Self-Realization: The Seed of Spirituality Natura Artis Magistra, Amsterdam (Holland)

Public Program Day 2, Second Evening, The Koningszaal, Artis, Amsterdam, 2nd August 1991

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Yesterday I told you that truth cannot be felt at human awareness, and that the truth is that you are the pure Spirit. In the evolutionary process you have become a human being, but there is a little growth needed in your awareness where you become the Spirit. To start that growth you have to awaken a power within you which we call the Kundalini. […]

Talk to Dutch Sahaja Yogis, Afternoon Zaandam Ashram, Zaandam (Holland)

Shri Mataji Speaks to the Dutch Yogis, Zaandam, 2nd August 1991.
Everyone was allowed to greet Shri Mataji in person. Mother received lots of flowers, the Dutch translation of the Ascent and a table-cloth, embroidered by the Dutch ladies. She showed the children how to make paper airplanes.
So I have to congratulate you all for coming to Sahaj Yoga in Holland. It’s very important. (Waiting for some people who still have to arrive) So it’s nice to see really so many people in Holland, […]