Talk to the English Sahaja Yogis, Day prior to Marriages

Bordi (India)

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Talk to the English Sahaja Yogis, Day prior to Weddings, Bordi (India), Tuesday, February 14th, 1984

Shri Mataji: [Hindi]
Did he get the set? Please have a look. This is for the commissary.
Sahaja Yogini: Yes.
Shri Mataji: if there is a mistake, that they will know.
[Packing things]
Yes, that’s a good quality.
Sahaja Yogi: We‘ve got a message, it’s closing time on Friday.
Sahaja Yogini: On Thursday, in fact… [Chat between Yoginis]
Shri Mataji: That’s it, that’s it. Oh, beautiful! Very beautiful, excellent.
[Conversation with a Yogini about a recipe for a cake.]
And thank you very much. I am very happy, I’ve solved my embarrassment.
You see what I told him, I did not know what to say because when to him, I just told him that, you see, [Unclear] I said: “I’m not going to take any sweet” he said: “Why?”
It’s a lie but must not be a complete lie.

Shri Mataji: This man has an extremely […..inaudible]
You see, because unless and until you are an agriculturist, you cannot get in agriculture at all. And we are not, I mean, as far as the-
Sahaja Yogi: Technically.
Shri Mataji: Technically we are not agriculturalists, you see. So he asked the question, also we had to say how many agriculturalists are there and this and that [unsure]. So we worked it out. He said: “Put some of the names and we’ll do very fine, he said, “put some other name also with it so that there’s no harm in putting it” [Laughter].
I said: “All right, we have so many agriculture, I don’t have the names.” He said: “Just put some names here and there, it’s alright.”
No, but then we got him the thing and all that. He worked it out very hard and now he said: “We’ll give you 60 more, 60 more acres.” So we can do very well and the scheme is working out very much now for the agriculturalists now, by the way, Allan, you have done some agriculture haven’t you?
Allan: Yes, Mother.
Shri Mataji: Now we have, Nick here. Nick, what did you do in agriculture?
Nick: I did a general degree Mother, I was working with cattle, yes.
Shri Mataji: Hum.
Nick: I worked with cows, cattle.
Shri Mataji: All right. So I think you and Allan and Dr Sangeet [Sangue?] and Hamid. These four persons must form a comity. And I have already given a full idea to Dr Sangeet about it, what we want to do, how we want to bring in this project of agriculture is that first, we should know what are our extra modern ideas about agriculture. We have some ideas of craft and all [unclear] now we’ll discuss all that and we’ll put down all these notations on the paper. And after that, we are going to make it. You see, it is more meant for the Western life where you have to use machines to pick up your things and all and which wheat can grow. Here, there’s no need, it’s too rigid, we don’t have all these problems.
So to indianize, to indianize it. This is the second process, by that you want them for Indian life, for Indian atmosphere. Because we have all provided already you don’t have to worry about it. And then thirdly, put Sahaja Yoga on top of it.
So the whole thing is how to use Sahaja Yoga in this way, so the epitome of that will be Sahaja Yoga, how we work it out. And the fourth thing will be to keep the data from this interview, from this- what you call- project you can call it, from this project. We have a complete data and also what you call that- statistics. You maintain the statistics so that, when we have interviews with other people who come down, so we’ll have a data ready to offer them, at the interviewee. This is the thing, this is the way we’ll move it.
So you, four of you, who else has done agriculture?
All right. So four are sufficient I think, because it’s a project of four things, of carbon, of water, [inaudible] to work out.

Shri Mataji: Now those who are going back raise your hands.
Now, what is their opinion?
Sahaja Yogi: It’s end of the first trip.
Shri Mataji: End of the first trip. Now let’s have your opinion.
Sahaja Yogini: Well, I feel that I got what I needed, not exactly what I thought I would get, but more what I needed and thank you Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: But the preconceived ideas about what you are going to get should be discarded in the beginning. What you get is what you get! It’s not what you think you should get. Already, you see, this is one thing one should understand.
Let him have a chair.
Come along. No, no, better sit here. Edwin you come and sit here.

So this is practical that whatever you are going to get, you are going to get it. But if you have preconceived ideas, then what you’ll get will be frustration, all right? So we should not have preconceived ideas. Just keep your minds open and your nerves so that you are sensitive to things.
So now, what is the second? Who else is going out of you?
What do you feel? You are tired.
Sahaja Yogi: I can tell you something that she herself told to me after a couple of weeks when she was always the last one to be on the bus or something like that. She herself said that she now sees the need for us to, actually, be smart and be on time and be alert always.
Shri Mataji: Imagine this being said by English who are known for their time in India. This is the whole year like that. And such great people like English should say that. Because you see, you must understand that you live in a shell now in the United Kingdom, as a result of what you did too much, you see, there’s an inertia and that’s why you find the English people have a problem to cope with the smartness and the sparkiness of things. And this inertia is going really very fast, I feel that in England. I mean people who go now to England can’t believe, that these are the English who came here used to get up at five o’clock [inaudible] just to stand and tell: “ATTENTION!” [Big laughter].
And this kind of a thing. Where is their attention lost.
[Big laughter].

So it’s a good thing that you say that you have to get up but not with the idea- you see, they did it because they enjoyed their domination, enjoyed their ego. This is now, only you can do it with the help of Ganesha, you see? It’s the Ganesha’s style, because you have seen the Maharashtrians, who are here, how light they are in their spark, you see, in their sparkiness. They finish off everything, so fast. There’s a word in Marathi “atopre”. “Atopre” means, is to finish off fast, “atopre”. “atilia”, that you get ready fast, you see. This one word can mean everything but which means a fast movement of your preparation by which you just get ready, The achievement is getting ready, when you get ready. You see, some of the people get ready alright but the lingering starts then like a tail and the tail is bigger than the animal, like sort of thing it starts and then the trail is behind and all this and that. But this is the inertia, we must understand that in England there’s a big inertia and the worst part of it is that it is the heart and the one who has the heart with inertia gets Angina with addition to the left Vishuddhi and you and get a body which has Angina. So heart is so important. I mean imagine you get Angina with this kind of a body of the Divine.

So the English have a special, a very special thing to be done, that they have to be smart. And this is one of the things where you don’t have to waste time thinking about other things and bothering about other things, analysing other things and sitting in the bathroom for hours together! You should finish off things like this, so it is nice. So the bathrooms are not so good so we are not too much there. Get used to quick bathing, quick everything and that quickness starts, you see. And then, if you get time in between then you start thinking, you just, you just go in control. So the best thing is to get equipped with a quick snappy, snap it up, you must snap at the time. And if you can do that – English language has lots of good things because they did it before, you see, but now it is different. So this is what should happen to our young people in India. And I’ sure with that kind of a thing you will not have time to take drugs, you’ll have no time to think, you’ll have no time! You see, if somebody says: “Why don’t you take drug?” You’ll say: “I have no time to take drug;”
[Big laughter]
[Shri Mataji burst into laugh.]
“So why don’t you take drinks?” “I have no time. I am a busy person, you know.”

Like my grandchildren, you see, they are all the time – somebody come to our house to meet them – and they are too busy cleaning there, sweeping there, doing this, fixing them, putting [unsure] off everything, so they say: “They just don’t want to talk to us”. They say: “No we are just now busy, you see. We are busy people.” My grandchildren tell them: “We are busy. You’d better continue with your talks.” See they are working that side to clear out, so they are busy, “we have no time.” So we have no time to do all these things but- so we have no time also to look after a person who’s too much [unsure]. And we should try to adjust ourselves whatever may be the circumstances, bhoots try to get in because lethargy is a disease and then you go to the left side and bhoots attack. And it’s a very dangerous road to venture [unsure] and just come out of it, some how, with Sahaja Yoga.

So try to be on the mood, on the sparkling living, try to understand how to be spark. But now we become primitives. It’s primitive like, lethargy, taking drugs, sitting down. That is not the way, we have to be spark.

The first thing is this movement in the villages is going to give you an idea that the comfort doesn’t give you the quality of life. The comfort doesn’t give you the quality of life, you see. Now in England unless and until you have holidays, the quality of life is not good. Unless and until you run out of your houses, the quality is not good. Unless and until you have a comfort, a comfortable place- that quality of life is not good.
For example, we both have a very comfortable house you know that. But neither my husband nor Me, we never have comforts and we have a house just there! But how many times haven’t I slept on my bed and when my husband has slept there? I don’t know. Because we both are busy because we have no time for comforts.
So we have to be busy and we have such a report [unsure] and we should not mind anything.. and we should over come …… comfort [inaudible].

Actually in England especially, I have seen, I mean we have very few bathrooms. Like Linda’s house has an apological bath [Laughter].. To manage.
But in India they will object. In India they would like to have attached baths. So that is what one has to learn that we are not going to waste our energy in thinking we haven’t got a good bathroom You can go to the river. It’s all right you can go to the see, there’s no problem. And in the morning if you get up you can go to the beach, you can get your bath there, you can do everything and you can be very fresh. And I think you should try. You take it to the river, go to the …. there open, under the sky and then you can have a bath in the water, there nicely and come back, no problem. We haven’t a tub but a big whole tub like that in which you can swim, do what you like and not only a swimming pool but a river of flowing beautiful clean water.

So under this understanding if you know, then half of the problems is done. And I’m happy the group that came from England have behaved so well because Americans ran away out of the .. [inaudible]. But English own a lot of resisting power and sense in their behaviour and I’m very happy. They are basically very wise people, no doubt, because English have that wisdom. You have to be because you are the heart, but this lethargy is there. And you know you are lethargic, you know that, you know you are that. But you must have willpower to go against; for that you can raise your right side and Saraswati’s mantra is there and you can work it out. Because the Surya is so limited in England so that the lethargy is settling and all of the vices that take you away from the Surya.

So you have to work it out this way and [inaudible]. What ever Surya is there, energy is there, becomes ego, that’s the point. So if you could remove that part of the ego, you see, it covers the heart and you become like a stone, you see, you have no even energy to feel anything, nothing, you can’t feel anything. That’s a [inaudible].. Now this is very important, you see.

On the whole, you see, the food attitude should be changed also. Do not eat too much. Do not have worry about the food, what are you going to have. You see, this time I think I must have starved. At least half of the time, I starved myself. In the dinner time, not taking my meal, nothing of the kind, because in England, it needs that thing. So you need not fast in the name of God but sometimes you must fast also and you must have simple food because you know your lives are hot. This is a very bad combination is the lethargy with the bhoots. Because, you see, once you have lethargy and a liver then it’s such a mutual understanding between the two, that so it goes on from that way.
So you have limited energy as far as Sahaja Yoga is concerned because of the ego. So first of all remove the ego part, tell it: “not to think, not to think, not to think”, don’t think about, don’t think, don’t look at, don’t think, don’t, don’t, don’t, and it will work out. And then to be spark. Try to think like that. Today I’m taking five minutes, for it tomorrow I’m taking ten [unsure]. Let’s see. All right?
Now what is happening?
Sahaja Yogini: This is- we think so much [inaudible. Talk about peace and joy.]

Shri Mataji: That’s it! Just send her to the [inaudible] that you have to seek peace and peace comes by not accepting the norms of nonsensical things like how you are going to the focal thing. [inaudible]. Then it comes.
It comes from how you are going to enjoy yourself from within, see how you are within, see how is your Spirit, what is the [inaudible] the peace comes from the Spirit. And the whole atmosphere, once you establish yourself it will be very peaceful.

People are smart, smarts are ready in no time, they are not lethargic, but the atmosphere is peaceful, and they are peaceful within. And only such peace can be, because if you are not peacefull, busy with this, busy with that, you’re so lethargic, you cannot rise high.

So the peace you must feel, it’s very important that she said that you have to feel the peace and then the joy. Unless and until you have peace, you cannot feel the joy that is there. And the third thing is the collective. Actually the collectiveness only will start when you have the peace.
But three of them put together is simple as that, you must love your Mother. If you doubt your Mother it doesn’t work out. It works out better, much easier. Because if you love your Mother, you’ll be collective. If you love Me really, then you will know that you’ll all talk about Me, you’ll have commun talk – like English people know everything about England. You ask them: “Darlington, what is Darlington?” “Mother, is the favourite glassware.”
You ask them: “Where did you get this?” They know each and everything, because it’s a small country and they know all about it. And they know what is to be done and how it works out.
It’s very interesting the way they know about it, because they love their country. English love their country, you see, England is their love and that’s why they love each other.
If you don’t know about your Mother, so to know about Me, if you talk to each other: “What do you know about Her? What do you know about Her?” To each other, that will help you, that will give you the joy part and then the peace because your Mother is here. Because if you know what your Mother is, then you will know that there’s nothing to worry, there’s nothing to be upset, there’s nothing to charged into, just to be peaceful. Because that peace, how to perceive it? When you are in the lap of you Mother, you just enjoy the peace. The child, if you see the child, he’s in the seventh heaven when he is with the mother. You have to feel the same way, you will feel peaceful, there’s nothing to disturb.
So now, he doesn’t want to [inaudible]

Sahaja Yogi: I’ve learned a lot Shri Mataji, I’ve learned many things, see everything that You’ve been doing with us. Main thing I would like to go back to England and tell them…

Shri Mataji: That’s what I’m saying that you’ve learned something from Indian’s culture.
Sahaja Yogi: Yes, many things, many things from Indians.

Shri Mataji: They are very wise. You see they are not stupid people, they are very wise people and they can’t understand why people indulge into what is stupid to them.
Once they are told: “This is not to be done”, this is finished. You see to them, to listen to their Mother is the greatest wisdom. They are Ganesha, you see, they know Ganesha. So if I say: “This is all nonsensical, this is cunning [unsure]”. They’ll not look at them again.
I don’t have to run and say:”Don’t do it again, don’t do it, don’t do it”. No, once for all, Mother has said, people do.

So their obedience, you see, innate obedience, they got traditionally that wisdom, they know what is the about it, they know what it is, what is the real thing, how difficult it is. It is She Who is doing it, She is the Mother, She is the Primordial Mother. To them, to accept Me it takes hardly a second. You see, in the villages, nobody has seen Me. In some amount of village we went to, nobody had seen Me before! But you see how anxious they are to touch my feet. They don’t want to listen to my lectures, nothing: “Accepted, what You say is correct.” [Laughter.]
They are so anxious to touch my feet. Not only them but even the, you can say, the big politicians, chief minister, anybody. What he’s anxious is to touch my feet. Surrender. Now we accept it. That is what we find is lacking in England, it’s out of the question any politician coming here and touch my feet.

Sahaja Yogi: Too much ego, Mother.
Shri Mataji: Ego means ignorance about it. [inaudible]. We have no traditions of political life, we have no traditions of economical life. We have no traditions otherwise but of social life and of the Jesus’ life. You see, this is very good as a tradition we have of a spiritual life, that a saint is a saint, whether he’s Muslim, Hindu, Christian, doesn’t matter.
A saint is a saint and a saint used to be respected and saint used to be worshipped.
Now this fellow who came and who gave you back, I tell him that “they are all saints” so he got the fright of his life. I mean, behave himself [inaudible].
So we came here I have to [inaudible]. And some officers, they too stayed here and they came here and they heard about my staying, and they said: “No, no, no, no, Shri Mataji, we have nothing to do with him.”  [Laughter]
So this is the point! And Warren has seen those people, he has seen how they organised my program, how- the places where you can make.
Warren: They are very efficient.
Shri Mataji: Hum?
Warren: Indians are very efficient.
Shri Mataji: Very, very.
Very smooth, because they never try to show off, you see, to them it is a service to themselves that they can do something.
Warren: They enjoy serving you, one of them asked me if I would like anything while I was having my meal and I said no and he said, don’t be so formal and that he wanted to bring me something, so asked him to bring me a glass of water and he was very happy just to bring me a glass of water.

Shri Mataji: Oh, but that is it, that meaning. You know people think that they have, they have servitude. You see, because they cannot serve. The people who have ego can never serve anybody. You see, they are so much on top of their balloon you see, till they drop down. They don’t feel that they have to serve anyone. But these people, because they’ve got an ego, to them to serve a saint! I mean, they themselves are saints. But to serve another saint, you never find them fighting, never find them harsh, being harsh to you.
Very gentle, very smoothly they work it out. But I’ve seen people from the West. No, now it is much better than when we came. You used to shout at them, they told Me “this is not good, that is not good”. As if you are great Lords of the whole world [inaudible]. It’s a very common picture. Now it’s better that you start seeing this, and it’s not servitude. It’s a very evolved hight stage.
Shri Mataji: Explose! They have no manners. Explose. You see this ego is a horrible thing that makes you feel: “do this way, do that way” all that is there and demanding. After all, what have you done? Why should you be demanding? You are not the rulers here anymore.
Alright. That’s a good idea now what else.

Douglas: It was very nice to meet so many friendly people.
Shri Mataji: They are so happy to meet you. And they told Me: “Douglas worked very hard, he did everything, he climbed up the things, and he worked very hard [Laughter]
And he did all the hard work here and he’s the most gentle man and all that. They told Me great things about you and this and that you have to be given something special. I said: “Now I don’t know what to give him something special, because in England you get everything that you can think of. But whatever you suggest, I’ll give him.” So especially he said that “Douglas is a very hard worker.”

Now what else, who else is there? Who was there, who else came? Ah, Agnes, tell Me.

Sahaja Yogini : Much of it has already been said but I feel as though it’s given myself greater strength to go home and I haven’t been home since I got my Realisation here in Australia. I feel that it’s giving that strenght.
Shri Mataji: Self confidence
Sahaja Yogini: Much more.[inaudible].
Shri Mataji: Good.

Now what about you.
Sahaja Yogini: Also the same, confidence because I’m [inaudible]. I received my Realization in Australia. And there’s something else about the Indians, I don’t think once on the trip we ever saw them get blasted, they never get blasted. They always stayed calm, whatever happened, they always stayed calm.

Shri Mataji: Because you people have another thing that you condemn yourself too much. Becsause brain, you see, now it has condemned the whole world. It has started working on yourself. Now you’d better start condemning: I’m so this thing, I am that, I’m that, I’m that.

So you see, they don’t condemn anybody and they don’t aggress anybody, you see. They are so peaceful! And they are working, you see, they are doing every work without any difficulties, nothing. I have to just once shout at one person and the whole things gets settled down, you see. So no problem.
Even people who are not Realised souls are so good to you and so nice, I mean, the whole thing is different, it is not because you are any bigger race or anything, but you are saints My children, so they think it’s right and you have come all the way as guests, they are [inaudible] means the guests! Honoured guests you are here. As guests, they have to feed you and to serve the guests is serving God. And the way they do it, it’s something and in money matters and all, everything, so smooth I can’t imagine. I’ve no problem. I never critic Ajit [?unsure] you know I don’t understand accounts. But they give accounts, everything so well, everything is done so well and I told them: “Spend as much as you like. I’ve nothing to say but give them good food”. This fellow also [inaudible] paid thirty roopies for food and: “What sort of food you are doing. If you want 40 or 50, I’ll give you but you give them good food.”
But he felt ashamed he said: “No, no, Mother that’s all.”

So this is what it is. To them to achieve spirituality is the highest thing, not money, not power, nothing. So that’s how they work it out, because they think by that way they will achieve it.
It’s a good idea, I’m happy and we should imbibe those ideas. But of course Indians are not perfect people, also I must tell you, there’s hot Agnya. They are not perfect, they lack a lot of things. One of them is, they don’t know how to bend their machines. They know inside but not outside.

Always they pay phones that are out of order. Always their WC’s are out of order, anything you want is out of order, everything in India is out of order. When you go anywhere, you see, look at this coton, now, this could be something bettter. To Me, it is stupid to have a coton like that. But then we have, now their spirituality is now – see, this one is slightly alright. But some of the things, that one espacially now [inaudible]. To them, you see to them, they don’t understand that aluminuim is nonsense, they don’t. They have no sense of aluminium or cement. To them they – I mean I told them: “They want to have huts made out of Indian mud.” They had the best of shock! They said: “Mother how can that be?” “They want to have it in cement. And they are insisting: “No, no, Mother we can get cheap cement, if we call -” “I know but they don’t want cement! What I have to tell you if they don’t want cement?” And I had to tell them, I had to tell openly to them that: “We don’t want cement, we want just mud houses.” But they can’t understand that you wanted those things to be done. They can’t understand.

So you see that’s why they are quite stupid, they don’t understand the value, aesthetic value of things. Like, if you see their paintings and all that that’s horrifying you see, the things that they select. Now for this frame should be straight. You ‘ll not be all the time hanging it on youtr head.
Anything, whatever is lying there is lying there, the ciment, what is lingering is lingering; it’s quite surprising here. And a person who has habit of correcting, maybe that it’s a real correction, but we have to work out, in both ways, that first of all, let us all imbibe their qualities inside. And then the outside, because you know that outside you have achieved quite a lot [inaudible].

So and you have gone out to gain [inaudible], this, that, now you cut your coats. Now you are at the moment, ridding a bhoot [laughter] Now I mean.
Later we have experimented with all our experiment things and we have gone too far. And they have now, whatever it is, they are trying to copy you but they don’t understand the essence. And what you have reached is the essence. And that is what is to be seen that matter must be seen as matter, you see? [inaudible].
Now imagine a cement house standing in a village somewhere, how will it look? But to them cement is gold. They think a cement house is good. That is what it is.
And their Agnyas are being cured by your Agnyas in this country. And the demand for this plastic, plastic is very important, all this is very important, doesn’t matter.

So that should [unclear] if you forget as you were. It’s they are too simple to understand. They have not work out with their mind. They are too simple, to them plastic is [inaudible]. You see, they just don’t think about if there are vibrations, if the body is better and keep the Mother Earth, that will hurt the natural things. And morover, because you have gone to far with it, now you realize that tean food is a nonsense. You know, tean food you get ten times more the price than the normal [inaudible: recipe?].
Because it is sophisticated, like and they are taking all your goods to America, to Delhi, to all the high capitals and all that [Laughter][inaudible].

That’s a fact, that’s a fact I tell you. You won’t understand how these people have gone out growth with that nonsense and they have come – but it is that far with them. So they, I’m quite sure, belong to [inaudible] that aluminium.

Sahaja Yogi: Nylon saris
Shri Mataji: Nylon sari.
I mean, it is not difficult to undertand them, because they have not the machines [inaudible]. Yu see, you are so overloaded with that and fed up of that overloeading. Why should they
take it? They can charge everything, that is wisdom.
Now you are strating getting these saris. You have to finn=ght otherwise they will want to wear nylons.
But you must understand this is the stupidity with them. You don’t understand if our colour schemes are wrong, if our aesthetically are wrong and all that is there. So to give them of all that full idea about the aesthetics of the matter, and the use of the matter, you have to respect what is natural and then they will start doing what you do [unsure].

To them, if you are going for a big functionality, say for a Puja, then you must wear a suit, three pieces suit, .. (unclear).. Tie and all that. Especially from Switzerland brought in, then you are the most elegant man, the well dressed man all over the world. Like that, that’s the concept they have. And they don’t know that those who are extra-modern or you can say the supra modern people, are different.
So this is the difference between Eastern ideal about matter and your ideal about matter, espacially the younger people.

So this is a very good idea that you respect their traditions, you respect also their .. (unclear).. kurtas. But I don’t ask that you wear this in England, but here respect. In England, you wear lots of ties. [inaudible] Of course, [inaudible] the women, they wear nonsensical things like five colours on the body, sixth colour on the head.

It’s very common in London and I must tell you one thing: I went to Rome. In Rome they had, around the river, they had an exhibition of different countries. And there, our Uk was there, so we all went out to see. And they were all singing some horrible song and went forward. And what they were selling and wearing were those – what you call? Multicolour shirt, what you call that?
Sahaja Yogi: Pump?
Shri Mataji: Pump Crop and they were sellingPump Crop. I said: “Is this the only sensible thing they are producing?” They said: “We create Pump Crop.”
“Is it true that you’re creating Pump Crop?” “Is this English? We wanted English wearings.”
Sahaja Yogi: It comes from France, Mother.
Shri Mataji: They claimed it you see. Is it?
Sahaja Yogini: We say it comes from France, but they probably say it comes from England.
Sahaja Yogi: With this stuff we (clan ; unsure) people. I think it originates from France and UK brings them.
Shri Mataji: And prospered there.

Shri Mataji: That’s another thing about English, they think no end of French. They are the stupidest people ever created. I mean you don’t have to learn from them, they have to learn from you. So don’t go near them, definitely.
You see, they have no – English- they have no- they don’t understand they are the Heart. And they learn from Americans all nonsense and learn from these French people. They are so stupid! Even our telephone systems are done by mister Frenchies, you know, they are spoiled children. They have made it very delicate and good – it doesn’t work.
French, you know, now they are breaking their heads: “Why did you give it to the French?”

They make everything delicate, even the pier. You see they made a pier in Kohlapur, Kohlapur was given to the French. And they made it so delicate that it’s all finished now. Everywhere the French have gone, they are alright for women and wine, but otherwise…
[Laughter] [Inaudible]
So this is what it is. They try to do things, you feel that they do things better, no. They make everything delicate. If you want to make something delicate, it’s alright. But everything they cannot work.
So, this is what it is and the language is very harsh, I mean, if they talk they just fight. I don’t know which part is delicate, whatever it is, bathroom is alright. [Laughter]
So, I would not say you take traditions from them otherwise from the French, on the contrary, those French who come here are a headache, very difficult to manage them. Very difficult if you have been able to manage them, you see, very ego oriented and quite stupid people.
So best is to stick to English language, it’s a much better language, much friendlier than French and not to learn all these bad things from the French.
So, that is what it is.

Now, who else was there? Robert [unsure] What do you say?
Robert [unsure]: I think I’ve learn to be detached Mother, to surrender to You.
Another Yogi: To be detached.
Robert [unsure]: no worry about….
Shri Mataji: And what do you think? Your age is growing.. If your age could? you see, normally your age shoud ?….[inaudible] then in a very bad shape. So if I byu some? and I bring them here do you think they will be getting cooler, by this atmophere ?
Sahaja Yogi:..  age group from England….
Shri Mataji: That’s it. … If you put the ego they accept. But are we wanting a project of that line? Yousee, when we are doing to give the education of 21 crafts, you see, Indian crafts, then you get a fine craft. Like, see these bangles how they make this silver snake, the gold snake and all that. Other also, lots of craft….[inaudible]

So, for that, we are thinking of starting a school here of your age or bigger than your age, and I think when they’ll come here, they might see this life around, they might see the Indians at their art and might be that it’ll work out better.
Sahaja Yogi:… interested to learn arts.
Shri Mataji: Now, that’s it, interested and moreover it’s very expensive in England to learn that. If you come here it can be done very cheap here. Then match [unsure]
See that hut there, can you see that hut? Have you seen that painting. This is how it’s going to be.

[Joking and Laughter]

That the thing full of horrible stuff, we take it out, full of bugs, lizards, parasites.. (Laughter)
But we’ll make it very comfortable inside.
Shri Mataji: There’s a lezard behind you, falling on your head.
[Big laughter]
Shri Mataji: That’s it! You take it out.
[Big laughter]
Shri Mataji: Mosquitos, lezards, buds, all them are terrified, even agressor. There are alss terrified sometimes. So everybody is terrified on. Now, it’s all right, can you give it. That’s all.
Are you happy? Please… but we’ll make it very comfortable inside.
Sahaja Yogi: Maybe buy that piece of land we’ve been looking at in North Bombay.

Shri Mataji: But this is a fishing village, you see. But this is the kind of a  flat? roof that we are for, and this, this roof comes over the wall, you see. It doesn’t sort of fall
Sahaja Yogi: It doesn’t weather the roof.
Shri Mataji: yes, yes, weather inter.. Weather doesn’t go into the walls so that it’s saint.
And the, here is also…. that you can sit outside if you want.
[Talking over design plans]

Now you have all talked? All those who have been here?

Sahaja Yogini (girl): Starts talking about Indians hosts. [inaudible]
Shri Mataji: Very innocent, very innocent people, like a child, like a child, she’s very innocent
Sahaja Yogini (girl): [inaudible]

Shri Mataji: Yes, I know and they are very collective. I really don’t know who has done it, the way they do. Just talked out of their heart.
Alright who else?

Sahaja Yogini: …The normality just makes me laughs. It’s so simple. But just getting there reaching out and never stopping the desire to be one with your Spirit and there’s nothing else to worry about just to always be there.

Shri Mataji: That’s it, that’s it. Saying normally, you see, they are the people who like thinking, we have really put people in imbalance. It is too much thinking, too much thinking, you go mad about it: inside outside, imbalance is there.
Here, the balance is there because man is a normal person.
[Cut in the audio]
And they accept it and they think it will work out and it actually it works out and I will work out. You see, the attention of the people goes to the people who haven’t got it and it works out,

Like the villagers, now, they are doing all this, 14 villagers they are going to work out. And if he works it out, if he shows them something nice, government itself take a person as ideals and models and they work it out. Even government people, you see, have tremendous respect for Me, wherever I go they know, I mean, if they are on function if they know I’m there, then the collector commissioner   [inaudible] he’s just there. Because, the- basically they understand that it’s the spirituality that knows. So, they are very normal people, very normal. Well.

Sahaja Yogi: I’ve learned not to use my mind, because every time I’ve made up my mind about something an event will happen that will turn it all up side down.

Shri Mataji: That’s one of the qualities of the Mother is that “Sankalpa vilkalpa para” [determination; imaginations;?] anything you try to build up it will be toppled down.
Gavin has to say something.

Sahaja Yogi: All right, I’ve learned how the collective works.

Shri Mataji: Collective?

Sahaja Yogi: The collective works out everything. Things have progressed in England so well because this party has been such a good one. .. I’ve seen why things are working so well in England.

Shri Mataji: Yes. they will work out here and it will manifest there.
Sahaja Yogi: It works out if you are pleased then everyone is benefitting.
Shri Mataji: To them, it’s a channelized thing.
Sahaja Yogi: So that’s all right.
Shri Mataji: Yes that is it. And it corrects youself, you channelize it, you see, we should be good channels. If there are obstructions in the channels, how are we to channelise?
Things are working out now for England also. And I’m sure you are the foundation of Sahaja Yoga there, you have to work it out. Of course you should be cleansed, you should be corrected, because the body has to be alright, I agree. But you must also cooperate, you must also work it out. But you work out on a personal level.
And now, I must point out now this Formula ?. You see, Formula, I got to marry. And I thought that she’ll divert her attention in her marriage, in what happened, worked it on. But sort of, you see, her attitude is still English and she cannot change it. She tries to correct that man, she doesn’t want to correct herself. 43:12
Even now as she is. I wouldn’t say she is anywhere near good you see, but she will try to correct him instead of correcting [herself] all attention is on others, this is the English attitude. But the attitude should be, Sahaja Yoga attitude is that we should correct ourselves, instead of correcting others. It will never help!

Sahaja Yogini: Mataji, there’s a good thing that says “when I am well, everybody else is well”. [Unsure]
Shri Mataji: That’s it. That’s what you should do, is to see that you are well. And you should not try to correct others, you see. After all, that’s not of your domain. You just see, it’s not that clear, that’s not your domain.

Sahaja Yogini: [Inaudible] Mother, since she’s been here she has never felt so much joy.

Shri Mataji: Mmm, the heart has come here, alright? The sinuse.

Sahaja Yogini: Very true, Mother. Last week, it’s all coming out. We all had so many stories, so many miracles, 10 a day, and so many seekers!

Everywhere, seekers and seekers and talking about you.

Shri Mataji – It’s channelising very fast, but also I’ve done something else which you don’t know about!
(lots of laughter)
Alright, so for the newcomers, I’ve told them what is to be expected now, what about your shirts and things, what have you done?

Yogi – Kurtha Pajamas are fixed for the men and we have yet to get (clothing name) provided (Indian Yogi name) says they might be able to get a (clothing name) man to come but it hasn’t happened so it will have to be in by (name) or (name) but they don’t have anything for their.. (unclear).. .. (unclear)..

Shri Mataji – we will have a look

Yogi – And the second thing is we’ve just made an announcement that the ladies should buy only what they need not … (tape cuts out for a while)..

Shri Mataji – I’m sorry they will need at least three Saris, three is the minimum number of Saris you should have.

Yogi – He did say need meaning they may already have some.

Shri Mataji – You have some but if you have very old ones they may be torn.

Yogini – My experience of living in India is that you need at least three Saris or five, more than three.

Shri Mataji – It is true that is what it is.

Yogi – They should all buy three from here?

Shri Mataji – You see one thing is that I’ve seen when you come to India, should not come thinking of saving money, because when you told me, mm, Mother we had to buy .. (unclear).. They said they want Saris for 15 people .. (unclear).. I gave it a bandhan, how much you pay for each Sari.

Yogi – 100 each.

Shri Mataji – And everything, that’s very good.

Yogi – So I don’t think there should be any objection of then buying three like that automatically they should buy three.

Shri Mataji – This is all of course on the Indians .. (unclear).. You have given them measurements and three Saris I think you all should have.

Yogi – Can you tell all the girls please.

Shri Mataji – How many ladies are there?

Yogini – six ladies on the second tour

Yogi – six extra.
Shri Mataji – Saris for 40

Yogi – Something remarkable, these beautiful Saris.

Shri Mataji – and the stitching must have cost you more than that.

Yogi – about 15 and the peticoat, it was a bargain.

Shri Mataji – So that one needs to collect.

Yogi – It’s been done, (name) is doing it.

Shri Mataji – Actually give it to me, she already has enough headaches.. (unclear).. So how many are getting married?

.. (unclear).. .. (unclear)..

Yogi – I don’t know what’s happened but since coming to India, there have been several occasions where I felt something I never felt in England, just of knowing I’m a realised soul and that everything else that happens is extra.

Shri Mataji – You are very confident about that is that. And that’s the point and secondly that is the blessful way, it blesses things, in this country you are a saint. The vibrations are such that nowhere else in the world have I found, if a saint comes to this country they get respect. .. (unclear).. It’s a very blissful country .. (unclear).. Because I have told them don’t complain about your poverty, if you get your Yoga .. (unclear)..
(Joking and Laughing)
Now what you have to do is don’t get impressed by the intellectuals of India, lectures, so they try and impress you very much, now don’t get involved, be careful that those that try to intellectualise and talk big and I’ll give you some higher, this .. (unclear).. So talk too much you should not begin with because intellectuals can be befooled by these intellectuals, alright. So now what about you?

Yogi – I think, uh.. I know now that the west is under this conception that you can judge yourself by the height of your financial index and that really the true wealth is that when a country looks at the sweetness of their children. Then you know that the country is rich and that is the true wealth and if the children ask things.

Shri Mataji – They are very quiet. You know in England if the children are about you have to send them out, but here the child sits, you see the other day for hours together they are sitting. But an English child, or any western child cannot sit for five minutes, the child all the time is running and making noises and shouting and screaming, have you noticed it, especially when we are in a program in the town hall. All the persons of the town hall say why you have children from outside they don’t listen to you running, shouting and screaming, running down, they cannot sit down, so surprising. And the mothers also are very agitated no doubt but especially the children I am surprised.
It’s difficult to make them sit and be quiet, that’s the big problem for us, but I hope it will develop, they just can’t sit. Anybody, even realised souls are like that, they cannot sit in meditative position it’s too hard.

Yogini – The nativity play was a wonderful example of how teachable these little three year olds are. Half of them were sitting down watching you and the other half were really acting. More or less doing what they were told. I mean English children they are either running off or they all get egos.

Shri Mataji – Very difficult, very difficult but they will calm down. I’m sure they will calm down. This is the trouble is that there are all these bhoots around, you allow these bhoots to use your ego, you become, you become .. (unclear).. Horrible. You are no more, like a bhoot you become, like a monster you start working for them, the whole thing is anti-god, it works out like that. If the ego starts working out the bhoots fly, all the time you see you are taken over. They are called as (Vishatkas??) Is the worst thing to become. So it is a serious thing, I’m sure all your negativity will drop out, all your spirits will drop out, and when you go back I’m sure you can do something great there because you are filled with vibrations and you’ll have to give this to others and try to improve the conditions there.
Now those of you who are left-sided have to be very careful than the right-sided because they can see their ego better but the left-sided people think you see all these ideas and this and that, sitting down they think they are meditating, but they are not meditating they give into the left and finishing off.
Steady your eyes, to steady your eyes put them on the Mother Earth, and put rose water and the (nectar?) and that in the eyes and also light all the time, those who are left-sided should use as much as possible the lights and things like that. I know you all have got these things in the house and if need be you can get them from India .. (unclear)..
Not so much the electrical light but the natural light. So candle is nice you can get them all very cheaply in England and put your eyes onto the photograph through that light. I’m sure it will get better, also the backside, even the Kundalini should be raised with light. Try to use the light of the lamp [oil lamp]. How many of you have? But you can buy, very easy to get. You can get it very easy but now they are going away, so those who don’t have if you can leave a list, the people from Bombay, they will get you it. I mean can get it in the market also, they are easy to find.

Yogi – It’s much more effective than wax candle I’ve noticed. It’s not auspicious to use wax.. (unclear).. Made of quite rubbish by-products actually.

Yogini – is it alright to use mustard oil or sunflower oil?

Shri Mataji – It’s alright, best is to use ghee, of course in India ghee is very cheap, but is very good for the eyes you see, soothes your eyes.. (unclear).. So many people don’t have this system, see why you develop type 1 diabetes and bad eyes the reason is the fats are not consumed properly and they do not supply the cells of the optic lobe here and that’s why.
As you know .. (unclear).. Different fats.. (unclear).. And the brain is made of fat cells and the fat that is for the brain is not supplied sufficiently. If that fat cell could be used for the eyes then there’s no problem .. (noises) .. good for the eyes .. (unclear).. .

Yogi – Anthony and Bel are the ones who came to Australia and they have degenerative macular disease [age related condition resulting in blurred vision and vision loss] degeneration of the cells themselves, it’s improved slightly since realisation.

Shri Mataji – They should use only ghee.

Yogi – Yes that’s what I was just saying..

Shri Mataji – Also little bit of .. (unclear).. .. (unclear).. Even the ghee applied to the Vishuddhi is a very good idea . I mean you come from the land of conditionings of .. (unclear)..

Yogi – They come from Jersey originally mother.

Shri Mataji – That is what I’m saying!


Shri Mataji – Is full of it .. (unclear).. All the Jersey people dying of cancer and .. (unclear).. Are bad because of that. The custom in England is to bury every body. In India only the saints are buried. Otherwise the non- those who are not saints are just burnt off, it’s easy. So we have this everywhere. In England you go anywhere, full of graves, in the churches also.

Yogi – Sally from Australia’s parents have a tomato farm growing on an old graveyard and they supply to Covent Garden in London.

(gasps, laughter)

Shri Mataji – my fruit, I vibrate it, I go round the whole place [Covent Garden] I have worked very hard ..(motor noises)…
England I have worked very hard, India I have not worked so hard. Maybe next time I will come and show these people how much I have worked for them and show these people they have to hurry up now and know how much I have worked for them they have .. (unclear).. .. (unclear).. (Hindi?) and all the efforts I have put in because England is very important to the heart, the heart should not fail. It’s very important you have to sustain it, you have to humble down, you will always say you have to humble down in your heart, if the heart is not humble then .. (unclear).. And that is just opposite, all the ego you have generated from there. You have to understand you have a very great responsibility .. (motor noise) ..
All this time I have spent, and it’s most important and we should take it very seriously and we have to work it out.
Unless and until you have the heart, for the heart I have worked so hard, I have done anything, ran up and down, I have done everything that’s possible and I don’t know next year how much time I can give you people again so far now I’m not helping any so much as I am here, so now it is important that we the English have to realise that the spiritual ascent of the whole Universe depends on us (train noises)….. You have to change ourselves, transform ourselves change our ideas, no more complaints, no more nonsense, try to believe yourself as the pioneers of the spirit. Take responsibility. Alright …. (some silence)…………..

Yogini and Mother talking… (unclear)..

Yogini – We’ve copied them all out and started circulating in England.

(Joking and Laughing) .. (unclear)..

Shri Mataji – My colleague who was with she was saying you [Shri Mataji] are the same child of laughter .. (unclear).. .. (unclear).. You see you should not cut the feet [picture of Mother].

Yogini – yes Mother, there was another one that was better.

Shri Mataji – It is good if you do not cut the feet… (unclear).. Is there?

Yogini – Some of them are in Paris mother and some of them are at the Adi Guru Puja in Sussex. That one’s in Sussex.

Shri Mataji – It must be done in such a way that it looks proportionate.

Yogi – It’s done using a wide angle lense that produces that effect, the longer lense.

Shri Mataji – I don’t understand photography but I think .. (unclear).. .. (unclear)..

Yogi – We got some copies of the pictures of your feet that we covered innplastic so they are waterproof, to be used for Puja is that alright?

Shri Mataji – Oh that I have seen this is very excellent for the Puja.

Yogi – We bought back about 150 bigger ones in those, we’ve got even more.

Shri Mataji – look they are expecting it this evening


Yogi – That’s something we can give to the Indians.

Shri Mataji – Feet are tremendous (laughter and joking and more laughter)….

I was, you don’t know I was thinking of putting some plastic on my feet to protect them from all kinds of nonsense



Ah Bala, he is the one, he went to .. (unclear).. .. (unclear).. Advertised and arranged three public meetings and wrote to all the people who left their names there, now they are having regular meetings.

Yogi – Makes a big difference

Shri Mataji – But I may not yet go to America .. (unclear).. When all the horrible nonsense he was the one.. (unclear).. (Chelsham Road moves over the pond?)

Yogi – We are quite scared, Mother.



Shri Mataji – Now in India baby in September year, what about Pat?

Yogi – Four little boys since christmas, first was Mark and Judy in Brighton. His one is Aaron. Simon and Kay had a very little boy who came a month early and his name is Luke.
Then Pat and (name?), they had a little boy, they are waiting for you to give a name.

Shri Mataji – You can all him (Anand?) is a good name.

Yogi – Sarah had a little boy, they want to call him David, but want a second name.

Shri Mataji – (Gives another name..)
So we have to be spirit, much more than Indians are we have to be spirit.

Yogi – Shall I go back to Delhi.

Shri Mataji – Yes should go back.

Yogi – We will have to do something about money, Mother.

Shri Mataji – (sorting financial arrangements) so you will have to pay.. (unclear).. .. (unclear).. 1000 rupees.

Yogi- about 700 for Delhi and 300 for Bombay. As You said about 15 days, so it’s split 11 and 4 like that.

Shri Mataji -Alright, what else?.. (unclear).. For Ashram.. (unclear).. They need .. (unclear).. That is the first Indian ashram they have started so we have to .. (unclear).. Alright anything else?

Yogini – (asks about her family, arranging for her son to visit)

Shri Mataji – Is he a Sahaja Yogi?

Yogini – yes

Shri Mataji – Alright .. (unclear).. .. (unclear).. Thank you very much.

(people getting up and leaving)