Evening Program before Shri Ganesha Puja and Talk: Count your Blessings every moment

Hotel Riffelberg, Zermatt (Switzerland)

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“Count your Blessings every moment” (talk before musical evening). Riffelberg (Switzerland), 1 September 1984.

Only about an hour back I was telling that perhaps the Sahaja Yogis don’t realise, even materially’, how Divine is looking after them. And what are they’ doing about it ?

They have so many, still, many identifications, and they are not fully identified with the Divine, that Divine is so much identified with you. This is definitely such a great miracle, that should happen. Can you see this clearly now, so many miracles happen to you, but what about our sincerity ? The sincerity of the Divine is there, but are we sincere, to that Divine? There are so many miracles like this, not one but thousand-and one have happened, and in individual life, in collective life ; one has to write it down, it is ,remarkable.’

But either, sometimes we are identified with ego, sometimes we are identified with the conditionings of the things that we do not identify, and sometimes we are attached to a very petty-nonsensical thing,-thats not proper. And there should not be little bit hint of any ego to think that “God is so kind to us so we are something great”,-it’s very wrong.

So many people do like that, I have seen. Not only in Europe, England, also in India they do like this, that “this is Mother’s job, this Mother is doing,” or if you tell them something they will say “it is Mother ‘You’ said, so I did it.” It is all wrong. You must say that “It is ‘I who is doing it,” then you are identified with me. Unless and until you take up upon yourself the glory of Sahaja Yoga,-that that is your job to establish;-and be identified with it.

Even with a flag people are identified in this world, to a little piece of cloth, people are identified. They have given lives for just a piece of flag, just imagine ! So many have given lives only to climb up this Ganesha’s thing (Swayambhu Matterhorn mountain). People have given their lives for silly-stupid things, given up their families, given up everything. And what are we doing? You must think about it.

So, God is very blissful, extremely blissful. We should not develop ‘at all’ a feeling, that “we are special people, that is why God has blessed us, so let Mother do all the job, and we sit down and take tile blessings.” How much the Divine has worked so far, and is working, so delicately, so choosingly. And how much have we given?

We have enjoyed. Alright, we are here everybody is enjoying ; nice. Are we going back home and thinking that, that whatever we have enjoyed, we have to ‘give something to Sahaja Yoga. What have we given? You don’t have to give up any thing as money and all non-sensical things, but you have to give your heart to it. Is your heart there or you have other considerations ? so be careful.

Many people also believe that if you have become Sahaja Yogis, now you have a right to enjoy and not to do anything for Sahaja Yoga. And some of them, if they do something, they think that now they are above board, nothing can happen to them.

But every moment you have to remember that you have to go further and further. and further in your spiritual life. How much time you give for Sahaja Yoga, and how much time you give for collective work of Sahaja Yoga should be found out. ‘ How much harm you are doing to Sahaja Yoga also should be seen. Those who are not fully identified, can not have joy in life. They are neither here nor there.

And the greatest blessing you should feel: when you realise that you are doing nothing for Sahaja Yoga. What have I done ? Nothing.

Count your blessings.

Even yesterday when I talked to my husband, I said, “Thanks to Sahaja Yoga, I am going to Zermatt, otherwise I would never have gone there.” My daughter told me that “you don’t wear any nylons, what will happen to you ? In your lifetime you will have to wear, because now they wouldn’t be producing silk sarees.” I said, “Thanks to Sahaja Yoga, I have no problem all my life!”

So every moment count your blessings. Count your blessings. That is how You are going to have the ‘Joy of Sahaja Yoga.’ Otherwise joy will be lost, even if you have blessings, the joy wouldn’t be there.

May God bless you.