Public Program

Gandhi Bhawan, New Delhi (India)

1983-02-07 Public Program Hindi, Gandhi Bhawan, Delhi, India, DP-RAW, 116' Download subtitles: EN,HI (2)View subtitles:
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Public Program, New Delhi, 1983-02-07

Because many people have written about it (inaudible) and a lot of people have been thinking that something should be done in this matter of finding the truth.

(Unclear) Now when human (inaudible) his condition would be such that he only believes this thing (inaudible) and he has no other means. Whatever have been the achievements of Science, we have seen only through the medium of intellect. But the intelligence that is, tells us only about what is visible in the world. It tells us nothing about what is invisible or can’t be seen. And can’t even tell what is the difference between the Truth and invisible. Then it should be thought first that when a person talks of the search for Truth then first of all he has to consider that whatever we have known through the intellect, have known nothing, even then we remained in illusion. What we have known through our intelligence, whatever we have known till now, that much has happened, we have known from what is visible (UNCLEAR) but have not known what is in the invisible or hidden. And could not even know that what we have to know from what is visible whether it is the Absolute Truth or not. Now when the achievement of Science is ours, then Science is on our heads, we have known a lot through Science. We have reached up to the atom and molecule.

The activities that we have understood are also of all that is gross or non-living. ….. How it happens with everyone in the world, no one has any attention towards it. The first thing to be thought about in the search for Truth, that whatever man can do, is there any creation beyond that or not? For example, as we watch any living thing – a human-being walking, strolling, growing, becoming anxious, see everything, but we don’t look this way, we don’t visualize/pay attention to the fact, why is this man made – first thing, because we don’t have an answer to it. The speciality of man is that he turns his face away from the fact to which he does not have an answer. And says that, he would like to stay at the point to which he has an answer. He thinks that it would be wrong to go beyond that point. But man came into the world, Science told us that man has been created/made from an amoeba. Then it should immediately come to our minds that such special events that have happened, and because of which they are all inferior to us, these are inert/inanimate things, we can make them. Man’s vision reaches there, that okay we’re making it, so we made it and we have become a very great person or we have done a very great work.

But even a stone cannot be made by man, not even an atom or molecule of it. Only if man could think with a little humility that, “Can I make this stone myself? Of all the elements, can I make even a single element myself? It’s valances etc. are made so beautifully can I create something like this?” It’s okay, that you’ve assembled a dead thing. But in it’s creation can you have any intervention – you cannot have. You can’t change anything about/in it. As it is, so shall it remain. You can make it’s compounds, can make mixtures from it.

But if sulphur is burnt and if we make crystals from it, they will be made in the same way as they are made of sulphur. Now if you want to create your own style of crystals, you cannot create even that. You can not interfere in it’s properties. Yes, you can use those properties but you cannot change their basic fundamental properties. So who has made this and in whose power is it that He can change it? Here also one should have a point of view. Living in the dark, if you say that there is no light, then this would be wrong. But if someone says that there is light, then, be it any scientist, any intellectual man, he should say that if there is light we should see it. There must be curiosity or inquisitiveness. There should be curiosity in the mind of man that, after all if he is saying that there is some light beyond it, so why not have a look?

But the way we are influenced by ourselves, there’s so much autohypnosis, that we think that whatever we can work out only that is true and what we cannot work out, there’s no need to look there. Thus you can understand how far away we are from Truth, that we haven’t even touched it’s basic facts. The first question is that the One who created the universe that is created, and Who has made such a beautiful arrangement in all the molecules, particles and atoms of this universe, Who has made it so systematically, Who is this administrator? One thing can be said that people are honest, that say, ‘We can’t go any further than this, so we’ll stay here.’ But if we say, you can grow, you can go further than this, and beyond this there is another area, another dimension, so why not open your eyes to all this? We have only an ego that, “We have done this, we have found this out, we have this, that, but whatever it is, it is inferior to you. If you want to rise above, anywhere, you have to hold on to something above. Wherever one has to climb – you must have seen that when people climb a big hill, then they hammer a nail up there first and then hold it. This is what you call hypothesis etc. in Science where an assumption has to be made. Nailed the nail of that concept, then holding up that nail rose higher, and then went forward to see what happens.

Whether the nail is actually nailed or not, whether we have reached there or not, a person can only see after reaching there in reality. But by turning away completely, this work is not going to happen. Now if we say that those who great saints and sages that have been, the great Incarnations who have incarnated here In India, in this land of yoga, who have done great deeds, whom till this day the world is worshipping and believing in, these people didn’t lie, so you would say, “Yes, they used to lie, what is the proof of this?” If you say so, then we can’t stop you. Whether there is God or not, this too if it is now a matter of debate, we can’t stop you. But if we say that we prove it to you, then why not move in that direction. If you are a worshipper of Truth and you want to know the Truth, if someone says that you can progress in it, not only this but you can know that Truth completely, then why don’t we most humbly accept that, “Okay, let’s go and see, which is the path Mother is telling? Let’s see whether it is correct or not.” Accepted that this thing was not universal till now, was not collective and very few people knew about it That’s why there were misunderstandings, but just like there are things of Science electricity etc., as many as/whatever are discovered, the way they are collective and global today and are used for the common good, when we want to get to something higher than this, then the things we have used till date to attain the things lower than us and acquire them, not only this, in order to have authority over them, we have to give up the use of those things. For example, if you want to move around in Delhi, then car is fine but if you want to go/fly up, you need an aeroplane. It’s speed is also different, it’s modus operandi or style is different, all it’s projects are different.

The motor-car is a different thing, it moves on the ground and this is an air-plane flying in the sky. Similarly, when I am saying to you, that you have to know the Spirit, the Spirit has to be used, with the help of the Spirit only you can know the Divine, so it means that with the help of intelligence only you understand the whole world, you have come to know, then you will have to find something beyond that – that is the Spirit. If there is no mention of the Spirit in Science, then only this can be said that yet Science has not been able to move in that direction, it’ll never even come to know because the limited area from which you want to know it, it is beyond that, you won’t be able to see it. It’s range is not such that that you get to know it. Thus the range of this machinery, has to be increased. And while increasing that range if I say that, until the light of the Spirit comes into it till then the work won’t be done, you must accept it so that we attain it. As we see a person has a very good microscope that lets him see how each muscle is and how is the flow of blood in it, we see all this but when we see that another person has a good machine, even better than this one, so we want somehow to get it. Similarly, if a person sees that the other person has got something special, so he should have a desire to achieve that special thing, but it does not happen. This is not the case with the Spirit because man only wants to know that, “What I am today, I should get everything in it only. If I want to rise further, means it’s a disrespect to myself only.” In the case of Science, he doesn’t think so.

In the matter of Science, if America did some research, he will rush there. Then does not think that, “We are Indians, why should we run after them.” If Russia did something, then he will run after them. But if there’s some exploration in some other area, then man is not interested in it. Man knows all about the outside of the tree but nothing is known about it’s roots. And to know about it’s roots, you have to become subtle and to achieve that subtlety, you need humility. If you want that on the basis of your intellect you achieve it, you can’t. One simple thing people don’t understand is whenever I give a speech etc., whatever/anything then I see the first question is, that it is written in such-and-such a book – (It’s) done, then what to talk about? Okay, whatever is written (that) is not going to be judged by your intelligence. You won’t be able to understand it. I’m saying that you will not be able to understand.

Please understand, if we can’t see without glasses then it’s important for us to wear glasses – this point we understand. And, if except the Spirit we can’t know/understand God, then you should get to the Spirit – this simple fact why shouldn’t you understand! Will you be able to find the Truth by doubting it? If in reality you are a worshipper of Truth and you really want to know the Truth, so first of all there should be humility that till now we haven’t found the Truth. This is a great virtue – humility. Man learns anything but can’t learn humility. What do you do in humility? Some people get the idea that being humble means you have bowed down/succumbed before someone. This is a big misconception. Humility means that you have opened yourself up to accept – accept a new ideology, to accept something new, seeing, testing, understanding, getting deep into it.

Humility never means that you bow down before someone. No matter how high the branches of the tree may rise, till its roots reach the source after digging the ground, no power of any kind can enter that tree. In the same way no matter how much your civilization/ decency/politeness increases and no matter how much this mess of Science increases, but until you have found your Spirit, the whole of it, will be destroyed, will be finished, just like a bubble. None of this is going to survive and that’s what has been happening all over the world. I just met a lady who said that they had gone for the disarmament of the armament, ‘We worked so hard, told the people that there must be disarmament and everything would be fine with disarmament and there were many disputes and there we worked hard for four months and no one listened and we were great failures.’ Tell me. This means that human-beings are not left with any intellect. There should be disarmament – even a simple person can understand that what is the need of one human going around killing other humans. Except man no animal kills other animals taking arms. It doesn’t have the power even to hold it. God has given us hands, so now we kill others by taking guns.

Is this a matter of great wisdom? Science cannot treat this, can it? If scientists can fill wisdom in people, then I will think them to be great. Intelligence or wisdom cannot come inside anyone, through Science. If he wants to, he can make an atom bomb. And if he wants he can make one or the other good hospital but it is at his will. It is not a fixed thing, it is movable/transient. Today he will build a big hospital, a huge one. He will cure thousands of people there and later one day, can all of a sudden destroy it by dropping a bomb on it. You can’t guarantee that.

Does Science guarantee it that the man who is doing good work today because of Science, will tomorrow not destroy it? Can you give any guarantee of man with Science? When Science is so incomplete then we should see why is it’s light so dim? Why is it so, that in it’s light a person is sometimes seen standing on the path and sometimes falls into the ditch? And as long as man is not capable or competent enough, till the motivation or inspiration for Truth is not strong enough in man, till then, whether you do any social work of the world, any political work or any work with your intellect, there’s no stability for him. Today you will be high up in the sky, tomorrow you will drown in the river because Science doesn’t make any human being capable enough and cannot make. No man can ever be competent or capable enough with ego. ‘sam’ ‘arth’ So must reach this result, what is called the logical conclusion and think that with the intellect alone we cannot find the Truth. By intellect we can tell that a white sheet is spread here, that it is a khadi sheet – just this, what else? How far can we go?

But can you tell from this khadi sheet, whether it was worn by a saint or a demon? With Science you can’t even tell whether this person is a demon or he is a human being? And can’t even say and don’t know whether the one who looks like a human today, may tomorrow become a ghost and sit on your head. There is no surety of anything – everything is mobile/unsustainable, unstable. That’s why nowadays in Kalyuga it is said that man is completely in delusion, in confusion. And in this tumult/uproar when man thinks that, “Hey, now Kalyuga has come, now what is Mataji talking about in this? Now this is what happens in Kalyuga, this is Kalyuga.” It means that everything has become a guarantee. Now it is Kalyuga, now in this, if you don’t do these things, so how will it happen? This has to be done, this Kali Yuga has come.

In this, if you do not move on this path, then no work is going to be done. This is the way. It is Kaliyuga. No matter how you keep turning your path in Kalyug, whichever way you go, somehow you keep on moving right-left, somehow you keep living. Such a person lives on compromises because the values which were stable, they finish off. When man becomes delusional, his constant/stable values definitely end. When the war challenged and when the war broke out in the European countries, when there was great plight of the people, so the values that were there, were greatly reduced, were over, almost finished. Because when everything started to waver/stagger, then people could not understand that what should they hold on to now. If they hold on to this thing, it is wobbly if they held on to that thing, it wobbled. But then these thoughts should come to the mind of man, that we may be we have not caught the thing which is stable and immovable.

Such a thought must arise in the mind of every intellectualist – this thought must arise in the mind. Son, sit here, it is very cold there, come here. There is a lot of space here. It’s cold outside, don’t sit outside. Come sit here, don’t sit outside. Come ahead and sit here. You people come forward. I can’t talk comfortably if everyone will sit outside. Sit here, what’s the problem? Spread something on it – this is a good thing.

Don’t sit outside. And seeing all this, the heart of man gets filled with bitterness. His heart becomes very bitter – he wonders where is the sweetness, where is the love! If one has to live somehow then what is home? Some strangle themselves, some strangle others. And in response thousands of people will tell you thousands of things. Some will say that the reason for this is social disorder, some would say political disorder. Some will say Communism is good, some will say Capitalism is good, someone will say something good, someone will say something else good. And people will also stick to it. Some will become a Communist, someone will become a Capitalist, some will become Democratic, some Socialist, then someone will become poor, somebody will become rich – means by forming some or the other group will think that they can live as a group.

and struggle, complete struggle and this struggle also, they don’t know what they want. There is a Dalit party, someone is a terrorist party a number of parties have been changed. But among ourselves we are all human beings – how did these parties come into being? There is a huge mystery behind this. And the secret is that we cannot see the love of that Supreme Father. We do not understand with how much love He has created this Universe. You people can’t make a tree out of a seed, cannot make a fruit from a flower. There is nothing you can do. Just think, how much beauty God has given us and how much He has done for us. This, man has forgotten, that the One who made us, nurtured us – made a human-being from an amoeba, there is no gratitude towards Him, there is no attention there is no thought towards Him, that’s why incompleteness has come.

And whatever was said by those people, whatever was told to the other people, either those who followed them, followed them wrongly. They made groups out of them and some people said that, “These are all useless things, there is no meaning in them – everything is false.” In such a situation when a person is completely disappointed and desperate, and full of bitterness, and in his sight there is no glimpse of the love of God. Look in front of Me now, little-little leaves are visible through the fog – how beautiful everything is made. It’s joy is pouring within. And all this beauty of creation has also disappeared from our eyes and we are burdened with a heavy life, then we do not understand, why is it so? If God made us with His love, cherished us with so much joy, He created this universe, then after all, why did we get trapped in such a big trouble? The reason for this is that we ourselves have got our necks cut/landed up in trouble. Having necks cut – in Sahaja Yoga, what we call as Vishuddhi Chakra, which is the place of Virata – having neck cut means that we have broken off our relationship with the Virata. From that Primordial Being of which we are part and parcel, which is known as God Almighty, we have broken off our relationship with Him and have gone astray in our own direction, and in our own notions and ideas and in our own thoughts, thinking that this is the only thing right, and the rest everything that is there is wrong. At this juncture only, today Sahaja Yoga has come before you as a Maha Yoga.

You cannot know it by thinking about it, because I already said that by thinking, you will find only the thing that is lower than you. What is higher than you, is the stuff of your imagination. In your imagination you can think that we are roaming in the sky, anything, but that is not the reality. That’s not real, it is not reality, it is not real. It should be accepted that whatever we think, that we are such and such, and this will happen, that will happen, is not real. Then this must be understood that what we actually found, found only that which is lower than ourselves, and if we have to find something that is higher than ourselves, something has to be there in reality. And also what should there be in reality, the Creator has thought about it. Only He is the doer. He also has the idea/concept. The One who gave you these eyes, nose, mouth, everything, this body, mind, intellect, ego, etc all things are given in you, He will also give you that peg, upon reaching which you can come to a higher state than this.

With this thought only He has made you a human-being. But first of all, the intellectual has to think how far does this intellect reach? What a limited thing it is, and when it comes to the unlimited, it is not right to rub the intellect between. After knowing this infinite, after recognizing it, as Nanak Saheb has said ‘after recognizing it’ then you can understand what are you, why have you come into this world, and what work does this living Power of the All-pervading Lord do, and how does It do it? Not only this, when the realization of the Spirit within you happens, then this Power flows from within you and is manifested. You must pay attention to this word. This Power doesn’t speak, doesn’t think, it acts, is manifested. To speak and to think, is the work of the intellect – useless – no work is done by it. Just as you sit in the car and start thinking about it – will your car move? Something has to be done.

But this Power is such that when it starts flowing from within you, then it is manifested, it works. As there is light, it is implemented. When light is coming from it, then light is visible, is working, is automatic. Despite doing nothing, being light it is giving light. Similarly, such a person, while doing nothing, can give light and is implemented. This thing, I think, is said in/for the university because because the meaning of university is Universal. But intelligence cannot be universal. If it had been, it would have happened by now. Everyone’s intellect moves to the same place. one does not match the other.

So in order to achieve this thing, first of all, we must humbly admit that whatever we have known so far is limited, and in order to know the unlimited, some happening must take place within us, some sprouting must take place within us, because today that we seem so limited, we may become vast like the sky and cover everything. In many ways have the elders tried to explain that the drop should be the ocean. Now all similies that are there, also the analogies, are also with the lower things. It’s a very big question from where to get that also because they can’t even talk of higher things and those who give analogies will do with lower things. And whatever lower things they will give, will pull you further down. As soon as is said that, ‘You become an ocean from a drop,’ they will say, ‘Sir, how can we become an ocean from a drop?’ No matter in whatever roundabout way it is explained, it cannot be understood, because the one who wants to understand, is a type of the intellect itself. When understanding is possible only through the Spirit, then you tell Me, what can be explained through the intellect. Like many foreign Sahaja Yogis have come here, they don’t even know the basic notes of your music – they know everything about their music. They don’t know anything about your musicology, don’t know the names of your ragas but if any pure Indian classical music is played, no matter how difficult the melody, they get engrossed in that.

They don’t search it’s melody, they don’t talk about it’s aalaapa, but its effect, its work, develops within them. Otherwise, if our Indians sit to listen to it, then first they will ask, “Who’s the one singing, sir?” Then, ‘Which melody is this,’ thought comes in between. To which family does it belong, what is it’s lineage, (which theka is being used), but the one who is not particular about this thing, is just experiencing it with his Spirit, enjoying it, and the reason for which that melody was created, that joy, is being absorbed by that person. The joy with which it was made, that entire bliss, is being absorbed in him and is manifesting. All this joy can be experienced by you all – it’s our own. If you say, I will also accept this fact. If you say, “Why only I’m doing this work?” then I’ll say, you do it, it’s very good, you must certainly do it. Then I’m very happy that you people do it, it’s very good – anyone may do it. What can be better than this, that someone else should do the work instead of Me, that’s a very good thing.

But it is such, that perhaps I will have to do this work, for a few days at least. If you can do it, then you do. The work is complicated, it is the work of love. And love is Truth and Truth is love. This is such a deep love, that in it man immediately recognizes, what is the problem with others. There is not the other, it is such an intense love – everyone is part and parcel of our being. When there is not the other, whom are you going to oblige? And when this love shines on anyone, then the whole Truth of that person, the complete is visible (in front). The whole thing, the complete picture comes to the fore. In that light you come to know, what is the trouble in the one who is your part and parcel – it manifests.

(implemented) You must see in the light of the Spirit, clearly it should be visible, there should be no mistake in it. Not just one, everyone who will see, will say the same thing, that Mother is wearing a white saree. There can’t be many thoughts in it, there can be no question of any quarrel in it – there can only be one Truth. And the only one Truth that is, in spite of being many, looks the same though. But no one has known this love till date. Very few have known, and those who have known, no one wanted to know. They harassed them, tormented them and after their death erected temples, churches, and set up various gurudwaras, and all other things, but did not know(feel) that love, which was the basis of all these things. In order to know that love, we will have to depend on the Spirit. Just as we rely on intelligence to know worldly things, in the same way we have to rely on the Spirit to know Supernatural(Divine) things. Now someone will say whether there is the Spirit or not.

Why have you already started quarrelling? Why is there such a fuss about it already? At least see whether it is or not. Now I have come to prove it. You could say about the people of the past whether they were true, or fake – you can say many things about them. But now I have come to prove it to you, that within you is the seat of the Spirit and the Divine, omnipresent Lord invites you to His kingdom. This All-Pervading Power is the wave of love of our Almighty Supreme Father. Our Almighty Lord has created human-beings only to enjoy it. Ego may delight a man but he can’t have joy, bliss. Happiness can be followed by sadness, but in joy both the feelings of happiness and sorrow are broken and there is only joy, which cannot be described in words, can only be experienced.

But even it’s experience is not from this heart which you call as heart. It should not be called the heart because if this is the heart, then it sometimes makes us cry, sometimes laugh. ‘Hrid’- The one who knows – it is the Spirit. From the word ‘Ri’, the meaning of ‘Ri’ is energy. Ra, ra, ra, means energy, power. The One which gives this power of love, is the heart. Therefore the Spirit, which is giver of the power of love, or is the knower, should be attained. So far, if all of you intellectuals reach/come down, then I can talk of something further. First come down to this much – it is a very important thing – because otherwise your intelligence will stand up in between that, “But Mother, how is it like this.” On the level of the intellect whatever reply I give, you will not be satisfied.

because it won’t be a complete answer. Although logically I have brought you to that point where you will say that, “Well then, tell me Mother, how to get this Spirit?” I hope that in all of you there may have been such a feeling, that whatever Mother says, there is some truth in it. Now you’ve asked to speak in English, so if someone asks questions, I’ll reply in English. Ask questions, ask anything, you people are very learned. Sahaja Yogi: What is the Spirit? What is the Spirit? Shri Mataji: What are you saying? Sahaja Yogi: What is the Spirit? Shri Mataji: Spirit is the shadow of that Supreme Lord.

The Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty, which may be visible in this human being. Is the reflection. It is a reflection of God Almighty in our heart. If the heart is a good … [ASIDE – Yes this is better. If it’s a little lukewarm, then will drink it. No tea.] If the heart is clean, like a clean mirror, the reflection is the best. It’s just simple thing, is the reflection of God Almighty within ourselves. Seeker: Mother, please tell me whether Kundalini and the Spirit, are both different things? Shri Mataji: Okay child, sit down.

Shri Mataji: She has asked Me a question – Should I tell in English, child? Seeker: Please tell in Hindi. Shri Mataji: In Hindi, okay. She has asked, what is the relationship between Kundalini and the Spirit. Now I told you earlier, that Spirit is the reflection of God. This is one thing. And the power of God, is known as Adishakti, is called Holy Ghost, or if you like/want, you can call it ‘Ruh’. The reflection of this power in a person is the Kundalini. As long as these two things do not meet, yoga doesn’t take place. Yoga means union (unison).

And as soon as this thing happens, then as if, you understand, I’ll give an analogy again in a very gross way – which is a very low/inferior thing – that as soon as this is connected to the mains, then just by plugging it into the plug, it’s connection is established – so in this we can say, that Kundalini is this, and the plug is the Spirit. Now it is a very gross thing, but what to do? Whatever analogy is given, no matter how poetic it is made, even then it will be inferior. There is such a close relationship between the two/with each other. She asked me the question, what is the connection between the Spirit and the Kundalini? I said, I was telling them in Hindi language a point, that whatever we have to achieve or we achieve, or we describe, or talk about, is lower than us, is not higher than us, because it is done through our intelligence or through our emotions, so it’s not higher than us, the whole thing is lower than us, which we can handle. In imagination you may think of some greater things, higher things, but this imagination that’s not reality. So in reality when have to deal with something, in reality then you deal with things that are lower than you. That’s why many people say that, “Mother, you are not practical.” Many people say that, “Mother, you are not practical,” because to them it looks as if I have a very impractical attitude towards things, because I must deal with the lower things.

Like I said in Bombay that, “I will not pay any black money or anything. If I don’t get the land, doesn’t matter.” So they thought I was not practical. I must say that you should pay them. By God’s grace, some man donated us one acre of land, without even paying a single pie. Sahaja Yogi: There’s another question Mother. Why is man afraid of the dark? Shri Mataji: Not all human beings feel. There’s a question – ‘Why a man is afraid of darkness?’ Not all…. Darkness is sometimes afraid of some men. This thing is not right.

The question is incomplete son. But one is afraid because – the same thing has come, hasn’t it? That a person is afraid of the invisible. And in the darkness, the mess that humans have done on each other, that’s why they’re afraid of it. There are many other things, but the main thing is this that, when there is darkness inside a man, then he’s very scared. When he comes into the light, he’s never afraid of the dark and darkness. It’s dark inside, dark outside, so there’s too much darkness. Man gets nervous that, ‘Oh my God, as it is can’t find the way and on top of it so much darkness.’ But when there is light inside, the outside darkness is no longer visible. You think it’s dark now, and I’m seeing very beautiful things in it also. Seeker: There are such big-big universities inside our country and even outside, and the Government also spends so much money and all the other people together and so many students are engaged in it, day and night work laboriously and achieve something.

According to You it is inferior, of a lower level? Shri Mataji: Absolutely. Seeker: So this system that You have made, for it’s arrangement, if there’s any provision or system, can it not be given? Suppose someone is curious, has a desire to know, and even if he’s not, then curiosity/inquisitiveness could be created in him. And to turn people that way too, some ashram system or something of this type that was told before, such arrangement is there. Shri Mataji: I am telling about that condition only. that they went to buy land for the ashram, then the authorities started saying, “Give black money.” Then they started saying, ‘You give bribe,’ – while doing all this, 12 years have passed. Now a gentleman has given the land. Your President gave us land because I cured him.

Thus they gave us land in the vegetable market where bulls sit. That’s correct. You go and ask. Very peculiar, insane people roam around the world, tell me. Now they’ve given in the vegetable market. To this also four years have passed. From the vegetable market they took us here and there – this is what is going on. As long as man’s intellect is not proper, till then I don’t think even an ashram will be built. Ashrams can be built only when people think that they are needed. Otherwise only deserted universities will be made here and no one will come in it at all.

That’s why, first it should strike a little in man’s brain – it should definitely ring in, and that’s why it will strike man in Kaliyuga only, otherwise, this thing will not come to his mind. By explaining like this, no one will understand. You tell Me, today so many of you people are sitting here, how many learned people of this university are sitting here, I mean, not professors but college boys are sitting Look, is there anyone – one, two, three, four, five, that’s it. Six – six children are sitting – you tell what should I do now? This university, in this Delhi University for how many years I have been coming here, let me tell you – for about 11-12 years. Got six children in twelve years, now tell? What should I do, son – from My side I’m working very hard. Working tirelessly day and night but nobody comes here. Then if it’s Delhi University, the condition is even worse. And that which is your Jawaharlal Nehru University, in that only one person came to listen to my lecture.

I just spoke to the walls. There is absolutely a great need. Unless these people are going to get into a lot of trouble, till then, wisdom will not come into them. Like, we have a lot of work being done abroad. At Cambridge University, New York University, in Canada people are writing our thesis on Sahaja yoga, at three places. Thesis is being written about Sahaja Yoga. Would anyone in Delhi University do such a thing? Would anyone here agree, that on Sahaja Yoga a thesis should be written. And even if they write, then such, so superficial, that the work of Sahaja Yoga stops permanently. They will say that Mother was sitting down wearing a white saree, or her so-and-so is this or that, anything, they will say things whatever superficially they understand with their minds, as newspaper things go.

Thus there’s a little need that it should hit/strike the minds of the people here. Without that, they cannot become sane, I think so. Son, I’ve been coming here since twelve years, then this is the condition; From this you can understand. Now from this you can understand that I have not shirked from hard work. And there are many such people here who are realized. 130 people from abroad are also sitting here. The same number from here are also sitting. If people from abroad didn’t come, then even this space would not have been occupied/full. It is true. What should I do?

People are not interested, there’s no thought in this direction. They think that they have become great people. What to say! Sahaja Yogi: There’s a gentleman who writes Mother, “I failed to join your lectures on awakening of Kundalini on Mooladhara and Sahasrara Chakras. Sahaja Yogi: My keen desire to learn the same by tape recorder and I’m leaving to my native place by 2nd or 3rd of this month. Shri Mataji: Who’s it? Sahaja Yogi: Some gentleman. Shri Mataji: Who’s this gentleman? Alright. There is a arrangement, that you can take my lectures, which is taped and you can take from there.

Alright? But you see, My lectures are of no use, if you do not get your realization. It’s a good thing, you see, because Mother speaks well, you see, She’s good at speaking, so nice to listen to Her but you must get your realization first, alright? Seeker: (Unclear – I’ve taken?) Shri Mataji: You got it? Then you take it Then it’s alright, then you are my son. Alright? You take whatever you like. Sahaja Yogi: This same gentleman writes, ” During my 30 years of experience in religion and yoga, I have not seen such a eminent person who, who’s got a vast knowledge of Kundalini. Before I left Delhi I wish to learn more about Sahaja Yoga and treatment.

I came to Delhi last December. Shri Mataji: To whom did he go? Sahaja Yogi: To whom did you go first? Shri Mataji: Which eminent person did you visit? Seeker: Mataji only Shri Mataji: Yes? Seeker: You only, Mother. Shri Mataji: What? Which Mother? Seeker: Went to You. Seeker: I’m telling about You Mother, I have learned from You only.

Shri Mataji: You learnt it from Me? Seeker: Yes. Shri Mataji: You learnt it from Me? Seeker: Yes. Shri Mataji: Then it’s alright. Sahaja Yogi: He’s talking 30 years of experience in religion and yoga. Shri Mataji: How did you get the experience of 30 years? Hmm? I started my work only 12 years back. Sahaja Yogi: He worked overtime.

Shri Mataji: It’s alright, doesn’t matter but you better take the taperecorder if you got your realization even today, you can take it, alright? That’s all. You see, because without Self-realization it’s just a tool in your hands, but once you get realized, it is a light in your hands. Alright, that’s why. Give it to him. You can take. We have got arrangements. Those who want to take My tapes, can take it. but you have to be a realized soul, otherwise we don’t give because what’s the use of this cheap popularity. There’s no need to have cheap popularity about Sahaja Yoga – you have to become.

Here you cannot be just a member, we have no membership, nothing – this is a living organism. So, if you become, you have every right but if you don’t become, you have no right. Just like, you have to be an Indian citizen to have some rights in this country – I wonder if we have any! But here in God’s, in the realm of God, if you just enter into it, you have all the rights and He looks after you with every support, with every help, so much so that you think you have now lost the meaning of miracles – every step you will be amazed. Sahaja Yogi: The same person he has asked, something about, how to cure insomnia? Shri Mataji: Kill what? Sahaja Yogi: Insomnia Shri Mataji: Insomnia, alright. Sahaja Yogi: and he says that, ‘I did not understand last time because of 50% knowledge of Hindi.’ Shri Mataji: Insomnia is absolutely curable. If you have attended My lectures before this, I have told you how to give balance to yourself, but in any case you come to the centre and they will tell you how to cure insomnia. It’s absolutely simple.

Sahaja Yogi: A boy has written that, ‘For the realization of the Spirit whatever formula or whatever we can do, please tell, so that that energy can synchronize or resonate with my body. I am attending this discourse for the first time. Shri Mataji: Huh? Sahaja Yogi: For the first time I have attended this discourse. Shri Mataji: Okay Shri Mataji: Whose question is this? Is it your son? It’s a matter of great happiness. He asked the correct thing that, ‘I want to have Self-realization.’ It will be done. That’s enough – it will happen. But when this energy starts flowing through you then you have to learn about it, you have to know, because the yoga has taken place but another meaning of ‘yog’ is deftness/trick/tactics – skill.

After knowing Yoga, you should understand, it’s tactics, how is it to be worked out. Yoga does not have only one meaning. One meaning of yoga is that union has taken place and after that it’s skill should come, it’s deftness should come. Done? No? Seeker: You told us the Spirit, You have told us Atma(Spirit) is Parmatma (Almighty God), Atma is the reflection of God. Then why is it then somebody passes away, we pray, “May God grant peace to the departed soul.” As if God and Atma are two different things. Shri Mataji: No Seeker: That is true God is Supreme, we have to pray …. Shri Mataji: Alright, I’ll answer your question.

It’s not difficult to answer, because when you die, that time what happens to you is the part. You just don’t only become the Atma, you become the soul, you become a Jiva. So with the Atma, Jiva is still with it and that’s why there’s darkness, because if Jiva is surrounding the Atma, we say that, “Oh God, please give peace to this Atma or to this Jivatma,” to his soul, not to his Atma, to his soul, to Jivatma so that the person becomes a better person and when he is reborn, he doesn’t hanker. Even when he’s dead, if his Jivatma is not happy or peaceful, he may hanker around, he may hover around, and may create problems, that’s why we say. Atma itself is shanti(peace) itself but it is the Jivatma, it’s not the Atma. There are three elements still attached to the Atma. Only the earth element and water element drop out. The rest of it is still there. Seeker: Is it for this realization that You have told, can a man who’s a householder’s achieve all this? Shri Mataji: If a person is not a householder, then there will be no realization.

The opposite is the situation in Sahaja Yoga. In Sahaja Yoga if if you do not stay in Grihastha Ashram (family life), then there would be no benefit of Sahaja Yoga. If there was a hermit, we would have told him, ‘Please change your clothes and come.’ Family life is not to be abandoned at all – don’t know where all these ideas came from. This is escapism. Seeker: So much concentration, so much realization, man does need solitude for all this. Shri Mataji: Not necessary. Everything is within, son. There is no need of solitude. It takes place within, within yourself you find, and in that you know that wherever you are sitting, in that environment only that power has come. But if you go to the Himalayas, even after going there, you will remain worried.

And there too you would like to build something around your hut and keep yourself safe somehow, but here when you are awakened in the Spirit, then even being with everyone, you remain calm inside. Seeker: For spiritual growth, a man who drinks alcohol, smokes cigarettes, eats meat, and as in the Muslim religion there are four wives, there’s only one in Hindu religion, then this, in that manner human being is the same in the whole world. So many of these scholars have different views, to enhance the powers of spiritual, spiritual development (inaudible), Shri Mataji: No sir, not different notions Seeker: No, what is the difference in this? It’s said, that one who smokes cigarettes is not good, eats meat is not good, keeps five wives is not right – can’t have spiritual development quickly – he himself Shri Mataji: I’ve understood, you sit down. I…. Seeker: What about eating, drinking, wearing, (inaudible) …. Shri Mataji: You please sit. See, those things which are against the Spirit, should not be consumed. That which opposes the Spirit, or consciousness(awareness), should not be done. Now when Mohammad Sahab came, he told, “Please don’t drink alcohol,” because until then cigarette hadn’t come.

That’s why he came as Nanak Saheb and said, “Please, don’t smoke cigarettes now.” So now some people come and tell me, these two have not said that, “Don’t smoke Ganja.” So I told them that, see, you make a list of all the things that can be drunk or smoked, and give it to Me – I don’t even know what all can be drunk and what can be done – I mean, it’s something like this, isn’t it? [‘Come bull kill me,]’ this policy. Sitting nicely, all of a sudden started drinking, so what to say to them. But now supposing it may be, that I haven’t mentioned one or two things and I left this world then people will say that, ‘Mataji didn’t disallow this thing, so do this only.’ Just understand, that the thing which goes against our awareness, means that the alcohol you drink does it go against your consciousness or not – straight calculation. Isn’t it, then don’t do that. Smoking a cigarette, doesn’t it cause cancer, it goes against your body. Now about eating meat nobody has said, ‘Don’t eat meat’ No one has said like this, ‘Don’t eat meat.’ These are made up things.

Didn’t say so, but this they have definitely said that, ‘Whatever it is, eat balanced food.’ If you are vegetarian, stay vegetarian. But when people come upon eating meat, they eat fish, chicken, horse, etc. every possible thing. And when it comes to vegetarianism, then they go to such extremes that, they will save bed bugs, mosquitoes, there should be some point in doing so. Everything must have a reason. Does it mean anything, like you understand there are some people that to mosquito – now, can I give realisation to a mosquito? – a straight reckoning – can I give? can it be given to bedbugs, given to chickens – can’t give. But a person should eat what he needs according to his body requirements. but if people want to eat only dirty stuff, what can you say?

One should eat whatever suits him. Now it means – Nanak Saheb was there, he used to eat meat. Kabirdas used to eat meat, our Mohammad Sahab used to eat, Rama used to eat, Buddha also ate, and Mahavira also used to eat. But it was not such with them that when they came upon eating, then only (thought of eating)ate. Because eating and drinking then affects the Spirit, when such tendencies come within you, that you become violent. And it affects also when you just become lazy – like cabbages. Some people are there, who become just as if they have absolutely no strength in them. Now you will see that diseases also come from extreme tendencies. People who eat a lot of meat are oppressive, they are arrogant. And what diseases come in them?

Such people may have high blood pressure, can have a heart attack due to overactivity. And supposing those who live only on grass, they get all lethargies, they have(get) lethargic heart. A gentleman had come today itself – he was Agarwal. Poor thing, he said that he had lethargic heart, lethargic liver, lethargic intestines. So I said, see you can’t eat meat because you’ve never eaten but what you should do is to eat more protein. So, “Where’s the protein, Mother?” I said you can get it, look for it. You can’t eat any more, you’ve eaten a lot of it. You shouldn’t eat carbohydrates. This is a thing/matter to be explained.

Now someone has said that it is written in Gita. However, I would only say that in Gita, Krishna said right in the beginning,”Arjuna, you kill all of them.” He didn’t even talk of non-violence, means, don’t know how He was brought/put into non-violence. He’s told to kill a human being, leave alone an animal, and above it all, even to kill the Guru. So how will he say, “You don’t kill this, don’t kill that.” He‘s said in the beginning that, ‘Everyone is dead.’ Such opposite things have also happened everywhere. In the Bible also they’ve done many mistakes. Such things have been done in the Quran too – this is everyone’s business, because if they don’t do this, how will they manage. They make something like that, that something or the other becomes a group. All these that are, have made groups.

A thing to understand is, that which goes contrary to our consciousness(awareness), all alcohol etc. goes against. That’s why everyone has spoken against alcohol, even Moses. Now you will say that Jesus did not say, but it’s not like that. Jesus Christ is born here, and at this place something else had to be done. Wherever what is to be said, that only will be talked about. Now if I have come for the awakening of Kundalini, then I will talk about it only to you. But this time is such that I have to talk about everything, otherwise I’m afraid, that whatever I don’t talk about today, you will keep holding on to that only. Thus it’s better I talk about all the things, but even then, those of you have to catch, will catch. Those who have only one work from morning to evening to point out/catch – loop holes which are called – like, now if someone goes to a thief and asks about a bank, then he will tell that how you can get into it – clearly.

But if you ask it’s manager, he will say, see, there is strength in this, that is strong. But only a thief can tell how you can enter in, no matter how strong you make it, even then they will show you by entering it. This is the quality of man. Every religious preacher has tried his best to bring man to sense. Now Mahavirji has been taken to such an extent that now bedbugs … bedbug – brought one, a Brahmin, told him that, ‘We’ll put bugs on you and will give you this much money.’ Then when those bedbugs suck his blood, the Brahmin is allowed to go – thus a great religious work has been done. ‘We fed so many bedbugs with the blood of a Brahmin.’ Now is this any way? Man has a lot of sense but very less in the matter of religion. And to think too much of food is also not correct. You tell Me, the person who thinks day and night only about eating and drinking, how will he achieve the Spirit? Now if one is to fast, so the person will keep thinking about it only, as to what they will have tomorrow when they fast.

And there’ll be so much commotion – as if Shri Hanumana has incarnated – that it’s their fast. It can be known from a distance that there is someone fasting. God save us from such people. In Sahaja Yoga there’s a rule that no one will fast in the name of God. If you want to do it for yourself then do it but the man who will fast, should go out of the village because no one should listen to them. Here, everyone has a sense of martyrdom, “I’ve fasted so much, so I can trouble everyone.” “I’ve sacrificed so much for the country, so I can annoy/distress everyone.” Why did you do, who told you? That too is a martyrdom, just a mental projection. Done is done – live in peace.

So the idea of excessive eating and drinking is also not correct. But get your realization first, then we’ll talk. Because in doing now, you’ll rely on the logic of the intellect, so first get your realization. There’s no compulsion of anything for eating and drinking but don’t eat the animals that are bigger than us. And in Sahaja Yoga it is not that all of you should eat meat or you have to eat this only – whatever you are eating is fine. Don’t eat too much – eat less but not so little that you starve. Be in the centre, is the middle path. Don’t take an extreme view of anything. You keep your diet according to the disease. I will only speak on this, who has to eat protein, who has to eat carbohydrates, and who has to eat fats.

Did you understand, and on this you decide whichever type of food you want to eat. Too much thinking about it, the attention and mind of our Indians is only on food. This is also the matter. Indians think a lot about food. Don’t know why all day and night they think so much of food and throw a lot of tantrums while/in eating. In no country have I seen people with so many tantrums as there are in India. And though, so to say, we are poor people, but the tantrums of Indians, you won’t find such people anywhere, (as Indians)how much we fuss about it. The woman is, she is also smart. She too makes different varieties of food and spoils the tongue(taste) of man because it’s a good way to call back her man home – first spoil his tongue. When he’s under her control, then he runs back, for the taste of his tongue.

And so many tantrums with respect to food, that I can’t tell you. As it is now in Bengal, they will eat Rohu fish. Rohu is not found there, then they will eat Rohu – they’ll eat only what is not available. And that goes from Central India. Once Rohu fish was not found there – means in their place it can be found in small-small ponds – so they started dying of hunger. Then some people from our Bombay collected a lot of money and sent a whole ship full. They sent it back, that, ‘We don’t eat sea fish.’ Look at their greatness! And all of the ships they came back – ‘We cannot eat sea fish.’ Go and see anywhere there’s no one like this in the world, the one who doesn’t eat sea fish – he eats this fish. Sitting down to eat, this is needed, that is needed, salt is not proper in it – all this does not happen anywhere.

This is in our own country only and so much are we fond of food, there is no limit to it. That’s why, just for a while, you forget about eating. After a while it’ll be dinner time – now is not the time. Sahaja Yogi: Is Truth beyond the sense perception or is Truth whatever we perceive and whatever we do not perceive? Shri Mataji: Yes, it’s correct. This is a very good question – is Truth beyond sense perception? It is absolutely. Because if we perceive through our senses whatever we perceive, through our senses is the truth, then we don’t have to seek any more. Whatever we perceive through our senses, is what is very apparent, gross – not the subtle. What is behind the gross we cannot perceive.

For example, we cannot say how to make an atom. We cannot say how an amoeba is made into a human-being. We cannot make one monkey into a human-being – can we – through our perception of the senses Through our perception of the senses we cannot do the subtle thing which is behind the gross. So we cannot perceive through the senses but once you have perceived it you can feel it through your senses. This is the second point. Done now? I think, let us have meditation first. What’s the question? Seeker: What one shall do or practice, no.1, for purification of his mind of thoughts, no.2, for shedding complex within oneself Shri Mataji: Alright. Seeker: and no.3, for creating self-confidence in himself.

Shri Mataji: It’s very good question. Sit down. Now, you have to just get to your Spirit(Atma). You have to become your Spirit. That once happens to you, the first thing that happens actually when the Kundalini rises, when She crosses this Agnya chakra, you get Nirvichara Samadhi(thoughtless awareness), you get beyond thoughts. That’s first thing happens. Then, how to get your confidence? Atma is your confidence, because so far you have not known your properties, You have not known your wealth, you have not known your beauties, your glories. Only through the eyes of the Atma, when you’ll discover how tremendous you are, you will know it. For example, till this instrument is not connected to the mains, it has no meaning, it is zero, it has no value.

But once it is connected, it has the value. In the same way, you are connected to the mains, you have your own value. When you know your value, your whole value system changes and you evaluate it yourself in a different way, that you know you are the Spirit. That’s how you get your confidence. Now the purification part of it, that also without the light you cannot purify yourself. Whatever purification you do in darkness, one side you may be cleansing, another side you may be dirty. It happens very much in life. See, some people say, “I’m going to conquer my ego.” You cannot conquer it. You go on fighting with it, you see. It fights with you and if you try to put down your ego, you get your super ego.

Means, you get a meek person, you become like a cabbage. Either you become this or that – you cannot be in the centre. Now with Kundalini what happens. When She raises, comes up here – at this point when it is awakened, this centre, it sucks in, it sucks in from both the sides, your ego and your super ego. both the things – your conditionings, your sins and everything and on the other side your ego, both are sucked in. Once it is sucked in immediately what happens, that your Sahastrara is open – this part, the fontanel bone area and the Brahmarandhra opens in and you enter into that subtle awareness. So, all the so-called karmas and all things are sucked in. After all, who does the karma – is the ego. Once it is sucked in, there is no ego left. In that egolessness you become one with God.

So, it is a spontaneous, automatic happening. As a result of the Kundalini awakening, all these things happen immediately. Sahaja Yogi: What was the Soul before entering the body? Shri Mataji: Huh/What? Sahaja Yogi: What was the Soul before entering the body and what happens to it after death? Shri Mataji: Now he’s wants to ask – he’s asking that, what is the Soul before the birth and what is the Soul after? Son, just now you’re a human being, alright? Just now you should not worry about these things. Everything you cannot know in one lecture, – can you? So now, don’t worry about these things.

Why worry about the past or the future? because the past is finished (ASIDE – What? Having tea) The past is finished and the future doesn’t exist. So we have to be in the present. Now, how to be in the present? Just now, if I say, pay attention to yourself – can you pay attention? That’s why, let the Kundalini rise, you get your realization, then we’ll talk of the past and the future. Just now you get the present. Sahaja Yogi: Last question, Mother. According to You, the Spirit and Divine unite through Sahaja Yoga.

If this happens, then why did our saints, sages etc. go to a secluded place on the Himalayan Mountains to awaken the Kundalini, and attainment of the Divine? Shri Mataji: He has asked this question that our – he’s asked a question, that if the Spirit can be realized in this world, then why the rishi munis used go to the Himalayas? Nanaka has answered this, ‘Why are you going to the jungles in search? Always residing, ever detached, is with you always Just as the fragrance of the flower is within, and our reflection is hidden in the mirror, In the same way God resides forever, search within. and in the end He says, ‘Says Nanaka without knowing yourself, the illusion will not disappear’ This is insanity, you go to the Himalayas or go anywhere else – what to say to these lunatics – there is no need to go. Another thing is, they probably didn’t have a mother to tell them that, “Where are you going?” It is possible, this is all I can say. What else can I say, that they’re going to the Himalayas uselessly. People have tried everything – it’s done, now get it.

Everything done, went to the Himalayas – you people have gone a lot to the Himalayas, in the past life. Now take it right here in this life. If God could be found, in the mountains and caves, then what to say of it. Brother, living in the world is the biggest yagnya(sacrifice). To run away, is a very easy thing to do. Living in the world, doing household chores, and attaining God, this is the best method. This is Sahaja Yoga. There is no need to do these Dravidian pranayams (tough physical exercises) and the second thing is that if you have a mother, so she would never want that her son should go to the Himalayas, and sit in the cold. Just now these people are sitting here in little cold, so I got troubled that the children are sitting outside and sitting in the cold. So I won’t allow anyone to go to the Himalayas even if you want to.

Saints and ascetics must have gone, so what can I do about it? I won’t let you go, it’s simple. I do not know which sages went to the Himalayas – did anyone go? Authentically, which sages went? Sahaja Yogi: In summers ….. Shri Mataji: Huh? Sahaja Yogi: The Himalayas in summer….. Shri Mataji: Yes, go to the Himalayas in summer. It would be great, that’s another matter. Sahaja Yogi: The Himalayas in summer….. Shri Mataji: Yes, go to the Himalayas in summer. It would be great, that is another matter. Sahaja Yogi: Do You know Truth?

If yes, then how? Shri Mataji: Huh(What)? Sahaja Yogi: Does one know Truth? If yes, how? Through senses, or super senses or without senses? Shri Mataji: A gentleman has thought that, that Truth how are you to know – through senses, supra senses Sahaja Yogi: or without senses Shri Mataji: Through Atma, through Atma, through your Spirit you will know. Neither by senses nor by anything, through your Atma because when the Spirit is connected or when the the light of the Spirit comes into your attention, your attention becomes, becomes – again I’m saying, it’s not lecturing – becomes collectively conscious, so that you start feeling others through the vibratory awareness, through the Chaitanya, that is flowing through you. You feel them on the fingers and you can see that the chakras are on your fingers; Whether they are hot, cold or the breeze is coming accordingly it is decoded in Sahaja yoga to find it and you’ll verify it and you’ll find exactly that will be happening. Actually, Mohammad Sahab has clearly said that, ‘At the time of resurrection your hands will speak.’ The language of hands is a universal language but the feeling on the hands is universal but that time what feeling you get is not through your senses but through the enlightenment of your centres on your fingers, finger-tips. The seven chakras are five, six and seven.

Here is the picture of Kundalini, see in it. Son, you ask all these questions slowly(धीरे-धीरे)/at a lower pace. You are running too fast. Just now you have entered the first class. How are you asking questions of degree standard? Alright? If anyone else has any other questions, then ask, otherwise you’ll stand up in the middle. Seeker: Mother, I don’t have a question, but Shri Mataji: What, son? Seeker: I have to acknowledge my gratefulness to You. Two weeks ago I escaped from an accident.

Seeker: You saved me from this accident. Just You have saved me. Shri Mataji: Speak again in Hindi. Stand up, stand up and speak. Seeker: Now two weeks ago I was crossing the road. There was a car coming at high speed from the right side. Actually, just I always carry Your picture always in my pocket. Just, I know not how I got through. Shri Mataji: That’s what I told you, that God looks after you. For God what is miracle.

What is miracle, for God! I’ll tell you another tale apart from yours. You please sit down. Thank you very much, you said and told how you came to Sahaja Yoga only two weeks back and how you got saved. But similarly many people have been saved, many – many people have written letters to Me. One person’s, his bus had fallen eighty feet below and after turning around twice, had landed on all four wheels on the ground. And no one died in it, nothing happened and the driver was so scared that he ran away. So one said, “Okay, I know how to drive the bus.” They said that, “How will the bus be saved now.” He got down, he turned the key, and the key worked. and the bus came up and so did everyone.

So they said that, “Some saint is sitting in it.” It about Maharashtra – people in Maharashtra know Me. One of our Sahaja Yogini was sitting in it – she had My ring in her hand. “Yes, she is a saint of Mataji.” All started coming at her feet. “You saved us.” This is nothing, but I’ll tell you something else, that few days back, one day I was giving a speech in Bradford. Time must be eight o’clock – the speech started from seven o’clock. At eight o’clock, somewhere 4-5 miles away, a boy fell down from above. He fell off his bike and he landed on the side of a drain or say, on the side of the river. So everyone thought that this boy is dead now.

So immediately an ambulance came, which took about 15-20 minutes. When the boy was brought, he looked absolutely fine. None of his bones were broken, nothing. He had never seen us, had no concern with us. And he was absolutely fine but it was hurting at one place. So when he was taken to the hospital, they said, “Can’t understand anything, neither do you have a broken bone, nor anything happened You were thrown just like a football and the way you fell down you are as you were before.” So he said, “When I fell, it hurt a lot but a lady came in a white car, an Indian woman dressed in a white sari, and She came down and touched me and healed me. I got well with that.” So the newspaper people are big – you know, newspaper people need something – So they printed that, “An Indian woman came, this and that happened.” After that, on the third day he saw My photograph in the newspaper. So he ran to tell that, “This is the lady who cured me.”

So he then wrote a letter to the organizers. The letter came to one of our gentleman, Mr. Gavin Brown. So he replied saying, “For our Mother it’s nothing to be surprised. This has happened many times before in India. Once a gentleman, who is with us as our trustee, was sitting with us and we were having some conversation. He forgot that he had to go to the High Court to fight a case. When he went home, Asheel called him to ask “What happened in the case?” So said, “Okay, I will go and see tomorrow.” When he went the next day, he asked, “Brother, what happened to that case?” Started saying, “What do you mean, you had come yesterday, and the case was cross-examined, and the judgment was given in your favour.” He went and read the judgment, his name was mentioned thrice in it that, “This time Pradhan Sahib has spoken brilliantly, and extracted great intelligent points, and said something out of the way, and none of this is visible in this, and the case will go in his favour.”

He was then sitting with Me and eight-ten more people were sitting there. It happened like this many times. But this is not surprising, because if I said God Himself is amazing, so why is it surprising to you. If God is there to take care of you, so you will get a little bit of this knowledge, by some experience only. So you keep getting experience, so that your faith keeps on increasing in God. But you will not get before realization. Now this boy who was, was born realized. Many people who meet Me say, “Mother, we saw you in our dreams, we hadn’t seen you before.” Many people – now how did this happen? Now this is a long talk – this is another machine.

Why are you laughing? Sahaja Yogis have seen this thing many times – thousands of such incidents have happened here. There will be no accident. If there is a Sahaja Yogi, the accident will be averted, and even if it happens, no one will get hurt. One of our Sahaja Yogis – at first we didn’t tell anyone not to smoke or anything else. So he had a little habit of smoking – not much, everything else was given up. But one day while driving he had a cigarette in his hand and the 5-6 friends with him were also smoking. Everyone forced to keep cigarette in hand. He said, “I didn’t even smoke it I only had a cigarette in my hand. Meanwhile our car fell into the pit.

and immediately we fell inside it. Don’t know how and when we came out, nothing had happened to us. Only this finger of mine, in which Vishuddhi Chakra is there, got hurt a little bit. Then I held my ears that now I will not smoke cigarettes. And it got hurt a little.” He was telling that, “My finger got hurt a little.” Then you see the play of God, you will enjoy. You have not known yet. When you will know, then see what games He plays. Son, His play is limitless. Now your faith is strong, that’s why.

Just to make you believe He does all these things. If every Sahaja Yogi here starts telling you, you can write a book. Everyone’s experiences are different. Our Verma sahib, he himself fell down so hard. See, no one will believe that he fell down so badly and that he’s a person who was about to die. There are a lot of people, it’s not such a thing, but you said it, it’s your kindness. This makes everyone believe. Anyone of you gets up and says this, it’s a big deal. Okay then? Now what explanation to give for this – your Science can’t explain it.

Beyond Science, beyond senses. The gentleman who knows about senses, what explanation will he listen to, regarding this. This is a different machine, I told you. God’s machine is something else. Well get your Self-realization, let’s try, but it is such, as you’ve come this Monday, you should come next Monday too. Meditate. Here there’ll be other lectures of Mine – you have to go deep into them. The first thing is to attain yoga and the second thing is, you should achieve proficience and deftness in this and you will be completely blessed with God’s Grace. Seeker: Is Karma powerful or Yoga? Shri Mataji: What, son?

Seeker: Is Karma powerful or Yoga? Sahaja Yogi: Mother, is Karma powerful or Yoga? Shri Mataji: Karma, is Karma powerful? Sahaja Yogi: Or Yoga? Shri Mataji: Yoga is the most powerful, son. Karma doesn’t have any meaning – karma is just an illusion. What you are doing – this is also an illusion. What do you do? Make a dead thing from a dead thing. You cannot do even a single living work.

You can’t get a fruit out of a flower. So what karma are you doing? You people, just a mental exercise that, “This bad I did, this good I did,” in this you are troubling yourself. Seeker: All the rituals are karmas. Shri Mataji: What? Seeker: All the rituals(sanskars) that are, are karmas. Shri Mataji: So that too, if someone is ready to absorb all your karmas(deeds), then why are you upset? There can be Someone who can absorb(take away) all your karmas, can it be or not? Alright, you leave it on Me, just let Me see what your karmas are. When you know God, but don’t understand Him.

The One who is God, He is the ocean of love, ocean of mercy, ocean of forgiveness – everything of yours He can finish in a moment. Don’t think like this at all, even thinking like this is harmful. If you’re thinking, “My past karma was bad, this was,” then nothing is going to work. You think like this that, “I am the Spirit, and the Spirit is not guilty, and I want to be the Spirit only.” Those who come with this thought will only be realized and those who think this way, “I’m useless, and I’m worthless, and my previous births are bad,” nothing is going to work out for them. I am making you a temple, which is the kingdom of God. Alright? I don’t believe that you are guilty – I believe that you are a temple. Yes, son, it’s too much now. If I just keep on answering more than the lecture – okay, now one last question.

Seeker: What is the relation between the Spirit and the subtle body? Shri Mataji: Spirit and subtle Body – the subtle body that is, is the soul of the being; It is called subtle body. And the Spirit is absolutely aloof – did you understand? Just now I’ve explained it, then someday you listen to My speech, then understand it. Just now I have given it’s explanation. Seeker: It is said, Mother,… Shri Mataji: Yes. Now again son? You’ve asked four questions. Sadhak: If there is permission. Shri Mataji: What is said – it is said, leave that.

What happens now, that I’ll show you. Seeker: It’s a very simple question. Shri Mataji: Hmm. Seeker: It is often said that whatever happens, happens by the will of that Creator. Shri Mataji: All right. Seeker: Whatever a human being does, whether he does a good deed or a bad deed Shri Mataji: No, this was not said. This thing is wrong. No, no this is wrong. This you are saying out of your own mind. Sadhak: My request to You is that You throw a little light on this, as to how far it’s correct.

Shri Mataji: Okay, you sit, you sit down, you sit down. Whatever God does, it is by His will, but he has given freedom to man. He gave freedom to man and in freedom He said that, “You live comfortably.” At first this is what He said – earlier He didn’t say to man that you search. No, didn’t say anything. He said, ‘You now live comfortably.’ You must have heard it’s mention/description in the Bible – that gave them a garden, told them to live peacefully and stay like this. But how can man be at peace? Man thought, “Why did He say like that?” When man started on the wrong path, so now he has traversed such a long distance. Then for him Incarnations came, all this trouble was taken, otherwise this work would have been done long ago. So God definitely gave you freedom because without having freedom, you will not be able to know the meaning of your Self. That’s why freedom is given.

You do good, do bad, it’s all yours. Rest, the One who is God, He does everything – there’s no question about it. If you want to ruin your life, you may very well ruin it, if you want to better yourself, you may, what can God do about it, because He has granted you freedom. And to take back what was given earlier – He’s not man, He is God. Now go, now if you want to go to Hell, then go – what to do? And if you want to come to Heaven, you can come too. So he had to take such a long detour. The work that could have been done quickly that time, man had to wander for that, so long. Now come to the right path, alright? Freedom is yours, that’s why I am sitting here giving lectures.

And if it wasn’t for your freedom, then there was no need to give lectures, could have given you realization just like that. If you won’t be free, then you will not be able to understand the Ultimate freedom. First you will have to be free. That’s why you are free, and in your freedom only it is My request, that you get your Self-realization and accept it in your freedom. Is it okay now? Now close your eyes. Keep your hands like this. Close your eyes. Better take off your glasses – it also has a good effect on the eyes too. Just keep your hands like this.

Now ask your mind, “What are you thinking?” See what it is thinking. Most of the people are thoughtless at this time. If you want to think you can. But you close your eyes and ask your mind, “What are you thinking?” Take off the glasses, it will be better – it benefits the eyes too. Take it off. Please don’t open your eyes. Now it’s come to the same thing again – keep your eyes closed – your freedom. I can’t violate your freedom.

I can’t cross that. In your freedom itself you will have to say, “Mother please give me Self-realization.” Unless you say, I can’t force you in any way. At this point God stops because your freedom is your own. If you want, you may keep crying on for your deeds, keep banging your head, and if you want, you can get Self-realization – it’s all up to you. Have to say, “Mother please give me Self-realization.” Do not open your eyes, but keep your right hand on your heart. Right hand on heart. Place the right hand, to the left, on the heart. Raise the right hand and place it on the heart – keep on the heart and say one thing in mind, can ask a question, “Mother am I the spirit?”

Ask from your heart, “Am I the Spirit? Mother, am I the Spirit?” Now bring this hand down – keep it on the stomach, on the left side. One hand should be towards Me. Close your eyes and ask, “Mother, am I my own master?” Ask ten times. “Am I my own master?” When you have become the Spirit, the Spirit is your master, that’s why you should ask, “Mother am I my own master? Keep the hand down on the stomach. Keep left hand on stomach which was on the heart.

The left hand which is on the heart, the right hand which is on the heart you keep that right hand on your stomach. Keep your left hand towards Me. The right hand which was on the heart, bring it down and putting it on the stomach, ask ten times hat, “Mother am I my own master?” Ask with full confidence. Now putting this hand again on the heart, say twelve times – all these chakras, whatever petals are of the chakras, according to that I’m saying that, twelve times you say, “I am the Spirit and I am innocent.” “I am the Spirit and I am innocent,” say twelve times. Now keep this hand across on your forehead, as we sit holding the forehead, on the forehead. Forehead means, what we call head – forehead. Keeping it horizontal on the forehead, you say that “Mother, I forgive everyone,” say from the heart. Forgive everyone, nothing is difficult.

Just have to say from my heart, because not forgiving means that you are creating trouble for yourself. You can’t trouble others, just troubling yourself, thus say that, “Mother I have forgiven everyone.” “I have forgiven fully. There’s no sorrow/trouble in my mind for anyone. I have forgiven everyone.” Please forgive, forgive everyone. All your burdens will be removed. You forgive completely. By forgiving only can you say this to God, “If I’ve committed any mistake, please forgive it.” But don’t blame yourself for that. Don’t take any blame on yourself and say, you say to God that, “You please forgive me.”

But you don’t take any blame on yourself. Now keep this hand on the fontanelle bone area. Heat is coming out of that area. Now press the fontanelle bone area with your fingers. Rotate the fontanelle bone area in the direction of the clock – I myself am teaching you how to awaken the Kundalini. Now lift your hand above and see if it’s cool. Now keep your right hand towards Me and see with your left hand. Say that, “Mother, please give me Self-realization.” With humility – you are asking for a very big thing. Change hands and see whether cool air is coming out or not – the cool air will come out of the head first.

This is the awakening of the Kundalini. Let one hand be towards Me, the other hand up. Change hands and see. Raise the hand above and then see. Not very high, normally, raise about four fingers up and see, is the cool coming? Change slowly, not quickly. Now raise both hands like this, right up, both hands. And now see, is there coolness coming from the hands? And ask within yourself, the question, “Is this the Brahmashakti, is this the All-pervading Power of God?” with both hands up, towards the sky.

It felt like as if something is going inside. Now put your hands down. Keeping both hands like this see, there will be coolness in the hands too – is it coming? Those who have come today for the very first time, probably they may not feel it because it is a very subtle thing. But it has happened to most people. Quite a lot of thoughtlessness has come. Watch Me, open your eyes and see, have the thoughts stopped? Look towards Me. Have the thoughts stopped? Any thoughts coming now?

Is there cool breeze in the hands now? Blow a little, blow your hands. Now work with your hands. Now keep your hand again. Are you getting the coolness now? It’s a subtle thing, take care. Attention. Close your eyes, eyes. Inner peace, peace has been established. Now waves of Chaitanya will come in the hands as cool breeze.

If it is hot/warm, then it should be cool. How it is to be done, what is to be done, you come to the centre. By coming, with practice, everything will settle down and Sahaja Yogis will become prestigious/honourable, after that you yourself will become deft/proficient in it. We have some very good Sahaja Yogis in this centre and they will guide you very well. But have faith in yourself, make up your mind, take care of yourself, and one day of your life, every Monday, you must spend for your growth. In this way, the days to change the whole world will come. Come on. Anyone, who didn’t feel coolness in their hands, raise the hands – let’s see how many people are there. There are very few people, no problem. If you people come here, then these people will see/help you all – 3-4 people who are there.

Come here, come here, come. You may talk later, first come and get your Self-realization.. Seeker: I don’t need to come, I am getting it. Shri Mataji: Huh? Seeker: I don’t want to come there, I am feeling the cool. Shri Mataji: What is it then? Seeker: He is saying, from the time I am sitting here, since then it is coming. Shri Mataji: You have got it then what is it? Now you learn how to do it further. Then you are a good boy. [ASIDE – What are you saying?]

Sahaja Yogi: Tea Shri Mataji: I’ve had a full cup of tea. Just bring roasted gram, nothing else is needed. Yes?