Talk to Sahaja Yogis

Pune (India)

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Talk to yogis. Pratishthan, Pune (India), 14 December 1990.

I asked some of the boys, “What is your policy?” They said, “We have no policy.” “Then what is your aim?” “We have no aim.” “Then why are you doing this nonsense?” They said, “Because whatever the elders tell us, we do it.” I said, “Have you no personality? Nothing?” Is exactly what happened when this hippy movement started. Some so-called intellectuals started this horrible hippy movement in the West. And when they found they cannot do anything about it, they found it’s going to fail, so many children lost their education, so many children I know became pregnant, girls and boys [sadist scout/squat]. All that took them to the extreme that they became violent. But unless and until there is a change within yourself, how can we change anything outside? We cannot. And the first seven people I fought were all hippies. Very difficult. They called themselves hippies but they used to hog like a pig. They wanted all the comforts, everything free, extremely dominating and quarrelsome people. But the foundation was laid on them. Very surprising. But I had to work on them for at least four years regularly. [Hindi]

So that is how Sahaja Yoga started, and today you know how much it has spread, how far it has gone. Only in Maharashtra this problem is there of so-called intellectuals, this is called themselves, but they have no intelligence. I talked to one man; I got fed up. He didn’t know anything about spirituality, he didn’t know anything about medicine, he didn’t know anything about science. I said, “Now, what do you know?” So it was impossible. So such people who are jobless ? we call them [nikaam bekaar] ? they have no work, they are starting all such things and we should not be upset with them. They are trying to create problems and they are getting money from some sources. They are afraid, I think the politicians are afraid, perhaps, that Sahaja Yoga may turn their tables down because we believe in honesty, and maybe a day may come when these honest people might harm them, perhaps. I do not know why. This may be one of the reasons these people are frightened of us. Or whatever it is we have to understand that for doing any great work one has to sacrifice. Of course, you are not going to be crucified like Christ, no. Nor you have to sacrifice as my parents sacrificed for the independence of this country. Nor you are going to be tortured. But really, inconveniences you may have. But I must thank you very much because of you are coming here and singing Marathi songs. They are quite impressed and they think it’s only possible because you are all Sahaja yogis. Otherwise you could not have done. So if there are any inconveniences think that it’s a joke; that’s all.

Today I was thinking we should do the Puja of Shri chakra and Lalita chakra which we have never done. This is the right place to do these two chakras today. Lot has been written about Shri chakra and about Lalita chakra, but to understand fundamentally the left side when it reaches up to Vishuddhi, then it uses on the right side the Shri chakra, on the left side the Lalita chakra, to manifest itself. These two chakras are the ones who manifest all that you see. But these chakras are the ones who emit vibrations of different kinds, and because of their angularities, like if you have some sort of a cardboard attached with small, small holes of different colors and which rotates all the time, you get different colors. Also you can get different permutations and combinations. In the same way, different permutations and combinations are created, and that is how you get all the advantages of Sahaja Yoga. So these two chakras are very important. I do not know if you know of any mantras about Shri chakra but I’ll give you a book, later on I’ll translate it to you and you can compose something for Shri chakra. Shri chakra on the right side, Lalita chakra on the left side, so what we are really worshipping today is Mahasaraswati power and Mahakali power, both put together. So now we started combining things, not individual.

Now, these two energies are very important. Without the energy, without the power, nothing exists. For example, if this light had no power to give light or to burn, it is useless. In the same way, without getting your realization you are useless because your power is not awakened, at least not complete. But these two powers give us lots of benefits even without realization. Whatever you see in this world created is done by these two chakras of the Adi Shakti. But here the power doesn’t move. It’s not moving. But in the human being the power start moving. And when it starts moving, then we can say it is creating another world. But movement is not the only thing. This power acts, gives you intelligence, gives you all kinds of things which you have as human beings. But later on this power itself becomes enlightened within you when the left and right side both become enlightened. This enlightenment, you get it when you get your Self-realization, but not immediately, not immediately. This, one should understand. For example, if you have pain or if your chakra is catching, you have to use your hands. You cannot say that, “The energy is flowing within me. So it’s all right. I can manage.” It’s not like that. You have to use your hands to impart that power to yourself or to others. If you have pain in the stomach then you can say that, “If there’s energy in my stomach why should I have pain in the stomach?” But the play of these chakras have to come. And that is why you have to use your power of your hands. If you cannot use your hands then you cannot impart this energy.

Many people have asked Me that, “Mother, when will it move horizontal?” It will move horizontal, no doubt. It does. But even that horizontal movement is to be guided by these two very important chakras. So you must understand the importance of these two chakras within yourself. That’s why I have told many a times, “Don’t move your head too many times.” And this way many people talk, I mean, it’s style of talking, “No, this, that,” very common with French, specially. That’s another way you are not respecting your chakras. Shouldn’t move your shoulders too much. Mostly they talk like this. It’s anti-chakras, anti-chakras. Should keep your shoulders straight. When you are singing you can move your whole upper part ? it’s all right ? but not your shoulders. This is the thing one has to understand that these two centers are to be looked after. You can move your neck, your body, when you are singing. It’s important, that helps, but not your shoulders. Shoulders are to be kept intact. But while saying just, “Yes,” you need not go on, “Yes, yes, yes, yes.” It’s a very, very simple thing that it can have a very bad effect. And those who move their shoulders too much do not feel vibrations much because the chakras are not all right. It’s a very simple thing to be understood that they are the most important chakras we have, and whatever is to be used out of this Paramachaitanya they have to be used by these two centers. Even supposing your some chakra is catching on your spinal chord, you have to use your hands. Somebody can say, “I can just put my attention.” Doesn’t work out that good. Because yet your attention has not that reached that stage where these chakras, like Lalita chakra and Shri chakra, obey your attention. They do not. So you have to work out with your hands. Be careful: don’t move your shoulders too much. And if you see now Indians when they sing bhajans they’ll move their whole body, they’ll do like this, but never their shoulders. The shoulders will move in the same way as the neck is moving. They might move their neck also but they’ll never move their shoulders like this, and it’s regarded as inauspicious according to Indian standards. Because of this culture based on what the saints have told and also about many seers have told, it is more related to spiritual life than to materialistic life.

Now the materialistic life, unless and until there is the foundation of the spiritual life, takes you to a very partial development, you can say. But to get a full development you must have your foundation on spirituality. That’s why spirituality being the foundation has to be deep, has to be fully equipped, has to be absolutely perfect. Then the whole building can be built. It’s gone wrong in the West; doesn’t matter. Now you can build it up and then you’ll be surprised how you become really solid people.

This is a very short talk about Shri chakra. I think I should sit down and write all about it and it would be nice handing it for you to read. But you must know that beyond thought, when you go, these chakras become extremely efficient because the thought puts a pressure on them, and because of the pressure the movement of these chakras is very slow and ineffective. But once you can get out of your thoughts and go into thoughtless awareness, then these chakras start working it out and you start moving much deeper into your own being. [The lecture continues in Hindi but becomes inaudible after some time]

I must say that this beautiful Earth has created so many beautiful things. But She Herself is nothing but detached, simple Mother Earth. Perhaps that’s My condition, too. When it comes to creation I can create beautiful things. You are so beautiful, too, creatures. But as far as I am concerned I do not think that I require any one of these things or I’m bothered about them, or need them or tempted by them. So what Grégoire has said is because they are insisting that they are going to give Me presents every year and that’s why this is a delude to them. But I’ve been telling them that there’s no need now. Let’s say, you all consider it, is only no need to give so many presents. What you can do now to start reducing the number of presents you give Me. One country can give one present. If you can do that I’ll be thankful, but I’ll have to build another house. And the grandeur and all these things are created by Me but never enjoyed by Me. I just enjoy Myself; that’s all. And Myself is so big, it is such a big thing, that I don’t know what it means; it means grandeur, or nature, or anything, or you all people. I enjoy everything of it.

So for Me there’s no need for you to. Now as he said that those people came, three of them ? Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha ? to give presents to Christ. Yes, they did. And you have given Me, too. But now I think it’s better that you people reduce some quantity at least. I’ll be very thankful that if something could be done like that, and from next year we should try to make it less and less and less. Because it’s very sweet of you to have given Me all those things, because I enjoyed them, they are beautiful things, and when I see them I remember your good heart. But you know that Mother is too simple and though I can create all kinds of things, as far as I am concerned I am too simple. And also Mr. Shrivastava so many times, says also, “You’ve got so many saris but you’ll go on with Your white sari all the time.” The reason is, you see, a simple personality can only create beautiful things. A simple heart can only create nice things, because simplicity at the simple level is so simple. Like you are made of seven chakras, seven chakras, then the permutations of these seven chakras, that’s all. But supposing you start from outside then you’ll have to go to medical science or you’ll have to go to another complicated thing. But basically, fundamentally, it’s too simple. That’s why Sahaja Yoga is very simple, because we are dealing with the fundamental things. So fundamentally, if you are simple then everything that you do is just a combination and permutation of all these things, and all these things when they are put together they make such beautiful things.

For example, as I have told you once I was travelling and we went to a place called Palitana known to be a very beautiful, beautifully carved place. And we had to walk, I don’t know, for three miles at least, climbing up or something like that. With Me was My daughter and My son-in-law. Went up and there was a little temple. They wanted to rest. And also we laid down ourselves there. And as soon as I saw all these beautiful elephants were there, so I told My son-in-law, “Look at these elephants. All their tails are twisted differently.” He said, “Mummy, we are so fed up. How do you have energy to see the tails?” I said, “Because I see the tails I don’t feel tired. That’s the point. Because I see the beauty of these tails, I — ”. So you see, even in simple things there is so much of beauty. In very, very ordinary persons you’ll find that they have a very beautiful things and very nice way of saying things, very simple talks of children like that, it’s so simple, so straightforward, and whatever they say it’s so deep. So whatever is deep is simple, but when it is expressed outside it can have lots of permutations and combinations and it can work out in a beautiful way.

I must tell you, I had no strain in making this house, nothing. I was not bothered at all. I found everything so easily; I brought it here, put it down here, I never even thought there’s strain or anything. Everybody says, “What a concept.” But I never conceived anything. I mean, I just don’t know. What is a concept is there; I just told, “To Me is nothing great.” The whole world is there for us to see and to be fascinated. But behind all that, all this world and everything is created with the very little, simple idea of God, that you all have to enter into the Kingdom of God. That’s all; such a simple idea. So He’s created such a beautiful world, then he created all kinds of things to bring you to the human level, and now just simple thing is to enter into the Kingdom of God. You should not complicate yourself too much and once you do that you will be surprised how beautifully you will be able to produce.

Even some artists were extremely simple by nature. Like Ravi Shankar, you know, and his guru, he has got Alla Raka and Ali Akbar; all these were his disciples. Such a great genius man, such a simple man, I tell you. And he knew Me very well. He used to call Me “Ma”; he used to call Me “Mother” from the very beginning. And one day he brought one little deer, a baby deer, brought it to Me. I said, “What’s the matter?” He said, “See, this deer was crying too much. So I brought it to You.” But I said, “For, why for Me?” “So, You see, he will feel the love of his Mother. So You just caress him.” Imagine, such a great artist coming like a little baby to Me, making that. I was so surprised at him. Look at him; such a simple man. He’s doing that. And you see, if you see the children when they love, how genuine they are, how they work it out.

The same place there was a child. He was very fond of Me. And one day he decided to bring some pumpkins for Me. So he brought one to Me. I saw him bringing in the thing. He said, “All right, just wait.” Then there was, he went back, and there was another one kept little further. He brought that. He had put nine of them in different places. One by one he was bringing them. He brought nine pumpkins to give Me. So sweet. But I said, “Why did you bring nine?” “Because I don’t know which one you like so I brought all of them.” So simple and so touching; I mean, just [touch/touches/tears/turns] your heart.

So we have to be simple people. We have to talk to each other in a simple way, not in a complicated way, in a very simple, sweet manner. That’s how we are going to create a beautiful world. So I would request all of you to be very kindly and very gentle with each other, especially for the newly marrying couples. Try to be nice. Nobody is going to dominate you if you are nice. It’s only you dominate yourself. And don’t try to control your husbands or your wives. Let them be. Let them enjoy their freedom. They are not going to do anything wrong. So some people try to control too much and there are problems. So please do not try to control like, “If I am keeping it here, they’ll keep it there.” There’s no need. Let it be. Doesn’t matter; nothing so serious. But on small, small things, I’ve seen, such marriages fizzle out. And it is absolutely wrong. So for marriages today, it’s a very auspicious day. So many people have been engaged to be married. But one thing you must remember, that you should not lose your connection with joy. It’s stupidity. When two nice birds are together they should chirp and laugh and enjoy. Instead of that, if they start pricking each other, what should we call them?

So today it’s a great joy for Me. So many people are engaged and are going to get married. But now, understand your responsibility that nothing is to be done. You have to be just sahaj; don’t have to do anything. “We are working out.” You cannot work out marriage; you cannot work out. Just know about your husband or about your wife and just try to enjoy whatever they are. I mean, I do enjoy that way about My husband, so many things which may sound little queer to people, but I enjoy it. Because I know that’s a nice thing about our human beings that they have varieties and they have little, different angles to themselves. And these angles are to be enjoyed and to be appreciated. If you can do that, then you will never fight. Because two persons cannot be alike; even two leaves are not alike. So you should enjoy. Everybody has some sort of a super quality thing or whatever it is or maybe some angle. Just enjoy that angle. You don’t have that; so let him have at least, or let her have that. So today, special day is that so many marriages have been fixed out. I don’t know how many ? he has not told Me yet the number ? but quite a lot have been fixed.

Sahaja yogi: Fifty.

Shri Mataji: Fifty have been already fixed. All right. So now it’s a very big number and will be more by the time we reach Ganapatipule. So let us not create problems out of this. You don’t have to sit down. I have seen after marriage they start thinking, “What, what do you think about him?” It’s like after realization you start thinking. Once you are married, you are not to think then accept. Before marriage you think. What’s the use of thinking after marriage? It’s a very common thing. After marriage they start thinking. Then, after marriage you enjoy. After cooking the food you eat the food. Or after the food has been served then you start thinking about it. It’s absurd. So this is a very common failing we have had so far. I would like to tell you first of all, you think before getting married and after getting married you carry on. And don’t try to control. Don’t try to dictate. Try to be nice and sweet. You don’t have to go out of the way, but be normal and it will all work out. May God bless you all, specially all the girls and boys who have been engaged.

I bless you from My heart, and enjoy each other; that’s the main point.
So thank you very much. Thank you.