Havan Ekadasha Rudra after Shri Mahaganesha Puja

Ganapatipule (India)

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Havan Ekadasha Rudra after Shri Mahaganesha Puja

Today we all have assembled here, to pay our respect to Shree Ganesha. Ganpatipule has a special significance because he is Maha Ganesha. The Ganesha at Muladhara becomes Maha Ganesha in the Virata that is the brain that means it is the seat of Shri Ganesh that means Shree Ganesha governs from that seat, the principal of Innocence. As you know very well it is placed at the back in the region of optic thalamus optic [UNCLEAR] and it is the giver of Innocence to the eyes. When he incarnated as Christ it is in here in the front at Angya, he said very clearly that thou shalt not have adulterate eyes. It is a very subtle saying which people don’t understand what is the meaning of the word. Adultery means impurity in a General world. Any impurity in the eye thou shalt not have. It’s very difficult. Instead of saying that you get your realization and clear your back Angya, He has said it in short form thou shalt not have adulterate eyes and people thought it is an impossible situation. He was not allowed to live long actually his public life is limited to thee and half years only.

So whatever he has said has a very great significance that your eyes should not be adulterants when there is innocence there is no adultery. It means there is no impurity. for example with our eyes we see something and we want to possess it. we start thinking, the thought starts like a chain one after another and then we get into the web of horrible thoughts and then we become slaves of those thoughts without even our knowledge our eyes are turned to things which have very gross and take you downward. As Shri Krishna has said that the tree of awareness rose upside down that the roots are in the brain and the branches go downward. those who have gone to materialism grown downward, those who have gone towards divine have grown upwards the roots. The main root as they call it [UNCLEAR] is innocence is Shri Ganesh and he becomes Maha Ganesha in Ganpatipule, here he is surrounded by the father principal the guru principle of the sea the ocean the Indian ocean.

That is here he becomes the guru when a Sahaja yogi establishes his Shri Ganesha principle, he is still a child. Of course, his eyes start becoming purer and purer and powerful and glistening. you must have seen when the Kundalini gives you the realisation you eyes start gleaming spark is there in the eye you can make out a spark. with ego its gets covered, with ego it blinds with superego it is covered with tears but when they are clear you see the beauty of the eyes, Shree Ganesha shining through your glances.

The attention now starts flowing through the window of Shree Ganesha [UNCLEAR] but when you mature you become Maha Ganesha then maha Ganesha is established within you and you become a Sadhguru. You become divine guru you can teach others. Even a child could be that Even a grown-up person may be stupid. It is nothing to do with age, colour, creed or cast.

It is a state to which one can reach at any time like you can say here we have Gyaneshwar who at a very young age composed the great Gyaneshwari. As you have seen yesterday at the age of 12 years Gorakhnath established his Maha Ganesha. But if you do not try to ascend then you will remain at the same stage even you grow old. So maturity is the indication. Here as we have seen Ganapatipule, Shri Ganesha is in its complete matured form. So that we develop also our Maha Ganesha within us and our eyes become pure, powerful and divine. With proper working out, I am sure we can establish that state within ourselves.