Talk after Marriage Announcements

Kolhapur (India)

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Talk after Marriage Announcements

I would advise that you people should meet each other, talk to each other, find out; and really this is the time you can decide. We’re sorry because so many forms came very late, otherwise we would have declared it in Pune as usual. But this time the forms came till the last. Even here we were receiving some forms. So we couldn’t decide; unless and until you have all the forms for that. So whatever has been decided by us is not final at all. Your desire is the final. You can talk to each other, be kind. In the beginning there’s no need to fight; we have the whole life left!

I must tell you, whatever is your first impression is the best. So need not be artificial but try to be nice to each other and see the good points of each other. Nobody’s perfect in this world. Now, those who really do not think that it’s all right for them should absolutely, without any hesitation, let Mr. Yogi and Mr. Guido know about it because they have done all this job; I haven’t done it.

We must talk to each other and find for yourself. We had problems with the age; for the young girls we didn’t have young boys. And also we had problem with heights. Somewhere some people have written wrong heights. Might be, we might have done some mistakes, so that we’ll try to correct.

May God bless you all.