Public Program Day 1: Kundalini Ek Mahan Shakti

Pune (India)

1991-12-16 Public Program, Hindi Pune India DP-RAW, 146'
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Translation from Hindi to English

My greetings to all the seekers of truth. About truth, one thing we should know is that Truth is what it is. We cannot change it, nor can we tie it with our imagination and with this human awareness, we cannot know it. If we had known the truth that it is ekmev, absolute, after that, there would not be so much tension amongst us, so much quarrel and this type of ignorance would not be there at all. All the Saints, whether they were in India or in some foreign country, everyone had known the Truth and everyone had said the same thing. In our Maharashtra, one great incarnation was there by name Gyaneshwarji. Gyaneshwarji wrote Gyaneshwari at the age of 23 and apart from this, wrote one more beautiful and famous book named “Amrutanubhav”. Earlier, it was a custom that one Guru should have only one disciple only. This was the custom in Nathpanthi also. On one side, they were very ignorant, and on the other side, people were reading Vedas etc. But when it was the question of Self realization, it was Nathpanthis who said it was in Maharashtra. Like Machindra Nath, Gorakhnath. At that time, it was a custom that one Master should have only one disciple. But in twelfth century, Gyaneshwarji prayed to his respected Guru, who was also his elder brother, and requested him to give permission to tell about this knowledge to people, only to tell, nothing else but allow him to tell; because in Geeta also, Shri Krishna has not written. He has only said what happens after self-realisation, that man becomes ‘Stitha-pragya’. But which is that energy, He has not said about it. That is why when he requested a lot, then his Guru said “Alright, you can write”. In sixth Chapter, he wrote that after awakening of Kundalini only, you can get Self Realisation. In a way, in sixth century, Saints like Shankaracharya and 14000 years back, Markandeya, both have described about Kundalini and has written a lot about Kundalini but afterwards, whoever were the custodian of Religion, did not like this and said that this sixth chapter is banned and there is no need to read this because no one knew about Kundalini. Whoever were self-realized, great people, whoever were Satgurus, everyone talked about Kundalini. Now we are all getting obsessed with Science. We are all moving towards science. Science is also a good thing. It is not a bad thing  but people who are working with science always go towards extreme and that is why wherever science is more, it is only thought what type of bomb can be made from this. Any action which is extreme takes place, you should think that there is no balance in this because it is encroachment. That is why, today in the whole world, a question has arisen that “Why have we come in this world and why have we got this human life? There is some meaning for this or that we are just human beings and there is nothing after this. It cannot be like this. For a human being, it is written that you have done lot of good things. That is why you have taken human birth. And now what is the important form of this human race? What is the meaning of this? What is the value of our human life? We have not given a thought to this. We are not able to understand that this is such an important thing that we have got human life and we have got human body and human mind is inside us today. A man then definitely thinks that if this is an important thing and such a great status is inside a human being, then why does he become angry like this and why does he quarrel like this? Why does he kill like this? This question is also right because we have been given freedom. Freedom. God has given us freedom that now you understand this and discover. Like when children are studying in school, they are told that two plus two is equal to four. But when he goes to college, he is told “research about this” “you find out about this”, so that they become deep. This is what is freedom. Because the freedom which we have got, how we utilise this, it is very important. Where do we use our freedom? If some work takes too long, it goes to extreme. Some things go to the extreme. Sometimes, we do harm to ourselves, sometimes we harm others too much. For this, human life is not made. Why then human life is made is a very subtle thing. That is why everyone should understand this. Whatever I am telling, if you have doubt, then it is alright but you should understand that just like in science, a hypothesis situation is created, then it is seen whether it is right or not, experiment is done to see if it is right or not. When it is seen that “yes. This is correct” then it is called rule or law. Like this, you should keep your mind open a little. But from time immemorial, human mind is very active in this matter. He thinks of himself as a little more intelligent and because of this reason, he has harmed himself. I was reading a book recently which is written by Thomas, who was a disciple of Jesus Christ and he had put it in a big vessel and sealed it and buried it in Egypt when he was coming to India. It was opened some fifty years back and it was seen what all have been written in that. He told these things are written about Naustics, meaning we know in Hindi or English is knowledge. Knowledge, which we cannot get from books but we get from experience, which is confirmed by experience or which is confirmed by proof, that is knowledge. This is what he talked about. But why did he bury it? It should be thought why did he bury such a beautiful book. He should have talked about this. But what did he say? Because at that time, whoever were custodians of religion, he said these people are false. They do not have knowledge or anything and are talking about false things and they were tortured in many ways and they were called heretics and are blasphemy and were insulting God. They were talking like this and they asked everyone to stop reading books. That is why Thomas took all those books and buried them. Today those books are available and from those books, you can know that they have only talked about Sahaj Yog. All the things they have said talk about Sahaj Yog and Sahaj Yog is in vogue from time immemorial in our country. Guru Nanak said about Sahaja Samadhi. Which Saint has not talked about Sahaj? If you see Laotse, he said the same thing. If you see Socrates, he talked about the same thing. But we are like we have closed our eyes. That is why Kabir has said “How to make one understand when the whole world is blind”.

Now inside us, this instrument which is there, at present is very powerful and in vogue. No one knows how it is and suddenly people are getting many types of diseases, which was not known. Such type of diseases is coming up which has no meaning at all. Earlier we used to think that a person who is a workaholic and works too much, that man is in a special way a great man. But now it is seen that when a man is always working, that man uses his conscious mind so much that the conscious mind also becomes tired. About all this, I had told about 8-10 years back in America but no one listened to me. But today the same thing is the truth. It has become such a condition of people that their conscious mind cannot work at all. Whoever you want to hold, you can. He is unknowingly and spontaneously in Sahaj. But if we knowingly want to stretch our hands, we will find that we cannot lift our hands and legs also cannot be lifted and just like a fish which comes into such a condition when it is in the ground, similarly the human being also becomes like a fish thrown from here and there. There are lot of benefits but there is this disease which is called herpes. Same will be the condition of a man who does lot of work. No one would have thought at one time that such type of disease also can come in the world. Then there are more diseases like Aids is there, Cancer is there. There are lot of such diseases which has no treatment. Whatever treatment is there, all these are external treatment. Man cannot benefit so much, like if there is a tree and it becomes sick, if you put medicine to its leaves, then there cannot be benefit at all. You have to treat its root and Sahaja Yog is the knowledge of the roots. The knowledge of the roots and that is why you have to become subtle and go into your roots and when these roots become nourished, then you suddenly become alright. Then whether I do or someone else does, it does not matter. Or this Kundalini about which the Doctor told just now, this Kundalini only does this work and it is so miraculous that when one sees it, it is so surprising that how it has happened? How this is happening? So many things happen in this that a man becomes totally surprised. It is a very surprising thing. In this, I do not do anything. This is your Kundalini. She is your Mother and it is existing inside everyone and when I am saying it is there, then where is the question of quarreling? If this is residing inside you, then achieve it and make use of it, use it and not only this, you can make others also benefit from this.

I will tell you about this tomorrow that what is Atma because till today no one has been able to tell about Atma to anyone. Who can tell? There has to be someone to listen. Krishna also told to only Arjun, that too in the middle of battlefield so that no one else could hear. There are very few people who will understand, very few people who want to know. And so much knowledge is stored in this Country. This is totally your own heritage. What will you say about this? Why your attention is not towards this? Why do you think that in foreign countries, so much is there? Everything is happening from there. You have not gone anywhere outside. That is why you think like this. I have travelled a lot. There people are so childish and maddening, you can see how far ahead we are and how mature we are from them. Recently Elizabeth Tailor got married. This was her eighth marriage. To see her going for her honeymoon, thousands of people gathered there and on top of it, ten helicopters were flying, and from there some parachutes were falling, some on people below, some on trees etc. causing accident. Such type of madness, have you heard anywhere? Yes it can happen if there is some fair or something where people go to, but not if some marriage is being performed, people will go to see their honeymoon. Very immature behavior. Children are also intelligent in our Country. What have they achieved? Only this that they know to operate machines. It does not mean that they are very advanced.  One progress is external and one progress is internal. In our Country, we have progressed from inside and lot of things have happened but we are so overwhelmed with thoughts of outside work, work of outside we have not understood. Just now as the Doctor said, in Delhi in University, three doctors, one of them is his wife also have got M.D. Their research was approved and now when it is proved that from Sahaja Yog, lot of diseases are cured and many types of diseases are cured. But you are not only this body. But to work only for the body, it is not a big thing because body gets cured but mind, mind becomes perverted. We have so much enmity amongst us. Whatever the question is, it is of enmity … (in Marathi 16.00 to 21.34)

I would like to say that there are three conditions for Kundalini awakening. I want to tell you that there are three conditions for awakening of Kundalini. One after the other, I will tell you those conditions. It is not difficult. First condition is that, you all should have self-confidence that you will get spiritual enlightenment, that you will get self realisation. Any type of negativity which is there in your mind because it is what is said most of the time that you have committed this sin or that sin, your mother is dead, donate a cow so that your mother’s sin will go away. This type of business is there. These people who say that you are a sinner, you should never believe them. No one is a sinner. Yes, you may be a little lost. You are lost. Wherever you are, however lost you are, today, in the present, you don’t think of your guilt in any way. You are not guilty at all. At present when you are sitting here you are not guilty and you should think that you are totally innocent. For lot of people, it is difficult. It is like a disease, especially in English language they say, ‘I am afraid’, ‘I am guilty’, I am sorry’ etc. If you start talking in English, then your left Agyya, left Vishudhi will get caught. The moment you start talking like this, this chakra here will get caught and because of this, you may get diseases like Angina and Spondylitis and other diseases like lethargy corpuscles means the active things in your body becomes totally lethargic. You may get any disease.

So, the first thing is that we should have complete faith in ourselves and you should think that we are all human beings and we are all respectable. In this there is nothing, no caste, creed or there is no rich or poor, there is no upper or lower class. Everyone has only one thing that everyone has got this Kundalini energy inside them. And everyone’s Kundalini can be awakened. All these things which are told to you, please understand this fully. Just now, at this present moment, whatever anger or resentment you have for yourself, please forgive the same. 

Second condition is like this, it is very easy, not difficult at all, that you forgive everyone together. Whether you forgive or not, you don’t do anything. Everything is only an imagination of mind. Everything is only an imagination that you cannot forgive anyone. Who will be at a loss? It is your own loss. Whoever has troubled you or created problem for you, if you remember them, you will be having problem. They are not at a loss. So, forgive everyone together. Forgive everyone with your whole heart. 

Third thing is this. I respect your freedom. If you don’t want your spiritual ascent, then you should leave because to look at others, when they are looking at themselves within, it is not respectful. That is why those who don’t want to get self-realization, they should please leave and those who want, they should sit definitely and sit comfortably and get this self-realization. 

There is one small request. If all of you remove your shoes and slippers, it will be very good. Because this Land of Maharashtra, is a very sacred land. Now what to tell you, whoever has come from outside, they also should know that this land of Maharashtra, its culture is very sacred, very sacred. Now there is nothing much left but when I was young, I have seen a lot. You are all unlucky that you have not seen all this. No problem. Maharashtra’s destiny should be revived again. Please remove your shoes and those who are sitting on the floor, they are alright but those sitting in the chair, keep your legs apart. (27.47 to 28.35 in Marathi). No need to say any mantra. If you have any illusions in your mind, please remove them. No need to say any Mantra. Kundalini will raise automatically and will do Her work. She is your Mother. She is your own individual Mother. She knows everything about you and She will rise very comfortably and she will transform you in such a way that you yourself will be surprised that you have been transformed in such a manner. It is a miraculous thing when you understand what you are. 

If you bring this in the front, it will be good. Bring it a little forward. I think everyone is not able to see it. The Doctor just now told you all about Kundalini, Left and Right side. The Left side which is there is the power of our Desire and Kundalini is our pure desire. Right hand or right side is our power or action. So, all of you put your left hand towards me. This means that it is your desire, you want that you should get self-realization. I have told you earlier that we cannot force you. All of you please put your left hand towards me and don’t look at others. Till now, we have been looking at others only. Now we should look upon ourselves. Put your left hand towards me and right hand is Kriya shakti. Left hand means power of desire and right hand means power of action. Put your left hand towards me and with right hand, we have to nourish our centres. We have to nourish our centres with our right hand. That is all. With your right hand you have to nourish your centres.  And this is for this reason also that you should know what you are doing. All the work we are doing from our left side. All our work is done from our left side. (32.21 to 32.44in Marathi). 

First of all, put your hand in your heart. In heart resides the Spirit. So first we will put our hand in our heart. After that we will keep our right hand on the upper part of our stomach on the left-hand side. (in Marathi 33.05 to 33.11). This is the place of Guru principle. This is created by great Gurus. Those who have become great Gurus, they have created this place and with whose blessings, we also become our own Guru. Because when you become the Spirit and you move with enlightened Spirit, you become your own Guru. Then you keep your right hand below your stomach on the left-hand side. This Center is of pure knowledge. Pure knowledge means the knowledge with which we can make use of this vibration. We can make use of God’s power. This is pure knowledge. But this knowledge cannot be taught. Like we know, if we hurt ourselves here, immediately the thumb will help it. This knowledge is within us, pure knowledge. This is not taught. Similarly, the moment vibrations start flowing inside us, you will see that cool breeze will start flowing in your hands and when Kundalini will penetrate your fontanelle bone area, cool breeze will flow from here also and you will know from these five, six and seven chakras what is the problem (dosh) within you and which chakra has the problem in others. This left hand is for our emotions and this right hand does our mental and physical work. Mental and physical work. Like this, all seven chakras put together, the chakra in the center is made, which is made up of left and right chakras, is called para sympathetic system and in these chakras only the energy is there and it flows inside us. 

I will tell you tomorrow why we get diseases. But today you know that this pure knowledge moves within us. It integrates by which you can know about yourself and about others. In collective consciousness, one new consciousness awakens in your nerves. Now put your right hand again on the upper part of your stomach. Then the same right hand you put on your heart. I have told you before that if you think you are guilty, if you hesitate too much about everything, or you are a very formal person then this chakra gets caught and when this chakra is caught, I have told you about the diseases you get. So now keep your right hand in the joint between your neck and shoulder (…in marathi) and turn your neck towards right side. (in Marathi). Now put your right hand fully across your forehead (in Marathi). Now slowly bend your head down a little. Here you have to forgive everyone together. Now take this hand to the back side of your head and bend your head backward a little. Here, without feeling that you are guilty, without counting your mistakes, for your own peace of mind, you should ask forgiveness from param Chaitanya. (in Marathi 38.10 to 38.31). Open the fingers of your right hand and put the palm of your right hand in fontanelle bone area, which was a soft spot in your childhood and push your fingers back a little and bend your neck a little and now rotate. Rotate your hand slowly seven times clockwise (in Marathi ). Apply a little pressure seven times and rotate slowly. Ok. This is all we have to do. Nothing much. Self confidence is needed. 

Put your left hand towards me. Left hand towards me. Right hand on your heart. And now close your eyes. Remove your specs. Till I tell you, please don’t open your eyes. Keeping your hand in your heart, please ask one fundamental question, three times in your heart. (in Marathi). Mother, you may call me Mother or Shree Mataji. Mother Am I the Spirit? (In Marathi). Yes you are the Spirit. Now put your right hand in the upper portion of your stomach in the left-hand side (in Marathi). If you are the Spirit, then you are your own Guru also. That is why ask the second question in your mind three times. Mother Am I my own Master? (In Marathi). I have told you earlier that I respect your freedom. Nothing can be forced on you and no one can give pure knowledge also forcibly. You have to ask for this. So, bring your right hand in the lower portion of your stomach, on the left-hand side (in Marathi). In this chakra you tell six times in your mind. Mother Please give me pure knowledge. Say this six times. (in Marathi). Six times because this chakra has six petals. (In Marathi). The moment you want to know about Kundalini awakening, and when you ask for pure knowledge, Kundalini starts awakening. You don’t even realise. (in Marathi). This Kundalini is moving upwards. That is why we should nourish the top centres also so that they widen and Kundalini can pass through easily. (in Marathi). That is why with self-confidence, we have to widen them, nourish them. So, you put your right hand on the upper part of your stomach on the left-hand side. (in Marathi). Here, with full confidence, you have to say ten times “Shree Mataji I am my own Master. Shri Mataji I am my own Maser. The fundamental thing is you are the Spirit. You are not this body, mind, knowledge or ego or any other title. You are pure Spirit. That is why put your right hand once again in your heart and say with full confidence “Shree Mataji I am pure Spirit. (in Marathi). Say this twelve times “Shree Mataji I am the pure Spirit”. This all-pervading power of God, which is everywhere and is doing all living process, is an ocean of knowledge. It is an ocean of love but above all, it is an ocean of forgiveness. That is why you cannot do any mistake which cannot be dissolved in this ocean of forgiveness. That is why you forgive yourself. (in Marathi). Put your right hand on the joint between shoulder and neck and turn your head towards right. Here sixteen times, this is the chakra of Krishna, so you have to say sixteen times with full confidence “Mother I am not guilty”. I have told you earlier also whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything but if you don’t forgive, you are playing into the hands of people who have troubled you. You don’t have to remember them; you don’t have to count them. But you should forgive with your heart everyone together. Put your right hand across your forehead and bend your head and say with your heart, “Mother I forgive everyone together”. Does not matter how many times. Just say with your heart (in Marathi). Put the same hand at the back of your head, raise your head a little upward without counting your mistakes, without feeling guilty, for your own peace, ask for forgiveness. “Oh All-pervading Power, if I have committed any mistakes, please forgive me”. (in Marathi) Here also you should say with your heart. How many times does not matter? Now this last chakra is very important. For that, stretch your fingers widely and put the middle of your palm to your fontanelle bone area, which was a very sensitive spot in your childhood and properly stretch your fingers outside and bend your head (in Marathi) and here again respecting your freedom, I want to say I cannot give self-realization to you forcibly. You have to say in your mind seven times by rotating your scalp, you have to say seven times “Shree Mataji please give me my Self Realisation.(in Marathi). You have to ask independently. Without which it cannot happen. Now bring both your hands down. Now look at me without thinking anything. This is thoughtless awareness. Now put your right hand towards me and bending your head a little and with your left hand feel if any cool or hot breeze is coming from your brahmarandhra. Don’t put your hand on your head but a little up. (in Marathi). For some people it comes very near and some it comes a little far. (in Marathi). Now with right hand, watch by keeping your attention on your Talu. Now right hand again if you are getting cool breeze or hot air. Now put both your hands towards the sky and bend your head backwards. (in Marathi) and ask a question “Shree Mataji, Is this all pervading power” three times (in Marathi). Bring your hands down. Now whoever got cool or hot air in their hands and head, please put your hands up. “My God. So many people. In this sacred place, so many Saints are born.  All my blessings to you. Anant Ashirwad. 

Now this is a request. Please pay respect to your self-realization and please move forward in this. We don’t take any money. You all know. That is why we don’t have big palaces. We are running the Centers in schools and hope you all will come there and know about your self-realization and learn about this knowledge of Kundalini fully. It is a very simple thing that until with practice, you fully rectify this connection you have got, the second State which is Nirvikalp (doubtless) cannot be established in you. So please come to the Centers and we have lot of good Sahaja Yogis who can teach you and you can get books, photograph etc. For that you don’t have to give any money. There is no price for knowledge. How much money can you give? This is a very subtle knowledge. Now you have become very subtle, you achieve this and go deeper in this. This is what I want to say again and again that we don’t have very big titles so come like saints and sages and achieve this. If you have any questions, please send them to me today and I will try and answer each one of them tomorrow. Now I have built a house in Pune and I will be there always to help you and whatever you say or whatever has to be done, I am ready to do. But you have to have respect towards yourself. 

Lot of blessings to you all!