When you become thoughtlessly aware, you become present in the present

Urania, Vienna (Austria)

1983-09-06 Public Program, Vienna, Austria HD, 63'
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Public Program Day 3. Urania, Vienna (Austria), 6 September 1983.

I bow to all the seekers of Spirit. We have already heard about the Kundalini, the chakras, the balancing process in our body. Now, when the Kundalini rises and when She crosses this center called as Agnya Chakra, then you become thoughtlessly aware, called as Nirvichara Samadhi.

A thought rises and falls off, another thought comes and falls off; it disappears into the past. It may come from future or from past, but in between these two thoughts there is a gap and this gap is the present. So when you become thoughtlessly aware, you become present in the present, because there are no thoughts coming from the past or from the future. See, as I see you just now as you are, I don’t have to think about, I know you are there. And if this state exists for everything – that you don’t have to think about it – the knowledge is absolutely identified with your mind. So this process of thinking cannot be stopped by any other method but Kundalini awakening.

But sometimes, if you get possessed by something, then maybe you just don’t know what you are doing, you are just confused. That’s a state where you are not yourself, you are not aware. But this I’m telling you about thoughtless awareness. At this stage also you start manifesting certain powers of that stage. Like as if you become governor, then you get the powers of the governorship. At this stage you can cure people, all right. And you can also raise the Kundalini up to below the Agnya Chakra. You start enjoying a new dimension in creativity.

For example there is a beautiful flower arrangement before Me, and if I’m looking at it with thinking, I’ll think, “From where did they get such nice flowers, how much they must have paid, what is the shop they must have gone and how did they get this color?” But if I’m in thoughtless awareness, then I just see it and get all the joy of what has made these flowers so or what was putting into its creation. It starts flowing through you, you feel it flowing through you like that, just the joy, the soothing joy, sometimes when you see something that is really beautiful.

Like I would say Michelangelo was a realized soul, Mozart was a realized soul. When I listen to music of Mozart, I cannot think. I feel only the joy of its creation that’s flowing in My being and enriching Me. Or else, when I see the Sistine Chapel in Rome, I don’t start seeing in a way normally people see it, but what I just see the joy of the artist as well as the great artist behind him who has created that beautiful painting in this Sistine Chapel. So joy of matter, which the creator has put in it, manifests within our mind, when we are thoughtless. You forget what race you come from or what education you have had, it’s pure joy that is within you, which starts flowing within you. Like now many Sahaja Yogis do not know even ABC of Indian music, and the Indian music mostly is based on the Spirit enjoyment and it is constructed and originated by great saints. And they enjoy very difficult melodies, which even Indians could not sit for five minutes. The new dimensions of the beauty start coming into your consciousness and such a state is very creative.

I know of a gentleman who had no job when he came to Me and I said that “Why don’t you start doing interior decoration?”

He said, “I cannot pick up one book from another book, how can I be an interior decorator?”

I told him, “Do what gives you joy, that is the criteria.” And today he is a very rich man.

So the category of our style of judgment completely changes into another category which is absolute. There it does not matter from what country you come or what kind of art you have appreciated, what kind of education you have had. A musician becomes a greater musician, but who has never been singing, starts singing with melodious voices. Because of the temperament also changes, a person becomes extremely full of poise and that’s whatever he creates is so balanced and so penetrative that people are amazed how suddenly he has changed.

We had one great artist called Amzad Ali from India and he came to London and they have invited Me for the program. Amzad-Ali. I didn’t know the way to the place and we were lost for about half an hour or so, and we were late about half an hour. And the music was very boring that he himself got bored. I came in the room and just raised his Kundalini, the dynamism of the music changed so drastically that he could feel himself gone into the seventh heaven. Many hard working, dry people start enjoying music and smiling. But above that, when you pierce through the fontanel bone area, which is called as Brahmarandra, then you start getting the Cool Breeze. This thoughtless awareness increases; the gap between the two thoughts increases tremendously. You can see there the two balloon-like structures, one is the Ego, another, the Superego. Both of them get sucked in and the area in between starts expanding, and you find a soft bone just like as you had in your childhood. So you’ll remain in a state of witness. The whole cosmos looks like a stage, and every incident like a drama, a play. You are not worried any more about what is going on, you just watch it like a witness.

When you start watching it like a witness, you enjoy it like a drama. If it’s a tragedy you may cry, if it’s a comedy you may laugh, but inside you know that you are just the spectator. Despite all the tempest around, inside you stand still with peace. This peace has to be achieved today, this peace within.

Everybody gives a big lecture that we must have peace. By changing the supra-structure you cannot get that peace that is within. These superficial things are not going to help anyone, leave alone the whole world. That peace is to be established within you. And once that happens, we don’t have to worry about peace making organizations.

After that, when you have matured slightly more, then there is a state which we call as Nirvikalpa Samadhi, is called as doubtless awareness. This is a state in which you can give Realization to others in en masse way. And you do not start getting affected by anybody else disturbing you, as far as their bad vibrations are concerned.

As if first the light is enlightened and it gives a little light around itself, it cures itself, it helps itself. Then it cures the lamp, means it cures the being itself, in the sense that you become more aware. Then this spreads little more, so you start curing. Say in Austria, you’ll start improving the lot of Austrians. Your attention is more there, but as soon as you establish your doubtless awareness, you rise into a position where you have no doubts that you are the Spirit, that you are the light and you have to give the light.

Christ has said, “You don’t put enlightened light under the table.” Such people don’t run away to play, hide themselves into, they don’t become recluses, but they become manifesting wonderful Sahaja Yogis. At this stage we call them Sahaja Yogi, because yoga is complete.

Now, there’s one side or the highest thing that we have to understand is about the Spirit: First, the nature of Spirit is felt in the attention, means in your central nervous system. You start feeling the flow from your brain and from your hands on the central nervous system. It is no more a story that you are a Spirit. You can put your hand like this and ask a question, “Am I the Spirit?” You’ll be surprised, the flow will be great. Ask any such fundamental question, “Is there God?” You start feeling tremendous Cool Breeze in the hand to prove the existence of God. Now if you want to know about any Guru, whether he is a realized soul or not, you just ask the question. If he is a bad Guru, you get burning, sometimes even a blister. And if it is a real one you start feeling the Cool Breeze.

In India we have many places which, we say, are created by the Mother Earth; we call it as Swayambhu. It’s written in the Bible in the Ten Commandments that whatever is created by Mother Earth or by the sky should not be reproduced and should not be worshipped. But the first part we forget – what is produced by the Mother Earth? Because only after Realization you will know what is produced by Mother Earth, which is Divine; the Mother Earth Herself has produced things which have produced vibrations. So the attention becomes a full machine of discretion. If you become really sensitive on your fingertips, then as Mohammed Sahib has said, your hands will speak. You’ll be amazed, sitting down here you can find out the vibrations of any person.

Like in London, I had a bad time. It is difficult to crack English nuts, sorry – minding the English. But one of them who got Realization, he said, “How do You say that we can feel the vibrations of somebody who is not here?”

I said, “All right. You just feel the vibrations of anyone you feel like.”

So he said, “All right, I’ll feel the vibrations of my father who is in Scotland.”

He just put his attention and put his hand and suddenly he said, “Oh bah, it’s burning here!” Now these are all the centers of the father and these are of the mother. And this is the center of this chakra, Vishuddhi, this is the finger.

So I told him, “That means, he must be down with very bad bronchitis.” He rang up immediately to find out. And the mother came on the phone and said, “He is down with very bad bronchitis.”

So one must know that God Almighty means He has all the telecommunications, all the computer systems – much, much, much more advanced that what you can produce. But to feel that, you have to come up to a particular maturity of your awareness, which is described in the Patanjali Yoga as Rutambara Pragnya. So the first thing that happens that your attention gets enlightened. In the beginning, as the Western people are, they start testing whether it is true or not, because they are to be convinced logically, very important. They try on this and try on that and ultimately the same fellow about whom I’m telling you, Dr. Brown, he told Me that, “It works.” And if you are honest, you accept it. And then you go further.

Now, once the attention is enlightened, gradually you start accepting it. So there is no more blind faith needed in Sahaja Yoga, no mysteries, but is absolutely open page for everyone to see for themselves in the laboratory of the Divine.

Through vibrations you can recognize so many things that you’ll be amazed. Before the right doctor can find out that the person has cancer, you can find it out. So many things you can find out that in this short lecture I cannot tell you. Thus you know the truth, because you become the absolute. There is no two ways about truth. You cannot say, “It may be, it may not be.” It is, or it is not. Somebody is a realized soul, is a realized soul. Who is not a realized soul, is not a realized soul. The vibrations don’t compromise as we do. It’s absolutely straightforward, that’s how you know the truth, the subtle, about everything: about God, about human beings, about human problems. And a new door to knowledge opens within you when the knowledge is this. If the knowledge is the Spirit, through this knowledge you know the whole knowledge.

In India we have had great saints who never went to university. Even Christ never went to any university. But we cannot really go up to that level of understanding as they had. This comes, this whole thing, through knowledge, comes to you like the whole library opens.

Now you saw Mr. Engelbert is a student still, he is a young boy and he has been to Sahaja Yoga, I think, hardly one and a half year or two years, maybe.

“Less than one year.”

Ah, less than one year. But see the amount of knowledge he has about Sahaja Yoga. To be very frank, I have never had a talk with him or any interview with him so, for more than five minutes. He was never a speaker, but see how he has managed the introduction by himself. People start talking just like great saints.

I mostly work in the villages of India, not in the cities. And I’ve seen, I was one day going with a gentleman who was driving My bullock cart. And when I started talking to him, I felt a great saint is driving this cart, absolutely uneducated, but what knowledge, what authority, and so humble. Whatever is this knowledge we have is all mythical. Only the knowledge of the all- pervading Power, which is called as Brahma, is the truth, which you will gradually discover. So, when you find the truth, you stand on it with pride, with your glory.

You have your humility and compassion. Like Christ, when He saw a prostitute being stoned, He stood up. He had nothing to do with the prostitute and with courage He said, “Those who have not sinned, can stone Me.” And everyone receded. That’s what happens, when you become realized and you become the Spirit. So, all the truth of the Divine starts dawning upon you, you start seeing it. The more you use your vibrations, the better it happens. The more you use this instrument, the more you will know about it. That’s the nature of Spirit, which is truth, dawns upon you.

So, the first nature is enlightened attention and the second one is the truth. Now, this enlightened attention becomes very much developed when you have the third manifestation of the Spirit. When you start feeling the joy, you do not get involved into happiness and sorrow. If somebody pampers your ego, then you are very happy, and somebody acts on your superego, you are unhappy. But joy has no duality, it is just sheer joy. And this joy starts pouring into you; you feel sometimes the whole torrential rain of joy soothing down whole of your being. This is the nature of Spirit. Your heart opens, and you see every human being as a part and parcel of your being. You feel this. Like, you see, when somebody gets cured with Sahaja Yoga, they try to thank Me. I say that “If this finger is sick and the other fingers just rub it and get it well, does this finger thank the hand?” Who is the other you can thank? And with this complete joy, which Buddha has described as Sangham Sharanam Gachami, you develop such a collectivity of complete security and joy. You must see how the Sahaja Yogis, when they meet each other, the joy is much, much, much more than they would meet their own kith and kin.

When they go to India, into poor villages, where the people are living in the huts, you must see the people embracing each other with such joy and jubilation. So, a new world is established of people who believe that we are the part and parcel of the whole, with that awareness and enlightenment. It’s not just a mental conception that we are brothers and sisters. But as you know, all mental conceptions fall down in no time. There is no truth in establishing your mental conceptions. So, please, take to reality and gradually you’ll be so identified that the bliss of God’s creation will be upon you. You don’t have to go anywhere, you do not have to give up anything, it is all within you and it works out beautifully. This many must have said, but now the time has come to fulfill those prophecies and to fulfill all the promises that were given by the great incarnations.

May God bless you all!

I would request you to ask Me questions relevant to the subject and, as I told you yesterday, there is no need to be aggressive with Me. Ask sensible questions and not some questions which are absolutely stupid.

Question: Does the system for left handed people work the same way?

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes, makes no difference.

Gregoire: She says with autogenous training they are taught that if you are left handed it mixes the brain function.

Shri Mataji: (Shri Mataji laughing) This system corrects everything. This is for the correction of everything that is in you not proper shaped.

Shri Mataji: I can’t see the person. Can you get up, please?

Gregoire: She is asking: is there a contradiction with the teaching of the Catholic Church?

Shri Mataji: Please be seated, I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you. (Shri Mataji laughing) All right, so they’ll have it.

Catholic Church believes in Christ. What Christ has said that “You are to be born again.” Not by some artificial method of putting the hand on the head and say that now you have become a Christian. There is no true baptism in Christianity left now. Formerly, at least, it catered to the balancing of human beings. But that was the job of Moses and not of Christ. To us both are very important.

But one has to ask: “Why the balance?”

In England, you’ll be surprised, most of the churches are sold out to pubs. And young people are revolting, with a reason, because they think about it. So many mysteries have been kept in the Catholic Church like Holy Ghost. Like the Essenes, if you have read the book of Essenes, which were the early Christians have talked of Holy Ghost as the Mother. But these people say that Holy Ghost is a mystery. So now, the only job they could do was to compromise with the surroundings, how to keep this Christian faith somehow or other not dwindling. I know of many young people who were priests, who were nuns, have become communists. They have become atheists by going to churches. So, one must find out what’s gone wrong. That one must ascend. They must preach that you have to become the Spirit – that’s the thing we have to achieve, which we have not achieved so far, they must confess it.

And if you go to the countries where they are following Catholicism like South America, you’ll be aghast, people are extremely poor there. I went to Peru and Colombia – all absolutely poor. The reason is, it must deliver the goods that Christ has promised, is to give Realization, to give you the Spirit.

Politics has nothing to do with God; God doesn’t understand politics. This is stupidity these politics. It is not only stupidity, also hypocrisy. Now, as you see, I’ll tell you that supposing I have all the powers, so I’m a capitalist. And if I cannot distribute it, I do not feel happy, so I’m the greatest communist. We can say Christ was the greatest capitalist and the greatest communist. But in the divine way you can be. And whatever you are without that, you are artificial in there, you are artificial being, it’s just mental projection.

In Switzerland I found the Catholics are the greatest drunkards, I really tell you, I’m sorry to say, but horrible condition. They drink. I really tell you, because I happened to meet some of them and I was amazed that Catholics, they will drink on Christmas Day, they will drink on Easter Day; somebody dies they will drink, and somebody is born they will drink at the least, you see. Some of them start drinking since morning till evening. Surprising, I can’t understand. If you follow Christianity, how can you take to such an alternative to escape life? Their religion is alcoholism, not Christianity by any chance and that can be in any religion. And they gossip, there is no righteousness, there is no nobility, very miserly people. They are equally immoral as Jews are or anybody else is. The Christian Church or the Catholic Church has become like a club as any other religion has become, every religion is like that. If you want to know about Christians, ask the Muslims. If you want to know about the Muslims, ask the Jews. And if you want to know about Jews, you can again ask the Muslims. You can ask about the Hindus to anyone of them and they will tell you that they are another condemned. They are all going against what was preached to them, exactly against.

Now, Christ has said, “You have nothing to do with the dead spirits.” But all dead spirits are buried in the church, Catholic Church, all of them – the bishops, this, that. You don’t know how to walk in that cemetery.

Then the others are the Protestants. They are more, sort of, rationalistic type. Christ has said, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes.” Let Me know which Christian doesn’t have.

Now, we go to Jews. They didn’t believe in Christ because they said that “We have to still suffer, because Christ didn’t suffer for us.” Christ was nothing for them. So they suffered nicely. Now, they are making others suffer.

There are many Christians who believe that they have to still suffer as if Christ has not sufficiently suffered. So this is the problem is: that people have just the other way round ideas, I don’t know how they stand in juxtaposition to what they are told precisely.

Now, for the Muslims, the Shariad Laws were in the Old Testa¬ment, as you know, for the Jews. Mohammed Sahib never referred to them in His Koran. But what they are following is Shariad – that means they are Jews. And Mohammed Sahib has talked so much about the resurrection, they want to talk about the doomsday. So, whatever is written in the whole of Koran is all neglected, only one doomsday they take up, just to slash people down.

Now, come to Hindus. The basic life principle of every Hindu is to seek Spirit – Atma Sakshatkar. But what are they doing? They are seeking everything else but their Atma. Now, there is another thing is said very clearly that “In everyone resides the Spirit.” Then how can you have a caste system? The caste system never started with the birth of a person, it started with the karmas, the way he worked, because some were interested in God, were called as Brahmins; who were interested in, say, power were called Kshatrias and so on and so forth. But now we have “born untouchables” and we fight our elections on caste system. It’s something so surprising that everywhere people have taken to something that was told not to be done.

Same about Buddhism – all kinds of nonsense. First is Buddham Sharanam Gachami, means you should surrender to the Enlightened One, to the person who is enlightened, not somebody who claims himself to be some Lama, Namas, Thamaa, or who lives like a parasite on the poor Tibetans and drink the water from the golden cups. Christ had the crown of thorns and what are these people wearing crowns from? Of diamonds? That’s what we gave to Christ.

Buddha said Dharmam Sharanam Gachami, stand in the dharma, stand in the balance. To Buddhist, I don’t know what sort of a dharma they are following – very absurd austerity or a Japanese style of domination.

Where is the religion? Where is God? Where is spirituality? It’s all a money-oriented, politics-oriented nonsense. They want to build big palaces for themselves, while every human being is a temple of God. Only the light has to be enlightened, which must work out. Thousands of seekers must get their Realization, the time has come.

May God bless you!

So, now we’ll have the session of Realization.

Gregoire explains about the exercise and asks people, who are not interested, to leave.

Shri Mataji: This is the condition. And then people tell Me, “Why don’t you give Realization to so many?” I mean, who is interested? I asked one gentleman who was going away, I said, “Why are you going home?” And he said, “This is my drinking time.”

I said, “Better go.” (Shri Mataji laughing) That’s the level of people. What can you do?

It takes hardly half an hour to complete the whole process.

All right. So, now let’s start.

Sahaja Yogi: Someone asks to sing a song.

Shri Mataji: All right, before we start our Realization they want to sing a song to you which was written long time back, and I hope this will bring some peaceful feeling in your minds. Some of you can also sing with them.

It’s in German language.

It was written by whom?

Sahaja Yogi: It was written in 1647 by Gerhard [unknown].

Shri Mataji: You start it, may God bless you, she’ll start it, somebody, someone, anyone that you have decided on.

German Song
Komm, oh komm Du Tröster mein,
Kehr in meinem Herzen ein, komm oh Geist von oben.

Hauch uns Deine Weisheit ein
Dass wir suchen Gott allein
Komm Oh Geist von oben


Um Beistand und Licht wir flehen
Dass wir Gottes Wort verstehen
Komm Oh Geist von oben


Steh uns bei mit Deinem Rat
Dass wir gehen den rechten Pfad
Komm Oh Geist von oben


Mach uns stark in Leid und Streit
Zeig uns die Standhaftigkeit
Komm Oh Geist von oben


Gib uns ein Gewissen scharf
Aus dem Quell der Glaubenskraft
Komm Oh Geist von oben


Uns mit Deiner Lieb’ entzünd’
Dass wir ganz gottselig sind
Komm Oh Geist von oben


Die Furcht Gottes uns erhalt’
Denn der Himmel leicht gewallt
Komm Oh Geist von oben


Gregoire: Bolo Shri Jaganmata Shri Adi Shakti Bhagawati Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Ki Jay!

Shri Mataji: All right, to be seated.

You have to put your hands towards Me and close your eyes and take out your shoes – that’s all.

Please keep your eyes shut. You can take out your spectacles, because your eyesight also improves with vibrations. Put both the hands towards Me, sit in a very comfortable position, not putting your head forward or backward, but in a straight way.

Now, the left hand is the power of desire, as I told you and now you have to have the power of action, which is to be used as I’ll tell you. Now, please keep your eyes shut, because the Kundalini doesn’t rise if your eyes get opened up and also it doesn’t cross the Agnya Chakra. So, just to cooperate keep the eyes shut.

Now, please put your right hand on your heart, without opening the eyes. The first thing I have to request you all: not to feel guilty and count your sins, so-called. You must know that God has created you in His love and it is His love that is going to bestow the bliss of Self Realization to you.

Now, just say that “I am the Spirit.” You can address Me as “Mother” or “Shri Mataji” in your heart. Say it sincerely and believe it that you are the Spirit. Say it three times. Please, say it three times. But don’t feel guilty.

Now, put this right hand on the left-hand side of your stomach, where is the center of your master or your Guru. That is your Self, your Spirit. On the left-hand side of your stomach in the center and press it a little hard.

At this point, as you are the Spirit, you have to say that “Mother, I am my own master, I am my own Guru, I am my own guide.”

Please, say this ten times.

Aside: Left is so bad that I can’t even feel the heat.


Now, please raise your hand again back to your heart, right hand and without feeling guilty say twelve times, assert that “Mother, I am the Spirit,” which you are. Please say it twelve times.

Aside: Better.

With full confidence.

Now raise – if somebody is not doing this, please go away, it disturbs the whole vibration, I’ll be thankful. Please go away – out of the hall, please. Very humbly we have requested you.

Don’t open your eyes, don’t pay attention to others.

Now, raise your right hand on the base of your neck on the left-hand side, from the front and hold it tight, pressing it down. Pressing it down. Just holding it tight, take it little on the back side so that you can hold it better.

At this point you have to say that you are not guilty, because you are the Spirit, how can you be guilty? So, you have to say, “Mother, I am not guilty,” sixteen times.

Now, raise the hand from there – right hand – on top of your head. Put your palm on the fontanel bone area, where you had a very soft bone as a child. At this point you have to ask for your Realization. You cannot be forced into. So, without feeling guilty, again I say. You people are feeling guilty for nothing at all. Without feeling guilty, just ask. You are all just absolutely, beautifully meant to get the Realization, you have a right to get it. So, don’t have any guilt in your mind.

Ask seven times that “Mother, please give me Realization, I want my Realization, please give me.”

There’s one thing we have to do at this stage: to say that “I forgive everyone.” Please forgive everyone. You have not forgiven.

Now, you can change your hand and see if there’s a Cool Breeze coming out of your head. Put your right hand towards Me. In the same as your left hand was. Please, don’t open your eyes.

At this stage you must say again that “I forgive everyone.”

So, say again and again: “I forgive, I forgive everyone.”

Go on saying: “I forgive, I forgive.”

You get the Cool Breeze now. If you start getting the Cool Breeze in your head, you can change hand again and put it down and see with the other hand.

Raise your hands and see, little raise and then see, you can’t see it at very close to your head.

You may ask the question, “Is this the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost, of the Adi Shakti?”

Aside: Better? Back Agnya.

You can change hands and see for yourself. And don’t think.

Now, you may open your eyes and put both the hands towards Me.

Now, put both the hands and ask a question, “Is this the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Just, keep it steady.

“Is this the Chaitanya Lahari?”

Now, see for yourself, are you feeling it or not?

Don’t think. Watching Me, don’t think.

How many of you are feeling the Cool Breeze, either in the head or in the hand? Raise both the hands, please.

Most of them have felt it.

Those who have come for the first time today, some of them may not feel it, but doesn’t matter, they all have a right to feel it.

Now, you have to – first of all establish it and then to learn how to master it. For which you cannot pay, it’s all absolutely free for you. Try to come to the program in this hall, when you can ask also personal questions and we’ll be much closer.

Gregoire motivates seekers to attend follow-ups.

Shri Mataji: Nobody should be disappointed in any way, because as on the tree we have some flowers become fruits, next day some more become, but it is a blossom time and all of you have to become the Spirit. It takes no time for you.

Please take the books and the photograph and practice it for a week and you’ll be surprised how much you’ll be changed, if you really do it religiously.

You, for yourself, can work it out.

I want to say goodbye to all of you as now I’m going to Italy tomorrow and then I’ll be going to America; and pray that people from America also can see the point of Spirit.

Thank you very much.