You get complete integration

Camberwell Civic Centre, Melbourne (Australia)

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Public Program Day 2. Melbourne (Australia), 13 May 1987.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Yesterday I told you what is the truth and that is what we are seeking today. In all our seeking we may run after the mirage of money, of power, of friendship, of carnal love but ultimately we have to know, that we are running after the truth that is the Spirit. Yesterday I explained to you how the truth manifests itself through your finger-tips and you can find out about any disease or any trouble that is within you and without. Only thing you have to know how to work it out. When the realization takes place, we have to know that a complete integration within take place. That is your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being become completely integrated. For example, you think, you should start some sort of a work. That is what your mind tells you but your heart tells you, “No, no, no, we should not do it.” Then physical being says, “No, no, no, you’re very tired, how can you do it?” And the spiritual being can say that, “I just don’t know what is to be done.”

But when you get your realization, you become very intense, very positive and concentrate your mind very clearly on what is to be done. Supposing, you have been doing something very wrong all your life and you had no courage to get out of it, after realization you become very powerful personality within yourself and then you do exactly what you have to do which is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually absolutely integrated and is correct. So naturally, you become a very righteous person, very righteous person. The whole value system changes. Today the value system for people orients, maybe, from money, from power, from some sort of a human consideration. A person may think that, I should do this thing because by doing this I’ll get lot of money – maybe it’s little cheating, doesn’t matter. Maybe, he would like to do something just to gain some sort of a power over other. He may dominate some people or he may bear some domination because he has to. But after realization you get that power of Absoluteness. For example, Christ, when He saw Marie Magdalene being stoned, He stood before her.

Now, Christ was an Incarnation of Truth and He had nothing to do with the prostitute, has no relationship with her, whatsoever. But He stood before her and asked the people, “Those who have not committed any sin, can throw stones at Me.” Such courage and such understanding of righteous behavior just starts shining in your character. Then, you understand what is good in every religion. When you start reading Bible after realization, you understand where it has gone wrong. If you have read Khalil Gibran – he’s a very great realized soul – and he says about Paul, very clearly, “This Paul is a very strange man. I don’t know what he’s about to say. He says something, believes in something, has no relationship with Christ.” A person like Khalil Gibran could say that, otherwise to say something against Bible, was absolutely prohibited. He was thrown out of church, he didn’t care.

I say the same thing about Paul. Paul has no place in Bible. He should not have been there at all. He was the one, who killed so many people. There was a little boy of seventeen years whom he tortured and then he thought this is the best way to gain more power to become somebody great in the Christian community. So he took over and he started writing, organizing. He’s in the Bible – he has never seen Christ. All his writings suggest that he was mad with ideas of his own and he put all these ideas on people. This Paul has created such problems today that Christians are having a big problem solving the contradictions made by him. You must be have heard about the Bishop of Durham, saying that Paul was correct and there was no Immaculate Conception.

It takes courage to say that Christ’s birth was an Immaculate Conception and it was, no doubt. Verily, He was the Son of God. But to say that, you have to have that courage. This Bishop of Durham, just to get some more power, maybe, or maybe to get some more Christians converted, he must have started this kind of a new ideas. So many have been condemning Christ by this kind of authorities. And then when he was very much anointed and given honor by Archbishop of Canterbury, that church was burnt. They couldn’t explain why the church was burnt and people saw the lightning looming over that church for hours together – it was a miraculous thing that happened. But to people like Bishop of Durham or Archbishop, it was the Grace of God that the lower part, the floor was not burnt, of the church. Same way you find in Christianity, as you have in Hinduism, the same thing. They said that there was a big problem in the Parliament when the Shankaracharya stood up and said that it is a right of a every Hindu to be Brahmin or a non-Brahmin, is written in the Gita.

And a Member of Parliament came to Me and asked Me, “Mother, what’s the answer to this?” I said Shankaracharya should know that Gita was written by Vyasa and Vyasa was a illegitimate child of a fisher-woman. How could he write that a Brahmin is born? The caste system, that is the curse of our country, has come from these so called priests, the brahmins. They are not Brahmins because those who are born again, those who know the Brahma, those who have felt the All-Pervading power of God, are the Brahma. Least said about the Islam, then the Sikhs, then all these religions you can find that there is so much of twisting of the words just to suit their own purses and their minds. You get over all that and you become powerful to say that it’s all wrong – that’s not where we have to be. Now, so many things are coming out of Vatican but the Catholics will close their ears – they would not like to listen to all that what is happening. Everybody will be exposed, who are doing falsehood. The time has come, the judgment time has come – all such people have to be exposed.

But the simple people, who love Christ, who love Krishna, who loved righteousness, will be saved. After realization people also get lots of dynamic forces within themselves which they never expected to get. First of all, their innocence is awake. Whatever innocence they have lost through the stupidity of the society or the ideas given by the uh, uh.. enterprising film industries or other, we can say, magazines and all kinds of publications – all those things drop out. All the conditionings of the mind drop out and he becomes innocent, a innocent personality. An innocent personality is a very, very powerful personality. As Christ has said, “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes.” Such a person has a glint in the eye of innocence and such person can grow up to such a level that even a little glance of such a person can save people from calamities. The purity of mind, purity of character, all these starts shining in such a personality. And such a personality is an auspicious figure.

Auspiciousness, we have forgotten about. If an auspicious person enters into the house – if somebody’s sick that person gets all right, if there’s quarrel in the house the quarrel subsides, if there’s any problem that problem is solved. An auspicious person travelling by a train, if there’s an accident, nobody dies. Auspicious person is the person who is constructive and is releasing constructive forces all around him of very soothing, peaceful and a very powerful character. Such an auspicious personality is to be found in so many realized souls. Now the other day, one lady was telling Me that there are many realized souls walking about on this earth – I haven’t seen any. They might grow their beard, they might wear some sort of a wig, they might wear some sort of a dress – that doesn’t mean they’re realized souls. Actually, a realized soul doesn’t need to publish or to uh..exhibit in any way artificial that he’s a realized soul. He could be a very ordinary person on the street or he could be a king. He could be a, a person just cleaning the hall here and he could be a Prime Minister.

For such a personality all these things do not matter, whether he lives in comfort, he doesn’t feel the feeling of comfort, I should say. Whether he lives in complete poverty, he doesn’t feel it. According to the pattern of his life, . according to the status of his life, he lives. Supposing he’s born in a poor family, he lives like a poor man. If he’s born in a rich family, he lives like a rich man. It is not necessary for a rich man to show off uh..that I’m a poor man because riches do not touch him. They have to be there because he has got it. But such a person is extremely generous. If he finds that somebody needs the money, he’ll give but if he finds that somebody doesn’t need the money, he will not give and sometimes people are surprised – they think he’s miserly.

Because the sense of discretion is tremendous in an innocent person. He develops that sense of discretion so spontaneously – as soon as he sees the person, he knows how far to go with that person and how to deal with that person. He doesn’t have to ask any questions. One day some sahaja yogies came to Me in Poona and started telling Me about one person that, “Mother, he’s a politician, you be very careful with him and You, when You’re dealing with him, You have to be very much uh.. on Your guard.” I said that’s all you have come to tell Me all of you. They said, “That’s all.” I said now you sit down and I’ll tell you. I said, I know, this man has eloped with somebody else’s wife and this is an illegitimate child he has and he’s this and he’s that, he’s that and they were all shocked how Mother came to know about it. So there is no need to put any guard – you are guarded all the time. The blessings of protection, are all the time with a person, who is a realized soul.

That’s why he’s not bothered. He’s least bothered about uh..insurances, he’s least bothered about money, he’s least bothered about getting elected – he lives in his own world of reality. Such a person may suddenly become dynamically artistic – he may not have known art at all. I met one gentleman who came to sahaja yoga, who had lost his job, he had no money, nothing with him, so he said, “Mother, I have no money, what am I to do?” I said don’t you worry, you take your realization. He got his realization. I said why don’t you try interior decoration. He said, “What, I don’t know timber, I don’t know the quality anything, [UNCLEAR- KNOW?] what to do it.” I said you just see vibrations and work it out.

And you’ll be amazed, he’s now a very good interior decorator – he’s making good money out of it. So many things like that happen to that person. Suddenly, you get your realization, you start making poems, poetry – that can happen to anyone of you. But these are still, I would say, are temptations – you should not get lost with it. Some people can get lots of money, just after realization – it’s a temptation. Suddenly from somewhere, you might get money but, I would say, it’s a temptation – you have to go ahead with it. Some people might get a big position suddenly, they may land up as something very uh.. great leaders – that’s also, I think, is a temptation and one should not forget that this is all the Grace of God. The people, who are suffering from diseases, get cured. You saw yesterday, how two persons, within five minutes, got cured of such horrible diseases – they would have been dead. But those who get realization, also get protection from diseases.

Say, a person suffering from A.I.D.S., will get protection. He may not go to the second stage. He might live all his life with the first stage, maybe, he might get get cured completely. There can be lots of physical benefits he can have. His health will improve, he’ll drop down, at least, 10 to 20 years and he can do lots of work without getting tired. Because you don’t feel you’re doing any work. Most of the headache is because we think we’re doing the work. If we can stop thinking that we’re doing any work, we are not tired. You just do the work, that’s all, we don’t think about it. In England, I find, everybody is [SHRI MATAJI EXHALES – HA].

‘What’s the matter?’ “I’m tired.” ‘What have you done?’ “Little cooking, that’s all.” Because you’re thinking you’re cooking – the cooking was spoilt because of that and now you’re tired. [SHRI MATAJI EXHALES – HA] But the people who are realized souls, do not think about it. Now for example, there’s a beautiful carpet here. This doesn’t belong to Me – thank God – and I’m looking at it. When I look at it, I just see the beauty, the joy that is put in it by the artist – I don’t think, I just look at it, I witness it. I just don’t think and the joy that has created this completely starts pouring into Me, relieving Me completely.

To possess something is a headache. You possess, say, this carpet, then you must insure it, would be worried – I hope it’s not getting dirty or this and that. To possess some personality, somebody as a husband or a wife, is another, the greater headache because all the time you’re trying to possess, other person is trying to run away. But you stand on your own legs – not to be possessed by anyone nor do you possess anyone. You stand in your own glory, enjoying yourself. You’re not bothered as to who is your husband and that you should possess him. “All right, if it’s my husband, all right, I can enjoy his company all right. But if he doesn’t want to enjoy my company, I’m not going to fall at his feet. Let him go ahead. Makes no difference to me to my life.”

And you’ll be surprised, all such people become very good husband and wives – not only that but very good parents. We have seen now, in sahaja yoga, so many people are married – they’re very happily married people and they have beautiful children too. Then you become very good parents because you understand your children if they’re born realized or not, if they have problems then how to correct the problems, how to treat them – you just don’t go to doctors for every small little thing. This has been already prophecized long, long time back, thousands of years back, in India by a very uh.. old astrologer called Bhrigu. He’s the one who has written Bhrigu samhita, which is actually, we should say, he’s the one who started astrology. He has written that such and such time will come when the Kundalini will rise very easily and there will be no need to have any hospitals. Is already being described but we do not read anything but something sensational, something nonsensical. Now, people want to read something sensational, perhaps, we have become the matter. When we have become the matter, nothing can stir us but some sort of a shock. And that’s why, we go about for this kind of literature which is shocking, which we call as sensational.

A person who is a realized soul, his whole value system changes thoroughly. and his whole being becomes such a deep personality that he understands what is stupid, what is idiotic, what is wasteful and what is nourishing. As if in his brain a new light has come to judge what is good for him. Then such a person, suddenly develops, beautiful voice. He becomes very compassionate, kind. I’ve seen people who have been all the time abusing each other suddenly become very sweet to each other – they give up abusing. They use very gentle, beautiful words. They do things to please each other, they try to find out how to make others happy Their little, little ways are so sweet. I cannot relate all of them to you but their one incident I’ll tell you that will make you understand how these people understand how to make you happy. Like we have between ourselves a custom called a rakhi in which a brother is to be chosen and you have to tie a, a little thread on the wrist of that person.

We don’t have this kind of a system in the West, Western societies. But when Alexander invaded our country, he was married to an Indian lady and as luck would have it, unfortunately, once he lost his battle and he was taken into prison and taken uh.. into a dungeon, I should say, and made him stay there. This king called Puru wanted that somehow Alexander should not proceed any further in India to destroy it. Now, that was the day of this rakhi, full moon. His wife was a clever Indian lady so she sent a, that thread in one plate covered with a cloth – that’s how we send it – to the king and the king asked, “All right, tie that to me.” When they tied it, he said, “Who is my sister, who has sent for me?” They said, “It is Alexander’s wife.” “She has sent it to me, I’ve become her brother, Oh God!” He ran to the dungeon, he fell at the feet of Alexander, he said, “Sir, I’m sorry. Uh.. whatever I’ve done, please forgive me.

You are welcome.” He took him with him and he put him on his throne. He said, “Let me wash your feet, you are my sister’s husband, I’ve done such a harm to you. God will never forgive me – you have to forgive me.” This Alexander had no idea what had gone wrong with this king – he thought he’s gone mad or what, what is he trying to do? So, then he gave lots of clothes and lots of ornaments for his sister and everything and he sent her back to his house. When he came home, his wife was smiling, he said, “What is this, this king has gone mad or what? He has left me alone and now if I conquer, I may win the whole of India.” She said, “What did you do?” She said, “Nothing, I just sent a thread to him today.”

He said, “Thread, what was that thread?” She said, “Is a thread from a sister to a brother.” “Oh God,” he said, “For a thread he left me out, I’m such a dangerous person.” He said, “These Indians with their symbols and their lives, I cannot manage them. Imagine, for a thread they leave out such an, such an enemy, like me.” He said, “I’m not going to go further.” And then he took a poet Chandravardai from Delhi and went back and he had tremendous respect for India. These small, small things, how beautiful they make you! A little gesture like that can give you such a great uh..honor and such a great personality. These things have happened many a times in many places but we do not see them because we have no eyes just now to see them.

In the same way, in every family there are such sweet, sweet things that happen. between children, between husband and wife, between in-laws but we never see them. Because of that we cannot organize our family, our relationships with neighbors, with all the rest of the people, in a beautiful manner. Every human-being is very beautifully made – lot of beauty is hidden in him. Of course in the light of a realized soul, it manifests – people see that very clearly. All of our beauty is, somehow or the other, shut down because our heart is closed. We’re frightened of another person, we’re worried about another person, we cannot trust other persons but a realized person trusts, trusts everyone and everyone trusts him. This is a very big thing that can happen to all of you when you’re realized – you’ll be surprised how you will have that confidence within your self to trust everyone. Now, the other things that happen is, I told you, that your eyes become innocent. Our attention is all the time going from here to there.

This thing you see, then that thing you see, that thing you see, going on seeing this to that, to that to that. Then you settle down – the attention settles down. Your attention, absolutely, is at peace and you see something and every small thing you see, you see it deeply. Many people ask Me, “Mother, how do you remember our names then. How do You know us and how do You remember our problems?” It’s love! If you love someone, you know everything about that person – don’t you? It’s just love. You don’t have to keep a diary, you don’t have to keep a regular uh.. sort of reading of whom you know, whom you don’t know – it’s just love! Today somebody asked Me from the newspaper uh.. “How many uh.. sahaja yogies You have?”

I said, ‘I don’t know.’ Really, I don ‘t know. How many there are in this world, I don’t know. “How many thousands?” I said, ‘I don’t know.’ But I can make them out anywhere they are. Wherever they may be – supposing I’m in the vicinity, I meet them immediately – it just happens. It’s very remarkable how a sahaja yogi recognizes another sahaja yogi. There was a lady who was working in Rome and she happened to go to Sicily. There’s another one from England, she went to Sicily and both were feeling uh.. little lonely because you see, others were drinking, smoking and abusing and all sorts of things were going on.

So the one who was from England just looked up and saw another one sitting and she said, “Oh God, she’s a realized soul!” So she went to her, so the other one asked her, “Have you got realization from Shri Mataji?” And they just embraced each other. There’s no lust, there’s no greed – all these stupid ideas that have come to us of homosexuality, this and that, these are all, all is lost. You just love the other person only for love sake. Pure love that manifests. You see the whole world as a drama – you witness it; watching everything that’s happening. You’re not worried, you’re not upset. I’m never upset about the uh.. airport or going to the aeroplane – nothing of the kind – because I know the aeroplane has to wait for Me and I reach there, the aeroplane is there. But I don’t try to trouble others by going late but I never hurry anyone, never trouble anyone – just it’s so simple.

But people are in such a hurry to do something because when we’re not realized, we’re standing in the waves of thought. Like the water – one wave rises falls off, another wave rises falls off, another wave rises falls off. We’re on the cusp, cusp of every wave of our thoughts. But there’s a little, very little space in between. One thought comes from the future or from the past goes to the past or past to the future and we’re just dancing on top of those thoughts. When the Kundalini rises, these thoughts elongate and the space increases, then you become thoughtlessly aware – you’re aware but you’re thoughtless. It’s like, you’re standing in the water, you’re worried of the waves but supposing you’re in the boat, you’re enjoying the waves. You’re not worried about the waves any more. You see them, clearly, you see them rising, falling – you enjoy the waves. You are in a strong boat sitting here to enjoy them.

They know all these skirmishes and all these squabbles of life, do not disturb you. You’re not bothered with these things because there’s such a peace of beautiful existence within yourself. That is, what I call, thoughtlessly aware but beyond that is doubtlessly aware. When you practice sahaja yoga, gradually you start seeing so many miracles happening to you, surprisingly so many things happen. How could it be, how could it have happened! Even in money, power, anything. You suddenly faced with something which is unexpected blessings and you can’t believe it – then you know, “Oh, I’m in the Kingdom of God and it’s God who’s showering blessings upon me.” Then the doubts fall off and you rise to a higher consciousness as we call it as doubtless awareness. You have to of course meditate about five minutes in the morning, five minutes in the evening – not much time is needed. We have watches these days; I think My grandmother never knew what was a watch and My even Mother never used a watch, perhaps.

She, we had a big grandfather’s clock in the house, that was sufficient for all of us. But here everybody has a watch, everybody must save the time, must see the time – save the time for what? To waste it somewhere. Like somebody was hurrying up too much, I said, “What’s such a hurry?” “Oh God, I must go, that pub will close now.” Where are we spending our time? All this time saving is for meditation, for spending time in the presence of God, enjoying His blessings, swimming in the ocean of His Grace and Joy. We don’t realize that all these ideas of saving time and all such things have come to us because this is the time where you have to really save time to be in the company of God. The other day a lady asked Me a question about donations, that we give donations to some people because they’re realized souls and all that. There’s no need for donations at all.

So many people, the other day I met, some people belonging to some community, they’re all the time travelling from places to places. I said, ‘Why are you travelling?’ “Because we belong to this community, we’re realized souls.” Self-certified realized souls going round all the places, enjoying life. I said, ‘Realized souls, why do you certify yourself as realized souls, how are you realized souls?’ If you’re realized soul you must be able to give realization to another person – that’s the minimum of minimum. That’s the gift of realization – you should be able to cure others – that’s also minimum of minimum. But you should be able to master all the sciences and all the Shastras, that is all the Scriptures. You should be able to answer every type of a person without losing patience. And that is what one has to be, then I would say, that in sahaja yoga you become a guru.

But such a guru is extremely compassionate, kind, guiding, looking after him. Every little bit is looked after, then it’s a guru. Mostly the gurus look after your purse or your wives, maybe, at the most. Is that the way they are gurus? Their lives are blackened by their ill deeds – they’re evil people, they’re devils, some of them, born again to test your intelligence and your understanding. They may come as priests, they might come as Jews, they might come uh. as.. Hindus, they may come as anything. But they’re evil doers of the worst type – not that only they will go to Hell but all disciples of theirs will go to Hell. But how will you know, how will you know that such and such a person is bad or good – through your vibrations. How will you know Christ – through your vibrations.

Everything you can know through your vibrations an absolute correct answers will be there. Even if you have ten children sitting, tie their eyes and ask them, “What’s wrong with this gentleman?” They will all raise the same finger, meaning he feels very guilty. Because you feel it on your Central Nervous System This is what has to happen to all of you. After realization, you have to grow. It’s like a little sapling which is to be looked after, which is to be nourished, which is to be grown. And then you will understand, who are you – you are the Spirit. Your glory, your beauty, your righteousness, your virtues everything will manifest. Out of you great people like Abraham Lincoln, will come out. We have given up hopes of having those great people – they’re all going to come out of you.

May God bless you! Today, as I told you yesterday, there were too many questions. Some were sensible, some were rather aggressive and some were nonsensical – doesn’t matter. We can give some time to ask few questions today. I think, I should give realization and establish yesterday’s realization and also give to the new people. Please ask the questions. You’re thoughtlessly aware, most of you – you don’t know what to ask? [INAUDIBLE] – Where did You get Your knowledge? – Again, they want to know about Me. I got it from My very childhood, I was born with it.

Even if I say I got it yesterday, what difference will it make to you, sir? This question has no meaning. – [INAUDIBLE] – Please, please stand up and say. Which is the one? All right. [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] – The question is, what is the Self-realization and how do you know that you have got it? This is in short. – Aw, it’s too much. – [INAUDIBLE] The whole lecture was about it, Sir. Yes, yesterday you were not there?

I’m sorry, you can listen to My lecture, all right. You can take the tape – it explains what is Self-realization. All right, is very simple to understand. You’ll get it just now, then you will know what it is. Please be seated, thank you. You must stand up otherwise we don’t see you – anybody who has to ask the question. Yes, please. [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] Question is, that she was not here yesterday and would it be possible for You to please explain something about the internal health and knowing that through the fingers? Ah, internal health, through the fingers? All right.

Of course, tomorrow you’re coming for a workshop and in the details they’ll be telling you, that I told you this one, two, three, four, five, six and seven – these are seven centers and on this hand are seven centers. Now, these seven centers are represented here as you see them. So, this is the one, is the lowest, lowest one here then, this is the one which is the second one, yellow one. Then you have, this is the one which is here at the neck Vishudhdhi, as they call it. This is the one which is at the naval point. This is the one, which is on the left-hand side on the back but on the right-hand side in front, where there’s the red mark. And this is the one is the heart. This is the one is the limbic area or we can say, the seventh chakra, this one. Now, they’re all related physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Now if you want to see the physical side – now supposing, on your hands the whole thing cannot be explained in a short time but, I would say, now supposing, in your hand you are feeling something is burning here that means there’s something wrong here in the throat on the right-hand side, on the physical side.

But supposing this is burning, then it means that you are feeling guilty and you have developed a weakness here. It relates, the permutations and combinations are there which will know very easily and also there are little booklets in which you can read and find out and it’s very simple to understand. Yes, please. – Your concept of, I’m sorry – Concept? – The concept of good health? – Hell – Hell, I’m sorry, I’m sorry – Could You please tell us something about Your concept of Hell? – Hell? [ SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS] Ah.. Why should you talk of something not so good? Hell has been described by so many people but you don’t feel like talking about it. There are lectures, I have so many lectures on Hell also and you can take, you can come and listen to them but, I mean, just now before realization I don’t want to talk of these things because when the mood spoils and then it’s not good.

So, will you excuse Me. You can go and listen to My, like I’ve got at least, I don’t know how many thousand lectures I’ve given, out of them so many are about Hell – it’s not a concept, it’s a reality. Yes, please. Please get up, please. First you get up, then is easy to see you. Will you please get up, please, you please, yes? Yes, thank you. I was not here for Your lecture [UNCLEAR – YESTERNIGHT OR YESTERDAY?] but before I get certified Self-realized, what [UNCLEAR] The question is said that he was not here yesterday uh.. , “If I get Self-realization in this lifetime, – in My next lifetime will I have to start all over again? – No, no, not at all.

Not at all. You’ll have free will to be born whenever you like. You’ll know all about it, you’ll come with a new fervor – this is never lost. That’s something is eternal life. This is the Eternal life that is never lost. Is there anybody else, please? [UNCLEAR] [INAUDIBLE] [UNCLEAR N INAUDIBLE] Question is said that, “The Self-realization that You intend to give us to-night which You have also mentioned is like a sapling that has to be nursed – Is there a higher level to be achieved after this?” Yes. You see Self-realization is, as I said, is a sapling. It is to be looked after, is to be stationed and then this when it is embedded properly into your being, it grows into a tree.

Then you can give to others, others can come for support from you. So, you have to grow up to that point. In some people it doesn’t even take one day – that very same day they are there – very surprising! But some people do take some time because the Kundalini being the Mother She gives you realization, the breakthrough all right but then again She goes back to the places where it requires attention. So all these things to be understood. About a month is more than sufficient, I think, for everybody to stand on their own legs. [INAUDIBLE] – What is the difference – Annh? – What is the difference between Self-realization and God realization. Quite a lot, hunh… Self-realization is the beginning of it and then the God realization is a stage where you develop capacity to control all the elements, everything. There’s lot of difference, is can be achieved by sahaja yogies also.

You see for some people, it’s quite a long distance but for some people is not. It is, it depends on one’s own capabilities. [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR] – Kya? – Umm, You mentioned that you have to save time, not to waste time – and use that time for meditation, so is that the way to spend all our time and is there any [UNCLEAR] – No, no, no, I told you, you need only five minutes. But save time means, you must save time in the sense that you should not waste your time in useless things – which you do not after realization. – [UNCLEAR] – Yes. No I said five minutes morning and five minutes evening. Now the gentleman who is standing here, he is the chief executive of a very big factory or we should say, a very big business in India, and he’s the owner of that steel but he has found time to come down to see you all. – Yes, please. – [INAUDIBLE] – On Me – [INAUDIBLE] [SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS] Do You have to understand the process, uh, do You have to understand the process of Self-realization to actually get it?

No, not at all. You’ll get it without understanding it but you’ve been asking about it, so I’m telling. But later on, if you have to give realizations to others, better know it. It’s very simple though but realization you can get just like that. You need not even know My language – you can get realization. I was wondering [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] The question is, “How do You awaken the Kundalini?” All right, that’s something, the, it is a spontaneous thing, it just awakens in My presence. It’s like the Mother Earth awakening a seed. I must be something of course, no doubt. And once you are realized, you can also awaken the Kundalini.

But spontaneously it will be awakened. I, when I was born, I knew My mission, I knew what I had to do and that I had to find out a method, en-masse realization. And in My own meditative way, I studied human-beings, what are their problems, why can’t they have enmasse realization. Because any discovery unless and un it is made public, available to everyone, has no meaning. So many people have been killed, given poisons and tortured and the time had come also for Me to do the job and somehow I’ve managed it. But you can also give realization to people once you’re realized. [INAUDIBLE] – Can you get up please, also? Ah.. – [INAUDIBLE] – Kya keh rahe? – I’m sorry, I didn’t hear that. – Couldn’t hear, I’m sorry, sir.

– That’s better. – [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] – Kya farma rahe? – James [INAUDIBLE] – Did you hear anything James? [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] – What time? – [INAUDIBLE] – Annh? – [INAUDIBLE] All the elements, all the elements. These elements, the essence of this elements, you see, make the chakras, all the elements. – [INAUDIBLE] – Which are the useless ones? – Umm? – Which are the useless ones?

– All of them are useful. Hunh! – Useless – All the five elements. Yes. [INAUDIBLE] – What’s he saying? Kuch sunai nahin de raha. – [INAUDIBLE] – Which are the useless elements and which are the useful elements. – There aren’t any. All of them are very useful, sir. [UNCLEAR] – What… – [UNCLEAR] – What’s it?

– [UNCLEAR] – I think he’s just making some poem – Kya keh rahe hain? – Annh? – Just making an observation – Oh, I see. It’s just an observation. [ALL CLAP N LAUGH] All right, please be seated. If you don’t mind, please be seated. You’ll find out how the elements are helping to build up our chakras and how ultimately the Kundalini passes through them and enlightens those elements within ourselves. There is a subtle of every element which makes the chakras, all right? These are all questions which will come to your mind, I know, because it’s a scientific uh.. style is to understand that way. But to be very frank, you see, to get your realization you don’t have to know all these things.

First you get your realization. Like say, it is dark there’s no light, then supposing, you ask Me, how to make out Mr. this from [UNCLEAR – THEM? ], I’ll say put on the light first. And to put on the light you have to just switch on – then you can find out. You must have patience with yourself, isn’t it? All right, you be seated and then you get your realization and then know all about it. – [INAUDIBLE] – What’s it? – [INAUDIBLE] – You be seated. You get your realization – it’s like getting a light in your hand. [INAUDIBLE] Please be seated.

Yes. The enquiry is very good. At least people have given a thought to it. Once it works out, it would be even better for you to see yourself what it is. If doesn’t work out, it will work out tomorrow, it will work out day after but it must work out first. First you must have entry into that part, that area to understand, with a light in your hand. You have not yet entered into that area. As I said , this is the knowledge of the roots and to go to the roots you have to be a subtler being. Once you become that subtler being, then you can move into your roots and find out yourself. It’s not like any knowledge of the tree that you can just see here for yourself.

You have to become a subtler being and then you start seeing for yourself everything. But I’m happy that you have enquiry about it. Now this enquiry is going to help you very much to go deep down – is a sign of depth and sign of pure intelligence. May God bless you all! Now, very simple things are needed to be done to understand how to raise your own Kundalini, very simple thing. Firstly, as I said, we have to take help from the Mother Earth so, you have to take out your shoes because when you touch your Mother Earth with your shoes, She helps a lot and touch the Mother Earth with your feet. Now, the experiment is going to be on yourself [UNCLEAR – WHILE?] you are going to do the experiment yourself. I’m just going to tell you the procedure which is extremely simple, which you should follow intensely and it will work out. The main object is to get Self-realization.

All of you should get Self-realization, is the main object. Once you get it, then to go further, we’ll have the light in our hand. You please have your both the hands towards Me, like this. This means that the left, which is the hand of desire, is towards Me. and this is the hand of your action. So we are going to use this hand for the action within. How the movement works out of the Kundalini, you yourself will notice, you yourself will certify you yourself will see. I’m not going to certify you. Moreover, I cannot force it on you. It has to be done in complete freedom.

Because you have to achieve the Absolute Freedom.