The manifestation of the Spirit

Aston La Scala Nice, Nice (France)


Public Program Day 2

Yesterday I told you about the residual power within us which resides through the sacrum bone. This power is called as Kundalini. This is the power that ascends through these centers and gives us our realization, our rebirth.

I’ve also told you that in so many people you can see the pulsation of this Kundalini clearly with your naked eyes. You can also see its rising through these different centers up to this point. You canalso feel the pulsation on the head, and you can also afterwards break, breaks this area, and you can feel the cool breeze going from your head. This is the energy of your Spirit. You can say this is the manifestation of the Spirit. Thus you enter into a new realm of collective consciousness. You become collectively conscious. You start feeling others on your finger tips.

All these fingers, all these five fingers, plus six and seven points, are the centers within us. You get enlightened because you can feel them here and sometimes within ourselves. Some people do not feel it on the hand and some people did not feel it for sometime yesterday but they definitely felt on their head.

Now one has to know that this is the knowledge which is known through only Indian. Adi Shankaracharya has very elaborately written about Kundalini awakening and its manifestation. He has described all these centers. These centers are created within us during our evolutionary process, in a vertical manner. But in a horizontal manner your subtleness grows into various emotional, mental and physical areas.

Sahaja yoga means, “saha” means “with” and “ja” – “born”. Today I will not tell you more about the gurus who are trying to exploit the western people because you are spiritually very naive and are very big seekers, you have been seeking for ages and when they came to know about your seeking they floated their enterprises. But you have got Christ before you to understand, he never floated any enterprise, he never write any posters, he never took any money from anyone, why should we not take a lesson from him? He was a carpenter’s son, he lived like a carpenter. Krishna was a king, he lived like a king. They are not parasites to live on your money. But somehow you are too naive to understand these subtle things. It’s alright, whatever has happened has happened.

You have to get your realization. It’s your right. In your seeking you have to get it. But it has to be an actualization, not just a bla-bla-bla. It has to happen within you and there is nothing to be frightened of. Some people have written such huge books about Kundalini. They do not name word about Kundalini. One gentleman has discussed for hundreds of pages whether the Kundalini is in the stomach or in the brain. One other person has floated a research institute. What research can you do with your Ego? Before realization whatever you do, you do through your Ego. To know God you must know yourself. You cannot know God without knowing yourself. That has to be achieved first.

All the great saints of India and all over the world have written about it. We have one great poet in England whose name was William Blake, he has written great things about realization. Now for you it is necessary to understand that it is a happening that should take place and otherwise it has no meaning at all.

I will explain to you how God has made you so beautifully and how you get your second birth. To begin with, you must know the light which is enlightened can only enlighten other lights. For example there is a candle which is enlightened, it can enlighten another candle which is not enlightened. But if this one is not enlightened what is it going to do to that? Now the candle is all made that way, the candle is just ready to be enlightened. Only thing what one has to do is to put this candle next to that one and enlighten it. In the same way your instrument is just ready to be enlightened. And yesterday I said that if I tell you that in this area there is lot of music and you cannot hear but if you put a television you can even see the pictures. Yesterday so many people got their realization here. Practically most of them. It’s a remarkable thing that happened because it is the blossom time – many fruits are going to be ripened and mature because the transformation is going to take place.

As I told you yesterday you cannot transform a flower into a fruit. It is done by nature, you do not know the technique, you cannot achieve it either, it is done spontaneously.

Let the little one come forward, the little one. You have to be like children. It’s a fact. If you are very complicated it doesn’t work out. If you are like children it works out much faster.

So within us are placed those seven centers which I am showing you. Yesterday I told you about the first center which is guarding the protocol of the Kundalini. It’s the center of innocence. And this innocence is the first essence of life. But when the Kundalini rises she rises above that and the first center we can say is where carbon atoms begin. The sustenance of the religion of carbon atom is that it has got four valences. Because of these four valences it combines with other elements and forms life.

Above that is the center of creation. It receives its power from the yellow line which is responsible for our action. This is the Kriya shakti, also we can call it Prana shakti. This power gives us our power to think and also gives us power to act to our body. The channel through which it flows is called in Sanskrit language as Pingala Nadi. This is the subtle channel inside the spinal cord and inside the brain also. And in the outside this subtle channel expresses grossly as left sympathetic nervous system, I’m sorry – right sympathetic.

On the left hand side you see another channel of the blue color which leaves this last center. This channel is called as Ida Nadi. This supplies our emotional energy, it gives us our existence. It deals with out past, with our conditionings. This is the psyche about which the psychologist talk of. But they are really half-baked people. They know very little, that too about only one of the channels and they have created terrible problem for the western people. Like Freud, he say that you should try to de-condition yourself. When you try to de-condition yourself you have to use your Ego, means the right side, you have to go into kryia, or action and the result is you develop an Ego there, the white-colored balloon. And if you have too much action on the left side you develop a Superego. So whichever way you try you cannot go in the center.

For example this second center is also responsible for transforming your fat cells for the use of the brain. If you think too much then it neglects its other duties. It has to look after the upper part of the liver, the pancreas, the spleen, the kidneys and the uterus. Poor thing has to work day and night because you are all the time thinking. Then as a result you develop a bad liver. On top of that you drink too much, poor liver gets tired. This is all self-destroying.

Liver has a very important job to do. It clears all the poisons of the body as heat. The heat must pass into the water. But when you take alcohol it changes the form of water. The water becomes like this – oxygen here on top and hydrogen here. It cannot receive any heat anymore. Same thing happens in cancer. Cancer people never feel the temperature, never get temperature but they feel very much heat within them.

Now in the same way the spleen and the pancreas go out and people become pale and with the pancreas you get diabetes. In the same way you develop diseases. Pancreas gives you diabetes and the spleen you know gives you any condition. This makes your temperament also very irritable and you could become pessimistic too. All cheerfulless of life is gone from your being, you really become a very boring person.
You can not, I mean, enjoy each other’s company without taking a cup of whiskey in your hand. There is no rapport established between human beings. You have to go to a cinema together or you have to have a discotheque together but you cannot talk sensibly for more than five minutes. You have to have some agency between you to protect you from each other. Otherwise there are quarrels and divorces.

Human beings are the greatest creation of God’s love. They have to know what is God’s love. But when you think of God’s love also, you just get confused. It is pure divine blessing. It just emits from your being. It just gives, it doesn’t expect anything.

The establishment of our own sustenance is very important. Sustenance – it is religion I guess, inner religion. Just like carbon has four valences, we have ten sustenance of our own. This green area represents that place where the primordial masters are born to give us that sustenance. Yesterday I told you about them.

That’s why it was said that be in the center, do not go to the extremes. But human beings have a special tendency to go at the tangent. If it comes to seeking they go to such a limit that they’ll be good for nothing. I’ve met people who came to me, they had cut their tongue, each arriving live [UNCLEAR,? a dog]. Some of them have got popping eyes, some of them have got this blown-up thing with too much pranayama. If they will do hatha yoga they will become just skeletons. If they will take to fasting they will end up in a [UNCLEAR]. Who has told you to do all these things just to destroy this beautiful temple of your being? You should have just waited in the center instead of getting some [?HACKY]. The God who has created you so beautifully is going to do something about it. He has made you human beings from amoeba stage and He is going to make you higher. It is his problem, not yours. You did not create yourself. If He will not do something about it He will have no meaning, His creation will be lost. If he is God Almighty He is going to do something about it.

But this comes because we think we can also can do something about it. But all this should come logically with you that you do not do anything. What do you do? If a tree dies you make a chair. You think you have done a great job. You have changed one dead form into another dead form. It’s like children playing in the sand.
What living work have you done? Have you transformed one flower into fruit? At least children do not get involved into their play but you do all things so seriously that it is most surprising. There is nothing great in creating these buildings, they are all dead.

There is something of course when you do something beautiful then you are doing it for the pleasure of God to show him that you can create beauty as a reflection. As you have got a beautiful church at Chartres which was very beautiful, it’s just to glorify him.

But you cannot give realization, you cannotgive baptism. That is all artificial. You can do artificial things but God’s makings are real.

After realization you do living things, you can raise the Kundalini with your hand, you can give realization to people. If you give vibrations, say to a flower, it will sustain life for a much longer time. In India we have some sahaja yogis who are professors in agricultural university, they have experimented with these vibrations, they have found out that if you give vibrated water to the soil and have the the proper [UNCLEAR] it is sometimes ten times more. It won’t be twenty times – too much, but it would be optimum in the center. There they could not grow coconut, with vibrated coconuts they are growing.

We can solve our problem of poverty if we take to sahaja yoga. But we should not ask to realize Mr. Ford – he is too rich to enter into the kingdom of God, such people are mad. They go on collecting junk after junk, they have no beauty in them. So after realization you understand what is the extreme.

Within us there are other awarenesses also. For the left side of this Ida Nadi if you move there is the awareness of collective subconscious. On the right hand side, if you move to the extreme right there is the area of collective supraconscious. Kundalini is the unconscious and the door part in it is not discussed, it is the head. Above your head is the collective consciousness, that is the one we have to achieve. You have to become collectively conscious.

If you move too much to the left hand side you are attacked by the left-hand entities who exist in this collective subconscious. Yesterday I told you that I saw a BBC program in which they say that in cancer you are attacked from some areas which are built-in you from creation, unknown areas. Sahaja yoga is the only way you can cure cancer and stop because you go into the super-consciousness.
When there is a center like the left hand, right hand side energies are pulling the energies from your body. When left and right hand side sympathetic nervous go into activity, the things become much faster and the exhaustion is much more. When it is too much exhaustion it dries up and it moves outwards. Then the relationship with the whole is lost. A cell starts behaving on its own, it becomes egoistical, it says: “what’s wrong?”, it becomes a unique thing, it becomes malignant, it starts overpowering others and also mesmerizing the other cells.

In sahaja yoga when the Kundalini raises she takes your attention to the super-conscious, like in a sari when you push it out, whole the sari is pulled down, attentions is collected from the left and right extremes and the Kundalini pierces the Sahasrara, means the Brahma, it is called as “Brahmarandhra” – means the hole in the Brahma. These vibrations is the Brahma.

Now, then attack actually comes mostly from the left, that is the thing I’ve have noticed in cancer. It is sad but some of the gurus are doing that, they are introducing left cancer into many disciples. Some of them make them mesmerised so that they become epileptic. One develops through that mesmerism epilepsy and also things like hysteria, melancholia, fright. Some of the gurus have made the disciples so frightened that they are even afraid of garlic.

And the right side ones are something like a LCD, right side supraconscious, are like having LCD. Right side are all our five elements so you start seeing lights or hallucinations, sea and all that, if you’re becoming sea, you are becoming light-sort-of- nonsense. Many people who also see Me when they’ve taken LCD they they just see light, don’t see Me. Some friends of mine have had that experience.

So you don’t have to be in the past or in the future but in the center, in the present. The center is a very small path because a thought rises and falls out and another thought rises and falls out, there is a very little space in between. That space is called as “vilamba” in Sanskrit language. If this space increases then you can be in the present. So the thought that’s gone back becomes the past and the one that is coming is the future. One thought comes from the Superego and the other ones comes from the Ego. Kundalini sucks both of them and you go in the center, you become the present.

Then you [UNCLEAR], your hands start emitting the power, then you say: “it is coming”, “it is going”, “it is rising”, “it is falling”, you speak in third person, not in the first person: “I do”. You say: “It doesn’t work, Mother.”, and you say: “It works out.”, “it’s coming” – that means you becomes [UNCLEAR, HINDI], that means “actionless, non-action”, you just emit.

This has to happen to you. And then you should know all about chakras, you should know how to manoeuvre it, you should know how to master it, you have to be experts. If you do not become expert you will not be happy either. It is such a joy giving thing. And sahaja yoga is such a joker, it makes you laugh because you start witnessing everything, the whole drama finishes out, you are no more involved in the drama and you are surprised how God’s play works, how these illusions play with us. Life becomes such an enjoyment. For you all have to enter into the kingdom of God.

After [UNCLEAR], the last judgement has started. It is going to happen through Kundalini awakening only. It’s going to put you on some green machine, Kundalini is the center pointer which will show how far you’ve gone left and right and you will correct yourself because it comes out of yourself and become one with your Spirit which is your real self. And you will know everything about yourself and about others.

I’m very happy that today there are so many people and I’m sure today it’s going to work out even better. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the other centers and also what to do after realization that is much more important in the west because there are many preconceived ideas about realization and about God. God is what He is, you cannot have your conception about God. Spirit is what it is but those who know are easy people to remain there. For example, if I know this is the hall I have to come to, I’ll settle down here.

[NO SOUND FROM 46:29 TO 46:59]

.. all of them, [UNCLEAR]. You are perfect, don’t worry. What can they destroy? They cannot destroy the Spirit, it is indestructible. I see that in you. These are only clouds. Yes, of course. These are only clouds, clouds cannot destroy the sun, don’t you worry, it’s going to work out.

Just take off your shoes and please [UNCLEAR ? step behind].