With the children at Airport, Miracle of the Biscuit Melbourne Airport, Melbourne (Australia)


Note: This where the ‘Miracle of the Biscuit’ took place. Shri Mataji was waiting for Her flight at Melbourne airport at the end of Her Visit, Abraham (the youngest one) offered Her his partly eaten biscuit. Shri Mataji then gave a piece of the biscuit to each of the children and returned the biscuit to Abraham in exactly the same partly eaten form in which he had given it. https://sahaj-az.blogspot.com/p/memories.html […]

Interview on AIDS, with the help of Balamama Adelaide (Australia)

Interview on Aids, Australia, 18 May 1987.

Journalist: [Inaudible] Shri Mataji: You see, because I try to know so much about religions. Journalist: Yes. Shri Mataji: Because I’m dealing with all kinds of religious people, first of all. Journalist: With- yes. Shri Mataji: And then, you see, within ourselves, it’s – there is a religion, a human religion. Journalist: Right. Shri Mataji: That is actually our valency, it’s our valency. Journalist: Our wellbeing? Shri Mataji: Valency is a thing, […]