Workshop on False Gurus Problems among seekers

Jaipur (India)


Workshop, day 2, Jaipur [India], February 19th, 1986

Take your seats
Looks like the Doctor has worked very hard upon you all
The old man: [Unclear]
[Speaker advices everyone to sit in front]
Shri Mataji: [To the lady] OH! How are you? Did you just touch MY feet! [Shri Mataji enquires about another person. The lady conveys that he/she has had a heart attack. Shri Mataji is telling her to bring that person along, he can get cured. Shri Mataji pats her] Very well!
[Some light conversation – Unclear]
Shri Mataji [sits down]: My throat is sore because of giving innumerable talks.
[Someone from the audience – unclear].
It looks to Me that you people have entered the kingdom of God. Understand that you have taken your seats there but now, how will you know that you have reached there? Try to desire something, anything – God is watching, you are His disciples. He will fulfill every desire of yours in a very beautiful manner. Another thing to look at is collective consciousness. Now you people are collectively conscious because the way the Spirit is designed, it is collective, indicating there is nothing else left. On your fingertips, you can know which of your chakras are catching as well as others’. Now all you have to learn is the Deities of each chakras and how to please them. Both for yourself and for others. So, all you have to do it, feel on your hands. Let’s try to understand, there is a temple of Shri Govind ji here, right? Ask, “Mother, this Govind ji who is presiding here, is this a swayambhu?”
The vibrations will increase suddenly. Different scents emerge in the air.

[To the audience] Have they increased? [waits] Got it? You should feel. You should be sensitive. Ya! When you question, both the hands should feel the vibrations because it is indeed a swayumbhu. Now what are these swayumbhus? Mother Earth, in a special way, has created them as the Earth element also has a kind of an intelligence…auspicious knowledge [shuddh-buddhi] in which all such shapes and sizes have been created that emerge on their own, in this world. As these start emitting vibrations, those vibes envelop the whole universe and in this way, Mother Earth keeps the whole creation very pure. For example, She instills fragrance in flowers. In every era, Mother Earth creates these swayumbhus. Now is this all correct or incorrect, how do we know? Because the Spirit is complete, absolute. Now ask for anything, “Is this a swayumbhu?” [raises Her hands] If you wish to ask for any person, for e.g. you may not know but Mohammad sahab was an incarnation of Shri Dattatreya. Spread your hands and ask. Was Shri Mohammad an incarnation of Shri Dattatreya?
[Shri Mataji smiles] Got it?

Shri Mataji: [To a listener] You have just come today, you need some sensitivity to know. Now all these people know. Now, it is increasing because it is indeed the truth and with this experience, you can accept the truth and discard the rest. This falsehood is the very barrier that entangles us, what we need to eradicate. Lies immediately vanish when your spirit gets awakened and you can know the truth. Now you see, I have varying opinions for various gurus. However, even those who went to the good gurus, their kundalini also stops. Now you wonder why, because those gurus stopped it. For e.g. You are a disciple of Shirdi Sai Nath, who was indeed Shri Dattatreya, no doubt about it then why did those disciples’ kundalini stop? Reason being, He tells his disciples to ask if Mother, HERSELF, is the Sai Nath? [emphasises, NOT Satya Sai Baba BUT Shirdi Sai Baba]. Ask this question, “Mother, are you the Sai Nath of Shirdi?” [Waits] Got them? Increased? Gradually, the sensitivity/subtlety increases. Till now, there was no subtlety. As it increases, you understand the truth and can discard the rest. Then there is no convincing to be done, no scope of any debates – you, yourself will know the truth.

Now there was an Englishman – those people are the hard nuts who do not know ‘g’ of Shri Ganesh. Somehow, I managed to gather 7 people like him. He said that, “Mother, you claim that there is indeed collective consciousness but my father hasn’t called in a few days, no news from him”. So, I told him to spread his hands and ask, “Mother, I don’t know how my father is feeling”. As he asked, his finger [gestures towards Vishuddhi] started burning [esp, upper palm]. Left upper palm indicates the chakras of the Father whereas the Right upper palm indicates the chakras of the Mother. I told him, “Your Father must be down with a bad Bronchitis”. I told him to call his mother and check. She said exactly the same, “Your Father is down with a bad Bronchitis”. Then I told him, “Let’s learn how to give a bandhan for your father”. Half an hour later, the father called and said he is fine indeed! Now your attention is indeed connected to the attention of the universe.

How sophisticated this telecommunication is, am going to tell you with an example. Between a husband and wife, the wife had many possessions and obstructions. I told the man told end his wife away for a few days, to an ashram maybe, so that she may get alright and return. He paid no heed. The woman had a nasty fall while holding her child. The child was so adversely effected, his brain almost came out. Blood entered his cerebrospinal fluid. For the next 2 days, even I felt like my cerebrospinal fluid was shooting up and down! I wondered just who is in this condition? Now, I have given this man a place in my body, no matter what kind of a person he is. After 2 days, the man called and reported the child is indeed unconscious, requested ME to clear him. In the same moment, on the other side, the child got cured! I didn’t do anything. But he is a special child. A very evolved soul indeed, his name is, ‘Akshay’. So, I have identified you all in my body, what else do you want? Now, all you have to do is make progress in your meditation, increase your sensitivity and then gear up for innumerable spellbinding experiences,[both in your subtle and] even in your material life, the most mundane! It’s not like I am going to give you any diamonds and emeralds!

After Mr. Warren got his realization and headed to Australia to pursue Mother’s work, there was a strike of gas stations. But he moved ahead. Till 21 days, he kept running from pillar to post but there was no sight of petrol. After the strike ended, when he took his car to the gas station, the man laughed and told him that the petrol in his car is indeed filled to the brim! Yog Kshem Vahamyam – everything spoken by Shri Krishna, I shall prove! In fact, to prove Shri Krishna is the need of the hour! [Audience – UNCLEAR] but ‘kshem’ doesn’t happen with money, my son. [Audience – UNCLEAR] ‘Kshem’ is complete, absolute. Kshem comprises – peace, resolution, awakening of the collective consciousness, the joy of the Spirit, only then it can be termed as ‘Kshem’. ‘kshem’ cannot happen with money. In this manner, you will get many experiences of your kundalini. At times, you may feel it tickles you then it will rise above. You will know others’ experiences with their kundalinis and you will see SY is like a big joker. Now, the idea is move out of yourself and spread this love to others. Till the time your lamp was not lit, a lot of hard work had to be done. Now, it is the duty of that lamp to illuminate others. The more lamps you illuminate, the more progress you will make but those who stay in their own circle, the Devi gets displeased with them. Now, there are people who received a lot of love ‘n’ care from ME, got money, rose to higher levels professionally, yet they keep cribbing and whining! So, the Devi gets displeased with them, “Go, do whatever you want!” [Audience – UNCLEAR] Yes, you should share, spread, enlighten more lamps. You need to be so adept at this skill that you become the master of it! After all, there is no financial transaction in it! Use your hands, the job will be done! All the powers are indeed within you, do you know you are the biggest computer? I have not ‘programmed’ you but from within, you know that I am sitting in front of you. Even more, when you become a Divine Computer, you’d wonder how the works get done! Suddenly, you’ll see how a relevant person appears and does your work. Everything falls in place! Once your job is done, you have a lot of time left – meditate, ascend and share it with others. How trees grow bigger and people take shelter under them! But you are a sprout still – you have to protect it and keep its respect intact. Don’t hurry! If you wish to ride a horse, learn how to sit on it first. Once you learn the art of horse riding, go fly with it! Have patience, your work will be done. Your work will be done. You people are devotees, all will ascend.

Now I have to take leave. If you have any questions, feel free to ask today before I continue to speak later. Yesterday, we started our program late because of ‘Shukroday’ [Shukra- uday, the rising of the Venus]. You people know how important it is for Venus to be present. Venus is the prototype of your Mother. Don’t feel bad about it [rising later]. I work at my own timings. When the time is right – pure, appropriate, in that nick of the hour, I have to hold you. In that partnership itself, I make you people ascend. It is a pact between Me and time. Hence, don’t feel bad about ME arriving early or late.

Seeker: [Unclear]

Shri Mataji: Speak? [Asks for water]

Seeker: Books written on Kundalini talk about weird/uneasy experiences regarding Kundalini awakening?

Shri Mataji: Leave them aside! They are not authorized to speak on the topic. Those are evil people! Extremely evil people! I haven’t seen anybody being able to raise the Kundalini so far. In fact, those who have claimed to awaken it, put people into more problems!

Seeker:  The second part of my question is,the tradition of kundalini-awakening is explained very differently in the ‘Brahmkumari’ sect.

Shri Mataji: ‘Brahmkumari’ sect is absurd, you can understand. Use your own sensibilities, it is considered auspicious to marry. One should marry. In SY, one must marry and those who do not marry, SY is not for them – it is crystal clear. Marry and live properly! Do not escape from your worldly, familial responsibilities. Don’t run away from the responsibilities of your children. SY is not for ‘absconders’! Such ideas of remaining unmarried, it’s all junk! And they get exposed too. It’s very wrong.

Seeker: Is there any course in SY?

Shri Mataji [smiling]: There is no course in SY, my son. The growth is individual.

[SYs in the AUDIENCE PROD FURTHER – Mother, should he be working on himself for 3 weeks or..?]

Shri Mataji: In your case, you can get alright in 2-4 days as well. But you should devote yourself for at least 3 weeks. Humans have a tendency to ask for a particular time. If you can tell, precisely at what hour would the flower blossom then I shall tell you. This is a living process and it happens in its own timespan.

Seeker: [Unclear] Only in SY, have I seen such a clear chart of the subtle system.

Shri Mataji: If I weren’t a doctor, you wouldn’t have listened to me? [LAUGHS!]

Seeker: I am believing in you!

Shri Mataji: The doctors only know about the tree, its branches but not the roots. The roots [rootcause of the matter] are known only to the rishi-munis [old time saints]. To understand the rootcause, one has to be subtle. And SY is a work of subtlety. Acquire your subtlety first then learn about the roots. Ok?

Seeker: [Unclear]

Shri Mataji: If you have to treat this tree, you will not give the treatment to its leaves but to its roots. And to get to the roots, you need the knowledge of the root [the very origin of things]. Such knowledge is known only to the authorized people. Ok? Such knowledge was not made available over the risk of misuse. This is why this was kept a secret-knowledge. In the 6th century, this knowledge was spoken about but all the mechanisms involved were not explained in detail. With MY arrival, the knowledge is being told in great detail. People asked me to get this knowledge registered but I opposed the idea for you people have to practice it yourself! And if you feel you can spread this knowledge yourself, go ahead and better you spare me!

If you have to treat this tree, you will not give the treatment to its leaves but to its roots. And to get to the roots, you need the knowledge of the root [the very origin of things]. Such knowledge is known only to very authorized people. Ok? Such knowledge was not made available over the risk of misuse. This is why this was kept a secret-knowledge. In the 6th century, this knowledge was spoken about but all the mechanisms involved were not explained in detail. With MY arrival, the knowledge is being told in great detail. People asked me to get this knowledge registered but I opposed the idea for you people have to practice it yourself! And if you spread this knowledge yourself, go ahead and better you spare me!

Shri Mataji: With kundalini-awakening, illnesses get cured. This is a huge misunderstanding that I cure diseases. Kundalini must be awakened. [Gestures to the child] He has taken on a possession. Do you have a guru?

[Person denies]

Shri Mataji: You must be following someone. The child’s entire left is affected. This poor child is completely in the control of a false guru. It is your fault you took your child to a wrong person. [Gestures his forehead, explains] this is the catch here [Lady: He fell down once] He fell because of the catch! Children get hurt when parents steer their children in wrong directions. Possessed indeed! Come Indumati! [Sends the child and his mother to other SY to be worked upon] At least understand things on your own first, don’t just take your children to any fellow! Do they ever benefit from such trips, think about it?

[To the child] Your right side is catching so badly, did he teach you any Gayatri mantra?


Shri Mataji: Which mantra?

Child: Ram, Rama..

Shri Mataji: Ram, ramay namah – that’s precisely the chakra that’s catching. Rt Heart. Come here [Tells other Sahaja Yogis to work upon the child]

Shri Mataji: [To someone else in the crowd] What about you?

Seeker: I remain very tensed.

Shri Mataji: Of?


Shri Mataji: Had you come yesterday? [Calls upon SYs to give him realization] I have to leave now. Is he alright? [Waits] Tell her about Guru Nanak. Are you Punjabi? Speak to them in Punjabi. I have to go. Can you make him take out his left side? Go. [to another person] And what about you?

Seeker: Allergy, asthma

Shri Mataji: Dust?

Seeker: I don’t know…

Shri Mataji: Do you believe in Ram?

Seeker: Yes

Shri Mataji: That’s what’s catching

Seeker: There is also bad eyesight and problems of the guru

Shri Mataji: Which guru?

Seeker: [Unclear]

Shri Mataji: That messed things up. [Waits and calls a SY, interrupts HERSELF and speaks to an earlier person] Oh MY! What’s happening to you? Such a badha! Shaking in front of ME! [To a lady] So, are you feeling better than yesterday? Forgive everyone…fully from the heart! Say, “Mother, I have forgiven everyone from my heart” [looks at another person] Ah! He is the person who didn’t want self-realization and now he is shaking! [To him] What have you been doing?? Another false guru victim!

[Seeker – Unclear] What else? If you make money in God’s name, what else would happen?

[Another person from the audience – Unclear]

Shri Mataji: Where is your wife?

Seeker: [Unclear]

Shri Mataji: Just give vibrations on his Mooladhara, just see how he is. [To another person] For you MY Son, this possession is coming from a very strong man [false guru]. Go to Warren. Warren, explain everything to him in detail.

Another person – [Unclear. Tells Shri Mataji about some tantric’s influence on him, on his family.]

Shri Mataji: Hare Ram! Who? [enquires further from him] What caste are you?

Seeker: Mali

Shri Mataji: So, how did you fall in the tantric racket? Did you go to him?

[Seeker clarifies to SHRI MATAJI that he did as the tantric said]

Shri Mataji: Ask him to bring 4 coconuts, we shall give it mantras and he has to put them in the 4 corners of the house. Explain him!

[SYs in the audience begin explaining] Another person addresses his query to SHRI MATAJI. SHRI MATAJI calls to the SY

Shri Mataji: Hello, can you cure his Nabhi? He has a Nabhi problem.

Shri Mataji:  [listens to another person]: What? [looks at the person previously getting treatment] Is it ok now? [to the present lady] On the neck? [Lady addresses her concern – UNCLEAR] Where? Not Nabhi, Vishuddhi, at the back side. Go to Warren, he will tell you the mantras. Warren? Tell him Virata’s mantra. [Tells the previous person] Bring coconuts in the evening. 5 of them. 4 for all the corners of the house and 1 more, to keep inside the house. It will pull out [the negativity] Ok?

[Another person in the audience – UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: You have a guru again? [Seeker denies] This had to happen! Shows on your face! Don’t lie. You have gone to a guru! Someone definitely in your house! My son, I see it on your face! I know each and everything! Try and recollect, did any guru come to your house? [Seeker feels divided] Then go and enquire. You have a strong catch [Talks about his problems] If you go to such filthy people, what else would happen? Wait..will tell you. [Call out to a SY] Explain him how to clean his left side and tell him to bring a coconut. Go…

Another one reaches out

Shri Mataji: Yours didn’t get alright? [Seeker explains – UNCLEAR] Why? [Seeker explains – UNCLEAR] Oh! [Seeker explains – UNCLEAR] Ok, now put this hand in front of ME AND left towards the sky. Now ask, “Mother, are you sakshat Gayatri and Saraswati?” [Seeker asks and starts talking again] Ask again, “Mother, are you sakshat Gayatri and Saraswati?” [He asks] Got it? Do you feel the coolness? Got the coolness?

Seeker: I feel little cool

Shri Mataji: Now spread your hand and put the other on Mother Earth. Now ask from this hand, “Mother, are you sakshat Shri Mahakali?” [Seeker repeats] Do you feel the coolness in your hands?

Seeker: Yes, it has started

Shri Mataji: Ok, now you are awakened. [Calls out to a SY] This man is a Saraswati worshipper. I have started his vibrations, just see that he is fixed. [To the man] No need to tell the entire saga, you will get guidance on the chakra. Now Go! You don’t go on counting each and every leaf, just put the water in the roots, will get cured now! Why wanting to tell me each and every problem? I know all about you. [To other SYs] Some guru has ruined him! Ask him to ask Saraswati’s and Mahakali’s thing and put him up. Just fix his kundalini properly! And then he has to say, “YOU are!” Take him on the Mother Earth, it’s better. Not in the Sun! [Looks at the previously guidedo] Just look at him, still shaking! Who do you worship? [Unclear]

He was the one yesterday…the one who didn’t want his self-realization, sitting there, he wasnt even opening out his hands! [LAUGHS] [Continues at the previously guided man] What is it? [UNCLEAR] Hold your ears! [Tells someone closer by] So many bhoots sitting inside him, what to do? Put both the hands on Mother Earth. Hmm..keep sitting! It’s definitely the bhoot!

Shri Mataji: [Another person speaks – Unclear, Shri Mataji smiles] Who do you worship? [UNCLEAR] [Calls out a SY] Just check this man. He reads Ramayan and Bhagwat, just check him.

[Another man complains of indolence – UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: Have you gone to any guru?

Seeker: There’s never been a Guru.

Shri Mataji: There must be [Man unclear] Are you an Arya Samaji? [The man admits to having read the literature of [Unclear] He is indeed a foolish man! Absolutely useless! How can he come to write? He has made all junk! Seeker: [Unclear]

Shri Mataji: Disgusting! Ask him about Kundalini and he would say, either in the stomach or in the head, he is a fool! Those who claim to have written on the basis of scriptures, they are a foolish lot! What do they know!

Seeker says he’s been reading since a year [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: Dhananjay, take him, ask him to sit on Mother Earth and ask the question of, ‘Shri Jagdamba’ and [UNCLEAR] 3 times and his Centre Heart is catching a lot! [Yes, Mother]

Seeker: Is any of my chakra catching?

Shri Mataji: Yes, a lot! Do you believe in Jagdamba? Go, it will be ok. [To others] Yes, what’s goin on? [Unclear] Which Pir have you been wandering at? Hmm? [Unclear] Is he alive or dead? [Pir or Fakir refers to false gurus in Islam. Bulle Shah is indeed a Fakir, a good soul but many such Pirs are false gurus]

Seeker: Alive

Shri Mataji: There are too many Pirs here. Don’t get caught in the racket of Muslims. This is where you have erred [to another person, “Sit”] Talks about the previous man [still shaking] He must also have made lots of money fooling people and now, in front of Me, he is shaking like a leaf! All the money is now coming out!

Shri Mataji enquires about the man getting vibrations, “Is it ok now?” [Calls another SY] Get his left cured as well! He went to a Muslim. Either follow a Hindu or a Muslim fellow, they are all quacks above one another!

Shri Mataji: [to another person] Yes, My son, tell Me? [Man complains of cough, cold, fatigue]. Are you a simpleton? [Both SHRI MATAJI’s and Man’s voice – UNCLEAR] Who are these people? Have you been awakened? Who are these 5 people? [Someone from the audience suggests – UNCLEAR] No, they seem to be just spectators! [Shouts at them] You said you didn’t want Self-realization, then why have you come back? Now which realization do you want?

[Someone from the audience suggests – UNCLEAR]

Precisely! They left in between the program yesterday, disturbing everyone! Saying he didn’t want self-realization. If his beard stops growing, he will be fine! [Someone from the audience suggests maybe he was not the one] You know, know Son, he is indeed the one! He came and sat, then said he doesn’t want Self-realization. I know it and now he is laughing. Who else has come? [Shri Mataji realizes that She mistook him for another person] Sit, you are a Sikh? Now you will get your awakening in just a minute! A Sikh should not have any problems getting his realization! You believe in Guru Nanak?

Seeker: No

Shri Mataji: You don’t? [Seeker tells Shri Mataji that he is a worshipper of Shri Shiva] Then what else does he want? He is already awakened. Are you feeling cool in your hands? [He nods] Then what else does to want? The entire Sikh community get awakened in one go, just they should get their brains in the right order! They are te biggest fools! Guru Nanak worked so hard and these people became fools, I don’t understand why!

[A lady speaks – UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: Yes, My daughter, doesn’t matter. It will be better. Did you put your left hand towards the photo? [She nods] and on Mother Earth? Did you put it in the Sun to acquire the heat? [She nods] Ok, go now, you will be alright.

[Unclear] Yes, come to the program, enjoy it. Now the disease has to get cured, then when the Kundalini will rise in the head properly, then you will get the feeling as well. Are you feeling better/lighter than before? Let’s see your eczema, has it lessened? Ok, bring ‘geru’. Ok, go. Come at 6 pm? Ok. 5:30. You can come to any other program as well. [Talk to another person] Then what to do at this hour, where do you stay? [Unclear] I have no time, I have to go to meet the Governor, dada from Maharashtra.

Lady: I wish to ask one question

Shri Mataji: Yes?

Lady: [Unclear] Did you meet Aruna ji?

Shri Mataji: Who?

Lady: Mrs. Prasad?

Shri Mataji: No

Lady: [Unclear] When I meditate, I hear an annoying sound ‘saan..saan’

Shri Mataji: Do you have a guru?

Lady: There has been one, but not alive anymore. Mata Sacchidanand.

Shri Mataji: I don’t understand these things, should not happen! A person should be more alert! You are even younger than I AM!

Lady: No Mother, I am 64 yrs old.

Shri Mataji: Am I any less than you? I am 63 yrs old myself [Lady laughs]. Mine is slightly less than yours. Why this condition of yours? These ‘matajis’ are such useless people.

Lady: Then how will I get help? [Yogi Uncle appears, SHE tells him] Explain to this lady. [To the audience] First get your awakening. Then yoga-khem-vahamyam will take place. I have to leave now, to meet the Governor. Who should I ask for your awakening? Warren, this gentleman, can you give him realization? I have to go now, MY Son!

Seeker: I have a disease.

Shri Mataji: What disease?

Seeker: Suffering since 25 years [Unclear]

Shri Mataji: Do you have a guru? Who do you worship? [Unclear]

Seeker: Bholenath [Unclear]

Shri Mataji: What is this? [checks his fingers, seem hollow. SHRI MATAJI verifies if he is using something useless. He says his hands are hollow because of cycling.] In this young age, you can’t have such hollow hands! SHE rubs HER own chakras, you are definitely bearing the brunt of … [Unclear] nothing else. You must never hurry for anything! Let me think! Warren? Warkani [Unclear] excels in this! Warkani, take him along. Cycling so much, he has spoilt his Nabhi [SLAPS HIM ON THE CHAKRA] Did you attend a cycling competition? How such jerks? [Seeker suggests – Unclear] No, even we used to ride. He definitely rode the bicycle keeping something sharp. Pay attention to your Nabhi. You go now…

[Seeker demands for more queries – Unclear] Then everyone will ask. Don’t demand anything. When I feel like, I shall. [To others] Yes, tell me?

Seeker: I wish to ask the Bhagwati question?

Shri Mataji: Ok, Shri Bhagwati is sitting in front of you. Ask! “Are you Bhagwati Herself?” She has come to meet you and you are not recognizing Her, how will you feel the vibrations? Recognize me? [He asks – Unclear] Go on asking! Ah, here you feel! You kept asking for Bhagwati, now SHE is here and how will you recognize HER? [MAN – unclear] Now left hand towards ME and right hand on the Earth, you will be ok. [To another person] Tell me? [Tells the previous man] You are all ok now! Leave your useless engagements, your Ekadasha is catching! [To a SY] Give him and her sindhoor [kumkum] to apply on their foreheads as they sleep

[2 ladies walk in]

Lady: Hello Mother, these two [chakras] are paining very badly. What mantras should we do?

Shri Mataji: [Speaks about the gurus in Marathi]

Lady 1: Shri Mataji, she told me she goes to a guru

Shri Mataji: Tell her she has to leave that guru, the methods of leaving the guru as told my Shri Mohammad. She will be fine if she leaves else, else, let’s leave her. [To others] What have I got to lose – if you get your ailment addressed, it is fine else…see, these are the byproducts of various gurus! [To one man] MY Son, left hand towards me, sit here [to another]

Seeker: [Unclear] Complains of join pains

Shri Mataji: Did you go to a guru?

Seeker: Ram.. [Unclear]

Shri Mataji: Ram..? [Unclear] So, you didn’t go to any guru?

Seeker: No

Shri Mataji: Tell Me the truth, which guru you went to? Man denies. Did you eat any Vibhuti [ash-like substance flase gurus often give as prasad] Man denies. You will be just fine, don’t worry. [Asks another person]

[to another]

Seeker: [Unclear] Complains of joint pains, arthritis

Shri Mataji: Did you go to a guru?

Seeker: Ram.. [Unclear]

Shri Mataji: Ram? [Unclear] So, you didn’t go to any guru?

Seeker: No

Shri Mataji: Tell Me the truth, which guru you went to? Man denies. Did you eat any Vibhuti [ash-like substance flase gurus often give as prasad] Man denies. You will be just fine, don’t worry. [Asks another person] Ok, go sit there. [Tells a SY to help this man, tell him to take Shri Mahakali names – in MARATHI] Go!

[to the previous person] Are you better than before? [MAN – UNCLEAR] You felt the coolness on your hands? In which did you feel? [SEEKER – UNCLEAR] So, work with the lamp. Light a diya in front of MY picture, keep that hand on the Earth, it [the negativity] will leave you.

[Sahaja Yogi comes to explain about going to the Governor]

Shri Mataji: I have to get out. [to another SY] He has left side. Check his left side. Ask him to put a candle before the photograph…

[to the Seeker]

We will take it out right now. [to another person] How have they guided you? [Seeker, unclear] Not so quickly, let the kundalini rise unhindered first of all! ok? [Enquires from more SYs]

Lady: Yes, I got the photo and the guidance on how to meditate. Yeah, all messed up! Which is how the heart attack had come.

[Mic removed. The coordinator speaks the rest]