit. This was the mistake of many people who called themselves as Tantrikas in India. When they started moving with their efforts, they moved in the beginning on the right or the left side.

On the left-hand side resides our collective Subconscious: all that is dead resides in that area. I was surprised the other day in B.B.C. people described cancer very well, because cancer can be only cured by Sahaja Yoga. We have cured cancer but, of course, our job is not to cure. But as a byproduct of self Realization you get cured completely.

The other day the B.B.C. people said that they have found some sort of protein matter which has forms, funny forms, are invading from your being from some areas unknown so far. These invaders actually trigger the process of cancer. About them I’ll tell you tomorrow.

Now we have programs here for three days. I hope you’ll make it convenient to come every day and learn about it.

On the right hand side exists the area of collective Supraconscious. But on top here exists the area of collective consciousness. The seat of the Spirit is on top of the fontanel bone area here. The Spirit exists in your heart. When the Kundalini rises and pierces through these centers through here, the Spirit gets enlightened.

Actually Spirit is an enlightened light and your attention is spread on this area just like the sari like that. The Kundalini presses from down below and pierces it at the fontanel bone area. The Spirit enlightens the attention. Spirit is enjoying Itself, by Itself. Its enjoyment comes into your attention and you also start enjoying but because Spirit is collectively conscious you become collectively conscious.

The becoming is the important thing, not the blah, blah, blah of it. There are such big, big books meaning nothing. Do you mean to say those who have not read books are not going to get their Realization? If this is a universal phenomenon, books should not delimit it.

The Kundalini when it rises She indicates the problems that are in you. She is your Mother. She has only you as Her child. She has no other child and She loves you very, very much. She follows you all your lives and in this life also and She knows your problems like a tape recorder: She is coiled together in three and a half coils, like many threads, you can say, put in a rope.

You can see this green area of which we have said: this is the gap which is between our consciousness and the Spirit. The center you see there green is the center through which we seek. This center started when we were ameba and we started seeking our food. When the seeking became subtler and subtler you’ve reached a state where you wanted to seek the power and the money and then your emotional enjoyment. But when it became the subtlest you started seeking the Spirit because ultimately you have to become the Spirit.

It is natural to be animals but it is also natural to ascend. Ascending towards the Spirit one finds a big gap. This gap is filled with Kundalini awakening. Now this Kundalini is placed in all of you so the whole world has the hope of becoming the Spirit. But people are not seeking in the true way. They don’t understand how to seek. They’re more attracted towards circuses and fake people who try to befool them.

One should know that you cannot pay for this happening of Kundalini. God doesn’t understand your money: French Francs! So once you understand that it’s a genuine process which takes place and has to take place in everyone then you approach Sahaja Yoga with a different attitude: the attitude of a seeker.
We have within us these seven centers which are shown here. They are all within us existing and asserting themselves. These are all subtle centers but they manifest themselves as gross plexuses within us. I do not want to give you the list of all the physical plexuses that medical people know of but we have got papers and books which you can see and you can understand them very well, but vertically they represent our evolution. They’re the milestones of our evolution and all these are adorned by deities.

These deities are incarnations who came on this earth to save human beings. There are two types of basic in incarnations. One: the incarnations which are born out of the primordial Masters. In Koran they are called as [Kaitambars?] because they’re prophets. In Indian language they are called as Gurus. Now, we should call them only as Sad Gurus because there’s such a big cohort of these mushroom gurus that it is better to separate them from them, the ones who are realized souls. They may not be incarnations of the primordial master but they should be at least realized souls. There are many Gurus who are Realized souls.

The other day I met a priest who is a disciple of some guru in India and he told Me that he’s having a guru in India, he wrote the name of the guru and then should he talk to Me or not? See his guru is a Realized soul, I could see from his name because he was giving vibrations. I told him, “He’s a Realized soul, he’s my son, why shouldn’t you come.” Then I said that, “At the most you will become my grand-son. And grand-sons are more dearer than your son.” Then he told Me that his guru had already told about Me to him and that he had told that I was the universal Mother and I had to give enlightenment to the whole word.

In Spain one young gentleman came very early to the program and he said, “Mother I’ve come to help you.” And I said, “You see, the girl who has come from Switzerland doesn’t know very good Spanish language and she doesn’t know how to translate. So, will you translate?” “Yes”, he said he will. And he translated very well. When he sat down for his Realization he got his vibrations very fast. He came and told Me, “Mother, I have a guru whose name is such and such. He lives somewhere near Himalayas.” I said, “He’s a Realized soul.” He said that, “He told Me that Mother will be coming to Spain and you must go and help Her.”

But they don’t want to come out themselves. Some of them told Me, “Human beings can never understand us. They will crucify us so we want to keep away from them. You give them some light then we will talk to them later. Otherwise from people we’ll get crucified.” But I’ve met many like that. For example you might have heard the name of Mascaro who has translated Gita and other Upanishadas. He lives very near Cambridge. I went to see him. He is about seventy-five years old. He is very great, very great. He gave Me a rose and he had prepared some nice sweets for Me. He was so sweet to offer them. For five minutes I couldn’t talk to him, My eyes were filled with tears. I asked him, “What do you Me want to do Mascaro for you?” He said, “Mother, give them light, please give them light.”

He said that Krishna has said that, “Those who cannot see can never see. They are seekers but they fall in the trap to something wrong.” He wrote a very beautiful poem-like letter to Me requesting Me to give light. He has a friend who has got a Nobel prize for producing some sort of a reactor or something. He said, “When he has no eyes, he cannot see. He cannot feel the reactor of God that emits this all-pervading power of His love, which is so very dynamic and beautiful.”

It thinks, it organizes, it cooperates. The best of all is love, but you cannot feel it. For example if I say there is music on here and there are lots of pictures going on. If I put a television here then you will realize what I’m saying is true. In the same way this has to happen to you. As long as it has not happened to you why should you believe Me? But it has to happen. The time has come. This the Last Judgment. How God is going to judge you? Only by raising your Kundalini: you yourself start feeling the problems within you of these centers. You start judging yourself. As you grow you understand how these centers are working in you and in others.

As soon as you get your Realization you start feeling the Cool Breeze flowing from your hands. But these fingertips where all the sympathetic centers are there get enlightened. For example one, two three, four, five, six and seven centers are there. They actually get enlightened. Even a Realized soul, maybe a child can feel. Just putting hands towards a person you can feel his centers, where are the problems. You can feel it as numbness, you can feel it as little tickling, or maybe little heat. Ultimately you feel it like Cool Breeze.

When you start feeling it as a Cool Breeze then know that this is the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost. That is how you are going to know whether you are Realized or not. You are going to know what is wrong with yourself. This is Self Realization. But also you know about others. The energy starts flowing through you and you can raise the Kundalini yourself, you can give Realization to others.

In India we have an Indian gentleman who has given Realization to ten thousand people. Marie knows him. He has done it in Indian villages because city people are very materialistic. They pose to be very cynical and subtle, and they pose like that, very subtle, but in heart they are not. They are impressed by fake people more. They don’t want the reality.

I also go in Indian villages more. Most of these fake ones are working in the cities, but now most of them are been found out gradually. Indians are spiritually very sensitive. They cannot understand a holy man takes money from people and lives like a parasite. These are not parasites, they are living like lords. One has to understand a person who is a holy person is holy in his privacy.

The Kundalini awakening takes place because God loves you very much, that He wants you to enter into the Kingdom, that He wants that you are the ones who are really chosen by Him. He is a Father who is ocean of compassion and bliss and He wants to give all His powers to you. You have to receive Him with humility and achieve your Realization.

Sahaja Yoga is not meant for frivolous people. I started My work in London only with six sincere people. I worked on them for four years. Now we have thousands of them. But those who are… [Tape interrupted]

[Second CD – Translator : “Il faut qu’Elle travaille très dur…” i.e. “She has to work very hard.”] But after Realization you yourself will start working hard giving it to others. You get drunk in the beauty of your being and you do not want to do it alone. You want to share it. You feel very selfish to just enjoy yourself. And that’s how you spread light.

Christ has said, “You do not enlighten the light to put it under the table.” When you become enlightened you give and you become a witness of the play of God’s love.

Now, before starting the program of Realization I have to make a very humble request to you. Now I know French people very well. They feel guilty for nothing at all. They have made themselves miserable with this idea of guilt.

I’m talking of the ocean of love. This gout of your so-called guilt – mythical one – can be washed out by this ocean. This guilt is very destroying. You do not destroy others with it but you destroy yourself. I can see that Spirit in you twinkling like a diamond. I want you to get that. Throw away these clouds of guilt and be cheerful. I’m sure it’s going to work out.

May God bless you!

On the first day if you have any questions I would like to answer but if there are not, better to get it.

You came very late…

Q. : Is it possible for a woman to awaken Kundalini?

A. : Ah! Who else? Who else? A man cannot have so much patience as the Mother has. Woman is the Shakti, the Holy Ghost is a woman, your mother was a woman. The woman is the power. By condemning women here you have really condemned [your entire society? – From translation] She is the power of man but if you ill-treat her and do not respect her she also becomes disrespectable. Say, supposing today in My place there would have been Shri Krishna, what He would have done? He would have used His Samara Shakti, He has the power to kill. He would have killed all of them, all these fake gurus, He would have finished them off. With the gurus so many of My children would have been killed too. This is a very delicate work. You have to have tremendous patience. They are children: you are not to get angry with them. He can’t do it. He’s there to help Me out and out but it’s the work of a Mother.

Who gives you the birth? Father or the Mother? I’m talking of the re-birth. Your Mother is only your Kundalini. She can only give you birth. Men may not, they think no end of themselves, but can they produce children? You have to be children to enter into the Kingdom of God. This is a funny idea that women cannot do God’s work. This is a kind of a funny racialism I think. On the contrary they do it best. You can see that, I will show you. I’ve not only raised the Kundalini of people but I’ve given Realization to thousands. You need tremendous patience, love that is patience. And the only – only – joy is to see your children getting their Realization. You need that tenderness and kindness.

There is a gentleman whom I know who is a guru, he is a Realized soul. He lives in a very high mountain in the state of Maharashtra. I went to see him. He was of course very good to Me but very harsh on the Sahaja yogis. He asked them, “How many of you are going to give their life for Mother?” I said, “What do you mean? I don’t want their life. I want to give them life.” He told Me that, “If somebody troubles You, send him over to me. After all I’m their elder brother.”

I did not know he was such a hard fellow. I sent him one man who was really troubling Me for nothing at all. I told him you go and see the guru. He was very impressed that the guru has called him. Because Mother you always take for granted. About after fifteen days this man came with both his legs broken and hands broken, hanged by two people, just brought like that. I saw him, the tears started falling down. I said, “What has happened?” He begged of Me, “Mother never send me to that guru.” I said, “What happened?” He told Me a horrible story. He said, “This guru, I went and told him against You.”

I said, “What did you say against Me?”

“I told him that Mother gives Realization to every Dick, Tom and Harry. She should discriminate about it.”

So the guru said that, ” Do you think that you have more wisdom that She has?” And then he said, “Now you go and sleep.” He lives on a mountain. His both hands and feet are incapacitated because he lives in the water and he moves about on a tiger, everything ferocious.

See, He told Me that the tiger came and pushed him in the ditch down below. He fell down twenty feet. He broke both his legs and his hands and for two days he didn’t get any food. Third day he got some bread tied to a string and pushed it down – the guru. He gave him that food and he said: “Unless and until you promised that you will never say a word against Mother I will not take you out.” And then poor man was picked-up. He told this man, “Hang your legs in your neck and go in a swinging way to Her. She’s the only one who will look after you.”

The real gurus are very strict people. They cannot be bought by money. You have to have complete dedication to them.

Another doctor who was troubling Me too much, I sent him to another guru. After one month he came down absolutely thinned down. Now I asked him, “What happened?” He said, “I had to go and wash a temple of Shiva which was about a mile on a steep rock, every day twice.” And he did it.

I asked his guru, “Why did you do such a horrible thing to him?” So he said, “Donkey must be treated like a donkey.” They are horrible. They think that’s the only way to make you learn the lesson. I told them, ” Give them Realization. They themselves will know. The Kundalini will Itself tell you.

The other day I met a lady from Switzerland whom I had given Realization. She had met Me only once and had her Realization and she said that, “Kundalini says me everything. If I try to do wrong things She comes and hits me here [on the head]. If I talk too much it comes and touches me here. If I eat food with people who are very egoistical I get pain in the stomach and diarrhea.” It’s very interesting.

So understand that Kundalini is a woman. She’s the Shakti, She’s your Mother, She understands Me better than you people understand Her. Or Me, also She understands Me. So do not have these ideas of racialism. All these people who are also realized souls and gurus are also My children. Sometimes I’ll tell you later about them.

Any other question?

Q.: (In French) ” Pour faire monter la Kundalini est-ce qu’un travail de purification n’est pas indispensable avant? ” –  “Shouldn’t here be a purification work before the awakening of the Kundalini ?”

A.: Purification? Maybe with some, maybe, I don’t know, but with Me there is no need. Because here if you have ocean of cleansing power, it has just washed it all. You can suck all their Karmas and all their sin so called and your Kundalini itself will help you. You haven’t done anything wrong. That’s what power is, power is of Divine love which is tremendous and dynamic. All right?

You have to get off your shoes please because the Mother earth also help us. Put your shoes back in the backside, behind you and put your hands towards Me. Because I told you these are the centers of the sympathetic nervous system. Tomorrow I will tell you elaborately how it works. As I’ve told you that you cannot think about it. But do not try to stop your thinking. Kundalini will spontaneously rise and when She will cross this center [Agnya] She will make you thoughtlessly aware. She will make you absolutely thoughtless but you will be aware, much more alert. You will listen to Me.

Then the second stage is that the Kundalini pierces the fontanel bone area. At that time you start feeling the Cool Breeze. But maybe in between these two things, these two happenings, you may feel little hot sometimes or maybe little, little tinkling but doesn’t matter. I will work it out and then I will teach you how to work it out yourselves. You have to become the masters of Kundalini technique which is a living technique. There is no other technique to awaken Kundalini.

All right let’s put your hands and close your eyes, close your eyes. Now do not bother about others or look at others. It will happen to most of you if you are in a receptive mood to receive the power. Do not deny and again do not feel guilty. You can say, “Mother, I’m not guilty”, thrice. This has worked wonders in Paris, so please say, “Mother, I’m not guilty at all.”

Second thing you have to do is to forgive others, just forgive. Say that thrice, “Mother, I forgive all of them about whom I’ve felt hurt, those who have hurt me. I forgive all of them.” Please, say it thrice. Just forgive. That’s very important. Once you start forgiving a great center in your Agnya opens where resides the deity of Christ. Just forgive. Even when you don’t forgive, what do you do is to destroy yourself. Those who have hurt you are not destroyed. So please say that, “First of all I forgive myself.” Again and again you forgive yourself and you forgive others. That will help a lot.

Unless and until we forgive ourselves how can God forgive you? We have to have self-esteem. We have to ask for forgiveness from God. Please ask thrice, it will just work out. But if you are an adamant type God is not going to fall at your feet. You have to be humble and meek to enter into the Kingdom of God. By adamants, like a child who is obstinate you lose your own Spirit.

This is all freely available, but if you close your nose and your mouth and don’t breathe, you die. This kind of obstinacy is sheer stupidity. We have to have wise people for Sahaja Yoga, not stuck-up people.

Let’s put both your hands towards Me and close your eyes. Close your eyes. Please pay attention to yourself, to your heart. Now, you have to ask for your Self Realization. Ask for it thrice. If you do not ask it will not work out. [Lapse of time. Shri Mataji repeats a Mantra in a low voice, sounds like: “Sakshat Shri Mahavishnu”?]

You are feeling again guilty. Now, please do not feel guilty. I’ve told you that nothing is to be washed there, it’s absolutely clear. Do not feel guilty, just say, “I’m not guilty.” Keep your attention absolutely free. Do not concentrate at any point, just leave it free. Keep your eyes shut.

Ha! Are you feeling the Cool Breeze in your hands? Don’t be intense, just relax, relax, relax. It just works, it’s living process, it will just work, nothing to be intense about it. Have patience with yourself. [Addressing SYs ] What is the trouble? Left Vishuddhi? Or right? Or both? It’s left. You are still feeling guilty that’s why the left Vishuddhi is catching. Say that, “I’m not guilty, Mother, I’m not guilty.” That will help Me and help you. Ha!

When you start feeling the Cool Breeze in your hands you’ll also start feeling that coming out of your fontanel bone area. You can feel it yourself. Something can be felt in your hand. Just put your hands, it’s there, just feel it. Now try and feel in your hands. You’ve got it. Feeling the Cool Breeze now? This is a subtle thing so you have to be little subtler. Try feeling it, try to feel it. Do not deny it.

You just watch Me without thinking. Put your hands towards Me. Most of you have felt it, have you? Now, it’s nice, I’m here for three days and three days will establish you fully. As the first outset the Kundalini sees Me, She shoots down.

There’s a difference in the pattern of realization between East and West because the Indians know what to expect. They just settle down with it. But in West people start thinking about it, they are so rambling. Again tomorrow they’ll come saying that you’ve lost your vibrations. Nothing to be worried about, because Kundalini goes back to look after your problems. But we’ll give you a way of establishing with it in the night.

Marie has done the photography but it didn’t turn out very well but doesn’t matter you can use My photograph. She will tell you how to do it. Take from us a photograph. She will give you the photograph and tell you how to use it. And also she has got some papers. But in any case I’ll feel their Sahasrara

[Tape interrupted.]