What is the technique of a flower becoming a fruit?

Zurich (Switzerland)

1980-10-10 1st Public Programme Zurich NITL HD, 79'
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   Public Program in Zurich (Switzerland), 10 October 1980.

Talk , PP in Zurich: 

…and it is such a living process that [missing part]. [I tell you] there’s no technique. That means you cannot follow any technique. What is the technique of a flower becoming a fruit? When I see people standing on their heads or jumping or doing all kinds of things to seek God, I really think they are still very children, small children. They are still very naive. They should know, that if we have become a human being from amoeba without doing anything, whatever you have to become, you will become. That has to be done. That’s the problem of God and not of yours. It has to be done; otherwise He will have no meaning. The creation will have no meaning if you do not have any meaning. Because if you are on the top of the creation, then something has to happen to you, by which you should know.

What is this power that has created you and what is this power which is guiding you? By what power have you become a human being and by what power you are going to become a higher being ? About these things whatever I am talking to you, like a scientist, you must keep your mind very open and not to close your mind in the sense that I put a hypothesis before you. When I put a hypothesis before you it is necessary to see if the hypothesis works or not. If it does not work, well and good. Then you can say, “All right, it has not worked.” But you must try to find out with open mind why it has not worked [in you] instead of criticizing the system, because in this I have nothing to gain. It is you who has to.

You cannot give Me anything whatsoever. For your information, and as Gregoire has said, I am quite all right as far as taking is concerned, because I don’t think I need anything from anyone. I’m an over-satisfied person. So only thing what I want to do, the satisfaction that I am enjoying, the joy that I am enjoying, I want to share, and that is a very, very simple thing. It is so simple, like this light which is enlightened can enlighten another light. What does it do? Just it is already enlightened and that light is ready; it’s just adjusting. But there’s another problem I find, that people think, “I am going to do it on my own.” You cannot. There should be somebody who is enlightened, [who] can do it. But this is a very, very important word, “enlightened”. You can find gurus from everywhere and all kinds of, even Western people now have started techniques. The person who is real is not going to do any technique whatsoever except that it is going to just enlighten Spirit, to another Spirit. That’s all. You are all very built-in. See how beautifully you are built-in through your evolution. This is the first power, as I told you.

This is the second power which is the power of your action, reaction. This action is physical and mental while this is emotional. The left side as it gives in the gross, the manifestation to the left sympathetic nervous system, this one goes against to the right sympathetic nervous system. This is accepted by  doctors, but they do not accept that there are left and right, two sympathetic nervous systems actually inside, which are subtle and what we see outside these kind of chord are being closed up. By this, as I told you, we desire. This is the psyche about which Freud has talked. But he is a very half-state because he talks only about one part. When you try to de-condition this you do it through the second one. Now when you try to de-condition this, what happens, as a by-product of this, ego develops. And the ego starts developing so big that it pushes down the superego and the whole head becomes like a balloon [now]. Only after realization you start seeing that balloon and then you say, “Oh, God, what is this coming out?” It is there. This Mr. Ego is to be seen, how it comes up when you are here. Otherwise you do not understand. Because superego is a thing by which you suffer. When there is superego you feel depressed and you feel lost and everybody says, “He’s miserable.” But when the ego is there, oh, you are very happy, you are on top of the world. You can even become Hitler, you see, absolutely like Hitler. You may have a moustache of his type also or may develop a hairstyle of his type. It is to that extent one can go with this ego and would be saying, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” because then you trouble others.

Here you are troubled, but it’s better in a way. But this one it’s such a horrid stuff that when it works out you become absolutely unique personality by which you become really malignant in the society. And the society is developed of such people has no love within them. When the ego develops too much the left side becomes absolutely frozen, and people whose ego is developed have a very bad emotional side. That’s the reason why we find there are so many divorces and things coming out because we become very dry persons. We lose our emotions completely, by physical, by emotional. By physical and mental activity we really freeze our heart, and sometimes people have heartaches.

In London we had a gentleman who came, who was a dentist and he told Me, “Mother, I have no feeling. I don’t cry. I don’t weep. I have become an [over-tough person].” I said, “How you call that? I mean, a person who is liberated is nothing but love and compassion. From his whole being compassion must flow. Instead of this, what has happen to you?” He said, “I do not feel anything. I do not feel my children. I cannot feel my wife. I’ve become like a stone.” I said, “Are you going to now become stone after becoming a human being, or what?” So, he said, “Mother what am I to do?” I said, “What do you do first of all?” He said, “I go for five miles every day.” I said, “Better stop. What is the need to run for five miles? Going to such extremes of running like mad, what is the need? Why don’t you spend that time with your children, play with them? You’ll be better off.” But ultimately the Kundalini rose in him and he got them back. So this is how we live in imbalances with these two powers.

Now the third power which is, which is actually the Kundalini here, we have achieved up to this point, from the top to this one, is the one which has given us our evolution up to this point. We are evolved human beings but still we have not been able to reach our meaning, I mean to find out our whole existence, the justification for our existence. Why we are made human from amoeba state? What was the need for nature to create human beings? What is our speciality? And people are finding it very difficult to explain. They try to give this explanation and that explanation. But actual, simple explanation is this, that you are trying to find your wholesomeness. You are a part and parcel of the whole. You are like [the/a] cell, the microcosm and macrocosm, as they call it. And you have to become aware of that thing. Once you become aware of that great thing, then you are surprised to know that you become collectively conscious. You become. Again I say, you become. There’s no question of just telling you, “Oh, we are brothers and sisters. Let us have United Nations,” and then they fight there or just find jobs for people]. It is not that. Automatically it [happens/ means] when the Kundalini rises from here and She pierces through this fontanel bone, as Gregoire has told you, on the fingers, you see here, you start feeling these centers on the hands. You start feeling. It’s an actualization that happens. You start feeling all these centers on your fingers.

Even if you take ten children together and who are realized souls and tie up their eyes and ask them that, “What is wrong with this particular person?” they will all raise one finger, which means he has got throat problems. It is that decides. It is that. But that’s not the only thing. Of course, collective consciousness when it comes into you, you start understanding. “Oh, God, I understand my own centers that are within.” That means Self-realization, understanding about the Self. When you know about your own centers then you know Self-realization. And when you know about the centers of others, you know it is collective consciousness which is built-in.

Now see, in human being we have developed certain consciousness. For example, if you want to take a horse through the dirtiest place he wouldn’t mind; he’ll just walk. For him it does not matter. But you cannot go with the horse. You’ll go for about two paces and you’ll turn by saying, “Oh, I just can’t walk.” The horse will walk through; he will have no problem. But you cannot because you have developed that sensitivity within you, you have developed that sensitive nose within you which the, the horse does not have. In the same way you have developed other sensitivities, say to beauty, art, to many things you have developed. I mean, you are much higher than animals, no doubt. And when this happens to you then you realize that you have a much greater sensitivity than before, the one of collective consciousness. In Sanskrit it is called as samadhi chitta. It becomes your own feeling, means you start feeling it on your central nervous system.

Your central nervous system is what you have achieved so far up to the human state. Now your nervous system starts feeling a cool breeze. Now this cool breeze has been described by all the Scriptures. This is from the heart, the Spirit. The emission of this cool breeze is the actualization of the Spirit. Our attention becomes one with the Spirit and it starts emitting cool vibrations, which is described, as Gregoire has said, as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. In, in Sanskrit Holy Ghost is called as Adi Shakti. And I think perhaps in India, perhaps because we were people of simpler nature and a simpler living, not so complicated, and because in our country we did not have to face nature so much  I mean, you can live in a, in a forest very happily, with very few fruits; they don’t need so many things people started finding out inner being. As you started finding out the outer growth, which you have to grow out, there has to be the inner growth. Like in a tree when the tree grows higher the roots have to grow. For God there is nothing like East and West, oxygen clean and all that. I don’t understand, to be very frank, but the human beings, “We are Eastern. [You are] Western.” It is only that in India the search has been under the being and out here it has been outside. It is only one personality. God never created a world with different nations.

And sometimes I forget about My passports completely. I think it’s like a criminal, carrying a number of the crimes you have committed or something like that. We, this is our craziness that we believe that we are different nations, we are different races, we are different beings. He created all this variety to create a feeling of beauty. Because variety creates the beauty. I mean, if you had the same type of noses and same types of faces and same types of hair, you would have been bored of each other. As it is, we are bored. Then I don’t know what [would] have happened to you. As it is, we can’t bear to meet everybody. [They hesitate/ Because I’ve seen people, I mean if they go to meet someone they must have a television in between or they must drink something together or they must go to a cinema. But they cannot sit together and talk for more than five minutes without fighting. This is what we are. We are so boring. So why we are so boring is because we are not collectively conscious.

But this lecturing is not going to help you, as I told you. There is no lecturing about it, no talking about it. It has to happen. If it does not happen then it does not happen. I mean, if it does not happen I cannot force it. But it happens to so many people; specially in the West it happens [to many people]. The reason is, as I always say, that England is the heart of the universe. But it is lethargic. Europe is the liver of the universe, which is, which is drinking alcohol.. India is the Kundalini of the world; there is no seeking. God save this universe. I mean, whatever is missing, is missing from the point. Where there should be seeking in India, there is no seeking. People do not seek, because they are becoming sophisticated; they are becoming modern. So they do not want to seek. The seekers are in the West but the problem is, as I told you, in England they are lethargic and in the Europe they are drinking].

Doesn’t matter. Whatever may be the situation at this time, I have a feeling that blossom time is coming. The time has come for people to get their realization. It’s the blossom time. In the Tree of Life we had one or two flowers before and nobody could understand them. They were butchered, never recognized, never. They were killed, they were poisoned, and they were crucified. This is what we have to look at. While even the thugs came in and the swindlers, we were very good to them. We have given them palaces, and houses and beds where there are diamonds, and they are having a very nice time. So, what to do? This human eye has to see. That’s what it’s very difficult. Krishna has said, [Hindi] “The one who can see, can see. The one who cannot see, cannot see.” It’s impossible. No use breaking your head before a person who does not see. Somebody, there is a blind man, you tell him “This is the color of this table cloth.” He’ll say, “What is the color? You tell me.” Now what are you going to tell? He cannot see. And I have seen this is the problem of the West and also of the East. The great writer who is living now in England his name is Dr. Mascaro; you might have heard his name  he has written lots of treatises about Gita, and Upanishadas, also Dhammapada and also Bible. He’s a master. And he is a master of Sanskrit language. I went to see him and he gave Me a flower. with a beautiful couplet, “Flower”, [in that, from which] he said that, “Mother, give us light. Give them all light so that they can see. Please give them.” I said, “I’m doing that.” I’m doing that, but somehow people do not know what to expect within themselves.

When the awakening takes place the first thing that happens as a by-product that you get physical [health], fitness. The doctor has not come today from Lausanne? We had a doctor. Luckily they were five or six patients who also have come. First thing that happened to a paralyzed lady was that she got all right, with her paralyses which was there for two  years. And she told Me, “For the first time I could climb three stories in my house after realization.” The second gentleman had a sort of infantile problem who was bent up completely like that, throughout, and he always used to eat like that; stood up and his back was all right. Thirdly  I mean, this happened only in Lausanne because we have done so much this work before  there was a lady with breast cancer, and when she came to Me, she, her hands started shaking little bit. She shook for a while and now she is perfectly all right. Who is the fourth one person? And a lady with arthritis, she got all right. And another person who was down with some sort of a, we can say a nervous tension in the stomach, she got all right. So this is nothing; this is just a by-product. The by-product is like that when God has to be invited in your heart, this temple of your body has to be enlightened and cleansed. So the cleansing takes place. It’s a first cleansing [divine in the body through your physical [form].

Now, cancer: I’ve been saying this for the last ten years. For your information I’ve cured our president Sanjiva Reddy, [there it took him five hours], of his cancer. You know he had cancer of lungs. Cancer can only be cured by Sahaj Yoga. It’s a fact. I’ve been talking about it, saying about it. Some doctors accept it but most of them do not. The reason is, you cannot take money for Sahaja Yoga. How many doctors are willing to accept this proposition? There is nothing mercenary about it. You cannot take money for this. If you get enlightenment you have to give enlightenment free of cost.

On the left and the right of these two, there is an area which is collective subconscious and the collective supraconscious. These are the two areas which are unknown to us, and from here all esoteric and all sorts of experiences come to us. For example, people start seeing light or they start feeling that their body is taken away or all sorts of good experiences come from this movement or this movement. Now these are the areas we have to avoid completely and we have to be in the central path. We have to be in the light of moderation and not of the extremes. But if you go too much of this side or to that side you fall into problems. Now I have seen all the cancer patients that I have seen so far had a problem from the left side, most surprising. Either they had some sort of a false guru there.

Leukemia, leukemia is caused by the entry of some sort of invaders from this area. Now, you’ll be amazed  I’ve been saying this for the last ten years  but I saw in the BBC recently they have found out that there are some proteins which they call them as protein 52, protein this and that, which are invading us from some unknown area they do not know precisely ? from some unknown areas, and these areas are built within us since the creation. This is accepted now by the cancer research. But their research is something like a blind walking in, into a black pool. He says, “Now this is the chair. So we found the chair. So there is a chair.” I say it’s better that you get the light and see for yourself everything what it is. That’s a much better way of knowing. This is known as self-knowledge. When the self gives you the light, we start seeing all these things within us and understanding them.

Now these areas are very, very dangerous. For example, those who indulge into say, some sort of a supraconscious experimentation, like flying. For example, some people are now trying to fly. See, there are courses to fly. I don’t understand. You’ve got your aeroplane. Why do you want to fly in the air? Now this flying business is done nothing but by the spirits. They take away your spirit outside and you feel that you are removed from the point.

But this area is the most dangerous thing for children, because this ego develops in a grown-up person, but in a child there is no ego. So when these bodies take away the soul of a child, it is difficult for the child to come back to life. And you’ll find the child suddenly dead without understanding the reason for his death. This is because now you have let loose all these areas into the present tense. Never, never before on this earth, such a mess of horrible things. Because of these horrible fake gurus, also the indulgences of ourselves into different techniques by which either move this side or that side, like ESP and all sorts of the techniques, that are all… Some other was, to stop your drinking you have to say, “I don’t drink.” So you develop your ego; you go this side. All this deliberations of human beings which come from an unknown source make the person enter either into this side or that side and creates such a number of complications. The permutations and combinations, when I see them I am really amazed.

Now where do we have to go? Because this side is the hell. So we have to go there and to be on the top of your head is the power which is all-pervading, about which all the Scriptures have said that there is an All-pervading Power. Now are we to believe that or not? Are we to say they were all wrong, who told us this? Was Christ wrong? Was Nanaka wrong? Was Adi Shankaracharya wrong, who said that you have to achieve that state? They were all wrong or we are wrong? Actually, when I was born my father himself told Me he was a realized soul  that no use talking to human beings about all this. At the most they can crucify you. They won’t understand. What you have to do is to find out a method by which you give en masse realization, by which you raise these people who are on the first floor, to the second or the third floor so that they see there is beyond and they will understand. Otherwise they will definitely crucify you. I said, “All right.” And I worked very hard. At the age of my forty-seven years, for ten, eleven years back I found out a method by which we can have en masse realization not individual but en masse realization. And as Gregoire has told you that I worked more in the villages. Cities I’ve left for the thugs. Let them work out, because they are interested in your purse. The villagers don’t have any money. They are simple people; let them have realization. Let the city people run after these mad people.

There are some people who are giving something like a diamond and this and that. Is that what God is going to give? Why don’t you go and purchase diamonds in the market? It’s very simple. But this is what it is. We must know what to do then. We have to find out our wholesomeness. We have to find out our own power, our own power, not the power of the guru. Even if the guru is right, what does it matter? What about your own power? Have you been able to find your own power? Your own power manifested by which you raise the Kundalini of these people, you give them Realization, by which you cure people, by which you give them all the peace and by which you give them their spiritual ascent by which they live in bliss and happiness. This is how you enter into the Kingdom of God by entering through this alone.

All these chakras are the basic seven chakras [we have] and they have got different deities who are settled down. I would say the red mark you see here is the center across the optic chiasma where it crosses each other. It’s a subtle centre and that centre controls your pituitary and pineal by which pituitary controls ego and the pineal controls your superego. And when the Kundalini rises through this parasympathetic, integrating you completely, enters into that area, goes beyond it, you find there is no thought in your mind. You become thoughtlessly aware. It is called as Nirvichara Samadhi in Sanskrit language. One may say, “It’s a very difficult thing, Mother. How?” But the thing is, if I can do it there must be something about Me. I’ve done it; it’s really I can do it. So there must be something about Me. Instead of doubting Me it’s better this: I can do it; why not have? Some say that it takes thousands of years, it takes this thing, that thing. But all right. I am a master of that. If I can do it, why do you have any objections?

The other day a doctor came to Me and he said, “I think I should do it myself.” I said, “Very good. I’ll be very happy, sir, if you take My place. If you can do it, nothing like it. I would like to retire. I’m really tired now working on people. Can you do it? Now, you are a doctor. You know how to drive. I don’t know how to drive a car. If you are driving My car I have no objections. In the same way if I drive your Kundalini what objections can you have? If you can drive the Kundalini I’ll be very happy. Why don’t you do it?” But he cannot do it. That’s the main part. Then I said, “You better take My [seat/place].” I’ll be very happy because it’s a tremendous work, requires tremendous powers, tremendous patience. And when you will come to Sahaja Yoga you will realize that only a Mother can do it. It’s a question of tremendous patience. They don’t want their realization. They don’t understand the realization. They are children. They are getting drowned. You have to tell him, “My child, take care of yourself. Please have this.” You have to explain to him. It’s such a difficult task. Mr. Ego is very powerful. At the smallest point they come onto their egos. They say, “Oh.” Any point they’ll pick up and say, “Oh.” This is not [right]. The other day only I said one significant point about. I said, “Christ has said, ‘Thou shall not have adulterous eyes’.” And in the Bible it is written that, “Thou shall not commit adultery.” It was all said for your good. Very important it is. You see, in India we commit the sin against the Father that we don’t believe that our Father Almighty is going to look after, look after us. Krishna has said, “Yoga Kshema vahamyaham”. Vahamyaham, “When you get your yoga, then I’ll look after your kshema, means well-being.” He has promised it, but we Indians don’t believe in it, you see. That’s why we have problems, and that’s why we are doing something else that you are not doing.

But we have to see the problems of this country or of the West, is that we are doing sin against the Mother. These days it’s allowed to have a woman as a keep. It is not allowed to have. This is absurd, absolutely absurd. You have to marry and lead a sensible life, in the centre, have children, and be good, righteous people. Of course, now the life as it is we have committed sin on this side and we have committed sin on the other side. But doesn’t matter. Makes no difference whatsoever. Whatever we have done, forget about it.

The another fashion we have in the West is to develop a guilt. For anything. It’s a fashion, absolutely is a fashion; take it from Me. I’m dealing with the Western people more. So I will tell you how the fashion comes in. I don’t know how it comes in. Maybe we have to go and confess before the priest maybe, and I don’t know how it comes in. But everybody’s guilty about everything. Even people living here are guilty about the people, say, in North, North Korea or South Korea or Vietnam or something like that. I mean, you are just here. Why to feel guilty about there? You are doing anything wrong? You are good people. Why to feel guilty? But it is an escape to feel guilty about something.

Like in France I was surprised, we found people, the French people, that they were very unhappy and very complaining all the time, and I was surprised why they were so depressed. And very boring also in that way. I said, “Why are you boring yourself with this kind of an idea that you are the most miserable people, like Mr. Hugo has said, ‘Les Miserables’, all of them settled down in France.” I said, “What is there? Look at the nature. See to that. How beautiful it is. Have you thanked God for that? Have you said, ‘Oh Lord, thank you very much for what you have given us.’ Have you ever, ever been thinking at that? Unless and until you thank God, how will you know the joy of thanking? You do not want to thank God. That’s why you should be miserable. You have to show that you are miserable. Otherwise you may have to thank God for that, whatever He has given you. He has given you this beautiful [body/]. He has given you this human awareness. He has given you so many things for which there has to be endless thanks.” But we are unhappy about small, small things. Even if the tap is not running all right we get absolutely upset and say, “Ah,” as if the whole world has collapsed. Even the smallest thing upsets us like that.

Now, in France, they told Me that, “Mother, You are extremely happy person, but people will think You have no character if you are that happy.” I said, “Really?” “So then you have to show your character by showing that you are very unhappy.” I said, “I find this impossible. You know I, I cannot be seriously unhappy for more than one minute and again I get into a big laugh as a joke. I cannot, and when I see such people I laugh even more.” What is there to be so miserable for? Are you crucified on the cross? Some people said, “We have to suffer.” Why? Christ has suffered for you. Why do you now suffer second time? All right, He has done the suffering for you. Finish it off now. And He never suffered because He was like Me, those who never suffer. But our idea about Christ is also that He was bony person; He was nothing but bones. This is all our idea, because we are so miserable ourselves we cannot see Christ. How can you carry a cross on your body if you are a bony person like that? Can the, these bones, what you call the skeleton, can it carry a cross? Even you people who are supposed to be healthy cannot carry a cross. He was a very healthy man. Only Michelangelo could see that He was like that.

All such expressions make Me feel that it’s a drama people have created just to avoid God, not to accept His presence, that “we are very miserable”. In Paris, I asked these people, I’m sorry to say, French, same about Swiss, not much difference. That, they said, “We are very miserable, Mother.” I said, “There are ten prostitutes on this street when you walk ten minutes, and the whole thing is going into alcoholism and you, the miserable creatures, what are you doing about it? You have no time to be happy. What miseries have you got? I don’t see any miseries. It is only your own mind.” While in a poor country you go, I went to Africa, [I’ve met] people. You go to some aboriginals, oh they will have, whatever they’ll have they bring it to you and they will be embracing you; they’ll be full of joy. I asked, “What’s the matter?” “Oh, you don’t know?” I said, “What happened?” “Can you not see what has happened?” I said, “What?” “Oh, something great has happened.” I said, “What, what has happened?” “You don’t know what has happened? First time we have got the flowers in this [tree].”

We don’t even see flowers. There’s a, a Sahaja Yogini met Me. Now she’s a Sahaja Yogini. Of course she is different, and she has many dimensions [within]. She said, “Mother, I never knew we have trees in Lausanne.” Can you imagine? Such a beautiful place is wasting all its beauty on the people. I mean, it’s so joyous and so beautiful, but people can’t see. They have no eyes. What are they seeing? What do they see? I just can’t understand that when you cannot see His grace and witness that peace within you. I feel miserable, too, because I think, “Why have you made yourselves miserable for nothing? Everything is there.” This I tell you because for your realization you have to have a cheerful mood, not [a very/] sorrow [one]. You have to have a cheerful mood to get your realization. You have to be like a flower to become. If you cannot be like a flower how will you become a fruit? If you are like a thorn do you think I can make fruit out of you? You have to be like a flower in a very cheerful, joy-giving [mood] that is very important.

Now, as I told you this Kundalini is coiled down here in three and a half coils. Now what is the mathematics and all that we have discussed? I mean, I’ve given about three hundred, or more than that, lectures in India and they have got tapes and Gregoire has written a beautiful book, a big book which you can buy from him and read it, about Sahaja Yoga. But I think God, I have to assure everyone ,that He has put all these centres within you [They look like lotuses and they are within, all ready and you are just ready to get your realization. It’s a very, very subtle [control]. I should say it’s a play. But because sometimes you are complicated here or complicated there, for some sort of a complication, specially with this kind of this malady of feeling all the time guilty comes up on the left Vishuddhi, here. And that one is such a horrible stuff, I tell you that, that gives a real pain in the neck, and that is what troubles people very much when they get realization.

The another problem that comes up here is the Agnya which controls your ego or superego. In this I would say that the young people, specially from the Western countries because we are dealing with the Western people, discovered that their forefathers had lot of ego. They could see the balloon of the ego. So they decided to have another style of life. They said, “Let’s start an anti-culture. Now finish this tail coat trim and take to something simple.” That was a very good of them to think like that it is too much egoistical and that they could not face themselves as egoists. This was a very great thing, because they are saints, they are seekers and they felt that in this ego-satisfaction we are not going to achieve anything. But from there, they, they had no proper guidance whatever it was, and in their ignorance I would say they shifted from ego to superego by taking drugs. Now the drugs is a manoeuvring of a very cunning group of people who just wanted to make money out of your seeking, out of your naivety. And they offered you drugs. Of course with drugs one thing definitely has happened to people: they have started seeing that there are other areas also. But these areas are quite dangerous. By knowing these areas they have started at least thinking that there are some other areas. But as I told you, these two difficult areas where you enter into are no good for you.

Now by going to superego also what has happened that you developed your superego. Like a gentleman who came to Me, he was dressed up with his hair all knotted up, you see, like an aboriginal. He came to see Me. And he is a PhD, you see. So I said, “Why do you dress up like an aboriginal?” He said, “I want to become an aboriginal.” I said, “You cannot. Your brain is too modern. Only by growing hair how will you become? Your brain is such a modern speedy stuff, it doesn’t stop for one minute. It’s going thinking, thinking, thinking like mad. How will you stop it? Only by growing your hair like an aboriginal? You cannot do it. Brain has to be brought to the normal condition.” He said, “I agree that, that has to be done.” And this is what it is happens to you that when you develop this left side. Left and right start fighting and then bubbles out and you become extremely speedy; the speed starts working. The speedometer is this, I would say the speedometer is another different centre which looks after your liver, which looks after your spleen, your pancreas, then your kidneys and your [intestines]. This is the Swadishthana chakra, the second centre [here]. Now what happens, it has another very important point which medical profession doesn’t agree, but may not agree, but it is the most important thing it has to do is put to convert the fat of the stomach for the use of the brain. When you start thinking too much, then this process is expedited and when it is expedited all that flows to the brain. And, but this poor thing, one centre cannot do all the jobs in a balanced way. So your liver gets spoilt. Most of the people in the West have bad liver because of their thinking habits. They go on thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking. Such a burning process starts. They seek the sun. On top of that they go and tan themselves. Now this is really madness. Because if you tan on top of this your head will be melting more of fat cells and you will need more passing of the fat cells up there, up there and that’s why you develop your skin troubles and skin diseases and skin cancers.

So a person who thinks too much has to know that we have to take our thinking process to a balance. When Kundalini rises on top there, She just makes you thoughtlessly aware. But the knob of the speedometer is the spleen. The other day I was telling these people how the spleen works it out. It’s very interesting. For example, you are eating your food. Suddenly you feel you must go very fast. And for Me to keep pace with the people here, is impossible. I mean, I have not even done one tenth of the food when they have finished and the plate is out. I just start looking, “Oh, I wouldn’t eat it now.” Out of formality I just get up and say, “All right.” Then they say, “You didn’t like the food?” “I like it but the speed with which people eat.” And then, they, they leave everything and then run fast, fast for their work. But by that the poor spleen has to make more blood cells, more blood cells.

Now when you start making more blood cells and more blood cells it becomes absolutely bizarre. It’s tired, it goes mad, it does not know what to do. When it becomes tired, then the blood cells that it produces are weak. They are weak blood cells and then the attack comes in the left side and you develop leukemia. We have cured leukemia hundred per cent. But only if you want your realization, then only it cures. We do not cure people who do not want realization. Our job is not of the doctors. Otherwise all the doctors will crucify Me. I’ve told them I have nothing to do with the people, there’s no profession of Mine, but those who want realization I’ll cure. And they, and they get cured. I should say they get cured. But I don’t want to challenge your ego. Again [if I, you can] say I’ll cure you become [unclear]. Anything I say, I’ll do. But if I was a doctor, you see, and if I was treating you, you don’t mind. You become absolutely silent. Like the other day I had a patient who was a doctor and when I started treating him, he didn’t like it, the other position/[possession], you see. Always he has been treating patients and he could not bear it up that I, he was treated by us, you see. And he would look at these very badly. He said, “I don’t want people to treat me.” I said, “Then how can you be cured? You have to accept that for a change somebody else to be your doctor. All right, doesn’t matter, nothing wrong.”

So this is what happens with our movement of the sun, when we have too much of sunlight for a period. Now as I told you that our search has been in the West on the right hand side, then all the five elements constitute this area and we have been searching into the five elements to find out how to improve them or you can say how to use them, or manoeuvre them for our own purpose, how to work it out for us. For example, if a tree is there, then you make a beautiful, say, tree made furniture, or a [unclear] furniture, or something like that, from one dead to another dead. What we do is to convert the form of one dead into another dead. We do nothing. That’s why it is ego because we do not do anything and still we think we have done, from one form to another form. Actually, by doing that it so happens that we become slaves of the nature. For example, if you are used to the chair you cannot sit on the grass. If you are used to a comfortable bed then you cannot sleep on the ground. You start missing it. You form habits. So the matter gives you habits. When you start with becoming materialistic you become like matter, like machine. You don’t think. You just go on. You must have seen Charlie Chaplin’s “Modern Times”, you see. He, he was really a visionary to see what happens to human beings when they will become machines you see, they will be just…

Now we don’t like machines in the West. For example, people like here cotton cloths. They like it; they like. Cotton they prefer more than nylon. I mean, nobody will think of it. But in India I have to take nylon saris from here to please My relations who have got cottons. You can imagine the, the other way round thing that is going on in India, the other way round here. They want the machinery and you want to run away from the machinery. I wish some people to convince Indians now better not do all these things and have a short [of needs, sari]. Better understand that these machineries are like devils. Once they start producing they will need more to eat, more to eat. They’ll take out so much from the Mother Earth that after some time you’ll find you have nothing but plastics and artificial things.

So this is what is happening to us on the right hand side that we are progressing too much on the material [side]. I mean, it’s really maddening. America is one of the places I should say it’s quite maddening, baba. I mean they have varieties in everything. I like varieties say for, you have some beautiful [ties]. In beauty I like varieties. But everything must not be a variety. For example, a handle. Now every handle should be different. If you go to any American bathroom please find out from them how to use the handle. Otherwise you’ll land up into great difficulties. Suddenly you’ll find from somewhere the water will be pouring onto you and you’ll be completely drenched with absolutely ice cold water. They have so many gadgets, and this and that, that you get lost in that. There is no need to do all these. You have a simple method to of taking your bath. What is the need to have so many things?

For example now, glass. You must have a special glass for this thing, and a special glass for that, and a special glass for that. Why? One glass itself is sufficient. I think you can have everything in that. What is the need to have all these things unnecessarily? It’s a headache, I tell you, to wash them, to clean them, put them right. And on top of that to give to insurance for saving them from being stolen out. So it’s better to have simpler life. But the thing is when the activity on this side increases also these goods come in the market and they start [buying]. It’s surprising. For example, in Switzerland I was surprised that in the market you cannot get anything but ties and chocolates made in Switzerland. They import them. I asked, “Why? What, what is the matter? Why don’t you produce something?” They said, “The, the man-power is so short and that it is so expensive that we find it easy to get it from China than to make it here.” So at least we have to accept that some people have to do this work for the machinery and some people have to do the work of handmade.

So in the same way a thing that has been discovered now, is for the whole universe. It is neither for the left or the right. It is neither for the East or for the West. It is for the whole universe. It is because this is what one has to jump in. This is what the evolution has to take to. You are human beings and you have to become super human beings. This has to happen, whether you like it or not. If you do not have it yet, you help with it. But better have it too. Why will you? This is simple. But people can’t understand something which you get free. Because somebody asked Me, “How can it be possible? There must be some snag.” I said, “There is no snag. It’s a simple thing.” But they can’t understand a person can do it, something without any payment. Now, why not think of Christ. How much money did He take from you to talk about God? How many forces these people had with them? And how many palaces He built for Himself from your money? He lived as a carpenter when He was a carpenter. He didn’t take any money from anyone, whatever it is.

Now today my husband is such and such and I’m a housewife. So I dress up like a housewife. If I was say an ordinary person, say a person who is not having sufficient money, I would have slept on the ground. I can, even today. I have no problem. I have no problem. I can sleep anywhere, I can live anywhere. I have no problem. I can go by bus, I can go by tram, I can walk. These two feet are there. What is there? But these things come to a person who is not there. The one who cares for these things cannot be a holy man [in these days]. Of course, when you have to live like a king, you live like a king. But from inside you are not attached to it.

Now for this also we have started a new style. I mean, for everything they have an answer. All these people have an answer for every sort of thing you could want. We have gurus and gurus in India. For example, there is a guru. He says, “You must wear orange dress.” All right. So they start wearing an orange dress. Now, but the orange dress man is an ascetic. And then he says, “You must have sex liberation.” Now how can you meet these two things? Just see, it is something so absurd that any Indian can understand the absurdity of this kind of neo-sanyasa. How can you be a sex addict and also a sanyasi? This is to describe that such a person is not going to get married, he has nothing to do with sex but he has dedicated his life for God. On the contrary, here it is they are having mass sex action, this, that, which never Indians knew about, and he is doing all emancipation for the people who are quite experts here.

There is no need for you to have a guru in this way. You see, this was just a guru provided because you thought that at least you have some sort of a conscience by which you understand maybe they are not doing wrong. So if there is a guru you think even if anything goes wrong we’ll say, “This guru was there. He taught us.” But this guru is going to hell first, much before anybody goes. Whatever are the eternal ideas about life, are eternal. You cannot change them. If you try to change them you see the problems come. For example, we have changed the idea, say, about chastity. First thing will happen, diseases. I have seen. Why do they suffer? In America every third seeker who comes to Me suffers from very bad disease. Even in Switzerland I’ve seen they suffer from diseases. Why do you suffer from diseases if it is liberation? Why do you suffer from jealousies? Why do you have maladies in the family? Why people give up their husbands’ and wives’ relationship and have divorces if it was [healthy/needed]? If it was healthy, if it was congenial to your being, it would have been a joy to everyone, to [protect you/the country]. But it does not. Because I’m dealing with your side I’m telling you this, that it is not congenial and thus we have to understand ourselves, our sustenance, ourselves, that these things go against our dharma.

The other day in England, a BBC fellow came to Me, questioning Me. And you know how they are, very blind and extremely arrogant. And I’m better than them, to control I know how to control them. So they asked Me few questions. According to them they were very intelligent. And the first question he asked Me, that, “Instead of doing this work in England” – I mean, I have stopped people taking drugs and all that, I have cured so many people, no thankfulness about it but “Instead of doing this work in England, why don’t you go to India and solve your poverty problem [as a great/arrogant personality]?” I said, “Sir, I’m in England, on your soil. I don’t want to say something that is little indecent. But as you have asked the question I have to tell you. Who is responsible for our poverty? When all the Western people went all over the world to dominate other countries and have kept them still down, who is responsible for it?” But he would not take it that way. Then he kept quiet on that point. So he found out another point. He said, “What about your population problem?” I said, “I’m sorry, sir, even here you are responsible.” He was amazed. He said, “How are we responsible for your population problem?” I said, “See in England it’s a fact that every week two children are killed by parents themselves. Nobody can believe it in India but it is like that. It’s a fact.” I said, “Which foolish child would be born here? We have to get the birth in India. You are going minus. You are suffering from impotency. People are suffering and sixty-five per cent people in America are suffering from impotency, young. How can you produce children?” In Switzerland itself out of five families only one family produces child. It’s a fact. You can find out. What are we to do? These children are to be born. There’s a Last Judgment has started. So they are taking birth in India. Why do you blame us? You better pay.

Even if we try very hard we’ll have to have them here because the way we love our children, the way we look after them, whatever, we may be poor, but we have heart for them. And we are not Romeo and Juliets all our lives. I mean, even at eighty they are divorcing. I mean, all sorts of nonsense going on. All the heroes and heroines like the, this Mrs. Kennedy business and all that. I mean, I can’t imagine these women. They will be thrown out of everything, of the society, all such women. People won’t see that faces in the morning. If you see such a face on the newspaper in the morning they will wash the newspaper, wash their eyes and throw it in the dustbin. Such inauspicious people you have here as [unclear] there’s another seven times married woman. What’s her name is, Elizabeth Taylor. She’s always on the cover page. If you go to the BBC program, then hero is this man who kills seven wives, the one who kills seven queens. He is always the hero there. I mean, what has happened to Shakespeare? Where has he disappeared? You people have created such an atmosphere that no chaste person can exist. If a housewife has to talk to someone she cannot talk because she’s regarded as a useless woman. She must work, she must earn. Her looking after her children is not regarded as a very great. But in our country I must tell you that, I mean we are, in other some respect we are really very horrid people, in certain aspects they are terrible here. Be careful on that part. I mean, never trust them on this point. But on this point I must say that in India a woman, if she’s a housewife, she has to wear nine things as a decoration of her form if she is out there. You see, I’m wearing all these, some of them, but you have to wear many more. Nine things you have to wear in India to show that you are a housewife. And it’s the most auspicious thing to see a housewife in India.

A housewife is treated like a Goddess, and there is a place within us which is for a housewife, which is the spleen. She is the ruler of the spleen in the human beings, called as Gruha Lakshmi, is the goddess of the housewives. There is no conception like this here. In England we had arranged a marriage of a Sahaja Yogini with a person who was a Sahaja Yogi himself. First she was not a Sahaja Yogini when he married her and she did not have the concept of a Gruha Lakshmi. So he told her something that, “This must be cleaned,” or something. She said, “Why are you telling me?” So she came to Me. I said, “Why don’t you understand? This is your house. You must be clean. You must look after it.” In England men are absolutely, you see, they are, I don’t know, they are servants. They fix the breakfast for the wives. They fix their beds. I don’t know if they give them baths or whatever. Means that everything the man has to do. You see, poor these husbands have really [hard time there]. And these women are very [foolish/cruel to them].

So I asked her, “Why, why don’t you do this household work? After all, this is your job. What is wrong?” She said, “No, I’m not a housewife.” I said, “What? What’s wrong [in/with] a housewife?” She said, “No, housewife is never respected in England.” I said, “What do you say?” “Yes, the, you see, I was a secretary of somebody. He was more fond of me than of his wife. He used to respect me more than his wife.” I said, “He must be mad.” She said, “No, he was quite sane and a very successful man and he never cared for his wife and he treated her just like[filth.” I said, “ I am surprised. How can that be? Because in the society, say for example if I go with My husband I’ll be sitting next to him, on the same position as he, even his second man, he may be anything, he will sit next to Me. Even in England. Do you think his secretary is going to sit next to him?” Then she said, “Yes.” I said, “This is the position of a housewife. The housewife is treated with the same respect as the man, even today in England. Now whatever you may do about it, it’s different.” So she changed her attitude.

This is what it is, is the centre of housewife, which is a very important centre, because that’s the centre of the mother. The mother is the one who has to give that security, that love, that attention. She has to bear up all the problems upon herself. But they do not; they do not. Here even a seventy-years-old woman talks as if a sixteen-years-old. Why?I mean, you are ashamed, like you just, you do not know what to say, the way, you are so embarrassed the way they talk about themselves that they are in, this is their seventh husband they are marrying. At seventy, the seventh. At eighty is the eighth. What about your children? Some are there. Some are there. All of them are in the orphanage. Your husband, wife, the seven husbands and seven wives in the orphanage and their eighty-four children are also in the orphanage only. There is no household, there is no house, there is no  there’s no joy, there’s nothing, there’s no security.

The first thing is the thinking/feeding of [your nest?]. The idea that you can achieve God without marrying is absurd. You cannot. Most people who are not married are very difficult for realization. Of course, it is all right, I mean, if you are young, yet not married. You can get married later on. But marriage is sanctioned by the collective . The collective being sanctions your marriage. You have to respect it. This institution is not your own. It’s created by God. Somebody told Me that this constitution is not by God. I said, “How do you know?” He said, “Animals do not marry.” I said, “Are you animal? Or are you going to become animals?” Supposing an animal takes away this book nobody will call it a thief, will they? He takes away anything. I mean, you have seen rats and things, monkeys, everything taking away for them as if their own. But a human being if he does it, you’ll say “Why?”. In the same way if the animals do not marry it’s not a crime, but if human beings do not marry in the eyes of God it is [wrong. It’s a fact. Because if it was not why people are punished? You see, it’s so [unclear]. And the unhappiness comes from that, believe Me. If your parents were happily married, and if you had a happy family, you would never have taken to drugs or to any such things and your security would have been very well built.

Now, whatever our parents have failed, maybe more, whatever it is, let us give it to our children. Let them have that security that we love each other and that there is a family within us which is going to look after our next generation and they are going not to be tortured because of our whims and our ideas, that we are going to give them that security. Otherwise population in India will grow again. If you do not decide that, we’ll have a problem in India. I must tell you this is one of the reasons why all the developing countries are having population problems because developed countries are incapable of sustaining children. It’s a very serious thing. I mean, that you are loving people. You know what love is. But it cannot be only this romanticism all your life. You have to have love for your children, love for your country, love for everyone around in their own period. There has to be this understanding of love which is missing.

Like there is no sisterly relationship. An eighty-years-old man marrying a sixteen-years-old girl. I mean, this is nonsense, absolute nonsense. It’s ego, nothing but ego. Foolish ego and stupid ego, it gives you stupidity; that’s what it is. How can an eighty-years-old man marry a sixteen-years-old girl? Like this Khomeini has got a wife; she’s sixteen years. I mean, he is stupid from every angle, but this angle was exposed to Me recently that he has married a girl who is sixteen. I mean, ego at its best stupidity, this Mr. Khomeini. And there are so many you know, Idi Amin and all the other people who are now gone away but see, but there are many like this, all ego-oriented people. Because ego ends up in stupidity. An ego-oriented person becomes nothing but stupid. It ends up because, “What’s wrong?” What’s wrong being stupid? Nothing wrong. Only you are a stupid person. That’s what it is. If you are doing stupid things it is stupid.

So when a person tries to satisfy his ego, if it goes on and on and on ultimately it ends up into stupidity. We have a very good example of a saint, called Narada, who became very conscious of his powers. He was saint, Narada, very great. And he challenged Shiva. He said, “What is this Shiva? He also married Parvati and he was also won over by Kamadeva. And what is He? He’s nothing compared to me. I am a person. I am a brahmachari. I am an ascetic one.” So Vishnu is the one who resides here, who gives us the, our evolution, is the one who played the tricks with him. And He took him to some acre, a city of illusion called as Mayanagar. Here they created a, a, a princess who was to be married. It’s all an illusion. Now this fellow went there and he sent two of his people, friends, to him, saying that, “You go and tell him that you are a very handsome man.” So, they went and created an atmosphere of false [face] for this saint. They said, “Oh, you are a very handsome man, a very good. Why not try for the princess?” He said, “No, I am an ascetic.” He said, “Whatever it is, she will be impressed by your excellencies [GW: excellences?]. She will definitely put the garland into your neck and she will not give the chance, and even a glance at others.” Now, this fellow, the handsome Mr. Ascetic, you see, he thought oh, he’s so great. And actually he, he had started looking like a monkey, actually. But they said, “Oh, what a beautiful man you, this that,” happened like that.

So he went into that Mayanagari, into that city of illusion and he sat himself like a very big hero waiting for the princess to choose him. And the princess was moving with the garland around. And when she saw this monkey she couldn’t help laughing. She started laughing and laughing and rolling around. He couldn’t understand what it is. He thought, “Now she’s very happy. She’s going to garland me.” His stupidity, you see. So then she, she took her garland and she was still smiling, laughing and she went and garlanded somebody. He could not understand. These two people who were just trying to praise him and pamper his ego, he said, “What’s the matter?” “[We/You] don’t know what’s the matter.” “I don’t know.” “You are the most handsome man going round.” But when he looked around everybody was laughing at him. He said, “What’s wrong with me?” “There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s nothing wrong. It’s perfectly all right. You are the best man, you are the greatest personality and everybody is looking at you.” He said, “They are feeling happy. You don’t, don’t understand.” And his ego was pampered and then he went to wash his face, you see. And he went to a lake and in the lake he saw his image. “Oh, God. What a stupid fool I was.” And at that time the whole illusion city disappeared, telling him that you were under a myth. And this myth has to drop out today.

We are beautiful, we are eternal, we are the source of joy if we become the Spirit not the ego. We have to become the Spirit which is the eternal being within you. I see that. In all of you I see that. I see the clouds and I know the clouds can be removed. I love you and worship you very much that you should get that Spirit expressed in your awareness, that it should become your experience, that you should become that eternal being, that eternal beauty within you by which you should shine in all joy, happiness and bliss. And become that for which you are made, to become that instrument for which you are created. Like a, a thing which is connected to the mains and start manifesting, you start manifesting immediately. Immediately you start manifesting. If you want to feed, you start feeding other people. It’s a very great experience of ages, as I told you, that at the Nala time it was promised, it was promised by all the big saints and big incarnations. Mohammed Sahab has promised it as He said that you have to become active. You have to get your Ruh. It’s called as Ruh. Ruh means this cool breeze, as described in the Bible. It’s very elaborately done. But the greatest work has been done by Adi Shankaracharya who has said, “Na yogena, na samkhyena.” By all these talking and all that, philosophies, you are not going to get it, but through the Mother’s grace you’ll have. So now, here I am, at your service, at your disposal. Make the use of Me as you like. But what we have to request you that to get it you have to pay attention to your heart, to your Spirit, to humble down into your heart. There’s a beautiful couplet that, “Whenever I want to see my Lord I have to just bend my head and I’ll see Him in my heart.” That’s what it is. And it should happen to you.

As I told you, in such a short time it’s not possible to say all the things about this great knowledge within you. It’s the instrument, and the whole mechanism has a big history behind it. But I only say that when you enter in the room I’ll tell you where is the buttons and you open, you find out the light. That’s all it is. If I start telling all the history and all that you’ll be fed up. There is a history behind it all. So what is the need? First of all you have the light, enjoy yourself and then we’ll talk about. But it happens only to for these people who are really hungry for it. It works out in the people who are really hungry for it. Those who are not, it does not. It does not work out. It’s difficult. So you have to think of your desires because I told you that’s your pure desire. So understand what is your pure desire is, which you achieve and get it. Another thing which I have already told you and again, I’ll emphasize that you should not feel guilty about anything. It’s a kind of an escape. It’s a very subtle escape. Whatever you have done, I mean the so-called sins as they say, what are they if I am talking about the Ocean of Love? If there is an ocean what is the speck of the thing that you hide? Why should you worry about it and think about it? It’s nothing; it’s nothing. Because you are saints you are seekers. You have to get it, it’s your right that you have to have it and you will have it. May God bless you all.

I would like you to ask Me a few questions because today is the only day I’m here, but do not ask such questions that you divert the attention of the whole. Because there are some people, they read some far-fetched book and from there. That all forget about it. Whatever I am doing I will tell you. I say you will get your realization. Believe Me and have it. But if you’ll say that X, Y, Z was saying that you have to stand on your head for twenty years, you better join him and stand there for forty years. But if you want to have it I am here to give you. So why worry about such people? So far you have not got it, that’s why. So better have it.

Sahaja Yogi: Should I tell them to take out the shoes?

Shri Mataji: Aah?

Sahaja Yogi: Should I tell them to take out the shoes?

Shri Mataji: Oh, yes. Just tell them.

Shri Mataji [aside]: It’s all right. It’s all right. What happened? You had an accident? Ha… Where did you get it? Where did you get it? Which [fast food]?

Sahaja Yogi: Four weeks ago.

Shri Mataji: Aah?

Sahaja Yogi: Four weeks ago.

Shri Mataji: Four weeks ago? Where it happened?

Sahaja Yogi: Here.

Shri Mataji: And now you have a plaster? Otherwise I’ll put it right.

Sahaja Yogi: For me?

Shri Mataji: You have got a plaster? Is it open?

Sahaja Yogi: Yes.

Shri Mataji: All right.

Shri Mataji: He understands English.

Shri Mataji: That’s how. It’s very simple, very simple. All right?

That’s your job, I think, Gregoire.

Gregoire: [Is that?]

Shri Mataji: Is that your German?

Gregoire: Sorry. Yes, that’s it.

Shri Mataji: It is, yes. That is the best German we can offer. I am sorry.

So, let’s be, be in a cheerful way not serious. Again, I’m telling you. If you, if you are very serious we’ll have to tickle you. All right? Now put your hands like this.

Because you are entering into the Kingdom of God and not in the, in the jail. So please be cheerful.

One lady: Can You help me? I am single. I am living alone.