Sir CP Presentation and Shri Mataji short talk

Hallowtree Scout Campsite, Ipswich (England)

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Sir CP Presentation and Shri Mataji short talk
Hallowtree Scout Campsite, Ipswich,England,1990

[Starts at 12:12]
Shri Mataji: I must say mister Srivastava’s speech was so embarrassing that I got frozen into the chair.
[Big laughter]

I don’t know what is the program now is, but I would like to know how many are going back this evening to the airport?
Hardly very few. Of course, you see, what I was thinking that you all could have your lunch and then we could come for the puja. The puja is going to last for about three hours, at least two and a half hours, so you’ll be free at about five o’clock if you don’t mind.
[Laughter. Applause]
So I have not consulted doctor Spiro but I’d better ask him.
It’s one thirty already, you see, thanks to the sahaj method of the nature, the rain starts a long time. Alright, doesn’t matter, now it has stopped and everything is fine but still, I would say, let them have their lunch and then we can have the puja later on. There are hardly three, four people who are going this evening. So, it’s nice we can spend more time together.
[Laughter. Applause]
There’s a – one thing is that we are beyond time, “kalatit”: we are beyond time and we adjust everything according to our own rhythm, we are not bothered about this Swiss watch. I hope it’s Swiss.
Mine always is out of order, so it’s alright.

So let us be in a very relaxed mood and we’ll be [?]- because what Krishna has said, we have to prove it in our lives also we have to be relaxed and I ‘m sure it will work out better if we are absolutely in a relaxed way. And so I think you all have your food now and then we can come back at- so what time we start puja? Three o’clock?
We can start at three. And there are certain things which are missing also. Some artists are busy creating something new for you so let them have a full time.
So a puja can last for three days or can last for one hour is alright, just the same.
[Ends at 15:37]