What we should expect from Self-realisation?

Caxton Hall, London (England)

1982-09-13 What we should expect from Self-realisation? London, England, 116' Chapters: Arrival, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization, Workshop
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1982-09-13 What we should expect from Self-realisation? London NITL-RAW, 116'
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“What We Should Expect From Self-realisation”, Public Program, Caxton Hall, 13 September 1982

Gavin Brown: Mother, with your permission, I’d like to say one small message from the Sahaja Yogis. We have been very excited to hear today news that your brother has been appointed to the position of Minister of information for India. It’s such a great blessing for that country to have a man of such dharmic nature in that position of importance. I’d like to express our joy with this news.

Shri Mataji: Last night, I was talking about Self-Realization, our ascent into the unconscious and what should we expect to be Self-realized.

Self-Realization, as I told you the other day, has to be felt in your central nervous system. It’s an actualisation. It’s not a fantasy, it’s not a fantastic stuff that people talk of, that you went into a sort of ecstasy and you are floating in the clouds — that’s not Self-Realization. We have to give up our ideas of fantasy. We have to live with the truth and reality which is really beautiful and wonderful. So, first of all, we should be very honest about it, that Self-Realization has to be something that we should feel on our central nervous system. As we have felt our evolution, actually on our central nervous system, like we are human beings. If we are human beings, we feel all that is human on our central nervous system. It is not that we feel about it in a fantastic way that oh now if I’m walking through a dirty lane, I just say, “No, no, no”, I’m walking through the garden of Eden. Where is the dirt? Where is the filth? Do we talk like that?

We just feel, every time, whatever is happening around us, we are alert about it. This alertness comes through our attention which is feeling it on our central nervous system again I would say it’s absolutely as in American way, we can say brass tacks! No fantasy about it. First thing we must confess, it is no fantasy. Last time I told you that some people who forget the point of accepting that they are Self-realized are actually self-opinionated. They just think that they are Self-realized, they are very spiritual people, they have got their second birth and you ask them, “How do you believe?”; “Oh, I know”. I said, “How do you know?”. “As you know, I know”.

Now, on these very important questions, we have to realise that one thing human beings have to be and that is they have to be extremely honest. Maybe, in that honesty you may have to face something that may not be so much accepted by your rationality. To your conditioning, it may be a shock. To many other things you have read, it might be that it doesn’t tally with that, doesn’t matter. If you are the seekers of truth, then you should be honest, absolutely honest about it and honesty should be seen in what we are trying to achieve in our Self-Realization also. One thing I cannot do with you is to be dishonest. I know sometimes people feel extremely hurt when I tell them that this is not correct and this is not true. As your Mother, I have to honestly tell you what is the truth because I have nothing to get out of you, I have nothing to ask for anything. My only job on this Earth is to give you what you have, what is your own, which you have to achieve, which is very important, which is of vital importance.

So, we should also see what is our background just now, where are we? At this moment, how are we placed? We do not realise that we are precariously placed at this moment. It’s a time whether you jump over to your emancipation or you just go to hell. These are the only two alternatives left, there is no third. There’s no compromise. I must tell you it’s a fact. One has to accept when you see all around you, people are fighting, quarrelling, there are big big wars, have been threatening one button push and the whole world can be destroyed, such a situation. Some people have to think there has to be some way out of all this madness, out of this rat race, out of these self-destroying organisations that we have built up around us. There has to be something. If so, then what is our responsibility? What is our best approach? What should be our attitude? We are taking everything for granted, we are just sitting down thinking oh it’s all right as long as we don’t do anything wrong, it’s all right. It is not so; it is not so. That time is over. That time you were leading a very good life and dharmic life, that is not sufficient. That is not going to help. First of all, we have to know that if you are seekers and honest seekers, you have to play a very dynamic role in this great work of God.

Gods work is living work as I told you. It’s not work where I can just give a lecture or give you a book and you go through the book and say page so and so. This is written here and that is written there. It is not that way that you can work it out. What you have to do is to understand in a very sensible way, in a very deep manner that Realization is the only way to save the whole humanity. You may be very few, I agree, you may not be many you can be very few but you are ones who are the foundations. You have to take up the responsibility. Without Realization, no transformation can take place in human beings. We don’t expect a seed to produce a fruit, do we? It has to sprout; it has to start sprouting. So, that transformation starts and that transformation within us can only come through Self-Realization, through our second birth, through our spontaneous awakening of Kundalini. There is no other way out. Now if people want to argue on it, I would say as far as I know, that’s the only way as far as anybody could know, that’s the only way.

Now you might have come through various channels here, through various experiences, through various sources. Like the other day I was in Geneva, and I don’t know how it happened that I had to speak in a protestant church. The temple they called it. Before I could say much, about three four minutes later, a gentleman got up on one side and said ‘Jesus’ ‘Jesus’ ‘Jesus’. Then on the other side there were 3-4, they said ‘Jesus’ ‘Jesus’ ‘Jesus’…what’s happening? They all attacked Me, came down there and started saying- I was just laughing! But then you know, I felt very sad because if they were honest and if they were seekers, why don’t they understand that by doing all this, they are not going to get to Jesus. Many people have done this, before them, so many people have been doing it. And a big question arose you see as to the – what I was saying about Christ, whether it was true or not and that is not in the bible, then how is She saying so and all that.

I would like to say that people have not been able to understand Christ at all, because Christ is a universal being. You cannot contain Him in any book, leave alone Bible. You cannot contain Him in any book or in any period because He is eternal. He didn’t only exist at that time, that four years’ time when people just allowed him to open his mouth a little bit. He is eternal and naturally being eternal, people must be knowing about him much before he came and much after. When you start containing Him in one book and start reading Bible word by word, you really kill the living soul of Christ. That’s not the way to understand Christ, you must know that there must be some people who must have talked about it. There must be some scriptures that must have said something about Him, why not go to other scriptures and find out?

Actually, to Me, it is most surprising that when I told them that there are many scriptures that have talked about Christ. I told them exactly what scriptures it is said and all that. They all got angry with me. They wanted to limit Christ to the Bible. How can you limit him to the bible? If He’s an eternal being, He cannot be in the books of these few disciples who wrote and then this Paul, who never even saw Christ. Never knew anything about Christ, wrote in the bible? So, how can you bring Him in that little book which has got few experiences of these disciples who never understood Him much I think and how could they explain it?

When He said you are to be born again, He said that, Moses didn’t. Moses did not say so, he prepared, Moses prepared everyone for that, he gave us the balancing and he gave us the so called we can say the religion as we call it, dharma. The one by which you sustain yourself. You balance yourself, he talked about that, but he didn’t say that you are to be born again because that was not his job. His job was to give you a way of a proper human life. How to lead a proper human life. That’s what he did, but Christ said ‘you are to be born again’. But did he say how you are going to be born again? Did he explain in the bible? Does anyone know how to be born again? You get some clergyman from say a theosophical society or some sort of theological society and say now ‘I baptise you’. Which society can guarantee that? It’s artificial, see now I’m talking of true religion and true ascent, not of an artificial level. This is absolutely artificial, to say that I will give you Realization, now you come here and I put some water from somewhere and put on your head and you get your Realization.

This is real deception of oneself. I know you people may not like it, but that’s a fact. I have to tell you, that’s deception. That you can give somebody Realization when you have not got the authority from God.

Then, He talked about ‘Holy Ghost’. He did say that, anything against me will be forgiven but nothing against the Holy Ghost, He did say about Holy Ghost but did He say who was this Holy Ghost? Did He explain anything about this Holy Ghost? You go and ask any priest, he will say it’s a mystery. Now supposing there is somebody who can unravel that mystery which is kept as a mystery, everything is a mystery because you see, where you don’t know, you have to say this is a mystery. That part you cannot explain, you say this is a mystery but somebody who can say and talk about it and knows about it. Then must you deny that? Who is explaining what is Holy Ghost? Now the problem is, you see, this rationality is such a thing which can be discussed. You can go on talking about it hours together, you can have meetings, conferences and everything. They will say this it, that is it, they’ll all go on talking about it. This can be discussed. But if you put your feelings towards it, you will think it’s so dry. The conversation, argument is going on, what is this? It has not given us joy that was promised, it has not given us that bliss, it has not brought that peace, let us face it. It is not that which Christ has talked, so we have gone somewhere wrong, let us accept it and see for ourselves, what is the true ascent that Christ talked, what did he say again and again, ‘you are to be born again’. So, there are organisations, they go about saying I’m born again. Now ask them, how are you born again so they bring a bible. In this bible it is written, but where is it written that you are born again? See, you know bible, you read it but where is it written that whatever is written in the bible, you are doing the same? Or that you have got that capacity? You see how they apportion it to themselves. Supposing I read a book. See it clearly. I read a book and I say, all right I read this book and it said that you have to be a good man, you have to be a nice person, you have to born again, all right. ,, now I’m born again. I may drink, I may beat my wife, do anything, I’m a good man, because I read the book.

Rationality is so superficial now just see, so clearly you can see it, it’s so superficial, it’s so outside you, nothing inside. In rationality you can feel whatever you like, there’s nothing inside. You’ve not got anything inside you. Even if you are doing everything against the bible, still with the bible in the hand you say oh I’m a good man, bible is with me. I’m carrying the bible, I paid for it. This is the way we have been able to understand any one of these incarnations. This is about Christ, this about Krishna, this is about every one of them. It’s not only in one religion it has happened, in every religion.

Islam, you can see very clearly because it’s so blatant, it’s so open. You can see how they are absolutely felt but I think, which one is not? On the contrary, those who are rational, people are very sophisticated fanatics. They won’t budge out one inch from here to there, they are extremely sophisticated and they can converse on it, talk on it, they think they are cultivated. It is nothing but just brain washing. They are brain washed and they are brain washing everybody else. Now your Realization is not brain washing, it is a happening that is your own. Just like your eyes, just like your hands, just like as you are feeling, in the same way you can feel your Realization. It is not just talking, it’s not rationality, it’s not some fantastic world of romanticism. It is true ascent, and that’s what one should see, where you become truly your spirit. Where you become truly your love or we can say where you become the power of God’s love.

So far, we talk of romancing people who said, oh Mother we believe in love. Where is love? What kind of love you believe in? oh we believe in love, all right, until something attacks you. If you believe in love, this love, this belief also comes out of separation of you and your love. What is there to believe when you are love, I mean you are love, what is there to believe? I won’t say that, “I believe I am Nirmala,” do I? If I say it, you’ll laugh at me, in the same way, if you are love you are not to believe that you are love. Love is and the love one has to be does not say that it is love. It works. It knows. It understands. It co-ordinates. It can transmit everything that I’m saying today here to the whole world. Because the love that we talk of, is a love of a lower level, where we have not achieved that eternal state or that state of the spirit which is universal. Sitting down here, can you tell me what’s wrong with somebody about say 3,000 miles away from here? You can’t. But a Realized-soul can. He does not rationalise; he does not rationalise, that’s one point. Beyond rationality. Because once you get your Realization, your hands speak. You just have to put your hands and you feel the other person just like antenna, you can feel it on your fingers. And you can say he’s catching on this or catching on that so this chakra is bad and that chakra is bad and this is the problem with the fellow and that’s the conclusion.

So, this universal being is to be enlightened within you, unless and until it is enlightened within you, no use saying we are all brothers and sisters, we are not. To be very frank, we are not. Even the brothers and sisters who are real brothers and sisters may not be real, they might end up in a court case. But when you become in love, in love of God, then what happens is that you become one with the whole. You just start feeling another person as you feel this hand, by this hand, in the same way you start feeling another person who is part and parcel of you. It’s an actualisation, again I say, it’s not talking that oh I love everyone. This love corrects, it punishes you, it destroys. This is the same love which sprouts a seed, it evolves the tree, seed into a tree, it has to destroy some parts of the tree, it becomes a fruit. Then, that love is not intelligible to that tree. That’s the living love of God, it’s not intelligible to the tree but is intelligible to human beings. What a privilege I would say for a human being to feel that love, to feel that all pervading power within Himself and to manoeuvre it. What a tremendous thing is a human being that God has created, but if you want to live in your fool’s paradise, I would say or in a fantastic romantic method of understanding of God, then who can help you? Who can tell you?

One has to at the very outset accept, that I have to become honestly the Spirit. Truly the Spirit. Truthfully the love, the love of God that pervades the whole universe. Now this talking has no meaning actually until it happens to you. As I told you last time, that it has to come in your, every bit of your being, in the sense in your nervous system it will work out. But, what happens, first people will get Realization, they get Realization, they just feel the bliss, they feel the coming out of the, cool breeze out of the head, they think it’s something out of the way. And then they get lost. They don’t go beyond that point. You have to grow after that, you have to grow if you have to be your Spirit, you have to understand the whole of your being. Say supposing I come in this hall and I see this all and just settle down here, I won’t know the whole of Caxton hall, will I? In the same way, when you enter into the realm of God, the realm has to be seen, has to be felt, has to be understood. You have to learn everything about this realm. The laws of God, how they work, how they manifest, how they work out, everything you can know but first and foremost thing, you must have your Realization. That’s very important.

Now many a times I’ve said you can’t pay for it, I mean I just don’t know how to tell it again and again, that how can you pay for a thing like that? It’s impossible, it’s absurd, it’s absurd. Many people told me that, Mother you have money that’s why you don’t take money. It’s not so, I mean if I had no money, it’s all right. If I have money, it’s all right, it makes no difference like saying my brother getting the minister-ship, to me it makes no difference at all. What does it matter? You see if he helps me in God’s work, then of course it has some meaning otherwise, to me it has no meaning at all. Those who do not help in God’s work, have no meaning to me because such people are there doing all their mundane work. Every day to day work, what are they going to do for God? That’s the main thing one has to see, that those people who are trying to achieve success in life, achieve money in life, achieve political ends in life, will all get frustrated, they will all be frustrated, they will find out very soon that this is of no use. This success has no meaning, it’s just an empty thing they have been trying, absolute empty and they have been trying to find out some sort of images, shadows, they have been following shadows, not the real thing. And once they discover it’s a shadow, they drop it. But it may be late, why not drop it now and get the real thing? Turn around and see for yourself that there is reality within you, which you must achieve and get it.

Now the time has come, that’s why it is working out. But, conditioning is too much in modern times, the conditioning is much worse than it was anywhere, anytime, anywhere before. The trouble is, when there were people like Christ, people were not prepared. He could not have, sort of a rapport with people as you are sitting here. It was impossible to talk to people, only hardly one to get some fisherman to talk to, now what to talk to them? To fisherman? That was the situation, but today, when there are people who are seekers, who are truly seekers, who want to find out but are very complicated. Extremely complicated. It’s such a complication that it’s impossible to get them out of that conditioning. They are over read, they read too much, and if they have read a book, they think they have written it. Not only that but they think they are the author. I’ve seen people who have read Geeta, they think they are Shri Krishna, if not Shri Krishna at least Vyasa, the one who has written it, it’s impossible to talk to them. They don’t want to see beyond that, but those who are really truly intelligent, truly sharp I should say, sharply seeing things, they just recognise it.

I’ve known of someone who has done his double MA in two subjects of philosophy in Indian philosophy, he was a very highly placed man himself. He came to me, I’ve not studied any philosophy in my lifetime, I’ve no time to do any such things and just he sat at my feet. He asked me a very simple question, he said, there has been always a problem in arguing out the problem of dvaita and advaita, that whether God is the only thing and rest of it is all an illusion or is it that the illusion is also true and God is also true?

I said, is it? He said, yes, they’ve been breaking their heads on this point in India throughout. I said, what is there? It is so very simple to understand. I said, when you are in illusion, then illusion is true no doubt but once you are out of illusion, it doesn’t exist, it’s as simple as that. What is there to quarrel, because you are in illusion so you believe in illusion. But once you are out of it, it’s finished. Like you are in a dream, for example, the dream seems reality at that time, at that point of awareness but once the dream is over, then there’s no dream. I said, what’s there to quarrel on such a simple thing like that? He said, Mother, you are too straight forward, you see things straight. I said, because I’m not going round, round, round, round as you people have gone. You get lost into your own mess that you have created. And then he said, books and books have been written now and all that, and Adi Shankaracharya was attacked for this and Adi Shankaracharya didn’t know how to face it. He said, all right forget it, I’m not going to talk to you and he just started writing the praises of the Mother. And they all laughed at him.

So, this is what it is. You see the disparity or you can say the difference between a Realized soul and unrealized soul have existed always. And the Realized soul could not say that you must get your Realization to understand this, you see, because if he said that then he would be boxed or he would be killed or he would be crucified or something would happen to that person, if he says you better get your Self-realization, then I’ll talk to you. That would be the most serious thing they would say. Now, so what do they say? All right, you forget it, if you don’t want to listen to it, all right we’ll not tell you or else if they say anything like that then they are murdered. These the only two situations with which one can live. Now, if you have understood one thing, that Realization gives you a new awareness, by which you do not become any way small or any way lower. It’s not like higher animals and lower animals. You know some people even feel hurt if they are told that you have to take Realization. They say we already Realized-souls. It is not that. Does a leaf feel that it is at a lower stage than a flower, does it feel that? Why do we feel all these things? Because we have got an ego. We have got an ego which determines, you are a higher race, you are a lower race, you are a higher person, you are a lower person. The education is higher of this person, that is lower. That is all egos decision. That is the decision ego takes, but for a Realized-soul, he doesn’t see all these things, he cannot see.

Can you see your dreams when you are awake? Can you see your dreams when you are just awake? I mean daydreaming some people can do, no doubt but normally we cannot believe in day dreaming. In the same way, when you are a Realized-soul, you just don’t see these things, you just see people as their chakras and their Kundalini. You don’t see what race they are, whether they are higher race, lower race, what community they come from, nothing, you just see them as they are on their chakras and you just pay attention to their chakras and immediately you know that person through their chakras. It’s nothing outside that matters.

Now for a person, who is not yet a Realized-soul, it is difficult to accept that you are not yet a Realized-soul. And that sometimes gives a challenge, but one must know that’s nothing wrong, nobody’s born Realized that way, some are born Realized but some are not. They were also not born from the childhood; I mean they may be born Realized in this life but may not be earlier lives. May not have been Realized in earlier lives so what is there to feel if you think that you have not yet got your Realization. People feel very much hurt. It is something so surprising how this ego acts against all God’s work, which is so important.

Ego is the cruellest enemy that one can think of. Say I didn’t go to one of the programs we had. Now these boys went there, they’re very good, they know how to give Realization, they have got Realization, they can give Realization, they can talk better English than I can do and they gave a very good speech and everything happened. But these boys said we will not take Realization from you, because they were English and the others were also English. Now look at this stupid ego. Does a Realized-soul have English or British or all these banners on top of their heads? Why to feel inferior or superior in any way? We are all one. If this finger requires something, if this hand has to give something, nothing to feel bad about. If this finger is a little bit numb, this hand would like to rub it to bring it to its proper awareness, there’s nothing wrong. But this is how the ego I find such an enemy of human beings. It will not allow you to get your Realization. Even if you get it, still it will come back and all the time start giving you questions and giving you answers. Such an ego exists that it is amazing how we are identified with our ego. Extremely surprising is that we do not know what we are. We talk ‘I’ do this, ‘I’ believe in this, ‘I’ say this, but what is this ‘I’? which one is this ‘I’? We do not know even who controls our autonomous nervous system, we do not know anything about it. We call it autonomous, now what is this auto, from where does this come from? Which is this auto? Who is this auto? We do not know anything about how a seed becomes a tree and why we believe that we are something great and that we are to decide everything, we know everything.

Of course, you are great, no doubt, there’s no doubt you are the greatest in the whole of creation, you are the highest, no doubt because you are the one who are human beings and you are the only ones who can get Realization. Animals can’t get Realization, that’s very true but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to achieve that spiritual ascent. For that, one should understand that one must humble down in their hearts. We must humble down in our hearts. Unless and until we humble down in our hearts, this ego, you have seen, (Shri Mataji points at the chart) see that yellow stuff you see is a very big one and the more (unclear) you are, the worse it is. The whole bile goes on the head and covers you completely. It’s all like a big balloon and when you get Realization, you see it coming up sometimes, you look at it and get such a fright and so oh God, this Mr ego from where it is coming? Because you are out of it. But when you are in it, you see, you think this is my crown, the yellow crown I’m wearing is the gold crown I’m wearing, I’m the king of the whole world. Which is a very dangerous thing. I have been noticing this very often, I’ve talked about this ego, I’ve made fun out of it and I think it does, anybody who is egoistical is quite funny, isn’t it? I mean, if you talk to anybody who is egoistical, only thing you feel is to laugh. Otherwise I don’t know how to keep serious with a person who is egoistical, it’s impossible. But they can be very dangerous, like Hitler, they can be very overpowering, they can be hypnotic actually they can hypnotise you and make you absolutely so much like them. If they touch somebody, that person becomes ego oriented, that person touches another then that person becomes ego oriented. So, this ego spreads so fast, anybody who says anything to you harshly, your ego comes up. I mean even hurting ego can create egos. So, today, I have to tell you one thing, that please we have to keep our egos outside as we have kept our shoes today. Because that is going to really help us very much. Secondly, we have to know that we have to have our Realization. On that point we should be obstinate. Now without ego how to be obstinate? Many people ask me Mother how can we be obstinate without our ego? Because we get egoistical then only, we get obstinate. Obstinacy could be through love, that Mother I must have my Realization. Through love, through love we have to ask, we have to get it, we have to love ourselves. Perhaps we do not realise how God has made us. How beautifully, with such love, with such care, for so many years, he has created you.

You have been yourselves seekers all your lives, now the time has come for you to get it. So, you better have it. Do not play with this dirty ego, it’s not going to help you at all. It’s not going to just see the point, so be careful, if you could keep out your ego, I’m sure yourself will shine. Shine through your attention and you’ll be amazed that your attention will start working out things. Now, luckily in England, after working for ten years, ten years? Nine years I should say continuously, we have been able to have some very good Sahaja Yogis. The Sahaja Yogis of England are really wonderful people, they are very balanced and good people. They are scholarly, they have sorted out even in scholarship, what is Sahaja Yoga. It is such a great pleasure for me to announce that a book written by an English Sahaja Yogi has been recently published, and I have the book which I will show you. John, has he brought his book? Told him to get the book, and they have sent the book of Sahaja Yoga by English Sahaja Yogi, because we had one book written by an Indian Sahaja Yogi, and another one was written by a Swiss/French Sahaja Yogi, then another one was written by..I mean in Marathi there are books and in other languages there are books written but this is the first book of an English Sahaja Yogi (of Dawn) has been published and you’ll be very happy that today, I’ve received it only two days back and I’m very happy about it. It’s come out very well and he has, just like an Englishman, he wouldn’t publish his name. So, his name is not there, and I really troubled him a lot because he worked with me and I told that this book should not mention much about me because then people get a fright. The best is to avoid, but still they have put something, so I hope you will excuse that and you will read it, as a book of real information to you and written in a very very straight forward way. This is the book (Shri Mataji holds the book up for all to see) today I would like to inaugurate in your presence and I’m very happy that in England, whatever I have worked, Dawn has worked so hard and got this book to its fruit.

We have other very big “Advent”, a book which we have advertised here [Shri Mataji shows the back of the cover] but that’s a very big one. For a Sahaja Yogi, we don’t give normally to a person who just gets Realization, normally. Just after Realization we don’t give a book, because you see the ego is still there. It catches one word here and one word there and they just slip out. So, we avoid giving books to people and talking about Sahaja Yoga so much.

First, we say that you establish yourself. Then we give them the book to read. But this book is given to the first primary class, you can say, where the primary introduction of Sahaja Yoga is there, where people are feeling the vibrations, are able to give Realization to another person, who have understood Sahaja Yoga but not yet fully settled down. To them we give this book. Then there is another book which we give to people, who are Sahaja Yogis. And the definition of Sahaja Yogi is not also known to people who are not Realized, because certain things we have decided not to expose in the beginning.

Christ has said one thing, that He was the way and He is the door. He was the path and He was the Gate, which He is. Which He is, which you will see here also (Shri Mataji points at the chart) He is that. He just say, “I’m the only Son of God”, which He was. I mean if He was should He not say? Supposing He was, which he was, we’ll prove it to you on Sahaja Yoga. With Sahaja Yoga we can prove it to you. But if He said that, they crucified Him. Under these circumstances, what should we do? Best is not to talk about these things. Let them discover for themselves. Gradually then they come around. It’s better suited for western people also, because in India, it’s easy to understand Sahaja Yoga because they know what is Realization. In the west, people have no idea as to what is Realization because as I told you, in the bible, nothing is written about your second birth. Not about Holy Ghost, but about Holy Ghost we have books and books in our country.

From thousands of years we have had books on Holy Ghost. What is Holy Ghost? What are Her powers? What does She do and what is it? If it is He or She or whatever it is? It’s all written down. Then about Christ also they have mentioned, quite a lot has been written about Christ. About the second birth, it is clearly been given what happens when the Kundalini rises, it comes up here (crown) makes a thudding sound, then it breaks out, every one of them have described it. All the seers have described it. They know that Kundalini awakening will give you the second birth and what happens and what is the cool breeze and everything they have talked about. So, for Indians, it is very easy. The person who gives them cool breeze, is the one who is so and so for them it is not difficult. Of course, I’m not saying about westernised Indians, because westernised Indians are copying the western people more. They don’t read about their own knowledge and all that, naturally because they are also out of touch maybe, whatever it is. So, they read mostly sectarian things but they won’t know about Kabir Das. It’s very common with educated Indians, it’s like that. They are Cambridge, Oxford you know, big people and they would not like to read something about bullock cart IQ business. So, they would not go in for reading all those things and there are many books which are written in Sanskrit language are now translated. It’s very surprising that so much knowledge is left there because it is not translated in English language. Whatever it is, now after Sahaja Yoga I’m sure all these books will be translated and it will be available for you to find and to tally that what Sahaja Yoga gives you is the real thing.

But it is not necessary even to read a book. There is no necessity to read a book because once you have the experience, you know that you are a Realized soul. Somebody asked Me, how do you know you are a Realized soul? I said, how do you know you are a human being? As you know you are a human being, you also know you are a Realized-soul. I mean, you cannot explain that but Sahaja Yoga can explain also how do you know you are a Realized-soul. When you are a Realized soul, you can feel another person’s chakras, you can raise the Kundalini, if you are a Sahaja Yogi. Then you can raise the Kundalini of other people, before learning Sahaja Yoga, you may not. You may know what’s wrong with the person because you can feel it on your fingers and you can say this is the finger catching and that is the finger catching, this is happening here, that is happening here.

But you will not know how to raise he Kundalini, how to give Realization, that is only possible when you become a real Sahaja Yogi. So, there are people who are Sahaja Yogis, who can do this work. There are people who have got Realization and there are people who are still dangling. So, all kinds of people we have in Sahaja Yoga. Now normally people when they meet some people in the ashram or in the room, they will always be impressed by a person who is a dangling thing. I’m surprised sometimes those who come for the first time will say that, “I was very much impressed by XYZ!” I say, “Really?” That person is possessed and comes to me for deliverance of the possession. They are very much impressed by that person, it’s most surprising, how could you be impressed by a person who is possessed? But it happens, that makes some people understand the impression very much, of that devil or evil thing or we can say that possession in a better way than a Realized soul. That may be one of the reasons why Christ was crucified and the thief was left.

So, sensitivity has grown in Sahaja Yoga. If you do not allow your sensitivity to grow, you will never understand Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga is not just a sort of a tuck shop or something where people just come in and go. It’s a place for people who are true seekers, who want to get employed by God, who want to do God’s work and who really care for themselves and care for the world that is around them. Care for what God has given you and what you have to give to God. This is meant for such people, not for people who are mediocre, who just come for fun sake and they go away. It’s such a waste of energy sometimes one feels when you just give them Realization and it is all wasted. There’s a parable of Christ about the seeds which fell on the rocks and some fell on very beautiful land, which grew into beautiful trees. So, I have seen both. I expect more people to become Sahaja Yogis. For that you don’t have to sacrifice anything, you don’t have to give much time, on the contrary your whole life becomes fun. Start enjoying life very well, you enjoy your family very well. You have all kinds of new perspectives. You start seeing life as a lila, as a play of God’s work. It’s very interesting if you see these people here, you have to admit, they look so fresh and so happy and so joyous. Without ant wrinkles on their heads. How do they achieve it? It is only through the power of your own Spirit that you feel the joy of that eternal bliss that is God.

May God bless you.

So, now, I always like people to ask me questions, if they have any? It will be a good idea. I’ve seen that in England people have been very decent. They’ve never been so aggressive. Very nice people I’ve met in England. If you have any questions, please ask me. There have been so many lectures and so many things, once you start developing yourself, you’ll know all about it because in this little speech, how far we can explain. It’s a very wide subject, after all, it’s eternal and you cannot explain eternity in such a short time. You can just get glimpses and glimpses of that. But if you have any questions, please ask.

Seeker: how does one establish Realization?

Shri Mataji: That of course we’ll see to it, all right. Now there are many who haven’t got it and how to establish it, that part is a second state, which there are experts here and will tell you how to establish it. Where do you live?

Seeker: London

Shri Mataji: London? Then it’s all right. In London there’s no problem, we have a very good centre, we have two centres where you can go and see them. They have programs every Wednesday there, and they are establishing people very well. It’s not at all difficult. You can master it, absolutely you can master it, no problem. There are such masters here, you can’t believe these are all masters. I have to ask them sometimes. It’s true. I don’t understand human beings much, I must say, I’m very bad at it. See these complications, I don’t understand.

So, any other questions please? That was a very good question. You see that you want to establish. Anything else? Or you are wanting to have your Realization now? That’s the best. All right, any questions there..if you have, better ask because you see when you are getting your Realization, you actually go beyond your thoughts. The thoughts are, one is rising another falling, again rises and falls. In between there’s a space which actually widens when the Kundalini rises. That’s the place here (Shri Mataji places Her finger on Her Agnya) when it opens out, you enter into this gate, which is the gate of Christ, and then you enter into the realm, where your attention goes where you are thoughtlessly aware. But when it breaks through here (Shri Mataji places her hand on Her crown) you start feeling the cool breeze in your hands. Absolutely. Now some people who have some problems, can feel the rise of the Kundalini a little bit, if it is not moving properly. Or some people can see also. You can see on their back, you can see the Kundalini’s movement. In some people, because you see if you have a perfect backbone and a life which is above normal, then it works out very fast. But if there are complications, it takes a little time. Doesn’t matter. Some people feel the heat sometimes. So, for all these things while giving Realization, we can tell you what is to be done, what is the problem and how to tackle it. But at the very outset, which has been a very common problem with English people, and with other western people, I’ll have to tell you beforehand that unnecessarily they feel guilty for everything. I mean it has become a second habit with them.

If somebody asks for water and you are late with that, you feel guilty. Self-pity is the worst thing, feeling guilt is the worst thing. What is there to feel guilty? You haven’t done anything so bad, so horrible that God can’t forgive you. He is the ocean of love, ocean of compassion, you can’t imagine what He is. He’s so compassionate. So, why should you feel guilty for nothing at all? And this kind of a thing is like hiding yourself into a little niche to avoid the sunshine of His love. So, please do not feel guilty. Believe me, you are all fine people, you are good people. There is nothing wrong with you, you have done nothing wrong, just forget it. Little bit here and there it doesn’t matter, after all to err is human. God knows that. You are human beings; you are not God. If you were God, you would not have made any mistakes, but after all you are human beings so you are going to make mistakes isn’t it? He understands that. He is all common sense, He is the source of all understandings, source of all the feelings, and then we just sit down, sit back, thinking we are guilty. We should not have done that, we should not have that, this is wrong, that is wrong. Please forget all that. This is first request to you that please forget that you are guilty. Start it with saying in your heart that ‘I am not guilty’, thrice you must say ‘I am not guilty’.

I mean, this is something people are surprised when I tell them that you must count your deeds and things, there’s no need at all. Do we count all our blots on our clothes when we put it into the washing machine or something? Do we go on counting, how much dirt there is, the types of sources it has come? No, we just put it out. If there is something that is just going to cleanse you completely, who is the source of all the cleansing, then you just have to ask for it, that’s all. Just for the asking, just for your asking, so please don’t feel guilty. Especially if you have been brought up that way, it’s difficult to believe, but I tell you, I don’t find anybody here guilty of any such crime that they should feel guilty at all.

May God bless you.

Now I would request you to take off your shoes for one reason, that this Mother Earth helps us a lot, to suck in our problems. She’s another very forgiving personality. (Shri Mataji calls out to new people arriving, to come in and sit down)

It’s like the shooting of the jet, or we can say the shooting of the satellite. The last bit of it to go into space. Everything has been done, now only the last bit, where it enters into the space has to take place. And just it takes place. So, now don’t be nervous, don’t feel unhappy, and don’t think about what has happened in the past, just think of the present. It’s very important for all of you.

Shri Mataji begins the experience:

Please put your hands like this (both open) this is because we have to receive the information on our fingers. The fingertips have got the chakras, represented there. So, just put your hands towards me, straight. Feeling cool breeze already? Now close your eyes, you have to close your eyes. Please keep the eyes closed all the time. That is very important. Don’t open them at all, because if you open them then the Kundalini stops at Agnya chakra. Keep them closed. This is just the opposite of hypnosis. You have to keep your eyes closed. Now just let it go, I mean in the sense that you do not say any mantras or anything or any prayer, just relax. Put your hands on your laps, be comfortable, just relax, it will work out. Once it happens to you, you can do it to others. Like one enlightened light enlightens another one, and that light can enlighten another. So, now supposing we are in the dream, as I said, we have to become the reality. The reality is one that is you are the Spirit. You are nothing but the Spirit. So, you put your right hand on your heart, to assert on the left side. Keep your eyes closed, don’t open them, just keep them closed. And now you have to just assert, saying:

‘Mother, I am the Spirit’

Put your left hand towards me and right hand on the heart, say ‘Mother I am the Spirit’ not loudly, in your heart. Say it thrice. With faith, with full belief that you are the Spirit. With your heart say ‘Mother I am the Spirit’. You are the Spirit, no doubt, you are, but you have to awaken. If you start getting cool breeze in your hand, put the left hand parallel to Mother Earth, palm facing the sky, on your lap. Please keep your eyes closed, left hand on the lap, be comfortable. Don’t worry, we are seeing you, if there’s anything that is not all right, we’ll work it out.

Now put this right hand on your forehead, now, on your forehead and just say ‘Mother I forgive everyone’. Say it again, ‘Mother I forgive everyone’.

You yourself are doing your own ascent, in the way that you are raising it. You are getting your power from the left side; you are working it out with your right hand. Now put your hand on your head itself, press it hard, hard. And now just say ‘Mother please give me my Realization’. Say it seven times.

Now put your fingers on the centre of your head, where is the fontanelle bone area, which was a soft bone when you were a child. Just try to press it with your fingers, just try to press and move it, you will see it will become softer with your own hand it will start becoming soft. Try to press it.

Now place your hand higher to see if there is a cool breeze coming out, if not, there might be hot coming out, just put your hand on top and feel it, higher, just feel it if there is cool breeze coming out or a hot breeze coming out.

Hot is coming out, if you see, most of you. Now you put your right hand towards me and left hand on top of your head again. Now see if there is a cool breeze coming out.

Better, it’s coming out? It should work out.

[SHRI MATAJI STANDS UP and with her back to the audience does her own candle clearing]. When one hand is tired, try with the other hand, it will work out.

[Shri Mataji sits down again] Now put your both hands towards me, it’s very relaxing now, just watch me. Now see if there is any thought coming to you while watching, just watch it, open your eyes. See now, if there is any thought?

Now to give your Self-realization, you have to put your left hand in front of you just like this as I’m putting (bandhan), left hand, this is the desire power, in front. The right in front like this and go on moving, left hand straight line, right hand like this [Shri Mataji showing raising Kundalini] on top of your head, bring it up, now give it a knot. Again, once more, put the hand straight in front of you, it’s you who can do it and now put the right hand like this (second raising) movement should be correct, take it on top of your head, now give another knot. Now, again. (tie knots) one, two and three. See now are you feeling cool breeze? Feeling it? Are you? Not yet, close your eyes, it will work out. Just close your eyes, it will work out.

[Shri Mataji places her right hand to the candle]

Better now?

Shri Mataji goes to the public and starts working on the people!!


Shri Mataji asks a member of public if he has been to a guru…he answers yes.

Mother is saying his eyes are trembling. She clears him.

Mother continues working on the public. Not to be sad, you have to be cheerful.

Mother asks a lady…feeling better? Here is the pain isn’t it? All right, better? Feeling the cool breeze? Not yet? You must forgive, you have to forgive. Leave it for me, by not forgiving you are [unclear] you understand that? Just forgive, just forgive. Shri Mataji continues to work on the lady. All right? Shri Mataji asks Sahaja Yogis to start working behind the lady and moves on to the man on the next chair.

What about you? She places her Holy left hand on his head..

Somebody comes to Shri Mataji and places a flower garland around her neck…Mother speaks in Hindi asking how things are..is everything all right…now come on (in Hindi to work on some people)

Shri Mataji has not let go of Her left hand and asks the man if he has been to any Guru…he says no. It’s all Ekadesha, it’s all here. All the library is here

Shri Mataji also places Her Holy right hand on the man next to the previous one…Oh what a Realization, just see here, did you see that? Mother takes his hand and places it on his head…what a depression!

Mother returns to Her left hand and continues on that man [unclear]. Left Swadishthan …Mother ask the lady, have you been to some clairvoyant or something? No, never? Back to the man..you are reading, makes this head heavy, all the books jammed up here.

Shri Mataji’s attention is also on the people behind that row and She asks Sahaja Yogis, “What about them?” Mother asks people from the back to come forward to some ladies.

Shri Mataji’s left hand is still on the man and something clears and Mother is clicking her right-hand fingers. Now just see this gentleman.

With Her hand still on the man, Mother turns and speaks in Hindi to somebody.

‘We are doing Guru Nanak’s work, he had said bring Sahaja Samadhi, when will you take it?’

Reply: When you will give us.

Shri Mataji: Then take it come on place your hands in front of you…just see his vibrations.

Shri Mataji continues with the man..got the books, better now? He holds Mothers hand and both laugh All right? Worked out see?

Shri Mataji goes back to the lady…now what about her? Continues clearing her head by turning it hard and clicking both ways and also saying ‘I’m sorry, sorry for this but this is for not forgiving others, all right now it’s all right. Better?’

Lady finally nods!

Mother moves onto another seeker..’he has got a hamsa’ (some hindi again..reciting the nadis that Kabir must have spoken about..He explained everything to you but the west haven’t been told anything )

Shri Mataji: I’m just telling him that Kabira has told everything clearly to these people, nothing more could be said. I mean Nanaka and Kabira have really worked very hard, but they must listen now.

Mother continues working on the man while asking the lady behind, got it? She replies that she can’t hear …Mother says it’s all right, you can see me, come down I will see your ears, come down. Mother asks a yogi to bring her forward. Mother asks abouth the man she is working on and then she asks him to forgive (all in hindi)..right is ok left not yet…Mother asks a yogi to continue with him…Mother says you are looking at me stop thinking.

Shri Mataji looks towards the back…to that extent it’s coming out? Look at that!

Mother moves on to the next man and works on him and quickly clears…in hindi Mother says you have crossed over now do something moving forward.

He replies his heart doesn’t feel like it. Mother replies it will, just come to our meeting. Mother asks yogis…tell them about our Nightingale everything, they will come…

Shri Mataji moves onto the next man, what about you? Mother places Her Holy hands on the man and the lady next to him.

You must forgive also, if you don’t forgive then the heat is heightened more. If you forgive, just say ‘I forgive’, just say it, mean it.

Yogi announces: You can come to our centre on Wednesday evening this week and every week in south London, Balham near Clapham South station. The address is 99, Nightingale way. Make sure you get some literature from us which will give you the address and the telephone. And please fill up the little slip which has a space for your address so that we can reach you again when there are other programs

(Shri Mataji continues working and asks a yogi to work left to the right on the man)

Yogi announces: on Saturday, you may know there will again be a public meeting in Hampstead in the town hall, which is very close to Belsize park tube station. 7 o’clock on Saturday this week. So, those who’ve come to programs before, got their Realization, please get up and help to raise the Kundalini of the new people as by feeling the vibrations on others, you learn how they work and what they are. You can’t learn it from a book, you have to have the practical experience. That’s why we have the workshop sessions every week on Wednesday…

While the yogi is announcing, Shri Mataji is also clearing and speaking and the elderly lady with the hearing problem comes to Mother..

Yogi announcing: We will get practical learning to go deeper into this tremendous knowledge. That’s from 6 – 9 at our centre, you are welcome anytime.

Shri Mataji says in hindi..talk less and raise Kundalini

Mother has her arm around the elderly lady and goes to close to her ear and recites the mantra Vishnumaya Aum Sakshat…better? You can hear me?

The lady looks at Shri Mataji, smiles and says ‘yes’

Shri Mataji: good, now turn around….Mother goes close to her right ear and recites the mantra Krishna Radha and Vitthala

It has improved now, can you hear me? The lady says ‘yes’ Mother asks again, now you are hearing me all right? The lady replies ‘yes’

Shri Mataji: that’s it, now you don’t see my mouth but you can hear me all right?

Lady: That’s wonderful.

Shri Mataji: That’s good, now gradually you’ll be hearing much better.

Lady: Thank you so much because it’s such agony when …(little unclear) understand

Shri Mataji: Now you’ll be hearing much better, aren’t you hearing me?

Lady: Yes, it’s wonderful.

Shri Mataji moves onto other people…you must forgive…forgive…

Mother once again clicks a mans head both ways to clear his Visshiddhi. Better Now? Some more working and the man tells Shri Mataji, feeling cooler.

Haa! Now better…then Mother clears his Agnya….Haa! better now? You’ve been to some guru? He replies that he’s been involved in some light meditation. Shri Mataji places her hand on his left Vishuddhi and stamps her foot then also clears his Hamsa.

Now you must progress, that’s the main thing. You all have to become like these people, you see they know how to do. It’s your own, why not do it? Mother is speaking generally to everybody while She is working on the same man.

This is employment, now a new employment by a new government, all right. Doesn’t matter if there’s no employment by this government, doesn’t matter at all. Now you have to take to new employment…Haa! Mother releases Her hand from the man. All right now? He replies something about his shoulder and Mother places Her hands on his shoulders and then takes his hands and tells him to ask Her a question..’Mother am I my own Guru?’ you ask me a question, just ask me loudly. He asks the question. Shri Mataji repeats it and he copies Her. Mother ‘again’, again, again….while She continues to work on his hands…again, Shri Mataji feels the cool breeze finally on his hands and asks him ‘ it’s cooler now, are you feeling the cool breeze? This is the problem, you don’t have to have any Gurus, you are your own Guru. Just master it, all right? You have to become your own master. You don’t need any masters any more. All right. The problem is agnya. Doesn’t matter, you have been to Divine light? Which Guru you have been to? The man replies (unclear) Shri Mataji ‘same thing, you have concentrated on this part? Mother presses his agnya. Lighter now? Lighter on the head? Shri Mataji is speaking to him including 11 rudras..these boys will tell you how to do it. All right, you master it now, you become master of Kundalini, you become the Guru now. No more Gurus and no more payments, had enough of them.

Shri Mataji moves onto another lady and places Her hand on her head. ‘She’s good, you had no Guru I believe’

Mother moves on. Another man ‘Guru, again?’ A Sahaja Yogi tells Shri Mataji that this man had a mantra. ‘A mantra? What?’ The man tells Mother the mantra and She tells him to open his eyes and repeat it to Her. He says the mantra. Mother ‘again’. He says it. Mother ‘again, loudly all right, working now? On the hands? The man is told to ask Mother something (unclear) as he does, Shri Mataji places Her hand on his head and Agnya. Shri Mataji is saying something while own Guru?’ He starts to say this and Mother keeps working. She tells the yogis the void is too much caught up. Mother keeps clearing his hands, ‘little bit started see, on the fingertips you know, it becomes lighter, can you see that? All these fingers have to become and you’ll start feeling it more, better? Just say ‘Mother make me my own Guru’ The man repeats this and Mother says ‘again’ ‘again’ both sides. Not yet feeling? He says no.

Mother ‘all right they’ll tell you what should be done, just do it and clear out, this portion is all heated up (void) you can see it, can you feel the pressure here? It’s there (Mother seems to have Her Holy Hand on his void) so we have to cure this all right? They will tell you what is to be done. You will become the Buddha, the enlightened one isn’t it?

Shri Mataji moves on and ask a man: How are you? Did you feel the cool breeze?

He replies, no. Mother: No? You should, why not?’

‘What about this lady?’ A yogi replies that she is all right Mother. ‘that’s the thing, you can feel it on the head, very good’

[Shri Mataji in hindi to a sardarji (sikh man): It’s good right? Now call others, what are you doing? It’s not going to happen just by going to a Gurudwara…some conversation about illusion 1:38:25…..this illusion should be broken right?

Shri Mataji moves around again ‘just forgive them, forgive all of them, all right?’

Shri Mataji moves to a lady and asks what has she been doing. Karate or something? Lady says no. Mother takes her hand and starts to clear.

Shri Mataji: Are you married?

Lady: No.

Shri Mataji: Are you going to marry?’

Lady: No.

Shri Mataji: ‘No, why? You have to otherwise you won’t [unclear]’ Ha! That’s the centre, married or unmarried, if you get a good husband then you’ll marry all right? Keep it like that all right’

Sahaja Yogi announcing: We are hoping many of you will come on Wednesday to our centre.

Shri Mataji: Better take down their names in any case, and write to them.

Sahaja Yogi continues: In any case, please make sure you leave your name and address with us. The box is just by the door for you to give us the slips and those who come on Wednesday, please bring with you certain things. A bag of 7 lemons and 7 green chillies. This is a treatment, you’ll see how effective it is. Also bring a little bag of sugar and salt and a little oil, like olive oil. (repeats items) we will tell you how to use them to help clear out problems on the subtle centres. Thank you we look forward to seeing you.

[While the Sahaja Yogi is announcing, Shri Mataji joyfully continues to mingle with the public, checking and clearing.

Mother asks a man ‘what’s the matter with your heart? Heart is like stone, why? disappointed in love or something? Why, it’s like a stone.

The man says something about this organisation]

Shri Mataji: why, what are you disappointed here? By coming here, people give up their drugs, they give up all their nonsense, they become good people, they get their cancer cured, there’s a doctor standing here in psychology you see and they get their madness over, why are you disappointed? What do you want them to do? To join politics?

Man: No.

Shri Mataji: Then what?

Man: To find out the purpose of their life

Shri Mataji: They have found out their purpose much better than you have and you don’t open your big mouth. You see here everybody has such a big ego on the top, what have you done? Their lives have changed, those people taking drugs have given up. Those people who were drinking have given up. Those people who were doing wrong things, they are here, all doctors. People who were nothing have become architects, doctors and this and that. What is the purpose of life? Life is to do God’s work, that’s life.

[Man saying something like…life is to understand we are limitless, infinite]

Shri Mataji: God is limitless, that’s what happens.

Man: I have a teacher called Ishwara.

Shri Mataji: Ishwara. [Laughter] We have known that one very well…they have done nothing to you. Can you tell what’s wrong with this lady? Tell me what are the chakras catching, tell me

[Man can’t.]

Shri Mataji: What’s the use of having such a Guru and you’re coming here representing him, you see you have got nothing, on the contrary you have a very big ego on your head. That’s all I can see clearly and your heart is like a stone.

Man saying something about some chakra blocked…

Shri Mataji: That’s true, clairvoyance is because of the spirits, do you know that? Spirits only give you clairvoyance, they are not God.

Man saying something about a yogi saying something to him about a blocked chakra but states it’s not true.

Shri Mataji: Very true, I can see, it is true absolutely. Not only throat, heart throat and this (ego).

Man continues to argue.

Shri Mataji: clairvoyant cannot know what chakras, take it from me. They are not settled enough, they will never know, what will they know? They know only…see those who are clairvoyant, listen to me, they have no knowledge, take it from me. They just get knowledge from a spirit which tells them, believe me. If you want to be clairvoyant, you can do it. I don’t want to waste my time, then you become. Warren, you don’t do, then forget it, don’t take our time, you can go.

[Man offered something.]

Shri Mataji: No, no, I don’t want it, thank you very much laughter all around.

Shri Mataji moves on saying, they are so stupid, they don’t want to see, closed heart, they are stupid people. Even garbage cleaner will come (unclear) his head, what was he? Chairman of the high court of the world high court. A garbage cleaner, can you imagine? I mean when you don’t know anything, what are you talking about? Just talking, talking, talking wasting everybody’s time. Show off. Why don’t they have their own halls where they talk?

[Man still seems to be staying and saying something…]

Shri Mataji: I’m sorry sir, I must work it out, I just can’t talk like you. All right. Tell him to go out. Very bad vibrations. Just help me by getting up. No, no Rustom no use arguing.

[Shri Mataji has Her Holy Hands on two other people. A lady is lacking confidence.]

Shri Mataji: She hasn’t got the confidence as yet she says, ask her to put her left to the right. He has got a Guru who calls himself Ishwara! And they believe it, you see that’s the trouble with these stupid people believe such people. Calling themselves Gods, this, that, they believe. That’s so stupid you know this ego makes them so stupid.

[Mother asks in Hindi if they can feel the vibrations and raises Her Hand several times. This man is saying they have come from Houston USA and Mother is so pleased telling him there is a centre in Houston.]

Shri Mataji: Hester, there is a present for you, Kalpana has left a present, lying with me. The fellow had such a bad heart, I tell you.

Mother ask the man She is working on, right heart, about his father. Passed away so She asks when? He replies 40 years back.

Shri Mataji is telling him in Hindi to close his eyes and tell his late father, we are all right, go in peace, do not worry about us. Then Mother asks the man if he has any breathing trouble? No, all are fine, Mother tells him right heart is father’s side. Right Swadishthan, right heart, he’s an engineer. Now do you feel it? Please ask a question ‘Mother are you the engineer of all engineers?’

[The man repeats.]

Shri Mataji: Again, again. Ok? feeling it? Yes.

It’s done.

Shri Mataji moves on and asks yogis to come and help me here. I have to work here.. Haa! What do you say? What’s that? It has come? (seems to be some literature) Shri Mataji: please you only give it to Realized-souls, not to everyone, just don’t start it otherwise [unclear] Mother calls over to ‘bumble? What about your birthday? When is it?

Child replies: I think it’s the same day as school.

Shri Mataji: how is your mother? I have a nice job for you, I’m not going to wait any more for your birthday now.

While Mother was chatting She cleared another person and moves on.

Shri Mataji: what work do you do? Consultation? What consultation? Research and business consultation? You have to talk a lot?

Shri Mataji works on his Vishuddhi. A child approaches Shri Mataji with flowers which She receives and thanks, while still working on the man…now Agnya. She raises his Kundalini several times and clears his Right Vishuddhi while a yogi also works on him.

Shri Mataji: I wanted to see that, when those people attacked me, they were saying I was just laughing all the time.

Sahaja Yogi: Oh, you were Mother.

Shri Mataji: Really.

Sahaja Yogi: It was tremendous.

Shri Mataji: I just couldn’t understand their stupidity, I didn’t know what to do… [Laughter].

Sahaja Yogi: It’s marvellous, I’m going to watch this …. [unclear]

Shri Mataji: One lady. I forbid you, you see [unclear] head also.