Talk and Shehnai Concert by Bismillah Khan, Eve of Shri Krishna Puja

Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (France)


Talk to Sahaja Yogis the day before Shri Krishna Puja.

It’s very nice to see you all here assembled in such happy mood and the nature is also very happy with you.
I’ve tried to learn French but I think it’s a very difficult language.
When I came first to France they told me, Mother you should never say that you are a happy joyous person. I think I practised to myself — Now the idea was that, in France people believed that the whole world is full of misery, we are all sinners and we should all suffer and we should be all miserable, so everything that was
grey and very gloomy was regarded as the highest art, I did not know what to do because I enjoy, what am I to do. They said because they’d think that you are ignoramus, you don’t know what is going on in this world, that’s why you are joyous. But I said I know everything, so I started addressing them with “Les Miserable” and today I say the joyous, you are the joyous people here sitting down in France, because you have found out the truth and that is the source of joy.

We are here to celebrate the birthday of Sri Krishna tomorrow and is the most suitable thing to celebrate his birthday in France. Because he came on this earth to establish the fact that truth is joy, when he came on this earth, at that time there were people who believed that one should be very serious, and one should be very ritualistic and they believed in all kinds of restrictions on life, they had reached the same conclusions as the Christians that you should not have a married life and you should be an aesthetic if you have to achieve God. I don’t know how all of them reached such conclusions.
So he established a new way of expression of joy, now his power was Radha, Ra is the energy, Dha is the one who sustains the energy, but she was the source of joy, as they say in Sanskrit Alah Bedinigh. She was the power who started a new style of understanding God and the child Krishna used to sit on a tree when these ladies would be bathing, he was about hardly four or five years of age, and when they would come out of the water, of the Yamuna, he would just break their pitchers from the back, because she would put her feet in the water while filling the pitchers, the water would be vibrated, and then the same vibrated water would flow on their back, by which their kundalini would be awakened.
Because there was no way of telling people in those days that you have a Kundalini, you better sit down and meditate, people were very gloomy, just like French, at that time. So he had to play some tricks, then he would have a dance called Rasa, Ra means energy and Sa means with, to dance with the energy. So he would hold the hands of all the Gopis and would dance, passing the energy through Radhas hands into all these Gopas and Gopis who were there.
So the traditionally, what they were had come down as a very morose, gloomy religion, he wanted to transform it into a joyful fun and that is why he also used other methods, to create great fun. His Alah Bedhini Shakti that is Radha, he would play with her and with other friends and the friends of Radha of what you call Holli, which is with the water, coloured water, because you must have seen when the children get to the water, they just start playing with the water all the time, throwing water on each other and enjoying, like Christ has said “You have to be like children, if you have to enter into the Kingdom of God.”
So he started such nice childlike play, like Holi, to make people very joyous and happy, because very strict type of discipline started emerging out of the religion. Even the other day I went to see the Maharaja of Travencor, who is the one who is residing in Kerala, he told me he has to be everyday get up at 4 o’clock and
take a bath in a lake which was very dirty I have seen it not a lake a pond like a stuff and he has to stay there for everyday for one hour and then he has to come of it and with those wet clothes he has to walk at least quarter of a mile in a temple to worship the Goddess and whenever he went out of Kerala to say foreign
countries anywhere, everyday he had pay has a penalty fifteen hundred rupees, I said that even if you give me everyday fifteen hundred or any amount I will not jump into the dirty ponds.

So in Sahaja Yoga I find also when people come for the first time they get to the extremes, all the time they are giving bandhan to them even if they are facing just a tree, they are meditating hours together not eating any food going miserable, even in the programmes I see when I am giving lecture or something they are still giving bandhans raising the Kundalini and others looking at them, the new people thinking what is happening here, there are two types of people one are those who want to go deeply into Sahaja Yoga and another who are frivolous and are abandoned type so the kind that goes into too much ritualism is also not correct.
That’s not the proper way to be in Sahaja Yoga, you have to see spontaneously at that present moment whatever is to be done, their best thing is to be, in the Nirvichara, in the thoughtless awareness as soon as you face a problem get into thoughtless awareness and that is your fort, that will make you grow and your discretion will improve, your attention will become discrete, the people who meditate for hours together I find them, have not finished anywhere but those who meditate for a short time in the morning and evening achieve a lot, the reason is you must understand the law of the divine.

The laws of divine work when you are in thoughtless awareness, not by putting any effort into it, but a strong desire to be thoughtless awareness the other type are rather difficult because they are still standing on the back of a crocodile and try to come in the boat of Sahaja Yoga their head is still filled with all the ideas of the past, either they are self pity, they think that we can never achieve anything, or they think that, we should not change much and we should try to have all our old ideas.
Now in Sahaja Yoga everybody has passed through that stage and those who’ve been called as leaders have passed through it also and they know what it is. I’ve known some of them as very hot tempered, some very quarrelsome, one some very extremely gloomy type and some were very aggressive, some were idiotic, some were, all kinds of things, all kinds of colours and hues there were. Now the work of a leader is rather difficult, it was easier for me to do this job because I know how to manage, maybe I have some more powers than the leaders have, so if you deny your leaders, if you try to argue with your leaders, if you don’t listen to your leaders and if you don’t want to imbibe what they are saying, it’s going to be very difficult for you and them
and I have told you many times I know your leaders very well, because I know their vibrations, if theres anything wrong let me handle them, you don’t have to worry, but if you have to grow in Sahaja Yoga and if you have to stand on your legs, first you have to hold the hands of your leaders.
Now many people think that we have to bow to someone if we listen to someone, but listening to yourself you have not been able to achieve anything and yourself itself has not yet expressed, because you have not reached the state of self realisation, to achieve that first of all you have to listen to your leaders, when you say I believe it is your ego is saying that, or if you say I like it, it is your conditioning, it is your super-ego that is saying that, it is not your spirit, so to reach the state where you can feel your spirit you have to
take help from others and theres nothing wrong with it, as in childhood we have to take help from our mother, father, teachers, in the same way in Sahaja Yoga also, you have to take help from your leaders, so there should be no problem in following the leaders because they are there for your good.

We are again once Krishna was asked, that it is said in the Scriptures that you have to tell the truth and something that is Vihah Saptumbah Vihah Tiumbah Vihah, so they said how can that be? If you tell the truth it may not be liked by another person, so how can you tell the truth. He said that there is a word in-between is Saptumbah Dihah Pitumbar Dihah Priumbar Dihah. that is the truth, then Hitah is benevolence, and Priah is Dihat, which is light by others.
So these three things are combined together if you just put your attention to the benevolence of the person. Now if a leader tells you something it is for your benevolence, that is why in the long run it will be dear to you, in the beginning you may not like it, but ultimately it will be very dear to you, because only through
that you will achieve your complete freedom, thus I have to thank the leaders here, for they have got so many French people as Sahaja Yogis and all others from all over Europe and England all those who have come here, they all are so proud that there are so many Sahaja Yogis in France and you will see that everything will
change when we’ll have more Sahaja Yogis and you all will all establish yourself as great gurus of Sahaja Yoga, but you have to be responsible and you have to be earnest about it, thats going to help you very much, as it is the leaders have to judge, that whatever they are doing is out of their love and with the idea of
benevolence. I am sure France will give such a big lead now to all the Europeans here and show how we should gather more Sahaja Yogis, in one year to have hundred and fifty like this is very surprising isnt it, and all others must give them a hand for it.

Now you are going to listen to some very good Indian music and this gentleman who’s going to play to you is a very well known musician from India, it is a great surprise for me and I’m very much thankful to you, because he has played for so many places where Auspiciousness was needed and I am happy that you have honoured him like this.