We have to understand that truth is not a mental action

Maccabean Hall, Sydney (Australia)

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Public Program day 1. Sydney (Australia), 15 March 1983.

But before we come to right conclusion about our seeking, we have to understand that truth is not a mental action.
If your mind says that “this is this”, it need not be that. It is our everyday experience in life, that mentally, when we try to establish something, we find after sometime, that we have not been absolutely correct about it.
Whatever is known to us is already there. But whatever is unknown, even about that, if you have preconceived ideas, that “this is the unknown, this is God, this is Spirit”, then it could be that you are very much away from the truth. But scientifically, if you have to approach any subject, you have to keep your mind absolutely clean and open, that it has been said by many great Saints, many great gurus, that we are to be born again and that we are the Spirit. Are we to believe in them or not? Perhaps, we should reach at least this conclusion that they did not take any money from anyone and they could not have been fake people, they did not do it for money sake. So, if we have to be born again, to reach the right conclusion we should know what should happen to us. For example if you certify that I am a reborn again, then it is misleading. Supposing that I certify myself that I am the Prime minister of Australia, do I become? I have to become! So just by taking a certificate we are cheating ourselves and avoiding opportunity to be born again.

So to be honest is the first way we can really be the seekers of truth. If we are not honest and if we have preconceived … (?) and want to stick to it, I would say that it is rather difficult. But logically we should come to a point where we should understand, that what should happen when we deceive the truth. In our evolutionary process, what has happened to us? Actually, our awareness has been enlightened in new dimensions that lead you up in our evolution. And animal does not understand filth scented. You can take a horse through any dirty but a human being is very sensitive he has to close his noose, or sometimes even refuses to go through that. So in our awareness something has to happen. And that is not some sort of an abnormal thing. Like some people, I was told, have written books where you have to become mad to be reborn. I mean in what evolutionary stage did it happen? Did the fishes become mad to become the higher animals? When did it happen that you had to become mad to evolve?
It’s a wrong idea that people give because they can only make you mad, nothing else. And you like it, because one way they pamper your ego by saying that you can pay for that. Secondly they all give you a feeling that you are something different. To be something different is not to be evolved. You have so many mad people in this world. We have so many epileptic people, we have so many people who jump all over the places. There is nothing great about it. Whatever you can do easily is to jump or to shout, to scream or to misbehave, all these things are very easy for human beings to do.

But if something has to happen from the Divine, and if it is a divine process, then something should happen within us, which is not in our reach, which is something that is beyond the human reach. That has to be the divine thing. So we must understand that in our seeking, what we have to see is a higher dimension to our awareness. In that dimension you have to become something, like you have become a human being. You are no more a monkey, you are a human being now. In the same way, you have to become something.

In Sanskrit language, a Brahmin, who is a Realized soul, the one who knows the Brahma, the All Pervading Power, is called as “vijaya”, born again. And also a bird is called as “vijaya”. A bird is first born as an egg and then it is born as a bird. There’s complete transformation. You don’t have to certify a bird that it is no more an egg. It just becomes, you see it through that it becomes. So those who are honest, and those who are really seeking, must know that you have to become something. It’s not just that you become mad or you become like some sort a funny freaky fellow, but you become really something that is in your awareness.
Now if you have to go through science, you’ll find out that Jung, who was a Realized soul, who got his Realization much later, and then he defied Freud, has clearly said that if a human being evolves, he’ll have to become collectively conscious. His consciousness becomes collectively aware, meaning that you should feel others within yourself, on your fingertips.
Mohamed has said at the time of Resurrection [Qyama] your hands will speak. Your hands have to speak. Now the hands have no tongue to speak, so what happens? It is accepted in the medical science, that the sympathetic nervous system is expressed in your seven centres on your fingers, but they don’t know which are where, and how it is, they cannot put it. And they are all disturbed. But they say there is a sympathetic connection with the fingertips.
So in your awareness, it has to happen, by which you have to be more alert, more noble, more dynamic, more beautiful, more loving, more understanding. So something has to happen to your central nervous system. It must be apparent that your are just feeling something more in your central nervous system.

Now, what people are enamoured this, that, if they see some people dancing madly, they feel enamoured, is the sign that you have not been able to understand. We have seen Christ, we have seen Bouddha, Mahavira, Kabira, Nanakar [Guru Nanak]. We had Lao Tse and so many others. Did they behave like this? Did they become mad? We have got Moses, did he become mad anytime, was he mad anytime, behaving like a mad person? All these new theories have started I think, fifty years back, or about sixty years back, that people believe in these new theories and they have forgotten all the traditional things that have come to us, our heritage. And we depend more on these nonsensical things, which has no moorings at all!
Because the people who are supposed to be the founders of all the religions, have never behave like this and why this new type of things that has started, that people are behaving in this manner and accepting it, to be as very normal thing.
So all the seekers must know that you have to become the Spirit, means you must feel your own powers. It is not that you feel the powers of another person, now he is a person who brings down some diamonds for you, so what? Logically you reach a conclusion: do you want diamonds or do you want your Spirit?

You can buy them in the market. Why do you need a guru to do that kind of a job? There must be some juggler all kinds of these spiritual juggleries are on, and when I came here from Perth,…, Melbourne and here, everywhere, all the people from the medias have been asking me that why these gurus have come from India and they have ruined us like this. They have so many rules, like this and that and that [laughs]
I said thank God that now, at least, you have realised it. But I went to America and told them long time back that these people are going to come, and be careful about them. It has been already told about it, but people did not want to follow it. They thought that it is better that you accept a guru, live with him, and then, when he goes to heaven, means hell actually, you’ll be there. Now we are very happy that the awareness is coming to the seekers, that a lot of them are realizing that they have not found the truth. If you are reaching that conclusion that you have to find the truth within yourself, then Sahaja Yoga will work wonders.

Now, our evolutionary process has not been anything which is dead, it is a living process. There is a force within us which brings forth our evolution, and living process cannot be activated by mental activity. For example if you put a seed in the Mother Earth, it sprouts by itself. By saying that “you’d better sprout now” or by saying that “it has sprout” you’ll have just mental satisfaction of creating an imaginary image. But actually, it has to happen. The happening has to take place. And this happening is build within you. That has to happen within your being and is already you’re destined for it. As he has told you, that lies in the triangular bone, which is very [Inaudible] -you can’t even see them. I think it is drawn very small, we should really enlarge it and show- that is the triangular bone within us which contains this force called as the Kundalini. Now regarding Kundalini you must have read many books also.
In India, I saw some books I was amazed, written by mostly foreigners, such big books and they didn’t know where the Kundalini was in the stomach or in the nose. Such confused people need not have written, if you are confused, better not talk about it. You see, if you are confused about something, what’s the use of talking that this was the confusion, I got a choc, and I got a heat and all this, then why are you talking? You don’t know anything you have no authority. So you have no business to talk about it. That means you are naive or you’re being, just being absolutely a person who is uneducated about it. Why should you talk when you are not an authority, not only talk but write? And books after books have been written by people who have no authority to write these books. And that’s how they have created another myth that Kundalini awakening is the most dangerous thing and one should not ? Now imagine? What a mistake it is!

Who is the photographer?

So, what is the advantage in this kind of spreading news that Kundalini awakening, which is the epitome of your evolution, which is what human beings have to achieve in their life, that’s the aim of their life, to be the Spirit. And Kundalini is the only way it happens. So why should people talk like this and say it is dangerous to have the Kundalini awakened? Because, why they are doing it, because they are under some anti-God activity. Because they are not with God, some sort of a sinister satanic force which is telling these things to people that you should not have your Kundalini awakened. Imagine, it is like saying that you should not enter into the kingdom of God. If that is the only way if you have to enter into the kingdom of God, why should you frighten the people about it? There is nothing frightening about Kundalini awakening I can assure you.

I’ve had, as you know, I’ve been working for years together and so many people have got Realization, a-mass, and nobody has got any problem like that. Sometimes of course you feel little heat in the body, sometimes, you feel little heat in the body; sometimes a little shaking in the body. If there is a problem in the body, if your nerves are steel [?] and anything, the Kundalini when she rises, she little bit shakes you but it settles down. It settles you down completely and you feel absolutely blissful and peaceful. No problem is created I have seen so far which can be called anywhere near danger. On the contrary,
when Kundalini rises, she gives so many by-products, to begin with. Of course, she is the power of pure desire. The only desire that is pure in human being is to be one with the Divine. All other desires are not pure because they do not give you pure joy. You think of anything, you want to say have a car. All right; work for it, try your loving best to achieve that. Then you have the car and you want to have something else. If that was your pure desire, it would have given you complete joy and satisfaction, it is not so. So matter is making you run from one to another, but doesn’t give you joy. So the pure desire in a human being, is this great desire to be one with the Divine.
If you do not accept it today, you will come tomorrow. You’ll have to take it, because nothing is going to satisfy you unless and until you receive the truth, you become one with the Divine.

People make-I’ve seen people deny for the time being, “I’m not ready”, that’s another style: “I’m not ready” and all sorts of things people say. But I say: “let me decide” why are you worrying? “Let me decide if you are ready or not, what is the problem is, it can be worked out. I’ve really worked for years together to know all the permutations and combinations and the problems and the valence you have. And it is not going to take any time for you, it’s very simple, it’s a living process, it is not going to trouble you, why should you have fright about it?
So this is one side of Kundalini awakening. The other side is when people think that it can be done by themselves. It cannot be done by yourself. Somebody has to do it for you and then once you get it you can do it for others. Now for example, a candle which is enlightened can only enlighten another candle; by itself a candle cannot enlighten. But for that you have to have a real person, a person who knows everything about the Kundalini, the one who can awaken your Kundalini and not a person who is already chocked by ?? and who just talks about Kundalini or he makes people jump all over the places.

There is a guru in India who used to give Kundalini awakening and where this doctor Warren went first of all. And they all were jumping and saying “ah, ah, u, u, i, i” and he got such a fright he said he thought it’s a lunatic asylum; he ran away from that place and came to me; he said: “no Mother, don’t give me Kundalini awakening because I’m afraid. “ I said, that’s not the way, that’s not!
That is hypnosis, a kind of hypnosis, and that hypnosis will create problem and not your Kundalini, she is your mother and she is waiting for days together, for ages together, many lives she has waited for the great opportunity to give you your second birth. But so far, you have not allowed her to do her work, because mentally you have put all books in your head, or all gurus in your head, or all kind of ideas in your head. And she poor thing is waiting for that, to manifest your second birth. And that is a big problem, how to make people understand that by mental activity you cannot raise the Kundalini.

I may give you lectures after lectures, not necessary that your Kundalini will rise. But it will rise when I pay attention to it. And if you get your Realization, you can also make it raise trough your attention. That is done through the power of chitta, chitta. But you must have your chitta shakti enlightened. If you are not an enlightened person, you cannot do it. Can you do it by paying attention to somebody, raising the Kundalini ? You can see the position of the Kundalini in many people, those who have got problems in their centres, like the second and the third centre. You can see it very clearly, what happens, and you can see it pulsating, it’s just like a heart, the bone pulsating like a heart. You’ll be amazed to see that the bone that looks like a stiff thing is pulsating. You can even see, say, see the raising of the Kundalini, but if you have a stethoscope, you can hear the “lap dack, lap dack” way up; this is called as Anahata, means without percussion, the sound without percussion, and you can feel it on top of your head, so the same thing raising which Kabira has said, “only, shimu sharaka” means on the silent peak of your brain you start first feeling the Anahata, means the sound of “lap dack, lap dack” here in your heart, you start feeling it here (on top of the head). And when it breaks that area, the fontanel bone area, which is called as “Talu”, you just feel the cool breeze coming out of your head.
Now, this you cannot do. You can jump, dance, become mad, take drugs, take alcohols, he-grow your beard or cut it off r anything that you want to do, but you cannot make the cool breeze coming out of your head. And that is what is the proof that it’s a living process that does this. Unless and until that happens to you, you try everything else it’s going to be a big problem.

As I was telling today to the television, many sincere [?] was the problem with us, with Australians, when you say they are naïve. I said : “they are naïve because they don’t know what to seek. That’s one point, they don’t what they should ask for, what should happen to them, and they are attacked by people who are here just to make money, it’s money making proposition. Imagine, people have maid millions and millions of pounds through you people; it’s such a multimillion big enterprise and it’s done on that level. And you people are enamoured by these things because it appeals to your brain some way or another and I don’t know why, because it appeals to your ego perhaps. The lady asked me: ‘if it is so simple Mother, then why is it people don’t take to simple things?”
Now, see today I came first of all here, at seven o’clock, and they said there are very few people. So I went round and I came back. I said: “that’s the trouble, they don’t want anything simple.” But whatever is living is so simple. You cannot explain it mentally. You put, as I said, a seed into the Mother Earth, how it sprouts, how a flower becomes a fruit, all these things you cannot explain mentally. It’s a living process done by the All Pervading Power, which is the love of God, and that activates and works it out and naturalise which you cannot by your mental process understand, nor can you do it. You can’t transform one flower into fruit.
So this is what one has to understand, that is has to be a living process within us. And the living process is spontaneous. That is why we say “sahaja” “saha” means “with” and “ja” means “born”. It’s born with you, it’s spontaneous. Like your breathing is born with you, like your pulsation is born with you, like everything which is born with you, you take it for granted, it exists. In the same way, this Kundalini is born with you. And this awakening is also your birthright, as a human being you have the right to have this awakening within you and you should have it and you must seek that.
But, because of no education on this point, perhaps, traditionally, we are not educated to understand. Christ came on this earth, when he wanted to explain all these things he had to go away and he lived only for four years to talk to people and in that four years the way people behaved, and he way they never accepted him, it was impossible to talk to you about Kundalini. But in the Bible it is written, I will appear before you like tongues, even in all the Torahs it is written, I will appear before you like flames of tongues. Now, what are these flames? These are the chakras which are within us, when you see them, they look like that, the flames, you can see them clearly. But it is not the seeing the that is important, it is being; people think that if you see the light, now you become the light. If you see the light [Shri Mataji shows the ceiling], you become the light? It’s simple, simple thing you can understand : you do not become a light if you see the light [Shri Mataji shows the ceiling]. You have to become the light, and when you become the light what happens, that you act like light. Your power acts like a light. When you are there people can see how to walk, they know how to understand the difference between a carpet and a chair and a human being. The discrimination is there. When there is light, you discriminate and you start understanding that the truth is this and this is untruth.
So when the Kundalini rises through your fontanelle bone area the first blessing you get is of good health. That’s a minimum that should happen, but it’s a by-product. But I don’t want to emphasize more on good health because tomorrow we’ll get all the hospitals drooping on my head, that’s what I don’t want. You have to be first the Spirit and you have to be the doctors and you, yourself, can treat your body as well as the body of others this is a minimum that should happen, that you become a healthy person.
Now what does that ? Within us lies a power which is the evolutionary power, in the center, and it is the power which we call as the power of Mahalakshmi, is the power by which we sustain our own character, by which we become human beings, from carbon, where it is four valences, as human beings we develop ten valences.
We become eligible for our ascent through this power to begin with, because this is a power that gives us balance.

In the gross it expresses itself as parasympathetic nervous system. Now, what is parasympathetic nervous system is? That it gives a balance to your sympathetic nervous system. Now sympathetic nervous system is the gross expression of the two other powers which are around us. One is the power of desire, and another is the power of action. These sympathetic nervous systems come into play when we want to use them. For example if you want to run fast- so when you are running fast, these two powers come into power, that they give us the force to run fast. But what is the thing that brings it back to normal? It’s the central power that brings it to the normal or gives it balance. So this balancing force is the one that is responsible for your ascent. If you are not yet balanced, the same force will first balance you. Because of imbalances, so many diseases are caused, there is no and to it. Apart from that, those people who go to extremes, to the left and to the right, also can develop horrible diseases. Those who go to the left side develop mostly the psychosomatic diseases, like cancer, like [all ??] and incurable diseases. And imbalanced people develop – say, blood pressures and diabetes, and all the problems of the organs in the stomach. And the people who are too much right sided, who are too much speedy, who are thinking of the future all the time, they develop problems of the heart and also the problems of the physical side. Those who indulge into too much physical exercises and all that, also develop the problems of the physical side.
So it is all our doing that we gets it, mostly, or may be of our parents.

For example somebody asked me that “how is it Mother, that leukaemia is caused in the people who – children also?” They are born with it. I said the mother must be a very speedy woman. If the mother is speedy, hectic, her spleen is working in a hectic way, she sets in, in motion the same kind of a spleen that the child should have. And if that happens, the child develops a kind of a spleen which is hectic and starts producing RBCs [Red Blood Cells] which are not with the main and not in proper shape. And these are vulnerable to cancer and things like leukaemia. Because at this stage, something triggers it and that triggering takes place because of an extreme behaviour of a personality which I’ll explain to you tomorrow.

But in any case, physically, you feel fit, mentally you feel fit, mentally, because your extreme behaviour disappears. Mostly we take to habits; any habits we take to is, the reason is because we get bored in life or we are fed up or we are very unhappy or we are disturbed about something or we are shocked. Under the circumstances, we take to it. But supposing the reverse happens that you feel settled, you feel blissful, you feel happy, you feel cheerful, you feel on top of the world, naturally everything drops of. When you have got the highest you don’t want to indulge into all these things, which are sensational, for the time being, work out for a short period. But you start enjoying that is what is eternal within you, flowing all the time. Stress and all that also disappears. Because supposing- I give an example always of a car which is about to finish its petrol, everybody it is in a stress –the car as well as the driver is worrying that the petrol is going to finish. But supposing by some chance, you are connected to the mains and all the time the energy is flowing into you, then, then you have no worry, you have no worry and just you get over all these things.
People have a very great – I should emphasize, so we can say all the time a kind of a cocks in [?] from all the sensational practices of the society. And this quite upset us, all the time the way we are, all the time we are stimulated by these sensations.

Now with Realization what happens, the Spirit doesn’t take note of all this stimulus, nothing of the kind, it is not bothered about these things. It is just witnessing the all play as a drama and a joke, and it doesn’t take anything into record, and doesn’t react to it as human beings do. And that’s how the stress stops, drops out.
On the contrary, I have met some people who have been doing all kinds of things, their hands were going like this, and feet were going like that, all sort of contortions, and I said “why are you doing it?” They said “we have been to a guru, and he said your stress is coming out.” Now if the stress is coming out and if this is the state of the stress-laughs- when are you going to end this up? It is not possible, you must understand!

You see what I feel when I talk about these things people just leave me and go away because they get angry but I’m for you! I’m for your good! I’m saying, just understand, that how can stress get out, by this kind of a nonsensical thing happening to you, you’re getting mad! This is not the way the stress has to get out, but you have to get over the stress. And that is a very simple thing to understand, that is you are standing in the water, the waves start coming to you, coming and going and you are afraid of the waves. But supposing by any chance, the state becomes that you become seated in a boat, someway or another, you raided up to that part that you are in a boat, then you enjoy the same waves, from there, and you don’t mind any kind of things. And this is the state one has to achieve. Unless and until you achieve that state, all your guru, all your money is of no value, nothing of the kind. But this should not upset you.
Because many people also take a view that we have paid for it, so we’d better go through it. I mean if you have paid for the poison, will you go through it? It’s simple thing like that because you have paid for it, better not go through it, because it’s dangerous. You must see what is happening to the people who are going to these gurus, or to these cults, or to these clairvoyance and all that. What is happening to them? Are they transforming? Are they getting any of their powers? Have they become peaceful people? Have they finished their seeking? They think that they have done it? If not, then no use going to a place like that. But human mind, I don’t understand sometimes, like they see a person coming out of a pub, falling in the dirty lane, and still they walk in the same pub. So I can’t understand why people do all these things. But, mainly, we have to know that, one day will come when we’ll face ourselves and that time, we’ll ask a question that : “why did I not use my wisdom to understand that these are not the things I was asking for. What I was asking what the ultimate, the truth.”

Those who talk about love of God, power of God, it’s very easy because, you see, you can read any book and start talking, then it’s “power of God, power of love and all that”. But it must act. If you talk of compassion it must act. It is not just I say that I’m compassion and embodiment of compassion, so what?
You may be embodiment of compassion. I can gather some money from you people and start a hospital here and say I have treated so many people here, you give me a big prize for- it’s nothing. That’s not the way the compassion acts. Compassion acts in the same way as the sun shine acts. If you are near such a person- you remember that somebody touched Christ, and something went into that person. Christ said : “somebody has touched who’s sick”. [Luc-8-46: But Jesus said, “Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me.”] The person got cured. The compassion must act, otherwise it has no meaning, it’s just talks, advertises that you are the love power and all that. It’s not so. Something has to happen that is not also madness or any kind of a crackpot behaviour but by which you keep your transformation. And that what you should ask for, for the reality and not for unreal, and in reality, you’ll be amazed, you will see where you stand as far as you are concerned and others are concerned. What is the reality position? That you are the part and parcel of the whole, you start feeling that you are part and parcel of the whole. And when that happens, there is no compassion that speaks. Because supposing this finger is paining, automatically I press this finger. I just pres it , because it is, it is paining and I just feel it because it’s me, it’s me there so I just do it. So that’s how the compassion acts, it doesn’t think it is doing any obligation to anyone, that this finger should pay anything to me. It’s mine, it’s myself, how I can I not touch it and put it right. In the same way it happens that you become part and parcel of the whole. And when you become that, you just act as a part of that whole, with all its powers. And that should happen to all of you who are seekers.

Normally Sahaja Yoga is better for people who are not extremes by nature, who are centred people, that’s very good, it acts very well on them and helps them in many things. Also those who are in extremes are also brought [drown?] in the center, because Kundalini is a movement in the central path and you are paying attention to me, and I say “you pay attention to yourself, you cannot.” But when Kundalini rises she sucks in your attention inside like an incident or happening within and then the attention, even if it is on the extremes, is sucked inside. And when it is sucked in, it just rises out. One must know lots of things happen when it rises. It just doesn’t rise just like a premule rising up but lots of things happen within your body. Lots of centers go into different kind of banghas and all that, it happens. As a car starts, lots of things happen in the inside machinery, in the same way, when the Kundalini starts rising, lots of things happen inside, but very smoothly. Because you are fantastically, beautifully and delicately made, with great care.

It’s not easy to destroy Kundalini, it’s not easy, but I’ve seen some people have got very sick kundalini, some people have bleeding Kundalinis I’ve seen. And of course, if they are devils, they may not have Kundalini at all. But it is not easy to destroy this bone also. If you burn the body of a human being, this bone is the last to be burnt and requests very high temperature to burn it. That’s why people call it a sacred bone, But when I went to Greece, and I asked people “why did you call it sacrum?” They said “because we had a rapport with a Hindu Aryan group much before Alexander went there, and they told us this is sacred bone. And we found out that when you burn the body, this bone remains still there. So we thought, must be something sacred about it.”

Now tomorrow, the day after and after that, we’re going to have 3 more programs. Today, in a general way, I’ve spoken to you because they said ‘just give introduction to Sahaja Yoga, what is Sahaja Yoga is, and that’s why I’ve told you that you cannot pay for it, it is effortless, it is spontaneous, it’s a living process and through the grace of God it works. And by this happening, you get your transformation. And you become something else that what you are in your awareness; you become a more powerful person, a dynamic person, you start feeling another person. It’s a fact. You can ask somebody who must come now all the way from Perth. And when he came to me, he was in a big problem because he had been to guru, these things, and he realized that he made a mistake and that he could rectify but now he is rectified and he could feel this cool breeze actually on his head and all over. So this is the thing one has to understand that you must honestly ask for the truth and not for something that has been told you before.
This is what it is, it should happen to you, that has never happened before and cannot happen through human effort.
So tomorrow, the day after and after that, we have 3 more days. One day I will talk about chakras, tomorrow, and then these 3 powers, and last day I’ll tell you what is to be done after Self Realization, how to keep it up, how your Spirit is your guru, and how it teaches through your vibratory awareness, how you understand what is right and hat is wrong. I think that is how we’ll space it up and we’ll work it out.

But today, we should try to have a session of Self Realization also, and it might be, might work out very well.
May God bless you.
If you have any questions, I would like to have the questions because it’s important if you have any sensible questions. But, I don’t know, some people say “in this book it is written, in that book it is written or this one says like that.” Please, don’t do that. Because all these books have given you nothing, so better forget about them.