Conversation after Ashtami Puja Ashram in Le Raincy, Le Raincy (France)

Conversation after Ashtami Puja. (France), 30 September 1984.
Already, Its already full, now you better do it. I mean that’s what I was wondering. Within this week’s time, you better must put 100 pounds,100 dollars with it. 100 dollars. Now there is a very cheap flight, may be arranged, from Rome for 250 pounds. But you must decide now. (Mother laughs). Americans have already decided, Australians have decided, English of course have decided, only the Italians have not given a full number and Austrians, […]

8th Day of Navaratri and Talk After the Puja, What We Have To Do Within Ourserlves Complexe sportif René Leduc, Meudon (France)

Ashtami Puja, Eighth day of Navaratri, Meudon, Paris (France), 30 September 1984.
Today is the eighth day of Navaratri, but it is great day for Sahaja Yogis because it is the most important period. That is, the seventh centre we have crossed and we are on the eighth centre. We need not think of the Goddess what She did on the eighth day, we have to think today what we have to do within ourserlves.
After crossing the seventh day, […]