Hampstead Friends Meeting House, Hampstead (England)

1981-05-14 1 Awareness 1, 55'
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Public Program. Hampstead Meeting Hall, London (UK), 14 May 1981.

Seekers who have achieved something, those who have achieved a [lot or a develop] and there are some who are still seeking. So, when I talk to people who are still seeking it should be [?] to people who have really found out [?], because they have to talk to such people and we should have them to talk to people who are not [?]. Firstly one has to know that there are many people of [?]. [I Mean ?] in the market [as well] and they have many solutions to give and many things to [say or pay?] also. While in Sahaja Yoga one has to understand logically what should we expect, the logical [side?], logic is different from [rationality or ration?], one has to understand. Rationality is a thing that is an edge of your ego. Whatever ego says, you go ahead with it [it’s an ex-fashion?], what’s wrong? You go ahead, what’s wrong? It has no [time now?], it has no history, it has no experiment, experimental evidence, nothing, it is just what’s wrong because it is like a [bounder?], you can call it, it’s a [bounder?] who just wants to jump into everything. That is rationality which helps you to rationalize everything. But a logic is a very different thing, it’s a very deep and a wide thing, it comes from the experiences, from the knowledge of others.

You are half baked, half baked, “[and] I got a headache Mother”, this happened, that happened [for Mother, it has to work?], in any case, because you have seen My face, you are obliging by coming down here […? faith]. But what is it? Is it fair? Is it fair? Is it just? You must have some justice done to Me also and I would request you that some justice should be done toward yourself. That’s the main point, what justice have you done to yourself. If you waste your life in frivolous things you are going to suffer no doubt. If you get out of the grace of God, you are going to suffer. If you get His grace, then you are going to [enjoy]. It’s a very simple thing. And in this [be aware?] it’s such a lot of joy, so much. I know, people don’t understand, but if you can really understand a person who enjoys loving others. Anything [which is or with this?] love, that’s the only thing somebody enjoys. That’s the first and the last, the most [specific?] and the joyful happening for [yourself?]. If you can imagine of such a thing, then think that there could be someone who just wants nothing.

May God bless you.

Let’s have some questions. See the awareness is that to be free, it’s freedom. Next time I must talk on freedom but today I want to [see about?] awareness. Let us see. If there are any questions please ask. Don’t be afraid, all right?

No questions? Any question, anyone?

Seeker: Yes, why do you have to have this Kundalini?

Shri Mataji: Why do you have to?

Seeker: Why does the Kundalini have to rise to become aware?

Shri Mataji: What, why did we have to?

Seeker: Why do we have this, eh…

Shri Mataji: Evolve?

Seeker: Yes, why do you have this experience?

Shri Mataji: Why should we evolve, isn’t it? We are already human beings.

Seeker: Yes, I mean I could see why. But why this particular experience of awareness?

Shri Mataji: Why should we seek?

Yogi: No, she is asking why the Kundalini must rise? Why must the Kundalini rise, she is asking.

Shri Mataji: I mean why should we have self realization?

Yogi: Yes, in a way.

Seeker: Why that particular type of awareness?

Yogi: Why that particular type of awareness?

Shri Mataji: Oh, why should we have […?] that’s the point, isn’t it?. Now first of all, why should we become human beings? […?] amoeba is better off. Why did we become human beings? What was the need to become human beings? You have these rates to be paid, and [the or this?] insurance to be paid and all [that?]. You are better off as amoeba, [?] no problems, all right? Logical, all right, first question is why should we be human beings? First question you should ask. All these horrible appendages we have like a nose and [narrines?] why to carry on this load. And also tension on our heads. Why should we be human beings, where we have freedom to choose whether right or wrong and bump our heads everywhere. Why should we be human beings? Question to be asked, why? This is the question, if you ask you will know why you are human beings, and then you will know that to get the answer you have to get Realization.Because we have no meaning to our life, we don’t understand. Either God must be a crazy person to make us into human beings. Monkeys are better off than us, I can tell you. In a way they are better off, they don’t have problems, they don’t have to see newspapers, there are no problems of any kind, I tell you. I mean, I don’t know if you have seen monkeys. If a child dies of a monkey, child, [his] own child; as soon as it dies, [it’s not bothered?]. It knows it’s dead and finished, it knows that. They know how to live in the atmosphere, they live, they have got everything. The birds know how to do it. They know how to cross the Atlantic, and [everything?]; [think about our fate Or to work with fate?]. They have everything, we don’t have. We have to make [airplanes?] even if we have to go from here to Scotland. The problem for us, you see they have these nice wings, they have no problems, nothing.

A tiger can eat a cow but for an Indian it’s difficult to even think like that. What a problem it is? Dos and don’ts and this and that, laws and regulations, and you have to carry a passport with you [like to remember?]. I mean anybody would say why this human race? The way we have faith, amazing. Animals are not so much insecure as we are. So why God has made this beautiful thing called as human race? Why has He made? We can think about it, we can ask this question but animals never ask, “Why am I a tiger with such a heavy tail behind me to carry?” It does not.

So we have the sight or vision of something by which we start asking, “Why am I here?” They don’t think like that, I mean the animal part, only the human beings do. And the answer is: you are here to become one with the whole. The whole is the primordial being, you are [saints?] and you have to become one with that. Unless and until you become that, all the problems that are created by this half backed awareness of human beings can not be solved. None of them can be solved. Anyone of these problems, say political, economic, anything economical, anything, physical, racial, emotional, nothing can be solved because you are not connected with the whole, you can not solve the problem. It’s very simple.
Supposing this finger has a problem, it can not be solved unless and until it is fully connected with the whole. In the same way, unless and until you are fully connected [also?], you are connected in a way because you are living, but you are not aware of it. You do not know how you are connected. So you have to become one. The instrument, if you make an ordinary instrument, it does not think that I am not yet connected with the mains, it does not think, whether it is connected or not makes no difference. But human beings think, “Oh God, what am I doing here? I have to be connected with something, is it?” Then you see these things and find out, “Yes, I have no meaning unless and until I am connected.”

But some people have this seeking from very very long time. They have reached there rationally, then it became their character, they develop [?] on that and that’s why [it never happened?]. They have got everything, people have got cars this that, and [UNCLEAR PHRASE… you can’t understand, I Mean?], you think you should become [modern, I can’t remember?]. But tomorrow you find [?] it’s over, what’s the matter [with you Or with me?]. She was supposed to be such a happy woman. What happened? She didn’t get the essence of joy in her life. That’s how you jump here and there, looking at places where you can find, you can not be [satisfied?]. If you say so, then you have not felt [anything?]. No human beings have, of course the awareness [?]. Some people have a real intense seeking, intense seeking. I mean, they want to seek even if a devil comes before them, [they say, are you going to?] give me my name, all right, [I’ll give you my name?]. Anything, they don’t mind anything, they are such intense. Some people have less some people have [more?], like I would say people who are developing now, they come to Me, “Mother, my son has no job”, “My [head or hair?] is not all right”, [this and that, that, that]. Those people are over developed, they suffer from over developed [?]. So they say we can’t see, I am artificial, my eyebrows are artificial, [?] is artificial. So we have from primitive to over, overly, overly [dull?] people, half [dull?] people, we have many sorts of things, isn’t it? In the same way.

Now this [?] exists in everyone one of us, but only thing is that some of them are manifesting it very strongly, some are not. For example somebody takes to drinking now for example. I am not against drinking as such, just now, for the time being, you see. I don’t want to say that, because if I say that some people may not like it. But if you [have drinks?] then your awareness is dull. Then [one minute?], if I have a little whisky in the evening, what’s wrong? Finished. But your awareness if it is alert, and if you see around you’ll find a solution and then you’ll know something is missing in human beings. That’s why we have problem, that’s why we are confused, and if you are sensitive and concerned about others, you would like to know how to [cure it?]. That’s how you seek for yourself and for others, all right?

Any other question?

Seeker: I was meditating the other week before last and I had big problem because I was very happy and I was very [?], do you understand? But what I would like to know is can I or anyone else [?] in their own mind to do this, to raise the Kundalini? [?] while looking at you, do you understand?

Shri Mataji: Have you got your Realization?

Seeker: Well, I’ll tell you what happened, actually it was really a problem for me. As I was meditating [here?], and I am realized into this,

Shri Mataji: Meditating how?

Seeker: Well, I was [hanging of having?] my hands like this.

Shri Mataji: Towards the photograph?

Seeker: Yes, towards the photograph and then suddenly an [UNCLEAR PHRASE… came a completely uncomfortable, completely uncomfortable?] it was really wonderful actually I felt very happy, and then suddenly I have a big problem. The face distorted, the neck turned into a [coats grow?], a big boil grew from the nose. And I had, I started to loose control, do you understand? I really started to [swept?], you see and I had to fight really hard to get rid of this distortion, to get rid of this bad distortion of the face and everything, for sometime to get better. Now did I bring this on myself? Or I am not completely concentrating on You?

Shri Mataji: Did you concentrate on your Agnya Chakra before? Did you concentrate here before?

Seeker: Yes, I always do concentrate there.

Shri Mataji: That’s it. That’s it. That’s the point, you see, this is the bridge or this is the door as you call it.

Seeker: Yes.

Shri Mataji: And if you are really concentrating, and it’s a weak thing, of course Kundalini must be, [I have seen that? Or you are a seeker?] actually and I am very happy to know this, I mean this is a great gift, this I had said that once a number of people get Realization, on the photograph they’ll get Realization, it’s a very great news actually. Now if your Agnya is all right, this point, you see, this is the point, [Shri Mataji repeats twice this is the point], this is weak; so what happened when it rushed out, you see, you felt all that, but when you came down your attention suddenly was pushed into right and left. If this [was correct?]. See for example this is the door, all right, this is the door, and [I mean] it’s weak door here. When the Kundalini comes up this is a good thing, it sustains it, and it’s all right. But if this is weak, what happens? That the Kundalini comes up and She takes the attention upward but then suddenly this breaks, when this brakes, Kundalini goes down, and then the attention spreads on sides. And there you see all sort of things, you see heads and noses and things like that. It’s absolutely LSD, we call it supraconscious, supraconscious thing.

You see, people see so very often when I am lecturing also, you see, they see [some or so?].

I am surprised that they don’t run away. They see light coming out of Me and one gentleman when he came to see me, never saw Me, he never saw Me, he just saw the light, he just saw the light, [you see?]. And he did not know to whom to talk, he was [seeing or feeling?] the light was speaking, or what was happening. But he had taken lot of LSD, always. I hope he didn’t come to Me [?] but he was absolutely happy. And then, another lady who came to see Me, her eyes were down like that. And when she tried to raise her eyes, you see, she saw nothing but burning of light, like flames of lights. And she couldn’t see that, she couldn’t see that’s false. And she was so frightened, and she said “Now what is this?”

But, all this is because of your supraconscious problems or your subconscious problem, where you move on your Agnya. It’s very important to have this point all right, I don’t know who had told that you should concentrate here? I don’t know. It was a big mistake those who have done it. I’m told that somebody has written even in Gita. How could Krishna say that? I don’t know, they have, I tell you, spoiled everything, that’s [how or what?] I can say, I mean, how can you concentrate here when the door is here. How can you concentrate here? It is said in all the books, much before Krishna also it is said that it is Brahmarandra which is to be opened. Krishna himself has said that Brahmarandra is to be opened. Then where are you concentrating? Because concentration is done with your attention, isn’t it? And you are putting your attention here, the Kundalini is not going to come out from here. Can you imagine a [hole?] coming out like that? It’s not that way, it has to come out here. And so, this door which we say, “I am the door”, you see, He is the door and the door is weak. But we can put it right. No problem, there’s nothing to worry.

But I am happy you enjoyed [the evening?] and remember [what you are going to get?]. But you are giving Me the greatest news and a great great encouragement. Because of the photograph people start getting Realization. I don’t have to go to all these places.
Oh God, I’ve been traveling for five, five months continuously absolutely continuously, by plane, by trains, by buses, by bullock carts. Any, any conveyance you’ll say, I have used that. You see, every [deity or Deity?] had one conveyance. I have used all, even [elephants?]. So it would be a great idea if you could get this Self Realization. That’s the best and that [what or when it] happens, I am sure the day is very nice that the gates of Heavens are going to open. No doubt, no doubt.

May God bless you.

But that definitely means that you should consult other Sahaja yogis about it and get it all right. This is absolutely supraconscious. You see those people who are coming here, they look so simple. They are scholars in Sahaja Yoga now. You see within 6 months you can become a scholar in Sahaja Yoga. So it’s very simple. You just ask them and you’ll become a scholar yourself. You will be a scholar of Sahaja Yoga very soon. And in Australia people ask Me, “Are your disciples all scholars, [She repeated twice : scholars]?” I never knew, who are these scholars? They said, “The way they talk, and the amount of things they know, we think they are all scholars.” I said they must be scholars in God’s [grace?].

So what do I do now, would you like to have your Realization? [?]Put your hands towards Me. I […?]. [Close your eyes?] And do not concentrate things, allow your attention to be free absolutely. [That’s good?]. If your attention is going here and there you can put your attention on the top of your head, means on the fontanel bone area.
[Silence about 8 minutes]

Did you feel any cool breeze in the hand? Did you feel? No? You should feel cool breeze. That’s important. You have any [cold, cough?] or something? You get it very often? If [your Vishuddhi Chakra?] is not all right, then you get problems with these vibrations, you don’t feel the cool breeze. But you just sit here, may be [?].