Public Program

(New Zealand)

1991-04-09 Public Program, New Zealand DP-RAW, 91'
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1991–0409 – Public Program – New Zealand

Can you hear me please? All of you at the back? Its alright. 

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. As the very out said we have to know that Truth is what it is. We cannot change it; we cannot organize it; we can conceptualize it and also unfortunately we cannot know it at our human awareness. One has to become the Spirit to know the Truth. When I am talking to you about it, I would request you to have a scientific outlook to keep your mind open and whatever I am telling you today, you have to treat it as a hypothesis and if you find that it works. We have to accept it as honest people because it is for the emancipation of the human beings and for the emancipation of the whole world. He has talked to you about the mechanism that works it out and what happens when you get your self-realization? That is a very important point one should know. When this residual energy Kundalini called in the Triangular bone which is called as ‘Sacrum’. Sacrum means sacred which I think the Greeks knew that it was a sacred bone. Its spontaneously awakened just like a unclear (premune/primula) in a seed awakens when it is embedded in the Mother Earth. It’s a spontaneous happening that is sahaj. Sah means with, ja means born. Born with is you is this right to have the union with this all-pervading Divine Power is the right of every human being. Whatever country he lives, whatever races he may belong, whatever community religion he may be in. All of you, all human beings have a right to get united to this all-pervading power. The first truth about you is that: you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not this ego, you are not these conditionings, but you are pure Spirit. And the second truth is that we are surrounded by the all-pervading power of Divine Love which does all the living work. Its intelligence, its efficiency, its so great that we cannot even understand it at human level. You see the flowers that they are there, you see the trees. Your country is so beautiful. You take it for granted, you don’t even think how this Mother (Earth) has produced these different trees and they have a different height. They keep to their heights. How these flowers are created? The same Mother Earth creates different types of flowers from different seeds and gives different fruits. So this living process that is going on with us also of the autonomous nervous system, we take it for granted. We do not want to think how it happens. Only the saints, and the prophets and the incarnations of ages knew about it. Because this is the knowledge of the roots. Our civilization has grown outside very much but we have not found out our roots. That’s why all kinds of problems are there even economic problems that we are facing today. We have to find out our roots first. Otherwise, how are we going to nourish this tree? That’s why it is important for everyone for themselves and for the whole world to know that they are the Spirit. When this Kundalini rises through various centers as you have seen it raises only through six centers. And it is spontaneously happening. First understand spontaneous means you can not work it out. Some people says stand on your head or go to Himalayas, do all kinds of penances nothing of that, kind it is spontaneous. Or you cannot pay for it. It is absurd, it is ridiculous to pay for it. Absolutely ridiculous. And it is sinful to take money in the name of God. Absolutely sinful. Because this energy doesn’t know money. God doesn’t understand money. He never created a bank or anything. He just created you. You have created the banks and money and all those nonsensical things. If you have to put something in the Mother Earth, it sprouts by itself spontaneously. How much do we pay to the Mother Earth for giving us these flowers? You may give to the florist but not to the Mother Earth. She does everything. She sprouts the seeds, and she gives us beautiful fruits, beautiful flowers. In the same way, this Kundalini is placed within you for this last happening in the evolutionary process. We have become from Ameba to human being stage. Now we have to have the last break through. If we had reached the last, there would have been no problems. We would have known the Absolute. Everybody must have felt the Absolute Truth. But everything knew is relative. Somebody thinks that this good, somebody thinks that that is good, somebody prophesies that this the best. But it is not known on your central nervous system what is the absolute. So, when we say that self-knowledge has to come what we mean is that we get the light of the Spirit in your consciousness-in your attention. And when the light of the attention is used just enlighten one then it does tremendous things. First of all, it starts flowing through your nerves. And a new dimension and new awareness is awakened within you. With this new dimension you can feel on your fingertips. On your fingertips you can feel the centers of others and your own centers. And you can also know what’s wrong with you, you can also know what’s wrong with others. If you know how to correct this, you are alright the others can be alright also. So, this new awareness is called as collective consciousness is described a Jung who was first a disciple of Freud and then he gave him up rightly and established Jungian theories in which he says that for new awareness you will develop collective consciousness. Now this is a consciousness. It is not a certificate. Like we can certify ourselves this that in that and that it makes no difference. The actualization has to takes place. For example, when the Kundalini rises through this green area, she enlightens within you the religion. Now here the religion doesn’t mean the religion outside. But the religion within and that religion is our valency. As carbon has four valency, you human beings have ten valency’s. And these ten valency’s are enlightened. And such a person becomes automatically rises. Automatically rises, he does not have to think about it, or is not to be told. He just rises like all the saints were. Real saints, not authorized by some temple or church but real saints. They were not to be told that don’t do this, don’t do that, this is bad, that is good. Unless and until this happening takes place, outside religion you may follow any Hindu, Christian, Muslim any religion you may follow, you are capable of committing any sin nothing can stop you. But when the inside one is enlightened, you know what is right and what is wrong. Because there is a light. 

Sorry, I have been talking every night. 

So, in the light how you see? For example, you are holding on to a snake, and there is darkness and you are a obstinate person supposing, now I tell you ‘it’s a snake’. You will say no it’s a rope. ‘Please drop it’, you will say ‘no it’s a rope’. Till the snake bites you, you go on holding on to it. But if there is a little light, even a flicker of light, immediately you will see the snake and you will drop it yourself. I don’t have to tell you. This is exactly what happens when you get your self-realization. I myself amazed the way things have happened in London we had lots of people who are drug addicts who came for sahaja yoga., (after Kundalini) awakening, and overnight they gave up their drugs and alcoholism. Over night. One of the doctors, they were all very well educated, professors and doctors. And one of the doctors today-he is in charge of seven hospitals in London. So, what a waste of human energy, because we are not powerful enough to control ourselves, to know what is good and what is bad for us. I have indulge into it because also we can not help it. Not only that you know what is right and wrong, but also you get that power within you that you just do what is right. Right for you and right for others. So, when you are connected with this all-pervading power, it’s the compassion, the love that flows through you. You become extremely dynamic. No doubt because you are so relaxed, you go beyond your thoughts. Absolutely beyond your thoughts. You can watch yourself in complete silence. These days many people who suffer from tensions and high blood pressures and all that can take advantage of it. You become absolutely silent and witness of the whole show that is for you. And such a person becomes extremely dynamic, at the same time extremely compassionate and understanding. This works out spontaneously because of your own power. Its within you, its your own. To begin with, it helps you physically. We have seen people getting cured of very serious incurable diseases through sahaja yoga. But its not the main thing. Because if I say that, all the sick people you will bring to me. That’s not the point. The point is you all have to be the doctors. And then you can treat the people you want to help, then you can work it out on them in a very scientific method of controlling the para sympathetic nervous system. Now there are two doctors in India, who got their M.D. doing sahaja yoga, on sahaja yoga. I think they have been able to cure Epilepsy, asthama, I don’t know the blood cancer sort of things and they have got their M.D. and one more doctor is trained now and she has got very good results unclear(), and there are seven doctors in England who are working it out. It is for us to open our eyes that is there is any other world any reality existing, why not we know about it. Where its all free to us. The another great thing happens is that, you become mentally very peaceful. Very mentally effected people have been cured with sahja yoga. We are everyday having patients for this; they have been cured and helped through sahaja yoga. Of course, I mean some do are not helped also but those who try, really try have worked it out and they have been helped. The third thing that happens to you that you become a very intelligent and wise person. When the Kundalini rises into your brain, it enlightens your brain, brain we are using a very unclear () part as you know that very well. But then you start using lot of it because its all enlightened and you get inspirations. Sometimes people say Mother its miracle, its nothing but your brain has been enlightened. We have this power around us. And the time has come, a special time when this power itself has become so activated. That’s why I can achieve this a mass realization. Formally it could not be done, and as I told you before that in Russia 14000, 16000 people came to my program and they all got their realization. They haven’t had no conditioning of religion this that and anything. And they are so fed up with governments also. They are such clean slaves I should say. And there are four hundred doctors in Russia now in Mosco who are practicing sahaja yoga. It’s not at all a story, it’s a fact. And there are two hundred scientists who are also practicing sahja yoga. Because they are fed up of science now. And they feel very guilty the way sometimes has harm human beings. It gives you a complete balance and proper understanding. Your ecological problems are solved because you create people who understand the value of the Mother Earth, and they start using things which are simple, not machine made, mostly hand made and avoid creating any more ecological problems. Your family problems are solved. We have marriages every year about seventy-five to eighty marriages, one percent of course fail because of the conditionings they have but most of them are very successful. And the children that are born to them are very beautiful, self-realized children. And because these are sahaja yogis they understand the quality of the children, they respect their children and children also respect them. We have got schools where we teach children about everything. But mostly it is taught how to respect, how to respect the knowledge, the age and the feelings of others and it works. It works with them because they all have got realization. Another realized person you can feel them as cool vibrations in their hands. It described as cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. And the Kundalini is the reflection of the Holy Ghost. I don’t k now why in the Bible they have not given anything about Holy Ghost. The Christ has said that ‘I will be sending you the Holy Ghost’. Now the Holy Ghost has to be a feminine power. You have got the Father, got the Son what about the Mother? Holy Ghost is the Mother while in Indian scriptures its called as Adi Shakti, in all the Tao then Zen all of them has expressed it as Shakti in all these great unclear(treaties) that have to find, they have written about spiritual life. Also, buddha has talked about Matreya, means ‘Mother’ ‘Stree’. So clearly it is that we have to see now we have to get our self-realization through this mother of yours who gives you realization. She is your individual mother. She knows all about you. Everything. And she is very loving, very kind. As your Mother gave you birth, she took up all the problems upon herself. She takes up all the problems upon herself. And those there are some funny books written that if the Kundalini rises then you get this problem, that problem. Nothing of that kind. I have not seen anybody getting any problem except for sometimes you will feel little heat in the body. I mean if you are possessed very much or something like that, may be the possession might go out. But mostly nothing happens. Haven’t seen anybody getting into trouble with Kundalini awakening. All the saints of the world have talked about this. All the prophets have talked about it. Christ has said you have to be born again, everybody has said that it is within you, please seek me within. That seeking is today quite a lot because you see so many people are here to seek the Truth. That’s the time we are here. So, this attention which becomes enlighten is so innocent and so efficient that wherever you put your attention, it works. And it helps people who are not with you who need help it works there, it solves so many problems all over. Such a person who has an innocent glance of purity can do wonders and can help so many people. So, it happens automatically. We never lose our innocence. It just clouded by what ever wrong things we have done. But still, I would say not to feel guilty about it. It’s a very wrong attitude towards life. And one thing is sure that you are a human being and as human beings you are capable of committing mistakes. You are not God. And if God or Divine Power is the ocean of compassion and forgiveness, what kind of mistakes you commit that it cannot be dissolved into this power? Now we have the last greatest blessing I would say in this process first that when the Kundalini rises above this center (Shri Mataji pointing to Agnya chakra) you become thoughtlessly aware. Means your thoughts stop and you start watching. Just watching. Whatever you want can think. But there is no bombardment of thoughts. When She pierces through the last fontanelle bone area then what you get, what we call is self-realization. And then the cool breeze starts flowing through your hands. Some people at the very first shot get a very high level of awareness which we call it as Nirvikalpa Samadhi. The first one is Nirvichar Samadhi, the second one as Nirvikalpa samadhi meaning the doubtless awareness. Some people do get that way. But some have to little bit fix their attention, fix their connection I would say. And then they to become, then they are capable of giving realizations to others. They are absolutely empowered to cure others. Just by raising their hands their hands they can do it. What ever they wish, the wishes are fulfilled. But now the wishes are different from that which you had before. Because wishes you had before can never be satisfied from one to another… 

… yours many times I don’t know why so far it has not been very 

well accepted. Now I hope you will accept it. Because you will know how glorious you are, how beautiful you are and what thing you are missing in life. This is a work of collectivity. It’s like you become part and parcel of the whole. So, you have to come to our collective meetings after this to grow. Because supposing a nail is cut out it doesn’t grow. It has to grow with the body. This collectivity is so strong that first time I went to America I was surprised and very much touched that twenty-five German sahaja yogis rushed to Russia that Mother is there and we have to help Her. It was very touching. When I said, ‘how did you came here?’ Mother don’t you think that its our responsibility? Whatever our forefathers have done we have to unclear(undo) it. Don’t you think so? I was really touched the way they came down. And we have a seminar in India once annually. And this time we had people for fifty-five nations. There is no quarrel, no fight nothing. Such beautiful atmosphere, such beautiful people. As if a new ray has come out and the new rays which will grant realization to people. Which will grant happiness, joy to all the people. I wish you all luck. I hope you all get realization and take to it seriously, work it out. You don’t have to give any money whatsoever. Only thing you have to give sometime. Perhaps that’s why we are wearing watches in modern times. So, we could save some time. The way we are wasting it is better to spend a little time in our ascent. And we have to give little time to come sometimes to these collective gatherings and also, they will tell you at home how to work it out. Like a tree it spreads and the roots also go deeper when we meditate at home. But its vary five minutes are needed not much, it’s very very simple. Has to be simple because it is so important. It’s so vital today. It has to be simple. This is extremely simple so don’t be surprised if it is that simple. May God bless you all. 

I would like to have some questions from you but you have to know that I am not here for elections or votes. I am not interested in politics. And neither am I here for any money or anything to take from you. But I am here to give the key of your own Joy. So, you have to ask me questions which are related, which are convincing. Because if you ask questions which are not related to the subject its going to just waste our time and its not proper. And we all have come here to get our realization. So just ask the questions which are relevant and sensible. May God bless you. Because I am good at answering questions because you know I have been now going to all kinds of people and I have answered all kinds of questions. So, I know all the styles they are. But its all a mental feat, it’s a mental feat. I will answer your question alright. But that doesn’t mean that there is a guarantee of your Kundalini will rise. So the best thing is to ask a question if you are feeling that you have to ask a question because I don’t want at the time when we are having this meditation procedure, you suddenly your mind says ‘oh you should have asked this question’ so just you settle your mind. You can ask me questions. It will take ten minutes more for you to get your self-realization. So, I would like you to ask me questions for sometime and then will have this procedure of self-realization. Thank you very much. 

Yogi: Unclear() is asking that recommending meditation morning five minutes and night, what we actually do in this meditation?

Shri Mataji: That we will tell you once you get your realization. Unless and until you connected what’s the use of meditation. Meditation is to be in meditation not to do the meditation. Unless and until you are connected, see if this is instrument is not connected what’s the use of talking on this phone? it’s like that? So, you have to be connected first then will tell you. Its very simple, nothing has to be done, nothing so special. 

Yogi: He is saying that in the morning he prays unclear() to ask he has a purpose unclear()

Shri Mataji: Yes it’s alright but before being connecting to God, what’s the use of asking anything? You have to be connected. You see actually mentally we think that we are praying to God, and that He should listen to us normally. But actually, it doesn’t happen. Because so many people have told me that Mother we are praying to God we do this, we do that but still why are we suffering? The reason is you are not connected. You have to get the connection first? Without the connection, what is the use of praying also? Prayer will have no meaning. Because you are talking to someone, say your telephone is not working and you talk on the telephone, the telephone goes out of order. You cannot., you see if you sit down, I will tell you. 

People have been praying ages now. Haven’t they been? They have been praying praying breaking their heads with prayers. What have they achieved? What have you achieved? Nothing. So the reason for that is that we have to have connection. Thats everybody has said. You have to have connection. All of them has said it. Christ has said it, everybody has said it. But without paying attention to that part, we are just praying. That’s not the way. Some people have told just pray. Some people say this mantra, say this thing. We are not connected.

[Unclear voice from the seeker] 

Shri Mataji: Not yet. Sardar ji aap ko batane ka jarooratee nahee hai kyon ki kaha hai re bankhojan jaye, [Meaning: Sardar ji, I don’t need to tell you because I search for the arrows? ]

[Nanak ji saying:]

kahe nanaka beena apachin hai mittena brahama ki kaye 

ab aur kya batavun mai unho to sab batadiya aap logon ko. [Meaning: What should I tell now? He said everything to you all]

Apne ko cheenha chahiyea pehale. [Meaning: You have to find/cleanse yourself first]

kahe nanaka beena apachinhe mittena brahama unclear(). 

Pehale apne ko cheenu. 

Mujhe to ascharya ye hota hai ki saara ye log padata rehata hai grandh kitnee bade cheej keh gaye hai Nanak sahab. Khyo ki unhone sare realized souls me sab daale hai. Vapas phir rakte rehate hai. Are be woh kya kehgay dete woh dekho. Kya kahaan? Who koi jantaa hai? Vus mein kaya kya hai janta hi nahe, pade jarahai, pade jarahai. Kya padne to iseelee Kabir das ne kaha hai, padee padee pandit murkhvai. Samjhe na aap? En sab to bahot jyada unhone sab se jyada kaam kiyaa hain. Nanak sahab ne bahot jyada kaam kiya hai, ab uska faida uthaayee ye. 

Ham unhee ka kaam kar raha hai. [I am doing his(Nanakji) work]

Achaa? Samaj gay.

Yogi: He wants to know how you develop this connection. How you develop the spiritual connection?

Shri Mataji: To be very frank, I would not tell much about myself. Because it is tactless I think from., you see when Christ said that He was the Son of God, He was. That’s the Truth. No doubt about it. But when he said that they crucified Him. So, what’s the use of telling people anything about yourself? You better get your realization and then try to know me is much better in that light. Otherwise, if I tell you something, they will come on me saying that did you say it? Alright come along. Human beings are like that. All the saints have been tortured because they talked about Divine things. But I am rather clever. I don’t want to die just now. 

Yogi: It takes some time to develop Kundalini he says what advice do you have for those people in the west who are so distractive by things like materialism, money and so. 

Shri Mataji: Its all over. Its also in India, people are very distracted by money. It’s not only in the west. But seeking has started, they are seeing the point. But after getting realization, you can see the importance of your being. You are not materialistic, but you understand what is matter is. You are not a person who belongs to any isms but you understand what these isms are. Because you become knowledgeable. So, once you get out of this illusion of ignorance, you start seeing. For example, again I would say that there is a complete darkness here, and if you are running or walking, you will not know how you are related to each other. Then at the time it will be very important for you to some or other save, some or other get out. Got to keep you a chair. That’s important, because you are in confusion. But supposing you are in peace, there light, we can see each other, there is no more confusion. Then you don’t behave like that. Your behavior is different, that’s exactly what happens. Your attention then is in attainment of your higher Joys. But you don’t give up anything, you don’t become a sanyasi or anything like that. You are not to run away from it. This is also a myth, that you become a sanyasi. Most of the people they will make you sanyasi and take all the money from you. Alright, you become sanyasi give me all your money very nicely and buy Rolls-Royces. So, the wisdom and the balance that manifests within you, you yourself start enjoying your virtues and you do not impose them on anybody else. You understand that this is they are in confusion just now. They haven’t got their light. You don’t despise them by any chance. But on the contrary, you feel that they have to get their light, they will be alright, they will be alright. They will be like us enjoying life, enjoying each other, enjoying every moment. So, it is a different state, this is a state of confusion, state where everybody feels insecure(ed). But that’s the state of complete security. Alright? you have to just experience and see for yourself. This is the best way. Even if I describe to you any beauty of Kashmir or if I tell the Indians the beauty of your country, they must come and see by themselves otherwise how will they know what I am talking about? 

Yogi: He is drawing attention to the earlier question and linking meditation with prayer, and he says if meditation is not praying, what’s the use of it? What’s the value of it?

Shri Mataji: Meditation is, see also we have two types of things you see. We have what we call prayer, or we can call mantras, or we can have meditation two things. The first one is for correcting your centers. Where is the problem is? Which I will tell you just now, during meditation only you will see how to correct different centers. That would be like a prayer. Alright? But once you are corrected it, then you have to get into a state where you are in thoughtless awareness, or you are in doubtless awareness. Then you are in mediation. Prayer is a means to achieve that state. Alright?

Yogi: His story unclear() Mother, as a Christian he might have done something wrong and then he forgave him, he might do the exactly the same thing next week and also be forgiving him, now he doesn’t believe that is possible, he believes that having done something wrong there is something that is effected uncelar(residual) that in some way besides within him.

Shri Mataji: It does. If you do something wrong, then you feel something guilty. Then you feel guilty don’t face the wrong, but you feel guilty. It settles done here (Neck), on the left side. When it settles down here, then we call it a problem on this center. And the problem on this center gives you diseases like Angina, spondylitis and all those things. It manifests in a physical way also. Now what I am trying to tell you that at this moment when you are here, when we are trying to raise our own Kundalini, that time you forget about your guilts, forget about everything, and once you get your realization, you won’t do the wrong thing. That’s the point I am saying. But to achieve that, you should be in that state, that you should be pleasantly placed towards yourself, and not angry with yourself and don’t count your mistakes. 

Yogi: unclear()

Yogi: Are there more questions?

How is that the realization can be achieved simply when people like Vivekananda and John unclear() so very hard to achieve it, how is it we can get that so simply now? 

Shri Mataji: You can, you see, they went the other way round. If there had gone in right way, they would have got it. But they went the other way round. Which you will find later on once you get your realization you will know what is a simple way is. You see supposing I have to come to this hall, and I go to Australia and then come here, because I don’t know the way supposing, but supposing you know the way, you can directly go there. 

Yogi: This gentleman saying – there are many ways?

Shri Mataji: There is only a way of Kundalini awakening there is no other way out. Everybody has talked about it, even Christ has said that, I will appear before you like tons of flames and these (Shri Mataji showing to the chart) are the things. These centers look like that and that’s the energy of life, that Krishna has said, everybody has said the same thing. But they could not elaborately say anything. And we amazed that in sahaja yoga, when these people came, they had no idea of the word Kundalini. Even many Indians don’t know. They call it kundali means the horoscope. It was a very unknown science. For till the twelfth century in India, it was only described in various Sanskrit books which are very difficult and to common people which was not known at all. There was a group of people who were doing this kind of., for example Rama’s father-in-law, he gave realization to one called Natchiketa. Then we have called these Nathpantis. They were working it out, but the tradition was from one master to one disciple. That’s all. Like Machindranath and his disciple was Goraknath like that one disciple to one. And also, some saints wanted to have it. But they couldn’t because they have to find a guru. And the gurus were so few, and the disciples also were accepted very few. So very few people got their realizations. Now in the twelfth century only there was a great saint born in Maharashtra called as Gnaneswara and he wrote his treatise on Gita called as Gnaneswari. In that in the sixth chapter, first time he wrote in a local language, for common people about Kundalini first time. After that we had many saints like I was telling about Guru Nanaka, Kabira we had many others like Tukarama, Rama Dasa, so many we had in India who then talked about It. And it worked out. And the one you said question just now is that how the Kundalini can work out so fast? So, this question was asked to Ramadasa who was the guru of Shivaji Maharaj. And he said one word-Takshan means that moment you can raise the Kundalini. But there should be the giver authorized, and there should be a recipient. If it is so, it can be that moment. That’s the sentence he said. This is in the sixteenth century he said. So, it’s a subject which has been evolving slowly slowly. Nanak sahab has said sahaja samadhi lavot. Sahaja word comes more from him, sahaja samadhi lavot-its sahaj you should get your realization. But sort of you see we didn’t go deep into the words didn’t try to understand them what it is, it has become more is like let us read Bible, let us read Gita, let us read this. Its have been more reading reading reading. Reading is just up to mental level. But now it has become. So easy. Maybe you can say that. That’s all I have discovered. How to give a mass realization. Which is being predicted before also. And that’s what if you think this to be credited to me, I don’t think that it’s any a creditable job. Because its your own power which is being enlighten. Its like once light which is enlightened can enlighten thousand of (candles) and those who are enlightened can also enlighten. Now these people have become so knowledgeable in sahaja yoga, in such a short time, in such a subtle knowledge. Surprising. Because of realization. Very surprising. All over the world. It’s very surprising. I must say New Zealand is the country which is lagging behind very much in this. Otherwise, there are so many., even the Turkey has come up. So you have to take the responsibility for the unclear () to come, for all your problems you have, so it is you have to feel responsible about it, and instead of going into mental acrobats, let us have the reality. It is for our good, why not have it. You don’t have to surrender anything, you don’t have to give me anything, nothing of the kind. Christ also can be only understood when you are realized. Otherwise, he can never understand Him. Who He was, why He came, what was His purpose, how great He was, where does He stand in our centers? All this could be only understood if you get the light. Otherwise, you cannot understand. You do not understand the relationships with each other. Nothing. We know him as a separate personality, we know Mohammad sahab has a separate personality, on the contrary Mohammad sahab has said when the time of resurrection will come, Kiyama will come your hands will speak. But where are the Muslims? They are not seeking their resurrection, are they? Its very important. And it is surprising that its only New Zealand, such a beautiful place like New Zealand that it’s not been so much accepted. I don’t know the reason why, but it should be. While all kinds of funny, false gurus have prospered here. All kinds. And they have cheated. After they have cheated, then they have found it out. And they are all against me naturally because I say you cant take money, so they all are against me. I don’t mind. So, we have to understand that its important to have our own powers manifesting this beautiful thing. Its described by all of them. Its not that I am telling you. Only thing is it tends to be achieved. 

So many., they ask more questions and ., anyway, alright, now what is the question madam?

Yogi: uncelar() connection between the spirituality and New Zealand affected our economy is so related to the slaughter of animals. 

Shri Mataji: You see its nothing to do with the slaughter of animals or anything, please try to understand. You see this economy is in trouble everywhere. Slaughter of animals is not the main thing, because after all you see, I am not going to give realization to chickens, am I? Most important are human beings. We should not slaughter human beings that’s the main point is. We are more worried about animals than about the human beings. Every day we say harsh words to others, everyday we try to insult others, we have racialism sometimes, the people who are angry, who have been I mean of the other race, they angry, they say all kinds of things, there is a mutual quarreling going on all the time. Its not because of that. I would say that the economy is like that because we have not yet expanded ourselves. We have to take the grace of God and his bessings in the right way. Also, there are lots of black magic going on. Lots of black magic. Its not only the unclear () even the otherwise people I have seen bring black magic. Other kinds of people uncelar() black magic. Even this charismatic moment, we have had people from charismatic, they just unclear(faint) it. We have the other this what sort we call this(Shri Mataji thinking for the right word) Pentecostals they are all possessed. Even in the Christian communities we have people like that. Among protestants, among Catholics, we have in every religion we have. Even I would say Sikh gentleman is sitting here and I would tell you that Bhajan Sings ashram I went to, he had possessed all the people. You see they have all used this mesmerism as a means, and of course they take the garb of a saint, of course they did take and used it for making money. It’s all money-making propositions. There is no talk of ascent, no talk of purity, it’s all money making, all the time is money making. Its like a corporation going on. I mean, you have seen the life of Christ, you have seen the life of Mohammad sahab, you have seen the life of Nanak sahab, how they are pure people. Absolutely pure. So, all this works out. But in any case, this is not going to last very long. And I am sure, you all should get your realization and bring the grace of God on New Zealand. 

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Shri Mataji: Yes, through Christ is correct. Sit down, I will tell you one minute. I will tell you. It is absolutely dart. But not through priest. That’s the point. Through Christ. And you will know where Christ is seated, and how you reach through Christ. All of them are seated on these centers. And he is here on the optic charisma. But they don’t know anything. Its not through priest, but through Christ is a correct idea. That’s what you will know. That’s what you have to see. You see whatever you said is true, but it is misinterpreted. And that’s what will be proved, absolutely proved. No doubt. We don’t know also what Christ is, how He comes, what’s His origin, how He was sent here? For what purpose? Noting. They don’t know about the Holy Ghost. They say it’s a Dove. I just don’t understand. 

Yogi: This gentleman is wondering if he becomes self-realized, will his ego disappear?

Shri Mataji: Yes. It does. He is an Indian, is he? They are very much worried about their ego, because from childhood they are told ‘be careful about your ego’ unclear() ‘yes madam’. 

Ham logon ki Parampara bahot unchee hai naa. Raat din sikhaya huaa kaama krodha mada moh matsara lob se unclear() in logon bichara kuch maloom hee nahi, inketo daya karo. Kuch maloom nahee bicharon ko. 

Haan, what is it?

Yogi: This lady is very keen that we have a self-realization now. 

Shri Mataji: That’s the best. Aaahahaaha. you are speaking for many. Now, still there is one gentleman. 

Yogi: If we anchor ourselves to the Earth energy, would it make this realization faster? 

Shri Mataji: Yes, will do the same just now. It is. You have picked the point. Its true. Seen the point. Correct.

Yogi: Do we have to cleanse your body first before you become realized?

Shri Mataji: No, not at all. No you don’t have to do anything like that. Just don’t worry of cleansing. You have had enough of it. Alright? now done. You don’t have to do anything anymore. Now, just have your realization, just that alright? you don’t have to do, I mean., 

Yogi: uncelar()

Shri Mataji: You see, this energy when it raises, it cleanses you. It passes through these centers, and the centers are nourished, and the centers are cleansed. Its not like going into sort of a., I don’t know what’s your idea of cleansing is. It just is cleanses inside. You see, I will tell you. This is one center, and this is another center. Alright, now this is from the left and the right, left sympathetic and right sympathetic. Its rather medical terminology, I will have to use. And the center path is the para sympathetic nervous system which supplies the energy normally. Now if you are using too much on the right, you see there is a augmentation, there is a constriction of the center here. Can you see that? Now if suddenly something happens on the left, it breaks. Then this the connection with this whole is lost and you become on your own. That’s how malignancies set in. So many diseases come through. I have no time to tell you about all the diseases, but there are lectures and lectures and lectures of mine which you will understand how a disease is caused and how it is cleared by this Kundalini-your mother. How she does? What she does? When she raises, She tries to go through this and through this and put it back and then she nourishes it. So all your centers are nourished. As a result, you are cleansed. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. That is the basis. Supposing a tree is sick, you apply to that tree some medicines on the leaves, it wont work, you have to go to the roots. If you go to the roots, the roots can take the medicine to all parts of the body, its like that. Its very simple. We cannot understand the things that are simple. That’s the trouble with us rather complicated. Alright?

Yogi: This lady is too very keen about her self-realization.

Shri Mataji: Its very good. Now let’s have it now. We have had it enough. Alright? 

Yogi: Enough questions.

Shri Mataji: Enough of it. You see, it is going down in a circle I think, lets break it.

First and foremost, thing is that you have to desire. You have to desire, because as I told you this is the pure desire which is within us to ascend. We are not aware of it sometimes, but it is there. That’s why whatever we desire we get it, we are not satisfied. Want to have another thing, another thing like that you know law of unclear (economics says) that wants are not satiable in general. So, there is some want which has satiable. And this is the power of pure desire. So first set desire that I am going to get realization. Secondly there should be no diffidence about it. You should not think that I cannot get it, how can I get it and this that. I assure you, you all can get it. I have faith in me. As far as that is enough faith in you first of all you all are going to get your self-realization. May be if you are little sick or something, might take time one or two days. But most of you will get realization. Now there are two conditions again. One is that you have to forgive everyone in general. This is very important. Whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. It’s a myth. That’s the one of the biggest problems in west they cannot forgive. But it’s a myth. You are just not forgiving doing what? Nothing. You don’t do anything. I can’t forgive, I just can’t forgive, it’s difficult I will try, what are you trying? It’s a myth, not to forgive. So just say, that I forgive each and every person. Just say that in general. Don’t think of them. Because if you do not forgive, you play into wrong hands. Those who have tortured you are happy while you by not forgiving you are torturing yourself. That means we are playing into their hands simple thing as that. Logically you should understand. So that’s very important. You have to forgive everyone in general. Not to think of these people at all. That’s one thing. The second condition is as I told you not to feel guilty for whatever you have done so far. Past is past. Forget it. Forgive yourself. Absolutely forgive yourself. You are here means you are seekers of Truth and its your right to get this Truth. So, forgive everyone and forgive yourself and not to feel guilty about anything whatsoever. That means you should be pleasantly faced towards yourself. These are two conditions from me, and I hope you will accept. Its not so difficult. Only two simple conditions are there. 

Now we have to take help from the Mother Earth. We take help from every element but specially from the Mother Earth. And for that you will have to just remove our shoes not to do too much. Just remove your shoes. You will know that we have two sympathetic nervous systems-left and right. The left one is the power of desire, and the right one is the power of action. This is the mundane desire, and this is of the action. So, the left side and right side should be kept apart from each other. Another thing you have to remember is that I cannot force on you the self-realization. I respect your freedom. God has given you freedom to go through the trial and error methods to reach certain understanding. So, I cannot force it on you. I cannot compel you unclear (to anything). You have to ask for it. So first will show you, how you have to nourish our centers ourselves, and then you will see how the Kundalini will raise within yourself. First, we will show you. He will show you how to do it. Rayan you just show. 

Now, we have to put the left-hand (he will show you) like this on your lap towards me expressing your desire to get your self-realization. Just like this. Imagine sitting on chairs you can get realization. Formally you have to go to Himalayas and live in that cold. Now its nothing like that. Its very simple. Put your left-hand towards your side. Now with the right-hand you have to nourish your centers. So, you put first your right-hand on your heart. Now have faith that you will get your realization. Actually, it’s only one day so people think how can it happen? It can happen any moment. So just don’t get upset over this. This is the center which has the Spirit in it. The Spirit resides in your heart. Now you have to take down your right-hand on the left-hand side of your abdomen in the upper part. We are only working on the left-hand side with right-hand. We are only working on the left-hand side with right-hand. So now put your right-hand in the upper portion of your abdomen. Press it hard. This is the center which all the great masters and the prophets have created within you, which is for your mastery. Then you have to take down your right-hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. This is the center for pure knowledge. This knowledge which you feel on the central nervous system, by which you know how to handle this divine power and how to become a master. It is in your awareness manifested. Now raise your right-hand again on the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side, then you have to take it again on your heart. Now raise your right-hand in the corner of the neck and you shoulder and turn your head to your right. This center is in trouble when you feel guilty. Please turn your head to your right as much as possible. This is the worst unclear() in this congregation today that they are feeling guilty. Now you have to raise your hand to your forehead across and put down your head as far as possible. This is the center to forgive everyone. Now take back this right-hand on the back side of your head and push back your head on it as far as possible upward. This is the center without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, you have to ask forgiveness from the divine power. Now you have to stretch your palm fully and put the center of the palm on top of your fontanelle bone area with is called as Talu, or which is the soft bone in your childhood. Put the center of your palm. Now push back your fingers as far as possibly so there is a good pressure on your scalp. Now please bend your head as much as possible. Bend your head. Sit straight would be better. Not too much strain but straight. Now bend your head and move your hand seven times slowly. Or you can say move your scalp with the pressure seven times clockwise slowly. Alright, that’s all we have to do. Now please close your eyes. You don’t have to open your eyes till I tell you. You can take out your spectacles also. 

Now you have to put the left-hand towards me again and put both the feet away from each other. If you have anything tight on your neck or your shoulder you can little bit loosen it. You don’t have to sit in a bending manner or too much stretch back but in the center in a comfortable way or just erect but not any pressure should be felt on your body. Put the left hand towards me. You don’t have to control any thought, you don’t have to say any mantras nothing of that kind. Kundalini itself will workout everything for you. Now please put your right-hand on your heart. Here resides the Spirit. So, you have to ask me three questions in your heart. Thrice you have to ask a question which is very fundamental. Mother, or you can call me Shri Mataji what ever you like. ‘Mother am I the Spirit? Mother am I the Spirit?’ Please ask this question three times. If you are the Spirit, then in the light of the Spirit you become your own guide, your own guru, your own master. So now please take your hand in to the upper portion of the abdomen on the left-hand side. Here ask another very important question ‘Mother am I my own master?’ ask this question three times. I have already told you that I respect your freedom and I cannot force pure knowledge on you. You have to ask for it. So now, please take your right-hand in the lower portion of your abdomen, press it hard on the left-hand side. Here you ask a question, or you have to say asking ‘Mother please give me pure knowledge’. Say this six times because this center has got six petals. ‘Mother please give me pure knowledge’. Now when you ask this question, when you ask for pure knowledge, then Kundalini starts raising higher. She gets awaken. So, we have to nourish the upper centers with our self-confidence. Now raise your right-hand on the left-hand side of your abdomen and press it hard in the upper part of your abdomen, press it hard and here you have to say ten times with full confidence ‘Mother I am my own master’ you have to show your full confidence. At the very outset I have told you that the fundamental Truth is that you are not this body, not this mind, not these conditionings or ego but you are the pure Spirit. So now raise your right-hand on your heart, here you have to say with full confidence twelve times ‘Mother I am the Spirit’ say it twelve times please. This divine power is the ocean of knowledge, is the ocean of love and compassion, is the ocean of bliss, but above all it’s the ocean of forgiveness and whatever mistake you have committed, it is capable of dissolving it. So please forgive yourself. And now raise your right-hand in the corner of your neck and shoulder and turn you had to your right. Here you have to say with full confidence again sixteen times ‘Mother I am not guilty at all’ please say that sixteen times. Please say it. Turn your head to your right. I have already told you. Whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive, then you play into wrong hands and you torture yourself while those who want to torture are absolutely in a very happy condition. So, it is a myth and you have to forgive all of them not individually remembering them but in general. Now you please raise your right-hand on your forehead across and please put down your head as far as possible and here you have to say from your heart not how many times. Mother, I forgive everyone. Please say it because I know afterwards you come and tell me I haven’t felt anything Mother, I haven’t felt the cool breeze. But if you do not forgive now, its very difficult. Please forgive and you should also know that I cannot forgive for you. You have to forgive yourself. So please say it ‘Mother I forgive everyone’ in general. Now without feeling guilty, without counting any mistakes you have to ask forgiveness from the divine power. So now, please take your right-hand on the back side of your head and push back your head on it as far as possible. Now here, without feeling guilty again I say without counting your mistakes just for your satisfaction you have to say ‘O Divine Power, please forgive me if I have done anything wrong’ say it again with your heart, from your heat, not how many times but from your heart uncelar() say that ‘Please forgive me anything knowingly, unknowingly wrong or against you’. Now the most important is the last center for which you have to stretch your palm fully. Put the center part of your palm on top of the fontanelle bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood and now press it hard. Press it hard. Now, push back your fingers. Unless until you push back your fingers you cannot press it hard. Here again I cannot force self-realization on you. I respect your freedom. So, you have to ask for it. Now move your scalp seven times slowly clockwise saying seven times, ‘Mother please give me self-realization’. 

Now please take down your hands. Slowly open your eyes. Please slowly open your eyes. And put your hands towards me like this, like this and don’t think. You can do that. You can stop your thinking now. Now put down your head, put right-hand towards me and see for yourself from the fontanelle bone area if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. Can you standup and show them. Let’s see. See don’t put your hand please on head but away from it. Some people get it very far. Just see if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. Or may be hot. Some people will get heat doesn’t matter. The heat has to go away then the cool breeze will come. Now put the left-hand towards me please and put the head again down and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. Some people get it very far. Some get it closer. Move your hand and see for yourself. Don’t doubt. Some people start thinking it is air conditioner. It’s coming from your head not from the air conditioner. Now, put the right-hand towards me. Bend your head again and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze coming from your fontanelle bone area. Move your hand nicely, up and down and sideways and see for yourself. 

Now please raise both your hands towards the Sky like this and put your head upward and ask a question any one of these questions you ask one three times. ‘Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Mother is this the all-pervading power of Divine Love? Mother is this the Parama Chaitanya?’ ask any one of these questions, any one of them three times from your heart. Ask from your heart. Now put down your hands. Please put down. Slowly open your hands you will feel very relaxed. 

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