Vishuddhi, Agnya, Sahasrara

Vienna (Austria)

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Fourth Public Programme. Vienna (Austria), 30 September 1982.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. In my last lectures I’ve been telling you about these centers which are placed in the lower part of the body. Today I would like to cover the rest of the three centers which lie here, here and here. These are very important centers for human beings. When man as a human being raised his head up, this center established a new dimension. This center is called as Vishuddhi chakra. And this has got sixteen petals which manifests in the sympathetic or the para-sympathetic nervous system sixteen plexuses, which looks after our eyes, nose, throat, and our tongue, our eyes, part of the eyes, and the whole expression of the face. When man is ego-oriented, he puts back his head like that. And when he’s super-ego-oriented, he puts down his head like that.

This center is extremely important for human beings and for Sahaja Yoga, because the hands play a big part in Sahaja Yoga. To get a universal language we have to use our hands – that is the best, for say, for people who are blind, who are deaf and dumb, best thing for them is to use the hands. So these hands, though we express ourselves by moving fingers and gestures, are still not enlightened. When this center gets enlightened then these hands become enlightened, too. This center has two sides, one on the right and one on the left. The left-side center is caught up when a person feels guilty and obstructs the ascent of the Kundalini. That’s why I always request all the Western seekers first to say in their hearts, “Mother, I’m not guilty.” These are the conditionings that have come to us from so-called religions, from so-called psychologists, and other people who are responsible for our development in our childhood. When material things were very important for the parents, they all the time shout at children or correct them, saying that, “Don’t spoil the carpet, don’t spoil that, don’t spoil that.” And that is how we develop a kind of a guilt within us. When we grow up in the schools and colleges, this can be built up very heavily within us, too. Education has to be imparted to children with great love and understanding. There’s a big feeling, especially with the people who are very developed that children must be controlled by brainwashing. But this brainwashing results in this funny trouble called guilt.

In the same way the psychologists who discuss this subject of guilt are really not understanding the effects of this kind of a discussion. These psychologists, when they talk about the trouble of guilt, they do not know that these are pathological cases. This is not normal, this is abnormal case. But if you start discussing about these abnormal cases in a general way, it becomes a general disease. They themselves work with the sick people, who are possessed, and they have no way of protecting themselves from these sick people. That is how they themselves become sick. And then once they develop this sickness within them, they start generating it on a larger areas by saying that one develops a guilt, and this happens with guilt, that happens with guilt.

Now God has created human beings in His own image. There is no need for human beings to feel guilty for nothing at all. If these human judges have not been able to find you as guilty, how can that judge, who is nothing but compassion, will brand you as guilty? You have come from amoeba to this stage, and God has created you as the epitome of the whole creation. And now at this stage you start feeling guilty. When He wants you to adorn the seat of your Spirit at this great moment, you are becoming guilty – just very disappointing, the whole thing is extremely disappointing. (Shri Mataji laughing) All these evolutionary things have happened within you, not to make you feel guilty. It would be like a prince who is now to be anointed as a king, suddenly stops – says that “Oh, I’m guilty, I can’t become the king.” Self-pity is worse than suicide. So the right-side problem is just the opposite of left side. That is a person who talks with aggressiveness, who has a personality that he talks in such a way that he impresses people and puts them down. Such a person develops a very harsh and a dry personality. I know of a dentist who came to see Me. He was a dentist, but he told Me, “Mother, I have lost power to smile even. I can’t smile now. My muscles do not go into the mood of smiling at all. I have become so feelingless that I cannot smile – nor cry.” So he went to some saint, so-called, and the saint said, “Oh you have gone beyond everything now.” This is the wrong idea we have for people who are very great in spirituality. Such a person has to be an ocean of compassion, ocean of love and ocean of forgiveness. Above all, he should be able to give joy to people and not miseries. Normally wherever I see a painting of a saint or a statue of a saint, he looks the most miserable to Me. Wherever the some artists, architects have carved the popes and the bishops and all that, they look so miserable that nobody would like to take their place. (Laughter) Sometimes with these aggressive people, as a result of their aggression, also develop the left side because they feel guilty the way they have talked to others. With this you develop problems both the sides of the center if they are in imbalance, you develop a center into such a way that a physical problem called spondylitis can develop. If you feel guilty or if you feel aggressive, both ways it can work out. Specially if you feel guilty, then also a heart problem called angina – sort of a thing develops. And also you develop a stiff left hand with that.

Now in short I have told you about the Vishuddhi chakra, because we have to cover three chakras, and I want to tell you today about the Spirit. Above that is the center of Agnya. Agnya chakra lies in the region of pituitary and pineal body. It is placed exactly in the center of optic chiasma. One of the windows of Agnya chakra is shown here on My forehead with this mark, and another one is at the back of the head. Now this center is also extremely important because it controls your ego and super-ego. This is the center where Jesus Christ, our Lord resides. Many priests have been shocked when I told them this. But His cross is symbolic of this cross where the ego and super-ego cross each other and are extremely close. This is the place where Christ was to be placed and bestowed upon, and this was to be accomplished by His crucifixion so that His subtler body enters into that area of our awareness. When Christ said on the cross that, “Now it has been established,” He meant to say that this accomplishment is the establishment of Christ in that center, which is very, very subtle and difficult to enter into.

He was, His body, only His body was made of the vibrations that you feel. These vibrations are called either Om or Chaitanya in Sanskrit language. When He is just made of that, He could walk on the water. The other day somebody told Me that Christ has been born somewhere and now He is going to come on the TV. (Laughter) So I said, “Better ask Him to walk on the water and then you’ll find Him.” Now, this establishment was important, and at the time of crucifixion, when He was in that state, He said only one sentence, which shows that something was to be accomplished by His crucifixion. “It” – He didn’t say everything is accomplished – He said, “It has been accomplished.”

He has talked of the future about Holy Ghost, that everything will be forgiven whatever is done to Him, because done in ignorance, but nothing against the Holy Ghost will be forgiven. He said, “I’ll send you a counselor, who’ll explain everything to you. I will send you a redeemer, who’ll redeem you. And a comforter, who will give you comfort.” The third thing He has said that, “You are to be born again.” He’s the only one who said this in the whole of Bible, Moses and all these people, it is He who said that, “You are to be born again.” Because Moses, as I told you the other day, and Abraham were busy establishing your balance in that green part of the body. But this awakening of Christ within you, the awakening of your power as a second birth was only said by Christ. So we started giving baptism to people. You get some water from somewhere, appoint somebody as a clergyman, put on the head of a person and say, “You are baptized.” It is such an artificial thing because there is nothing that has happened, just you have put some water, anybody can do it. But to get baptism, you have to raise the Kundalini to break through. Christ didn’t say that, “You take water and put on somebody’s head”, did He say so? But a second birth has to take place. And the second birth, birth itself means an evolutionary process, or you can call it a living process has to take place. In Sanskrit language a bird is called as Dvijaha, and a realized soul also as Dvijaha, means twice-born. Like a bird is an egg, first of all, then he grows in that eggshell, and then it matures, it breaks through, and it comes out as a transformed personality, as something else, absolutely something else from the egg.

On the Easter day we give people eggs to remind them that, “You are egg now and you have to become the bird.” But I don’t think people know that, because resurrection is the message of Christ. Crucifixion is the accomplishment, but Resurrection is His message.

And the way we are making Christ look so miserable is something I just can’t understand. They just show the skeleton of Christ hanging with a skin there – can a skeleton carry such a big cross? Michelangelo was another realized soul who painted Christ like the way He was, a huge person, person who was healthy, full of vigor and joy, and not a miserable pitiable caricature. I think people who are sadistic enjoy this kind of a thing to see somebody miserable. Perhaps that is the reason because just below that I have seen a miserable looking skeleton put there as Christ on the table. Spiritual life is not misery by any chance. It was a thing of great pride that Christ came on this earth because when He’s awakened within us at this point, He sucks in the ego and super-ego. That means He takes away all our conditionings and our actions, the karmas. That means in the Christian words we can say He sucks away all our sins. He has died for us. He has gone through all the miseries. He didn’t leave any misery for us to go through. There is no need for anyone to be miserable now.

For example, Jews said that, “Oh we…” – they denied Christ and that’s how they said, “Oh we must have miseries. We have to suffer.” So they suffered nicely. When Hitler came in, he made them suffer. That’s what they were thinking was religious life, was that? And today the same people who suffered have become the other side of it and they are doing all kinds of things without any relation to their religion. Because the greatest of greatest Commandment is, “Thou shalt not kill”. And then how do you explain this Christian militia in the name of Christ killing so many helpless people? Innocent small children, women, for no crime of theirs. In the name of God, in the name of Christ, in the name of Mohammed, these people are just using their sadism. Where is the word that is said as love and compassion of God? Mohammed has talked of [Rahamat ?], all the time of [Rahamat], he calls God Rahim. [Rahamat] means compassion, Rahim means the embodiment of compassion.

One can’t understand these nations, what they have done of God and these incarnations, nobody can explain. Those who followed Buddha, like Japanese and Chinese, what are they doing? We have some followers of Mahavira, they have become such extreme vegetarians that they try to save mosquitoes and all little worms on the street. They are so stupid that they make some bugs to suck the blood of a realized soul so that the bugs will get realized. (Laughter) This absurd vegetarianism – one should understand are we going to give Realization to chickens? (Laughter) We are more kind to animals and to our tables and chairs than to our own children.

Human beings are going in the wrong direction. The right direction is to be in the center and watch for the Last Ascent. And when the Kundalini rises She takes you through this gate of Christ, through Him alone it takes. That’s why I said through Him everybody has to pass into the realm of Kingdom of God, which is the Limbic Area within you.

The super-ego and ego represent your past and future. A thought rises and falls off and another thought rises and falls off. One is a past, one is a future. Our mind jumps on the cusp of these thoughts. We have to be in the center of these two thoughts, which is the present, we have to be. But just by giving lectures and saying, “Now you be in the center”, you just don’t become. By giving lectures or giving badges or starting organizations or having some sort of a postcard with you attached on your head, you don’t become that. All honest seekers must know that this is all outside, it has nothing to do with inside. If you are true seekers and know that all these things are ego-pampering, and is very misleading. It is to be understood in its right perspective, in the proper wisdom of a human being.

Now when you cross through your Agnya chakra you become thoughtlessly aware, because you establish your attention in the present. But again I have to tell you one thing that this is not a myth, it is an actualization that has to take place – it has to happen within you. Your awareness has to be enlightened. It is not just saying, “I am an enlightened being”, giving a false certificate to yourself. Then the Kundalini passes through the last chakra of the Sahasrara, 1000 petals, and opens out into the subtle energy of God, His love and His compassion. At this time, you are thoughtlessly aware, but you are in complete state of bliss and relaxation. You feel the All-pervading power for the first time as Cool Breeze. This is the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost described in the Koran as “Ruh”, in the Indian scriptures as Chaitanya Lahari, means waves of consciousness. We can put waves of enlightened consciousness. There are books and books written about it in Sanskrit language, but they are not translated. Some people who went to India to study Sanskrit, they were only interested in the loopholes of the culture. Like a thief is interested in all the weaknesses of a bank, they went there to study what they can get to support their weaknesses. In the late 6th century in our country, a big revolt against God broke out as tantrism, where insulting the deity and – unholy behavior became the signs of tantrism. They behaved in such a manner that the – with the repulsion the deities disappeared. And they created an area around them where they could get all the negative satanic forces to handle. This is called as in Sanskrit language as [bhoota vidya, preta vidya ?] and all that which in short means the knowledge of the cemetry.

Aside: Please don’t disturb others.

Now this vidya was practiced, this science was practiced by people who wanted to entice and hypnotize people and make money. But the people who went there only studied these erotic and dirty things, which has no meaning to the philosophy there. I went to Nepal twice with My daughters; we never saw anything wrong there. But then one of the Sahaja Yogis told Me the Nepal is filled with these – the erotic images. I said, “Where are they? I can’t see.” “See there,” he said, “on top of the temple.” All these Japanese had their zoom lenses put up there to see it. (Laughter) They had brought special type of ladders, you see, special type of ladders to climb up, to take the special photograph of the special brains. (Laughter) And the Nepalis told Me that these stupid people are doing (Shri Mataji laughing) something so unholy and unsanctified. They have no sense of holiness. And I said, “That’s not so. They have, but they have lost it now, they can make money out of it.” But they were surprised, they said, “Who is going to buy these inauspicious things in the house? They’ll bring all bhoots in the house.” But these tantrikas had convinced these poor artists that you make such statues on top of the temple so that the goddess of thunder is a virgin, and she will get – she will never come near this, because it’s so dirty, you see. (Laughter) So, one has to understand that God is purity, He is sanctity, and He is holy.

Now, with this idea, now I’m going to tell you about the holiest and holiest that resides within you, the beauty that is within you, the bliss that resides within you, and the light that watches you. It is your Spirit. It is a reflection of God Almighty in your heart. And the Holy Ghost is the power of God Almighty. God is the witness of the play of the Holy Ghost. Christ’s Mother was Herself an incarnation of that, but it was not mentioned in the Bible because if these Romans or Jews had known that She is the one, they would have cut Her into pieces and attacked Her. So, it was not said because Christ had to play this drama of crucifixion. But you can find out after your Realization through your vibratory awareness that whatever I’m saying about them is absolute truth. Because your Spirit – which is the Absolute – gives you the absolute answers. It doesn’t give you relative answers. It takes you out of this relative world. And you know the absolute through your new awareness, which is vibratory awareness; we can say the sanctified awareness, the holy awareness. When this Kundalini rushes through this point, She enlightens the Spirit, because the seat of the Spirit is here. In our brain, all these seven centers are placed like this. All the seats of the centers are in the brain. So, when the Kundalini comes out of this center, all the centers get integrated, because the Spirit integrates you. Like in the room, when you have no light you are fighting for different, different places, different, different things. But when there is light, you know where you stand with what. So the relativity is dropped out.

But when you become the Spirit, your attention gets enlightened into collective consciousness – it becomes, because this Spirit in you is the collective being. Everybody’s Spirit is connected with each other. It gives a message which is the collective message. Now when you place your hands towards yourself and try to find out by putting your Aura into a proper bondage, then you can find out about yourself. If it is a physical and a mental imbalance, then the right hand shows on the fingers different centers. And when it is an emotional problem, the left hand shows. All these vibrations you receive there in sensations are decoded and you can verify everything. Sitting down here, you can feel the vibrations of any person.

The other day I said that Mozart was a born realized. So they said, “How do we know?” I said, “Just put your hands and think of Mozart”, and immediately tremendous vibrations start flowing. When such realized souls play any music or paint any paintings, for a realized personality it is the greatest source of joy – because you don’t think about it. But the essence of the creator of that joy becomes one with yours. You feel the bliss flowing in you. And you enjoy it only for joy’s sake because Spirit is the joy within you. Spirit is the joy, means it is neither happiness or unhappiness, but it is single thing, is joy. Happiness comes when your ego is pampered, and unhappiness comes when your super-ego suffers. You get out of the duality of these two and you become the joy, which is singular, which is because you become the witness of the play. No more you are in it involved. Supposing you are in the water, then you have the fear of the drowning, because you see the waves around. But supposing you get into the boat and are established; you are established in the boat then you enjoy the same waves. That is the mastery you have to reach.

Another very gross simile I’ll give you, but don’t carry too far with your mind. In a car you have a brake and an accelerator. In the same way we have the accelerator and the brake. The human driver tries to balance both of them. Then he becomes the expert driver. Then automatically he drives. Now the master is sitting at the back – that is the Spirit. Then this expert driver becomes the master and sees the driver in him drive. Now, when you see yourself as a third person, you are not involved in the joke. You must have seen some little children talk like that in a third person. Like they’ll say, “This John will not go there.” These days there are so many realized souls born in Europe and England, America that we must get Realization to look after them. There are great saints born on this earth. They talk another language of vibratory awareness. If they have a problem, they suck the finger to suggest.

Many saints want to be born. But in the countries where the children are not understood and respected and loved, they avoid it. All the Sahaja Yogis who are married now have got great saints born to them, tremendous people. That is how I would request you, all of you, to know that the time of Resurrection has come, the time of your judgment has come. That many people who asked Me one more question all the time that, “What about cleansing ourselves before coming to eat – we are not yet ready.” You don’t have to judge yourself. You have done all these things in your previous lives, you don’t have to do anymore now. Apart from this, we have to know that the one who has created this universe is much more worried in saving this creation. All His aspects are busy there to help you out if He has to save His creation. He has to save human beings. And this blossom time has come where many flowers are going to become fruits.

Sahaja Yoga has been there since times immemorial. All those who got Realization got through spontaneity, there’s no other way out – as every seed gets germinated through its living force. But on the tree of life, there were one or two flowers to begin with. But today there are many flowers. So it has to be an en-masse happening. Many of you who have been to India with Me have seen thousands of people getting Realization, because in the villages there are people who are not so complicated. And it will happen to so many people on this earth.

A lady interviewer asked Me, “How will it go to people whom You do not meet?” It is very simple because when I was in Hong Kong, the lady who owned a television asked Me to stand up and give vibrations to people. And in that horrible, busy city many people got Realization through television. The science has developed so many things like a camera which can take a photograph and which has the vibrations. There are so many ways we can spread it much faster than Christ could have done it, or anybody could have done it in these modern times. But it is difficult because it is becoming. People like a convenient type of a yoga. If you tell them to stand on their heads they’re happy. But if you tell them just, “You have to put your hands”, they just don’t understand. But all the vital things of this world are done so simple, in such a simple manner. Apart from your evolution, your breathing, your seeing, everything is so simple. It is so vital, so it has to be simple. So people who like to have lots of mental fits with Sahaja Yoga find it difficult to accept. I do not say that you close your brains – or on the contrary, open it, completely. Logically reach the conclusions, not blindfolded, not blind faith. But once you have come to logical conclusion, you cannot do with this limited brain because you have to enter into the unlimited. And for that we have to leave this limited behind. But once you get enlightened, everything becomes logical. You can verify everything. It is so simple, like to the blind people, we cannot tell about the colors, we can just say, “All right, let the eyes open then you can see.” And that is what is as simple as getting Self-Realization. There is no danger, no problem.

May God bless you all! Today is the last day, and I thank you very much for giving Me this opportunity to be with you all, such great seekers, and I’m sure next year again I’ll come. Even if you don’t get your Realization today, you will all get it, we are going to start a center here and we already have a follow-up meeting. As there is no money involvement you people have to organize it yourself for Vienna, and Austria. And it is your own look-out. But you all can write to Me in London all your problems.

So, may God bless you!

Today is the last day, and if you want, you can ask questions for about five minutes or so, but better is to get to Realization.

You people can come here on the staircase.

I think some can come down because there are some more coming in. Come this side, please. Don’t stand in the door, come this side.

As I have told you that this is your own. This is your own property. It’s just an enlightened light can enlighten another light. There is no obligation of any kind. As if on My finger is paining, and I rub it, there’s no obligation on My finger. As you are not the other, there is no other for Me. So if I am just pressing My finger and comforting it, there’s no obligation of any kind, I better do it.

Now, whatever I just tell you, please listen to Me and cooperate with Me, that’s all. First you must know that you have to have a cheerful temperament. There is nothing to be serious about it nor to be frivolous, but be cheerful, because you are going to have the last ascent now.

Now, you put your hands towards Me in a very relaxed way, keep them on your lap, but before that you better take out your shoes, because they are tight and they stop the connection with the Mother Earth. Also you can loosen if there’s something tight in your neck or on your waist, if there’s something very tight, means you should be comfortable. Or if there is any heavy necklace or anything, something that is weighing on the chakras – because very subtle thing it is. You can take out even your glasses – will be all right.

Now everyone has to do it. Those who are not going to do it should go out. Everyone has to close the eyes. If somebody keeps eyes open, it disturbs the vibrations, so I request you in the interest of everyone be civil and you better go. You have to be also kind to yourself.

Now, please close your eyes. And do not put any pressure of your attention be taken to any place. Just leave it loose. The concentration and all that is not to be done at all anywhere. Just leave your attention absolutely loose. Let it think, let it do what it likes. Don’t put any pressure on it – just now. And now you should know that the left hand of yours is the expression of your power of desire. And the right hand is the power of action. So we have to use the right hand for the action and left hand is kept towards Me, little stretched out fingers. And keep your hand very relaxed.

Now, the right hand, as I’ve told you, that first we have to get rid of this so-called guilt-business from our minds, so it should be put at the left side of your neck – from the front side. But don’t open your eyes and keep the left hand stretched towards Me straight – but on the lap. Now, by putting that you just say, “Mother, I’m not guilty.” Please say it again and again, “Mother, I’m not guilty.” That is important because that is one of the big problems in the Western countries.

Now you put your right hand on your heart. And say, with full understanding and with your heart, ask a question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask the question three times. On the heart – little higher it is. Heart – is little higher, yes. Ask a question thrice. Because you are, but just ask a question.

Now please put your right hand on the left side of your stomach. And ask a question, “Mother, am I my own master?” Say it ten times, please. “Am I my own guru?” just ask. If you have gurus or anything, if there’s any conditioning, that will drop out immediately because you are your guru. You don’t need any guru at all. When you become the guru, you don’t need the guru at all. So please ask with full confidence.

(Meditation is interrupted as someone wants to leave the hall.)

What’s her name? See, this is the negativity, what is the need? The wife is not going to be killed here. This is how they attack, you see? Better go now. Tell your husband to behave himself. You can’t disturb, you see. Let her go away. This is the thing, they are not civil even, they are not civil people. How can they get Realization? Very uncivil.

All right, doesn’t matter. Forgive, forgive, forgive. (Shri Mataji laughing)

Put your right hand again on the left side of your stomach and say ten times now, “Mother, I am the guru.”

Now say please again, “My only desire is to become the Spirit. My pure desire is to become the Spirit – to become my own being, to become the Self, to become the Absolute. So let it manifest.”

Now put the right hand again on your heart and say, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Say it with full confidence that you are, believe Me. Put your feet straight on the Mother Earth, touching it straight, you see, don’t push forward your legs. Those who are sitting on the floor are all right; they don’t have to worry. So now on the heart you put it and say, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Say it twelve times.

Don’t feel guilty. Please, this is the only snag you have, all of you is that you are feeling guilty while saying it. Be confident, I’m saying you are the Spirit. Why do you judge yourself? Let the Divine judge you. So just say – without feeling guilty. All right, without feeling guilty say that, “If I have done anything wrong, forgive me.” You can say this to God, “Oh God, if I have done anything wrong, please forgive me.” Without feeling guilty, because to take out your guilt I am just saying this.

Aside: Better. Better. Still there.

Now please put the right hand again on the left shoulder near the neck. And again say, please again say sixteen times now, “Mother, I’m not guilty.” Please say it. With no pity towards yourself, but with confidence.

Aside: Hm, better.

Now put your right hand on your forehead across and press it. Press the upper line of your hand – across. And say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.”

Aside: Much better.

Now put this hand on top of your head, on the fontanel bone, where it was a soft bone in your childhood, and try to feel the thickness of your head in the central part of your head, backwards, forwards, and try to press it. From the base of your hand you can press it, with the base of your hand you can press it. Try to press it, you can do it yourself. With the base, with the base of the hand. Now, very good.

Now put the hand on top and see if there is cool breeze coming. Now you have to say, “Mother, I want my Realization”, because I cannot cross your freedom, you have to ask for it.

You can change over your hand. Put the right hand on your lap towards Me and the left hand on yourself. Move it up and down to see there is cool breeze blowing. You can go on changing your hand to find out.

If there are journalists in this group, I would request them to take their Realization, otherwise they should not publish anything, because you can’t understand Sahaja Yoga without it. It is not a superficial thing. You have to get your Realization otherwise you will disturb or [disudale ?] or you can say, misguide the people, who are seekers.

Now, better, good. Many are getting it.

(Shri Mataji blowing into the microphone)