Devi Puja: Mother you be in our brain

Adelaide (Australia)


“Mother you be in our brain,” puja in Adelaide (Australia), 4 March 1983.

So it’s very nice to arrive here among all of you, and I’m sorry for what has happened before my coming here. 

But, as I also told you that, nature also can be awakened with the presence of a Divine personality, and once it is awakened it starts behaving in a manner, as a realised-soul would do: like it gets angry with people who are not religious, people who don’t want to know about God, people who are doing wrong things on life, people who are not normal people — in the sense they don’t want to be part and parcel of the whole — recluses, all sorts of people. And once it is brought to that level then it starts working on its own. 

As you know that according to Sahaj Yoga all these elements have got a deity behind it. For example, agni (fire) has got a deity called Agni Devata. In pure form Agni Devata is the one, which really purifies us. It purifies everything. It purifies say a gold: if you put gold in fire it doesn’t burn, it comes out more brilliant, better. But if it is something that is not of such a value it will burn out. So all inflammable things are mostly of a low-grade things, which are to be burned only. 

But amazingly these lower things only when they are enlightened or you can say, when you put some wood, you take and you put fire to it: so when fire is added to that wood the same fire which is coming — actually the base is that wood itself, it is inflammable — and the flames that are coming out of that fire, once they are enlightened, they start knowing what is truth, what is untruth. Or reacting in such a manner as if they know what work has to be done. 

Now the difference between a Sahaj Yogi and the fire, which is so initiated, is this — that it does not think about it. It just goes on completely finishing things, which it has to do. And by a method of frequencies it knows where to go and which one to burn out, and that’s how it goes on burning things, which it has to burn off. 

And some of the unfortunate things are that people feel that this fire has no compassion and that the fire must have some compassion also to spare some people. But the trouble is we must understand that we have so many things within us: we’ve got fire, we’ve got water, we’ve got Mother Earth, all elements are within us. But in the fire it is only the fire element, nothing else. So it acts according to its own quality, that is fire. And whatever is the quality of the fire, when enlightened, separates truth from untruth and starts behaving in that manner. But it remains fire, it cannot become compassion. But in a way if you see, when you start choosing between the wrong type of a person and a right type of a person — if you see in a subtle way — it is compassion, because it is truth, and truth is love. 

So whatever it is doing is to manifest the love of God, and when it is manifesting the love of God you should know that, though it is fire, it gets the performance of a personality, which is as if, is a human being, because it is discreet: it knows what to burn and what not to burn. 

One day, I must tell you, we were doing some sort of a cleaning of the doors with those lamps you get, and Linda by mistake, brought that lamp very close to my body and the flame was very strong but it just went round me and it didn’t touch me. She was surprised, she said, “Mother you are burning!” I said, “Don’t worry!” It just went round and came out. 

So the fire doesn’t burn a person who is pure, doesn’t burn. The example is Sitaji. Sitaji, when She was brought by Shri Rama from Ravana’s place, everybody said that She has lived with a Rakasha and She must be found out whether She is guilty or not. So Rama first of all He said, “All right.” He put the fire. She Herself said that, “You put a fire, a big pyre of fire.” And She sat on that. And when the fire started burning it could not burn Her. She could not be burnt, you see. And the whole fire subsided. So that time the Agni Devata knows what is right, what is wrong, who is holy, who is unholy. 

But human beings take lot of time to recognise that and to understand, even in Sahaj Yoga, because the sensitivity has to be grown much more. Now, why is it that anything like water, or Agni or any one of these elements becomes so [much more] sensitive than human beings are. How they just obediently do the thing, as if they know the job and they’re so quick at it, so efficient. The reason is they are completely under the control of the Divine. They are under the control of the powers of God, absolutely, hundred percent. Whatever God wants, they do it, once they are enlightened. But human beings are still dwindling between his own human awareness and the Divine awareness and the oneness with God. So it is the sensitivity in a person [that] grows very, very, slowly. Doesn’t matter, makes no difference, And when it grows, it moves sometimes two steps forwards and five steps backward march. By the time is about two years, you find the gentleman at the same spot where he started and you get quite upset how it has happened, despite Sahaj Yoga. 

But this is the thing is, that human beings can think, and they can decide, and they have ultimate freedom to give up this sensitivity at any time. So you have to be under complete obedience of the Divine, which one cannot understand sometimes how to be like that, because we have not been brought up that way. We don’t know how to do it and it’s very difficult. 

So many people say, “Mother it is very difficult to surrender.” It’s not that they don’t want to surrender, but they think that, “We are still popping up somewhere. Mother says something but we start questioning her. Mother says this, then we think that we should, we can suggest to Mother [that] there’s another alternative and this and that.” But there is no alternative. There’s no alternative for a person who is a sensible person. If he knows that Divine is only thinking of your hita (हित), of your well-being, and whatever it sees and does, it knows much more than you; much, much more. And in so many dimensions that, if somebody says so that, “Do like this!” best is to do that. 

Sometimes it shocks people. People have ideas about sympathies, ideas about being kind to others, and compassionate to others. But what is a human compassion? He doesn’t do anything he just talks, while the God’s compassion works. It works. It works on people. It doesn’t talk that, “Oh, I am very compassionate! I am full of compassion!” — nothing! It just works, it manifests itself. 

So one should understand: to be a complete ego-less personality, one should try to obey the Self within yourself. 

Now how do you obey your Self within yourself? It is through vibratory awareness. Try to obey through your vibratory awareness. Any question you want to ask, anything you want to do, you must obey it through your vibratory awareness. 

Now some people are not so sensitive, that’s true. The reason why they are not sensitive is because they think about it. Now you think with your brain, all right? If your brain can be enlightened, then you will think as the Divine thinks and your sensitivity will improve, because sensitivity comes from the central nervous system. Now in the central nervous system if there is any blockage it is actually in the brain because all the centres are represented in the brain. 

So the best thing is to say that, “Mother come in my brain. Please reside in my brain. Please make your room in this brain. You be the controller of this brain. Let this brain be guided by your divine this thing.” And you don’t think for yourself. 

And this word “I think” should be dropped completely from Sahaj Yogis. “I think” means, it goes on as funny ways. It can be anything; like once we went out and we had one of my very stupid relations staying with us, a girl. And as I was going out — we had no servants that day, so I was cooking — but that day when we were going out I told, “I am going in the morning. Can you make a little bit of kichadi (rich and daal cooked together) for us? When we come back we’ll have it.” That’s the only cooking she did in her lifetime — maybe she did not do also!

So when we came back she told me that she has not cooked. So I said, “Why? Why didn’t you cook? Because we were supposed to take our food here.” She said, “I thought that maybe you may not come. Maybe you will not [be] hungry. Maybe you may not like to eat. Maybe I may not do well!” So, all these four alternatives not to do the cooking! 

But I said, “Why didn’t you think that we may be hungry, that we will eat? Why didn’t you think this way?” “But I thought…” You see this is an explanation for not having one in the brain I should say, that there is no Divine guidance in the brain. Then the guidance comes from your ego or from your superego, which says, “I thought that this might happen.” But how, why, why did you think like that? Why not the other way round? Why didn’t you think the other way round? 

But that is how it is, and when these things happen we really are so much used to this kind of justification and alternatives to be offered, that this becomes again the habit of the brain, and the brain gets separated from the Divine. So you tell your brain, “But why, why did you think like that? Now will you stop thinking about these things on these lines? Let us think of the positive thinking!” Now positive thinking is nothing but is  a thinking — as according to Sahaj Yoga, it’s not aggressive thinking; but it means that a thinking which helps to manifest the Divine. That is what is positive thinking. And the result of that is that your nerves start opening out, and you start feeling the manifestation of Divine Power in your fingers in your being. 

And this is the basic thing that doesn’t happen in the West or in the Western culture, because we have a very big idea of always giving an explanation for anything. 

Now you can see that, supposing you go to a person who is possessed and you get possessed. Then you give an explanation, “You see, I went to that person thinking, I thought, that I will cure that person.” But the result is that you are mad now! Instead of that person getting cured you have got possessed! So what is the reason? The reason is that you thought in a very negative way, that, “I thought that this would help me,” or “I was helping that person.” On the contrary you got into trouble. 

Now the trouble did not think, no, it just entered into you without thinking. It is there. It never thought, “Whether I enter this person or not?” it just came in, walked straight forward. While you were busy thinking, you see, it entered into your being and settled down there! (laughter) So it’s like a thief walking into your house nicely when you are busy, absentmindedly doing something. It’s exactly like this. You see the thief walking in, suddenly you find: Oh! The thief is standing behind you! Now you said, “I was thinking…” you see. (laughing) 

It’s exactly the same way it happens to us and when we know, our mind knows, that, “I can give an explanation about it,” [and] every time it is ready to give explanation then the mind is used to that kind of a phenomena, that it will always give an excuse, always it will say something. So it is never on the alert, because even if the trouble walks into you, you’ll always say, “This is the explanation.” But explanation doesn’t cure you, and doesn’t help you, because by mental explanation…

So, one should not be extremely on the thought waves and on the depending on their thinking. Because, you see, thinking has an alternative. Thinking always has an alternative. You can say, “I was thinking this,” or “I was thinking that.” But whom are you blaming? It was you who were thinking so you are responsible for that. So if you take the responsibility for your thinking, then you may not do such a thing as to say that, “I thought, if I had done this thing it would have been.” Because you are responsible for your thinking. 

Supposing an engine driver decides that, “I thought I better go by the other route,” and has a big accident. People will ask him, “Why did you think like that? What was the thing that made you think like that?” 

But in everyday to day life I find human beings are always saying, “I think, I think, I think.” All the time giving alternatives and that’s why they go up and down, up and down, up and down like that. 

But for fire, or for water, or for Mother Earth there is no alternative, there is no alternative. If I just touch the Mother Earth and I say, “Suck in their problems please!” She sucks in. If I tell the fire, “Now come along, you have been ignited!” I don’t even tell! I don’t even tell. They immediately suck in. Their Kundalini rises, you can say. [If] you put a fire in front of my photograph — it’s vibrated. You put a light — it’s vibrated. It has no alternatives. It doesn’t think. It has no alternatives. It’s just enlightened. It has its own quality of enlightenment, in the purest sense. Because thinking makes it impure. Your enlightenment becomes impure by your thinking, by giving explanations, by giving all these nonsensical alternatives. 

So one should know with the Divine there is no alternative. In Sanskrit the word is pariyaya (पर्याय — alternative), there is no pariyaya for Divine demand. There’s nothing like that. Supposing you don’t want to accept it: you’ll have problems, and then you’ll say that, “Mother how did we have problems?”As you saw in Delhi! I told these people many a times that, “Please do not have any programme for eight days and let all these people stay with some friends.” But they wouldn’t listen to me. They arranged their programme in that flat. And they were thinking they will have a big pandal in which they’ll give them the food to eat and all that. But you know what happened? It rained, and rained, and rained. Now rain knew what I wanted, because it had to rain for the rabi crop! (crops harvested in spring). You see, you have to look after the whole universe! And that’s why I said that, “For these eight days don’t allow them to stay in this because it will be difficult for them to move out. Better keep them with some other people, so they can carry them along and do that.” But they did no listen! Ultimately it turned out to be a fiasco and they had to arrange for the stay of all other people into some houses. So this is this situation. Now they might say that, “Mother, you better stop the rain!” I will not, because they must know that the question of rabi crop is also equally important for me and they have to have their share. After all they are human beings and they are to be helped. But why didn’t you listen to me? And then he came to me and he said that, “Mother will you please stop the rain tomorrow?” I said, “All right, tomorrow I will.” He went back and he told the other gentleman, he said that, “Let’s put up the shyamiyana. Let’s put up the pandal. And let us cook there.” He said, “But no it will rain.” He said, “No, it will not because I have told God Himself!” He said, “Where did you meet God?” He said, “I did meet Her, and now it’s done.” The next day he got up at five o’clock, the other fellow, and he saw the whole sky so clear and he said, “Look at that, you have told God and God has listened to you!” (laughing). So this is it. 

Then when you are that much one with God, if you tell anything it will work out, anything. Anything you ask for it will work out. But we are not. We are always finding alternatives, you see. And these alternatives is the game all these people have played with you; all the time giving you alternatives. See now, in the market, if you go, just now I asked him about what car you have. So he told me there are so many combinations, this that, cylinder this that. So you go mad! You say, “All right Baba, give me something, whatever it is!” This is all playing with your brains all the time giving you alternatives, whether you want this or that. And you feel that you are really a great personality that you can decide about, “I’ll have this colour and that thing!” Very seriously people do it. Even I have seen, in a dinner if people are sitting, in a hotel or something, they’ll study all the menu very carefully and any one of them will say, “All right I’ll have this,” the other fellow will say, “I’ll have that” And the bearer (waiter) is quite puzzled but owners are happy that they have befooled you completely! They just mix up this with that, “Oh this is this, this is this!” And just they try to befool. You see, everything is boiled, kept there: “All right, this with sauce.” “All right,” mix the sauce. “This with masala?” Mix with masala! It’s all ready. You see, just mix that and put it before you, “Oh I’ve got very good this thing!” It’s not that your Spirit is happy with it, it’s not even your stomach that is happy with it, it’s not even your palate that is happy with it, it’s only your brain, this ego is happy. And you say, “Oh, very nice! Oh!” (laughter) Still it’s no good!

Same thing with gurus it happens like that, that they pay for the guru. So now the satisfaction is, “I have paid for the guru!” And when you go there, even they feel the scorpion is pinching them, all the time is biting them, they say, “Ow!” You say, “What happened?”, “No, no. It’s all right. Nothing has gone wrong with me!” And again this side (the scorpion bites). And they continue with it, “Oh I’m very fine! Yes I’m all right. I’m very peaceful. I’m never agitated! I’m absolutely relaxed!” And you can see his nose is jumping, his eyes are jumping, his head is jumping and he is supposed to be the most relaxed person, “Oh, I felt very peaceful, very happy, no doubt.” How can you? With bhoots, how can you? I mean I know you cannot. But I have seen many people telling me this story — oh they felt very nice with the guru and they felt very peaceful with the guru. Then I look at them! And you become dishonest: just to support that guru one becomes dishonest.

So we come back to the same point that, all these elements are honest. They are absolutely honest. Whatever is their quality they profess that way. A fire will not say that, “I will cool you down,” it will not say. But after Realisation so many of you must have noticed that if you put your hands to the fire you get cool breeze coming out of it. Because it burns away whatever is ugly, whatever is bad in you, and you get the cool breeze from everywhere then, because that part is burnt away. It does the work of burning away and when it burns away then you put a hand towards the fire and you are surprised that from the flame the cool is coming out. “Instead of burning me, how the flame is cooling me!” 

So the quality, whatever they represent, they have within themselves, built-in. And they are honest. They are not dishonest, because they are absolutely one with the Divine laws. But human beings are not like that they play tricks here, there, that. That’s why to give Realisation to human beings is a very difficult thing. 

Now I’ll also tell you about the swayambhu things that come out of Mother Earth. You see, the Mother Earth sends out certain forms above Her being for you people to see that there are vibrations, to work out Her spiritual thing, by which She makes the spirituality emit among you, by which She guides you, by which She creates a nucleus for you to worship. And this work She does in a very honest manner. 

But when such a swayambhu thing comes out, you can’t understand why people are attracted to it. So then you become in charge of that thing. Then you want to make artificial images of that. It’s human nature, to make everything that you see real, make it artificial. And that goes on and on and on, till human beings themselves become so identified with their artificiality that they don’t understand what reality is! 

In reality whatever you are, you are the highest. You are the highest epitome of all The Creation. Even the thing that comes out of the Mother Earth cannot do the work that you can do! It cannot raise the Kundalini, it cannot cure; maybe a little bit of effects might be there, but it won’t work out with that force with that manoeuvring. I mean you are like a very advanced machinery of God’s work: very advanced, extremely sharp, and extremely effective. But the problem is this brain of yours when it comes in between — which is nothing compared to that big brain.

Your brain is nothing, but like a little mosquito it comes up and comes here and then says, “Oh, this, this, this, this, this!” and then the problems start. But if you really start using His power with in you, God has made you as the best instrument that you could think of. And as you start using your instrument with that wisdom, and surrender on humility, gradually it evolves more and more and more, and you start developing more sensitive sides; or we can say evolving a new method in this and getting a better and better understanding of the working of Sahaj Yog. 

So, it is important that first of all you must decide to stop the brain working too much and say that, “Mother you be in our brain!”

Thank God I’m before you in person so it’s not difficult. You just say that, “Mother, you have to be in our brain.”

Now this brain is, as you know, is supported by the five elements; they all are in this brain. And if you can somehow or other bring me in that brain, somehow or other — by telling your brain, now, not to disturb you any more — you’ll be amazed that, immediately the whole system will start working like a dynamite. It will be such a sensitive thing, you don’t have worry about anything, you don’t have to think about anything; you touch anything it becomes gold sort of a thing. You see, you become Midas touch! It becomes such a great thing. But to achieve that is difficult for a human being. They find it difficult to achieve that kind of a perfection where you lose completely your ego and you become egoless, like the fire, the Mother Earth, like all other elements. They have no ego. It’s only human beings who have built the ego. 

And the ego is such a big myth. Of course, when you don’t do anything, why should you think you are doing something? And why should you be responsible for doing anything? But the thing is, we think that, “No it’s not God. We have to do this thing!” and, “I have to decide!” You see it’s just we play tricks with ourselves morning till evening spoiling our brain, absolutely becoming mad! 

Best thing is to surrender and see the things will come before you and you will be amazed, “Oh, how it has happened? How it has worked out?” The other day I told just Kerry, “You better go and register yourself!” She said, “Mother the university has closed down its dates. I can’t get into it. It’s very difficult.” I said, “All right. I have said it, you go!” Then she telephoned, they said, “No, it’s impossible, you just can’t do it but if you want you can come and see it.” And as she walked into the university in the office they said, “All right, come along! You are registered.” It is. 

So many times it will happen to you people. But it took about ten minutes for me to convince her that you just try again. But I must say still she was not so adamant. She was thinking, “If Mother is saying I may get it. If Mother is saying, it will work out!” 

But if you supposing say, “All right, Mother, you are saying, I’m just going to register,” — finished! Then what happens, even if you do not get registered it doesn’t matter, that’s not important, [but] your brain improves. That’s important, that your brain improves, it becomes more sensitive. It’s not important that the work should be done, that’s not important. What is important is that, in you brain you must get this idea that, “Let me be enlightened fully!” 

All right? 

This is what one has to understand, in a very subtle way, that we all are very sensitive instruments made by God and all our energies are not yet working. So we have to supply energy to all our nerves and that’s only possible if we remove our blockages created by our ego and by our conditioning.

If you can remove the blockages, all our nerves will become very sensitive. And that’s why, tell your mind that, “Now, any further, you better put Mother down there!”

Now it is also expressed through the way you talk. You see, you jabber, jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, and nothing! I see you jabbering and I say, “All right, now what to do?” There is nothing to talk about! There’s nothing to say about it. It’s just there. And if it is just there, then it is better to be done and to be executed, and it will work out. Because if you know how to talk too much then it’s difficult, going to be difficult, because you’ll not suck in anything within yourself, and you’ll always give explanations, you’ll always say, “Oh, maybe.” “I thought, maybe this, maybe.”

A simple example: Say for example if I say, “I think I brought…” I mean something with it. I said, “I have brought my chappals with me.” The other person says, “No, I think…” finished then! [It] may not be true. I may not be true at all when I’m saying that. I may be saying it just to test you. And to say ,“May be.” Then, “Yes, all right.” Try! Once or twice you say, that whatever you know so far…you say, “Must be! If Mother says so, must be!” Just try to train your mind that way. I try these tricks and I find mostly they fail, then I give up. Mostly they fail. And they just can’t understand how these things happen, and how, what Mother says comes true and how that thing works out this way and…But now understand that, I am just playing tricks with you, just to make you understand that: put your mind absolutely at rest and let the Big Ahamkara, the Mahat Ahamkara take over, the Mahat Ego, the Great Ego of God, take over and do the ego. 

All right? 

May God bless you.

It’s better now. I think brain activity has stopped quite a lot. 

So now what should we do? Now what is the theme as you asked me? Now, I don’t know what is this. (laughter and Mother smiles) 

You see, by washing my feet, what you are doing is that you are awakening the Spirit in the water, first of all. All right?

And when you decorate my feet what you do is that you decorate the powers that are there, just the powers. And when you put these red things on them, what you do is to…this red is something that is just decorative, and you decorate the power, so the power also feels happy about it, you see. That’s how it is. Would be a good idea.

So now what is the theme? You tell me! (smiling)

Warren: I told him your message Mother.

Shri Mataji: Now. I would say…what did I say?

Warren: You said, “Call it the place where the Adi has been laid down.”

Shri Mataji: (laughing) Ya. ‘Adi’ ‘laid’. Laid can mean two things. Also can be ‘laid down’, you see, and ‘laid up’! (laughing) English language can be very…

Actually ‘Adi’ ‘L’. ‘L’ is Lalita. So the Primordial Lalita. And Lalita is left-sided. So if it is to be taken from Adi-la-da —Adelaide. This comes from four words: ‘Adi’ then ‘Adi’ ‘la’ ‘da’. All right? ‘La’ means Lalita, and ‘da’ means ‘the one giver’. Giver of the Adi Lalita is Adelaide. All right? It has a big name if you try to really see through it. But I don’t know how they gave this name to this place, why, but maybe Unconscious has done it.

All right.

Yogi: Mother, I think everybody here has washed your feet one way or another.

Shri Mataji: All right. So would you like, all of you, again to wash my feet?

Yogi: Very much!

Shri Mataji: Good idea! May God bless you!

Yogi: So should we begin with Ganesh mantra and Adi Shakti?

Shri Mataji: Yes, you should. So all of you should try to wash my feet one by one. We are few people, it’s good for you.

In England (India?), they invited me to launch one ship. And another, they called it ‘naming the ship’ but that was also another launching, in one day. Now, they were told that they have to make a swastika on the ship. So the first ship, they made a swastika with a stencil like that, and on the other ship they turned it around and made the other way the swastika.

As first ship I launched and the second ship I saw, I said, “This swastika is not all right, it’s the other way around. And they got such a fright they said, “It is inauspicious. Is it inauspicious?” And they were so worried. I said, “Doesn’t matter! Now change it over.” So they removed all that, painted it up and just put another swastika like that. They were so much worried, I was amazed. You see, these shipping people are very sensitive people. They understand because they deal with the [ocean] so they know that there is something like God’s power and it should not be unhappy and it should be a fortunate thing that you travel with a person who is good. All these things are in their head, you see if there is a good lady travelling then they think it’s a good weather for them. It’s true, also it happens like that. So they know that the ocean acts according to the goodness and badness of a person. They were so worried. And C.P. said, “Look at these people, what has happened? They have gone bizarre!” I said, “You see, they depend on such a little thing as that.” But, I said, “Once you have done it (fixed it) now it’s all right. It’s nothing wrong with it, it’s all right, nothing inauspicious, just a play.” Then they settled down. Then they settled down. I said, “The ceremony has not started, why worry about it? It’s just a play, so nothing to worry about anything.”

But this is what it is because, I tell you, these sailors are so sensitive to nature and to the moods of the sea, and if there’s a funny man on the ship they just unload him on the way. They think, “Because of this fellow we are hanging about.” They just unload him, just throw him away. Like this professor Adarkar, when he was with us, they said, “It’s better to unload him completely!” because he used to trouble me quite a lot. They said, “He’s seems to be troubling Mataji, better unload him!” I said, “Now you don’t do all that unloading!” And nobody can ask any question if somebody is unloaded because they can just say that he just fell over. “He was drinking and he fell over.” (laughing) Oh they are very sensitive on good and bad points, I must say; very sensitive.