Public Program Day 3: The True Desire Power Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center of Houston, Houston (United States)

Houston Public Program, 1983.

Today’s the last day and I have to go to Los Angeles it was nice being in Worcester meeting people giving realization to some people and then now have to be I cannot be single we all have it you all have to get you have to know yourself you have to know your power within yourself you have to understand how to use that power and you have to immense speech this is what the room is difficult it’s far fish some people think some people discourage me very much like today, […]

TV Interview, Houston Live Houston (United States)

T.V. Interview with Shri Mataji. Houston(live) 22-091983

Interviewer:(music playing) Hi. (No sound ) with me today is Shri Mataji. She is considered to be a guru, a prophet, a faith healer and in India she is called a Saint. We will be right back to talk to her after this. Some music playing. (some advertisement) She is a guru and a lot of other things. Which of those do you consider yourself to be?

Shri Mataji: I would say I am just a Mother and mother can be anything isn’t it? […]