How does the awaking of the kundalini cure the diseases?

Sala Kongresowa, Warsaw (Poland)

1990-07-14 Public Program Day 2, Sala Kongresowa, Warsaw, Poland HD, 62'
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Public Program, Day 2, Sala Kongresowa, Warsaw, (Poland), July 14th, 1990

I bow to all the seekers of truth. Truth is what it is and we can not change it. But we have to feel it In our evolutionary process whatever we have achieved we can feel it we can see it. Now, whatever he has told you about the centres that are within us, the subtle centres, the seven centres, are not to be believed blindly. But as I requested yesterday, that you have to keep your mind opened as scientists tell, then you see for yourself the hypothesis which are putting before you is proved or not. And if it is proved, you have to accept it as honest people. Because this is for our benevolence and for the emancipation of the whole human race.

We believe that if we have political freedom, we have to become free. Still we are slaves of so many things. If you see the so-called developed countries, they are much more under the domination of their entrepreneurs than in countries which are not so developed. Because of their so-called freedom, they have landed themselves into different kinds of problems diseases like AIDS, drugs and violence. It seems that human beings don’t know how to use their money, their power and their freedom. Also, we do not know the absolute truth. Everybody has a different opinion about everything. Everybody has their own ideologies and everybody thinks, “We are the best”. If truth is one, all of us must agree that should not be the second opinion about it.

We have created also the problems like ecological problems, all very collectively and we have also produced atom bombs and hydrogen bombs, everything that is so destructive. We don’t want to talk of war all right. But at the time, when we have peace ,we try to plan for wars. So, something has gone wrong with us and that is what we have to understand. Still, we are at the level that we have freedom only to think for ourselves. But still, as we are not in that reality, whatever we think just becomes mental acrobatics.

Now within us lies this instrument that he has told. And in the triangular bone, called as sacrum as I told you, is this energy of pure desire This energy is the energy which is reflected from the Primordial Mother .The one who has created all this universe and has created us and the one who is now going to give us that higher awareness and new dimension of Collective Consciousness. In different religions, she is called by different names like the Holy Ghost or she is called as Kudra or in Sanskrit is called as Adi Shakti. And all her power has been doing all the living work.

This energy is coiled in three and the half coils. It has some mathematical relationship. And because of the coils, she is called as kundalini because ‘kundal’ means ‘coils’. Now, this is a knowledge of the roots that lies in ourselves. Now, this power is of pure desire because all other desires are not sensible. They do not give us the satisfaction.

Now, how does the awaking of the kundalini cure the diseases? In this short time, I can explain to you about one centre. We will see about the second centre that we have. This centre, as you will see, is connected directly with all the chakras and ultimately to the brain through a channel which we call as Pingala Nadi, which is the right side. So, when you go too much to the right side, means you are very futuristic, you are very hard working, put yourself to too much physical strain or mental strain then you go to a right. Because this channel looks after our mental and physical actions. So all these right-sided people think too much. Especially in modern times we think too much. When we think too much then there is the replacement of the grey cells has to take place because we are using that energy. Now it is the centre witch supplies that energy to the brain.

Now, when we think that we are doing something ourselves also we develop an institution called ‘ego’ on the left hand side because it crosses skull – plus I mean, doing this kind of work it has to also do very important other work which is to supply to other organs in this area. That is it has to look after our liver, our pantries, our spleen, kidneys and lower part of our channels lower parts of the intestines. So, when you spend all inner your energy in thinking this centre gets exhausted and it can not look after these organs which are very widely.

So first trouble you develop is liver trouble. Because of liver trouble, you become extremely heated up because a liver has a capacity to absorb the heat of the body like poison and emitted in the blood. Now, when this heat starts moving upward, you develop a disease called ‘asthma’. And when it starts travelling downward, you develop a disease which we called as ‘constipation’. Then is the pancreas. It is affected because of neglect. So when you think too much, you develop diabetes. See, in an Indian village, people take sugar in the thee, they say that the sugar should be such that the spoon must stand as a right angle. So much sugar should be there. But they do not develop diabetes. Because they do not think. They are not worried about the future but only people who sit down and all the time plan too much. Most of the plans of course fail. Mostly the bureaucrats, they get diabetes or politicians maybe. So, this is the problem with the people who are in modern times – too much thinking. But the worst thing happens to your spleen. Spleen is the keeper of the rhythm, by rhythm in our body whenever there is an emergency, the spleen creates more red blood corpses.

But these days, we have such a heartsick life, such a fast life that this poor spleen doesn’t know how to cope with the madness. And most of the madness comes from the funny norms we have created for our society like, we have to be dressed like this, we have to be eating like this, we have to sit like this, all kinds of funny norms. There is no natural behaviour left for us to follow. And the sensation realisation of the newspapers also, they have to shock us otherwise, they don’t think they are worth that much money. I don’t know about Polish films but if you see some English or American films after that you can’t sleep for three nights.

So, all kinds of shocking music these are horrible music, very strong ones. They just jar your head completely Our body is very delicate, our mind is very delicate. Is not like a machine or like a tank And this bombardment on the spleen is too much sometimes and is also a under neglect then what happens I show you now this is the center we have from the left and right side both sides meet and make a centre And you start using one of the specially the right side and it starts exhausting with energy like this and some sort of an emotional attack or some sort of left sided attack can just pull it out like that.

So, there is no connection left with the central part, nervous system and what sets in, trigered is cancer, blood cancer. I must say that Sahaja Yoga has cured blood cancer. You develope blood presure with it, you develope kidney problems And you have to go for dializes and all kinds of problems you have to face.

The other day, in Moscow, we had a patient suffering with multiple sclerosis what is absolutely not curable. She couldn’t walk, she couldn’t sit also properly. So, I ask some of the Sahaja Yogis to give her Sahaja Yoga treatment. Withwin 15 minutes, she started feeling better, she sat up. I told her, “You are allright you get up and walk now”. She couldn’t believe it. She was holding on the chair slowly. I said, ”Live the chair. Just get up and walk” . And she started walking so fast that everybody started laughing. And next day, she came and she told Me, “I am the one was cured yesterday, if you remember me, madame”. But for all these, kundalini has to rise and has to get connected with that All-pervading Power You are cured by your own kundalini.

As I told you, the centres are separated and the kundalini passes through them and integrates them. And then she nourishes them Same thing on the mental side. Onece you are physically and mentally all right, then you start growing spiritually. First, the light of the Spirit comes into your attention and your attention becomes very powerful. For example, normally when we look at something we react to it, we start thinking about it. For example, there is a nice carpet here which is done by some artist. So, when I look at it normaly, I would think, “How much it has cost? When I can get it? How to?” Or if it is mine, it is a greater headache. If it is mine, I will get worried, “Oh, my God! It will be spoiled”.

But like thoughts will rise and fall again, the thoughts will rise and fall. And we jump on the course of the thoughts which come from the future, from the past, but we can not be in the present There is very little space between one thought and an another. When you get your Realisation, then you get a state of your mind which we call as thoughless awerness. When you look on something very beautiful your thoughts stop. And all the joy that the creator of this carpet has put in, you start flowing down very smoothly with such smoothy effect. And after that, if we pay attention to anyone and want to know how that person is, you can feel on your finger tips his centres.

All the centres, you can feel on your hands: seven of them One 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7. This is on the left hand side, is the emotion side, and right hand side, as I told you, is the phisical and mental side. Now you pay attention to someone and if you know how to help that person sitting down here you can work it out. And such a person has very innocent eyes. As Christ has said now shall we not have the dirty eyes. So in that glance there is no lust or greed But is just seeing, withness him. And if you can withness something then you think that all thing is a drama you don’t get involved into it. Supposing you are in the water, you are afraid of the waves but somehow if you can get into the boat you can enjoy the waves But somehow if you can learn how to swim you can save others In the same way you solve your problems and solve the problems of others But you become egoless so you don’t think you are doing it. You just say, “It’s happening”.

This All-pervading Power of love is so effective, so efficient that all the time you start feeling so many miracles in your life Once I asked them: „all right you’ll write about all your miracles”. And every time they used to tell me, so I find to like this on one side and another on this site. I don’t know what to write and what to understand If you tied the eyes of children were realised souls and ask them what is wrong with this fellow. They will all show you the same finger Supposing they show this finger, so you ask the man, “Are you suffering from throat trouble?” He says, “Yes, of course,” So it is not only about health, about anything you feel the same. You can understand all are the same thing.

Yesterday, I said that Lenin was a Realized soul. That was nothing to get angry because on vibrations you know that he was. But he was forced into that party because always strong trade hard-liners. Gorbatchov was another Realized soul. And also, he was tested this time but he put down his foot, and he has managed many things somehow, because there are so many Sahaja Yogis. So somebody will criticize, somebody, will say, “It’s wrong” or we think that somebody we hate. But when see them on vibrations, we don’t hate. We just talk the language of this chakras, “This is wrong with that fellow”, “This chakra is wrong, that chakra is wrong”. So the whole thing becomes very subtle.

Yesterday, some people did not feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, or we can cool breeze which is the All-pervading Power of love, and they did not feel it. And I told them, you did not forgive And when they said „I forgive everyone” before me they felt it. So, the ordinary science that we know can be challenged, can be corrected. But this is metascience because Spirit is the source of truth and of knowledge. It is the source of joy.

We have happiness and unhappiness but joy doesn’t have two sides of a coin. And the Spirit is the collective being within us, because is the reflection of one source. So, we all get collectively conscious Is not just verbal saying we are brothers and sisters, but actually we become that.

I told you yesterday, how, when I went to Russia first, the German Sahaja Yogis came there to help Me. And here too, the Germans have arrived. With what love, which what understanding, which such care they are giving realisations. So all hatred and all destructive ideas are finished They all have become universal beings and all these petty ideas have vanished from their heads. When they go to India also, I see these villagers from India just come and hug them there are scientist, there weird people also who go there. There is no idea as to what your position is in life.

Every year, we have a seminar in December in India and there are people coming from 40 nations. And the way they love each other and enjoy each other No quarrelling, no fight, nothing Such friendship, Of course, they pull each other’s leg very sweetly That’s a good sign I just enjoy all that love In the west I started my work in England, which was very difficult place And this first 7 hippies all very well educated from Cambridge and Oxford, were all drug addicts. And then, I worked on them and they got their Realisation.

These are special days which are described, even by many poets. Of course, in Sanksrit, we have many elaborated descriptions and prophecies about this days These are the days of the last Judgement But many English poets also have described like William Blake*. He calls the seekers of truth as ‘men of God’ and than they will bacome saintly and godly through this. These are blossom times. Formerly there used to be one or two seekers. There were one or two flowers on the tree of life. Now, blossom time has come There are so many seekers! And they have to get the truth of their seek.

It’s a very deep subject. And if you have to cure this tree of civilisation, you have to go to the roots to nourish it. And for that, you have to become subtler beings. And that is what is happening In many countries, even the goverments has accepted Sahaja Yoga as a journey process. And such countries will be very strong countries. It’s not the money or and it’s not the things that you have, that makes you strong, but the quality of strenght has to be expressed in the personality of human beings. That is why we have to create that beautiful world of peace, joy and love. This is what we have to give to our progeny.

May God bless you all.

Question: Do you believe in Christianity? What do you think about Christianity? What is the relation between Christ and Sahaja Yoga?

Shri Mataji: It’s a very direct question. But as I’m your mother I need to tell you the truth. I was myself born in a Christian family. When I was very small I was shocked that in the Bible there is somebody called St. Paul. He had nothing to do with Christ He saw some cross which you call as supra consciousness experience. And he thought it’s a nice way to jump on a stage and to preach over Christianity of which he had no idea. Even Khalil Gibran has criticized him very much. I asked my father, who was a Realised soul, what are these gentlemen doing there? And he said Marathi word which means fort ‘squatter’ sitting there. A person who enters into a house and seats there. It is he who organised Christ. He gave a very different picture to what Christ has said. And later, St. Augustin who joined him. He must be the same person born again.

And what Christ has said that, “You have to be born again. You have to be the Spirit”. But he did not make it a Spirit-oriented Christianity. But it’s a power-oriented, it’s money-oriented, it’s building oriented, church-oriented Christ. The greatest weapon he gave us is forgiveness. Such compassion. On the cross he says, “Let forgive them, they do not know what they are doing”. And do you know how they came to India and how they spread Christianity? In the right hand, a gun and in the left, the Bible. Thank God, Columbus lost his way to come to India. Otherwise, none of the Indians would have been there as there is nobody who is the aboriginal now existing in Argentina, America or anywhere.? When did Christ say you kill people who do not take to Christianity What are they doing? I just don’t understand.

Christ is very much there in Sahaja Yoga. We can’t give you Realisation without Christ. He resides in the Agnya chakra there, on the optical channels, as I told you yesterday. And when the Kundalini rises she awakes Christ and the ego and superego, which are covering our brain, are sucked That’s what he said that he died for our karmas and our sins. If this chakra doesn’t open then you have to say the Lord’s Prayer. He suffered for us. He carried the cross There is no need for us to suffer. Are we going to suffer more than him? To say that you have to suffer or that you have to be punished is against Christ.

The way they put the picture, I saw it, in Sikstin Chapel, like Michael Angelo putting him like big, huge Christ sitting there and sort of doing the work of Last Judgement. Because Michael Angelo was realised soul so you could see him in a clear perspective The whole that Sikstin Chapel fresco is Kundalini itself. And Christ is sitting at Agnya, while down below, under table, you find Christ which is bonning structure as if- like he was a tubercular patient. Do you think such a skeleton can carry such a heavy cross? To make everyone to look at Christ, so much miserable, it makes Me cry and weep to see like that. Their main understanding should be that Christ has said, “Thou shall not have deleter eyes”. Oh my God! I have seen some of the horrible residences of these priests and these people, and I could not believe how they could be Christians. How many Christians will fall …

*(about William Blake)