Public Program

Milan (Italy)

1990-06-13 Public Program CAM 1, Milan Italy DP-RAW, 170'
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1990-06-13 Public Program CAM 2, Milan Italy DP-RAW, 107'
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Baba Mama: Since music has no barriers, it has no nationality, it has no caste, Unclear(), religion. Neither can it be stopped by any nationality, neither can it be stopped by any boundaries or bullets or war heads. Music is universal and that’s why we have a conviction that this is made by the Divine. Is it the product of the divinity. It has one barrier though and that is a closed heart. Music has a direct nexus with the heart. It has nothing to do with your perception or understanding but it has to only pour its richness, its gravity, its melody into your heart. Our purpose here is to see that our music pours into your heart. Therefore it is my Unclear(Ernst) desire that please sit with all your open hearts which I am sure you are here for. Indian music, like the western music has twelve notes. It has C and C sharp, G and A and B and all that. But the Indian music has certain disciplines put in the system of presentation. Therefore, the creativity in music is discipline and is extremely pleasing to the ear, to the listening ear and very very compatible where the rhythm of heart has concerned. It is after many years of research that has gone into developing this Indian music to find out to what will recreate the man’s and what will give him the required mood for listening to this beautiful creative music. We are sure that we are going to entertain you today because we truly represent the true Indian classical music. Now it’s the time to introduce to you to my very versatile artists. May I begin with Prabhakar rao ji Dhakade. He not only composes but he sings, he plays the Violin, he plays Harmonium, he is been a music director, and wat not? All. His list is endless. On his right, he is Ashok Thoke. He is a stocky little man very much quite a lot flesh in him, but more than the flesh there is a rhythm in it all throughout. Thank you. He plays the Dholak and the Naal which are two Indian percussions which are played horizontally. Next to him is Sandesh Pokharkar. He plays the popular percussion known as Tabla, which is divided into two parts and is played vertically. His brilliance on the Tabla can be experienced rather than explain. Therefore, I shall not dwell a very long on his exponency on Tabla. I am sorry, I missed out a very small and dainty figure Chaya Wankhede. This little lady weighs only about thirty-four kilos, but her vocal cords are as strong as Baba Mama. She is very melodious and is getting sweeter every day and I am sure that this tender age of twenty-one or twenty-two she is achieved so much and much more is to be achieved by her in Sahaj. Now I introduce to you a new artist known as Sandhya Pandey. She is the exponent of Kathak style of dance, Indian dance. She is joined Sahaj only about five months ago but she has taken leaps ahead of many and is doing an excellent job as an artist as well as a Sahaja yogini. Due to the efficiency of the airlines, we only lost one baggage while coming from London to Milan and it’s her entire dancing attire is locked in that baggage, luckily that baggage has been found but we were not able to retrieve it in good time. Therefore, she would be dancing without her full attire. I now introduce to you Sanjay Talwar. I am sure the resonance of his voice is going to vibrate the strings of your heart and will leave a lingering memory for many many days to come. I introduce to you now another new artist, Anil Kumar. Four years ago, he sang a song in Ganapatipule where we have our annual seminar singing in praise of the Lord Hanumana and in one of the photographs, the Hanumana himself was present and bowing before Shree Mataji. Last but not the least the young and rising and excellent and brilliant artist is Nasir Khan on Sitara. Two years ago, when he came here, I used to introduce you as a baby of the team, but now that he is married, I think he has deprived himself of that privilege. We begin the evening Unclear() by a song sung by Sanja Talwar which is dealing with the rising of the Kundalini and a pleading on the mother Kundalini to raise. Your attention on to the artists would help us immediately to bring out our very best. Jai Shree Mataji. Thank you very much.

Song: Jago Kundalini maa…

Baba Mama: Thank you, that applause was very assuring and we now presenting another song by Sanjay Talwar. And we would like the involvement of the audience with the little clapping 

Song: Jindagee pyar ki…

Baba Mama: Thank you very much, Thank you. The next artist is Chaya Wankhede, she is going to sing to you a philosophically devotional song. It is dealing with the man’s thought process, it is dealing with the man’s involvement in the present moment. How he is thinking of either the past or the future in the present moment without thinking that the present moment is meant to be spent for much more fruitful and Unclear() things. The moment which has gone by have we have no control over it because it is gone by and the moment which is going to come also we do not have any control over it. But we are constantly thinking of the past and repenting over it or we are always thinking of the future and inviting all sorts of tensions in advance of the moment to come. There by either underutilizing or mis utilizing the present moment which is so precious which is in your hand and which you can utilize to the best of your ability and to the most proper use. The theme of the sone is that we must live in the present. Not bother ourselves of the future or not regret of the past. Because both Unclear() one is past one is going by and one is yet to come. This song sounds philosophical but this is true. And this is what we must practice. Thank you. 


Baba Mama: We are not combining Chaya’s music with Sandhya Pandey’s dance. Since she doesn’t have affirm attire, she will not be presenting to you the Kathak style of dance, but she will be performing the dance on a devotional song. Dealing with the seeking of the seeker. And what the seeker is achieved in this Sahaja Yoga, that having tried everything, having gone from place to place, and having being denied from what is being sought. Eventually he has got what he deserved to get because of his righteousness. This is the theme of the song and I am sure the way Sandhya would be dancing and interpreting the way the we are Unclear() it will directly pour into your hearts. Thank you. 

Song: Brahma Shodhile brahmada mirare…

Baba Mama: Thank you very much for the sustained applause, it is only indicate you of not only appreciation but also of the fact that your hearts are properly receiving whatever the artist is wanted to pour into it. We will carry now this creativity further and I am now asking Anil to sing a very traditional devotional song sung in our part of India, that is Maharashtra, it is known as Abhang and Anil will sing it and before that I will ask Ashok to play the traditional Unclear() as we play it in the villages. 

Song: Nirmalaa iti varna…

Baba Mama: Thank you. This Unclear() language is known as the Gajal. Which means invoking of the deity and bringing out your feelings and clearing out yourself to be able to receive the deity within you. Thank you very much. I am sure that you are now ready to receive the Kundalini to raise, raising Kundalini within you and to receive the experiences of the realization. Thank you. 

From Italian Sahaja Yogis who sing Joguva… a few, we want some in the audience also. I would like the microphones Unclear() because the clapping is loud, so the microphones would be louder. 

Song: Joguva…

Shri Mataji: I bow to all the seekers of Truth. We have here a picture of the system that is within you which works out your self-realization. Now, there is a question that ‘why one should have self-realization?’ its unclear() question but still it is very simple to understand. See, unless and until you know yourself, you cannot know what is Divine, what is God. So, when we talk of God, there is no connection. And when we pray to God, there is no connection. Secondly, unless and until you get your self-realization, you cannot have an absolute knowledge of Truth. Like another question is that about the Unclear(God/Bible) which is quite absurd. Because he says that in the New Testament there is no reference to the Holy Spirt who will speak through our hands or if there is where is it. Now, it was not there in the Bible, alright. But it is in the Quran. Christ was allowed to talk only for four years by the wise people very arrogant. You will not believe; it took me four years to give realization to seven people in England. How difficult there. So, I must say Christ has said lots of things but he could not talk about chakras, he could not talk about Kundalini, he could not talk about many things. But he said that he will send Holy Ghost who will explain to you everything. Now the second question is quite arrogant about the Sahaja Yogis that they are not saints. What is the criteria for saint? First you become the saint and talk like that. This shows you have no seeking for Truth, this gentleman. Reading Bible if you have to become saint then one must know that Christ did not read any Bible. What is written in the Bible that you must seek yourself. You have to get your second birth. You have to born again. It is written there. Know thyself. Now this is the prescription given to you. Supposing you have headache and I say you take headaches, then you go on reading, you take headaches, you take headaches, you take headaches. But when are you going to take headaches? In the same way a simple thing Christ has said which is very subtle that ‘thou shall not have adulterous eyes’ Please tell me in the European countries or in America, how many you find without adulterous eyes Unclear(). I was myself born in a Christian family and I know what they do. Pretentious things cannot take you to God. You have to take to reality. I must say one thing that Russians, whatever it is, whatever may be, the regime, the people have no conditionings of non-sense. And they are the best Sahaja Yogis. They have achieved it in no time. So, those people have such conditionings, we cannot help. 

Second question is what happens to the people who are hopeless unclear(heal) like Cancer or Aids this and that. Yes of course, it can be helped. They have to come to Sahaja Yoga with humble nature. But not the one who has ask this question because he say that why you are a Holy Mother? He wants me to help for his sickness and all that, he has no humility. If you want to have any help, you must at least have humility. Alright this is the second stupid question.

There’s another question is about Mr. Chinmai and Sai Baba. He says what is the competition between them? See, they don’t speak against each other because in the Bible is written that in the house of Satan, they don’t speak about against each other. So, they are all quite friendly with each other. You do your job make your money; I do my job make my money. And surprisingly, surprisingly, in the European democratic countries, democratic countries and also in the America, such people are very popular. Who cheat them, who befooled them, make money. Because perhaps maybe they are very pretentious, they have good Shoba ships something like that. But are you seeking the reality or not? You talk of Christ how much money did you pay him? In India people know that, a saint could not behave like this. They know this is wisdom, even China people know, even Russians know. Why shouldn’t the Europeans know that this kind of tomfoolery is not saintly? I am happy that you ask me questions that shows that you are free to ask, you have freedom. But when you follow these hopeless false people, you don’t ask any questions, you just follow headlong as if you are mesmerized. You pay thousands and thousands of, millions and millions of Unclear() these people, you never asked any question. As if they have just grasp your awareness that you cannot ask any question. I mean in the north of Italy that is displays Rajneesh was such a popular man once upon a time and so much money has gone from Italy to Rajneesh. So, firstly we must have wisdom and maturity to understand what do we want? we want the Truth or not? 

There was another question yesterday, I don’t know who asked me about Sahaja Yogis criticizing them that they tried to say that your vibrations are not alright or whatever it is. I see, this kind of people who say these things, are mostly suffering from persecution mania. If you have some problem, you are to be told somehow, otherwise how are you going to get cured? Of course, it should be told in a proper way, in such a manner that another person doesn’t feel hurt. But is has to be said. What can you do? Because unless and until you make the person aware of it, it cannot be corrected. We have to thank them that they are telling you about it and know that they are not telling you because they hate you or they want to trouble you but because they love you. 

There is a good question, how to protect yourself from all the diseases. So, for that, first I will tell you today, how you get into troubles and then you can come to our centers and they will tell you very simple methods, how to protect you from diseases. It is better to protect yourself before you get the disease than to come to Sahaja Yoga when you have already got it. 

Shri Mataji asking to the translator: How many years I have been coming here?

Translator: I would say seven years.

Shri Mataji: I have been coming here for the last seven, eight years. You all should have been the healthiest people if you had come from the very beginning. And also, you would have been helping people to get well and helping people to give them realization. Alright. So, now today I am going to tell you this mechanism which works the awakening of the Kundalini.

In the awakening of the Kundalini, is the last breakthrough of our evolution. She is the power which is lying dormantly in the triangular bone. Now this is the knowledge of the roots. And this has to raise to give you your self-realization through six centers. Yeah. Now this is the power as I told you before which is of pure desire. Now the other desires that we have are not pure. Because today we want something, we get it then we want another thing, another thing, another thing, we are never happy. Never satisfied. So, weather you know it or not, whether you are aware of it or not, the pure desire is to ascend and become on with the Divine power. Alright. So, for that this desire should be there within you that you have to become one with the Divine power. She is your mother, and she knows everything about you. She is your individual mother. And she knows how to give you your self-realization without giving you any trouble what so ever. As your mother took all the trouble when she gave you the birth. In the same way this mother also does not give you any trouble. But it happens only for the wise, for the sensible, for the people who are clean in their heart. Is not meant for stupid people or foolish. So, one has to understand that getting self-realization is unclear(stow) your right as a human being. You have to be a sensible human being. Now we have above the Kundalini, the six centers and below the Kundalini the seventh center. 

Shri Mataji to the translator: you have told them about it?

Translator: I think so..

Shri Mataji: Now, you have been already told about this. So, we unclear() say one center today. Not only on the physical, but also on the mental side. The second center nourishes the aortic plexus on the physical side. So, now when you think too much, it also sends energy, to the brain for nourishing the grey cells. But when you start using too much for your thinking or for your futuristic planning, then all other functions are neglected. So, when you are enlighten, you can feel it on this or this thumb burning if the center is something wrong with it. So, you have to be enlighten means your hands must feel it on their central nervous system what’s wrong with the centers. Now, when these two sides of this one center are caught, on the left side, the problem is very serious. You get processed by something by these gurus, they mesmerize you or something like that then you go to the left side. On the left-side, on the left-side as you see there is a line, blue line, this is the channel of your., we can say the power of desire to begin with, ordinary desire. But it also deals with the past. So, beyond this is all the collective subconscious mind. All that is dead in the past is there. So, when you go to the left side too much, you can get processed. So, you get mental problems. You can get epilepsy, you can get what you call – madness, lunacies, schizophrenia all psychological problems. So, if it is on the right side to much a person is very futuristic. He thinks too much, then he might get a very bad liver because this center has to look after liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys and the intestines, part of the intestines. So, with this heat, you get asthma and you might also get what you call, constipation. Also high blood pressure, also you can unclear() what you call, the diabetes and then you get also what we call as the blood cancer. So, to prevent these problems you have to get this center in a proper shape. If you go too much to the extreme of thinking using your brain too much, then may be there is another psychosomatic complexion is on this that you can get a disease which is called yuppies disease today about which I have told long time back. In this disease, your conscious mind is used too much. All the time you are alert, you have to think about it, this that, planning, planning, planning. Say, in modern times, in modern times it has increased a lot. This kind of thing, this kind of life especially in Milano also I feel its too much. Also, the parents are intimidating the children, you must come up, competition, competition in everything. Now, human beings are very delicately made. They are not machine. And there is a wear and tear of the machine also you see. So, one has to understand that if you go too much the extremes you develop this conscious mind a kind of a paralysis. You become paralyzed. And then a person wants to walk, he cannot walk. Wants to do something, he cannot do. But unconsciously can. All such diseases start actually in America somehow. When I told about this disease in America about eight years back. And now in the news papers it is so many have got this disease. In the year 1973 I have told them about Aids when they told me about homo sexuality. But they were so very angry with me. And now, they are telling me that now which has happened to us, so what to do? Also, it’s a big problem with people who are so self-opinionated. They don’t want to see the problem till they get into trouble. They would not even publish my advertisement. So, how can you explain to such people who are busy finding out ways to destroy themselves. Now the second part is that about the last center is very important. It is below the Kundalini. And this is the one which looks after all the excretion of the body. We should say it is the center of innocence. Alright, now when we are born, we are innocent and gradually we develop our personality we become aware that we can do whatever we like. Now this is the center that unclear(deals) with sex. So, when the Kundalini is raising, this center stops its activity completely. But you have to have children and you have to have families, and you can have your sex but in a proper saint manner. Like we have in Germany three hundred Sahaja yogis and they were not particular about their sex activity were very sort of lose abundant people. So, they could not settle into Sahaja Yoga because they were very lose people. So, when they were told that they have to lead a very saint life, they left Sahaja Yoga. All of them. That you have to be monogamous and monandrous. One man and one woman. But when Aids came, they all came back with their luggage. So, this kind of Unclear() that we have taken up on ourselves is very bad for our health. Specially when our attention is moving like this, like that looking at every man or looking at every woman is very bad because that causes problems in the mind, in the brain. It is said that in America sixty five percent people will be suffering from schizophrenia only. So, if you want to protect yourself, you have to first get your realization by which the Kundalini raises and you develop wisdom in your head. So, this deity of innocence has taken birth as Christ, and he resides on the optic charisma in the brain where there are nervous going to your eyes. It is a cross and it is a very very constricted chakra through which the Kundalini has to pass. That is why we say that the Christ is the gate, that we have to go through Christ into the Kingdom of God. First of all, this center looks after your eyes. Now, if you start turning your eyes all the time your attention here and there then this center gets spoiled here. That is why Christ has said thou shalt not have adulterous eyes. Because if you have adulterous eyes, then you can get possessed and you can become a lunatic or could be schizophrenic. So, one has to understand that it is important to keep our attention in the center. After realization, you can do it automatically or they will tell you how to do it but you must tell them that this is your problem. So, when the Kundalini raises through this center, the Christ is awakened there. He is awakened in us. And he sucks in from one side our ego and from the other side our super ego. Means our conditionings. That’s why, people who get realizations actually feel the cool breeze coming out of their heads. Because these two things open out like that and the Kundalini can pass through. So, the ego is our karmas – whatever bad things we have done and super ego is our conditioning is sucked by Christ and it’s said that Christ died for our sins. Its proved. 

Shree Mataji observes the people and said: Very disturbing people, they will always get up, get walked, you see, they don’t understand, these Italian people. Now where it happens like this. No where. I have thousands everywhere. They have no sense of discipline. We had a program in a big stadium. They were five thousand people not one person would. So wrapped attention. And the ministers and the politicians sat with me for two hours with wrapped attention. They can feel the seriousness of the problem you see. We cannot live frivolously. If we live frivolously, you will have problems, your children will have problems, you will have all kinds of problems. You have to be little serious. We have to mature. 

Now the happening of the Kundalini awakening. Once you become one with the Divine power, all the time it starts flowing through you and keeps you healthy, wealthy and wise. You start feeling the vibrations as cool breeze and this power can be used to increase the yields of your agriculture to ten times more. It’s a vital energy. It’s a vital energy. Which should be Unclear(harnessed) and should be used for our benevolence. It has helped ecological problems. In Austria, there is a very intelligent agriculture expert, who was an adviser to the UN has experimented with the vibrations. He tried Sahaja Yoga on trees and to his amazement, trees above sixty years which were dying out of a strain diet, all the Unclear() are wiped from Unclear(). All of them were dying. So, you develop a balance within yourself. Also, automatically because there is light in you. And you develop a new awareness which we call as collective consciousness. Say for example, these people from India, could not arrive yesterday, so all people came all the way from Switzerland to help them here in Milan. In Sahaja Yoga, we have very good marriages and very beautiful children. Of course, there is one percent divorce also. And it makes very good families, beautiful families. Its not like somebody is just staying with someone today and with somebody else. It is not like that. It is very beautiful family life of fidelity. And is a life of purity. For example, if you have a group of people where men, women are flirting, nobody feels happy about it. its very uncertain. If a woman, her husband is a flirt, she may develop what you call a breast cancer. I am here to tell you the truth and whatever is good for your benevolence. But I don’t want to pamper you or to tell you, you are alright because most of the guru say is everything is alright as long as you give me money. Finished. So, you should understand that this is out of my love that I am telling you all these things because I love you and I want you to love also yourself. You have watches on to save time but mostly to save time to waste it. So, now we have to give a little time to our ascent. Little time that’s all. No money but little time for ascent. So that your life is full of joy of peace. And it is very close to us. And it should workout in Mialn. Milan in Sanskrit language or in our language means yoga-meeting. Means meeting. So, you have a special responsibility, I think. So today will not have any questions. But will have a session of realization and after that I was wanting to meet some of you people want to meet me. But I don’t think its possible to day according to these people. So, next time when I come, I will definitely meet all of you. But you are welcome to write to me anything that you feel like. But don’t write arrogant things. Tomorrow early in the morning I have to go and I hope you did not mind.

So, like yesterday, you have to put your left hand towards me and take out your shoes, both the feet away from each other. And you have to put your right hand, use the right hand for the action. But as I told you yesterday there are two conditions. I repeat it for the new people. The first condition is that you have to forgive yourself. You have to forget the past. And know that you are not toadlet of anything. Those who are toadlet, who are guilty must be sinners themselves. Because you are human beings, and you are not Gods and if you have done any mistakes its alright. Because the Divine power is the ocean of forgiveness. Ocean. So, whatever mistakes you have committed makes no difference. Alright. now please remember that you have to put your left hand towards me symbolizing that you want your self-realization. Forgot the second condition. The second condition is that you have to forget everyone. Now, those who say, it is difficult must know, must know that if you don’t forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive you play into wrong hands. And you torture yourself, but another fellow who is torturing you is quite happy. Alright. So, please forgive everyone in general don’t think that whom you have to forgive who has troubled you. In general. Also, please do not feel guilty anything particular in general. You just don’t feel guilty. 

Now, with a left-hand towards me and the right hand you have to use for action. You have to put it on your heart. And put both the feet away, I hope you have taken-off your shoes. You will know all about Sahaja Yoga, you all should come to follow on and develop your spirit, light of your spirit and become your own masters. Please put your right-hand on your heart where resides the spirit. You have to know that I cannot force self-realization on you. You have to ask for it in your freedom. Now, you put your right-hand in the upper portion of your abdomen, and here is the center of your mastery. Now, you have to take down your right-hand to the lower portion of your abdomen. We are only one thing on the left-hand side. Here is the center of pure knowledge, which manifests on your central nervous system by which you can feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost which is the all-pervading power on your finger-tips. Now again you have to take back your hand on the upper portion of your abdomen. Then you have to take it on your heart again. Now, you have to take your right-hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and push it back and put your head to your right. This is the center you catch when you have guilt. So please tell yourself that you are not guilty at all for this center. Now, please put your right-hand on your forehead across and put down your head on that and press hard. Now, push back your hand on the back side of your head and put head on it and let it rest on it, take it upward. Now, this is the center for asking forgiveness from the Divine for whatever you have done knowingly or unknowingly wrong, but you don’t have to feel guilty about it. stretch your hand fully so that you stretch your hand nicely and put the center of your palm on top of your fontanelle bone area, this is the center for your last break-though. Which was a soft bone in your childhood and so now press it properly in the center, push back your fingers and put down your head. And now, press it hard and move your scalp not the hand. Press it hard. And move your hand seven times very slowly. That’s all. Now we have to close our eyes.

Please see that your feet are apart from each other, left-hand towards me. And now, sit comfortably, not too much bending or bending backwards. Now, please put your right-hand on your heart. Close your eyes and keep them closed till I tell you. You may remove your glasses if you like. Here you ask me a fundamental question. If you want you can call me Mother or you can call me Shri Mataji. Please ask me a question three time: “Mother am I the Spirit?”. Now, if you are the spirit, you are the light and you are your master. So, now you have to take your right-hand on your left-hand side part of your abdomen of the upper part. Press it hard with your fingers and ask your second question: “Mother am I my own Master?”. Again, I say that I respect your freedom and I cannot cross over it. So, if you want to have the pure knowledge, only it can be given. So, now take down your right-hand in the lower portion of your abdomen and press it hard. Now here you have to ask for pure knowledge six times by saying: “Mother, give me pure knowledge”. Because this center has got six petals. As soon as you ask for pure knowledge, the Kundalini starts moving upwards. So, now we have to nourish the upper centers with our self-confidence. So, now raise your right-hand, on to the upper portion of your abdomen and press it hard on the left-hand side. Here now you have to say with full confidence ten times: “Mother, I am my own master”. I have already told you that the fundamental truth about you is that you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not this emotion and you are not these condition and ego but you are the pure spirit. So, now please raise your hand on to your heart and press it by saying with full confidence twelve times: “Mother, I am the Spirit”. We have to know that, the Divine power is the ocean of knowledge, it is the ocean of love, benevolence, it is the ocean of blessings, ocean of joy. But above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. So, you cannot do any mistake that cannot be dissolved by this ocean of forgiveness. So, now raise your hand to the corner of your neck and your shoulder, take it backwards as far as possible and turn your head to your right. Here you have to say with full confidence sixteen time: “Mother I am not guilty at all”. I have already told you, that if you forgive or don’t forgive anyone, you do not do anything. But if you don’t forgive, then you play into wrong hands. So, now please remember it is very important that you have to forgive everyone as I told you that this center is the most constricted one of Christ. So, now raise your hand to your forehead across and put it down and press it hard on both the sides. Here you have to say, in general: “Mother, I forgive everyone”. Not how many times, but from your heart. Its very badly catching. Now, take back your hand on the back side of your head, push back your head. Now here, for your own satisfaction, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, you have to say for your own satisfaction: “O Divine power, if I have done any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me”. Not how many times, but from your heart. Now, stretch hand fully, stretch your palm fully, keep your left-hand towards me nicely. Now, please bend your head and put your right-hand on the top of the fontanelle bone area. And now, press it hard by pushing out your fingers. This is very important. Now, bend your head properly and move your hand slowly seven times, seven times over head, the scalp. Before that, I have to again say, that I cannot force self-realization on you. So, while moving your hand please say seven times: “Mother, please give me my self-realization”. You have to ask for it in your freedom. Now, please take down your hands.

Open your eyes, put your right hand towards me. Right hand towards me. Right, right, right. Now, put down your head, and see with the left-hand if there is a cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. Please bend your head properly. You shouldn’t touch your head, which is above the head. Some people get it hot, some people get it cold, could be far away. Excellent. Now put your left-hand towards me. Now put your head down, see with your right-hand if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. Now again with the right-hand once more. Put down your head and see with your left-hand, if there is cool breeze coming out of your head. Now, push out your both the hands towards the sky and look at the sky. And here, you have to ask me a question three times: “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Mother, is this the all-pervading power of God’s Love? Or Mother is this the Parama Chatainya?”. Now, take down your hands please. Now watch me without thinking. 

All those who have felt cool breeze or hot breeze out of their fontanelle bone area or on their hands please raise both your hands. Both your hands please. The whole of Milan perhaps has got it, some portion hasn’t. They should all come to Sahaja Yoga and get it in the follow on. All of you should do it seriously. You will all feel very nice and peaceful. But you must come to the follow on to establish it properly your connection. You must respect your realization and your personality because which is not only for your transformation but the transformation of the whole world. So, now message is, enjoy yourself. Some people who did not get should not argue with others. Because will spoils. Because it come to the mental level. It has to be accepted in silence. Alright. Thank you very much. 

I love you very much and I will be coming again and again to Milan.