There must be something beyond

Hampstead Friends Meeting House, Hampstead (England)

1981-06-18 Public Program There Must Be Something Beyond Hampstead London, 69'
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Public Program. Hampstead Meeting House, London (UK), 18 June 1981.

So many people are seeking the Truth. This is only possible because we have reached the stage of our evolution that we do feel that there must be something beyond. We have tried everything before. Like today, I received a letter from a boy from Australia. He must have been to all the gurus of the world. What a seeker, I felt. What a seeker he was! To begin with, he did science, then did music, then did painting. He felt that he had not found any peace, any joy. And then he started going to different people, to find out, where does this joy lie.

But even to be aware that there is something beyond, that we have to seek that joy itself, is very significant of these modern times. Modern times are highly blessed, I must say. Really very much blessed. It was never so before. Today I get another news from Brighton that archbishop of black magic has got Realization. I said, ‘Oh, God’. I mean, just think of it! What a blessing that is pouring down. How can it work out that so good? I mean, when I was here, in the beginning, with six people studying for four years, when I think of it, [INAUDIBLE Hindi phrase?]. That means the time, the blossom time, is in its full bloom. Absolutely in full action. Now let us see what are we seeking and what God Almighty has done, nature has done for us. And why are we seeking? Why are we not satisfied with what we have? We have sufficient to eat; we are not starving people, we are not just surviving. But still, what makes us seek? What is there within us that has made us seek something beyond? It’s better we understand ourselves, as I tell you about it. But I would request you to keep yourself open to what I say. That means, like a scientific approach towards the faith. That whatever I say to you is not to be accepted blindfolded, not necessarily. It won’t help Me, either, that way. Blindness is not going to help, but to keep yourself open, so that we see something beyond, we feel something beyond. Like the hypothesis comes forward, like a theory. Even, say, the theory of relativity is still not been proved beyond doubt, but it is accepted.

But the theory that God exists, and that you are a part and parcel of that great thing, and that you have within yourself a Spirit in your heart, can be actualized, can be actualized. And should be seen from that. If it can be actualized, it’s the greatest thing that could happen to human beings. Within us lies, if you see here clearly – this is of course a hypothesis which you may not have heard about. Doesn’t matter. Because all this research I’m talking to you about, or all these theories that are theory for you today may not be tomorrow, of course. But these are not the work of one day, or two days, but thousands of years. Of the nature that created human beings, and of the human beings, those who went into the search of the topic.

Just like anything, I would say that, there is, say, gravity, existing in the Mother Earth. But it was found out by humans. So first it was created by some force, and was found out by human beings – in the same way, this all was created within us and was then later on discovered by human beings, who shut themselves away from the mundane research of the world, and the mundane things people are seeking. And then people themselves are trying to find out what are we here for. So it’s the culmination today that is working out as en masse Realization. It’s the culmination of all these people, and the culmination of all this knowledge. It is now being expressed, which is very rightly described in the Bible, in all the scriptures that at this time, it has to happen. The greatest of all was your great poet, William Blake*, who has very clearly described these days. After Realization, you will know His importance. Perhaps in this country people have thought Him to be a visionary and some sort of a chemical action going in His head, that He saw all these things. But whatever He has said is coming true – every word of it. And to understand it you have to have this new awareness about which we are talking.

So within us lie these three powers. The first one as you see as the blue one, which arises from the right side and goes down on the left side. This is the power that exists within us – is a very subtle power, which runs into our brain and into the [INAUDIBLE (biological term – maybe optic chiasma ?)]. And this power is the power we have got by which we desire. This is the power gives us our past preservation; by which we have our past intact; it manifests our past. All our conditioning and [INAUDIBLE – maybe superego ?] as Freud has put it – or, you can say, other psychologists – it is this part. This is not the whole; this is just a part, but as I say these psychologists are also – they are not the people who have seen inside. They are not seers. So, whatever they have said about human beings is partial. And that partial thing that they have described is that, is only one small[?] part which also they have not been able to enter into. Inside out, but outside [yet?], so they have not been able to understand it fully. So this is the past, this is the place where we condition ourselves and accumulate all our past experiences. That’s how our personality’s built; that’s how our desires are built. So this is the power which gives us the desiring capacity. Now desire, as you know, is the desire of the heart, or you can say it’s an emotional side of life. It’s not complete; it’s not – it’s abstracted. It is we may desire for the, say, the cattle of a big lord, or somebody, but we may not get it at all. So the desire is more abstract.

Then we have the other power, which you see there in the yellow color. Is the power by which we execute this desire. We work it out – is the power of action, by which we put it into action through our physical or our mental efforts. This one stands for our future: we plan to do it, and we think about the future, and is our mental and physical being which is looked after by it.

The central power is the power of our evolution, by which we have evolved. The [SOUNDS LIKE CORRECTED TO Many] people say that we were monkeys, or we were amoebae, or something like that, but they do not know how could it be, why we became human beings like this. I mean, such a beautiful thing like human being: why it was created. What was the need to create, with such a lot of effort and such a lot of [planning out / scanning out?] – why this evolution took place? Science doesn’t answer that “Why?”; it just says, “It is so.” All right. They have found out that there has been evolution, and lots of things went out of the circulation of evolution. Out of this, human being came up, and he’s the one who is standing on this earth as the real – we can say the ultimate – the culmination of evolutionary power.

So this evolution has taken place through us in the central path, which we work the power of evolution; but its power comes to us by our sustenance. For example, a carbon atom has, say … it’s the tetravalent: it has four valences. Then the carbon atom starts attracting to itself H-ions and O-ions, and all these start creating a living cell. Now the living cell again goes into higher animals and higher animals till you become a human being. Now this process of evolution that is within us takes place because you have to become [SOUNDS LIKE Hindi word – samtay?]. I mean, you are not perfect. There must be some purpose to this evolution. The sustenance within us comes by different, we call it, Dharma. Is the sustenance, or in English language they say ‘religion’, but religion can make us frightened of ourselves. ‘Religion’ means ‘your qualities’. Human beings have ten qualities. They have to have ten qualities, or ten sustenances. For example, gold is untarnishable; gold is untarnishable, and that is the quality of gold wherever you go. Carbon has four valences; in the same way, everything – the quality of a thing, of an element – in the same way the human being has ten qualities it has to have – maintain ten qualities. And once he has maintained these ten qualities, he can jump into the higher awareness where he has to reach.

So these ten qualities are what we call, is the dharma. According to Sanskrit language is easier to understand [INAUDIBLE] dharma; means the one which is sustained within us is our dharma. Is not what X, Y, Z has told you, or anything that we are or anything, but it is absolutely innate quality a human being must retain within himself to be there. And this one is the central path which gives you this quality, by which you are a human. And you have those ten qualities established in you. Now this is what Nature has done for you: that Nature has given you these three powers now. And that Nature has brought you up to a point – up to the threshold – that you have to enter into a new realm of awareness. It’s the work of Nature. Nature has worked out also these centers for you. Now these are seven centers basically like seven notes in the music. Basically. But there are twelve because they again make [INAUDIBLE same?] basically; and there are thousands of these centers within us, which are all worked out very carefully by Nature to be there. Now these – all these centers are there to give us a different help in different realms of our life. For example, for physical being, for emotional being, for our mental being, for our spiritual being, these centers are within us. It’s a very great thing that is done by Nature.

Apart from that, a very important thing has been done to bring forth this evolution. Is to send an aspect of divinity on this earth – an aspect of divinity on this earth to emancipate, to lead the people. To lead the fish, a fish came; to lead the tortoise, a tortoise came. To lead the human beings, also, a person like Christ came on this earth. They created these centers: for example, Christ has created the center that you can see there at the crossroad, here. This is the window of that. This is the window of Christ [INAUDIBLE arised?]. Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll talk about Christ. If there are Jews, they should know that Moses is very important too for us, because Moses is the one [SOUNDS LIKE opened up this green area for us?] (Mother pointing to Void area on chart?). So nobody should feel hurt if I talk of Christ. It’s very difficult to [INAUDIBLE] in one lecture. But all of them are our leaders of our evolution. All of them are. Like Christ has said, “Those who are not against Me are with Me.” Who are those? I mean they did not give Him time even to talk – the way He was killed in three, four years’ time. Imagine for four years I was struggling for six Sahaja Yogis in London. In four years, what could Christ do? But crucifixion itself is a very big thing, which He was supposed to do, for a special purpose, by which whatever mistakes you have committed, or so-called sins, or whatever you have done against God, He came on this earth to ask for forgiveness for all of you. And for that He killed Himself, or crucified; got Himself crucified. There’s no need: He’s a very, very powerful personality. He’s extremely powerful personality: in Sanskrit language He’s called as Mahavishnu. And He has got eleven rudras, means eleven destroying powers, and He gives them to you later, also.

Now this may be little odd to you to share, that Mother is saying all this about Christ, but we can prove it. It can be proved that it was Christ who came on this earth, on this center within us. Because when this power, which is going to give you your union, the power which is going to give you your Self-Realization, which resides in the triangular bone as you see, is the pure desire of God Almighty. The pure desire of divine power that you should get your Realization. It is not yet awakened – if it had been, you would have been realized. So it is called as residual because He has created the whole human being. Clearly it is sleeping: it has not manifested itself. And this power of Kundalini is the power you can see there, in the triangular bone, in three-and-a-half coils, sleeps for this awakening. And when She rises, when She comes up to this point and stops, we have to take the name of Christ, otherwise it won’t rise.

All these centers, which are governed by one of these leaders who came on this earth as human beings, to save us, to protect us, to guide us, to give us our sustenance, all of them are so important at different points that we have to find out at what point this Kundalini stops. With your naked eyes, you can see the pulsation of the Kundalini; with the naked eye you can see the rising of the Kundalini, and you can see the breaking of the Kundalini here. If you put your hand there, in the beginning you might feel a little throbbing, and the throbbing disappears. At that time, you’ll start feeling in your hand a cool breeze blows – the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, as you can say – it’s blowing off your hand. It’s actualization.

This is to prove all the Scriptures and all the Incarnations and all the Prophets who came on this earth. Of course also to prove those who are false, who have been false – when there is light, you can make out what is right and what is wrong. But is actualization that you become that; your awareness, [the love [in] that awareness? INAUDIBLE] that new dimension in your awareness, by which you can feel within yourself the power of God flowing through you as cool breeze.

Someone may say it’s psychological, or, “I’m amazed”; I think because people are too brainy; I mean a bit too much brainy. You have to be slightly less. Balanced with the heart. But doesn’t matter – it worked with everyone now, so doesn’t matter.

Now, this idea that it can be psychological – let’s find out. [And whatever is alone/ unknown?] is not divine. But that also can be proved: that it is divine. It’s very simple – I don’t know why people don’t employ this method for finding out anything whatsoever. Once you have these powers flowing through you, you’ll be surprised that it starts answering your questions. Like a computer. If you ask the question, for example, “Is there God?”, you get a big blow of that [feeling?]. If you ask about a fake person, “Is he a real person?”, you’ll feel the breeze stop. Not only that, but you’ll become collectively conscious, you’ll become, like Jung has said, “You have to become collectively conscious in your next step of evolution.” You become. Not by anything that, “You are all brothers and sisters, there should be no race, creed and religion”. It just happens to you. [INAUDIBLE Praise God./Means what?] Even these children who are sitting here are born realized. They can say what chakras you are catching. They can just feel it and say it, what centers you are catching. Because on your fingers you have five, six and seven places. You can say what centers they are catching – I’m just here to decode it. Now I have decoded it; I have told you that this center means this. This center you’re feeling guilty – this is very common now. Everybody’s feeling guilty for nothing at all. [INAUDIBLE] I mean, should not be there! It’s ocean of love I’m talking about, and what is there to feel guilty? What guilt can you have? What mistakes can you commit compared to God’s love? So feeling guilty – “Oh, I should not have done this mistake” or anything; whatever I say, I don’t know, I didn’t say anything like that. But sometimes it happens, works out, that people start criticizing themselves and this center catches. It’s called as left Vishuddhi, this side. They have spondylitis with that; they have problems on the neck; most of the people have problems in the neck. It’s all due to feeling guilty – you’ll be surprised.

And this is very true, that you all can feel your own centers, and the centers of others. You will see your own power flowing. Of course maybe in the first shot you may not all get your Realization. May not. But don’t get worried about it. Again, if you start worrying, it will not work out. Keep it open. It will work out. But once you get it you have to establish it a little bit; you have to understand. And you’ll be amazed when you will know the [INAUDIBLE Laws?] of the Divine Power. [INAUDIBLE Hindi phrase or All that, then, that’s ?], that’s why Adi Shankaracharya said that this whole world is [SOUNDS LIKE Hindi word – Mica] – the whole world is absolutely false. Truth is only the Divine Power. [SOUNDS LIKE Brahmadra – this is the Brahmashakti [as you call it/ ?? power]]. And then you are amazed, how it works. And how it manifests itself through you. Oh, you think, “Oh, how could I? And after all you see, I am no good Mother. But how can it?” But it does.

I mean, do you know thousands of years have been spent in creating you? How can you be something insignificant? The whole stage is laid for you, especially for seekers. But seekers are the realists; and the realists want/for? God’s love. Don’t start counting your sins, because, as I said, Christ, if He’s awakened within you, He sucks in all your so-called karmas and your sins. This idea of giving you, “that there are karmas …”: many gurus stop there. “We have got karma and we must suffer, and we are just suffering”. Why? Why should you suffer, when Christ has suffered for you? Why should you suffer? So we are sitting down and suffering, and writing stories of our suffering? Suffering is only one that you have not met your Self. That separation is to suffer. You have not yet met your own Spirit. Your Spirit has not yet manifested – is the only suffering you have. And once that happens, everything flows with the wind, and the wind flows, and you can feel that thing happening. The subject matter is too deep and very extensive. I don’t know when will I be able to say that [INAUDIBLE]. No more. But it is very extensive.

Today there are lots of new people, so I have said something which is basically needed to explain what is Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja: Saha means ‘with’, Ja means ‘born’. It is spontaneous. Martin Luther said that, that it’s a spontaneous happening. But the disciples of Martin Luther flouted it. Anybody who said anything, all these Incarnations, all these prophets, whatever They said, human beings know how to make a pickle out of it. See, they did it. Every one of them made such a mess of everything, I’m surprised, how can human beings think of making Them so dead and finished. Like the flowers on the trees: are so living and nice and spontaneous. But they pick them up as their own; they say “This is mine; this is mine”. [Until?] they try on the same energy, of spontaneity. It is absolutely spontaneous. It has nothing to do with any doing or effort. Is absolutely spontaneous. Surprisingly, the word for effortlessness is also ‘sahaj’. Spontaneous and sahaja is the same. Like, spontaneously we’ve become human beings. What did we do to become human beings from monkeys? Did we cut our tails? We didn’t do anything like that – we just became. Spontaneously. What does a fruit do to become a fruit? Just the flower becomes a fruit. It’s all built in – the whole map is built within us. This is a map that we have within us, which is going to give you your Self-Realization. It is your right to have it. Not only that, but the Divine is anxious to give you, I can tell you, very anxious. That’s why there are so many seekers coming. Also, certain diseases like cancer and all that can only be cured through Sahaja Yoga; there is no other way out. Cancer is a ‘blessing’ of this, so-called, horrible modern times. And the cure of it also lies with the modern times. In the modern times, only, this en-masse evolution was possible.

On the mental side, people are so maddened, so confused, so upset; suffering from so many troubles of the mind. I mean, every third person you find, he says, “Oh God, I’ve a fuzzy head.” Tensions, and all these complications of the nervous systems and all that; they are all because we have not found our meaning. We have to find our meaning. Unless and until we are connected with the mains, we are not going to find the working of our being. So far, whatever we have been worked out as human beings was in our own idea that we thought, “I like this, and I like that.” “This is good, that is horrid/not?.” [But quite contrary?] there’s no relief. But after you have found out your meaning, the Spirit, it’s so universal that everybody will say the same, that, “This is correct and this is wrong.” There’s no difference of opinion. Everyone feels the same way. It’s not out of love, as they say that “you love each other”; you just love – you can’t help it. You are in it! You just drop down into the power of love of God. You just can’t help it. You become that – you cannot help it. You have to do it. It becomes part and parcel for every one of us. And we don’t have to sit down and think about love – it just pours and pours out of us, and pours and pours within us.

What is God? Is nothing but love. His grace is His love; freely distributed and felt within ourselves. That He has created us into human beings out of His love. Because He is the most loving, caring and generous Father we have, who wants to bestow all His blessings upon us. And He is so anxious that you should enter into His kingdom: to adorn you with all His graces and [INAUDIBLE these things?] and all His overwhelming love. That [He’s just built within / His just [INAUDIBLE] – it should happen to all of you. It should happen. I’m just a catalyst, you can say. Because I don’t want your ego to come up. Some people do come up with ideas, saying that, “Why You, Mother?” I say “Now, [INAUDIBLE] you’d better be there in My place; if you can do it, I’ll be very happy. It’s a thankless job. You’d better do it. I would like to retire.” But the trouble is, I’m meant to be there – just somehow I am put there, see, for this job.

So, if this is My job, and you are put for this job, you shouldn’t mind it. You can do it, the same. One enlightened light can enlighten another light. So it is not necessary to feel like, “Why Mother is the first?” Or somebody. It could be you. But He chose Me, somehow, I don’t know what happened to Him, that He thought I would be the best to do this job. May be I have too much patience with people, perhaps, may be. Or, I have too much love. May be that. I don’t know what it is that decided Him that I should take up this upon Myself. But, you should know that there’s somebody who really, really loves you well, and that I can see that Spirit within you. I can see it. You don’t see, but I see that star sparkling. And that’s why I I’ve worked, day in and day out, that you should see that; you should feel that – and you should get your own powers, [INAUDIBLE and thoughts?] I think people can’t understand anyone who could be like that. But I suffer from My own love, you know – I feel it is too much. And I don’t know what to do with it. If you can understand it, it will be better for Me, and better for you. That there’s somebody who just loves – just out of love. Everything is done out of love. And, for this, you should never talk of paying, and all that. It’s very insulting. You can’t pay for it. Must know that you cannot pay for love. You cannot pay for love. It is so invaluable. One should not even talk about it – it’s insulting. So, I would request you to see that you get your Realization; to establish it properly; to understand what are the implications of it. And not to just deny it – because it is for you; for you, for seekers, this is the best. Because otherwise you’ll be seeking all your life. You have to stop it at the point; you have to find it and get it.

And those who get it will start thinking about it – you can’t think about it; this is the [un-thinking?]. You become thoughtlessly aware to begin with. And once it pierces through here, then what can you do? Because, without any thinking, you have got it. By thinking, if you could get, then it would be the easiest to go into the library, sit down and think. But by thinking you cannot get it. It’s a happening that takes place – it’s a living happening. And everything within is done without thinking. That is what is to be understood. And whatever was possible in this short time I’ve been able to tell you, but, as I said, it’s a very big subject. If you have any questions, I would like to answer them.

May God bless you!

[There is another one/ ??? because they are] born Realized. There are many children who are born Realized in this country. Surprising: in England, we have so many children who are born Realized. And I am sure people do not understand what Realization is. These children are going to suffer. These are going to suffer – we’ll never understand them. Never. They talk in a different language, you know.

[a section seems to be missing]

MOTHER: I’ve seen the new line. The new horizon. And that’s how you change. And laughing at things is natural, when you become – like, when they show Christ, hanky-panky like that; never believe such stories. He was a healthy, charming man with a very healthy face. He could carry a cross – I would challenge any wrestler of this country to carry such a thing. Such a powerful man, they show Him like a skeleton. Because they themselves are like that. So, no use feeling guilty about it. But doing something about it is important. And that’s what is going to work it out. If you want to really help, [test /be placed??] with yourself; know yourself; know your powers. And once you are powerful you are so dynamic with your love that you can transform the whole world. You can. I know one gentleman, who came to Sahaja Yoga in India, in a village: he’s transformed ten thousand people. And the poverty goes out – of course, you don’t become like Mr Ford[?], who’s running after money, and materialistic, but your problems get solved. It is said, in the Gita, that “[Sanskrit SOUNDS LIKE Yogakshe mohamya]” – “If you get your Realization – Yoga – then I look after your well-being.” It is true; it happens. You won’t believe. It happens that way. After all, from where does this wealth come in? From where all these bounties come in? Not money, but the rest of it. All that is fulfilled: you solve your problems. If you are standing in the water, and the waves are coming to you, then you are afraid of it. But, if you get into the boat, you can see that. And you can enjoy. Not only that, but you may be able to help others to get out of it. That is the situation. All right? Because whatever you have done by worrying, or feeling guilty, [SOUNDS LIKE which is nothing / or what is that]. So try a new method. At least try a new method. Any other questions?

WOMAN: Do you advocate meditation?

MOTHER: Yeah. But this is the idea of meditation is not the way we understand – is to sit down, cross-legged, for hours together, and be lost to the whole world; not that. I am in meditation all the time. You are in meditation. You cannot do meditation – you are in meditation. When you are one with the Spirit, you need not do anything like that. But sometimes you just want to look into yourself; you can just sit down and enjoy your Self, [it’s better/ in spare time?] But not to waste your time sitting, arranging. I’ve seen people arranging – I have seen that, when they go into meditation, they arrange all the seats, this, that, get all the paraphernalia, and just think about what to put/cook? next. But here you are in that state – it’s a state, meditative state, into which you are. So, you don’t have to waste any time meditating – you are there! Just there! I think all these trees and all, they are meditating, aren’t they? They are one with the whole. But we have lost our connection – deliberately, or some development within us. They do not know that they are in meditation, but you will know that. This is the difference. You’ll be aware of it. Not that famous meditation, where people say they fly and this nonsense. See – the flying business is not [SOUNDS LIKE here on?] I don’t know why people want to become birds. Or to become frogs. It’s absurd – you have to become something higher. And it has to happen within – everybody has said, “You are to be born again.” Now, what does that mean? [Dvijaha] – means ‘born again’. Only two things are called as Dvija – first the one is a Realized soul, and another one is the bird. Like the egg has to become the bird – it has to become the bird. A new dimension altogether. All right? It’s a state. Of new awareness.

WOMAN: I was told it was a state that leads to Realization.[??] [obviously Mother heard something different but it does sound like that, but Her answer refers to ‘danger’]

MOTHER: No danger at all. How can there be any danger? It’s all described about Kundalini, I know; you see, these people have written books on Kundalini – horrid! Absolutely horrid – take it from Me. They don’t know where the Kundalini is – somebody says it is here, somebody says, somebody there. They don’t know anything about it, and writing such big books, you see. Anybody can write anything about God. I’m surprised even Hitler used to talk about God, and even Napoleon used to talk about God; everybody talked about God. There’s no law to forbid them. And these are the people most unauthorized. Kundalini is a very dear thing to you; She is the only Mother you have got, and you are the only child She has. And She’s the holiest of holy. And She’s looking after you. And She will mother you. She’s not going to give you any trouble at all. Not at all. But, for example, now this archbishop of black magic, you see, he got his Realization, and then, when he went into his house, he started seeing things flying out from here, there, and all that, and he got frightened. But, you see, if you are doing such things, you see these spirits try to again show their temptation, you see; they try to create a temptation for you. For a while. But if you understand that you don’t want all these things, they disappear. These are all temptations. They come to you a little bit, but not to normal people. I mean, if the Archbishop of Canterbury comes to Me, he may have some problems, but not you people.

WOMAN: [Where do the other chakras come from/You mentioned the other chakras??] You said this is Christ’s.

MOTHER: Yes, there are many others. You see, all these chakras are there. The first chakra is down below – the first one is for innocence. The first thing that was created on this earth was innocence. And the second one is for our creativity. And the third one is for our evolution actually; the green one is for our evolution. The one that is higher is for our security, and the one here is for our collective consciousness. And this one is for forgiveness. And the last one is for our Realization. There are all the seven centers in the limbic area, which are integrated, and, when you get your Realization, all these centers get integrated. And because the Deities there are awakened and it starts working out its own manifestation. It’s fantastic. Fantastic.

WOMAN: So, actually it’s a gift, is it? It’s a gift.

MOTHER: Yes, of course, it’s a gift of God.

WOMAN: You can’t acquire it yourself; it has to be given by God.

MOTHER: Yes, of course. But He’s so gracious; He’s anxious to give. That’s the way God is. Even in taking gift, we think we should return; there’s no return. It’s just giving. It’s just flowing. It’s just giving – that’s all. You cannot [INAUDIBLE run it?] in material way, that, “It’s a gift. Supposing I give you something of £2; you give me something of £3.” It’s not like that. It’s just giving, like the sunshine. It’s a gift. Gift of God. We cannot demand it. We cannot demand it, but it works. If somebody’s so gracious, won’t it work out? Like the sun’s rays you see – we may not demand it, but we can have it. But supposing you run away from it, and hide yourself somewhere and then say, “Oh, I didn’t get any sunshine.” Then you can blame yourself. You have to expose yourself. Just expose. Any other question?

WOMAN: Is the meditation supposed to soothe the nerves, relax the nerves?

MOTHER: Yes, it does relax them. Completely. You feel very relaxed, very, very relaxed. And blissful – absolutely blissful. You can prove even sometimes, see, when after Realization, then you must have felt it – a cool sort of [strange??] feeling coming up, and completely relaxed. That’s His Grace. That’s simply Grace. Relaxes, blissful. You become at least ten years younger next day.

MAN: How does one achieve Realization?

MOTHER: That’s the point! That’s what I’m coming to, now. That’s exactly the point. This question had to come to Me. You have to just ask for it. So, we are all at that threshold to have it, isn’t it? Will you please put your hands towards Me like this, just like this? And close your eyes. Put both the feet straight. Even if you don’t want to put on the ground, you can put it there, but should be straight. Connected with the earth, somehow on the earth. Now put your hands straight, just straight. Again, to say, “I’m not guilty” is important, because all of you have this problem. So just say within yourself, that, “I am not guilty”. Say it thrice. If you want to have Realization, then you must know that how can guilty people have Realization? You should not judge yourself. Who are you to judge? Let the Divine judge you. Just say, “I am not guilty”. Just in your heart of hearts, say, “I am not guilty”. For anything whatsoever. Close your eyes. Just say that. That’s going to help Me a lot. Close your eyes, and just say, “I am not guilty”. Close your eyes. You have to keep your eyes closed, because, when the Kundalini rises at the Agnya level, then if your eyes are open then it doesn’t rise, because there is dilation of the pupils that takes place, you see? Please keep your eyes open [I think She says this, but it’s a contradiction of what She has just said!] would be a better idea.

Now watch your mind. You’ll find there’s no thought in your mind. When the Kundalini rises above Agnya, there’s no thought. No thought at all.

Got it. Just start getting the cool breeze in the hand. Just put the hands like this. See [INAUDIBLE]. Enjoy yourselves. Just don’t think much. When you get it, don’t think about it. Just leave it. It will work out. Just it will work out. Close your eyes. Just you put your hands. I’m working on there. You just put your hands straight, like that. Just enjoy yourselves. Those who have got it, just put your hands like this, and close your eyes. Put your hands on your laps, if you want to. If you have got the cool breeze, it’s better to drop them. Don’t start thinking about it. It should work out. It will work out – I’m sure it will. You have to forgive. You have to forgive. First of all, forgive yourself. Forgive yourself. That’s very important, because, if you are the temple of God, you cannot have a temple which is all time thinking it’s no good. You have to forgive yourself. You are the one who has to get Realization. So forgive yourself. Don’t blame yourself for anything. Forgive yourself. That’s very important. That’s what I mean by saying, “I’m not guilty”. Just forgive yourself.

You must forgive yourself to begin with. Then, forgive others. Say it twice: “I forgive everyone”. Just say that. Saying itself will help you. You’ll feel very relieved if you say that. That, “I forgive everyone”.

Now, without feeling guilty, ask for forgiveness, if you have done any mistakes, “Forgive us”. Just ask for forgiveness from God Almighty. Just ask for forgiveness. Without feeling guilty about it. When you are asking for forgiveness, you are forgiven, so don’t feel guilty about it. Just ask, thrice. It will work out. Now, ask for your Realization: “Mother, give us our Realization”. Just ask this within yourself thrice.

Put your right hand on the heart. Right hand on the heart, and left hand towards Me. And now ask for forgiveness. One forgiveness has to be asked, that, “I’ve not paid sufficient attention to my Spirit”. That’s one forgiveness one has to ask. But not to feel guilty about it; that’s one thing very important.


“Thinking is the Liver”; “We have so much heat, we can supply to the whole of London!”

MOTHER: And don’t be that serious. It’s the play of God, you see – it is just His play. We become so serious, you see. Children don’t; they just play and throw it away. They’re not bothered, they’re not involved – they just play. That’s how God is playing.

I must thank Ruth for her kindness towards Sahaja Yoga, because she wrote such a nice article, you see. It could approach people, I hope, and the media will also take kindly to us, you see, because we don’t pay any money or anything, so people don’t take that much heat.

[Mother still working on everyone]

Hm, better; it’s good. Close your eyes. Enjoy yourself. Just enjoy yourself. Now don’t think about it. That’s one thing: ‘don’t think’ is the first mantra. Don’t think about it; just enjoy. Because you’ll drop it soon, if you think. Let it be established. It takes about seven/eight days to establish itself. So they will tell you what is to be done to establish.

It’s cooling down. Just allow yourself to drift into that, so that you enjoy it fully, as it’s a very great impact. The first moment of Realization is very great, and you must remember it. Just enjoy it. Let it go, let it go. And become that. Allow yourself to be completely dissolved into it. So it becomes a beautiful memory in your heart, of your Realization point. Now don’t wonder about the Kundalini, if it comes down, or anything – we know how to work it out. You have to sprout it first of all. You will also know how to work it out.

Are you all right? Good! Close your eyes; go deep into yourself. This is your own depth; it is your own beauty. Just try to enjoy your own beauty. This is your Self – your Self is manifesting this. Just enjoy your Self. Allow it to work out. Don’t doubt it – don’t doubt yourself.

After Realization, you really become master of yourself. And you can mould your life as you like. You can also feel the cool breeze coming out of your head, from the fontanel area. This is your baptism.

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