Public Program Day 1 Hyderabad (India)

Public Program [Hindi]. Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (India), 11 December 1991.

Translation from Hindi:

I bow to the seekers of truth. When we talk about truth, we should understand that truth is unshakable and permanent. We cannot change the truth. We can neither conceive nor perceive the truth. Sadly, human conscious cannot even understand what is truth. We should always think how this beautiful nature full of trees, flowers and fruit is created ? How does our heart beat on its own?  […]

Devi Puja Hyderabad (India)

Puja in Hyderabad, India. 11 December 1991.
We have today come to this famous place, Hyderabad, which was ruled by Muslim kings, but they were very Indian and they fought also for the independence of India with the British. You know about Tipu Sultan, who was also a realized soul but he was killed.
We have in our country one very big problem and that is, individually we are all great people, but when it comes to collective we don’t know how to live collectively, […]