To know Him what should we do?

Medina Theatre Leisure Centre, Newport (England)

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Public Programme, Medina Theatre, Newport, Isle of Wight, UK, 24, July 1984

I bow to all the seekers of truth. It was tremendous joy for me to come to this beautiful Island that nature has created for our pleasure and happiness. We have to think about, God has done so much, such beautiful things for us and what have we done for him? Can we do something for him? He is all powerful, all knowing. What can we do for Him? What can we praise Him? He’s glory personified, his beauty, his compassion! Only thing that we can do is to know him and to know God, is important that we should seek him. If we seek Him, what do we do? Again the problem is what do we do to seek Him. We don’t have to do anything about it, as God has created this beautiful Island, all the beautiful things of the world, he has created you as beautiful people. All human beings are created with great delicate, compassionate attention of the Divine. You are not just created out of the blue, but with very great, great understanding, you are a special category of human beings God has created. And what he wants you to know Him, that’s all. And to know Him what should we do? Now for example I’m standing before you, you see me standing before you. Whatever Warren has told you about me, you know something. You know me because you can see me in person here, but to know God what do we have to do, is that our central nervous system itself, our awareness itself, our attention itself is to be enlightened.

Let us not be persuaded by people who claim that they know God. They use God as a means, an instrument to build up and organise something. How can it organise God, you cannot organise God. He may organise you but you cannot organise Him. It’s a very ego, sort of an idea, that we are organising this organisation that organisation. Sahaja Yoga has no organisation as such. We have no president, we have nothing, it’s just a thing that it should happen to you, that you should become. It’s like a seed sprouting, it’s a living process, it’s a living process of the living God. Living process, you cannot put any effort. If you have to say to sprout a seed what effort can you put in? If you have to transform a flower into fruit what efforts can you put in? It’s just built in and it works out but it shows results. It is not that a seed will say I’m the tree, it becomes a tree, does it? By professing something, if the flower says I’m the fruit, does it become a fruit? It does not! It has to become! Becoming is the point we must remember. If you are truthful, honest and if you are seekers we must know that for our benefit we have to become! It’s no use belonging to anything, no use professing anything, is all nonsense because it will give you a false notion about yourself. But reality will be when you will feel it on your central nervous system.

Unless and until you feel it on your central nervous system, you should not even accept me or no one. Why should you accept me? There is no need! As long as you know that you have to become something higher. Christ has said very clearly, He said to Nichodemus, “I say you are to be born again”. Now supposing Nichodemus has taken a word I am born again and put a certificate, self-certified born again going around, and then fighting and arguing and being violent. Is this the way? It’s just a falsehood. You cannot just say, if I say I am the Mayor of this place, do I become? Every day to day life you know that the authority has to be bestowed upon you. In the same way if you do not become you are just professing one of the nonsenses which our forefathers have done and they, everybody has done in this world. Have you become something? The time has come, now the time is there, this is the special time when you can become. At this time, those people who just cling onto things which have given them nothing but an ego pampering, must realise that it is high time that you come to reality and understand that you have to know it on your central nervous system as you know me standing here.

If the central nervous system doesn’t give you any indication then you should not accept it. That’s one of the conditions of the truth – that truth is known on the central nervous system. Projection, one can do anything, I can say I’m this and that and that, I can talk this and that and that… so what? It’s all my projection, are you to believe? Supposing I say I have found something great and this is it and if I have a good brain I can put up a big show before you, so must you believe it? I can put on some horns and come before you and say those horns are the special ones that God has given me, are you to believe? You have to believe when you know.

For this God has made us so beautifully, that’s what I wanted to show you, the chart (Image of Virata on last page), how you are made. Now in the bible there is a mention of the word Holy Ghost. I asked a priest, I said do you know what is the Holy Ghost is, he said I’m agnostic. I said you are agnostic, how are you a priest? What are you doing about it? He said I’m doing my job. I said job, is this a job you can do? It’s not a job, you cannot do a job with God, you have to know Him, and to know him there is an arrangement already made within you. The one who is our creator, who has created all this beautiful place, do you think He would not have made us that way that we should know him? He is more worried about his creation and the beauty of that creation is expressed in human beings, that they should know him. If that is the purpose of His creation don’t you think that he must have made some arrangements within us for that? He must have done.

For example when I landed here on the pier (Ryde) it was written if you want to see this place you better go here, better go there, there’s a church you can see, you can see this place. All organised arranged you see. As soon as you come in there is a train for you, as you walk into the ferry there’s another way of getting out from here and getting another train, it’s just ready everything arranged. If human beings can arrange so well what about God Almighty? He must have done something special within us!

Now here there are two doctors one of them is Dr. Warren who talked to me and there is another Dr. Bogdhan, but both of them are here and I’ll show you what is the subtle side within us, how God has made us. In short you can have a look at yourself (refer to chart). Now when I say all this you are also not to believe that… blindfolded. No use believing in to it blindfolded, you can see for yourself if it works out or not. I cannot even guarantee that it will work out in you, I cannot guarantee. You see you cannot say that this flower will become a fruit can you say that? But one can try. If there is a possibility, a potentiality is there it will work out. And there is a potentiality in every human being that it can work out, but first of all you have to be honest about it, you have to be open about it.

Now within us are these seven centres, if you see the red one, the yellow one, the green one, the blue one and here is a little smoky one and then here is like the light and ultimately this big one which we call as Sahasrara. These are the subtle centres and they control outside the centres that are known to the doctors as plexuses, outside in the gross. Now these centres are very subtle centres and govern our parasympathetic nervous system. And this parasympathetic nervous system is beyond our control.

For example, when you want to increase the beat of your heart you can run, you can do some exercise, the heartbeat will increase. But to reduce it there is a force of this parasympathetic which brings it down automatically, spontaneously, Sahaj! Now when you go say to think about, when you go to some Gurus or some other people and you go and try to seek somewhere else, apart from yourself, then what happens? Then you start moving away from the central path, we have to keep to the central path and that’s why all the religions have come, to keep the balance, to keep the balance! And once you have the balance, then only it is easy for the ascent. As you know, I was happy to know that in this place you make some small aeroplanes. Now the basic thing of aeroplane is that it should be a balanced thing, if it is not balanced properly it cannot ascend. The whole thing depends on its balance and its angle, so it has to have an angle upward and it has to have balance. So the first thing is to have the balance which takes place at this point where you see the green, Void we call it. (Refer to chart)

(Shri Mataji refers to chart at the Medina Theatre)

Here the balance of the religion comes in. All the religions of the world have come on this Earth to tell us that be moderate, don’t go to extremes. But we go to extremes absolutely blindfolded, we follow extreme pattern of life and then our balances go out. The another thing of an aeroplane is that your eyes are upward, you have to look upward and that is what Christ has done, to tell us that you have to look upward. You are to be born again, and when he said that Nichodemus asked Him, he asked Him what do you mean? Am I to enter into my mother’s womb? He said no, that’s the flesh. The flesh can give birth to only flesh but I am talking about the Spirit and the Spirit has to give you the birth again, and that’s what it is, has to happen within us.

Now this Kundalini about which He spoke is at the base, at the bone called Sacrum bone. Sacrum, now see the word Sacrum itself is suggestive it’s a sacred bone. I asked the Greeks why you call it a sacrum bone? They said that because they found that when you burnt the body, you see in cremation, this bone doesn’t burn so we thought it was some sacred bone that was there. But it is more than that, you see in through the unconscious they must have known that this is a sacred bone.

In this bone lies the representation of the Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost is the Mother. We say God the Father, God the Son, have you ever heard a father and a son without a Mother? We don’t want to accept that there could be a Mother. There could be a Mother! Christ didn’t talk of his own Mother because he was a little bit, acted on more understanding that if he says that His Mother has any powers they’ll first kill Her and the whole drama of crucifixion will be spoilt. So he didn’t talk about Her, but the Mother is the primordial Mother represented within us, is this Kundalini the Holy Ghost! And it is also said, the Holy Ghost, the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. It has to rise and come up.

Now the misunderstanding of the Bible is so much because of misinterpretations of people. Firstly I would say that people think that when the Holy Ghost blesses you, you become like a madman, you talk of funny things, it is not so. One must understand what is written in the bible clearly, that when they got the Holy Ghost, the blessings of the Holy Ghost the cool breeze came in and then they started talking in strange languages with strange hands, hand movements. Now what does that mean? That means that they started talking about the centres. When you hear these Sahaja Yogis talking, they will not say that you are suffering from ego, they’ll say, it’s Agnya, Agnya chakra is catching. Christ’s chakra is catching! They don’t talk on the same language because it’s a subtler language, so they talk on those languages and that’s why it looks strange to a person who is not exposed to this knowledge, to the deeper knowledge of your being. Naturally it looks strange and when they move their hands, they have to use their hands because the power is flowing through their hands so they move sometimes like this, sometimes like this and then people can think they are mad.

This is the big misunderstanding, then when people say that the Holy Ghost has descended on us and then that’s why we are behaving like mad people, it’s the spirit, it’s the dead spirit, is a possession, is a witchcraft! And when it happens you don’t behave like a mad person but you become the sanest of the sanest, wisest of the wisest, you become a balanced person, you become a beautiful person, your face changes, the whole face glows and the whole life changes. This is what should happen a complete transformation.

Now we have here somebody who is a Sahaja Yogi who is looking after the centre here but he came through a girl who was in London first time I met her, and she was a hippie, a very clever, intelligent girl. She was a hippie and taking drugs and when she came to me, I mean she was absolutely in coma sort of condition. I looked at her she couldn’t even talk to me, I couldn’t talk to her she was absolutely a gone case, she was a seeker. And today she is a person who has such a big organisation, you can call it, we don’t call it organisation but it’s such a big congregation of people who are being self-realised, whose lives are changed and she’s a different person. Now she has become an MA in psychology and she has children and a husband who is another fantastic person and they are leading a very happy married life transforming people.

So the first thing that should happen you should be transformed. The first transformation takes place that you must have body… peace, I think, bodily peace or you can say that you get cured of your physical ailments. (Shri Mataji speaks aside to those holding the chart)

So, in this body, changes that takes place within us you see, that when the Kundalini rises she supplies the vital force within us. When of course we have been able to cure, we shouldn’t say we but this Kundalini, this your Holy Ghost within you has been able to cure: cancer, leukaemia; this girl the one whom I’m telling you about, her own brother was suffering from leukaemia and he was told that he’ll die within one year, one month’s time and he’s quite alright, he’s doing very well, he’s perfectly alright, but doctors don’t want to believe it. When it was pointed out, they said you write to us, and people are writing to them, and British Medical Association wanted to find out and it’s such a big you know, red tape going up. But it’s true, why, why this cancer is cured through Sahaja Yoga is a very simple thing, one should understand why cancer is caused.

If you know why cancer is caused then you’ll know how Kundalini can cure and you will know how to cure yourself, not only but you will know how to cure others. It’s not just touching like a spiritualist who’s hands are shaking, but it’s actually, you’ll know like a doctor, like a specialized doctor. Even you may not be the doctor, how this person is suffering from cancer and how he’s cured. As you have seen here there are centres within us. Now the centres are made from the left and right hand side of the power, of the, we can say the sympathetic nervous system and the centre that you see in the here, (Mother demonstrates with Her hands forming two circles with index finger and thumb but joined as one circle) is on the parasympathetic nervous system.

Now sympathetic is the one by which we work out our emergencies. Now when what happens in life when you have too many emergencies? Say leukaemia, how is it caused? Leukaemia is caused by people who are very futuristic, who think too much, who are always in emergency. Like supposing early in the morning you get up and half eyes open you see the newspaper, there’s some shocking news, you get an emergency, your spleen starts working, it has to produce more blood cells to give a protection to you. Now then after that you get ready, you’re already late, you get into your car, you see a jam, you have to reach in time, and this has to happen. All emergencies all the time working on you, and you’re extremely on time, you are very particular about everything, you have to do it, you are very particular about your child and you work it out. Even women, when they are pregnant, when they are so particular about things and they make so many emergencies out of their lives, then their spleens act on the child and the child can also get leukaemia! The mother can get leukaemia!

The speed you see is controlled by your spleen and the spleen is the speedometer which goes crazy, mad because it does not know when to produce more blood cells, when not to produce, becomes crazy. Now we can say the state is of a vulnerability, you are vulnerable to cancer. At this time if you happen to meet someone who has been to the dead, who has been to the cemetery or somebody who has a guru or somebody who happens to do all these trance and all this nonsense and all these funny movements that are on, you will get cancer.

Now recently, about a year back I saw a beautiful research work of some doctors and what they said was that cancer is caused by entities, they call them protein 52, protein 58, which trigger it and they tried to show some photographs, but one thing they said that these entities remain in our being since our creation.

Means in the collective subconscious, so since then they are there and once you start moving towards the dead you are much more vulnerable than a normal person. And that’s how the cancer is set in every moment, they say, means you become vulnerable every moment because the pressures of life are such.

But what does the Kundalini do? When she rises, what does she do? She creates an atmosphere within the centre, that exhausted centre gets the vital force and it tries to bring the attention to the centre. Once you come to the centre you get connected with the whole again because cancer is set in, when all your chakras, all your centres are exhausted or one centre is exhausted and it gets broken up like that. (Shri Mataji gestures with her hands the two circles coming apart) It has no connection with the whole and it becomes malignant. When it becomes malignant that time this triggering takes place, in the sense it is vulnerable to malignancy and triggering takes place, that’s how you get cancer.

Heart trouble for example, the other day I was read that English have the greatest enemy as heart trouble. Is absolutely curable and you can become absolutely heart proof once you get into Sahaja Yoga. Now what happens, how do we get, these are very subtle things which are to be seen how it works out. Heart troubles are of two types one is a lethargic heart and another is a heart which is over active. Now the lethargic heart, you get angina and all these troubles. Now these differentiations are not in medical terminology, I have done myself medicine; I know they don’t have all these terminologies, but a person who has a lethargic heart is a different absolutely the opposite, juxtaposition of a person who has a heart which is overactive.

Now these two things are caused by the deficiencies in our being itself. Now what happens is that we have two channels of sympathetic nervous system, one on the left, one on the right. If you use the left side too much like the people who go to these dead and all that, they are on the left side, those who cry too much, sly people, they are sort of what you call the masochist type people, in extreme they are like that. The another are the type that are opposite, sadistic and the aggressive type. So one are the left side the other are the right sided.

Now those who are left sided people are more prone to cancer and the right sided people are more prone to the heart, because what happens that when you start working very hard, and you start going to the work much earlier than its time, and you sit down there and you worry about this and worry about that, then your attention goes out and there is no attention to your spirit which resides in the heart. As long as spirit resides in your heart you’ll live but as soon as it disappears you die. So this spirit gets annoyed. When it gets annoyed it goes into different kinds of contortions, it goes into different kinds of defects.

So the attention that is outside too much, how will you pull it inside? If I say you put your attention inside, I’ll meditate, meditate. How? Something has to happen within and when that happens, your attention is attracted inside and that happening is the happening of the Kundalini. Now the word Kundalini should not upset you because it’s an Indian word, but it means a coil, because it is in three and a half coils, is what you call the Holy Ghost within yourself which rises and gives you your second birth which really makes you the person who is not an egg anymore but a bird. This is what it is, that’s why on Easter Day we give an egg, to suggest that Christ showed us the way by His crucifixion, how we have to become the birds.

People don’t know why we give eggs, we just give eggs to people on Easter days without knowing why we do it. Like I asked them why is it called as River †Medina? And why is it called Isle of ‡Wight, no one knows, we just accept it as it is. But there are reasons for everything because all these things have come from the unconscious which is universal, which is everywhere.

So what happens to you that once you become conscious of that universal unconscious, you become universal yourself because spirit is universal. The cool breeze starts flowing through your hands, the cool breeze starts coming out of your head. Now jumping, changing dresses, enrolment and all these things cannot bring out the cool breeze from your head, can it? The cool breeze starts coming from your head and you start feeling the cool breeze from your finger tips and when these, what you call the waves of cool breeze, you get it. Then, you feel absolutely peace, there is no thought and you enter into the Kingdom of God.

Now these are the ones that tell you the truth (Shri Mataji gestures with Her hands). You ask about someone whom you know to be a crook, ask it, is he a good man or a bad man? Immediately you’ll find it’s burning coming or a hot thing coming on your hands. But supposing you know a very good man, who you know he’s a very good, nice person, you ask about him, it will start, it will soothe down. If he’s a realized soul, cool breeze may start coming into your hands. That’s how you will know who is a realised soul and who is not. So many people are really these days, are hypocrites of the worst type and from India we have a speciality in telling lies, I must say, the way they have come here to make money, befool you and take away money but it was actually the idea came to them through some people who think that they can take money in the name of God, in the name of religion. They can organise things and that’s how they started doing it. They think that they can befool you now, in a very subtle way they tried to befool the people here, they made a lot of money, I mean they have Rolls Royce’s and this and that.

In America, you’ll be surprised, when I went there, the newspaper people asked me, how many Rolls Royce’s she has? So they said She hasn’t got anything, She doesn’t take anything, they said we are not interested in a person who has no Rolls Royce. That’s where we have reached into materialism, to that extent, that now we cannot see things correctly. We are blinded now by this money and money orientation. To such an extent we have come, now we are challenging Christ. You must have heard about this new movement of challenge of Christ, I mean it’s horrifying how can you challenge a person who was really the Son of God, because you have not felt it, when you feel it, you know that he is the Son of God, you ask the question, was he the Son of God, and you get tremendous breeze in your hands.

You are not yet authorised to talk about Him and to denounce Him and say these things. Actually Paul, I don’t know, when, I read Bible for the first time, I was shocked, I said who is this Paul, why is he there, what is he doing? How is he connected with Christ, I didn’t understand, this man he has nothing to do with Christ, he has no vibrations. I was surprised Kahlil Gibran has said about him, this strange man Mr Paul. He will always deny that there were no miracles about Christ, he will, because he was not a man who was a free man, he was not a free soul. He himself was suffering from epilepsy, can you imagine a man suffering from epilepsy talking about Christ. He was the man who had seizures so many times, and how could he talk about Christ, he thought it was a good way of befooling people and becoming something great by taking over. But you beware about it; don’t listen to these things, these intellectuals. Intellectuals can never understand Christ and they have never understood Him. Only the people who are seekers, those who are seeking the truth, will know what Christ was. It’s amazing, in India, people are shocked to hear that people are talking like this about Christ. How can you understand God? First, at least get your self-realisation, at least become the self, what Christ has said, first achieve your realisation.

For that you go to the church, a priest puts his hand on your head, like William Blake* said that, “A priest cursed me on my head”, and then you think you are realised, how can you be? How can you be realised? By a person who himself is not realised? The Kundalini has to come up, you have to feel the cool breeze, you have to become a realised soul where you feel the collective consciousness, by which you feel your own centres and you feel the centres of others.

I was amazed when I came to England, I could not believe these intelligent, sensible people who we knew in India have now taken to witchcraft of all kinds; we thought it’s only in India, where people are very poor, they take, poverty takes to these things and when they become poor they go more to these things and then they become poorer, it’s a vicious circle. These dead spirits always create poverty and greater poverty, diseases. This, all kinds of diseases, which are left sided come from them. But I was amazed how intelligent people have taken to this and to talk the whole thing people have come from India and they said you have to pay £6000. For what? To jump, to what is it, to fly in the air, to fly, why do you want to fly? What is the interest of God to make you fly? He doesn’t want you to become birds does he? Use your brains, and they paid £6000 pounds for this man, each, for flying and then when he hurt them they came to me, with all epilepsies and things like that and are they flying anywhere? He has made a big money out of you!

With all the intelligence, with all the brains God has given us, with a person like Christ we have known, how can we do these things? Let us now know that it is for us, for our good, for our own benefit, that we have to become the self is the whole property that God has given us, all the wealth that God has given us within us and it is no use clinging on to someone, to be someone’s pleader, somebody’s professor or somebody’s disciple. Better become your “self”! Unless and until you become your self, you cannot talk about Divine, you cannot talk and that is a different line altogether where you become absolutely peaceful and you become collectively conscious. The collectively consciousness is described by Jung, who got his realisation very late in life, but he described it, that in the days when people will come they will have their realisation and they will have collective consciousness.

Mohammed Sahib has clearly said that when the resurrection time will come, your hands will speak; in the Koran, most of it is about resurrection he has talked. But the Muslims won’t talk of the resurrection; they will talk of the doomsday because they want to put fright into people so that they can get their money and have their big organisations to make money and make their mosques and things. What is a mosque? What is a temple? What is a church, but the church within yourself! This is the church you have to build, you are the church yourself! What are you belonging to? Everything belongs to you, you have to become that.

As he has said, (Dr. Warren in the introduction) I have nothing to gain, is not true, I have to gain one thing, the darkness has to go. Darkness has to go, you have to see the light that’s very important, that’s my mission for which I have come to your beautiful Island. I’m sorry it is only for one day I’m here and I won’t be here for tomorrow because we have other programs and they fixed me up you see so I have to move from one place to another according to their programmes. But whatever it is I’m very happy to see you all here and I hope you people will understand what I am trying to tell you. What I am requesting you and warning you that be careful, better look after yourself, this is the time of judgement! This is the time of judgement! Do not postpone it, you will be judged by your Kundalini, by nothing else, your own Kundalini will judge you and you will know your own judgement by which you can cure yourself. I don’t have to tell you, this is wrong with you, that is wrong with you, you yourself will know. You’ll know on your fingertips, in English language, they say “you know on your fingertips”. All the centre’s that are, I’ve shown you, are five, six and seven centres on the left hand side, and five and six and seven centres on the right hand side, they will tell you. Even a child who is a realised soul can tell you, what’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with himself and how to get alright.

But the one snag is that people get realisation, is the parable of Christ when he described, that some seeds were thrown onto rocks, some on the sand but some on the fertile land, like that. So those who fall into fertile land, you may get your realisation today, I don’t say you may not, but to retain it, to grow into it, you have to work it out. Which is today is a collective working, you cannot just sit at home, Mother I’m meditating, it doesn’t work out, you have to have a collective working out.

Let us see out of you how many want to have it and grow into it. There’s nothing that should enslave you, on the contrary you should get over all your habits and all that, you should become a master of your “self”. That’s what it is, and you become! There are thousands in the mainland who have got realisation and why should you be left behind I don’t understand.

I’m here now for ten years. I’ve been working very hard, with people in the beginning I had only six people and for four years I was struggling with them to make them something and now they are great people and one of them is the girl about whom I have told you. So it is not difficult, now suddenly the speed has improved and people are getting realisation but still in the West it is very slow compared to in India, because people are simple and innocent and have the basis, they know what is Kundalini, they have the basis, I don’t have to argue with them and tell them about it because traditionally they have known these things, they are just there and they get it. What he told you about six thousand and seven thousand people is a fact, but it’s in Indian villages. I’ve worked in the villages than in the city because city is more sort of money orientated, they are not seeking God or they are not seeking higher things but what they are seeking is plastic. So let them have plastic for the time being, when they get fed up with it then they may seek God. But more I’m working in the villages of India and I hope that something will turn out of this meeting with you people.

May God Bless You.

I’m sorry in this short time I could not, somehow, elaborately talk to you about it but these people have got my tapes and I must have given thousands of lectures in English language. You can listen to them and can have more ideas about it and you can deepen your knowledge about Sahaja Yoga, but first thing is that you get your light, first you get your realisation because if I have to talk about these lights before putting on the lights then I can give you a big lecture on how these lights are made and what is the history behind it, and how it was discovered, from where it is coming but it’s a headache ….first you have the light and then you see everything in the light, it is much better. I would request you that first you have your realisation. And there’s one thing that Dr. Warren has said, that one has to be humble. That also is quite a challenging word, I think, there’s nothing to be humble about it, I mean you just have to be a gentleman, that’s all. You need not be harsh with me and if you try, you can try it, I mean it doesn’t matter with me but you should not disturb other people by your aggressiveness so, let those who want to have, let them have it. There should be no dog in the manger attitude and that only I would request that you should try to achieve it yourself and let others have it. Thank you very much.

(Dr. Warren requests people who have come for the first time and want their realisation to come to the front of the theatre.)

Another thing I have to make a very humble request is, we have to take out our shoes because this Mother Earth helps us a lot to consume many of our problems and tensions. It’s a very helpful thing so we should take it out. You have to take help. We have to take help from all the elements and they help us if we really want them so better take out. So nice to see so many Seekers.

Alright, as I said it is not possible to guarantee anything but there’s one thing I have to request you because this is my experience so far, that people in the west unnecessarily feel guilty, I don’t know why. This feeling guilty is sort of in the atmosphere and there is nothing to feel guilty about anything, what are you feeling guilty about? You see, that’s one thing you must get rid of because I am talking about God who is the embodiment of compassion, embodiment of love. Above all, He’s the ocean of forgiveness. What mistakes can you commit? If I have said anything in my lecture which might be giving you that feeling of, oh I should not have done this or that – you must know that to err is human and to forgive, Divine. So please do not try to condemn yourself for anything, I have to make a very, very humble request because when I came to your Island, I felt that this, the first feeling I got was oh Baba, the people are so guilty. So please get over that. First of all, you must tell yourself that, “I am not guilty at all”.

Alright. So we sit in a very pleasant mood, not a frivolous but a pleasant mood because we are now going into the Kingdom of God which is promised to us and that’s what we have to get it. You have done no sins whatsoever, forget your past, forget all about it. Just think that you have come here to achieve your Selfhood. For that you don’t have to blame yourself for anything that you have done, you just forget about it. That’s very important. And there is nothing serious about it. It’s a very pleasant experience, nothing happens to you if you start thinking how miserable you are, this is… forget about it. Just now, at this moment, at this present moment, you are a person who wants to enter into the Kingdom of God.

Supposing if you have to go to the Queen’s party. You’ll dress up well, you put up a smile. You look very nice because you don’t want to put a show that you are feeling unhappy. In the same way now, if you have to enter into the Kingdom of God, which is the highest for us, we have to be very happily built up within ourselves. It’s a very pleasant experience and you will enjoy it. There’s no sensation but an experience of a very eternal value. So I would request you not to get into any morose or a gloomy conditions but to be in a pleasant condition. Or not also, in a very ego high handed position but in the centre expecting to happen to you. It should happen to all of you. May God bless you.

Now what you have to do is to little bit, if there is anything tight on your waist, if it is very tight, if it is uncomfortable, anything uncomfortable to you when you are sitting, if it is not it’s alright.

Please take out your glasses also, there’s no need because you’ll be closing your eyes completely and sit very comfortably with both the feet on the Mother Earth, straight parallel like this because we have to look after the left and the right side. And now you have to put the hands like this because I told you all the centres are here, they have to receive the vibrations to begin with and then it happens to you automatically, spontaneously, like a sprouting of a seed. You don’t have to do anything about it. Actually, you’ll feel that there is no thought in your mind, automatically, you don’t have to tell, don’t fight your thoughts. Let the thoughts come in, they will all disappear because you will become thoughtlessly aware, it’s a becoming. You cannot force into it, so don’t put in any effort just sit comfortably forward but in the centre, in a very normal way, but not slouchy nor very backward but just in the centre.

Now, close your eyes, till I tell you don’t open your eyes, you are not to open your eyes because if your eyes are open, the Agnya chakra which is the centre of Christ, you see it doesn’t allow the Kundalini to rise because the attention is pulled inside and you get the dilatations of the pupil, so you better keep your eyes shut till I tell you that you have to open.

Now the left hand side as I told you, is the desire, the power of desire, our emotions, our past and everything, so put the left hand towards me all the time like this and the right hand is the power of action so we have to use it on different centres to awaken the centres and so that the Kundalini rises and relieves our centres with our own doing. Nobody is doing it for us, we ourselves are doing it.

Please close your eyes. Now, you have to put your right hand on your heart, on your heart, that’s very important, on your heart. Perhaps you don’t know that London is the Heart of the universe and heart is very important. Put your right hand on your heart. When you put your right hand on your heart what you are trying to say is, that in the heart resides the spirit and that you have to become the spirit. So you can ask me a question in your heart, you need not loudly ask me. You can address me as Mataji if you find it easy or you can call me as Mother, whatever suits you, whatever you like to call me. You have to say Mother am I the spirit? Now don’t open your eyes, just ask the question, an earnest question, three times in your heart, Mother am I the spirit? Keep the eyes shut…………………because it’s an absolute thing and if it is an absolute, like a computer it works and it gives you the answers, so you ask the question Mother am I the spirit? Very simple question it is! Which you are! (Got it) Now take this right hand down on the stomach on the upper part of the abdomen. If you are the spirit then you are your own master too. So you ask a question to me here, three times again, with full confidence in yourself, not feeling guilty at all, but ask a question, Mother am I my own master? Am I my own Guru? Just ask the question! ………………………….Please don’t feel guilty, don’t feel diffident. Please don’t feel guilty, or diffident you are your own master you have not yet felt your spirit, that’s why. Don’t be diffident about it; you are your own master, don’t have to go to any other master. Even if you have been to a wrong type of a master it can be cured by this, just asking the question. Please keep all of you your eyes closed. Everyone should try to get it, what’s the use of standing on the banks or on the fence? Better to have it, you don’t lose anything.

Now please take this hand down below, absolutely on the lower portion of the abdomen. Here now, for the first time, you have to assert, you have to ask for something and that something is the true knowledge, is the art of true knowledge, the technique of true knowledge. Yoga means two things; it means first the union with the Divine and the technique, how to keep the contact all the time, the technique of the Divine Laws, technique of the Divine machinery.

At this point you have to ask because I cannot cross your freedom, you are human beings and God has given you freedom and nobody wants to take your freedom, so you have to ask otherwise I cannot force things on you. So to ask Mother we want to do the technique of true knowledge, the pure knowledge, the absolute knowledge. Say it six times because this centre has got six sub-plexuses; just say that, it is very important for this place. (Better) So that if you have done things which are not true, which are not real they’ll drop out.

Now as you have asked for this, you have to assert by putting your hand higher in the abdomen, in the lower part of the stomach, here as you have put it and you have asked for it, now you put this hand in the higher part of the abdomen. Here you have to assert and say with confidence because it is very important to be confident about it that you are the spirit, you have to say ten times Mother I am my own master, just say it. It is not ego it is a fact. Fact is neither ego nor superego. Just say Mother I am my own master. To be your own master doesn’t mean you are aggressive, that means you are master of yourself nothing can enslave you. Mother I am my own master. Please say it ten times with full confidence in yourself. That’s one thing one should understand that you are going to become the spirit, which you are already. It has to manifest. And a person who has no confidence, how can you be? With full confidence you say I am my own master, ten times.

Now, raise this hand to your heart again, now with full confidence in yourself you have to assert by saying Mother I am the spirit twelve times. Mother I am the spirit, you are the spirit, believe me you are the spirit. Now don’t doubt it, you are not to doubt yourself. If you have diffidence it is not going to help us just say at this moment Mother I am the spirit. God has made you a special category, a special category. Category of men of God as William Blake has said, “The men of God will have, will become prophets and they will have powers to make others prophets. These are the days when you the men of God will become prophets. So just assert Mother I am the spirit. See now, how it works out.

Alright, now raise your hand to a centre on the left hand side of your neck, where it touches, where it is near the shoulder. Just put it there, press it hard now, bring the hand a little backward and press it hard. Now this is the centre which is very badly caught up, is the centre when you feel guilty. Now sixteen times say and assert that Mother I am not guilty and if you have that habit better say it one hundred and eight times to punish yourself, (Shri Mataji Smiles) Please say Mother I am not guilty, what are you guilty about, what have you done? All conditioning, people have told you, you should be guilty about this, all these ordinary norms upset you. If you have not said thank you to someone, you are guilty, if you haven’t opened the door for someone you are guilty; what is this? We are human beings, what about our dignity? Some countries have some customs; some countries have some customs, why to feel guilty about it? You are an Indian or you are an Englishman or you are a German whatever it is, you are first of all you are a human being. What is there to feel guilty? Sixteen times! First forgive yourself, that important, those who can’t forgive themselves, how can they forgive others? And why should God forgive them also? It’s kind of a violence towards yourself is not to forgive.

Now put your right hand on your forehead please, across on your forehead. Now this is the centre as I said of Christ, this is the gate through which everybody has to pass and here you have to say Mother I forgive everyone. Say it from your heart. Now don’t remember whom you have to forgive, in a general statement just like that. I forgive everyone, put it across, put the hand across your forehead… fully. Fully across.

Now take this hand on top of your fontanelle bone, the soft area which you had in your childhood, put your fingers there. Fingers on that soft area which you had in childhood, now it has become a tough stuff but it will become soft now. Now you try to press it down a little bit, and move it clockwise, press it down with your fingers and move it clockwise. Now this is one place again where the Kundalini rises and breaks through this area and you get your self-realisation or your real baptism. But here again I cannot cross your freedom so you have to say that you want your realisation. So Mother please give me my realisation I want it. You have to say it otherwise I cannot force it on you, so press it hard and move it and say it seven times Mother please give me my realisation, I want my realisation, I want to have my realisation, whichever way you want to say you say but just press it hard and move the scalp. Say it seven times. (Shri Mataji blows into the microphone). Now put back your hand where it was before and now with the left hand try to see if you feel any cool breeze coming out of your head. Put your hand about four inches above that area and see if there is a cool breeze. Right hand you put it on, towards me and with the left hand you try to feel it. Left hand, with the left hand you try to feel. Please try to feel it if there’s a cool breeze. At first you might feel a little hot coming out of you, possibly. Little higher, just see it, about not very high, about four inches high at first and then gradually you move up and down and you’ll see there you’ll feel it. Now turn, you put your other hand down now left hand and with the right hand you see. (working out) Try with the other hand see if it’s coming, if it’s coming you need not see but if it is not coming. There, just put it up, don’t get disappointed with yourself, don’t get disappointed, if it is not working out there are people who will work it out, you’re getting quite a lot eh? Are you feeling it? Just raise your hand a little bit; just see if you are feeling it.

Now put your hands towards me and open your eyes, just see. Don’t think, the thought is no more in your, just don’t think. Now see in the hands are you feeling any cool breeze? Just little bit blowing, a little hot, rub it, rub your hands a little bit, yes see. They’re a little insensitive, see for the first time they are exposed to the Divine now see. For the first time you feel this all-pervading power that creates everything, works out everything and which has evolved us. The power of God’s love. Put your hands up and ask a question, Mother is this the power of the Holy Ghost, is this the power of God’s Divine Love, is this the complete power? Now put back your hands and see (Hands towards Mother on their laps). Are you feeling the cool breeze in the hands? Don’t think about it, just don’t think, thinking stops it. Better now? In the head did you feel it? Now I’ll ask some of the Sahaja Yogis who have come from England to see for themselves. But don’t think, that’s one point, just don’t think. Can you come down and see for yourselves. (To Sahaja Yogis from the mainland)

More right sided some people are, doesn’t matter, don’t you worry they all have gone through the same so don’t you worry. Good, feeling fine, feeling hot? Is it? Sahaja Yogis should not talk first of all see for yourself the vibrations, don’t talk to them. Hello, don’t talk to them first see the vibrations, because you may disturb. You see they are just now getting the experience, so you must understand. If you suddenly ask questions you see, they might get disturbed, don’t ask questions just see if it is working out. Alright, is she alright, oh I can see that. These two gentlemen are here. Please everybody must be attended to see there’s one gentleman left out there. There are lots of Sahaja Yogis, Antonio, there’s one gentleman there. Ha! What do you say, tie them up, is it working out? What do you say, is he alright? Raise it, tie it up. Raise it, tie it up. You’re alright, you got it, now don’t think, don’t think.

Ah that’s good. You see, the experience will be tremendous, keep your eyes shut if you want to, experience can be tremendous for some people. It’s tremendous. Very strong, great place I must say, surrounded by the sea. How is the gentleman there, is he alright? Everybody getting it? Doctor Mathur, he’s got it? Great1 Great seekers. So I bow to you all for such great seekers of truth. You have found it, now try to know it, become, be serious about it, don’t waste it. It’s very easy. Thank God we have somebody here who is very good at Sahaja Yoga and you can go to his house and he can help you. The whole family is involved into it, the children know, everyone knows. You and your children your family, everybody will know about it and a new life of joy for all of you.

Great seekers I tell you, no more diseases, no more troubles no more tensions, there’s a hole now for everything to go out, so enjoy yourself. Done! How is this gentlemen here, has he got it? Left Nabhi. The one who doesn’t have Sahaja Yogis should raise their hands and tell me. All the people at the back have got it, have they? Give a bandhan to their left Agnyas, left Agnyas are there. You will know all this. It’s nothing Latin. it’s very simple, simple. Even a child knows as I told you. Has to be simple, isn’t it. It has to be universal; it has to be simple, available to every one of every type, every quality, every race.

Better take their names and addresses and things and they can contact. Please now do not waste this experience. This is just the beginning, you have to become the tree and it’s very simple, you cannot pay for it. You cannot organise it but you have to ask for it, just that somebody who knows about it, tomorrow you will become the knowledge so just go and ask for it. Know for it. Have you got the books and things? I think that they should get the books there only from the centre. Why not give then the name of the centre and the address so that they can get the books there.

May God Bless You All. Enjoy Yourself.

(Shri Mataji goes through Bandhan and the raising of the Kundalini.)

May God Bless You. That’s how you become the master.

† Medina Arabic (origin) means “City of the Prophet” Its form in Arabic is for a female child’s name.‡ Wight Origin Adjective (archaic) strong and brave; valiant from Old Norse vigt; related to Old English wīg battle, Latin vincere to conquer Noun: a human being. Obsolete. A supernatural being, as a witch or sprite. any living being; a creature.

*(about William Blake)