Introduction to Nabhi-Void

New Delhi (India)

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Public Program, New Delhi (India) 7 February 1981.

Please sit very comfortably that’s very important. There should be no strain on a particular part of the body. For example, when you are sitting sometimes your feet might feel little bit numbed down, you can change the posture. You need not carry on with any extreme effort or any discomfort to yourself, that’s first thing you must remember. Moreover, some of the people go into tense postures also by stretching their hands too straight or sometimes going very straight or pushing their head behind. Sometimes they bend their heads also bit too much also. Sit very comfortably, with both the hands on your lap in a very comfortable way. There should be nothing extreme to be done from outside. We have to understand the principle of this living process. Then you will know that why I say: “No use doing any such extreme thing to achieve your goal”.

The principle is like this: that this room is all dirty supposing or it’s in a chaos, or maybe it’s in darkness completely, you can’t see anything. So, you enter inside the room. Your goal is to achieve the enlightenment. Some people will say that: “Let us clean the room in darkness with blindness”. You start cleaning your body you don’t know what you are cleaning! So, there is no need to bother about cleaning when you are blind. Some people think: “If you clear your mind before Realization you will be better off.”

You have tried all those things, but in doing so, you have gone to extremes. It’s all blindness, all your work is done in darkness, there is no enlightenment. You have to get your enlightenment first, this is what I have realized that unless and until human beings are enlightened they cannot cleanse themselves properly, they cannot understand Sahaja Yoga, they cannot understand God, they cannot understand, feel their Spirit, nothing is possible unless and until they are enlightened. It is possible then, when you get the enlightenment, you might find that the light is not coming through properly, there is some shaking in the bulb or maybe there is some shaking in the shade or maybe that the room is dirty, that you cannot see things clearly, that you cannot see your image in the mirror, your eyes are weak. For all this you need a bright light. But without getting the light itself, without knowing something about what you have got within yourself, how are you going to cleanse yourself? Of course, the light may be dim but still you can see what is the problem, what is to be done, what is to be cleared out. That’s why enlightenment is the first thing.
Now for this, even if you clean the whole room, even if you do all that, you have not done the perfect job. On the contrary you might break some things, you might spoil some things, you may slip down, anything can happen in darkness that’s what happens to people when they do any sadhana blindly. After your enlightenment you know your way through, you know how to go about it and you understand everything. Then another myth we have is that if we cleanse our mind, we can achieve our spirituality, you can’t. Even if this room may be clean unless and until there is light there cannot be enlightenment. So, the main thing is you have to have an enlightenment. I have known people who lead very clean and a good life. When they get enlightenment, they get it very fast and have it nicely established, very easily and it is there. But some of the people who lead a very clean and a good life have overdone it to such an extent that they have an ego about it, they think: “I don’t want anything, I am perfect, I do no wrong, I am committing no problem, I am a very happy person”. Such people also get stuck because they do not want the higher things of life. They do not want their Spirit to be enlightened so that also sometimes become a very sticky point.

Now in Sahaja Yoga, you have to know that you have the power within yourself. It is there, it exists there, and it is to be just awakened. In some people, it takes time to be awakened. In thousands I have seen it takes no time. The only thing that I would suggest is to keep your mind open, not to become obstinate about things. If you are an obstinate person, the Kundalini is even a greater obstinate thing. Do not be obstinate, just keep yourself open, do not argue it out by argument or by thinking about it, the Kundalini is not going to be awakened. On the contrary when the Kundalini is awakened your thoughts settle down to such an extent that you feel there is no thought coming to you from your subconscious or from your supraconscious. So, try to keep yourself absolutely open and don’t worry even if your vibrations are not felt.
The principle is that light is light and the room is room. The light has nothing to do with the room. Only thing, when the light is enlightened, it enlightens the room. The room has something to do with the light, but the light has nothing to do: whether the room is there or not, light exists. In the same way, we must understand that the relationship with the atman and our body our Spirit and our, this body, mind, and our ego, superego. So many of you must have done lot of tapasyas and lot of things which were not really wanted, thinking that you have done such a lot, you have been to so many places, you have done so much “tirtha yatra” [acetic; journey] you have been to so many pilgrimages and those pilgrimages and all these places, you think according to you, it should be blissful to you. But actually, while going there, you did not know how to get the bliss from those temples and those places which are holy actually in nature but are surrounded by people who are extremely negative. Because of that, that mixture was there and sometimes instead of getting the bliss you get the headaches.

Today, we are going to discuss the Void what we call Void in Sahaja Yoga is different from the way people talk of void. Void is the complete visceral cavity which is called in Sahaja Yoga language as Bhavasagara. Many a times, you must have heard people singing songs poets singing songs saying “Bhavasagara se para utaru” What is this Bhavasagara? This is the symbol or this is the reflection of the whole entire universe that is created. All this universe is created by Brahmadeva. He is the one who is the creator, who is a “raksna yeta” [unsure] of this world, who created this beautiful universe, in that especially he created the Mother earth. He has placed the Moon and the Sun on both the sides of this Mother earth and the representatives of the Mother earth within us is the Kundalini, the Mooladhara.

Now this universe exists within us, that is the Bhavasagara. This Bhavasagara exists in many stages in its evolutionary form and today it is Kali Yuga in this Bhavasagara. I would say it is the dawn of Satya Yuga and the end of Kali Yuga. And this Bhavasagara is placed in the center – is the center of Nabhi, Nabhi chakra. And around it, moves the center of Swadishthana. Nabhi chakra as you know is governed by Shri Lakshmi as the power of Shri Vishnu and the Swadishthana moves around it, which delimits our own personality, and which creates all these different stars within us or the planets within us. In these spaces, Void, are born the incarnations of the Primordial Master who is called as Dattatreya.

Dattatreya is the innocence of Shiva of – “Vibrations itni hai ikura” [Vibrations are so cool] – of Brahmadeva and of Shri Vishnu. Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, the essence of these, the innocence of these is embodied in the form of Dattatreya, who is the Primordial Master. So, these masters who are born on this earth are innocence at its best, all integrated together. These masters have incarnated on this earth mainly ten times, but there have been many others incarnations also, there have been repetitions just to correct themselves.

As I told you yesterday, that Mohammad Sahib and Nanaka are both the same personalities of Dattatreya. The instance is given, in the life of Guru Nanaka, when he was sleeping people told him that your feet are towards Mecca, Kaaba towards Kaaba. He said: “Alright I’ll remove my feet and put wherever you say”. Then they put his feet towards the other side and again they found that his feet were facing towards Kaaba. Then he said: “Tell me the place where there is no Kaaba, I’ll put my feet!” But they couldn’t arrange it at all, because wherever he placed his feet, it was such a Maya, that always they found that the feet were towards Kaaba. Now Kaaba is a place where you have a beautiful Shiva linga, which is called as Macceshwarshiv in our Puranas. From ancient times it is mentioned that, there is a pinda which is absolutely Vibrating and which is there.

Now Mohammad Sahib religiously avoided talking about that. He only said, “If this stone can be so godly, why not human beings be?” But he did not explain much as it is whatever he tried to explain, the people were so insensitive and so cruel that they tried to kill him many a times, they gave to him poison, ultimately, he died in a very, very bad state. They tortured his life, they were lunatic people, they used to live in tribes and very tribal by nature. And they – he tried his level best to propagate that there is God and God is above all and I am the messenger of God, but they would not listen to him.
Then came, you know Nanaka who preached that there should be no enmity between Hindus and Muslims, he preached that, because he saw the Muslims behaving in such a manner, they were such fanatics and they had become so funny that he could not understand how is it? These are the people whom I have made Muslims and what are they doing here? 
Actually, ‘Musalman’ means the person who is Realized and ‘Peer’ is a person whose Realization is established so much so that he said that, “Those who have become Musalman should be buried and not burnt”. Because he thought they are all Realized souls, but Realization finished off with his son in law and his daughter. After that, he had two sons who were great souls who are really the reincarnations of Lav and Kush.

Now perhaps we do not know what happened to Lav and Kush when they were born. Lav and Kush when their mother disappeared in the Mother Earth and the father, they were little annoyed with them, went in the North one went to Caucasus and another went to China. Lav went to Caucasus and from there he became a very powerful king in Russia. Russians always use Sanskrit language; we do not know how much Sanskrit they use; for example, they will say kharoshou means Harushivaye the Pravada itself the word Pravada vda is to say pra means enlightened. You see their language, it’s full of Sanskrit words, practically it is absolutely based on Sanskrit and you’d say ‘slav’ people. ‘Slav’s, so lav, ‘slav’. Lav ruled there for years together and about four hundred years back, his very descendants flew away from there, went to Iran, where there is a Goddess. Goddess Hindolika’s temple is there which is all described in the Puranas, where they used to worship Goddess Hindolika, from there they came down and spread all over, it’s a big story.

Then Kush went to China, that’s how you have ‘Kushan’ in China and Chinese language is very much near Sanskrit and quite close to Marathi language, it’s more surprising if you hear them talking, for example they say; Ma tza tum, tza is only there in Marathi language they use this word tza, we never say in Hindi tza or in any other language you won’t find it tza but only in Chinese and in Marathi language they have this word, tza.

It’s very interesting to see, how the spirituality has spread into these countries and then how it died out. All these things happened, but then they were born again and again, they were born as Mahavira and Buddha, they are the same, they are born as Markendeya, they are born as Kabira, as Adi Shankaracharya, it was Buddha who was born as Adi Shankaracharya just to correct himself, Buddha was shocked the way people were going, there was Nirakara that he had be born as Shankaracharaya to tell people, oh God, what are you doing? It was only Buddha who came to correct himself as Shankaracharaya, it is so surprising, that people are fighting, Buddhist and Hindus are great enemies of each other, but they do not know that the person who really re-established Hinduism was the same who established Buddhism. So, imagine the same personality coming again and again on this Earth tries to correct his disciples again finds that there are two groups he has created, it’s a big problem.

Now Mahavira also was one of them, who was born again and again and he was Markendeya and he was Kabira, the way Kabira lashes people you can see that he is tremendous, he is like Bhairava and the power of Bhairava, Kabira has used in his language, but for Hindi poets it is Sadhukadi and they have made fun of it. The best thing of a person who doesn’t want to face reality, is to make fun of everyone, that is the best way, they said what is this talk Ida, Pingla, Sushumna? Who is he? What does he think of himself? But he was appreciated very much, by the saints and especially by Guru Nanaka, who included all his poetry in his Grantha sahib; he’s included so many of these poetry from all the Realized souls from Maharashtra, also.

But I wonder how many Sikhs know that this was for getting Realization, he thought, if you write an Upanishad, [not clear] they try to correct everything just to make people understand that you have to get to it. First, they thought that if you write Gita, they go on remembering Gita by heart. Then, they thought it is better, that you write something from the realized souls only together, so that it is a powerful Grantha by which people when they read it they get Vibrations and they’ll stick to it, but it is not so, even there people are just reading it. I don’t know how?
Gradually as we were revolving, we were losing our sensitivity. At least in the time of Rama, people knew he was an incarnation. At the time of Krishna, they knew he was an incarnation. Many people know, of course, Raksasha knew also that they were incarnations; raksasha’s even today know who the incarnation, they are very sure of it and they are just frightened of, but in those days, even common people knew who is an incarnation.

Now the sensitivity among human beings started getting reduced and reduced as they got involved into fanaticism, all kinds of tantrism that developed in this country of ours, in other countries also, tremendous movement was there to create fanatics and these fanatics are diseased people, they are diseased, they are actually the people who are possessed absolutely possessed, they are not normal people when they talk, you are surprised, how can they talk like that? When they do not know anything about it, but thank God today, fanaticism has reached such a stage that the younger people are understanding the nonsense of it.
It’s a very good chance for Sahaja Yoga to come up. In Sahaja Yoga, the beauty is this, that you cannot now form a cult as soon as you try to do such a thing, you lose your vibrations, you try any such tricks, you try to be fanatic you will be losing all your vibrations, any tricks you try with Sahaja Yoga first thing you will lose your vibrations, you won’t like it, you won’t be happy with it, you would like to keep your vibrations going, smooth, smoothly and nicely so that you feel absolutely happy about it and joyous, but anybody who tries any tricks with Sahaja Yoga, you get into problem.

Now these Gurus came on this Earth to remove fanaticism, the last of them came as Shirdi Sai Nath, he was the one who had said very clearly, in Marathi he had said it, that to speak ill of any other religion is sin, is sin, nothing can be more powerful than that. There are many people who worship Sai Nath, many people, but they drink, he was against drinking, all of them were against drinking, why were they against drinking because the awareness is spread in your Void. The awareness, the chitta, the attention is in your Void and is nourished by your liver. The liver takes out all the poison from your awareness, due to bad health, due to bad mind, due to anything from bad effects or negativity and then it clears out as I told you yesterday. So, this awareness within us gets, you know that our awareness, human awareness goes down through drinking, these people preach that you should not drink. I mean that’s the one thing that they all preached together, that you should not drink. At the time of Mohammad Saab there was no smoking, so Guru Nanaka also [not clear] this time you found people smoking with big big hookah’s, he said that now for heaven sake do not smoke, because they said that you just said that don’t drink, so we will smoke now.

Like in England, people say what’s wrong in drugs? Drugs were not approached by saints, so we can take drugs, so it is in my lot, to tell them, now drugs are the same; anything that goes against awareness is not good. I mean, it is not something that you have said no because they were mad people, whatever they said, they said because it was the truth.

If you take drinks of any kind, alcoholics or any these kinds, anything that takes you away from your awareness is wrong because your awareness is to be enlightened, as it is your awareness is like that and on top of that if this awareness is to be enlightened and is full of alcoholism, how to raise it? How to do it? But these days to talk against alcoholism, one person asked Me, “Mother are you going to be minister of permission?” I mean, it is impossible to talk to people about anything sensible. Even in a party you go, they say why don’t you drink? You should drink, you are missing such a great thing, you have missed such a lot in your life, I said I have drunk from my childhood, don’t give Me anything I don’t need it, no, they’ll go on forcing, you must drink. You see, this is a special thing, that is thing and all that. They have no shame about it, no shame. They think they are trying to be nice and you tell them even once if you say. Why do you drink? Gone, you are the gone case, you have no manners. You are the most unmannerly person. How dare you say such a thing to anyone? Look at these human beings, such [not clear], I don’t know how to deal with them? They think that they should be told, “All right, go ahead, drink, kill yourself!” How can you be saints, allowed you to drink? Tell Me, when they know that it goes against your awareness, of course these thugs will say, “All right, drink as much as you like, do what you please, you have ten wives or you do what you please, only give me your purse to me”, because that is their interest in you.

They are only interested in your purse, how much money you have got in your purse? What job you are doing? Or at times they can be, officers, saying that, give job to my son or give job to someone. One has to understand that saint is not afraid of anyone, he cannot be, it’s a fearless entity absolutely fearless, it’s not afraid of anyone because it is standing on truth, truth itself gives you that strength to say the truth, but I have learnt certain lessons, in my past lives that human beings don’t like truth, don’t tell them, if you tell them they will crucify you, immediately. You have to go around and round and put them into problem so that they come along. If you tell them straight forward don’t do something, they will put you, I mean, people may crucify Me after sometime, if I tell them don’t drink, it is that bad these days.

The drinking in England is so bad now that English, who used to drink so little, is now nothing but a bottle, since morning he starts it. In third generation you go down, what about our Indians who have gone there? Even the Sikhs, who are told not to drink, drink more than Scotch people can drink. It’s a shameful thing and they will fight that we’ll not put a helmet on our head, to save our head from going on a motorbike. Is it written in any Grantha Sahib like this to be foolish and stupid? But they will fight for that, but not fight for this, that no Sikh should drink. If you are wearing that pagadi, you have no business to drink. They don’t think that the essence of religion is more important, than all these nonsensical things that you think you are doing.

Such a great religion, Islam, such a great religion is Sikhism, such a great religion is Hinduism, such a great religion is Christianity. Everything gone to dogs because the dogs have come into it. They have no sense of proportion; they do not know how to respect their Guru’s… in the right way putting their guru’s in their heart and in their behaviour. That’s all they should have done. They should have just obeyed their Guru’s. There was no need to stand on your heads and take mantras from these thugs paying them. There was no need at all to do all these things, but no they thought that here we are doing black market money, let us make some big temples so there are great Hindus, big temples are built, black market money going on. Here they are killing so many people the Muslims, so they must say that we are doing it in the name of God, very nice.

Where Mohammad Sahib has talked of nothing but Rehmat and Rahim, all the time Rehmat and Rahim he has talked of, see they were about to kill him every moment wherever he went, it was such a dangerous situation, so vicariously he was living and he had to defend himself. So now we have to defend ourselves from these people, instead of these people defending themselves. It’s not in defence; it is in aggression; these people are killing others and they think they are doing a great very great service to the people. Then the Christians, they are one of the worst fanatics’ worst fanatics are the Christians. There cannot be worst fanatics than Christianity. Christianity is one religion which is very clever and cunning, nobody can beat them all. For example, they will do all missionary work. You’ll say ha a ha a ha what nice people. The missionary work, they are looking after our poor people here, very nice people very great generous people and they will be converting people. What are you converting them for? Have you got the power of realization? Have you got the power to call yourself Christian? Are you baptized in the real sense?

That is how the Christians have been behaving throughout. They have put up such a big show, this is not God’s work, to get some people from the street who are dying put them in the room and look after them. Is this the work of God? This the work of human beings? Work of God is just to raise the Kundalini that is the work of God. Not the work of God is to have Hospitals and Schools and things. This is not the work of God, this is your job, this is you are doing it, but they are taking the name of God to earn money. In the name of God give me money. Such beggars I tell you of the first waters. Begging a man, who believes in God, will never do. Why to beg? Why to ask for money? On the streets they will stand, nowadays our Hare Rama and Hare Krishna in Oxford Street and beg money, in the name of God.

Can there be greater sinners than these who beg in the name of God and get money from others and live on other people’s money? All the time like parasites. This is all they have done out of religion, or ritualism go to the temples, there’s a priest standing there he gives you ghanta, he makes something, puts something on your head, God knows he spoils the Agnya chakra or what he does? And you think “oh I have been to this temple, I have been to that temple, I have been to this Teerath and that teerath and that teerath and I have been a very religious man”.

I tell you these extreme ideas about God has really blinded us completely from reality. If you want the reality, you must know that God is to be found within your heart and not in those places. Once you have found it in your heart then you will know that where is the real God in which temple and how to approach. Now if I ask you, In Delhi how many temples are really jaagrut, except for Sahaja yogis nobody can say, you see a stone namaste another stone might have been brought from some bathroom namaste. Is that a real jaagrut one? It is said in the Bible that whatever is produced, created by Mother Earth and by the Sky should not be reproduced, now what is that is created? What is that is created by Mother Earth?

We Indians know these are the jaagrut deities which are created by Mother Earth, these are the jaagrut deities and that is to be worshipped and not to get a Ganapati somewhere for 2 rupees, my forefathers have given me so I am carrying on. I must do their Puja, maybe the forefathers are sitting on that. You won’t believe, there is a gentleman in Bombay, who came to Me, to meet Me, his name is Mr. Shah, he said “Mother Lot’s of things are happening, I don’t know how?” I said what happened? “In my house I am getting some old deities from somewhere, just coming into my house from somewhere, I don’t know where from where it comes?

Sometimes I keep my windows open in the night and I find in the morning there is a deity of silver sometimes diamonds are there in the nose of the Lakshmi and I am surprised how am I getting it?” And the man is not so rich to have all these things; he showed me and said now what to do? I told him; throw them all of them in the sea, that’s what they deserve. He said from where have they come? These are the people who have habit of very seriously worshipping those deities, without understanding that these deities have got vibrations or not, whether they are jaagrut or not, they are alright or not. Even a plastic they’ll make, they’ll make of aluminium. I don’t know now what they are going to use next to make a deity and they will be carrying it on, have no value, have no understanding, have no respect. So, the people who own those, they must be bringing it, the old people and putting in your house, so better put them in the sea, otherwise they will not have their Mukti and this fellow is having greediness.

He is always having a chakkar with these things. He said “what is happening to me?” His child is getting into problem; his wife has run away from the house. All kinds of problems coming up, lost all his money, every sort of problem coming up and this deity is coming in he said, should I sell them and get some money. I said please don’t do it, to whomsoever you will sell, you will sell asubah. These are coming by some dead person using this bhanawati; they are bringing this down here. But there where he told Me thousands of people wanting just to touch the feet of these bhootas. They thought such a bhoot cannot bring these deities and that must be God who is coming in the form. If in the thing was written also, made in near Mumbadevi and this and that. You mean God is sitting there and making those statues? We don’t use our brains also, when it comes to God. I mean faith is necessary no doubt, but this is after Realization, before Realization it’s a blind faith, which can be any nonsense.

I have seen such mad people that they just go on pulling out their hair and they say that we are doing it in the name of God, really? Why did God give you these hairs? If he wanted you to pull it out like that morning till evening sitting and pulling it out and they develop such nervousness that if they are not properly aware, they will start pulling out from your hair also. It is such a dangerous situation in this blind faith, that you form some habits. You know people have an idea of using the ‘mala’, that’s why Kabira has said, “Kar kamana ka chade de manna ka manna ka pher” So they will also say, they will have it “kar kamana man ka chade de manna ka manna ka pher” finished. Even the children have understood the joke, this is what we are doing, that when it is told that you have to have God in your heart and don’t do these rituals, you will find these people using that rosary to such an extent, that if they are talking they don’t have that, they cannot sit tight, it’s like a nervousness in them, it’s a nervousness by which they must go on (aur main to hamesha mala jappti houn 108 and falaana) and you feel that the person is about to land up in some lunatic asylum with the number 108.

The way people are mad in religion makes people really atheist they see these mad people what are they doing is the religion? Is this the religion, where people sell it, you go to any temple? Once we had bought some Am rood, Guavas and we went to the temple we were thinking that we will get out of, then we were very young, [not clear_], and we were lots of brothers and sisters we went down to a temple and we thought that after seeing the temple we will go outside behind the temple and we will eat the thing as soon as we reached there, the Pujari took out the packets from our hands, you know, all the children poor things were carrying three, four packets we had and they took out everything from [not clear], we were looking at them why did they took out everything and gave us one each you see, wah wah! and we were about to cry, but my younger sister couldn’t bare it, she said “why did you take away my, all my Guavas? Please return it to me”.

But this is sort of a right they have got to live on your money, these parasites. In the name of God these parasites, you are the people who are nurturing them, you just giving them money, it is better to give to a beggar, then to give to these horrible sophisticated beggars sitting on the temples and churches. You are the people who are responsible for creating such a mess because half of the people are indifferent; those who are not indifferent bhagvaan ke naam pe, half of them are like that who go to one Sidhhi Vinayak mandir and Mangalwaar day (Tuesday), you will find that queue of sometimes two miles in that Bombay, where people have no time for anything. People are moving with the pace of an Ant, one inch in one hour, there are some people who start in the night and they move on, they go with their naariyal and the naariyals, come from the other side and sold again next month.

They know this; still they say we have done it with bhakti and Ganesha will give us what we like. Ganesha will only give you wisdom, I wish he could, I wish he could give you wisdom and understanding about religion. This is a mess we have done out of our religion, every religion, every religion is not only Hinduism, Islam or Christianity or Sikhism. We have really killed the religion by our indifference, or by too much of indulgence, blind fold, faith in all these horrible people, who claim that they are religious people, by what means are they? Go and see their lifestyle. Go and see what sort of a people they are. They are raksashas, some of them, I can tell you. When I went to Vrindavan I felt all the anucharaas of Kansa are their fundas. All of them not one I found as a human being, they are such horrible people and the way they torture you still you go about religion.

One has to understand that God stands in His purity He is a pure being and He likes our wisdom. He doesn’t like people who are stupid and foolish. He likes wise people, wise people… like, Prahllad, Prahllad was an eight year old boy, when his father Hiranyakashyup challenged him, Shri Vishnu appeared in a pillar, you know in a Narsimha avatar and he killed his father and then he asked this little boy of eight years Prahllad, he said, “my child, my devotee, what do you want?” He could have asked for anything, Sakshaat Vishnu was there, but what does he say, “Tav charna arvinde pritii” Give me love at your lotus feet, oh my lord that’s all what I want. To love you at your lotus feet. If you have your pure love for God, He will give you wisdom. If you do not have your purity you go there to ask for this thing and that thing; Give me a transfer, specially government servants, they are never satisfied, they want to have transfers all the time, Give me a promotion, Give me a son, when you get a son, give me a job for my son. When he gets a job, get him a wife, poor Ganesha must be tired. This is what it is, this is not religion, this is not God, this has nothing to do with spirituality, you have to ask for one thing, “Tav charna arvinde pritii.” Oh lord let me be at your lotus feet so that one day my Kundalini would be awakened and that my atma would be enlightened within my awareness. Let me keep my life so beautiful, “Ye chaadar rishi muni jann odhi, Odhi ke meli kini chadariya, Daas Kabir jatan se odhi, Jaisi ki taisi rakh dini chadariya.”

This is what we should have done, instead of that we go to this Tantric, that bhajji, that Pundit ji, that Pandey ji, or some other Paadri ji or what you call them other sorts of people those Mullah ji’s and all sorts of Mau Lana ji’s and Pir’s and all sorts of things and what do you get? A bad Agnya. They have no right to be there, they are there because they want to make a business out of God. Today I spoke about it, because it is important to understand, what is religion? In India especially I have seen people go out of the way to do penances in the name of God, which is a great thing, but why do you do penance, what is there to suffer? Why do you make your body suffer so much? Keep your body allright, don’t overdo things, keep a moderate life, lead a normal life, that’s what Buddha has told you, there is no need to go to extremes for anything, but even Buddhist, they have gone to another extreme so he had to come on this Earth as Shankaracharaya to tell people what are you doing? When did I say this? Then they were born as the son of Fatimabai who was herself nothing else but Janaki and they were her sons Hassan and Hussein, who had preached non-violence and they saw that people were trying to save bugs and mosquitoes. You know there are some funny cults where we are so particular of bugs mosquitoes and all the worms, we are not at all particular about human beings, they, I don’t know what am I going to do with bugs? Am I going to give them realization? Even chicken’s… am I going to give them Realization?

I have to give Realization to human beings. What is the need to pay so much attention to these nonsensical things? To save the bugs and save the mosquitoes and make them bite the Brahmin and pay them money, because they think they have done a great kalyana on the bugs. Perhaps they might have been bugs, in last lives, the way they are interested in all these mosquitoes. Now, these two were born as Hassan and Hussein and to get rid of these ideas of non-violence they had this Karbala, in which they fought and died like great shuras (great warriors).

This is a story of great incarnations on this Earth. There are so many of them who were born, I have no time to tell you, but Socrates was the same, his disciple was one of these two. Abraham, Moses, who are propagating Jews their religion, [not clear] people are another mad, another mad people I can tell you, these Jews, God save them from their madness, they will make a sum that their books are, say called as, Talmud [not clear], they make it microscopic, the more microscopic it is, the more spiritual you are and they tie it up here you see, you can’t even read it, you have to use a nice magnifying glass to read that, they never read, its tied up here. According to them, if it is studded with diamonds, then you are a greater spiritual person, they are very rich people you see, so they tie it up there and before a wailing wall they go and like mad they are beating their heads there and weeping for what they have done. I mean there is no end to the madness of people. You can understand that this is not religion.

Now the other day, there was one Arya samaji fellow who came to Me, he could not get his realization; I must tell you these are another fanatic type we have, Arya samaji, have they been able to get to their spirit? They are only bothered about re-converting the people, marrying the people or building the buildings and saying that, no we don’t believe in God, we don’t believe in this kind of a God. We don’t believe in. Who cares whether you believe or not, who are you? What right have you got to say anything? It’s like any monkey standing up and saying, “I don’t believe in this government, I don’t believe in that government”. Who is bothered about these people who talk like this? Who are they? What authority have they got to say what is good and what is bad. Do they know what is good and what is bad?

To say like these things about, we don’t believe in this and we don’t believe in that. For us it is essential to know that, first let us know ourselves, let us get our light enlightened and in that light let us see the truth as it is you cannot ask the truth to be like this. You cannot organize God. He is what He is, He remain as He is, you cannot transform Him. Only thing you can do is become one with Him. What you can do is to perceive Him, to feel Him, to be, that is the thing you can be, but you cannot make God as you like Him, He is what He is as I have told you, and the best thing will be that you be humble like Prahllad, to say, “Tav charna arvinde pritii” Who are we to criticize these incarnations of Primordial master? What have we done? 

Like, once somebody started criticizing Me, so one of my disciples, Bardarf [not clear] called him, come here, come here, how many people have you given realization to? He said “none”, He said, how many people have you cured? What good have you done to people? He said none, what do you do? He said I am a barber, he said you better become a barber. What are you talking here? What right have you got? What is your position to talk? But in this kaliyuga, even a person who does not even know a word about religion, about God, who is not awakened, who is not realized, then talk about God. This is ghour kaliyuga, they are not afraid, they are not afraid, to make money in the name of God is the greatest sin, is the greatest sin, I tell you, to make money like that in the name of God and to spoil somebody’s Kundalini, as these, all these fake Gurus are doing. Using there bhoot vidya, they do not know they will go to hell permanently; absolutely permanently they will be there and there will be no return from there. They have been given many chances before, but no more chances for them.

We are the people who have to correct them, we have to stand together and tell them, nothing doing, we had some people in Bombay who are Brahmins, who are Brahmins, who are Brahmins of the high order as we can call, [not clear] they are called as and they got their realization. Now they had to be taken up upon yourself to put down all these horrible fake people who are making money out of the public. So, one of them is a teacher and he told a Brahmin in his family, because he was permanently stuck, you see us Brahmins stuck to the families. He said that, “my”, “I have to do the Shard of my father, when can you come, within the Pitrupaksh? He said I can only come on Wednesday or something like that. He said are you sure that there is a Muhrata for that? Yes, he said, yes very I am sure of it. So, he went to another fellow, got the Panchanga, Maharashtrians, that way know a lot about these things like Panchanga and all that and he opened the Panchanga he studied there and he found out that there was no Muhrata, in any Panchanga whatsoever.

There are three Panchangas which we use, I don’t know if we know here about it, he saw all of them, then accordingly the Muhrata was on Tuesday, he celebrated it. Then the fellow came, “rehne dijiye, rehne dijiye, baad mein le lenge rehne do”. Then the fellow came and he said that “I have come now come along let us have the shard”, He said that “I will not even give you a cup of tea to you today” He said how? You call me for the Shard I am supposed to eat at your place, he says no, we have not cooked anything and I am not going to give you a cup of tea, if there is no Muhrata today, he said according to Tilak Panchanga it is, he said I have studied also Tilak Panchanga, I have studied all this, you get out of here. The mother was poor thing you know, she said “how you can this, he is our old thing”, he said “this is the only chance I have to get rid of this old fool” and he just told him, get out you will not stay in this house and I am not going to give a cup of tea.
Then in Panduranga’s temple, in…, Panduranga’s temple is there you know about Vitthhalla’s in Panderpur [not clear] we have people going down there and when I saw these people I was surprised, they were all crazy people for a month poor things are singing songs eat little take that nasha of tobacco and go singing songs for months together they go to see Panduranga, there and these people who live there are called as Badwe, their names are absolutely suited you see, like in Kolhapur they are called as Bhootis, can you imagine?

The Brahmins are called as Bhootis and these are called as Badwe’s, and these people ask them, “How is it, you have got cracks in your heads?” He said that this Naral, this naariyal or you can call the coconut was broken at the lotus feet of Panduranga, I said, how? I couldn’t understand, these Badwe’s were doing this job and when I said that these Badwe’s should know if they don’t behave, they are going to have a very bad time, you see everybody was shocked but you’ll be amazed within eight days the government took over that place and its working out, but now their language has changed, but this is how these people have been troubling us, but now we have got four Brahmins, four Brahmins living in Panderpur who are after their throat and they go to the temple and tell people that don’t listen to the [unclear] and they are propagating and they said that if you want anything you ask us, but don’t give a single Pai to these Badwa’s, good for nothing, useless, whatever you want to do, you do it to the deity and don’t touch these people, treat them as untouchables and these are the people who have started it. It is we who can change the people.

Once we get Realization, the transformation starts taking place within us. When the transformation takes place, a person becomes fearless. He is not tempted easily by things, for example I have known people, who use to take a lot of bribes, have given up taking up bribe, because their financial condition also improves, their Lakshmi tattwa is awakened and they do not take any bribes, their Dharma is jaagrut, they do not drink, many people who were drunkards have given up drinking, because the Dharma is awakened within us, you just can’t bare it. Just like a human being cannot bear dirt but an animal can. In the same way, it happens to you, you just don’t bear it, you don’t want to have it anymore. In the same way, your political situation will improve, because what is the problem today, what is the problem?

If you have went down to Maharashtra and there the people said that we have a problem of sugar, I said why, you produce a lot of sugar, he said there is one fellow known as Sugar king, he has hoarded all the Sugar. I said really, then why don’t you inform the police about it? They said, when Janta government was there he gave them money, now this government is here, he gives them money, he gives money to all police officers, he is driving all of them and he also bribed us and made us vote for certain people, who are under his control. I said, then you are responsible for this. You get your realization and next time only vote for or stand with a realized soul. Do not vote for anyone who is not a realized soul and you will see this country will change just like this; the whole situation will change. It is you who are misusing your votes, in the villages even for one time need they give votes. How are you going to improve your people? How this deterioration is going to stop by only, by your Parivartan, by your transformation, that’s only possible through Kundalini awakening.

When the Kundalini awakening takes place, the man knows his esteem, he stands up like a human being and he doesn’t behave like a dog, who runs after every position you get, every money you get, “give me, give me”. It’s not like that. He stands in his dignity and in his [not clear] and nobody can put him down. This is what it is; the Sahaja Yoga is such a blessing, for all of us, in all the world, wherever there is a chaos, it is everywhere now and so many angles it is going to it, for Samaj Karya also, now in Samaj specially in the north, you see the condition is very bad, the woman are treated very shabbily, they say it’s the influence of the Muslim religion and whatever it is.

But if you go to Turkey, you will be surprised that the people treat woman with such respect and such understanding. In our own scriptures it is written that: “Yatra naryastu pujyante ramante tatra Devata” [Manu smriti 3-56] Means, where the woman is respected, there resides the Gods, but the woman has to be respectable also, if she is not a respectable, no use respecting her. It is both ways, but the way we treat our woman, in the villages, especially in the North, like Bihar, U.P, Punjab, Punjab is now better, woman have taken over quite a lot. But that should not be the case, woman should remain woman but men must respect them. What I mean, that woman must be respected as they are and men must be respected as they are. They don’t have to change their places but, in these places, all Bengal all of them you know how [unclear]. Women commit suicides in that country because they cannot get married and they are put down. If you cannot get married what does it matter? You have to give dowry, if you don’t give dowry you cannot get married.

All kinds of problems a husband will come drunkard, he will beat his wife because he is fallen in love with another woman, he is going to some other person. The wife has to come as out and she becomes a woman who has no husband, everybody ill-treats the woman. All sorts of things are here, why? Because we do not understand that woman is the Shakti. In her lies the Shakti we have to respect the women.
When the women are not respected that country goes to dogs and the women must know that they are Shakti and they are to be respectable and not to be frivolous and cheap the way Indian women are now taking to western life I am really shocked, that means that our tradition has no depth in it. That the way we have accepted all these nonsensical values of the West, where the West has gone to dogs and we are going to dogs for this I will hold the woman responsible who behave so cheaply on the streets and in the offices and in the houses.

It is the women who have to keep the Dharma going. Now with this, it is very remarkable, what is happening, if the mother of the house is not respected, is treated like a servant, she has no place in the family, husband comes from the office and shouts at her, children cannot respect her, they cannot be disciplined, if the mother is not respected. Your children can never be disciplined. You see now, you talk of indiscipline, indiscipline everywhere. I remember, when I was young, we could not do even a thing without asking our mother. If we had our father we wanted to, he’d say, “Did you ask your mother? Go and ask your mother” In the family, in the house she was the Grahalakshmi, she was given all the keys all the money, not a single pie was spent without asking her. But these days, the woman have become so either very miserly or so extra wagon that men do not know what to do with them. It was both ways, women have to be wise, they are the axis the Dhuri of the society, that’s only possible when they are realized, suddenly I find very rebellious woman become so, so beautiful, so beautiful and so women like, so sweet, their, their tongue, their whole behaviour everything changes so beautifully, it’s surprising, even western women I have seen, who walk like horses normally.

If you see them, they really walk like horses, but they change their dresses and their whole thing they become so feminine, so sweet, in their talks and everything, then what will happen to Indian women? But men must know they have to respect women, if they try to dominate their women, they will become the same as the western woman and you will not know what to do with yourself. If the woman decides to be bad, there’s no end to miseries that should not be done. So, please make it a short circuit and let us understand that for Sahaja yogi it is important to respect the wife. So, that there is discipline, still I must give all my respect to the Indian women, despite all these things, despite the, all the men have changed their dresses, all the men have become English, Indian women have still kept their dresses and their discipline. 

Our men still think, they are great English people, but our Indian women are not willing to accept that situation. I am not saying that there is something wrong with English, but if we are Indians we should be Indians, if they are English they should be English and in the same way with our life, when there is realization, a woman becomes a complete woman and a man becomes a complete man and a complete man we have before us is Shri Rama, how he loved his wife, in separation and in meeting, how he loved and how they, despite all their love, how they suffered. We have before us Shri Rama where he respected his wife. It is a essential for men to understand that you are Indians and you have to behave like them. You do not know the greatness of our Indian women. If you do not treat them well, I can assure you a day will come only very cheap and nasty and what you call demonic women will be born here and you will be unable to enter even your homes. You will be standing outside on your streets.

So be careful about it and also you has brought us before, the way you treat your wife the same way your daughters will be treated even worse, then you will know what you did, so be kind to her because she has married to you she is not your slave. It is very important. In northern India more because they think that southern India, Maharashtra and southern India women, men are henpecked unless and until they beat their wives, they are henpecked according to them. These ideas must be given up but this is only possible when you get your realization. Real joy of leading a very happy married life extremely beautiful married life of mutual love and mutual understanding develops I have seen this happening to so many people the relationship improving the relationship between parents and children improving the whole thing becoming so joyous and so beautiful and the children becoming so obedient and so sweet, it’s a beautiful thing so when the atmosphere is fragrant with your spirituality the whole aroma, the whole atmosphere we can say completely charmed, absolutely charmed by your peaceful life. This is the bliss we have to see.

Today I talked about these things because Void is very important thing for us where all our social, samajic, political, rajkiya and also our spiritual problems can be solved.
Apart from that I had told you yesterday about our physical problems, tomorrow I will talk about other charkas to you. I hope you have understood today’s lecture. Though, I spoke in a very entertaining manner but you have to know that all this entertainment has to go within yourself, you have to take within yourself, it’s not meant for others as soon as you say it is for other, the women will look at the husbands and the husbands will look at the wife. They do not know it is meant for you and not for others. All of you should take it up, that am I doing this, am I doing this, try to correct yourself, you have to be decent husbands and decent wives and I would like to see very happy married couples amongst Sahaja Yogis, when this will happen then the great souls will take birth on this earth, you will see great people will be born.

Already so many Sahaja Yogis have given birth to very, very great souls. You will be amazed they know Kundalini from their very childhood this will happen I am sure one day it will come and that all the souls who want to take birth will be born on this earth, especially in India. Already lots of great souls I have seen also in England, let me go I see in Australia I am sure it’s happening everywhere. But if you are realized souls you really become perfect parents and you really invite the great souls on this earth to work it out.
May God Bless You.