Whatever is our genuine faith, why doesn’t it manifest in our life?

Paris (France)

1984-09-29 Public Program incomplete, Paris France DP-RAW, 46'
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Public Program. Paris (France), 29 September 1984.

[About the mike] Just have to test it a bit.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. Now, we talk of truth, we have heard about it, and so many of us think that we know the truth. But truth is only known on your central nervous system. Supposing, sitting down in London, I believe that Paris is like this or like that, I do not see the truth. So, I have to experience, I have to come here, and see for Myself. But whatever I do in My imagination is of no value. And if we are honest, if we are really seeking, if we really want to know the truth about ourselves, we have to have an experience.

Now, if somebody says, that: “I give you the experience”, or he says that: “I am God” or: “I am something great”, must you believe that person? Many people have believed in all religions. Hindus have believed in religion, Muslims have believed, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, all have believed in something. But this belief did not transform you, did not give you power to follow the religion.

We can take the case of Christians, where it was said by Christ, that: “In the Ten Commandment, it is written that: ‘Thou shall not commit adultery’, but I say unto you: ‘Thou shall not have adulterous eyes.’” But those who believe in Christ, or believe in church, have they got pure eyes? Have they got innocent eyes? Are they devoid of lust and greed?
They are not, they are not at all! On the contrary, those who call themselves Christians are extremely licentious. They say: “We are free!” They say: “What’s wrong?” “What’s wrong in anything?” Same about Hindus, whatever is said in Hinduism, they don’t follow, they cannot follow, they have no power to follow. Same about Islam, they say: “We are Islam”, and they fight, they’re fanatics. But only under fear, they follow, under fear. They don’t do it in their glory, in their freedom.

Then, what is wrong? Why? Whatever is our genuine faith, why doesn’t it manifest in our lives? There must be something missing. And that missing point is that we are not yet connected to the Divine. Christ has said: “You are to be born again.” So, they have a badge on their head: “We are born again.”
Another cult, another guru saying: “We believe in this, we believe in that, we have a badge, we have something, a dress”, something like that. But remember, you are seekers of ages, you have been seeking for ages. This lifetime you are not going to waste, following something that is just a mental projection of yours. You have to become something; otherwise, this life is of no value. If you are going to be satisfied with all that low level stuff, then nobody can save. You have to value it yourself, that you are great. You are the Spirit, and you are not going to waste your life believing into someone, believing into a theory, believing into some sort of a guru, or a cult, but, believing into yourself, that you are the Spirit, and as Christ has told Nicodemus that: “You are to be born as a Spirit, out of the Spirit, out of The Holy Spirit, The Holy Ghost”.
You have to face the reality squarely now, time has come. This is the time of Last Judgment. This is the time you are going to be judged. And this is the time you are going to enter into the Kingdom of God. If you want, you can go to heaven, or you can go to hell. You are the Spirit, the pure Spirit, the reflection of God. But, you have not yet felt it in your attention, in your consciousness, the existence of Spirit. First, let us admit that, humbly, within ourselves.

Now, whatever I’m going to tell you is the knowledge of the roots. All the knowledge of science, and all that the western mind has achieved, is the knowledge of the tree. In the tradition of spirituality, it’s a very ancient knowledge. But was not used openly, publicly, “en masse”, till’ the sixth century, people started to talk [talking?] openly about it. But, even in the Bible, there’s a mention, at different points, and the mention is: “I will appear before you like tongues of flames”.
They are many mentions like that. I asked a priest: “What do you know about Holy Ghost?” He was surprised at the question, and he surprised Me by his answer. He said: “I’m agnostic.” Then I said: “What are you doing here?” He said: “I’m doing my job.” I said: “That’s a good idea.” So, you cannot be paid for God’s work. How much are you going to pay for it?

Another fellow, BBC “great interviewer”, you see, came, and he said that: “Anglo-Saxon brains cannot understand anything without money. You must take money and buy Rolls-Royces.” I said: “How much are you going to pay, how much have you got?” But he would not understand. He said: “Sahaja Yoga cannot spread unless and until you take money from people.” I really got fed up, and I said: “How much did you pay for Christ?” You actually sold Him. This is what it is.
We have to understand: we are not going to deny anymore Christ within ourselves. We have to accept that we are great seekers, and we are going to find out the truth. Whatever is falsehood, we are going to throw it away. This should be the first determination. Now, I may be telling you lies – quiet possible- but, you keep yourself open, like a scientist, that if it is a hypothesis before you, let Me prove it. And if it is proved, it is proved, you get something out of it, nothing Me. It’s a thankless job for Me! But such joy giving, that I’ve been moving for days together, from countries to countries, to meet the seekers.
Because this is your wealth within you, which you must have, and you must get it. This is your own, why shouldn’t you have it? With what great difficulty the Divine has created you as human beings, are you going to be lost now? You have to take your Realization, and establish it.

I went to America about seven years back. In the beginning I told them that: “Don’t do parapsychology, don’t have licentious life, don’t follow Freud. He was a devil”. They laughed at Me. I told them about all the gurus, their names, all the sinister people, and the devils that they were. They all laughed at Me. Now, I went this year, most of them are gone cases. Some have become mad, some have become bankrupt, they have given money for the “Rolls-Royces” of the gurus. Some are moving naked on the streets like mad caps. Some of them, cut their tongues and are wagging like dogs. In England, you’ll find lots of them going as punks. Some have ended up as drug addicts. Now, sixty-five percent “young people” so-called of America, are suffering from mental troubles. They have no place in the mental asylums, so they are walking about everywhere, you find them everywhere. [Laughter]

But do you know? They are all seekers. They are all seekers like you. They are all lost. I wish they had listened to Me. But they believed in their ego. Those who pampered their ego, they just finished off. They became slaves of these gurus. Now, at least, let us face the facts.
So, within us lies this beautiful instrument which is built during our evolutionary process. Is all, all of us have got it. “Total. Total.” “Toutes les! Ya!” [Laughter]

And nobody is without it. This is made with three powers within us, which expresses within us as autonomous nervous system. And whatever we gain, in our evolutionary process, is represented in our central nervous system. Now, the doctors call it as autonomous, they give it a name, but who is this “auto”? “Auto” is the Spirit. They just give the name.
Now, we have these three forces within us acting, one on the left, one on the right, one in the centre. Now, the one in the centre is called- is represented by the parasympathetic nervous system, and those two on left and right, are the sympathetic. Now, those who go into too much emergencies, left or right, left or right side, extract the energy of the centers, which are formed by the loops of these two, left and right.
Now these loops are the subtle centres. And they are responsible for supplying the required energy to the sympathetic nervous system. Now, left side is for our past, for our conditioning, for our psyche. And the right side is for our future, for our planning, for our thinking, for our physical and mental activity. Now, when, anyone of them, we use too much – for example we go to the past too much, or we go to our emotional side, like French are very emotional. I mean, they are miserable about it.

When I came first time to London- ah, to Paris, they told Me: “Don’t say you are a happy person. Because they will think you are not aware. French are supposed to be miserable.” Yes, I had read a book called “Les Misérables”, long time back. [Shri Mataji laughts]

So, that’s what it is: that we condition ourselves, we are very emotional, we go on to our left-hand side, and we enter into the area of subconscious, and then into collective subconscious.
And when we enter too much onto the left, too much on to the left, then we get into trouble, into problems. [Shri Mataji is correcting the translator]
Not: ”A ce moment là”, [at that moment] but slowly, gradually. [Laughter]
[Shri Mataji laughts]
Little bit I know [about French] living with French, you can’t miss it!

Now, when that happens- you’ll be surprised, I saw a very nice program of BBC, of some doctors who said that cancer is caused by the triggering, by some proteins called 58 and 52- they give name again,”auto”, like 58, 52, now what is it 58, 52? [53] But it’s a name. That means, when we are very vulnerable, when we have used our sympathetic too much, then the triggering takes place by these proteins. And they further said that this happens because there is an area within us, which is built within us since our creation, and these proteins attack us from that area. So, it is a psychosomatic disease. So, doctors cannot cure it, nor psychologists can cure it, because they are opposite each other. But when- So, something has to be done to bring both the left and the right into the centre properly settled.

And when you get Self-realization, your cancer gets cured. How? Within us lies the power of our ascent, the reflection of the Holy Ghost, known as “Kundalini”. Now, “Kundalini” it is called, because it is like a coil, three and a half coils. This power of your ascent is your Mother, who gives you your second birth. It is a power which is of your true desire. We think: “I want to have a house, I want to have a car, I want to have this, I want to have that.” But they are- that’s not our true desire, because when we get it, we are not satisfied.
So, this is the power of our true, real desire, pure desire. Now, what is the purest desire we have within ourselves? The purest desire that we have within us, is that we have to ascent, and that we have to be united with the Divine. Is the will of God that we should be united with the Divine.

That will of God is the Holy Ghost, that is the Primordial Mother. There has to be a mother if there’s a father and a son, isn’t it?
Now, this Primordial Mother is reflected within us as Kundalini and She awakens spontaneously. It is a living process, of a living power. And whatever living happens is always spontaneous. Supposing, you want to sprout a seed, you just have to put it in the Mother Earth, and spontaneously it sprouts. Because the Mother Earth has the capacity and the seed has the possibility. So, it manifests spontaneously.
You don’t have to pay anything, you don’t have to stand on your head, you don’t have to wear any badges, you don’t have to believe into anything, it just happens. In the same way, awakening of the Kundalini takes place. It is a living process. It pierces through six centers…not the seventh one is lower. And ultimately pierces through your fontanel bone area. And you start feeling the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost on top of your head. You feel it. Nobody has to certify you; you yourself feel a cool breeze coming out of your own head.
This is the real baptism. This is the living baptism. It is not some priest putting some water on your head, and saying: “Now you are baptized.” It is a myth. It’s a reality. So, then, after some time, or in some people at the same moment, you start feeling the All-Pervading Power. On your central nervous system, on your fingertips. In English if you say: “It is on your fingertips”, means: very innate, it is very innate.

Mohammad Sahib has said clearly that: “At the time of Resurrection, your hands will speak.” Because on your fingertips you can feel the seven centers. Five, six and seven. And, you are amazed, that from very next day, your life is transformed. Its so obvious. Its so evident. You can see within yourself how the change has taken place. That is the need of the…hour today. This has to happen to humanity. I don’t know how many will really get to transformation. Because the Divine itself is anxious. I’m myself surprised how it is working among thousands of people!
All your past is forgotten, lost and forgiven. It just works out in a split of a second. It is very fantastic. But, one has to develop it. Because, after Realization, the Kundalini goes to various places within you, where you need help. Now, if you know how to handle, if you know how to manage it, then you become a master. I’ll give you an analogy which may explain. Like in a car, we have a break and an accelerator. Like the left and the right side. Now, when you learn driving, you manage…make mistakes. But when you learn it, you become the driver. Then you do it automatically.
But the master is sitting behind. After sometime, you become the master. Then the master sees, the witnesses, the driver, the brake and the accelerator. Such a person is a very powerful personality. Is a power of love and compassion. We have never known this power of love before. This is Divine Love. This is the all-pervading love. Is the subtler of subtlest. We have known ether, which we use, sitting down here, we can talk to another person, or we can have a complete photograph in another place. But this power is the subtlest of that ether also.
Not only that it knows about the person who is far away, but it acts, it acts and works out. It is such a great thing to achieve. That you are that Spirit. But you have to become. It is the question of becoming, not talking about it. I hope today, you all receive your Realization, and you respect it, and you develop it. We’ll have a follow-on meeting here again on Wednesday. The progress in Paris has been the slowest, as far as Sahaja Yog is concerned. Though I have been here many more times than I have been to India. While in India, we have thousands of Sahaja Yogis. Why not in Paris?
You are very aware. Very aware. So, the confusion should be over now. It will follow as soon as you get your integration. Confusion is because of ignorance. And darkness. This room, if it is dark, we cannot relate to each other. But we can put the lights, just by pressing a button. But behind that button is a big organization, a big history, and …that has brought this today to this stage. In the same way, on the tree of life, though we had one or two flowers, today it is “The Blossom Time”.
It’s alright…it’s alright…it’s alright, I can speak loudly. [It seems the microphone is going down] So, now…alright…I think it is too much of light from here is, that’s why it’s too much load. Alright, doesn’t matter, don’t get disturbed. Please, don’t get disturbed, I’m about to start the Realization. If their is any question, you can ask Me, but we’ll not have too many questions to waste time. Only people who are going to take Realization should ask questions. Mostly who ask questions, never sit down for Realization.
Ah, ah…they just ask questions for asking sake. So, better ask a question, with an idea to know something more. But I would suggest that the knowledge is like ocean. And I have given at least two…to two thousand to five a… two thousand five hundred lectures in London only in English language, only in London. And everywhere, I’ve been speaking and speaking and speaking. And you can have My tapes, if you want to enjoy some mental fits. But better have your spiritual feast. By asking questions, nobody is going to gain much. It is just…You can try, but it is not of use.
If Kundalini rises, and you get Realization, I’m fortunate, and you are fortunate. And if it does not rise, that’s your luck and My misfortune. There is no guarantee. So, please, you should not blame Me if it does not work out. I’ll work hard, and you have to be patient with yourself. And have to respect yourself. Because, you are the Temple of God.
Now, questions.
Shri Mataji: [What’d he say?]
Translator: “Does Realization give us an obligation towards you?”
Shri Mataji: “Me? What can you give Me?”
People: “Nothing!”
Shri Mataji: “That’s it! That is the obligation, nothing! Do you know how much we are blessed, do you know without the sun we cannot exist for a second? What do we give to the sun? What do we give to this Mother Earth? She gives because that is Her nature.”

Translator: “And second question was: what is the dangers…”
Shri Mataji: “No dangers, of any kind.”
Shri Mataji: “They’re in a happy mood today…”
Translator: “She said during a meditation, she’s had her Realization. During a meditation, she felt a lot of wind, cold wind on the forehead, and she went up, and checked all the windows, and everything was shut, and she was a bit, a little bit scared…”
Shri Mataji: “No, nothing to be scared of…It’s all around us. Do you know how much is the weight upon us of the atmosphere, do you know? Equal to twenty-five elephants…Equal to twenty-five elephants on top of our head. But nothing happens to us, does it?”
Translator: “She says the breeze comes from the outside, that’s what she doesn’t understand.”
Shri Mataji: “Yes, it is: outside, inside, everywhere! Yes! It is, it is all round! After sometime, you start seeing the little, eh…dazzling… little comas of Chaïtanya, of this power. Just enjoy! Hm…Good!”
Shri Mataji: What else now? No one?
So let us have Realization. Those who have got it, will feel it more, and those who haven’t got it, should get it. Now, you have to…you have to take out your shoes, because it’s better to touch the Mother Earth, it’s better.
Such vibrations today… it’s…it’s…Now, see, everything is closed! And be in a cheerful mood! Now, you have to put your hands on your lap, like this, towards Me. The left side represents the desire to have your Realization. So, you put your left hand all the time on your lap, and you yourself with your own hand, will be giving vibrations, Divine Vibrations, to your different centers, which I’ll tell you.
They will be on the left-hand side. First, you’ll have to put it on the heart, I will tell you later. Until…Heart…heart…you put it on… somebody has to show. Can you show? Yes, then you have to put it on your… on your stomach, on the upper part, then in the lower part, then again on the heart, then on the left side of your neck, on the base, holding it tight, then across your forehead, then at the back here holding on your head, then on the fontanel bone area place the palm. You have to press it and move it clockwise.
At the very…at the very outset, I have to tell you that you should not feel guilty at all. Forget the past. All the time you have to say: “I am not guilty.” Is a very wrong thing, and the greatest harm done to yourself by feeling guilty. So, please, don’t judge yourself. And don’t be afraid, be in a cheerful mood. It’s a small journey, to enter into the Kingdom of God. Alright. So, now, you can close your eyes.
Before that, if you have anything tight, very tight, makes you uncomfortable, make yourself comfortable. Now, put the left hand towards Me. Everyone, everyone here has to do what I tell you. One should not be adamant. If you don’t want to do it, it would be better that you go away. Because such people disturb the vibrations of others.
Only those who want Self-realization should stay here. Now, please, put your left hand towards Me. Please, close your eyes. Just close your eyes. Need not press. Just slightly close your eyes. Do not press it hard. Close it properly. Now, put your right hand please, on your heart. Those who are wearing coats can put it from inside the coat, would be better.
Keep the eyes shut. Don’t open the eyes, ’till I tell you. Because the Kundalini may not rise. Now, at this time, when your hand is on your heart, you have to say…it’s a question…you have to ask Me, you can call Me “Shri Mataji”, or “Mother”, whatever you like. You ask a question: “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Please, ask this question three times in your heart.
Now, don’t feel guilty. This is the main trouble you all are having is feeling guilty. Say: “I’m not guilty, I’m not guilty, I’m not guilty…” and now say: “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Now, take this hand down, on the upper part of the abdomen, and now, on this center, which is the center of the Primordial Master. This, logically, you have to ask a question. If you are the Spirit, you become your own master. So, please, ask Me a question three times: “Mother, am I my own master?”
Hum…Hum…[Shri Mataji says three times slowly in the microphone a mantra like “Gruha Laxmiam Sakshat”, but it is not very audible…] Now, take this hand down on the lower part of the abdomen. This is the center thru which the true knowledge, the true technique acts. At this point, I’m sorry; I cannot cross your freedom. So, you have to ask Me: “Mother, please, give me true knowledge.” “Mother, please, give me the true technique of the Divine.” [Hum…better?] Six times…Because this center has got six sub plexuses. This center is called as Swadishthana.
Please, don’t feel guilty. Now, again, raise your hand on the upper part of the stomach, on the left hand side. Now, the new thing has started that, you have to assert yourself, as now you have got the beginning of the true knowledge. Without feeling guilty, with full confidence, you have to say six times…no, I’m sorry, ten times, with full assertion: “Mother, I am my own master.” Without feeling guilty. If you are wearing out of your…any guru, or anything…please take it out…otherwise it won’t work out.
Because you have to become the master now. Ten times, please, with full assertion. Please, don’t feel guilty. Hum…better. [Shri Mataji says to some yogi very softly:”Ekadasha…”] Now, raise your hand to your heart, with full confidence, without feeling guilty. Please, say twelve times: “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Ha! Now, say it with full confidence. Now, believe Me, that God is the ocean of love. He is the ocean of compassion.
Above all, He is the ocean of forgiveness. So, you are not to feel guilty. Please, raise your hand on the base of your neck, and press it hard. Now, here…from the front…take it from the front, take it yes, take it from the front…at the back, take it at the back…Now, you have to say sixteen times: “Mother, I’m not guilty.” Believe Me, you are not guilty! Ha! [Shri Mataji says soflty: “What a release! …inaudible…it’s too much…Ho, ho…Goes to the right heart there…it’s alright…ha…better? Ha? Better?]
Alright! Now, those who still feel guilty should say it hundred and eight times to punish themselves. Ha! Now. It’s better… Now, raise this hand on the forehead across, hold it tight. Here, you have to say: “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Now, many would say that it’s very difficult, but it is a myth when you believe that you don’t forgive or forgive. On the contrary you are playing into the hands of other people. So, say: “I forgive, I forgive, I forgive everyone.” From your heart say it.
All your pressure will go down. Now, take this hand on the back side. And press it hard, on both the sides. Now, here you have to say, without feeling guilty, again I say, without feeling guilty… without feeling guilty. That: “If I have done any mistake, O Lord, please, forgive me”, but don’t feel guilty. Say it from your heart.
[Shri Mataji is blowing in the microphone] Now, take this hand, on top of your head, on the fontanel bone area, and press it. Press it hard and move it in clockwise manner. At this time again, I cannot cross your freedom, I cannot force Realization on you. You have to ask for it. Please, say: “Mother, I want my Realization, please may I have it?” Press it hard.
Please, say it seven times. [Shri Mataji blows again in the microphone, around seven times] Now, put your right hand down below, don’t open your eyes. On your lap. Now, put your left hand on top of your head, and see if there’s a cool breeze coming out. About four inches, on top of your head, on top. See if there’s a cool breeze coming out. Little higher, about four, four-five inches higher, you move it up and down, you will see.
[Shri Mataji says thirteen times in the microphone: “Om Sakshat Nirmalam Sakshat”]

Now, you can see with another hand also. Got it. Got it? Ha, good… Now, you slowly open your eyes, but don’t think about it. Now, raise your hands up in the air, bend your head back, and ask the question: “Is this the All-Pervading Power of God, is it Brahma, is it the manifestation of the Holy Ghost, the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Ha! Alright? Feeling it? Put it straight. Straight hand. Feeling it?
Hu! Now, bring it down, and see in your hands, are you feeling it? [Inaudible] Now, don’t think, just don’t think. Some might be feeling in the left hand the cool breeze. But not on the right hand. They should put right hand towards Me, and left hand like this. Those who are feeling need not; they can put both the hands, but don’t think. Now, those who are feeling in the right hand the cool breeze and not in the left hand should put their left hand towards Me, and right hand towards the Mother Earth.
Are you feeling in both the hands? …Or both the hands? On one? Right hand you are feeling? No, left hand…alright… keep it…liver…ha! Put your left hand on the liver. Yes, those who are not feeling on the right hand can put their hands on the liver. Those who are not feeling in the left hand, should put their right hand on the heart. Now, those who have felt the cool breeze on top of their heads, or in their hands, raise your hands, both the hands.
Ho! Practically everyone! But those who have not felt, should not get disappointed, we have so many people, Sahaja Yogis from all over Europe have come, they’ll work it out. See her…She has…no, no, but you have got it, you have already got it, but in your hands you are not feeling. You…not…Vishuddhi…one chakra is…in the hands you are not feeling, but we are feeling on your head…on the Vishuddhi just see [Radha-your hand?]. Put your hand on the Vishuddhi, she’ll feel it! On…the head, but on her hands just see if she’s feeling…
Now, close your eyes and watch it. Don’t deny, just see, it’s sensitive, it’s subtle, is a subtler experience, we are in the gross, you see? So, be careful, see now, is it? No, no, don’t think about it, don’t think, that’s not the way, don’t think about it, if it is not working, we could tell you it’s not working, but it is. But, hands is there also, you should feel, slowly you’ll feel it, suddenly, some people don’t feel it immediately, you didn’t feel at all? Nothing at all? Ha…Grégoire, just see him ha…now…who else?

Now, don’t argue. See, if you have not felt it, it is because it is very subtle. Now forgive, forgive, you have not forgiven…forgive! Forgive! Forgive! What she’s saying? No, but still you forgive. Say just that much. Left to the right, too much of it, left to the right, put her left to the right. Alright? Ha? To desire! Those who have not felt? We have many Sahaja Yogis sitting here; they will all help you. Now. You have not felt, alright? That’s one, two, two persons, three…What he’s saying? Tell him what to say for his head. Now, don’t talk, just be quiet. Those who have not felt raise your hand, Take it easy, take it easy…
Her attitude is not…your attitude is not alright. You are not obliging anyone…you have to oblige yourself…do you understand that point? Alright! No, no it’s alright, so don’t get impatient, be patient. We are patient with you, why are you not patient with yourself? Be patient, it will work out…be patient…now, we’ll see, we’ll work it out. Is there any lady here nearby…to see? Someone…they have come all the way from everywhere. Some lady here? Is there a Sahaja Yogini? No? Just see here, this lady. It will work out, don’t you worry, some people don’t feel it, doesn’t matter, she took sometime to feel it herself, it’s no argument. It’s normal, it’s normal, some people feel it more on the feet, some on the hand, don’t you worry…if you are feeling in the feet.
Yes, it’s alright, she has a Vishuddhi, she has a bad Vishuddhi…hum. This is the center is not alright…if one center…Are you alright, madam? She’s not feeling? Come along! No? Just somebody will see…see her, see her…It will, it will…gradually it will cool it down, have you felt it now? It’s alright, have you felt it now? Warren? What’s the matter with this gentleman? The liver is still…but this gentleman…no, no, put your hand on his Kundalini, no, no, no, it will work out…put her…she…you have to put your hand on her Kundalini itself, is not rising that’s why…itself…and one on her Vishuddhi…one on her Vishuddhi…no, no, you put …you put your…you put your hand…

What she says? [inaudible…] Ha…hello, is a realize…great people, you are all great…what’s your name? Great, look at them! You feeling the cool breeze? Are they feeling the cool breeze? Yes, from the very beginning…they are Realized souls…Now, you have to go and feel this woman, go…and feel her cool breeze…just go and help, you are great people. Did you feel, madam? On both the hands, did you feel now? [Less on the?- not clear] Alright, put your left hand towards Me, right hand on your heart. Are you alright? What is he saying? No, no, it’s alright, you’re alright.