Conversation with doctors

New Delhi (India)

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Conversation with doctors, New Delhi (India), 4 November 1986.

Left sympathetic nervous system represents our emotional side. Right sympathetic nervous system represents our physical side. When both come into play (i.e. psyche as well as somatic) then psychosomatic problems result.

In the overactivity of Right side, liver is the commonest to be disturbed. This is because of too much thinking. Swadhishthan Centre has to manufacture grey cells for the brain when brain is overactive futuristic and indulges in wasteful thinking – then these cells are used too much.

Liver disorders are also of two types i.e.

– slow or inactive liver (in a Left sided emotional person) this leads to allergies;

overactive liver disorders in a Right sided person. Right sided liver disorder that is overactive or hot liver.

Liver has an important function to remove poisons from the body. It removes the heat from the body system into the water in blood.

H O = 2. H + O H becomes H-O-H after absorbing

2 O H = heat from liver.

In alcoholic liver: O H, no penetration is possible. 


(SHOULD BE? – In alcoholic liver: HOH, so no penetration is possible)


So, the heat in the system remains. But with vibrations it is possible to correct it

Left side is Hydrogen (Moon), Right is Oxygen, Amino-Acids (Nitrogen) forms the parasympathetic and Carbon is below (i.e. Mooladhar).

Alcohol causes sluggish liver. In overactivity of liver, CO2 is formed and Oxygen is sucked. So, the function of liver is disturbed. In lethargic liver, poisons are not removed from body, allergies are because of psychic element. Excessive thinking will lead to overwork for liver and consequently pancreas will be affected leading to diabetes. Diabetes is not because of excessive sugar intake. In Indian villages people take tea with so much sugar that the spoon can stand inside the cup. Diabetes is always because of excessive thinking in a sedentary person.

Allergies are also because of calcium deficiency in the childhood. Left Nabhi also governs spleen which can also be lethargic or overactive. Overactivity of spleen because of hectic life leads to blood cancer.

Spleen supplies (produces) blood cells. Newspaper reading also disturbs the function of spleen because of majority of negative news. So, no newspapers should be read in morning. If at all you want to read, read it in the bathroom. Hectic life leads to disturbed rhythm of spleen.

In ancient times wife (Gruha lakshmii) used to fan the husband while he was having the food. This used to act as a soft rhythm for speed of eating.

Where there is lethargy of Left Nabhi there is problem of allergies. Because spleen is the speedometer of body, in lethargic Left Nabhi, fat is accumulated in body (as metabolic speed is slowed). Those who don’t think can’t lose weight as She (Gruha lakshmii) does not think. 

Shri Mataji said in Her case water content is kept and salt has to be left.

High Blood Cholesterol is due to lethargic heart. Fat is formed through Left Nabhi. Lethargic Left Nabhi and overactive liver, fat starts circulation through blood. 

Shri Mataji said in Her case there is no cholesterol in blood as it doesn’t come to circulate.

KIDNEY: Overactivity causes high blood pressure because of excessive pumping. Lethargic kidneys cause low blood pressure (when moon side is active). 

At this point Shri Mataji remarked that it is easier to go from synthesis to analysis. The opposite is difficult. 

Shri Mataji said that in a Right sided person blood pressure on Right side is more than Left side; opposite in Left sided person.


Mahasaraswatiji Mahalakshmiji Mahakaliji


Brahmadev + Saraswati, lakshmiiji + Vishnuji, Shri Shankar + Parwatiji

Saraswatiji is sister of Shankarji.

Lakshmiji is sister of Brahmadev.

Parvatiji is sister of Vishnuji.

An example is if a person is using too much of power of Right Swadhisthan (thinking) Saraswatiji has to take power (energy) from Shankarji (heart) so heart attack can come in such a person (Saraswatiji goes to Her parental house and gets power/energy from Shankarji). That is why in such a person attention is distracted from the Spirit

Shri Brahmadev is active whenever there is action.

Parvatiji is desire: whenever you desire then She has to take help from Vishnuji (lakshmiiji), that is why where ever there is black magic there is poverty as lakshmiiji goes out.

IN EPILEPSY: Vulnerability because of left sided activity: bad motherhood, bad father, ghathals (losses) and poems of crying or sorrow books or stories like Exorcist, horror books, frightening and unhappy situations, any bhoot from dead body, from church or cremations ground – children catch easily. 

Bhoots run away from music and wherever there is eating and merrymaking. Anorexia is also from this (Bhoot). Any psychological shock makes such persons vulnerable for attack by bhoots. Some bhoots are fond of fasting, some are fond of eating and drinking and some are fond of hatha yoga. 

Shri Mataji gave here example of a Sahaja Yogi who while coming from Pakistan passed through a cremation ground. There he was possessed by a hatha-yogi spirit and he started doing asanas day and night. It was beyond his control. Now he is alright. For such cases camphor is good as it cures easily.

Problems at Mooladhar cause A.I.D.S. When someone is raped, etc., there is fear leading to left sided possession. One should recite the Ganesh Stuti, to clear Mooladhar Chakra. 

The main characteristic of Epilepsy is that here the individual resists the possession. He doesn’t accept it. If individual accepts then it uses the ego of that person and makes him act according to its will, through ego. 

Agnya Chakra is involved in Epilepsy. Agnya is caught in two ways: when one doesn’t forgive and secondly when one has adulterous and roving eyes. Some persons have got mesmeric eyes. Then can mesmerize and introduce spirits through Agnya Chakra (e.g. Rajneesh). 

Person who has condemned himself and can’t forgive, he gets Epilepsy.

If somebody is condemned day/night e.g. wife (by in-laws or husband or by boss) there is constant fear during day and night. That is whenever there is substantial amount of periodic fear he is thrown into collective subconscious. So, if one is in such a situation, one needn’t take it inside. One should take it as a joke. And needn’t be affected by it, by remaining a witness.

HEART LETHARGIC: whenever there is lethargic heart, there is no sufficient blood for circulation.

ANGINA (cordis): can be due to Left Vishuddhi that is whenever there is wrong mantra recitation. In this case it is due to blockage as heart can’t pump properly.

CEREBRO VASCULAR ACCIDENT (C.V.A.): it is due to paralysis of blood supply. Gayatri Mantra is right sided mantra. If a fat person recites Gayatri mantra his cholesterol level will increase. It is to be used only for left sided badha

No mantra should be used without Realisation. All persons who recite Gayatri Mantra become hot tempered. All those who recite “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA” get heart problems. Those who recite Vishnuji’s Mantra their Kundalini doesn’t get up. 

One should not go to extreme in mantras, even 5-10 minutes of meditation is sufficient. One should use brakes or accelerator whenever required. 

Shri Mataji mentioned that She doesn’t take carbohydrates. She only takes Nitrogen (i.e. protein).

CANCER: every person is exposed to cancer. It is triggered from the collective subconscious (left), any bhoot attacking from there. (Right sided bhoots come on ego. One starts acting according to them and become violent.)

Left sided bhoots harms the body. Persons with superego trouble themselves, while egoists trouble others. Both Right & Left i.e. supra-conscious and subconscious are dangerous.

EPILEPSY: it is a left sided problem. It is a possession coming and going and not a permanent possession. It happens in vulnerable persons; e.g. if mother dies in childhood or in case of bad childhood which weakens his psyche and makes it vulnerable for entry of possession. 

There is present subconscious, past subconscious and past collective subconscious.

Viruses are from dead vegetable which have gone into collective subconscious and hide there.

BONE CANCER: in bone cancer there is history of TRAUMA. Usually during an accident because of fear, person goes into Left and bhoot attacks, triggering bone cancer. It can lie silent.

PARAMETERS FOR EPILEPSY RESEARCH: history of stress factor. 

In England children sleep in a separate room as parents sleep naked. So, in the night child is alone leading to fears. Treatment: Mooladhara + Back Agnya. There can be combination of chakras involved e.g. Right Heart, Agnya or Left Heart and Agnya (possession by father or mother e.g.).

EEG (Electroencephalogram): Theta waves. When patient is becoming alright, frequency or normal period (in between attacks) will increase. There is also a relationship with phases of moon. Some persons have attacks during Amavasya, Poornima or Ekadashi. In the beginning the attack free period will be two months and later 4 months and later 1 year.

Shri Mataji remarked that She can see with Her eyes the bhoot as a red insect sort of thing in the brain.

CAT SCAN: may be done but to visualise bhoots with it may not be possible.

Secretions will be reduced left sided. Action of neuro transmitters are different on all chakras. The Deities use it according to their needs.

Left side has Maha Bhairava’s Shakti. Centre Heart produces Anti-bodies. Immunoglobulins will also show change.

ARTHRITIS: it is also a problem, left side. 

He is a nice person, immersion is very good for such a person. He should go to the sea where vibrations can be sucked by sea bath. (Not concerned with tantrics.)

ANKYLOSING SPONDYLOSIS: is a possession by bhoot which catches the individual and restricts the mobility. It can be corrected in one minute by Sahaja Yoga.

VISHUDDHI: Ghee for dryness of hands. External application and eating has different effect. Peritoneum gets dried, external application on abdomen will circulate. Put Ghee in nose. Apply Relaxyl ointment on temples (for dry temples), oil on Swadhisthan.

FOR ASTHMA: ice with vibrated salt on liver (Right side). It is because dryness of peritoneum. Left sided Asthma-allergy, give Gheru and calcium. White spots (Leucoderma): rub gheru over it, and in Psoriasis it is overactive liver. For this use ice and vibrated salt. Calcium heats, that is why given in problems of left side.

SKIN CANCER – is because of excessive sun rays. Brain is fat, it also melts with excessive sun, person may become mad.

BRONCHIAL ASTHMA: Two types, allergic, and physical dryness right sided. For right sided use ice bag and Ghee on liver – Ghee on feet and rub it with small bronze bowl. Black colour will appear.

Shri Mataji remarked at this point that when Her feet are rubbed with bronze, black kajal comes out which is good for eyes.

Heat in the system can be because of Left side and Right side also. One gives heat of fusion and other of fission.

Some observations by Shri Mataji: there is never fever in epilepsy. Similarly, in cancer, no fever. Those who are mad don’t get heart attacks. Viruses are derived from vegetable kingdom e.g. tobacco is also similar. Similarly, bacterias are plant cells. Due to aggressive behaviour they are removed from circulation. Unicellular organism paramecium is aggressive. So, these are removed from circulation and become bacteria.

TUBERCULOSES: Malaria comes from right side bacteria, are visible, and viruses are invisible. 

DYSENTERY: is also from Right side problem. Use Lord Dattatreya’s Name (Mantra) for amoebic dysentery.

FOR LIVER: Gulukund, candy sugar, elaichi, vegetables without fat for right sided liver.


FOR RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS: use vibrated Gheru with olive oil to rub on affected joints.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

*(source azote alimentaire = acides aminés)