Talk before Marriages

Ganapatipule (India)

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Talk before Marriages. Ganapatipule (India), 27 December 1991.

Today, the people from all over the world, forgetting their races, their caste, communities, religions, their nationalities, are singing together the praise of God, is My dream has come true today. We have to believe in the totality, in the universality. This universe is one. God has not made them separate. All religions are one; coming from the same Source. So we believe in every religion, we follow every religion; and the whole concept of nations is also mythical. The whole world was made one, with lots of rivers, mountains, and sea. We have divided them. We have made all these differences: higher, lower, east and west. Look at the Sun- It moves in all directions. Look at the Mother Earth- It revolves all the nations; it doesn’t revolve only one nation. It’s our myth, we should get out of our minds so that this dream of Mine will cover the whole universe one day.

Today I’m feeling extremely happy to see all of you together to finish all the wars, all the violence, all the immorality, all the deceitfulness, all that is wrong against, is destructive to human beings; and to create complete benevolence in this world. May God bless you all. You go as messengers of peace, love, bliss; and tell them that there is an All-pervading Power. A All-pervading Power- [UNCLEAR] the All-pervading Power- which is everywhere, in every nation, in every person, in every human being, it can vibrate. So nobody should think they are individuals separated by any such small, nonsensical thing. We are all one, living in the Ocean of God’s Love. Let us all take It in our heart, and tell everyone that we have enjoyed that Ocean. And let all of you enjoy, and forget all these differences which were never created. No saint has created, no Incarnation has created, but human beings have misused them.

All of this should go all around the world resounding. The whole world should sing the praise of God. And also the whole human beings’ problems must be solved. It’s very easy to solve their problems; only we need their transformation. You all have power to transform, to cure, to give all the comfort, and counsel them. All the powers that I have are for you. I want you to have more powers than Me, and I hope, one day, that will come, to enjoy all these things. Today I’m really enjoying everything: all these marriages, and, after that, all this oneness of our ecstasy.

May God bless you all.