Arrival Talk, Divine Laws

Ansalonga (Andorra)

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English Transcript Version Date: 2015-1121

Tomorrow is a great day for all of us because it’s the Guru Puja Day and perhaps you know that Guru puja is the greatest day for all the Sahaja Yogis, also for Me. Of course, Sahasrara is the day very important which makes a big history in the spirituality and also in the evolutionary process. But for Sahaja Yogis and for Myself – it’s very remarkable that we are here to know something and to teach something. Now if you see how Sahaja Yoga knowledge has slowly come to all of you. Ganeshwara has described it so beautifully he says, “Like the petals when they fall on the Mother Earth, gently, in the same way let this knowledge fall onto the minds of the disciple and make them fragrant.” Another thing described is a bird calls Chakoor which is a bird which just at the time of the full moon sucks the nectar of moonlight otherwise it doesn’t care for anything else, it’s only feeds only on itself. So he says, “Let the knowledge of the Divine be sucked in by the disciple like a Chakoora bird who sucks in the nectar of the moonlight.” Moon stands for the Spirit. And in the same manner let it penetrate into their being. After all he was a great poet. In poetry nobody has gone as deep as Ganeshwara, no one. So slowly and steadily, very gently, beautifully the knowledge of the Divine penetrated into your being. It is evident in your Central Nervous System, on your face, on your behavior, on your understanding, on your habits. In every way but especially in your eyes like a light. There is a light in the eyes of all the Sahaja Yogis and that light shows that they are enlightened people. I happen of course, because Sahaja Yoga is supposed to do your Realization. And the second part was to teach you the decoding of the Divine laws, telling you about what it means, why, feeling those vibrations on your finger tips then also how to correct yourself, what correction is needed, by making you your own Guru, slowly and steadily you could see what was wrong in your machinery so that you absorbed it, very gradually and very beautifully within yourself. It’s a very delicate work and in no university whatsoever, or no school or college this kind of loving embindment is possible.
Everything moves so slowly with all the blessings and auspiciousness and all the beauty and glory being exposed to you of your own and of that of Divine. Every moment you saw how the blessings worked. Today only they told Me, “It’s very cold there.” I said, “All right it will be warmer today tonight.” So the Divine immediately made it warmer. It’s so simple that the Divine is anxious to look after you, to make you happy, to make you joyous, to enjoy every moment of your life, to enjoy yourself, to enjoy your own beauty and the whole flow is so beautiful and so beautifully done within and without in your behavior. We have definitely started a new race on this Earth, no doubt about it and a new age that has been described is already here, no doubt. We are very different people from all other people who may profess religions, who may have theories, they say this and that but they haven’t got your beauty. It’s clearly shown on your faces.
Today is not the way I should teach you something as a Guru but as a Mother, I thought I better get some presents for you. I used to cook very well but nowadays I don’t cook so I thought better give some presents today let’s enjoy My own love for you. You can sing to Me. You can express your love. I’ve no way of expression of My love to you. So whatever small things I could get I’ve tried to bring for you. I hope you like it. Of course, for all of you I couldn’t get anything, whatever little thing we could do, in the short time, you know I was having a real marathon running from places to places and I could only get to some airports and things looking out for My children something here and there. It was a very hectic sort of thing but that’s why I enjoy and I hope you also will enjoy.
May God bless you all!

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi