We Are Here For Our Ascent Pune (India)

We Are Here For Our Ascent, Pune
You have come for your ascent, for a pilgrimage, and certain things have to be borne in mind — that we have to see that our thinking has to go down first. I don’t mind suffering, but my suffering doesn’t help you much. So I have to request you not to say, “I thought.”
Then I’ve seen people go on lingering about. There’s no movement, very lethargic movement, very slow movement, […]

Christmas Puja: Reach Completion of Your Realization Pune (India)

Christmas Puja. Pune (India), 25 December 1987.

English part of Talk:

Today is the great day when a great son of the Goddess was born, at least it is celebrated today. And you all are assembled here to celebrate the birthday of Christ. You already know how He came on this earth, and what was His great work. But we must see to the subtle side of Christ. What was His power? Christ’s power was of course Omkara. […]