Advice to Swiss Yogis

Rome Ashram - Nirmala House, Rome (Italy)


1987-0420 Advice to Swiss Yogis, ROME Ashram-Nirmala House, Rome (Italy)

Shri Mataji: Some breakthrough has to be found out. What is it you think you can do there?

Sahaja yogi: It is maybe to contact the people and kind of search in this direction, maybe we have no success now but this time we have success.

Shri Mataji: See the people are searching all right. People are searching no doubt, and there, must be so many searching there, I agree with you but we have to find out the people who are searching, that is the point. And I feel the Swiss is catching on the heart very badly. You also should not catch on the heart. So what to do about the heart? We have to write what or we have to announce, we have to change our hearts you see. We are very cold-hearted or something. See I think the climate is such and the whole thing is you see there are two movements going on in that country. One is the people are trying to build up new styles of arrangements for conservation of money and for the accumulation of money and all that because they have had a very bad name and they have been keeping lots of money of other countries and have been trying to ruin us by doing this kind of a thing. Like in India recently they have discovered that even Rajiv Gandhi has money in the Swiss Bank and he has taken three million pounds or something like that or thirty million in one deal of the military. Imagine he is a realised soul and we had so many hopes. It’s a very great money orientation there, and that money orientation makes them think of new new things and bring forth new ideas like you are building now big cells under the big mountains as such dangerous things you see. God only knows what they are up to. I don’t know what they are up to. What is the idea in that? What is the idea of building those big, big huge caves and how can they save themselves from the wrath of God. So we have to talk about these things, serious things, that there will be the a wrath of God on us if we do not now see to their cruelty. In that way, we have to talk now. Otherwise, you see there are so many sins committed firstly in the name of protection to the people who have money. All the big countries which have been democratic or even spotted any time have been exploited completely by this your bank system and we all have suffered a lot. All that is sinful and that sinfulness is so much obvious but it may come to them I don’t know as what. As it is people are committing suicides and things are quite a lot there. Young people are committing suicides. So I would say if you have some programs yourself there of saying why commit suicide is the way out. Some sort of an hope for them. You can give them that hope that there is a way out for the people who are searching. But the trouble is such a lot of attention on money that even young people have their attention on money. Everything is towards money. They don’t realise that money has nothing to do. Aids, another thing coming up and for that, you see the Humsa catches very badly so for that I think all Sahajayogies must take ghee in the nose. Very important. That will not I mean that will keep you out of it. But all these things are coming and some people have to write about this. How these things are coming. Why they are coming. What have we done? Because if you can improve Switzerland you can improve a lot of many countries. You see we are indebted. All the developing countries are indebted. They have taken lots of loans from World Bank and all that and all that loan is now to be repaid. Is on their head lying heavily like a mountain. But all that has gone to Swiss Bank through the back doors so I mean it is a terrible thing. Moreover, if somebody dies even if he has written that my successor are such and such, the banks do not locate them and do not give them the money if it can possibly be avoided. This is cheating. Absolutely cheating you see. Any bank anywhere you see doesn’t do that. If your money is in the bank and if you have written that these are my successors the bank locates the person and gives that money. So they are cheating people actually and this is plundering. Serious thing, and that’s what the progeny has to face and has to suffer for it. So I think if this young youth, people can think of a new dimension, of a new revolution, you can say, then they have to see to their country what sins they have committed, what are our sins, what are we doing and then have a camouflage of a Red Cross. Very cunning you know. From one side you cut their throats and the other side you have a Red Cross. So now under these circumstances, you have to find out a new strategy on how to approach the people, how to talk to them. Little more dynamic, more revolutionary, I don’t know what you can do there but some people should write now as Marie Martinez has written and you all can write and could be a newspaper could be started. What is happening to Rimose(UNCLEAR)newspaper? What newspaper is he writing?

Sahaja yogi: He is very much involved because it’s a new job. He is in the syndicateUnCLEAR trade union job, so he is very cautious you know, not to speak so much about Sahaja yoga so I feel a little bit…

Shri Mataji: What is the syndicate job?

Sahaja yogi: I mean he is sort of ahead of trade union so he has to I mean.

Shri Mataji: Trade union?

Sahajayogi: It is a good sign

Shri Mataji: Of course.

Sahaja yogi: He could use it I mean to spread Sahaja yoga. For the time being, I think he is a little bit too much cautious to go on the war, I can see like that.

Shri Mataji: There is no war. I mean he can convert many people to this side because of the trade union of what? Of the bank?

Sahaja yogi: No, no Construction workers.Building and construction workers. union.Building union.Construction workers.

Shri Mataji: Oh I see. Construction.

Sahajayogi: Construction work. He can do a lot of things. Even Television Shri Mataji. We could approach television. We may start now because we started two or three years back they said no, but now we come back after so many things they have accepted they can’t say no. So I think with your grace, we can approach television ourselves, just to explain what is about in Sahaja yoga.

Shri Mataji: In a constructive way you should start talking that this is what mistakes we have committed, then what must we do you see, like that sort of thing. Look on yourself how can we go on. Terrible heart.As soon as you all came in. That means there is no spirit, no spirit, they don’t want to have that with them. Now, what’s happening about the publishing thing, publishers you were thinking about, a publishers company?

 Sahaja yogi: Everything is ready Shri Mataji. The only thing we are waiting for your instructions because after what happened translation with the the book of UNCLEAR….. it has been, little bit I would not say postponed but we are waiting for your instructions how we have to work it out on that level.

Shri Mataji: My book will be ready by the end of this year, I think so.

Sahajayogi: Everything is, the company is fixed I mean, It has been written in the books, and of course it will help us when the place of the company we will keep it in our ashram so and of course when our ashram will be built it will easier even because we can say we have got our office in the Ashram and so on, so this will help us a little bit more on the administration side of it but everything is ready.

Shri Mataji: But the first thing is the ashram is to be done to be achieved. How much time will it take they said?

Sahajayogi: By your blessings Shri Mataji, we may enter in October.

Shri Mataji: Really?( laughing.) That would be nice if you could do it in October.Yes.That will be very nice because it is very fast work they do. Very fast.

Sahaja yogi: Yes

Shri Mataji: Very fast work.

Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji, When it is tremendous because when Sahajayogies from abroad come and visit us, as soon as they land they say it is a desolated country. It is a desolated place, and actually, it is like that. It is exactly like when you were speaking yesterday what matter, I could see the whole of the country in front of my life eyes.

Shri Mataji: They have you see displeased the deities completely. Especially Shiva is very much displeased you see. Without him I just don’t know how can you prosper, what can happen, how far can you go.

Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji, one thing which is extremely cunning and which goes, with the army and the banks that is the horrible Catholic Church because here in this country they have reached the highest sophisticated level. Protestants and Catholics they combine together now. I met one of my cousins and I could see all sort of combination of hypocrisy sort of well being, we are quite the best. Everything concentrated in one man. It’s amazing.

Shri Mataji: See like a thug you know.Like a thief.Thinks no end of himself.Does everything, thinks no end of himself.Deceives himself, self-deception.How long can they go on like that is the point? But I would say that as soon as you find somebody like that, you see there, head of the Church or anything you give them bandhan, beat them with shoes it will work all right.Because you can do all that sitting down. Beat them with the shoes.Especially the Catholics Church is a horrible stuff.It’s horrible, absolutely horrible.And this Mr Pope came to India.Spent so much money on him you see because he is supposed to be the head of the State, one of the States, so he was treated like a state guest.Imagine.Everywhere he is going like a state guest you see and nobody I mean from no other religion you get anyone like that, including Shankaracharya, comes you won’t do that to him because they don’t own any state as such. Spent so much of money on this fellow and everybody said UNCLEAR he is nothing.Everybody was surprised how is he the head of the Catholic Church.Nothing in him, no wisdom, nothing.There is a political game you see to have religion mixed up with this.They are very much away from God.No God.Not at all connected so I was thinking there should be a book called ‘Bible Enlightened’. I told Gregor to try your hand.But you see the trouble with Gregor is he doesn’t keep to the central path. In the book also see to call God mischievous(UNCLEAR) there is a protocol.You can’t make fun of God. Cannot.You cannot make fun of his music or anything. You can make fun of everybody else but not fun of God.Deities will be angry. Like I was listening to this Jai Jagdambe one, is a little bit I was thinking of moving from its position because to make fun of God you develop your ego. How can you make fun of God? See, God is God. You cannot sort of make a caricature out of him, isn’t it?So that’s what it is. He has little bit played into the French mind to please them but we are not here to please anyone. We are here to tell the truth.If you like to have it, otherwise go to hell, style it. That should be the situation. Now in his book as such you see the vibrations were not so good I felt that.Gregor goes off and everybody is capable of doing that not only him. When we are going to God we are doing it in a dedication, in a devotion, in honour, in all surrender. Deep movement is there.Very deep.You can not just go sideways like there is one rut they call it a deep line in which you have to move.You just can’t go this side that side.That’s where one fails. You have to be extremely devoted and dedicated.It doesn’t mean seriousness, no it is ‘Prasan’.That means you do not sort of a person who is making laughter or anything. Prasan means a very pleasant face, pleasantness.With that pleasantness, you are going towards God you see.That’s the way it should move but if you start moving because these days everything is so frivolous. Everything is so frivolous all over you listen to anyone like even Mrs Thacher, she sometimes goes very frivolous you know. Surprising.She talks, suddenly she becomes frivolous, something stupid she will say.And that is something she doesn’t realise that she is the prime minister of England.How can you be frivolous of Prime Minister of England. You cannot be frivolous and that frivolity only spoils I think, their image and shows that they are not in the centre. So for people who are talking about God are complete. You see when you are talking about God you suddenly become serene when talking about God. One who has created this Universe, created this world.He is not an ordinary thing we’re talking about, not an ordinary person. Just that veneration should be there otherwise all that talking is not intelligible to the human beings. But say you are dedicated, the way you are, devoted, the way you are venerated and adoration is there, you feel that depth going into yourself into them also it goes.When I say this also it is moving into you see. So what I feel is that though they look so confident and so happy so-called happiness of the ego and all that is there, but they are very frivolous people, very superficial. Extremely superficial. They have no depth. So your depth and your personality will definitely impress them. That’s what it is.And once you have your proper business or ashram or whatever you call that I am sure it will start working because with your Shri Ganesha’s settling takes place. Then you start moving better but that is very much needed in a Switzerland because I find the Swiss people can be extremely frivolous.Like you find an ambassador passing such a remark that even an ordinary peon won’t say such a thing in a party.Most stupid things he says.I do not know what is the need for him to talk like that. A grown-up person talks in such a frivolous way that you get a shock.So that shows that the whole thing is so superficial that at the slightest movement it comes out of its place.You must have noticed this with them also. Such dirty remarks they pass just you can’t imagine.Elderly people supposed to be very highly placed this or that but if it’s a Swiss you know people are frightened. Swiss means anytime jerk out something.Horrible.That is my experience, I am frightened really to go near any Swiss gentleman.So this is what it is. The reputation.So how deep are we, they have to find out?Just by putting out this Red Cross business, all the expenditure must be coming out of one-tenth the interest they get out of this money that they have accumulated.I mean, go to the deep down of it.See this money also came from Hitler.The basis of the whole thing is so sinful, and it should be brought out I think, very clearly to the people. Then it will work out and they will start understanding that our roots are not deep at all.We are very superficial people and any day in the Wrath Of God will fall on them and they will finish just like that. So this is one thing, then also we are now experimenting on curing aids in London and it might workout.So let’s see. So in London UNCLEAR camp that we, all the doctors put in there, they have d not yet settled down distance, this and that but if they settle down in UNCLEAR camp we might be able to establish on scientific grounds the curative powers of Sahaja yoga. If it works out that will give you a big hand and this is on one side. Then as science, you see we have done some work on say carbon and all these things.They can also be brought in. And all these things can be compiled into a book and could be given to your company to be published. Then thirdly the most remarkable thing in the whole episode of Sahaja yoga are the vibrations that you can see in your cameras.Recently you must have heard that my eight hands appeared.

Sahajayogi: We have seen it.

Shri Mataji: You have seen it? So you see those sort of things are happening. How will they explain? They cannot explain these things so these things can be published in a book calling it a ‘Miraculous Happening’.

Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji shall we make a little booklet several pages just I will write something and we make some foot stepping photographs and we publish them. We will give to the papers and radio and television.?

Shri Mataji: Yes but that is only for Sahajayogies or others?

Sahaja yogi: For everyone. Just simple. I want to write something what you just said and we put some pictures, some miraculous pictures of you Shri Mataji, and we send it as an information to the newspapers, TV and radio, important people in the government.

Shri Mataji: You can say the Holy Ghost is here, sort of thing. You have to say it positively. because unless and until you give some sort of a shock to them they are not going to listen.

Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji, I remember it was one month ago I was talking to the Sahajayogies and I said we have to come to the point we have to jump and to crush and, the vibrations started to become very cool truly and I mean to jump in full courage and enthusiasm and dynamism otherwise if we are still a little bit timid, they will overpower.

Shri Mataji: Timid also and worried about money, settling down. This, that. That ‘s going to be difficult and it will take more time. Now I think I am already 64, this is my 65th year running and when are we going to start it? I mean this is more than 16 years.1970 I started. So you can imagine now I think at least you should talk.

Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji, do you think by this that we have been too late to be like that in Switzerland? We should have started before maybe.

Shri Mataji: What I am saying that everywhere we have been sort of postponing it. Let people settle, and this and this, let them have children, let them have families, this that and on and on and on and on. Now I think practically you all are settled well. Family are settled and with so many people as you are you can produce very good results.

Sahaja yogi: Yes.Yes.

Shri Mataji: In Sahaja yoga, of course, there are some people who are still schizophrenic I think. Such people should be little bit kept out I think because schizophrenia is something you have not been able to cure fully. It goes and comes and goes and comes but some people are cured but some or not and such people can like, our Hugo was a schizophrenic fellow. He was schizophrenic from the very beginning and I thought he was cured but no, again he has got it and his wife is supporting Sahaja yoga. Can you imagine.

Sahaja yogi: In Switzerland there are lot are schizophrenic.

Shri Mataji: That is what I know. Those who go to Switzerland also get schizophrenic. So maybe some sort of boots are sitting on them. I don’t know what.Why.ThisCatholic Church may be.

Sahaja yogi: Protestant and Catholic sort of a combination between…

 Shri Mataji: Of all the thugs together but they break very fast.No problems. It is very easy to break them.

Sahaja yogi: The last but not the least they passed the law two weeks ago that all foreigners who want to seek asylum to Switzerland should be brought, pulled back from the country and that there’s been examples of Yugoslavian people were a secret refuge in Switzerland because they have been arrested for political reason in Yugoslavia and they have been pulled back to the country and tortured.

Shri Mataji: Really? Where have they gone?

Sahajayogi: Yes. Just now.

Shri Mataji: In your country, they were tortured?

Sahajayogi: No, no. They were refused to enter in the country and sent back to their own country where they have been tortured. So in a way, it’s just like the during the second world war when we refused the Jewish to come and to give them asylum so they closed themselves completely against outsiders.

Shri Mataji: A day will come when the Swiss will be closed to outside. Right now Americans now, you see if Indians come, I mean if you come to India, any one of you will have to have a clean chit from your doctors here otherwise cannot come. Imagine you could never have thought of Americans who thought no end of themselves. People are frightened of Americans. And a day may come when the Swiss, with the schizophrenia, may not be allowed to come.

Shri Mataji: Very saddening the way Aid is talking a toll in America. They don’t know how to control it.

Sahajayogi: Switzerland. I told you Shri Mataji, per inhabitant, it is the highest rate in the world.

Shri Mataji: Really?

Sahaja yogi: Yes. And the most cunning thing is instead of fighting by saying you have to be chaste, you have to be now they put big horrible advertisement all over to attract the boots.

Shri Mataji: What is the advertisement?

Sahaja yogi: Sort of a useless thing to prevention and all, dirty things, dirty things again and again.

Shri Mataji: Yes, they are saying so that we can be promiscuous, we could be anything, as long as we protect ourselves.As if that is their religion.

Sahaja yogi: Yes.Its a religion.

Shri Mataji: It is a religion to be that way. Is in’td? It is the mind. The mind has gone off. The reason is the mind is on money. The money can not give you joy. Yesterday I made it quite clear I think. Yesterday’s lecture should explain to you why they are so frustrated. Pulling their hair, pulling their noses, pulling their eyes out, ears everything. They don’t know what to do with themselves. So frustrated. That’s what it is. This does not go to the Indian mind. Why? We don’t think of all this thing. We don’t do these things. Why? They are simple people and they have a satisfaction of their own. They are just waiting for their realisation. Doesn’t go into any bodies head there. Why? Of course, now, some people go from here and teach some funny things. Of course that is a little bit there but not much, in dress and all that. At the most in the dress., but not in those things. So the safest place now is India. America, people are literally frightened. Every bathroom has a different type of a paper to put on the seat. How will you save from that? By doing that you are not going to save anything. Stupid thing.

Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji, in Switzerland one UNCLEAR.. they had to prevent the priest from drinking from the same cup. Every priest had an individual cup in one UNCLEAR. in Switzerland, at the moment of the Communion when they have to share the glass of wine, they are going to change the cup for the little plastic individual so that they do not share mouth to mouth in a cup. Supposed to be Christ.

Shri Mataji: Blood of Christ. What they are drinking is the blood of Christ. It cannot pass through the mouth, can it? Does it pass through the mouth?

Sahaja yogi: It’s at the very beginning if there is blood in the mouth.

Shri Mataji: From the teeth maybe.

Sahaja yogi: This is the wrath of Shri Ganesha.

Shri Mataji: But they will change everything you see it’s alright. They will have plastic things but they will not change the inner side of it.

Sahaja yogi: And they make money out of it now. The companies and big buildings they just give the news and the newspaper something against aides and then the shares of the company goes up. They make a huge business out of it.

Shri Mataji: No prevention.I don’t think they want to prevent anything. In India, I had an idea. There is an antidote for that a little bit. Start a perfumery. Perfumes which are genuine may be able to solve the problem also to some extent. So I thought of making a perfumery because that clears the Hamsa chakra very well. If you have a real perfume it clears out. It should be pure perfume. That clears out your Hamsa. And I just thought that better is to make not you see because, tabac is from tobacco. All men’s things are tobacco, because they want to entice men. Once you take tabac you cannot use anything else because that has that enticement so they make some sort of a thing. They might be using some drugs also possibly, I don’t know. Might be some drugs for this powders for men specially and also ladies things that they have, some sort of a chemical they use which makes the women an addiction or something like that. So if I was thinking of making pure perfumery in India so that at least with that Hamsa will be cleared out, and maybe let’s see now if it works out for me there. I was thinking of starting a proper factory of perfumery in India if it could displace horrible perfumes they use. Also, this horrible perfumes then give you the Hamsa, also can give you this trouble, because you see, we say if you have something like a Tabac powder it goes in the nose and its a dead matter.Tabac.Tabac in the nose can create a problem can at least give you if not anything else minimum cancer.

Sahajayogi: There are perfumes with the name of drugs like there is one famous one called opium. Another one called poison and they are very fashionable now. Of course all in black. One black bottle called black magic.

Shri Mataji: So they want to

get destroyed. So let them get destroyed. What to do with them? They don’t want to be saved I think.

Sahaja yogi: I think Shri Mataji I don’t know if I could say, but some of them they would sin till the last moment. This makes me sometimes I don’t know if it is angry or sad or desperate, not desperate, but I am amazed to see people commit sins after sins and go steadily, positively towards hell.

Shri Mataji: Towards hell.Yeah.That’s what Rajesh told me that, you see when he was in America they said you must take drugs. They said you are goody, goody. They used to tease him. Then he started doing all these things, which was wrong, did all kinds of wrong things but he said all the time he said I knew it was wrong but they did not think it was wrong. They thought it was right. What they were doing was right. So you see the over-all picture of the whole thing you should jotted down. What’s the problem is like, over all picture. What are we doing, what are we doing to our health, what we doing to our body, what are we doing for our mind what we are doing for our emotions? That’s what we are, without realisation at least. So what are we doing about it?

Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji, you have already given us good means of talking to them because this last year, only the last year they have been under big shocks. Pollution I mean. Switzerland is such because of the pollution of the big scandal and then a lot of people now people vote for the ecology balance, something like that I don’t know, but there are so many people who start to feel that we are really going to be destroyed now. From within. because of our culture, our economy our cars everything destroyers. They have noticed now in Switzerland that from February to April the pollution is so bad that all the commission of the doctors have said to the government that don’t take your child outside in the street. They may have pneumonia, something like that because the pollution is too much and they can’t reduce the pollution.

Shri Mataji: In the street?

Sahaja yogi: In the big town and they can’t reduce the pollution and the rate of diseases among children is absolutely growing and growing and growing. So the consciousness of the people that they face, the destruction from within is not clearly understood by words but it has been little by little put in their heads and by your grace, we can go in that direction.

Shri Mataji: No, you see, these topics you must take which are nothing to do sort of suggesting not much about Sahaja yoga but you must take. Then what must we do? Sort of you must open their head to this thing. Such articles may be written down without Sahaja yoga. Why it is happening? Let us think about it? What mistakes did we commit? You see. Like creating a curiosity, to begin with then gradually then you open it out. Once you get established as a writer who is concerned, who is thinking about problems and things then you can come out with the answers also. Because you are thinking people, you have realised souls, you understand and if you have to talk about improvement or talk about something sensible, constructive then you have to talk in such a manner that it is intelligible to them and is acceptable. And then gradually we can just start talking and this is the solution. So first establish yourself as a person who is talking about something very positive, constructive. Because the whole culture that is built around money is destructive.

Sahaja yogi: To put forward a little bit in the question mark in the beginning. 

Shri Mataji: Yes, where did we go wrong? What did we do? Why is it? Why? Like that. See, so that they start seeing your point. And bringing it further clearly more that this is happening. Why this should happen? This church talks of these things, then why this church is facing like this, then why it is like this? Like that. If you go ahead then they will not object to that because any intelligent man can ask questions like that. Then it goes further and further. Now when somebody says you write then somebody who is not working with the government or any free person can answer him. You play among yourselves. You see if you write a question why is happening why this thing that thing, another one Sahajayogi should answer. You see my point. Giving the answer, I will give you the answer. This is the answer. We led a very immoral life. We didn’t think of it like that. We have been committing all the sins, we have been doing all these things and if you really want to face it then face it. Nobody will have an objection because you have raised the question and somebody has answered it. So somebody else who has nothing to do with, you see, any job losing or anything should try that.

Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji, in a way we should not be scared about jobs or so, otherwise we never will be free to grow.

Shri Mataji: No, no. It’s alright. I know that. But what I am saying even with the jobs you see in a Krishna way you can manage your job as well as answer it. Because they will not know. They will not know that you are the one who is related to this another gentleman. You should write that can’t you see, you have no eyes to see this is the thing we should open our eyes to see what is Christianity doing? What are they doing? They are not telling us the truth? This is our problem. Why shouldn’t we solve our problem? So there is no problem as far as the construction is concerned for your building?

Sahajayogi: For the time being, Shri Mataji, things go quite smooth.

Shri Mataji: I saw Marie Martin’s husband came forward and he is nice. He looks nice now.

Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji, I must say and this is for credit of UNCLEAR worked days and nights to

Shri Mataji: I could see. He has become sort of very cooperative type of a man. Very good fellow. He is good-hearted fellow no doubt.

Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji, absolutely. For him it is the building of his life, you know. It is the project of his life so he is very much involved.

Shri Mataji: Yes I could see that, but I did not talk to him but you tell him that Mother saw you yesterday but… you see that. You see the blessings of Sahaja yoga shows on a person. Like an aura shows on him. I can see that this person is definitely blessed and in that blissful state, he is just enjoying. You see you have to just get into that aura. You have to feel it that you are doing the work of God and the whole face, the whole behaviour, the gait, everything changes. Such a person looks that way. So yesterday I just came and sat down and his daughter went and sat on his lap I saw it and Shakti also went and sat on his lap. I could see he has become such a sweet man. Convey him my love and say that Mother is very happy. Marie Martin also. You see he saw Marie Martin cheating..Remember first when Marie Martin met me she used to really tell me, ‘can you bring back my child who is dead’.Like that she used to talk to me but now she is so much changed. She used to drink. She was trying to destroy herself. She couldn’t bear it.

Sahaja yogi: This is your blessings Shri Mataji, how we enjoy each other’s presence.

Shri Mataji: She is a beautiful. So long, you solid people have come up and good people. But I think fate plays some tricks on them, so that work it out to awaken them. To make them understand that these shocks are coming to you because you have done wrong. And a person who answers can say that I went to India and was amazed that people came to know that I was recently started spitting at me saying that you are the Swiss-like that…..( Incomplete)