Talk after Indian Dance

Canberra (Australia)


Talk after Indian Dance, Canberra Ashram, 13 February 1992.

It was such an unexpected, joyous event for us, that Srimati Padma Menon has agreed to give this beautiful performance, and to again remind us what we saw in Madras.
Actually her guru was there and we went to her, foundation, where there were fifty ladies who danced before Me. It was a great, pleasure to see you here, that in a foreign country, you are spreading the Art of our country.

I am sure you must have understood most of her actions but, what you have to see is the, her mastery over rhythm, firstly. And secondly on the, Abhinaya, means the Maya. Such a master she is. And it’s a very vigorous vibrant dance. I’m seeing one better than the other as I would say. I saw lots of them in Madras and now here to see her, it was a great pleasure to Me. And to all of us, because we know a lot about Ramayana, we know lot about Mahabharata. But to weave it into such beautiful patterns, is something, of a great art, and a great talent. It’s not possible for everybody to dance like this.

Neither, even if you practice you cannot dance like this. It’s something innate. Something inner force that works it out so well. For such a long she danced. I mean, one would feel completely exhausted. But with such vigor, with such power, she’s shown different expressions. One minute she is this. One minute she is that. It’s really very remarkable.
I’m really proud of her that, she has come to Australia to spread this beautiful dancing pattern, and to teach others, here.

May God bless her.